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Collection Index:ST PETERīS THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE 1903-1991
Collection Name:ST. PETERīS THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE, Federal Theological Seminary Records 1903-1991
Photos:ST. PETER’S THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE, Federal Theological Seminary• click to view
  Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa     
  Background notes     
  St. Peter's Theological College was started in 1903 by the Community of the Resurrection. In 1963 the college premises in Rosettenville were becoming surrounded by 'white areas' and the college had to move.     
  Accommodation was found adjoining the Fort Hare campus at Alice and St Peter's moved there becoming a constituent college of the Federal Theological Seminary. (The other colleges of the F.T.S. were Albert Luthuli College and John Wesley College).      
  After 10 years the Seminary was expropriated by the South African Government who claimed they needed the land for extensions to Fort Hare. Temporary accommodation was found for the seminary at St Bede's College in the Transkei but after 6 months the Chief Minister of the Transkei evicted the seminary on the grounds that the students took part in a political gathering hostile to the Transkei government.     
  The Seminary was then accommodated in 1975 at the Edendale lay Ecumenical Centre and finally at Imbali near Pietermaritzburg. In 1989 the decision was made to become a United rather than a Federal institution and in 1991 the separate colleges ceased to exist     
St Peter's College     
Federal Theological Seminary     
Syllabuses and Tutorial Matters     
Examination results     
Joint Board for the Diploma in Theology     
Correspondence with Dioceses     
Theological Education and Clergy Training     
Special Courses     
Association of Southern African Theological Institutions     
Special Topics     
St Peter's College     
A1  General     
A1.1  Constitution, College Rule, Daily Time Table     
A1.2  History of the college, Prospectuses and circulars 1903-1990     
A2  Includes report of Visitation by Bp Stradling 1962 (for other histories of the college, see A7, 80th anniversary file) Minutes     
A2.1  Minutes: College Council and Executive Meetings. 1936-1990(incomplete)     
A2.2  Staff Meetings 1975-1984 (incomplete)     
A3  Principals' Reports 1970-1990     
A4  Diary and Record Books 1903-1953     
A4.1  Includes records of students and of building maintenance and finance, minutes of meetings, records of term's work, photographs, exam results.1903-1915     
A4.2  1915-1927     
A4.3  1927-1943     
A4.4  1943?- 1953     
A5  Correspondence (In)     
A5.1  1924-1964     
A5.2  1965-1969     
A5.3  1970-1975     
A5.4  1976-1977     
A5.5  1978-1979     
A5.6  1990-1991     
A5.7  1982-1984     
A5.8  1985-1989     
A5.9  1990-1991     
A6  Correspondence (Out)     
A6.1  1980     
A6.2  1981     
A7  80th Anniversary celebrations 1 file 1983     
  Includes the addresses: 'St Peter's College: A brief history of its 80 years'- and 'Your life as a prize of war' by Aelred Stubbs, C.R. Also minutes ofthe Anniversary committee, correspondence, Photographs.     
A8  photographs. 74 items stored seperately from collection.     
  Group photographs of students and staff, photographs of buildings, processions, Church services, individuals.     
  Press clippings on the harrassment of St. Peters by the security police (found with photos)     
A9  Constitutional matters 1 file 1977- 1981     
  Material pertaining to the constitutional position of the CR in regard to ther responsibility of running the college, when it became a member of the FTS.     
A10  Community of the Resurrection 1 file 1977-1981     
  Correspondence, circulars     
A11  General Provincial Chapter of the Community of the Resurrection 1 file1968-1971     
  Papers, memoranda, circulars.     
A12  Investments and bequests 1 file     
A13  Non-European Affairs. Correspondence re accommodation of blacks in a'white area'. 1959-1960     
A14  Financial Records 1 file 1973-1984     
A15  College Chapel Alice 1 file 1962-1964     
  Appreciation of design by G. Cattaneo, Dedication Service. Memoranda     
A16  College Magazine "The Bulletin" 1938- 1945     
A17  "Preachers and Teachers" Notes from St. Peter 1933- 1940     
B1  General     
B1.1  Constitution and By-Laws. Year book (1990 containing information on administrative structures of the Seminary an on courses and syllabuses.     
B1.2  Presidents' Reports 1985-1990 (and some other reports)     
B2  Seminary Council and Committees     
B2.1  Council and Executive Committee     
B2.1.1  Minutes of Meetings 1974-1987     
B2.2  Principals' Committee 2 files     
B2.2.1  Minutes of Meetings 1965-1983 (incomplete)     
B2.2.2  General Correspondence and memoranda 1962-1976     
B2.3  Academic Board 3 files     
B2.3.1  Minutes of Meetings 1971-1985 (incomplete) 2f     
B2.3.2  Reports, correspondence, memoranda 1971-74 1f     
B2.4  Administrative Committee 2 files     
B2.4.1  Minules of Meetings 1974-1976 1f     
B2.4.2  Correspondence, circulars. 1972-1976 1f     
B2.5  Action Committee 1f     
  Minutes and correspondence 1975     
B2.6  Worship Committee 1f     
  Minutes and correspondence 1963-1984     
B2.7  Planning Committee 1f     
  Minutes and Correspondence 1976-1978     
B2.8  Building Committee 1f     
  Minutes 1978-1980     
B2.9  Finance Committee 1f     
  Minutes, Statements, Reports 1975-1990     
B2.10  Practical Theology Committed 1f     
  Minutes, courses. 1980-1986     
B2.11  N.ew.Testament Committee 1f     
  Minutes 1963-1981     
B2.12  Pastoral Studies Committee 2f     
B2.12.1  Minutes, 1974-1976     
B2.12.2  Courses, correspondence etc. 1969-1973     
B2.13  Committee (Miscellaneous)     
  Minutes of: Staff Meetings, Retreat Committee, Library Committee, Old Testament Committee, Systematic Theology Committee, Pastora Theology Committee, Sports Committee, Sub-committe on Staff Appointments, President Search committee etc.     
B3  Structure and Administration of the Federal Theological Seminary.     
B3.1  Seminary Commission 1f 1973-1975     
  Includes Report of the commission (1974); memorandum: 'Unrest at the Federal Theological Seminary- 1973' an memoranda by students andstaff, and reports of proceedings of the S.R.C. Constitutional Committee     
B3.2  Kempton Park Consultation 1f June 1975     
  Report on a consultation on the future of the Federal Theological Seminary set up jointly by the council of the F.T.S. and the N.C.T.E., held at Kempton Park Methodist Church Hall. 5-6 June 1975 (and documents relating to future seminary training)     
B3.3  Ecumenical Research Unit Report: 'Federal Theological Seminary: an Organisational analysis' -May/June 1979. by J Warden     
B3.4  Jacob/Russell Commission 1f 1981-1987     
  The Jacob/ Russell Commission was a sub-committee of the Council of theFederal Theological Seminary with responsibility for guiding the Seminary as it moved from being a Federal to a United Seminary.     
  Papers include reports, memoranda, information on student unrest and disunity, minutes of the commission and 'Report of the task force on the spiritual life of the FTS' 1983     
B3.5  Affiliation of the Federal Theological Seminary with Rhodes University.Agreement on affiliation, opinions for and against affiliation,correspondence, minutes .lf 1977-1983     
B3.6  Report of the Commission of Enquiry into the tensions and disunity within the Seminary Community. 1985.     
B3.7  Unification of the Seminary (Pietermaritzburg Cluster of Theological Institutions)     
  Proposal, memoranda, minutes, opinions 1f 1987-1989     
B4  Expropriation of the Seminary     
B4.1  The Federal Theological Seminary and Fort Hare -a digest of official and semi-official documents concerned with the relationship of the Seminary toFort Hare. 1f     
B4.2  Documents, memoranda etc, re expropriation of the college 2f     
B5  Accommodation of the Seminary at Umtata and Edendale     
B5.1  The Exodus and the Agony' a paper by R.T.Simpson, President of the Seminary Council, relating the events of 1974 and 1975 - the expropriation of the Seminary, its subsequent move to Umtata and the events leading to its eviction by the Transkei government,and its accommodation at Edendale.     
B5.2  Papers re discussions between the F.T.S. and the Transkei cabinet 1975     
B5.3  St Bede's College Umtata; relationship with the Federal Theological Seminary 1f 1975     
B5.4  Accommodation at Umtata 1f 1975     
B5.5  Papers relating to the move to Edendale and the relationship of the Seminary with the Edendale Lay Ecumenical Centre 1f 1975     
B5.6  Memoranda of agreements between St Peter's College and FEDSEM; between the South African Bantu Trust and FEDSEM and between Dr Manas Buthelezi and FEDSEM, between the South African Development Trust and FEDSEM and documents relating to property at Edendale and permits. 1f 1976-1988     
B5.7  Correspondence and documentation covering the period 1974-1975 mainly relating to decisions about the various moves of F.T.S. and the financial and other implications. 1f     
B6  Students' Representative Council     
  Constitution, election of representatives, reports of meetings 1f     
B7  Federal Theological Seminary; Diary 1976-1979 1f     
B8  Ministerial Training Commission 1972 1f     
  Reports an memoranda     
B9  Trust for Christia outreach and education 1f. Annual Report 1987.     
  Agreement. Also information on Kangaroo Road Playgroup 1984-1985     
B10  "Pastoral Counselling training trust" - a grant from the Ford Foundation for the support of training in pastoral counselling. Trust Deed 1982 (Draft)     
B11  Federal Theological Seminary buildings at Fort Hare. Plans and correspondence 1f.     
B12  Legal Matters 2f     
B12.1  Legal documents in a matter between the Federal Theological Seminary and Mr. P. Pakkies and others re possible involvement of Seminary students in unrest at Imbali Township. 1985     
B12.2  Lawyers' letters relating to an accusation of cheating in exams. (W.T. Ngcibi and B.I. Makhwenkwe)     
B13  Library 1f     
  Minutes; documents re appointment of librarian     
B14  Press Statements 1980-1982 1f     
B15  Address to F.T.S. by Alan Paton (1965?) Christian Responsibility in South Africa     
B16  Papers: 'Spiritual Formation in Theological Education'     
B17  Correspondence and documents (general) 1900-1989 1f     
C1  Syllabuses and regulations 2f 1970-1984     
C2  Committee to investigate degree courses 1f     
C3  Assignments and examination and test papers 1f     
C4  Examiners' comments 1f     
C5  Students' essays and assignments 1 box     
C6  Lectures 1 f     
D1  Students' files arranged chronologically 1 box     
D1.1  Students leaving in 1959     
D1.2  Students leaving in 1960     
D1.3  Students leaving in 1961     
D1.4  Students leaving in 1962     
D1.5  Students leaving in 1964     
D1.6  Students leaving in 1965     
D1.7  Students leaving in 1966     
D2  Students' files arranged alphabetically 7 boxes (Includes file on Abp Tutu )     
D3  Reports on students (by Principal) 2f 1980-1990     
D4  Correspondence re students studying overseas 1f 1977-1981     
  Federal Theological Seminary and Joint Board for the Diploma in Theology 1977-1990     
F1  Minutes - Joint Board Meetings 1969-1986 1f     
F2  Minutes - Executive Committee of Joint Board 1970-1985 1f     
F3  Minutes - Internal Examiners' Meetings 1969-1989 1f     
F4  General; memoranda on courses and syllabuses, regulations,correspondence. 1969-1976 1f     
  Mainly re students at St. Peters/FEDSEM     
G1  Diocese of Bloemfontein     
G2  Diocese of Cape Town     
G3  Diocese of George     
G4  Diocese of Grahamstown     
G5  Diocese of Johannesburg (also Kimberley, Lesotho and St John's)     
G6  Diocese of Mashonaland     
G7  Diocese of Natal     
G8  Diocese of Port Elizabeth     
G9  Diocese of Pretoria     
G10  Diocese of Zululand     
H1  Theological Training for Coloureds 1f 1967-1972     
H2  Reports and memoranda on Theological Training 1953-195 1f     
H3  Theological Training: circulars, correspondence, minutes 1947-1973 1f     
H4  CPSA Department of Theological Education: constitution, minutes, memoranda 1974-1976 1f     
H5  National Internship Training Committee: circulars, reports, minutes.1976-1978 1f     
H6  Clergy Training Division (Diocese of Natal) : Minutes, reports, circulars 1977- 1979.     
H7  Commission on Theological Education 1989 1f     
H8  The 1987 evaluation of five theological colleges of the CPSA 1f     
  Files containing information about courses and opportunities for study, mainly available to Theology students 3f     
J1  Minutes: General Meetings Executive Meetings, 1974.1980. Also Secretary's Report. July 1933-Jan 1975.     
J2  Minutes: National Committee for Theological Education 1978-1980     
J3  Correspondence and memoranda 1974-1976 2 files     
K1  South African Council of Churches     
  Report of 1980 National Conference, correspondence, papers. 1f     
K2  Anglican Consultative Council     
  Newsletter 1981-1987, correspondence 1f     
K3  Anglican Emergency Fund     
  Correspondence. Minutes 1975-1976 1f     
K4  Provincial Standing Committee     
  Correspondence, reports etc. 1980-1985     
K5  Correspondence between Bp. Desmond Tutu and Chief M.G. Buthelezi and speeches by Buthelezi.     
K6  Department of Mission 1925-1982 1f     
K7  Partners-in-Mission Consultations     
  Reports, 1976-1987     
K8  Black Clergy. Reports and minutes of meetings 1986-1990     
K9  Intercommunion: Papers and correspondence     
K10  Marriage and Divorce: Papers. 1f     
K11  Admission of Children to Communion before confirmation. Papers. 1f     
K12  Polygamy. Papers. 1f     
K13  Ordination of Women. Papers. 1f     
K14  Exorcism 1980 1f     
K15  Speeches by A Lutuli 1952 and 1960 1f     
K16  Booklets - Handbooks for readers. 'Worshipping'; 'Belonging'; 'Preaching' and booklets in the vernacular.