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Inventory for AB3181 
Collection Index:COMMUNITY OF THE RESURRECTION, Records, 1903-2005
Community of the Resurrection, Records, 1903-2005 
  Copyright 2006, Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
   19 boxes and photographs
Rule book and Chapter Minutes 
Correspondence, reports, memoranda and other records 
Press cuttings 
Rule Book and Chapter Minutes (For St Peter's Priory and other chapters) 
A1  Rule book (Sherwell St) 1904 
A2  Minute Books for CR Sherwell St and St Peter's Rosettenville 
A2.1  1903-1907 (Sherwell S) 
A2.2  1907-1910 (Sherwell S) 
A2.3  1910-1913 (Sherwell S) 
A2.4  1913-1915 (Rosettenville) 
A2.5  1915-1923 (Rosettenville) 
A2.6  missing? 
A2.7  1934-1942 (Rosettenville) 
A2.8  1942-1946 (Rosettenville) 
A2.9  1946-1950 (Rosettenville) 
A2.10  1950-1958 (Rosettenville) 
A2.11  1958-1972 (Rosettenville) 
A2.12  1972-1983 (Rosettenville) 
A2.13  1983-2003 (Rosettenville and Turffontein) 
A3  Rosettenville Journal 1 vol 1956-1981 
  Informal account of activities, with photographs 
A4  Joint Chapter , Provincial Chapter, Minutes 
A4.1  1907-1919 Joint Chapter 
A4.2  1919-1931 Joint Chapter 
A4.3  1931-1934 Joint Chapter and 1935-1940 Local Provincial Chapter 
A4.4  1943-1946 Local Prov. Chapter and 1946-1954 General Provincial Chapter 
A4.5  1955-1962 General Provincial Chapter 
A4.6  1945-1960 General Provincial Chapter (1 vol) 
A4.7  1961-2004 General Provincial Chapter (1 vol) 
A4.8  1963-1969 General Provincial Chapter (1 file) 
A4.9  1989-2005 General Provincial Chapter (1 file) 
A4.10  1940s-1961 (Local and General chapter, loose copies) 
A5  St John's College Chapter Minutes 
A5.1  1907-1919 
A5.2  1919-1924 
A5.3  1924-1930 
A5.4  1930-1934 
A5.5  1911-1912 (Teaching brotherhood) 
A6  Sophiatown Chapter Minutes 2 vols 
A6.1  1934-1942 
A6.2  Missing? 
A6.3  1949-1959 
A7  Jane Furse Chapter 2 vols 
A7.1  1938-1948 
A7.2  1948-1952 
A8  Penhalonga Chapter minutes 1 vol 1971-1983 
A9  Orlando Chapter minutes 1 vol 1949-1959 (St Mary at the Cross) 
A10  Stellenbosch Chapter Minutes 1 vol 1971-1975 
A11  Priory of Christ the King (Alice and Pietermaritzburg) 1 vol 1963-1977 
Correspondence, reports and memoranda 
B1  Correspondence between the CR in South Africa and the Superior at Mirfield (mainly from Mirfield) 
  Subjects include the work of the CR and the movements of the brotherhood 
B1.1  1903-1912 
B1.2  1913-1916 
B1.3  1917-1920 
B1.4  1921-1928 
B1.5  1930-1932 
B1.6  missing? 
B1.7  1940-1943 
B1.8  1944-1947 
B2  Memoranda, reports, newsletters and some correspondence mainly from South Africa. 2f 1921-1940 
  Includes reports from the various South African houses, priory policy and the work at St John's College 
B3  Correspondence and memoranda relating to St John's College, the property and the staffing if 1906-1934. (Contents damaged by water) 
B4  General correspondence and records relating to the Community 3f 1908-1961 
  Subjects include placements and the work of the community. Files 1 and 2 also deal with property 
  Correspondents include: (among others) DS Arden, F Blair, Francis Blake, Abp Geoffrey Clayton, Aidan Cotton, Eric Goodall, AP Hill, Trevor Huddleston, Bp Arthur Howe-Browne, ZL Lesala, Raymond Raynes, Bp Ambrose Reeves, George Sidebotham 
B5  Correspondence and other records if 1954-1959 
  Mainly relates to property held by the community, rates servitudes etc. 
B6  Memoranda relating to the work of the Community if 1950s-1980s 
  Mainly concerning CR policy in SA: Memos by Jonathan CR, George Sidebotham CR, Trevor Huddleston CR, Claude, CR, Charles, CR, Kingston Erson CR, Crispin Harrison CR and correspondence with Archbishop Joost de Blank 
B7  Papers and memos re proposed autonomy of the South African House 1982 
B8  Correspondence - leaving Rosettenville if 1984 
  Correspondence between Fr Kingston Erson and various bishops regarding the CR's need to fmd a home after leaving Rosettenville 
B9  Correspondence and documents if 1970s-1980s 
  Miscellaneous correspondence and documents. Includes a list of community members with birth and death dates. 
B10  Christ the King School, Sophiatown (and Ekutuleni Mission) 1f 1950s 
  Correspondence and other documents 
B11  St Francis Priory Sekhukhuneland, 2f 1942-1961 
  Correspondence and memoranda: also an unsigned, undated paper entitled `Christian belief in Sekhukhuniland' 
B12  St Martin's School, Rosettenville if 1960s-1980s 
  Correspondence, minutes of governing council and other documents relating to St Martin's school, (an Anglican school occupying the buildings of the old St Peter's School in Rosettenville) 
B13  St Benedict's House 1f 1950s 
  Documents about St Benedicts, a retreat house and conference venue belonging to the community 
B14  Miscellaneous documents 1f, I vol. 1909-1950s 
  Consecrations and blessing of buildings (Church of Christ the King, St Agnes Native Girls School, College of the Resurrection and St Peter, etc.) Order of service for the burial of Charles Gore, the Founder. Booklets on St Peter's Priory Church and on the work of the community. Prospectus for St Peter's School. Orders for the Admittance, Clothing of a Novice and Profession of a Sister of the Community of the Servants of Christ Crucified (not clear where this community was based). Tiber Vitae' – a book with partially completed lists of brothers, ordinands and people associated with the Community . 
B15  St Peter's Theological College and FEDSEM (Rosettenville and Alice) if 1959-1968 
  Correspondence and other documents (see also AB2414) 
B16  St Peter's and Federal Theological Seminary 1f 1960s 
  Constitution of St Peter's Constituent College, brochure, list of St Peter's past students, syllabuses and documentation about the relationship between the seminary and Fort Hare. Also a memorandum to the Ford Foundation. 
B17  St Peter's and FEDSEM 2f 1950-1965, 1966 
  Minutes of college councils and academic board, correspondence and other documents (see also AB2414) 
B18  Confidential Reports 2 items 1976 and 1978 
  Reports by Trevor Verryn (Ecumenical research Unit) consisting of examinations of the life and work of the CR (1978 document is incomplete) 
B19  `Shall they be his People?', booklet, 1946 
  Pictorial account of the work of the Community of the Resurrection. Included a photograph of Oliver Tambo, Fort Hare graduate, teaching at the St Peter's Science Laboratory. 
C1  Photograph Album of the C R, c.1912 -1970 
  The album contains photographs of St Peter’s Priory and Church at Rosettenville, the CR Brethren, St Peter’s College at Rosettenville and at the Federal Seminary in Alice, the Church of Christ the King, Sophiatown in the 1950s, and well known members of the CR: Trevor Huddleston, Leo Rakale, Aelred Stubbs and Simeon Nkoane. 
C2  Photograph Album of the C R, c.1985 -1999 
  The album contains photos of the Priory and the Brethren after the move to 37 Sophia Road, Turffontein, and of the CR headquarters at Mirfield. There are some images of the funeral of S Nkoane, and of the return of Huddleston’s ashes to South Africa, and their burial at Christ the King, Sophiatown. There are also some photos of the centenary service at St Mary’s Cathedral, Jhb. 
C3  Photograph Album, 1970s 
  This Album contains photos of St Peter’s College Staff and students, shortly after the College moved from Alice to Umtata.  
C4  Photograph Album, 1941-2 
  This contains a few photos of Fr V. Wall CR and of his funeral, and tributes to him. 
C5  Loose photographs removed from an album 
  The photographs are of St Peter’s School for Boys, Rosettenville and St Agnes’ School for Girls, all c. 1930. 
C6  Miscellaneous loose photographs (A4 and small prints) 
C6.1  Ekutuleni Mission, Sophiatown, c. 1935(?) 
C6.2  Group with Leo Rakale ? 
C6.3-16  St Peter’s Priory, Rosettenville, 1911 – c.1970. 
C6.17  Portrait of Fr. Raymond Raynes, C R, c. 1950. 
C6.18  Requiem service taken by Fr. K Davie (centre), Fr. Simeon Nkoane (right). 
C6.19  Fr. Jack Guinness (Prior). 
C6.20  Fr. Aelred Stubbs (Principal, St Peter’s College), c. 1963. 
C6.21  Staff and students of St Peter’s College, when at St Bede’s, Umtata, 1974. 
C6.22  St Peter’s College when at Edendale, Pietermaritzburg, with Fr. Sigqobo Dwane as Principal, c. 1975. 
C6.23  Fr. Leo Rakale, C R. N.d. 
C6.24  Fr. Simeon Nkoane C R, as Bishop. 
C6.25  Group of Bishops in Grahamstown, with Archbp. Burnett. Date unknown. 
C6.26-43  C R Brethren at St Peter’s Priory, Rosettenville, in 1985. All are identified. 
C6.44-52  Brethren at the new Priory, 37 Sophia Road, Turffontein, c.1986. 
C6.53-56  C R Cemetery at Jane Furse Hospital, St Francis’ Mission, Sekhukuniland; service at the cemetery, c. 1980s. 
C7  Miscellaneous folio photographs 
C7.1  Students and staff at St Peter’s College, Rosettenville, just before they moved to Alice, 1963. 
C7.2  Painting of the C R Priory chapel, Rosettenville, 1911. 
C7.3  Photograph of the interior of the Church of Christ the King at Sophiatown, showing the altar and frescoes. Date unknown – c.1950? 
C7.4  Priest and children at Palm Sunday service (at Christ the King?) 
C7.5  Photograph of a bust of Trevor Huddleston, with a letter from the sculptor, Ian Walters, dated Dec. 1995. 
C7.6  Painting of St Peter’s College at the Federal Theological Seminary at Alice, by Keith Davie C R, c. 1965. 
C7.7-18  Set of photos of the Federal Seminary and St Peter’s College at Alice in the 1960s, and of the C R Brethren who taught there. They include Aelred Stubbs, Jack Guinness and Simeon Nkoane. 
C8  Two sets of photographs  
  Of St Augustine’s Mission and schools at Penhalonga, Zimbabwe. One set consists of photos pasted onto pages from an old album, c.1950. The second set, of A4 photos, is dated c.1979. (Thesephotos are stored with the papers). 
  Some unidentified photographs, some duplicates, and photos in very poor condition, are stored in a packet with the folder for C8. 
C9  Large framed painting of St John’s College, given to the C. R. Brethren. 
Press cuttings 
  General CR including Sophiatown, Trevor Huddleston etc