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Collection Index:DIOCESE OF CHRIST THE KING, Records, 1988-2002
Collection Name:Diocese of Christ the King, Records, 1988-2002
Collection - AB3420
AB3420 DIOCESE OF CHRIST THE KING, Records, 1988-2002 
 Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2018 
 18 boxes, photographs 
 The collection contains records relating to the activities of the Diocese of Christ the King for the period of 1988-2002. The documents include amongst others minutes of the Synod and Bishop's Council Meetings, reports, clergy correspondence, financial records, projects, training and educational material, memoranda and statements, publications and newspaper clippings. 
 Christ the King Anglican Church was originally designed by Frank Flemming and built in 1935 in Sophiatown. The church is a simple but beautiful building and its most distinctive feature was a mural painted between 1939 and 1941 by Sister Margaret with the assistance of 12 apprentice students, who worked under patronage of the Gerhard Sekoto Foundation.  
 The church is closely connected to the anti-apartheid campaigner Archbishop Trevor Huddleston the forced removals around Sophiatown, which started in 1955. In 1967 the church was deconsecrated and sold to the department of community development, after which the building was badly vandalized including the beautiful mural. The Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk bought the building in the 1970s and used it for Sunday School. The Christ the King Church changed hands again when the Pinkster Protestante Kerk bought it and made significant changes to the building.  
 It was only in 1997 that the Anglican Church acquired the building again, and restored it as best as possible to its former state. The tower of the Christ the King Church was declared a national monument. In 2004 a mural was restored on the northern exterior wall of the church, depicting Archbishop Trevor Huddleston walking the dusty streets of Sophiatown with two children on each hand.  
Documents relating to the Bishop's Synod, 1991 - 1999. 7 files 
A1 Agenda Books, Synod Minutes and Motions for the First Diocesan Synod in 1991. 
A2 Diocesan Synod for 1992. 
A3 Reports to the Synod from various institutions and committees in 1993. 
A4 Synod of Bishops in 1993. 
A4.1 Agenda and Minutes of the Bishop's Synod in September 1993. 
A4.2 Agendums of the Synod of 1993 No 2 - No 5. 
A4.3 Agendums of the 1993 Synod No 6 - No 10. 
A4.4 Agendums N 11 - No 15.  
A4.5 Agendums of the 1993 Synod No 17 - No 35. 
A5 Minutes of the Synod Advisory Committee for 1994. 
A6 Synod of 1995. 
A6.1 Synod Agenda Books. 
A6.2 The President's Charge to Synod 1995. 
A6.3 Resolution and Statement of the Bishop's Synod in 1995.  
A6.4 Reports to the Synod for 1995. 
A6.5 Motions to the 1995 Synod and proposals for the parishes workshops and projects.  
A7 Sixth Session of the Synod, February 1999. 
A8 Minutes of the Bishop's Council Meetings, 1991 - 1999. 8 files 
A8.1 Minutes of the Bishop's Council Meetings for 1991 - 1992. 
A8.2 Bishop's Council Minutes for 1993. 
A8.3 Minutes of the Meetings for 1994. 
A8.4 Minutes of the Meetings for 1995. 
A8.5 Minutes of the Bishop's Council Meetings for 1996. 
A8.6 Minutes of the Meetings for 1997. 
A8.7 Minutes of the Meetings for 1998. 
A8.8 Minutes of the Bishop's Council Meetings for 1999. 
Documents relating to the Church of the Province of Southern Africa Provincial Standing Committee on the Structures, 1991 - 1994. 5 files 
B1 Report of the Commission on the Provincial Structures of the Church of the Province of Southern Africa, 1991. 
B2 Minutes of the CPSA Provincial Standing Committee, December 1992 & September 1993. 
B3 Reports of the CPSA Provincial Trustees Audit Sub-Committee, 1993 & 1995. 
B4 Minutes of the CPSA Provincial Trusts Board Meetings for February and November 1993. 
B5 CPSA Commission on Provincial Structures Reports for 1993. 
B6 Provincial Structures Commission correspondence for 1993. 
B7 CPSA Common Provincial Fund Budget for 1993/1994. 
B8 Provincial Audit Report for 1994. 
B9 Minutes of Meetings CPSA Provincial Trusts Board for March & September 1994. 
B10 Funds held in Trust by the Board of Provincial Trustees in 1994. 
B11 Tasks overseen by the Anglican Mission Institute. 
B12 Stipend Augmentation Commission, August 1994. 
B13 Synod of Bishops/Provincial Standing Committee Statement, September 1994. 
B14 Report of the Working Group on the implementation of the focuses of the 1994 Provincial Mission & Ministry Conference, September 1994. 
B15 Report of the Provincial Audit Committee, October 1994. 
B16 14th Provincial Council Meeting of the Anglican Women's Fellowship, 30 September - 4th October 1994.  
B17 Recommendations of CPSA Media Conference to the Provincial Standing Committee. 
B18 Proposals for Amendment of the Bye-Laws of the Provincial Standing Committee. 
B19 Annual Financial Statements and Balance Sheets of the CPSA Board of the Provincial Trustees for 1995 & 1996. 
Diocese of Christ the King, 1992 - 2002. 
C1 General principles for the Diocesan Structures of the Diocese of Christ the King. 1 file 
C2 Servers' Guild Draft Constitution of the Diocese of Christ the King, July 1994.  
C3 Diocese of Christ the King Commission on the Possibility of establishing a Cathedral. 
C4 Lay Ministers in parishes of the Diocese of Christ the King. 
C5 Proposed Plan for 1999-2000 for the Diocesan Fundraising Strategy of the Anglican Diocese of Christ the King. 
C6 Health Policy of the Diocese of Christ the King. 
C7 Joint Insurance Fund of the Anglican Dioceses of the Northern Provinces of South Africa, 1999. 
C8 Clerical Directory for the Diocese of Christ the King. 
C9 Clergy Pension Fund. 
C10 Recommendation of the CPSA Provincial Commission towards Clergy Remuneration. 
C11 Rules of the Primary Theological Education Bursary Fund. 
C12 Diocese of Christ the King Clergy Letters, 1992 - 1999. 4 files 
C12.1 Clergy Letters for 1992. 
C12.2 Clergy Letters for 1993. 
C12.3 Clergy Letters for 1994. 
C12.4 Clergy Letters for 1995. 
C12.5 Clergy letters for 1996. 
C12.6 Clergy Letters for 1997. 
C12.7 Clergy letter for 1998. 
C12.8 Clergy Letters for 1999. 
C12.9 Clergy Letters for 2000. 
C12.10 Clergy Letters for 2001. 
C13 Memoranda, Statements and New Releases. 2 files 
C13.1 Memoranda issued to the Dioceses of the Anglican Church in South Africa, 1992 - 1998. 
C13.2 Memoranda and Communication Letters to the Diocesan Clergy and Circulars for 1999 - 2000. 
C13.3 Pastoral letters, Messages from the Bishop to Clergy for 2001.  
C13.4 Statements and News Releases of the Bishops of the Church of the Province of Southern Africa, 1992 - 2001. 
C14 Christ the King Foundation, 1993 - 1998. 1 file 
C14.1 Background of the Christ the King Foundation. 
C14.2 Programmes of Education, Building and Evangelism organized and carried out by the Foundation. 
C14.3 Building programme of the Foundation, 1993-1994. 
C14.4 Outline Organization Chart of the Development Trust of the Diocese of Christ the King. 
C14.5 Diocese Development Fund Campaign to successful fund raising. 
C14.6 Report of the Diocese of Christ the King Foundation for 1998. 
C14.7 Minutes of the Meetings of the Christ the King Foundation, 1992 - 1998. 
C14.8 Financial records of the Foundation, 1995 - 1997. 
C15 Diocese of Christ the King Budget and Annual Financial Statements, 1992 - 2000. 3 files 
C15.1 Diocesan Budget, 1990 - 2000. 
C15.2 Annual Financial Statements of the Diocese of Christ the King, 1990 - 1998. 
C15.3 Annual Financial Statements of the Joint Insurance Fund for the Anglican Dioceses of the Northern Provinces of South Africa, 1995-1998. 
C15.4 Guidelines for the Preparation of Annual Financial Statements for the Church of the Province of Southern Africa (CPSA). 
C15.5 Financial Reports submitted to the CPSA. 
C16 Donations from local and foreign donors to the Diocese of Christ the King, 1990 - 2002. 1 file 
C16.1 Donations in foreign currency from the United Kingdom and USA in 1990 - 1996. 
C16.2 Funds donated to the Diocese of Christ the King by foreign donors from the USA and UK, 1998 - 2002. 
C17 Diocese of Christ the King Feeding Scheme, 1993 - 1997. 1 file 
C17.1 Financial Control Measures of the National Nutrition and Social Development Programme. 
C17.2 Reports on Feeding Scheme established by the Diocese of Christ the King in 1992. 
C18 Religious Conferences and Workshops. 1 file 
C18.1 Canon's Peter Lee address for the Dean's Conference entitled:" Mission in the CPSA" October 1989. 
C18.2 Workshop in Pretoria on Empowering the Laity, December 1994. 
C18.3 Diocese of Johannesburg Training Workshop on Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution, 24 - 26 June 1997. 
C18.4 World Conference on Religion and Peace South Africa in Johannesburg, 14 - 16 June 1997. 
C18.5 Document relating to Interfaith Conference in Johannesburg, 28 February - 2 March 2000. 
C18.6 33rd Annual Conference of Airport Chaplains, September 2000. 
C18.7 Conference on promoting Christian awareness and practice, June 2000. 
C18.8 Educational Programmes of the Foundation Vuleka, 1999. 
C18.9 Report to Coventry Cathedral's International Department on presentation of Cross of Nails to the churches of Sebokeng, 18 March 2001. 
C19 Correspondence of the Diocese of Christ the King, 1992 - 2001. 
C19.1 Correspondence of the Diocese for 1992. 
 Topics discussed include: AIDS awareness, Provincial Youth Synod, theological education, Bishops meetings, cooperation with the Diocese of Virginia (USA) and African countries, political events in South Africa, resolutions of the Diocesan Synod, situation in in formal settlements.  
C19.2 Correspondence for 1993. 
 Matters discussed: Anglicare, Anglican Communion, Synod of Bishops, Christian Student Movement, overseas leadership training programme, collaboration with Virginia Theological Seminary (USA), Theological Commission of CPSA, Anglican Renewal Ministries, clergy training. 
C19.3 Diocese of Christ the King Correspondence for 1995. 5 files 
 Main topics include: parishes operational matters, clergy sabbatical, cooperation with Anglican Dioceses in Southern African Countries, liturgical matters, international conferences, clergy appointments and preaching licenses.  
C19.4 Correspondence for 1996. 
 Matters discussed: clergy education, Christ the King Foundation, sale of church's buildings, church building programmed, Gauteng Council of Churches, The Anglican Communion, clergy retreat, violence in Kwazulu-Natal. 
C19.5 Diocese correspondence for 1997. 
 Main topics discussed: Diocesan Synod, Orange Farm School, Ministry of Evangelism, Ordination of Women, St Martin's School. 
C19.6 Correspondence for 1998. 
 Matters discussed include: religious communities in South Africa, Christianity and African culture, finances of the parishes.  
C19.7 Correspondence for 1999. 
 Topics discussed: financial viability in the diocese, new rectory in Eldorado Park, theological training, St Mary's Children's Home. 
C19.8 Correspondence for 2000. 
 Matters discussed: clergy exchange with Christ the King, student sponsorship programme, Gauteng Council of Churches Report. 
C19.9 Diocese of Christ the King Correspondence for 2001. 
 Main topics discussed: collaboration between Diocese of Christ the King and the Episcopal Church in Virginia (USA). 
C20 Correspondence of the Church of the Province of Southern Africa, 1998 - 1999. 1 file 
C21 Training for Ministry of the Diocese of Christ the King, 1992 - 1994. 2 files 
C21.1 Diocese of Christ the King Training for Ministries Manual. 
C21.2 Policy Outline for the Training for Ministry, 1992. 
C21.3 Diocese of Christ the King Lay Ministers' Guild Constitution. 
C21.4 Lay Ministers Training on 'Ministry to the Sick' held in Lenasia, 21 March 1992. 
C21.5 Internship Training for 1994. 
C21.6 Outline of a preparation for Confirmation Course at the Diocese of Christ the King, February 1994. 
C21.7 Training Courses for Lay Ministers at St Peter's Lodge organized by the Diocese of Christ the King in 1995. 
C21.8 Report on Layminister's Training-Counselling, 1996. 
C21.9 Training on the Ministry of Healing, Deliverance and Exorcism in the Diocese of Christ the King, September 1995. 
C21.10 Religious approach to the issue of abortion. 
C21.11 Theology of Ministry requirements for the CPSA. 
C21.12 Process Report on Meeting on Diocesan Co-ordinators of Theological Education by Extension Programmes.  
C21.13 Primary Theological Education Bursary Fund for Academic Years of 1994/1995 & 1997. 
C21.14 Tyser Ordination Candidates Fund. 
C21.15 Minutes of the Training Committee Meetings of the Diocese of Christ the King, 1994 - 1996. 
C21.16 Reports to the Diocesan Training Committee on the Lay Ministers' Training and Theological Education .  
C21.17 Theological Education offered by the CPSA College of the Transfiguration. 
C21.18 New procedures in regard to training and licensing of layministers form January 2000. 
C22 Documents relating to training of new Bishops. 1file 
C22.1 Manual for Training New Bishops. 
C22.2 CPSA Memorandum of Canons for Information of a Bishop, 1987. 
C22.3 Report on the office and work of a Bishop, August 1982. 
C22.4 Supporting material used in the Bishop's Training. 
C22.5 Worksheet for ' The Renewal of the Episcopate by George Carey. 
C22.6 CPSA Advisory Board on Theological Education Guidelines on the Discernment of Vocation to the Diaconate or Priesthood, 1994. 
C22.7 Manual for Training Clergy in the leadership and managerial positions. 
C23 Publications containing information and guidance on theological education in South African educational institutions. 1 file 
C24 CPSA correspondence on Training for Ministry, 1994 - 1996. 
C25 Prison Ministry, 1991 - 1993. 1 file 
C25.1 Department of Correctional Services documents relating to work of religious workers in prisons. 
C25.2 Manual for the correctional supervision and role of religion in it, April 1992. 
C25.3 Licenses to clergy to permit them to carry on duties as chaplains in Johannesburg Prison. 
C25.4 Opening of Matthew 25 Christian Home in Johannesburg for released on bail prisoners to be helped by clergy, April 1992.  
C25.5 Correspondence relating to the Correctional Services Programme offered by the Diocese of Christ the King. 
St Martin's School, 1958 - 1998. 1 file 
D1 Historical overview of an Anglican Diocesan St Martin's School and general information about admission. 
D2 St Martin's School Constitution and Code of Conduct for the Students. 
D3 Mission Statement of St Martin's School. 
D4 School Admission Fees and Applications Forms. 
D5 Agreement between The Community of Resurrection and St Martin's School and The Johannesburg Diocesan Trustees of The Church of The Province of South Africa, 1984. 
D6 Memorandum of Agreement between Brian H. Berry, Chairman of the Council of St Martin's School and Peter Vieyra, Headmaster of St Martin's School, December 1989. 
D7 St Martin's School Council. 
D7.1 Proposed membership of the Council. 
D7.2 Elected Council members of Governing Council of St Martin's Council, 1995 - 1999. 
D7.3 Correspondence to the Chairman of a School Council, 1993 - 1999.  
D7.4 Projects handled by the School Strategic Planning Committee. 
D8 Minutes of the meetings of St Martin's School Governing Council, 1965 - 1999. 
D8.1 Minutes of the meetings for 1965, 1992 & 1993. 
D8.2 Council Minutes for 1994. 
D8.3 Minutes of the Council meetings for 1995. 
D8.4 Minutes for 1996. 
D8.5 Minutes of meetings for 1997. 
D8.6 Minutes of the Council meetings for 1998. 
D8.7 Minutes of St Martin's School Governing Council meetings for 1999. 
D9 Reports to St Martin's Governing Council, 1993 - 1999. 3 files 
D9.1 Headmaster's Reports to the Governing Council for 1993 & 1994. 
D9.2 Reports to Council for 1995. 
D9.3 Reports for 1996. 
D9.4 Reports to Council for 1997. 
D9.5 Reports for 1998. 
D9.6 Reports to the Governing Council for 1999. 
D9.7 Headmaster's Report on the visit to Argentina and The United States of America, July and August 1997. 
D9.8 St Martin's School Reports to Diocesan Synod, 1993, 1995 & 1997. 
D9.9 Headmaster's Report on the Information Technology, Resources, Needs and Options, 10 February 1997. 
D10 St Martin's Finance Committee Reports to the Council, 1995 - 1999. 1 file 
D11 Annual Financial Statements of St Martin's School, 1990 - 1998. 
D12 Correspondence relating to the St Martin's School properties. 
D13 St Martin's School Headmaster's Newsletter, 1993 - 1997. 1 file 
D14 Staff matters at St Martin's School relating to the conditions of employment, appointments of academic staff and principals. 
D15 Documents relating to the educational matters at private schools, curriculum, structures and projects, 1992 - 1998. 
D16 Creative Writing Competitions carried out at St Marin's School in 1997 - 1999. 
D17 St Martin's Matric Yearbook for 1995. 
D18 Scholarships and subsidy issues at St Martin's School, 1990 - 1997. 
D19 Applications for a Bishop's Faculty to install stained glass windows at St Martin's School, 1989 - 1995. 
D20 St Martin's Trust, 1993 - 1999. 
D20.1 Legal Agreements of St Martin's Trust, 1962 - 1997. 2 files 
D20.1.1 Memorandum of Agreement between The Council of St Martin's School and Johannesburg Diocesan Trustees, 1962. 
D20.1.2 Deed of Sale in the Memorandum of Agreement between the Trustees of the Diocese of Johannesburg of CPSA and St Martin's Trust, 1989.  
D20.1.3 Proposed purchase of Hope Woolith Farm by Johannesburg Diocesan Trustees, 1988. 
D20.1.4 Development Potential Investigation document on Portion 133 of Misgund 322 I.Q. 1989. 
D20.1.5 Memorandum of Agreement between St Martin's and Success Estates & Development CC. 1990. 
D20.1.6  Transfer of the Priory Property to the St Martin's Trust, 1990. 
D20.1.7 Valuation Reports of the land and properties in Johannesburg area provided by attorney Notary Conveyancer, C. A. Nolte. 
D20.1.8 Valuation Reports of the land Portions of Misgund 322 IQ by Boston Associates, 1993. 
D20.1.9 Proposed Develand Development, 1996. 
D20.1.10 Deed of Sale of Immovable Property between St Martin's Trust and Johannesburg Transitional Metropolitan Council, 1997. 
D20.1.11 Draft Agreement between Community of Resurrection, St Martin's School, St Martin's Trust and the Diocese of Christ the King, 1997. 
D20.1.12 Progress Report from the Property Developers on the purchase of properties in Johannesburg area, 1997. 
D20.1.13 St Martin's Preparatory School Building Project, 1997. 
D20.2 Minutes of the Meetings of St Martin's Trust, 1989 - 1999. 1 file 
D20.2.1 Minutes of the Meetings for 1989.  
D20.2.2 Minutes of the Meetings for 1990.  
D20.2.3 Minutes for 1991. 
D20.2.4 Minutes of the Meetings for 1992 - 1993. 
D20.2.5 Minutes for 1994. 
D20.2.6 Minutes of the Meetings for 1996 - 1998. 
D20.2.7 Minutes of the Meetings of St Martin's Trust for 1999.  
D20.3 St Martin's Trust Reports, 1990 - 1991. 
D20.4 Annual Financial Statements of St Martin's Trust for 1993. 
D20.5 Correspondence of St Martin's Trust, 1986 - 1997. 
 Main topics discussed: purchase of the Priory buildings and land, church properties, investments of the CPSA, Diocesan Trustees.  
D21 St Martin's Association, 1988. 1 file 
D21.1 Constitution and Rules of the St Martin's Association (Martians Club), 1988. 
D21.2 The Parent Staff Association of St Martin's School Constitution, 1988. 
D22 Newspaper clippings on activities and achievements of St Martin's School, 1995 - 1999. 1 file 
D23 Publications of St Martin's School. 
D23.1 St Martin's Chronicle, 1992 - 1998. 
D23.2 St Martin's School Newsletter, 1995 - 1996. 
D23.3 Miscellaneous publications. 
St Benedict's House. 1 file 
E1 Constitution of St Benedict's House, 22 February 1992. 
E2 Minutes of the 45th Meeting of the Advisory Committee held on 7 November 1995. 
E3 Reports of St Benedict's House. 
E4 Financial Statements of St Benedict's House, 1993 - 1999.  
E5 Correspondence of St Benedict's House, 1994 - 1998. 
 Main topics discussed: nominations and decisions of St Benedict's House, work and ministry of the sisters of the Order of the Holy Paraclete.  
E6 Programmes of Prayers and Retreats offered by St Benedict's House. 
St Mary's Children's Home. 
F1 History of St Mary's Children's Home. 1 file 
F2 Constitution of St Mary's Children's Home. 
F3  Constitution of St Mary's Child and Family Centre Trust. 
F4 Revised Constitution and Articles of Association of the St Mary's Trust, 1999. 
F5 St Mary's Home Mission Statement. 
F6 License issued to Ann Botha as a Principal of St Mary's Children's Home in the Diocese of Christ The King, 17 January 1993. 
F7 Duties of the Principal of St Mary's Home. 
F8 Appointment of the Chaplain of St Mary's Children's Home, 1990. 
F9 Management and Staff of St Mary's Children's Home. 
F10 Committee and Sub-Committee members of St Mary's Home in 2001. 
F11 Executive Committee members of St Mary's Home for the year 2001. 
F12 Plan showing stands in Rosettenville owned by St Mary's Orphanage. 
F13 Proposal for 'Adopt a child' Project for St Mary's Children's Home Centenary Year (1902 -2002). 
F14 Minutes of the Meetings of St Mary's Children's Home, 1988 - 2001. 2 files 
F14.1 Minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings for 1988-1989. 
F14.2 Minutes of the Meetings for 1990. 
F14.3 Minutes for 1991. 
F14.4 Minutes of the Meetings for 1992. 
F14.5 Minutes for 1996. 
F14.6 Minutes for 1999. 
F14.7 Minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings for 2000.  
F14.8 Minutes of the Meetings for 2001. 
F15 Reports of St Mary's Children Home for: 1987, 1991 -1993. 
F16 Financial Records of St Mary's Children's Home, 1990 - 2001. 1 file 
F16.1 Annual Financial Statements of St Mary's Children's Home, 1990 - 2001. 
F16.2 St Mary's Children's Home Budget for 1999/2000. 
F16.3 Summary of St Mary's Home's staff salaries in 1998/1999. 
F16.4 Schedule of Retrenchment Packages for St Mary's Children's Home. 
F16.5 Mandate to ABSA Trust Limited for the Management of an Investment Portfolio of St Mary's Children's Home, 2000. 
F16.6 Proposal to the St Mary's Children's Home Board relating to the Centenary Fund (1902 - 2002). 
F16.7 Principles, parameters and procedures of St Mary's Child and Family Centre Trust, 2000. 
F16.8 Initiatives and planning cycle for the Centenary Fund Fundraising for St Mary's Children's Home, 2001. 
F17 Correspondence of St Mary's Children's Home, 1988 - 1996. 1 file 
 Topics discussed: Christian service, welfare interventions, counselling and educational programmes. 
F18 St Mary's Children's Home pamphlets. 
Provincial Mother's Union, 1990 - 1997. 2 files 
G1 Rules of the Mother's Union of the Diocese of Christ the King. 
G2 Rules/Regulations of Mother's Union Christian Family Life in the Diocese of Cape Town. 
G3 Rules of the Mother's Union in the Diocese of Grahamstown. 
G4 Mother's Union Officers for 1996 -1998. 
G5 Christ the King Diocesan Mother's Union Council members for 1995 - 1998. 
G6 Mother's Union Provincial Trainer Job Description. 
G7 Diocesan Women's Project of the Diocese of Christ the King Constitution. 
G8 Minutes of the Meetings of Mother's Union, 1990 - 1995. 
G9 Reports of Mother's Union for 1994 - 1997. 
G10 Financial records of Mother's Union. 
G11 Memoranda of Mother's Union. 
G12 Special public events organized by Mother's Union. 
G13 Correspondence of the Mother's Union of the Diocese of Christ the King, 1990 - 1996. 
 Topics discussed: appointment of the office holders, partnership Ministry between Mother's Union and Episcopal Church Women in the Diocese of Virginia (USA), training for Mother's Union Provincial Trainers, workshops, community projects, events organized by Mother's Union.  
St Peter's Lodge 
H1 Historical overview of St Peter's Lodge. 1 file 
H2 Constitution and Rules of St Peter's Lodge, 1983. 
H3 Duties of Assistant Warden at the Lodge. 
H4 Letters of staff appointments at St Peter's Lodge. 
H5 Rules of running the Lodge. 
H6 Minutes of the Meetings of St Peter's Lodge, 1990 - 1998. 1 file 
H6.1 Minutes of the Committee Meetings for 1990 - 1991. 
H6.2 Minutes of the Meetings for 1992 - 1993. 
H6.3 Minutes of the Meetings for 1995 - 1996. 
H6.4 Minutes of the Meetings of St Petr's Lodge for 1996 - 1998. 
H7 Reports of St Peter's Lodge, 1991 - 1993. 
H8 Financial Records of St Peter's Lodge. 1 file 
H8.1 Financial Statements of St Peter's Lodge, 1990 - 1997. 
H8.1.1 Financial Statements for 1990 - 1991. 
H8.1.2 Financial Statements for 1992. 
H8.1.3 Income Statements for 1993. 
H8.1.4 Financial Statements for 1994. 
H8.1.5 Income Statements for 1995. 
H8.1.6 Balance Sheets and Income Statements for 1996. 
H8.1.7 Budget of St Peter's Lodge for 1997. 
H8.2 Legal Agreement between St Peter's Lodge and Standard Bank relating to loan to the Lodge in 1994. 
H9 Memoranda and Newsletter of St Peter's Lodge, 1990 - 1993. 1 file 
H10 Correspondence of St Peter's Lodge, 1991 - 1995. 
 Topics include: staff appointments and it's responsibilities, renovations of the Lodge and it's function, committee meetings.  
H11 Architectural plans of St Peter's Lodge. 
H12 Documents relating to labour dispute between St Peter's Lodge and one of it's employees, 1991 - 1994. 
Anglican Church of Transfiguration in Eldorado Park, 1988 - 1997. 2 files 
I1 Election of Churchwardens and Council, 1990. 
I2 Institution of F. J. Weldon as Rector of Transfiguration Church Eldorado Park, 4 August 1991. 
I3 Minutes of the Meetings of Parish of Transfiguration in Eldorado Park, 1996. 
I4 Financial Records of Parish of Transfiguration, 1989 - 1996. 
I4.1 Financial Statements for 1989, 1995 - 1996. 
I4.2 Loan to Parish of Eldorado Park via Diocese of Johannesburg. 
I5 Events organized by the Parish of Eldorado Park in 1990 & 1996. 
I6 Application for a Bishop's Faculty to install knotty pine ceiling in the church, 1992. 
I7 Correspondence of the Transfiguration Church in Eldorado Park, 1988 - 1997. 
 Topics discussed: appointment of parish rector and church councilors, renovations of the church, property matters, organizing church events.  
The Diocese of New York of the Episcopal Church, 1991 - 1993. 1 file 
J1 Correspondence between the Diocese of New York and Anglican Churches in South Africa, 1990 - 1992. 
J2 Memorandum of the Synod of Bishops concerning the advertising of clergy posts and approaches towards New York. 
J3 Evaluation of relationships between dioceses in South Africa and Diocese of New York by the New York Companion Diocese Committee, 1992. 
J4 Report of the New York Companion Diocese Committee to the 215th Convention of the Episcopal Dioceses of Episcopal Dioceses of New York. 
J5 The Drum' publication of the Ugandan AIDS Project, Spring 1993. 
Diocese of Virginia, 1990 - 2002. 
K1 The South African Partnership Commission supporting relationship between the Diocese of Virginia, USA & The Diocese of Christ the King in SA. 
K2 Minutes of the Meetings of the South African Partnership Ministry, 1993 - 1997. 1 file 
K3 Reports on the Partnership between Dioceses of Virginia and Christ the King Diocese in South Africa. 
K4 Schedule of Projects in South Africa for 1993. 
K5 Information on the events in the dioceses in USA and South Africa. 
K6 Correspondence relating to the Partnership between the Dioceses of Virginia and Christ the King, 1994 - 1996. 
 Main topics discussed: programmes and projects in cooperation between two dioceses, Link Committee, exchange visits to USA and South Africa, raising funds to finance travel teams, youth groups' projects, activities of St Mary's Episcopal Church in Virginia.  
K7 Documents relating to the appointment and work of Revd. Martha Macgill as a priest in charge of the Parish of Walkerville, 1997 - 2000. 
K8 Correspondence between Diocese of Christ the King and Diocese of Virginia, 1990 - 2002. 3 files 
K8.1 Correspondence for 1990 - 1992. 
 It includes information on the mutual visits of the parish representatives to South Africa and Virginia. 
K8.2 Correspondence for 1993. 
 Topics discussed include: relationship between St James Episcopal Church in Virginia and Christ the King in South Africa, working visits of Bishop Peter Lee to the churches and parishes in Virginia, donations to the churches and for community and educational projects.  
K8.3 Correspondence for 1994. 
 Topics include: donations from the churches in the Diocese of Virginia to Diocese of Christ the King, political situation in South Africa, financial support from Virginia to the project of new Anglican Church and School Centre at Orange Farm, link between Diocesan Women's organizations in Virginia and South Africa and their projects, activities of the Partnership Ministry.  
K8.4 Correspondence for 1995. 
 Main topics discussed: link relationship between Christ the King and parishes in Virginia, activities of Virginia Diocesan Commission for South African Partnership, report on visit of Rev Qwelane to Diocese of Virginia, support for Orange Farm School.  
K8.5 Correspondence for 1996. 
 Matters discussed: meetings of Virginia Link Committee, Sebokeng Project, plans for a visit of Rev Martha Macgill to South Africa. 
K8.6 Correspondence between St Stephen's and St Mary's Episcopal Churches in Virginia and Diocese of Christ the King in 1997. 
 Topics discussed: proposal for Rev Macgill to work with congregation in Walkerville in South Africa, meetings of clergy groups in the dioceses, church projects, Partnership Committee activities.  
K8.7 Correspondence between Memorial Episcopal Church in Virginia and Diocese of Christ the King in South Africa for 2002. 
K9 Publications of the South African Partnership Ministry and the Diocese of Virginia. 2 files 
K9.1 Pamphlets of the Diocese of Virginia. 
K9.2 1991- 1992 Catalogue of The Virginia Theological Seminary.  
K9.3 The Bishop's Clergy/Lay Professionals/Spouses Conference in Shrine Mont, 3-5 May 1993. 
K9.4 Issues of 'Virginia Episcopalian' for 1995 & 1997. 
K9.5 Paper entitled:" How do people listen to Sermons?" presented by L. C. Atwell at the George Mason University in Virginia, 1993. 
K9.6 The Dallas Statement presented at the 'the Anglican Life and Witness Conference' in Virginia in 1997. 
Development and Liaison Committees of the Diocese of Johannesburg, 1988 - 1992. 2 files 
L1 New Diocesan Structures. 
L2 Interim Rules for new Dioceses. 
L3 Development of the Diocese, 1989. 
L4 Minutes of the Meetings of the Development Committee, 1988 - 1989. 
L5 Minutes of the Meetings of the Liaison Committee, 1990 - 1991. 
L6 Documents relating to the trial of Ministers in Sebokeng, 1992. 
L7 Financial Statements and Capital Fund Programme of the Anglican Diocese of Johannesburg, 1988 - 1989. 
L8 Church publications of the Dioceses Christ the King and Transvaal. 
L9 Books of Prayers and other church publications relating to the liturgy, bible and theology. 
L10 Miscellaneous. 
M1.1-1.5 Photos of a group of women members of the women organization in Uganda working on the project 'Uganda Women's Effort to Save Orphans'. 
M2.1-2.3  Group of women visiting 'Ruzisxa' Women's Prison in Uganda. 
M3.1- 3.13  Group of women on at the Bujagali Falls in Uganda.  
M4.1 Lay Ministers gathering for Preaching, March 1994. 
M4.2 Unidentified group of participants of the gathering relating to undescribed project.