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Inventory for AB1970 
Collection Index:AMOORE, Frederick Andrew 1972-1987
Collection Name:Frederick Andrew AMOORE Papers 1972-1987.
  Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
  Files are arranged alphabetically: 
  Anglican – Catholic International Commission 1 file 1985 
  Final report 
  Articles 1 file 1963 - 1966 
  Mainly for Seek. 
  Biography of Abp. J. de Blank 1 file 1984 – 1985 
  Correspondence with the author, J. Peart-Binns 
  Church unity 1 file 1967 
  Memoranda re consultation a Church Union Negotiations, called by the commission on Faith and Order of the World Council of Churches. 
  Group Area Act 1 file 1981 – 1987 
  Correspondence with Clergy and Department of Community Development re the admission of Non-White students to St. Paul’s Theological College, Grahamstown. 
  Immorality Act 1 file 1985 
  Correspondence with the President’s Council and memoranda re the investigation into the Act. 
  Kwazulu 1 file 1985 
  Correspondence with Chief G. Buthelezi and speaches by the chief of Kwazulu Legislative Assembly 
  Lectionaries: 1989 – 1993 
  Liturgical Committee 5 files 1984 – 1985 
  Memoranda on baptism and initiation, marriage, ordination of priests and consecration of bishops, healing in Christ, new Prayer Book, lectionary, Ash Wednesday to Easter, manual, collects. 
  Liturgy 1973 – 1975 1 file 
  Guide to revised services; ‘Liturgy 1975 – why?’ by J. Rowland; 
  Study papers and memoranda 1984 - 1985 
  Ministry of the Word 1 file 1972 
  Moloise, Benjamin 1 file 1985 
  Correspondence with T. Waite. Abp. of Canterbury’s envoy, P. Jana. Alex Boraine, M.P. and Bp. J. Carter re Moloise’s execution 
  Naudé , Beyers 11 file 1982 – 1983 
  Correspondence with B. Naudé and other churchman re meeting with the Ministry of Law and Order on Naudé’ banning. 
  Nybers, David 1 file 1983 - 1985 
  Correspondence with Nybers, a prisoner, concerning matters of doctrine. 
  Offices 1 vol. 1969 
  Proper alternative forms of the daily offices: belonging to Bp. Amoore 
  Order of Ethiopia 1 file 1975 – 1980 
  Personal (?illegible) eucharist in thanksgiving on 25th anniversary of convocation, 9 July 1992 
  Includes Commission Reports 
  Refugees 1 file 1981 – 1983 
  Correspondence with clergy; “Refugees: a challenge to South African churches” edited by Sol Jacob, 1982 
  Religious Committees 1 file 1983 – 1985 
  Bulletins on the Community of St. Michael and All Angels, Bloemfontein; Community of the Holy Name, Zululand; Society of Precious Blood, Masile and Kimberley. 
  Resettlements 1 file 1982 – 1984 
  Correspondence re the halting of resettlement; Relocation and the entrenchment of racial domination, report on SACC Relocations Task Force 
  Reports 1 file 1962 – 1967 
  Round the Province 1 file 1962 – 1967 
  Seek 1 file 1963 
  Correspondence with the Publications Appeal Board re the banning of an issue of Seek. 
  South African Council of Churches 1 file 1982 
  Memorandum from CPSA to the Eloff Commission of Enquiry 
  USPG Reports 1971 – 1986