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Collection Index:BUNTING, Sidney Percival, Papers, 1922-1945
Collection Name:BUNTING, Sidney Percival, Papers, 1922-1945
A949 BUNTING, Sidney Percival, Papers, 1922-1945   
 Copyright 2012, Historical Papers, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
 NOTE: The digitisation of this collection has been made possible with generous funding from the Atlantic Philanthropies Foundation.   
 The collection contains the papers of Sidney Percival Bunting (1873-1936), lawyer, labour leader and founding member and leader of the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA) in 1921.   
 It includes correspondence, notes and writings relating to the work of the Communist Party, the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union of Africa (I.C.U.) and other trade unions, labour relations and race problems, as well as S.P. Bunting's contributions at the Sixth Congress of the Communist International in 1928.   
 The collection also entails correspondence and newspaper articles by Edward Roux, a founding member of the Young Communist League in 1921 and leader in the early Communist Party. Together with S.P. Bunting and his wife Rebecca Bunting, he went to Moscow as a South African delegate to the Sixth Congress of the Communist International in 1928. He wrote a political biography of S.P.Bunting in 1944.   
 (Reference is made to collections A923 Clements Kadalie Papers; and A924 Industrial and Commercial Workers Union of Africa)   
 1 box   
A1.1 Family tree of S.P. Bunting, handwritten   
A1.2 Typed article entitled "The 'colonial' labour front", 23 October 1922   
A1.3 Printed advertisement with the election address of S.P. Bunting, when he ran as a Communist candidate in Tembuland in the Transkei, Umtata, 15 May 1929   
A1.4 Three documents relating to the efforts by S.P. Bunting and E. Roux to form the League of African Rights, including a flyer calling for a mass meeting on the 25 August 1929; a petition explaining the launch of the new organisation; and a handwritten letter addressed to the Executive Committee of the Communist International (E.C.C.I.) in reply to the E.C.C.I.'s criticism of the League, after October 1929.   
A1.5 Printed matter addressed to "Private, for circulation among members of the Communist Party only", containing S.P. Bunting's explanation about his expulsion from the Communist Party, October 1931   
A2.1 S.P. Bunting's contributions at the Congress, including his Declaration, 7 August 1928; and Verbatim of discussion during sessions on the 23/24 August 1928   
A2.2 Contributions by E.R. Roux on the 28 and 30 July 1928   
A2.3 Newspaper clips from the Rand Daily Mail, 28 August 1928; and from the cover page of the Soviet newspaper 'Pravda', including the speech by S.P. Bunting, 29 August 1928   
 Handwritten notes by S.P. Bunting about various subjects, including amongst others: the African National Congress, the White population, Trade Union Movement, notes for the Sixth Congress of the Communist International   
 Correspondence to and from S.P. Bunting between December 1926 - November 1930.   
A4.1 1926-1928   
A4.2 1929-1930   
 The biography was written and published by Edward Roux in 1944. Before and after its publication it created as much criticism as praise, which is reflected in the correspondence to and from Edward Roux.   
A5.1 "S.P. Bunting: A Political Biography" by Edward Roux, published by the author in 1944   
A5.2 Correspondence to and from Edward Roux about the content of the book. Including letters by Rebecca Bunting and the sons Brian and Arthur Bunting, strongly criticising Roux about the biography; and a letter by Nathan Adler in response to the publication of the biography.   
A5.2.1 Also included an undated letter, explaining the launch of the Sidney Bunting bursary fund for students at the South African Native College, Fort Hare after his death in 1936. The document further lays out the recipients of bursaries until 1943, written by Brian Bunting.   
A5.3 Newspaper clips with obituaries for S.P. Bunting, written by Edward Roux, as well as reviews of S.P. Bunting's biography written by Edward Roux