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Collection Index:AFRICAN BISHOPS, Anglican, Letters 1889-1934
Collection Name:AFRICAN BISHOPS. Letters from Anglican Bishops in Africa 1889-1934
 Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
 Compiled by Mrs A.M. Cunningham, M.A., Archives Assistant, November, 1971   
 The African Bishops whose letters comprise this collection were Anglican bishops of the Province of South Africa and of missionary bishoprics in other parts of Africa. They were as follows :-   
 Baines, Frederick Samuel. 1860-1939 Bp. of Natal 1901-1928   
 Baynes, Arthur Hamilton. 1884-1942 Bp. of Natal 1893-1900   
 Birley, Thomas Howard. 1903- Bp. of Zanzibar 1925-1943   
 Carter, William Marlborough. 1850-1941 Abp. of Cape Town 1909-1931   
 Chandler, Arthur. 1860-1939 Bp. of Bloemfontein 1902-1920   
 Cornish, Charles Edward. 1842- Bp. of Grahams town 1899-1915   
 Etheridge, Edward Harold. 1872- Bp. of St. Johns (Kaffraria) 1922-1943   
 Fuller, John Latimer. 1870- Bp. of Lebombo 1913-1920   
 Gaul, William Thomas. 1844-1928 Bishop of S. Rhodesia 1895-1907   
 Hicks, John. 1840-1899 Bp. of Bloemfontein 1892-1899   
 Hine, John Edward. 1857- Bp. of Northern Rhodesia 1910-1914   
 Jones, William West. 1838-1908 Abp. of Cape Town 1874-1908   
 Lasbrey, Bernard Bp. on the Niger 1922-1945   
 May, Alston James Weller. Bp. of Northern Rhodesia 1914-1938   
 Nash, James Okey. 1862-1943 Co-adjutor Bp. of Cape Town 1917-1930   
 Paget, Edward Francis. 1886- Bp. of S. Rhodesia 1925-1957   
 Phelps, Francis Robinson. 1863-1938 Abp. of Cape Town 1931-1938   
 Talbot, Neville Stuart. 1879-1943 Bp. of Pretoria 1920-1933   
 Vyvyan, Wilmot Lushington. Bp. of Zululand 1903-1.929   
 Webb, Allan Beecher. 1839-1907 Bp of Grahamstown 1883-1898   
 Weston, Frank. 1871-1924 Bp. of Zanzibar 1908-1925   
 Willis, John Jamieson. 1872- Bp. of Uganda 1912-1934   
 The letters consist of 27 items covering the period 1889-1934 with the greatest number being between the years 1926-1934.   
 Of the 27, 2 are to Mrs Burrows, wife of the Bishop of Sheffield and 1 each to "My dear Madam", Mr Adams, Mr Drake, Gillian, Mr Phillips, Dr Swayne and Miss Ward and these letters arc of no particular interest. The other 18 letters were written to Bernard Osborne, in answer to an enquiry from him about the needs of individual dioceses.   
 The letters arc interesting, not only giving a good picture of the work of the Anglican church in various parts of Africa but also fore-shadowing some of the political problems which have arisen in Africa such as the racial friction between black and white, the colour bar in South Africa and the church's attitude to it and the question of the native franchise. From the letters it appears that there were problems common to the various dioceses such as the shortage of clergy, need for more money, the importance of educating the African and training African priests and the difficulties of working in vast areas where parishes were scattered.   
 The letters were purchased by the library in November 1971, from Sawyers, the London dealer.   
1889 Apr. 17 A.B. Webb, Bp. of Grahamstown Bournemouth to "My Dear Madam"   
 To arrange a meeting with her son who is going to Africa A.L.S. 2p   
1896 Jun 9 W.T. Gaul, Bp . of Mashonaland London to Mr Drake   
 Regrets he cannot attend the festival A.L.S. 1p   
3. 1905 May 5. W.T. Gaul, Bp . of Mashonaland Sierre (Valais) to Miss Ward   
 Hopes to visit her A.L.S. 2p   
1907Aug 20, A. Chandler, Bp. of Bloemfontein Bloemfontein to Mr Adams Returns O.M. List to which he has added particulars of himself A.L.S. 1p   
1907 Oct 19, W. West Jones, Abp. of Cape Town Claremont to Phillips Suggests successor for Phillips' work-in diocese of Cape Town: refers to his own ill health due to lung trouble A.L.S. 4p   
1926 Feb 17. A. Chandler, Bp. of Bloemfontein Bentley Rectory, Hants to "My Dear Sir"   
 Discusses needs of Bloemfontein Diocese: greatest problem in S. Africa is the colour bar: there is need to encourage Anglican education and suggests he supports St.Andrew's school in Bloemfontein. A.L.S. 2p   
1926 Feb 26. C.E. Cornish, Bp. of Grahamstown Clevedon to Bernard Osborne   
 Discusses problems of the GrahamstownDiocese, including the need for more clergy and for the evangelisation of the natives and the difficulties of maintaining the Cathedral and training native priests A.L.S. 3p   
1926 Apr 15 J.L. Fuller, Bp of Lebombo Pietersburg to "Dear Sir"   
 The most pressing need for the Diocese of Lebombo is more clergy A.L.S. 3p   
1926 Jun 26, A.J.W. May, Bp. of Northern Rhodesia Central Africa House Wood Street, S.W.1.to "Dear Sir"   
 On the work of the Anglican church in Northern Rhodesia, particularly the training of African priests: comments on the valuable work being done by Anglican religious orders A.L.S. 4p   
10 1926 Jul 3 A.H. Baynes, Be. of Natal Birmingham to "Dear Sir"   
 Chief problem in Natal Diocese in his day was Colenso schism but fortunately that is now over: gravest problems now are the native question and the need to evangelise the Zulus, Basutos and Indians LS 2p   
11 1926 Jul 31 E.F. Paget, Bp. of S. Rhodesia Oxford   
 To "Dear Sir"   
 Comments on the respective racial problems in S. Africa and Rhodesia: there is need to eradicate fear amongst the Europeans that Africans will swamp them and to rid natives of fear by education: great need to recruit more priest for this vast country. LS 4p   
12 1926 Oct 2 J.E. Hine, Bp. of Northern Rhodesia, Lincoln to "Dear Sir"   
 Comments on the different problems of the church in S. Africa and Central Africa: S. Africa has the colour problem but Central Africa has to face Mohammedans and Catholics. A.L.S. 2p   
13 1927 Jan 21 J.J. Willis, Bp. of Uganda Teignmouth   
 To Mrs Burrows (wife of Bp of Sheffield)   
 Thanks her for information about Miss Gray A.L.S. 2p   
14 1927 Feb 25 J.J. Willis, Bp. of Uganda Chester to B. Osborne   
 Needs of church in Uganda are for more clergy, increased education of natives and for the instilling of a Christian character into people just emerging from barbarism LS 2p   
15 1927 Feb 26 J.J. Willis (?) Be. of Nyasaland London to "My Dear Sir   
 Has sent information on the Diocese and will arrange a meeting A.L.S. 2p   
16 1927 Jun 2 N. Talbot, Bp of Pretoria London to B. Osborne   
 He will answer his letter during his voyage to Africa A.L.S. 1p   
17 1927 Jul 10 N. Talbot, of Pretoria S.S. Demosthenes to B. Osborne   
 Recommends books on African cloth work for his information: comments on needs of Diocese of Pretoria, such as more money, strengthening of native work in township location and provision of a mission station to help the Bavenda in north of diocese A.L.S. 4p   
18 1927 Jul 19 E.H. Etheridge, Bp. of St. John's Umtata to B. Osborne   
 Gives problems of the diocese   
 i) Racial friction between black and white   
 ii) Indifference of white Christians and   
 iii) Superstition and beer drinking amongst the natives A.L.S. 2p   
19 1929 Sept 17 F.S. Baines, Bp. of Natal Hove   
 To B. Osborne   
 Colenso schism in Natal has almost healed:1 European church remains outside C.P.S.A.with a clergyman who obtained his Letters Testimonial from the Bishop of Uganda and also 1 native church. Confidential A.L.S. 10p   
20 1929 Nov 25 T.H. Barley, Bp. of Zanzibar Tanga   
 To "My Dear Sir"   
 Explains that most of the work of the diocese is on the mainland and not on the island, which is predominantly Moslem: work amongst the Africans is very promising and even some Moslems are being converted. A.L.S. 3p   
21 1930 Jul 5 W.M. Carter, Abp. of Cape Town St. Albans   
 To B. Osborne   
 Comments on resentment felt by the natives at threat to do away with native franchise in the Cape and at colour bar in general: says coloured priests are being trained at Zonnebloem College but problem is where to place them. LS 2p   
22 1930Aug 30 B. Lasbrey, Bp. on the Niger Rosthwaite   
 To "Dear Sir"   
 Gives detailed account of how the church operates in his diocese and of the training of native clergy: asks for money from home to extend the Training College buildings. A.L.S. 14p   
23 1934 Jul 4 F.R. Phelps, Abp. of Cape Town Oxford   
 To "My Dear Sir"   
 Most pressing need in Cape Town Diocese is for more coloured priests to help with the large coloured community: within the Church of the Province of South Africa there's no colour bar LS 2p   
24 (?} 1923 Jul 23 F. Weston, Bp. of Zanzibar Liverpool   
 To Gillian   
 Arrangements for visit and preaching of sermon A.L.S. lp   
25 (?) 1926 J.O. Nash, Bp. Coadjutor of Cape Town Mirfield   
 To B. Osborne   
 Explains that natives in Cape Town Diocese are mainly temporary immigrants who are looked after by Father Savage of the Society of St. John the Evangelist: describes work done by Native Welfare Society to protect the native: big problems are the vast distances to be covered and scattered nature of the parishes: main work is amongst the Coloureds: comments on the Dutch Reformed Church and the need for more Anglican church schools. A.L.S. 3p   
26 Undated J. Hicks, Bp. of Bloemfontein Clifton   
 To Der Swayne   
 Requests loan of a medical directory A.L.S. 2p   
27 Undated W.L. Vyuyan, of Zululand   
 To Mrs Burrows   
 Apologises for postponing a meeting. A.L.S. 2p