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Photos:GRACE DIEU DIOCESAN TRAINING COLLEGE. (Anglican Training College, Pietersburg, 1906 - 1958).• click to view
  Copyright 2009, Historical Papers, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
  Grace Dieu was an Anglican training college for native school teachers under the supervision of the Diocese of Pretoria. of the Church of the Province of South Africa,It existed from 19C6-1958 and went through the stages of being a small missionary settlement, mission school, industrial and domestic science school and teachers training institution.It was founded in 1906 on the farm Jakhals fontein, 18 miles by road from Pietersburg, by Archdeacon (later Bishop) Fuller as a centre for missionary work in the Transvaal.Inspector W. E. C. Clarke of the Transvaal Education Department Bugg steel a school be started and by 19C7 the first principal. And students had arrived.The main function of Grace Dieu was to train native teachers to staff the many Anglican mission schools in the Transvaal, as it was the onlyAnglican training college in the dioceses of Johannesburg and Pretoria. It did, however, receive students from all parts of South Africa, the Protectorates and Southern Rhodesia.Chief Leabua Jonathan of Lesotho is e former pupil of this college. The effects of the Bantu Education Act of 1953 were such that the teachers training department was closed in 1955 but Grace Dieu continued as a secondary school, extended to standard 10, and an industrial school from 1956-1958. The Anglican church withdrew because of financial difficulties and because the church felt unable to accept the conditions laid down by the authorities for the registration of the school.The buildings were bought over by the Education Department, The first two principals were C.O'Dell, 19C6-1909 and W. B. J. Banks 1909-1912„ From 1912-1.924 the principal was the Rev. W.A. Palmer (later Dean of Johannesburg), under whom there was considerable development. Succeeding principal.Were S. P. Woodfield, 1924-1938 and 1953-1957, C. M, Jones 1938-1949, H. W, Hosken 1949-1953 and R. M. Jeffery 1957-1958, all of whom. contributed to the development of Grace Dieu, Important occasions in the history of the college were the opening of the 3 halls by the Governor General Lord Buxton in 1916, the dedication the new chapel in 1917, the Hickson Healing Mission of 1922 under the Rev. J. M. Hickson, the inspection of the college Pathfinders by the Prince of Wales 1925, the dedication of the Bell Tower and visit of Princess Alice 1925 and the visit of the Governor General and his wife, Earl and Countess Clarendon in 1932, In addition to training teachers, Grace Dieu had a strong practical function. The carpenter's shop made furniture for the college and the carving department carried out orders for crucifixes, prayer-desks, statues etc., from all over South Africa and overseas, The girls under the sisters of the Community of the Resurrection were trained in all branches of housewifery. Extra-mural activities also played an important part in college 1ife: sporting competitions between the various houses took place, The Pathfinder(Scout) movement had its origin at Grace Dieu in 1922 and later the equivalent girls movement, the Wayfarers, was added. 
  They were collected together by the Rev. S. P. Woodfield (Vice-Principal of Grace Dieu 1922-1924, Principal 1924-38 and 1953-1957, now retired to the Mission House, Waterval Boven, E. Transvaal) and presented to the C.P.S.A. Record library, which is looked after by the library of the University of the Witwatersrand, in June 1972. They consist of 1199 items end span the years 1906-1969 with the greatest concentration being between 1906-1939 and consist of a log book, minutes, correspondence, memoranda, notes, printed items, press clippings and photographs. The runs of periodicals have been added to the appropriate section of the C.P.S.A. Record Library (see Appendices l& 2) From the records a clear picture of the origin and development of Grace Dieu emerges, and of the financial problems encountered throughout the years. 
A1  Visitors Book 1 vol. 1924 July 15 - 1959 October 10, 80p. 
  Includes signatures of Princess Alice, wife of the Governor-General, the Earl of Athlone, on Nov. 1,g:11925 and of the Governor-General and his wife, Earl and Countess Clarendon, on Aug. 25, 1932. 
A2  Log Book 1 Vol. 1932 Jul.26-1958 Dec6 54p. 
  Describes every-day events such as the opening and closing of College, staff changes, dates and results of examinations, information on College sports fictures, etc. Also contains references to visits to the college by Bishops,government inspectors and distinguished people such as the Earl. and Countess of Clarendon. There are Ms reports on the work of the school by government inspectors. 
MINUTES 51 items 1923-1957 
B1  Governing Body 21 items 1924-1957 
  1 Vol. meetings No.1-52, 1924 May 29-1949 Nov.3 
  Loose II un-numbered, 1951 Feb. 22-1953 May 5- 8 items u u No.62-74, 1953 Sep.25-1957 Dec.2- 12 items 
  Pasted into the bound volume are items such as the Constitution of the Governing Body, reports of the Diocesan Training College to the Bishop of Pretoria and Synod 1925-1937 and report of the Commission appointed by the Bishop of Pretoria and the Chief Inspector for Native Education (Transvaal) to inquire into the disturbances at the College on April 11, 1949 
B2  Students Council, Sports Committee etc. 1 Vol. 1931 Mar.31-1950 Mar.2 
B3  Court of Honour, 1st Pietersburg Troop of Pathfinders 8 notebooks  
B4  Old Students, Diocesan Training College 1 item 1953 Jun.27 
CORRESPONDENCE 209 items 1906-1967 
Ca  Re early days of College 126 items 1906 Feb.2-1917 
  Includes correspondence between Archdeacon (later Bishop) Fuller and officials of the Transvaal Education Department on matters relating to the foundation of the College. Subjects covered included the purchase of land, equipment, financial. grants and their misappropriation, the functions and sco of the College, staff appointments, syllabus, examination results and exemption of students from tax. Also forms of application for admission to the Pretoria Diocesan Training School, Jakals fontein: indentures for government school, which were returned to the Education Department when applying for bursaries. Other correspondents included:- J.Adamson, Director of Education, R. G. L. Austin, Rev. W. H. J. Banks, W. E. C. Clarke, Secretary to the Education Department, G. L. Gosling, Sec, S.P.C.K., Rev, Basil Hankey, Rev. F. W. Hill, T. J. B. Jones, Director of. Education, C. R. O'Dell, Rev. William A. Palmer, Principal, and H. S. Scott, Secretary to the Transvaal Education Department. 
Cb  Later correspondence, mainly that of Rev. S. P. Woodfield. 
  1926 Jul. 25-1967 Mar.29. 
  Subjects covered included the visit of the Native Affairs Commission in 1926 and the finances of the College, including government grants and the raising of funds. Also discussed are the future of church schools and of Grace Dieu in particular and of how the College will continue as a privateinstitution and as a high school and not a training college. Much on staff appointments, on the student disturbances at the College in 1949 and correspondence between the Principal S. P. Woodfield and the Bishop of Pretoria, R. S. Taylor, on matters relating to the College. Other correspondents include:- N. M. Hoogenhout, Muriel Horrell, Bp. E. G. Knapp-Fisher, Rev. R.Jeffery, J. C. Johns, C. M. Jones, A. W. E. Jordan, R. E. W. Norburn, J. C. Palmer, Bp. W. Parker, W. M. Phaleng, R. Roseveare, H. S. Scott, Archdeacon H. S. Sharpe, E. Sulston, Sec. S.P.G., Bp. N. Talbot, Bp. R. S. Taylor. 
MEMORANDA AND NOTES 275 items 1918-1969 
Da  Reports 80 items 1919-1959 
Da1  Transvaal Education Department Reports of Inspection 19 items 1919-1937 
  Discuss buildings, furniture, equipment, subjects of instruction, industrial work, staff, extra-mural activities and give comments on individual teachers. 
Da2  Training College Grace Dieu. Reports to Synod 38 items 1922-195 
  Relate to staff, buildings, finance, schoolwork, college activities and examination results. 
Da3  Training College Grace Dieu. Annual. Report to S.P.G. London 20 items 1924-1958 
  Relate to staff, buildings, finance and progress. Reports are from the Principals of the College, S. P. Woodfield from 1924-1938, 1954-1957 and C. M. Jones 1940-1947. 
Da4  Miscellaneous 3 items 1949-1953 
  Report, undated, by Fred. Livie-Noble, 7p. Ts., with comments on the indictment of Livie-Noble by Archdeacon Sharpe, 4p. Ts.Report, 1949 Apr. 21, of Commission appointed by Bishop of Pretoria and Chief Inspector for Native Education (Transvanl) to enquire into disturbances at College on 1949 Apr.11, 5p. Ts, Signed S. P. Woodfield, chairman. 
  Grace Dieu Training College farm report. Signed R. Harrison, 1953 January 2, 3pages 
Db  Financial Papers 107 items 1918-1957 
Db1  Diocese of Pretoria: Grace Dieu Financial and Work Returns 22 items 1935-1957 
  Lists places where services are regularly held, receipts and payments, general statistics and names of clergy, catechists and sub-catechists. 
Db2  Balance sheets 
  Yearly and half-yearly. 
Dc  Histories 14 items 1921-1938 
Dc1  "A short history of the College together with notes on the furniture, ornaments and other fittings in the college chapels together with alist of the governing body and staff and ordained members of the College" by S. P. Woodfield, 1938 Jun,, 38 unnumbered pages. Mim,(3 copies) Also copies of some of constituent parts of above:- "Notes on the furniture, ornaments and fittings in the college chapels ..." by S, P. Woodfield, 1937 Lent, 6p. vim. (2 copies)."Diocesan Training College Grace Dieu, Pietersburg 1904-1928; a. short account of its foundation and progress" 26p. Ts."Diocesan Training College Grace Dieu ... + notes on furniture ..." 31p,Ts (2 copies)Also material used by S. P. Woodfield in compiling his history:-"The story of the beginning and working of the Diocesan Training College at Grace Dieu, Pietersburg 1904-1926" + notes on the furniture etc.2 copies 19p., 13p., Ts. This includes Bishop Fuller's story, substance of Dean Palmer's address to the students 1925 Nov, 18, extracts from Bishop Talbot's letter, published in the Community of the Resurrection Chronicle, Michaelmas 1921, describing a visit to the College,and further notes by Father Palmer. 
  1 Ms. 3 pages, Bishop Fuller's story only 
  1 Ts. ,with Ms. corrections, 5p., Dean Palmer's address 1925 
  Ms notes on lists of ordained, chapel ornaments, vestments, staff etc. 
Dc2  "Diocesan Training College Grace Dieu, Pietersburg" by S. P. Woodfield 6p. Mim. (2 copies) 
Dc3  Grace Dieu revisited by S. P. Woodfield 6pages 
Dc4  "Diocesan Training College, Grace Dieu, Pietersburg" by S. P. Woodfield 1932 Sep. 24. 4p. Ts. 
Dc5  "Diocesan Training College, Grace Dieu" 10p, Ts with Ms corrections 
Dd  Memoranda re Services 25 items 1923-1937 
  Includes memoranda for special services such as Christmas, Easter, Rogation and Ascensiontide, Blessing Girls Dining Hall, Office of Admission to membership of Students Christian Association, Ordination, Thanksgivings & Intercessions, Dedication. of a Mission Church and Office for admission of a Captain. 
De  Miscellaneous 41 items 1920-1969 (arranged chronological) 
De1  Extract from letter of Father Talbot 1920 May 31, Nylstroom. Community of the Resurrection Chronicle Michaelmas 1921. Describes visit of Bishop to native villages. 2 pages, transcript (see also Dc1) 
De2  Extract from letter of father Talbot … describes a visit to "Palmer's College", 1 page transcript 
De3  Farewell address to Canon Palmer from college students 1924 1 page transcript 
De4  Farewell address to Canon Palmer from native staff of college 1924 2 pages transcript 
De5  Farewell address to parents, friends, old students etc. by Canon palmer, 3 pages manuscript 
De6  "Lent at Grace Dieu, Pietersburg, 1925" by E.G. patterson 2 pages transcript, also 4 pages manuscript draft 
De7  Time table November 17 1925 8 pages transcript. This was for the visit of Princess alice to dedicate the memorial Belfry. 
De8  Annual clergy and Staff Retreat 1927 January 24-28 Time table 1 page transcript 
De9  Annual clergy and Staff Retreat 1928 January 17-20 Time table 1 page transcript 
De10  Annual clergy and Staff Retreat 1929 January 14-18 Time table 1 page transcript 
De11  Annual clergy and Staff Retreat 1930 January 20-24 Time table 1 page transcript 
De12  Annual clergy and Staff Retreat 1932 January 18-22 Time table 1 page transcript 
De13  College data: enrolment 1932 October 8 3 pages, transcript and manuscript 
De14  Annual Clergy and Staff Retreat 1933 January 16-20 Time table 1 page transcript 
De15  Annual Clergy and Staff Retreat 1934 Time table 1 page transcript 
De16  Annual Clergy and Staff Retreat 1933 Time table 1 page transcript 
De17  Enrolment 1924-1938 1 page manuscript 
De18  Retreat menu, 1939 
De19  Letter to parents and guardians of all students, 1950 December 30. Signed Bp. W.Parker, S.P. Woodfield, W. Stephenson, others. About raising of fees, 1 page  
De20  Souvenir programme Diocesan Training College Grace Dieu Old students Meeting in Bantu Men's Social Centre 1953 June 27, 1page 
De21  Report of above, 2 pages transcript 
De22  Letter to all parents, guardians and friends of the college from the principal, S.P. Woodfield, about impending closure of college due to Bantu Education Act. 1 page (1954?) 
De23  Memorandum upon the possible transfer of the College to the department of Native Affairs in July 1955. 1954 August 29, 5 pages transcript 
De24  Rules of the college, 195 January, 5 pages transcript 
De25  Confidential memorandum on the possibility of carrying on of College as a private institution after December 1955, 1955 April 17, 3 pages transcript 
De26  Note on diocesan Training College, 1955 August 10, 1 page. Announces the end of Grace Dieu as training college but that application had been made to carry on as a private school. 
De27  Letter to all friends of Grace Dieu from S.P. Woodfield 1955 September, announcing the future of Grace dieu as a primary, secondary and industrial school and including form for donations. 4 pages microfilm 
De28  "The future of the Diocesan Training College: unsolicited views of students in form 3". Gives varying opinions as to whether. Grace Dieu should be run by state or church. 2p. Ts. 
De29  Examination results 1957 December 1page 
De30  Pageant of St. Michael, performed at the College on 1957 September 29 7 pages  
De31  Note, 1969 April, on the dedication of St. Michael's Church, Turfloop which was paid for by proceeds of sale of old Grace Dieu, 1 page 
De32  Undated Psalms used in chapel 1 page transcript 
De33  Undated Chapel inventory 1 page transcript 
De34  Undated constitution of Grace Dieu 1 pages transcript 
De35  Undated "Home life" by james Godwin Malusi Magongoa 3 pages transcript. Gives his struggles to become educated and a Christian. 
De36  Undated Memorandum giving members of governing body of Grace Dieu, names and dates of principals & assistant staff 6pages transcript and manuscript 
De37  Undated. Lantern lecture on Pietersburg West Native Mission District & Grace Dieu Diocesan Training College, Pietersburg, 7 pages transcript 
De38  Undated. List of Lantern slides 4 pages transcripts and manuscript notes 
De39  Undated "Daily life in a native village" by James Krool 1 page transcript 
De40  Undated Rules 4 pages transcript 
De41  Undated Dedication of Memorial Infirmary 1 page transcript 
Df  Manuscripts by College students, 5 items 
Df1  Poem by Peter Abrahams, entitled "To Grace Dieu", 1 page  
Df2  Farewell address to Miss Robertson by the Pathfinders 1 page 
Df3  Farewell address to Miss Robertson by students 1 page 
Df4  Exercises on religious subjects such Ps Holy Ghost, the Gospels etc, 16 pages 
Df5  Essays on dedication of Bell and Belfry 1925 November 17 during visit of Princess Alice 47 pages 
Dg  Subjects other than Grace Dieu 3 items 
Dg1  "Native education: particulars of the course of training in training institutions, together with syllabus of work and regulations governing the admission of students" by Transvaal Education Department, 18 pages  
Dg2  Mission notes - October 1953 by S. P. Woodfield 3 pages 
Dg3  "The foundation of the native mission in Pretoria" by Archdeacon Roberts. 4 pages transcripts, Continued by S. P. Woodfield under title "The Story of Pretoria Native Mission" 6 pages transcripts 
PRINTED ITEMS 40 items 1916-1956 
Ea  Books  
Ea1  "Tell freedom" by Peter Abrahams. London, Faber, 1954. 
  See p.214-250 for an account of the help given to him by Canon Woodfield and of his stay at Grace Dieu, for 2 years.  
Eb  Pamphlets 25 items 1916-1956 (chronological) 
Eb1  Menu card for opening of halls by Lord Buxton 1916 October 2 1 page 
Eb2  Dedication of bell and belfry as a memorial to Cecil Mary Talbot, 1925 November 17 5 pages 
Eb3  Grace Dieu Training College: general information 1937 January 4 pages 
Eb4  Diocesan Training College Grace Dieu, 'On to victory', an appeal for Funds, 1944 2 pages 
Eb5  Diocesan Training College Grace Dieu: general information. 1944 January 3 pages 
Eb6  Diocese of Pretoria. Synod 1948. Report of work at Westfort Leper Institution, Pretoria. Pretoria, Caxton, 1948, 3 pages 
Eb7  A great lady: the work of Caroline Rogers will not be forgotten. Reprinted from Pretoria. News 1948 September 14 1 page 
Eb8  Anglican leper work at Westfort. Letter from S. P. II Woodfield, 1948 November 6 1 page 
Eb9  Diocesan Training College Grace Dieu: general information, Knox print 1949 January 3 pages 
Eb10  Diocesan Training College Grace Dieu: general information, Knox print, 1950 January 3 pages 
Eb11  Diocesan Training College Grace Dieu: appeal for help, 1956 4 pages 
Eb12  Diocesan Training College Grace Dieu: Membership card, undated 
Eb13  Diocesan Training College Grace Dieu: Membership card, undated 
Eb14  Grace Dieu: an account of the Diocesan Training College, Grace Dieu, Pietersburg in the Nothern Transvaal, by M. C. Williams (Reprinted from the "Mission Field") London, S.P.G. Office, undated. 14r.(4 copies). 
Eb15  Leper children, undated 4 pages 
Eb16  Westfort Leprosy Institution: appeal for help, undated 1 page 
Eb17  The vigil by the river. Pretoria, Caxton, undated 4 pages (On leper asylum) 
Eb18  Katie Singh: a leper - and a mother. Pretoria, Caxton, undated 3 pages 
Eb19  A visit to the leper school children, undated, 3 pages 
Eb20  Save the leper, undated 4 pages 
Eb21  The Church of the Transfiguration, Westfort Leper Asylum, Pretoria. undated, 3 pages 
Eb22  Jesus of Nazareth passeth by, undated 1 page (on lepers) 
Eb23  West Fort Leper Institution. Pretoria, Caxton, undated, 3 pages 
Eb24  The Pretoria Leper Asylum, undated 6 pages 
Eb25  Diocesan Training College, Grace Dieu: morning prayers, undated 1 page 
Ec  Periodicals 6 items 1925-1955 
Ec1  Kingdom v.19 (N.S.) No, 46, October 1925, p.6-7, article on Pietersburg Training College 
Ec2  Transvaal Missions Quarterly v.4 No.14, october 1925 p.12-15. article on Grace dieu by S.P. Woodfield 
Ec3  Mission Field v.74 No.879, March 1929 n.59-62 "My first term at Grace Dieu" by Sister Francis Clare, C.R. 
Ec4  Church abroad v.27 No.318, June 1929 p.41-44 "Some Northern Transvaal out-stations" On Grace Dieu, 
Ec5  Diamond Jubilee issue of Parishioner 1947 July p.19-34 on mission work, contains photographs of group of clergy who have worked with Dean Palmer, including S. P. Woodfield. 
Ec6  Zoutpansberg Review. v.67 No.39, October 7 1955 p.12-13, on 49th anniversary of Grace Dieu 
Ec7  Grace Dieu Bulletin 1933-1942 (duplicates, see also periodicals) 
Ed  Posters and other Pictorial Material 8 items 1928-1935 
Ed1  Jubilee 1878-1928. Pretoria, Diocesan Training College. Contains ladder with £10 target at top and drawing of Grace Dieu. 
Ed2  Clear the debt by Whitsun 1932. A water colour with ladder showing £20 target at top and picture of Grace Dieu. 
Ed3  Notice for concert and dance of Old Pietersburg Students Association, to be held at Bantu Men's Social Centre, Johannesburg on 7 Dec. 1935. Contains picture of Belfry and Halls and the staff, 1931. 
Ed4  4.Water colour poster for exhibition "School furnishing by Carpenter Class" Shows picture of native hut, tree and hill. 
Ed5  Water colour poster for exhibition "School apparatus made by 3rd year P. teachers from old wood and paraffin cases unaided and out of school hours" Picture of bowl of flowers. 
Ed6  Water colour poster for exhibition "Handwork. made principally from old paraffin cases by 1st, 2nd & 3rd year p.teachers" Picture of trees, hills and figures. 
Ed7  Cross "Have mercy upon us" (2 copies) 
Ed8  Black and white etching of Grace Dieu, 
Ed9  Plaster plaque (by Bassanyi) 
PRESS CLIPPINGS 18 items 1925-1963 
F1  1925 Nov.19 "R.D.M" - Dedication of new bell tower by Princess Alice. 
F2  1925 Nov.19 "R.D.M" - Memorial. tower; dedication ceremony at Pietersburg. 
F3  1925 Nov.19 "R.D.M" - Princess Alice at Grace Dieu: dedication of Talbot Memorial. 
F4  1927 March "mission Field" p.64-68 Aricle on Grace Dieu by M.C. Williams 
F5  1932 Dec.24 "Umtetweli wa Bantu" Gives Transvaal African Eisteddfod results, including mention of Grace Dieu. 
F6  1933 February 10 "Echo" Article entitled "Some country houses: XIII At Grace Dieu" by Heywood. On original Grace Dieu in England. 
F7  1943 March 5. "Zoutpansberg Review & Mining Journal" - Important function at Grace Dieu: opening of new Dining Hall. 
F8  1943 October "Watchman" p.3-5. The Bishop and the Diocesan Training college. An appeal for funds. 
F9  1948 May "British Africa Monthly" p.18 - Impressions of an African Mission by M. S. Geen and J. E, Spence. 
F10  1956 June "Grace Dieu Bulletin" v.6. No. 2. On 50th Jubilee, 1906-1956: story of 50 years achievement. 8 pages 
F11  1956 December "Grace Dieu Bulletin" On the Jubilee 
F12  1963 August "Bantu Educational Journal" p.323-324. Photocopy of article – Setotolwane Hoer-en Vakopleiding skool. 
F13  Undated Bishop Karney on tour: tribute to the Scout movement in the Northern Transvaal 
F14  Undated "Umtetweli wa Bantu" p.6 School athletic results. 
F15  Undated "Zoutpansberg Review & Mining Journal" Visit of their excellencies to Diocesan Training College Grace Dieu (Gov.-General and Lady Clarendon). 
F16  Undated. Governor-General at Pietersburg: interest in educational institutions. 
F17  Undated. "Zoutpansberg Review & Mining Journal" Grace Dieu: Native Teachers Training College.  
F18  Undated "Sign" - Al community in South Africa, by a Sister of the Community of the Resurrection. 
PHOTOGRAPHS 624 items 1916-1939
Ga  Albums 9 items 1916-1931 
Ga1  1916-1926.
Includes photographs of college buildings, staff and class groups, college activities such as drill, tennis folk-dancing, religious processions and ceremonies and Pathfinders (African scouts). There are items relating to special events such as the dedication of the war memorial by Bishop Talbot in 1920, the opening of the school hall with Bishop Fuller and the Governor-General Lord Buxton in 1916, the Govenor General Earl Athlone's visit in 1924 when he inspected the Pathfinders and the Hickson Healing Mission in 1922. There are also photographs of the House of Mercy Irene, Jane Furse Memorial Hospital, Zebediela Estates, English church Louis Trichardt, Jones Hotel Potgieters Rust and other Transvaal scenes, There is an interesting picture of the opening of the new house for the Boy Chief of Moletsiland October 1923. 
Ga2  1922.
Inscription on inside of front cover "Emma Woodfield June 1922, Bedford" Various mission scenes - Pathfinders, Hickson Healing Mission, Chief Jonathan, heir to the throne of Basutoland, scene outside Royal Kraal at Moletsi, camp scenes. 
Ga3  1922.
On cover is inscribed "D.T.C. No.1 1922" and inside "Rev. S.P. Woodfield 19.4.22 E.W.". Various staff groups, means of transport, halls, chapel, tennis courts, the dam, carpenter's shop, interior views, laying foundation bricks for new buildings, dedication of St. Wilfrid's Blood River 1922, locusts, outside classes, distant views of College, Hickson Healing Mission and Bethlehem tableaux Christmas 1922. 
Ga4  1922-1924.
  On cover "D.T.C. 1923" Scenes of Christmas 1922, Bloed River, Pathfinders, extension of staff dining-room, ox-wagon, brick-making, building of a rondavel, and photographs of Bishop and Mrs. Fuller, Bishop Karney, Bishop Talbot, A. Wilkinson and S.P. Woodfield. 
Ga5  1922-1930. 
  Halls, chapel, churchyard, farm, class-rooms, students and staff groups, Pathfinders, car troubles, Girls dining-hall and infirmary and special events such as Easter Day 1927, dam overflowing 1929 and fire at St. Mary's 1930. 
Ga6  1928.
On cover is "Grace Dieu Wayfarers Snapshots 1928" and inside "The Rev. S. P. Woodfield with best wishes from 1st and 20th Transvaal Wayfarers Christmas 1928" Shows various activities of Wayfarers (African guides) 
Ga7  Various mission activities:- outside classes, Pathfinders, St. Mary's Mission, St. Margaret's Witbank and Bishop Karney. 
Ga8  1931.
Pathfinders, groups of students and staff, performances of "Julius Caesar" and "Merchant of Venice", college car, erection of belfry, examples of wood­work and painting, installation of Chief Kgabo Moloto, an old pupil, and inspection of Pathfinders and Wayfarers by Li! and Lady Baden Powell in 1931 
Ga9  1927-1931.
Education Inspector at Nigel, mines and dumps at Nigel, group of the ' players in "Julius Caesar" 1930 and Pathfinders rally, 
Gb  Loose photographs 
Gba  College buildings, grounds, surrounding district and transport 196 items 
  There are 4 16x21cm, views of college in 1912 mounted on to stiff paper and 52 views of Talbot memorial belfry, staff houses, class-rooms, halls, carpenter's shop, first kitchen, dormitories and general views. 
  37 views of chapel and churchyard, including Bishop Talbot preaching and services for special occasions 
  36 views of farm end. dam, including plague of locusts 
  35 views of St. Mary's Mission:- chapel, staff houses, dormitories, infirmary, dining hall, sisters' quarters and fire of 1930. 
  11 distant views of College. 
  21 views of college mule-cart, ox wagon, mail-coach and old Ford car. 
Gbb  Staff, college groups and individual students 
  1 Mounted of Rev. E. 
  64 Staff which includes groups of sisters: individual staff members include R. F. Adams, Frank Clarke, C. Arthur Ellington, H, J. Hockly, C.M. Jones, Cyril Lewis, Fred. Oliphant, James Palmer, W. A. Palmer, Miss Robertson, Henry Shearsmith, Wilfrid Wilkinson. 
  85 college groups and individual students: includes Chief Jonathan of Basutoland as young man. 
  13 S, P, Woodfield. 
Gbc  College activities 177 items  
  8 photos 11 1/2 x 16cm pasted on to stiff paper: shows students in the carpenter's shop, laundry, cookery school, doing manual work and 2nd & 3rd year classes at desk, 1939. 
  15 6 x 8 1/2cm pasted on to cardboard: shows forms III & IV, captains, Michaelmas waiters, tennis, soccer and softball teams. 
  96 photos of handicrafts, showing examples of wood-carving, painting and sculpture. 
  38 phots. showing drill, folk-dancing end plays such as the Bethlehem tableaux, Julius Caesar and Merchant of Venice. 
  15 of religious processions to St. Mary's. 
  5 general, showing outdoor classes, brick-making etc. 
Gbd  Special events (chronological) 49 items 
  Arrival of Bp. Gaul for confirmation, pre-1922.  
  College lined up to receive the Bishop (?Talbot). 
  Hickson Healing Mission, 1922. 
  Crowd leaving hall after presentation to Canon Palmer, 1924 June Earl of Athlone's visit 1924. 
  Visit of Prince of Wales, 1924, when he inspected Pathfinders. 
  Visit of Princess Alice for dedication of Talbot Memorial Belfry, 1925 
  Nov. 17. (includes phots. of belfry under construction). 
  College waiting to see S. P. Woodfield leave for England. 
Gbe  College series of postcards  
  21 items Made from photographs taken by S. P. Woodfield and include procession to Talbot Belfry from church, Staff 1931, St. Augustine of Canterbury in teak, carved by a student, Staff room, Belfry and Halls, the Farm, Staff Quarters, St. Mary's, College wagon, Chapel, Pathfinders service in camp, folk-dancing and the original Grace Dieu in Leicestershire. 
Gbf  Miscellaneous 8 items 
  Includes house of native Wesleyan minister at White river. Bp. Fuller's house at Pietersburg 1922. Bp. Fuller and his family camping on the College farm, Naauwitz farm and Chaplain's house at Irene. 
Gbg  Block 
  Contains picture of Grace Dieu belfry and halls.  
PICTORIAL (All in folio sequence)  
H1  Interior of Grace Dieu Chapel. By the Rev.W.Trott 
H2  Outside Grace Dieu College Chapel. By Grace Anderson. 
H3  Principal's quarters. By Grace Thompson (Battis). 
H4  The Study on the Veld: the Principal's Study. By Grace Anderson (Battis). 
New periodicals added to C.P.S.A record Library. 
  Anglican Mission to West Fort Institution. Thanksgiving v Intercessions (cont. as Pretoria Leper Institution) 1924- 1960 (Incomplete). 
  Grace Dieu Bulletin. Dec.1939, Jun. 1940, Dec. 1953 – Dec.1957. 
  Kingdom. 1922-1970. (Note: add items from this, filling in gaps) 
  Pretoria Diocesan Assoc. Ann Report 10,1920. 
Duplicate Periodicals 
  Anglican news 3-14, 1961-1962 
  Cape to Zambesi 1-35, 1934-1969 (Incomplete) 
  Church News 1949-1958 (Incomplete) 
  Grace Dieu Bulletin 1933-1957 (Incomplete) 
  Kingdom 19-58, 1922-1970 (Incomplete) 
  South African Church Weekly Newspaper 12-13, 1946- 1947 
  Transvaal Missions Pretoria v Johannesburg 1-9, 1922-1924 
  Transvaal Missions Quarterly 10-17, 1924-1926 
  Transvaal Missions vs. Rhodesia1-8, 1927-1934