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Collection Index:CPSA Diocese of Zululand. St Augustine´s Mission, mfe
Collection Name:CPSA Diocese of Zululand. St Augustine´s Mission; Baptismal and confirmation registers of St. Augustine´s Mission and outstations 1895-1916
AB1053 CPSA Diocese of Zululand. St Augustines Mission; Baptismal and confirmation registers of St. Augustines Mission and outstations 1895-1916   
 Copyright 2011, Historical Papers, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
 The digitisation and publication of the microfiched papers was made possible by a generous grant from The Atlantic Philanthropies   
 The collection consists of Baptismal and confirmation registers of St. Augustines Mission and outstations 1895-1916   
 Archivists' notes   
 Historical Papers holds copies of the originals, consisting of 24 microfiches.   
 The microfiches have been digitised and copies can be accessed on the Historical Papers website.   
 Deborah Wilson, Digital Archivist, June 2011   
 Baptismal and confirmation registers of St. Augustines Mission and outstations 1895-1916 St Augustine's Mission, CPSA 1895-1916 
Baptism Register 1895-1898. St Augustine's Mission, CPSA 1895-1898 
A.1 Baptism,January 1895-June 1896 St Augustine's Mission, CPSA January 1895-June 1896 
A.2 Baptism,June 1896-August 1897 St Augustine's Mission, CPSA June 1896-August 1897 
A.3 Baptism,August 1897-August 1898 St Augustine's Mission, CPSA August 1897-August 1898 
A.4 Baptism,August 1898-October 1898 St Augustine's Mission, CPSA August 1898-October 1898 
Baptism Register 1896-1916. St Augustine's Mission, CPSA 1895-1916 
B.1 Baptism,June 1896-June 1906 St Augustine's Mission, CPSA June 1896-June 1906 
B.2 Baptism,July 1906-March 1908 St Augustine's Mission, CPSA July 1906-March 1908 
B.3 Baptism,March 1908-November 1913 St Augustine's Mission, CPSA March 1908-November 1913 
B.4 Baptism,November 1913-September 1915 St Augustine's Mission, CPSA November 1913-September 1915 
B.5 Baptism,September 1915-October 1916 (Few illegible pages) St Augustine's Mission, CPSA September 1915-October 1916 
Baptism Register 1898-1901. St Augustine's Mission, CPSA 1898-1901 
C.1 Baptism,July 1898-October 1899 St Augustine's Mission, CPSA July 1898-October 1899 
C.2 Baptism,October 1899-April 1900 St Augustine's Mission, CPSA October 1899-April 1900 
C.3 Baptism,April 1900-February 1901 St Augustine's Mission, CPSA April 1900-February 1901 
C.4 Baptism,February 1901-June 1901 St Augustine's Mission, CPSA February 1901-June 1901 
Baptism Register 1901-1904. St Augustine's Mission, CPSA 1901-1904 
D.1 Baptism,June 1901-May 1902 St Augustine's Mission, CPSA June 1901-May 1902 
D.2 Baptism,May 1902-January 1903 St Augustine's Mission, CPSA May 1902-January 1903 
D.3 Baptism,January 1903-June 1903 St Augustine's Mission, CPSA January 1903-June 1903 
D.4 Baptism,April 1903-May 1904 St Augustine's Mission, CPSA April 1903-May 1904 
D.5 Baptism,May 1904 St Augustine's Mission, CPSA May 1904. 
Baptism Register 1903-1905. St Augustine's Mission, CPSA 1903-1905 
E.1 Baptism,May 1904-November 1904 St Augustine's Mission, CPSA May 1904-November 1904 
E.2 Baptism,November 1904-November 1905 St Augustine's Mission, CPSA November 1904-November 1905 
Baptism Register 1909-1913. St Augustine's Mission, CPSA 1909-1913 
F.1 Baptism,June 1909-August 1911 (Few illegible pages) St Augustine's Mission, CPSA June 1909-August 1911 
F.2 Baptism,August 1911-February 1913 (Few illegible pages) St Augustine's Mission, CPSA August 1911-February 1913 
Confirmation Register 1895-1904. St Augustine's Mission, CPSA 1895-1904 
G.1 Confirmation,June 1895-June 1902 St Augustine's Mission, CPSA June 1895-June 1902 
G.2 Confirmation,June 1902-1904 St Augustine's Mission, CPSA June 1902-June 1904