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Collection Index:CPSA Diocese of Bloemfontein 1848-1967
Collection Name:CPSA Diocese of Bloemfontein 1848-1967
Photos:C.P.S.A. DIOCESE OF BLOEMFONTEIN• click to view
 Copyright 2006, Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 Compiled by A Cunningham and C Archibald 
 Please note: The Logbooks Vol 1 & 2 by William Crisp, item no. Gd1.1 & Gd1.2, have been digitised and can be downloaded in PDF format. 
Aa Sacred Synod 2 vols 1881 - 1958 
 Minute Books 
Ab Diocesan Synod (See also CPSA periodicals) 
Ab1 Schedule of parishes and chapelries 1 item 1891 
Ab2 Citation to Synod 1 item 1896; Signed and sealed, JW Hicks. 
Ab3 Photographs 
 Photograph Album 1880-1889; mounted photographs of synod delegates including the years 1925 (figures identified), 1928, 1944, 1947, 1954, 1958, 1961 and undated (12 items); notebook with key to synods 1872-1910; loose sheets with key to synods 1872-1922. 
Ab4 Proceedings and resolutions 1877, 1880, 1883, 1893, 1928, 1944, 1947, 1950, 1952, 1954, 1958, 1961, 1964, 1968, 1970, 1972, 1975,1978, 1981 
Ab5 Bishops' Charges at Synod if 1939-1954 
 Charges by bishops Howe-Browne and Alderson (see also individual bishops,1F) 
Ba Diocese: general 
Ba1 Licence books 2 vols 1887-1919 
Ba1.1 Register of letters of orders, institutions, licences and other documents issued under the hand and seal of the Bishop of Bloemfontein, 1887-1892 
Ba1.2 Roll of the clergy and register of letters of orders and of institution, of licenses and other documents, 1892-1910 
Ba2 Pastoral letter to clergy 1 item 1925 
Ba3 Reports 
Ba3.1 Report by E.W.Stenson on missionary work in Basutoland 28 Nov., 1885 14.p Ms. 
 (Attached is a letter from H.W.Tucker to Archdeacon Croghan, 22 Oct.1885) 
Ba3.2 Report on the delimitation of parishes, 1890 2p. Ms 
Ba3.3 Report on spiritual discipline 1893. 3p. Ptd. Adopted by Diocesan Synod, to be laid before Provincial Synod. 
Ba3.4 Bloemfontein Diocesan Association Annual reports 
 1910, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1915 
Ba4 Miscellaneous items 
Ba4.1 Appeal for funds for memorial to the late Father Douglas of Modderpoort, Oct.1894 
Ba4.2 Order of consecration of additions to Bloemfontein cemetery, 1901 
Ba4.3 Special service for Mayoral Sunday, Apr. 1936 
Ba4.4 Special forms for burial service; undated. 
Ba5 Commission to investigate the development of the Diocese 2 files 1945-1950 
 Terms of reference, report, correspondence, minutes, memoranda on reorganisation, estimated cost for a separate Diocese of Basutoland. Also a file on the formation of the Diocese of Basutoland 1945-1950 
Ba6 Trust Deeds relating to the formation of the Diocesan Clergy Endowment Fund (1896), the Bloemfontein Diocesan Library (1896) and documents re leasing of a property in Monument Road, Bloemfontein (1904) 
Ba7 Articles of Enquiry/assessments 2f 1947-1952, 1971-1993 
 Information about parishes in the diocese of Bloemfontein, such as number of communicants, numbers baptised and confirmed, Sunday school attendance, etc.1947-1952 Also, assessments for contributions by parishes and Bishop's appeal 1971-1993. 
Ba8 Press cuttings re Centenary of Diocese 1963 1 file 
Ba9 Financial Records (miscellaneous) 
Bb Diocesan Committees 
Bb1 Diocesan Board of Finance 
Bb1.1 Minutes 2 vols 1869-1885 
Bb1.2 Reports, 2 items 1880-1895 
Bb1.2.1 Report to Diocesan Synod, 1889 for the years 1877-1879 
Bb1.2.2 Treasurer's report for the year ending Easter 1895 
Bb1.3 Letter Books 2 vols, 1880-1889 
 The volume for 1886-1889 contains accounts as well as letters. 
Bb1.4 Miscellaneous correspondence and documents 1856-1907 
 Relates mainly to property in the following parishes: Smithfield, Boshof, Modderpoort, Wepener, Kroonstad, Fauresmith, Frankfort, Harrismith, Koffiefontein, Bethulie, Vrede, ThabaNchu. Correspondence re St Patrick's endowment. 1906 
Bb1.5 Legal opinion re the registration of Diocesan property in such a way that the trustees cannot, without Finance Board's consent, dispose of any property and case for opinion 6p Ms. Signed by A Fischer, 12 Jan 1880 
Bb1.6 Schedule of title deeds and other documents relating to church property held by the treasurer of the Diocesan Board of Finance. 4.p. Ptd. 
Bb1.7 Title deeds, cancelled bonds for properties in the diocese of Bloemfontein. 
Bb2 Diocesan Trusts Board 
Bb2.1 Balance sheet and accounts 1915 - 1949; 1959, 1979-1982, 1992 
Bb3 Diocesan Board of Education 
Bb3.1 Minutes 1 vol 1910-1916 
Bb3.2 Miscellaneous papers 1 file 1895-1910 
 Returns to the director of education and list of native schools in the towns of the Orange River Colony. Includes a report on the railway school, 1898 and statutes of the Diocesan College, 1895. 
Bb4 Diocesan Standing Committee 
Bb4.1 Minutes 1957 - 1972 1 vol. 
Bb5 Bloemfontein Regional Council 
Bb5.1 Minutes, 1974-1983 1 vol. 
Bc Diocesan Institutions 
Bc1 St Andrew's College 
Bc11 Documents 7 items 1877-1894 
 Appeals, prospectuses, petition and grant of licence 
Bc1.2 Papers re sale of the College to the Provincial Administration 5 items, 1972-1975 
 Constitution, memorandum of agreement, notes of discussion and draft letter to parents and old boys 
Bc1.3 Memorandum re the appointment of George Parry as Principal, 10 June 1879 
Bc1.4 General records, minutes of Board of Governors, correspondence etc. 1950-1958 
Bc2 St Cyprian's Theological College 1 vol. 1878-1883 
 History of the College, notes on students and examinations and theological notes. 
Bc3 English Church Schools, Kimberley 7 items 1894 
Bc4 Prospectus and Heads of Instruction for the Kimberley and Beaconsfield Church Teachers' Union Mothers' Union 1 vol 1938-1946 
Bc5 Minutes Convalescent Home 1 file 1873-1875 
 Minutes relating to the building of the Home 
Bc6 Grey College Photograph of chapel, undated. 
Bc7 St Michael's School Album of photos of school centenary, 1974 
Bc8 Brebner High Schools Hostel Committee if 1966-1974 
 Minutes of meetings and records relating to the Anglican hostels, St Peters and St Aidan's. 
Ca Missionary Conference 2 vols 1893, 1904-1956 
Cb Minutes Basutoland Ruridecanal Conference 1 file 1892 
MINUTES CATHEDRAL (St Andrew and St Michael) 
Da Statutes 
Da1 Printed version 3 items 1880-1899 
Da2 Notes signed by TS Holmes, accompanied by a letter 14/10/1897 replying to questions asked by the Bishop 
Db Chapter 
Db1 Minutes, 1 vol 1880-1897 
 Includes at the back of the volume minutes of the Synod of Clergy 1884-1885 
Db2 Deeds of Association of the Cathedral Chapter 3 items 
 Original dated 14th January 1878 and amended versions dated 11 June 1885. 
Dc Vestry and Council Minutes 1901-1918; 1933-1958; 1964-1971; 1973-1987 
 (The volume for 1933-1944 contains minutes of church officers' meetings) 
 Also: churchwardens' reports 1884-1888 
Dd Cathedral - Building 
Dd1 Church Building Committee 77 items 1850-1854 
 Correspondents: C Barber, J Holman, J Hopkins, R.P.Monach, F Rex, R.Gray (Bishop), Adam Kok, W Steabler, A Murray 
Dd2 Petition for faculty to erect a reredos 1899 
 Also faculty granted for the erection of a statue of St Michael as a memorial to Hugh Wiley, 1956 
Dd3 Correspondence re organ, 1895-1896 
Dd4 Letter from Herbert Baker & Masey (Architects) to Canon Orford, giving a revised tender for the completion of the tower 15 Aug 1905 ALS 
Dd5 A short history of the Cathedral, by C.T.Wood 1944 15p Ts. 
 Accompanied by photographs, Ms draft and page proofs. 
Dd6 Minute book: Cathedral Hall Building Committee 1938-1943 and book of contributions, 1940s 
Dd7 Report on the Cathedral Building by Peter Hancock (Architect) 1973 
Dd8 Final Account for the Cathedral Hall Building 1978 
Dd9 Cathedral restoration fund: Minutes, accounts, correspondence 1981-1986 
Dd10 Plans - Cathedral and Hall 1982 
Dd11 Deeds of Transfer nos 8634, 14674, 10891 and 6793 with various sketch plans and diagrams. 1868-1979 
De Notice Books 7 vols 1936-1948 
Df Writs to elect Canons for the Cathedral 4 items 1867-1907 
 For Canons Beckett 1867, Woodman 1899, Weigall 1903, Sanderson, 1907 
 Also a letter from President Brand, thanking the Vestry meeting for their congratulations on his re election as president. 1884 
 Also letters from JW Williams and MHM Ward re books for the library 
Dg Offertory Book 1885-1893 and allocations (charitable giving) for the years 1980-1985 
Dh Visitors' Book 1975-1982 
Di Minute Book:Bishop's Council for Moral Welfare 1956-1961 
Dj Cathedral Newsletter 1961-1964 
Dk Miscellaneous financial records, 2 files, 1959-1994. Includes correspondence re estates, 1978 
Dl Correspondence and minutes - Cathedral, 1971-1993 
 Miscellaneous sub-committee minutes, notices to cathedral parishioners, etc parish roll, 1975-1985, letters and circulars from the bishop, some aboutnparochial contributions and responsibilities of church people 
Dm Correspondence (general) 1952-1958. Also correspondence and a report dealingnwith the plight of certain people who were sold non-existent land near ThabaNchu by a confidence trickster, and requesting assistance, 1974 
PARISHES (See also Ba7) 
E1 Bethlehem (St Aidan's Church; St Augustine's Church) 
E1.1 Licence 1 item 14/2/07 (St Aidan's) 
E1.2 Photographs 3 items Undated 
E1.3 Council and Vestry Minutes St Augustine's Bethlehem1927-1963 
E1.4 Financial records (St Augustines) 1945-1962 
E1.5 Correspondence with DFB 1907-1910 
E2 Bethulie (St Peter's Church) 1 vol 1882-1960 
E2.1 Minutes of vestry meetings. At the end is a list of rectors. 
E2.2 Correspondence with DFB 1906-1910 
E3 Bloemfontein (St Patrick's Church, St Margaret's Church) 1878-1968 
E3.1 Licence; Historical material including recordrs re site, history of St Patrick's Mission by Ephraim Mosothoane 1867-1967 (including information on Edgar Rose and Gabriel David); information re altars, ornaments and furniture; correspondence re proposed sale of St Patrick's church site in 1950; deed of dedication of new church, 1954. Correspondence 1948-1968 
E3.2 St Margaret's Church magazine, 1927-1928, 1949-1950 
E4 Boshof (St Mark's Chapel) 1 item 1893 
E5 Brandfort (All Souls' Church) 1905-1924 
E5.1 Minutes of council and vestry meetings 1907-1924 
E5.2 Correspondence with DFB 1905-1909 
E6 Clocolan/ Prynnesburg if 1907-1955 
 Correspondence (includes that of Canon H.C.Sanderson) Mission returns 
E7 Dewetsdorp 1 item 1882 
 Licence (see also Wepener) 
E8 Edenberg 1969-1988 
 Service register 
E9 Fauresmith/Jagersfontein (St John's Church) 
E9.1 Minutes of vestry meetings 1 vol 1909-1922 
E9.2 Rev. S.W.Steven Memorial Fund 11 items 1909 
E9.3 Correspondence with Fauresmith Municipality (1917), re grant of a room for the use of black and coloured children. 
E9.4 Photos of church 1880 
E9.5 Correspondence including some with DFB, 1905-1910 
E10 Ficksburg 
E10.1 All Saints Church 2 items 1893-1895 (Licence and petition for a facility) 
E10.2 St Columba's Church 1 item 1880 (Licence) 
E10.3 St Saviour's Prynnesberg 1 item 1893 (licence). See also Clocolan 
E10.4 Mission Chapel (St Luke's) Licence 1897 and cashbook 1936-1937 
E10.5 Correspondence with DFB 1907-1910 
E10.6 Mission returns and articles of enquiry from St Luke's 1938-1948 
E10.7 And all the Saints' : a history of the Anglican Church in the parish of All Saints', Ficksburg, Fouriesburg, Clocolan and Marquard, by Andrew Colley. 
E11 Fouriesburg (Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary or St Mary of the Mountains) Licence 1912 
E12 Frankfort 
 Correspondence with DFB (see also Bbl .4, Bb i .7) 1910 
E13 Harrismith (St John the Baptist) 
E13.1 The story of the church of St John the Baptist from 1897 to 1947, by EB Hawkins. With extra notes added in 1971 (2 copies) and emendations submitted by Archdeacon D Bailey. 
E13.2 Specification of work for new church, Harrismith, July 1905 
E13.3 Correspondence with DFB 1906-1910 
E14 Heilbron 
E14.1 Licence 1893 
E14.2 Agreement re hire of outbuildings 
E14.3 Correspondence with DFB 1906-1910 
E15 Kimberley 
E15.1 Petition from members of the Church of England re ritual used. incomplete, undated 
E15.2 St Wilfrid's Mission. Correspondence re land for the mission, plans 1881-1882 
E15.3 St Augustine's Church. Letter to Canon Orford from Alfred Hutton and diagram for pulpit, 1897 
E15.4 St Cyprian's Cathedral organ restoration fund, 1896-1897 
E16 Koffiefontein 
 Correspondence with DFB 1906-1910 
E17 Kroonstad (St George's Church) 
 Licence (1892) and correspondence 1906-1010. Historical notes on St Georges 
E18 Ladybrand 
 Licences of a Chapel of ease (1889), St Cuthbert's (1893) and St Mary's(1893)nLogbooks and service register 1906-1921. (See also Modderpoort mission returns) 
E19 Modderpoort 1906-1953 
E19.1 Document commemorating the laying of the foundation stone of All Saints' Church, petition to consecrate and licence 
E19.2 Correspondence with DFB, 1906-1910 
E19.4 Articles of enquiry, mission returns (All Saints, Modderpoort and other mission churches in the area: Marquard, Yaxham, Westminster, Flora, Barrow Hill, Hobhouse, Ladybrand) and correspondence 1937-1953 
 (See also Ha - Society of St Augustine) 
E20 Mohale's Hoek 
 Petitions for licences for St Stephen's (1896) and Chapel of the Ascension (1898) 
E21 Onverwacht 
 Plan of new residence, undated 
E22 Philippolis (St Paul's) 1 file 1906-1971 
 Correspondence with DFB 1906-1910; correspondence relating to the church, and to the search for communion vessels presented to St Paul's in memory of the Rev P Wright who died in April 1843. Also press clippings from the Illustrated London News' showing the laying of the foundation stone, 1864 and a picture of the church. 
E23 Prynnesberg St Andrew's 1903-1904 
 Petitions and License (see also Clocolan and Ficksburg) 
E24 Reitz St George's 
 Licence, 1908 
E25 Rouxville 1f 1894-1921 
 Correspondence, financial records, articles of enquiry 
E26 Sasolburg if 1964-1966 
 Correspondence and plans for new building 
E27 Sekubu Church of the Epiphany 1895 
 Plan of proposed porch and note from F Balfour to the Bishop. 
E28 Senekal 1 file 2 vols, 1882-1993 
 Licence, extract from letter to Archdeacon from Rev J Glover re the start of work in the Senekal-Winburg area, Vestry and Council Minutes, St Michael and all Angels 1936-1960, Service register, 1937-1968; letter and account of the historical background of the church, now a historical monument (1993) 
E29 Smithfield St Stephen's 1893-1939 
E29.1 Licences 1893, 1912; financial statements and accounts book 1875-1910, 
E29.2 Smithfield controversy. Includes letters re Smithfield controversy, mainly beween Bp Twells and C S Orpen re devotional matters. Other correspondents are W.T.Bullock, R Finlay, J.M.Orpen; minutes of meetings of Smithfield inhabitants, Notes by Bp Twells. 1863-1864 
E29.3 Correspondence re repairs to mission house 1869 
E29.4 Sale of property at Smithfield. Correspondence and letter book 1875-1891 
E29.5 Correspondence with DFB 1906-1910 
E29.6 Balance sheets, St John the Divine 
E29.7 Correspondence re church at Rouxville 1938-1939 
E30 ThabaNchu St Augustine's 1871-1969 
E30.1 Sketch of the Mission 1871 and Log Book 1917-1925 
E30.2 Licence, 1894 
E30.3 Petition and licence, 1898-1907 
E30.4 Agreement relating to the right of the people of Tala to have access to the burial ground on the mission, 1919 
E30.5 Contract of agreement between the contractor and St Augustine's School, to erect a school building. 1940 
E30.6 Correspondence 1904-1910; 1966-1969 
 Includes correspondence with DFB. Later correspondence is with the Bishop of Bloemfontein, Director of Church Expansion, Native Commissioner and Inter Church Aid Division, SACC concerning the Tractor Project and a rural community renewal scheme. 
E30.7 Service register, St Luke's 
E31 Theunissen 1 vol 1940-1943 
 Vestry Minute book 1940 list of services 1940-1943 and list of members. 
E32 Thlotse Heights (St Saviours) 
 Petition to erect a stone pulpit, 1896 
E33 Vierfontein Church of the Holy Spirit 1954-1971 
 Letter Book 1966-1971; vestry and council minutes 1954-1964 
E34 Virginia St Alban the Martyr 
 Plan of parish hall 1982? 
E35 Vrede (All Saints Church) 1893-1910 
 Licence, 1893, Correspondence with DFB, 1906-1910 
E36 Vredefort St Anthony's 1966 
 Correspondence re building 
E37 Vryburg St Stephen's 1891 
 Financial report on occasion of consecration 
E38 Welkom 2 files 1951-1967 
E38.1 Parish leaflets and letters from Priest in Charge 1951 
E38.2 Plans and notes on Anglican Mission House, Thabong Township 1967 
E39 Wepener/Dewetsdorp if 1906-1910 
 Correspondence with DFB. See also D7 
E40 Wesselsbron All Saints 1966 
 Article re All Saints' Church 
E41 Winburg St Clement's if 1893-1909 
 Licences , 1893, 1907 and correspondence with DFB, 1907-1909 
E42 Zastron St Cyprian's 
 Correspondence with DFB 1908-1910, specifications for building, service bookn1915-1932 
E43 Miscellaneous 
 Later additions to above list of parishes: Bultfontein, Tweespruit. Articles on the formation of these churches. 
Fa Mandates for Elective Assembly 7 items 1883-1901, 1934 
 Also:Declarations of the election of a bishop 1921. 
Fb Edward Twells 1828-1898 (Bishop 1863-1869) 
Fb1 Certificate of consecration by Abp C.T. Longley, 2 Feb 1863 
Fb2 Extracts from Government Gazette, with minutes from proceedings of the Volksraad, re allowances to be put on the estimates for clergymen of the Episcopal Church, 27 Feb 1863; extract dated 12 Jan 1868 in Dutch. 
Fb3 Minutes of a meeting held in Bloemfontein 5 Oct 1863, re placing a clergyman in Bloemfontein and appointing a schoolmaster there. 
Fb4 Correspondence 14 items 1863-1866 
 Correspondents are Bishop Twells, Bishop Gray, C.S.Orpen, members of the Paris Missionary Society and Wesleyan Missionary Society. 
 1864 Question of church property 
 1864 Complaints from the Paris Missionary Society and the Wesleyan Missionary Society that Basutoland and ThabaNchu are being serviced by them and that the Anglicans are not needed. 
 1865 Letter to Chief Moroka re work amongst his people 
 1866 Letter to Bishop Gray from Bp Twells concerning the consecration of his church and dedication of the Bishop's house; instruction from Bp Gray to certain clergy to act as his commissaries at the enthronement of Twells in his cathedral. 
 1867 Complaint from congregation of the cathedral about cermonial and Bishop Twells' response. 
Fb5 Appointment of a Vicar-General (M.J.Merriman) in view of Bishop Twells' resignation over 'grievous charges' about his character, Signed and sealed by Bp Gray, 16 Aug 1869. 
Fc Allan Beecher Webb 1839-1907 (Bishop 1870-1883) 
Fc1 Deed of collation and appointment as Bishop of Bloemfontein, signed by Bp R Gray, 26 June 1871. 
Fc2 Instruction to induct Bp Webb issued to Archdeacon Croghan and clergy, 26 June 1871 
Fc3 Pastoral letter to members of the church in Bloemfontein to raise funds for the continuance of the Diocese, 20 Jan 1872 
Fc4 Bishop's charge, 1872,1880 
Fd George Wyndham Hamilton Knight-Bruce, 1852-1896 (Bishop 1886-1891) 
Fd1 Confirmation of election and deed of consecration 4 items, 1885-1886 
Fd2 Letter from the government secretary to Archdeacon Croghan, expressing the President's pleasure at the election of Bp Knight-Bruce 19 Feb 1886 
Fd3 Printed letter from Bp Knight-Bruce to the clergy concerning his move to be Bp of Mashonaland, 21 Oct 1891 
Fd4 Letter to Chief Lobengula, from Bp Knight Bruce, re friendship with Matabele,nMarch 12 1889 
Fd5 Notes on Bishop Knight-Bruce, by R.R. Langham-Carter. 
Fd6 Bishop's charge, 1890 
Fe John Wale Hicks 1840-1899 (Bishop 1892-1899) 
Fe1 Documents 7 items, 1891-1892 
 Confirmation of election and deed of consecration 
Fe2 Letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury to J.W.Hicks, informing him that he has been made a member of SPG, 17 Dec, 1875; letter, 10 June 1897, answering religious questions, the signature being illegible, letter from Bp B Key, Sy John's, re forming a brotherhood, 20 July 1899; undated letter from W.P.Johnson, re polygamy. 
Fe3 Bishop's charges, 1893, 1896 
Ff Arthur Chandler 1860-1940 (Bishop 1902-1920) 
 Appointment of a vicar-general, 1901, confirmation of election of Bp Chandler, 10 July 1901, deeds of collation and consecration, 1902 and press clippings on the diocesan jubilee, 1913; 7 items. Bishop's charge, 1903 
Fg Walter Julius Carey 1875-1955 (Bishop 1921-1934) 
 Deed of consecration for Assistant Bishop Stanley John Haynes and grant of 250, 2 Oct 1923 
Fh Arthur Henry Howe Browne 1881-1961 (Bishop 1935-1951) 
Fh1 Ecclesiastical documents 1905-1943 
 Declarations of assent, ordination certificates, certificates of induction, licences, deed of consecration, etc. Also letter of thanks from C-in-C, Middle East Forces, for visiting the troops, 1943 
Fh2 Personal documents 1881-1903 
 Birth and baptismal certificates, matriculation certificate etc. 
Fh3 Correspondence 1905-1951 
 Correspondents include the Abp of Canterbury, C.G.Lang and Archbishop F.R.Phelps, writing to congratulate him on his appointment; also letters from Chief Nhlapo 1936, from the Bp of Winchester, 1942, and from Isaac Tau regretting his resignation, 1951. 
Fh4 Diary 1 vol 1943 
 Describes Bp Howe Browne's tour of the Middle East, visiting troops. 
Fh5 Notes and Notebooks 11 items c 1939-1957 
 List of sermons from 1945-1956; sermons including those used for a retreat of women missionaries and a teaching mission. 
Fh6 Charges at Synod 1939-1950 
Fh7 Photographs 5 items c 1900 
 Family, including his parents 
Fh8 Printed items, forms of service for enthronement and consecration. 
Fh9 Minutes of Native Ordination Candidates Advisory Board, called by Bishop Howe Browne, 1939-1949 
Fi Bill Burnett (Bishop 1957-1967) 
 Article re Bishop Burnett 
Fj Frederick Amoore (Bishop 1967-1981) 
 Account of the consecration, letter to the people of Bloemfontein , 1967. 
Ga Henry Frederick Beckett 
Ga1 Journal, 30 May 1867-June 1879 56p Ms. 
 Contains information on the early days of the Society of St Augustine and on missionary work in the Orange Free State 
Ga2 Letter from HF Beckett to the Archdeacon, 3 Nov 1884, resigning his position as canon. 
Gb John Bell 
Gb1 Ecclesiastical documents 8 items 1863-1895 
 Licences, letters of institution, appointment as principal of St Andrew's College, etc. 
Gb2 Diaries 
Gb2.1 Diary 21 June - 7 July 1886 12p Ms. 
 Describes a trek from Smithfield to the Diamond fields 
Gb2.2 Diary 27 Dec 1889 - 23 Jan 1890 4.p Ms 
 Account of a journey from Bloemfontein to Basutoland and the consecration of the church at Tsikoane. It is thought that the diary was kept by Mrs MJ Roberts who accompanied Bell. 
Gb2.3 Diary, 4 Jan 1900 - 25 Dec 1900 153p Ms 
 Describes a journey from Barkly West. (Note: the diary for 1901 has been presented to Barkly West Museum) 
Gb3 Four sermons 1870-1901 
Gb4 Correspondence 
Gb4.1 Letters from Bishop AB Webb 16 items 1872-1876 
Gb4.2 Letter from Archdeacon Croghan re the remarriage of divorced persons 8 Dec 1870. 
Gc James Thomas Carmichael 1851-1947 
Gc1 Personal documents 7 items, 1851-1875 
Gc2 Ecclesiastical documents 6 items, 1875-1883 
Gc3 Diary 8 Sep 1873-30 Jan 1877 34.p. Ms 
Gc4 Loose diary notes 1887-1895 '7p Ms 
Gc5 Correspondence 20 items 1875-1881, 1928 (mainly re ordination in Salisbury) 
Gc6 Photograph 1 item Undated (of Father Carmichael) 
Gd Canon William Crisp 1842-1880 
Gd1 Logbook and letters 2 vols 1867-1880 
Gd1 .1 Volume 1, 1867-1873 
 Including: Rules of the Brotherhood of St Augustine of Hippo, printed log describing the journey from England and arrival in the Free State, letters to his sister and parents written from Springfield Farm ThabaNchu and Modderpoort, including a postcard written to him in 1870 and depicting the cave at Modderpoort, which would later be called Mantsopa's cave. Also correspondence from WHR Bevan, printed items in Sotho from press at ThabaNchu, 1871, an account of a visit to the Diamond fields, 1872 and correspondence with the general committee of the Free State Mission re his temporary return to England. 
Gd1.1.1 Pages covering October 1867 - November 1867        
Gd1.1.2 Pages covering November 1867 - September 1867        
Gd1.1.3 Pages covering July 1867 - August 1867        
Gd1.1.4 Pages covering August 1867 - October 1867        
Gd1.1.5 Pages covering December 1867        
Gd1.1.6 Pages covering December 1867 - March 1868        
Gd1.1.7 Pages covering March 1868 - May 1868        
Gd1.1.8 Pages covering May 1868 - August 1868        
Gd1.1.9 Pages covering August 1868 - November 1868        
Gd1.1.10 Pages covering November 1868 - January 1869        
Gd1.1.11 Pages covering January 1869 - April 1869        
Gd1.1.12 Pages covering April 1869 - May 1869        
Gd1.1.13 Pages covering May 1869 - July 1869        
Gd1.1.14 Pages covering July 1869 - January 1870        
Gd1.1.15 Pages covering January 1870 - February 1870        
Gd1.1.16 Pages covering February 1870 - April 1870        
Gd1.1.17 Pages covering April 1870 - July 1870        
Gd1.1.18 Pages covering July 1870 - August 1870        
Gd1.1.19 Pages covering August 1870 - March 1871        
Gd1.1.20 Pages covering March 1871        
Gd1.1.21 Pages covering March 1871 - July 1871        
Gd1.1.22 Pages covering July 1871 - August 1871        
Gd1.1.23 Pages covering August 1871 - September 1871        
Gd1.1.24 Pages covering September 1871        
Gd1.1.25 Pages covering October 1871        
Gd1.1.26 Pages covering November 1871        
Gd1.1.27 Pages covering December 1871 - January 1872        
Gd1.1.28 Pages covering January 1872 - August 1872        
Gd1.1.29 Pages covering August 1872 - November 1872        
Gd1.1.30 Pages covering November 1872 - April 1873        
Gd1.1.31 Pages covering November April 1873 - May 1873        
Gd1.2 Volume 2, 1873-1887 
 Including: Letters to his parents, photographs of Chief Moroka and of black scholars, notes on the Becoana and their proverbs, excerpt from The Net and Church Times , journal of a mission journey in Becoana Land, 1875. Letter from Elisha. Press clippings of the death of Chief Moroka and announcement of the death of Canon Crips, as well as his obituary. 
Gd1.2.1 Pages covering April 1873 - November 1874        
Gd1.2.2 Pages covering November 1874 - August 1875        
Gd1.2.3 Pages covering August 1875 - April 1887        
Gd1.3 Volume 3 1871-1879 
 Letter book including letters written on behalf of Chief Moroka. 
Gd2 Letter books 9 vols 1871-1903 
 The letter books overlap and do not follow chronologically. 
 Contains letters to bishops and clergy. The volume 1871-1879 contains letters written on behalf of Chief Moroka. 
Gd3 Loose letters 2 items, 1895 
 Letter, 16 Oct 1895, from JX Merriman re investments 
 Letter, 19 Dec 1895 from Abp WW Jones, re SPCK grant 
Gd4 Sermons and articles 1 vol 1892-1908 
Ge Davis George Croghan 1832- 1 vol 1971-1878 
 Newspaper cuttings of the work of the church in the Orange Free State. Includes obituary notice for Croghan 
Gf William Thomas Gaul 1844-1928 
Gf1 Commonplace book 1 vol Undated 
Gf2 Letters 5 items 1892, c. 1926 
 Four letters, 1892 to vicar-general re church and 1 personal letter c. 1926 to Canet. 
Gg John P Griffin 
Gg1 Letters to Bishop JW Hicks 17 items, 1894-1898 
Gg2 Letter to Bishop Hicks re family of Griffin and others relating to his mental soundness. 21 items, 1897-1899 
Gg3 Page of expense accounts. 
Gh William Arthur Holbech 1850-1930 
Gh1 Letter-books 3 vols 1881-1905 
Gh2 Loose correspondence 
Gh3 Visiting list 1 vol, 1895-1897 For Griqualand West 
Gi Charles Martin Lambert 
 Brief of restoration to the privileges of being a Christian and to the diaconate, 1894 
Gj George Mitchell 
 Letter signed by the Bishop and church people commending and thanking Mitchell for 40 years of service in the church 
Gk Walter Mochochoko 
 Agreement between WM and the Bishop in which Mochochoko resigns his canonry. 
Gl John William Stenson 
 Restoration of licence to cure of souls, 20 Mar 1887 
Gm Philip Stroud 
Gm1 Home letters 1 vol 6 Jan-3 Aug 1944 
Gm2 Photograph Albums, 2 vols 1936-1951 
Gn Isaac Tau 
 Letter to Bishop Amoore, enclosing autobiographical record of Tau (in Sesotho) 
Go J.R. Vincent 
Go1 Manual of prayers for the use of the Associates of the Bloemfontein Mission, approved by Archbishop Temple 
Go2 Letters 5 items 1891-1905 
 Correspondents are Bp GS Gibson, Sir Godfrey Lagden, Abp WW Jones and CWE Russell. 
Gp John Widdicombe 
 Letters to Canon Miles, 15 Feb 1881 and the Archdeacon, 1885 
Ha Society of St Augustine 
Ha1 Rule 
Ha1.1 Rule of the Brotherhood of St Augustine of Hippo in the Orange Free State. Printed at the Mission Press ThabaNchu. 1872 8p. 
Ha1.2 Rule of the Brotherhood of St Augustine of Hippo in the Diocese of Bloemfontein. Ms notebook, 1895 
Ha2 Minute book of the Community 1 vol 1893-1902 (for later log books, see Society of the Sacred Mission, AB2409) 
Ha3 Sketches 2 items 
Ha3.1 Some idea of St Augustines, Modderpoort; the home of the Rev James Douglas 
Ha3.2 St Augustine's Modderpoort, the present home of Father Douglas 
Ha4 Service Register, St Augustine's Modderpoort 1894-1899 
Hb Community of St Michael and All Angels 
Hb1 Community of St Michael and All Angels, Basutoland, 1910-1962 
 Society of St Mary of the Cross, Leribe, 1924-1962. 
 By Mother Mary Ruth, C.S.M.A.A. Feb 1991 19p Ts. 
Hb2 Letter to Mother Mary Ruth from 'E.W.' Undated. Ts transcription ip and letter from Mrs Webb, undated, 8p. re the community. 
Hb3 Sister Henrietta Stockdale 
Hb3.1 The Sister Henrietta C.S.M.A.A.. Church Times, 8 Dec 1911. 2p. 
Hb3.2 Sister Henrietta (Stockdale) 1847-1911, nursing pioneer of South Africa. By Mother Mary Ruth, 1891 7p Ts. 
Hc Society of the Sacred Mission 1 item 1955 
 Notice of closure of the SSM African Teacher Training College and High School, Modderpoort. (See also AB2409) 
I1 A letter to the English Committee for Promoting the mission to the Orange Free State from Bp Twells, 1865 
I2 Letter from HF Beckett headed Orange Free State Mission, 10 Sept 1866 
I3 Ladies' Association - SPG Leaflets No 44 Bloemfontein c. 1877 
I4 Results of evil choice: an essay on eternal punishment. By the Ven Davis G Croghan, Archdeacon of Bloemfontein. 
I5 Free will and the results of evil choice. An essay by Ven DG Croghan, 1881. 
I6 The real presence: a lecture in Cambridge by JW Hicks, 22 Nov 1885 
I7 Sermons on some questions of the day, By DG Croghan, 1886 
I8 A comprehensive abstract of the marriage laws in the Diocese of Bloemfonteinncompiled by CS Orpen, 1887 
I9 A sermon by AJ Mason at the consecration of John, 4th Bishop ofnBloemfontein. 
I10 Th fall and restoration of man: a course of Lent sermons by JW Hicks 1893 
I11 System and discipline in Sunday School by the Ven. Archdeacon Gaul, Kimberley, 20 June, 1894 
I12 A charge by William Crisp, archdeacon of Bloemfontein, to the clergy, churchwardens and sidesmen 1897 
I13 Catalogue of books in the Diocesan Library 1898 
I14 A charge to the clergy of the Diocese, by Arthur Chandler, 1903 
I16 Diocese of Bloemfontein: Basutoland by Canon Widdicombe, 1905 
I17 Puberty rites of Basuto, By Father Norton, 1910 
I18 A description of the Modderpoort neighbourhood one hundred years ago, By Father Norton, 1910 
I19 Diocese of Bloemfontein: church organisation and finance, 1911 
I20 La circoncision chez les Bassoutos. By Paul Ramseyer,, C. 1928 
I21 Charge by Arthur, Bishop of Bloemfontein, to Diocesan Synod, 1939 
I22 Story of Mohale's Hoek mission, Basutoland. Undated 
I23 The Barolong' - a quarterly record of the English Church Missions in the South of the Orange Free State 1912-1916 
Ja Foundation of the church at the Cape and Colenso controversy 
Ja1 Letter from Bishop Gray, 10 August 1848, re the organisation of the church 
Ja2 Letter from Bishop Gray re collecting money to expand the church 
Ja3 Letter from Bishop Gray to the members of the church in the Diocese of Cape Town 15 Nov. 1851, re the division of the church 
Ja4 Letter from Bishop Gray to Dean Newman, enclosing "A bill to explain and amend the laws relating to the church in the colonies" 5 June 1852. 
Ja5 Letter from Dean Newman re the above, 9 Sep 1852 
Ja6 Extract from the 2nd part Patent Roll of the 17th year of Queen Victoria, being a copy of the Second Letters Patent, 1853 
Ja7 Letter from Bishop Gray to Bishop Twells, summoning him to be an assessor at the hearing against Bishop Colenso, 1865 
Ja8 Sentence of excommunication by Bishop Gray against Bishop Colenso, 1865 
Ja9 Diocese of Natal; visit of the Bishop of the Orange Free State, 1867 
Ja10 Letter from Archbishop of Canterbury, summoning the bishop to Lambeth Conference, 1867 
Ja11 Constitution of the Church of the Province of South Africa, 1870 
Ja12 Letter from Bishop Gray to the Bishop of Bloemfontein re synod meeting in Natal, 1871 
Jb Diocese of Bloemfontein 
Jb1 Proclamations in Dutch relating to the Orange River Sovereignty 1848 (Signed HG Smith) 
Jb2 Letter from Chief Moshesh to Sir Philip Wodehouse, Thaba Bosigo, 6 Dec 1861, re relations between the Chief and Her Majesty's Government. 19p Ms. 
Jb3 Notes on the early history of the Diocese 21p Ms. and an extract from note made by Edgar Rose for a lantern lecture (1904?) re Missionary conference, St Patrick's Bloemfontein, St Peter's Kafferfontein, St Mary's Bishop's Glen, St George's Trompsburg, St Clement's Winburg. 
Jb4 Notes on the Cathedral, the Crisp papers, the Anglican church in Bloemfontein.n1 notebook compiled by C.T.Wood. 
Jb5 Archives of the Diocese of Bloemfontein collated and calendared by C.T.Wood 1943 1 vol. 
Jb6 Letter from the Bishop of Bloemfontein to the friends of the Bloemfontein Diocese 12 Sep 1969. Commemorates the Society of St Augustine's centenary. 
Jb7 Calendar of dedications in the diocese of Bloemfontein 
Jb8 Church Chronicle (Bloemfontein edition) if May-Aug 1883 
Jb9 Church Magazine for the Diocese of Bloemfontein 1896-1899 (incomplete) 
Ka Extracts from the minutes of the Volksraad 2 items 1879-1880. Re gift of 250 pounds to the English Church 
Kb Correspondence re the Diocese 2 items 1885 
Kb1 Letter from HW Tucker, Secretary, Colonial Bishoprics Fund, to Bishop Gray re the endowment of the see, 15 July 1885 
Kb2 Letter from Arthur G Livingstone to his daughter telling that he has beennoffered the see of Bloemfontein 18 Aug 1885 
Kc Letters on polygamy 17 items 1884-1898 
 Correspondents are F Balfour, J Bell, WHR Bevan, JT Carmichael, WM Carter, W Crisp, WT Gaul, C Johnson, B Key, FW Puller, J Widdicombe, JW Williams, EG Wood. Includes pastoral letters, charges and extracts from the Church Chronicle 1881-1887 
Kd The African Orthodox Church 4.p Ts. 
 Attached is a circular to all African clergy on the Campaign for African Spiritual Freedom, 1946. 
Ke Correspondence and canons on marriage and baptism 2f 1946-1960 
 Correspondents include DA Bailey, Sec. of Standing Committee on Canons of Baptism and Marriage, JAI Agar-Hamilton, GH Clayton, Abp of Cape Town, C Gould and the bishops of the CPSA. Includes proposed revision of canon, notes on the canons of marriage and baptism, press clippings, memoranda on native customary unions, table of kindred and affinity and its revision, report of Commission 1954 and report on the Bill to consolidate and amend the laws re civil marriages. 
Kf The Church of the province of South Africa 21 Nov. 1952 12p Ms 
Kg A history of the formative years of the Order of Ethiopia 5p Ts. 
 Summary of a thesis by T Verryn 1962. 
Kh Seating plan Undated. 
Ki The Mashona and the Anglican Church 3p Ts Undated. Synopsis. 
Kj Church of England in South Africa. Pamphlets on CESA, leaflets re doctrinal differences between CESA and CPSA and information re church controversy in the 1930s. 
Kk Orders of Service for special occasions. (Consecrations, centenaries, Day of Praise (for the end of the 2nd World War, Coronation of George V, Bloemfontein Centenary, Royal Visit, Funeral of President Swart, etc. ) 
Kl Housing of Natives on Orange Free State Mines 32p and plans of hostels (Anglo American Corporation of SA Ltd) 
Km Donald Murray Clinic for Maternal and Family Welfare 3 files, 1961-1970 
 Minutes, financial records, correspondence and other records dealing with a clinic devoted to family planning and family health and welfare. (The Bishop of Bloemfontein was on the committee) 
Kn Set of illustrations from Mutual Assurance Centenary Volume, 1945, including 'Bloemfontein in the (18)60s, with the Cathedral in the foreground. 
 Centenary Supplement to 'The Friend' 1946, containing illustrations of St George's Cottage Hospital, Sister Louise Steabler, Cathedral and Bishop's Lodge 1874. 
Ko 'Paid ea Kereke' 5 issues of a church paper - 1940s 
Kp Bantu Education 3f 1953-1958 
 Memorandum on Bantu Education and other documents (including decisions made by various denominations with regard to Bantu Education) 
Kq Thapela ea Sepiri and other sects if 1965 
 Reports and memoranda on night meetings of sects such as Thapela ea Sepiri in relation to the Church 
Kr Church Unity Commission 3f 1964-1970 
 Minutes of Church Unity Commission meetings, miscellaneous study papers on unity, records of Presbyterian conversations. 
Ks Exorcism and possession if 1953