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Collection Index:INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL WORKERS´ UNION (I.C.U.), Records, 1925-1947
Collection Name:INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL WORKERS´ UNION (I.C.U.), Records, 1925-1947
 Copyright 2011, Historical Papers, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
 NOTE: The digitisation of this collection has been made possible with generous funding from the Atlantic Philanthropies Foundation.   
 Correspondence, memoranda and press clippings relating to the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (I.C.U), its constitution, finances, training of personnel of the Union, liaison with white trade union movements, co-operative enterprises in Africa, the Protectorates, labour relations and the Durban riots. The documents in this collection relate to a large degree to the appointment of W.G. Ballinger as an adviser to the Union, and the support of his work from people like A. Creech-Jones, National Secretary of the Administrative, clerical and supervisory group of the Transport & General Workers Union, in London, and Winifred Holtby, a British writer.   
 1925-1947, 118 items   
 (Reference is made to collection A923 - Clements Kadalie papers; and A410 - Ballinger family)   
A1 Papers relating to organisational matters of the I.C.U., including:   
A1.1 Printed column with the appeal by a concerned group, printed in a British newspaper, begging to donate funds for the salary of Councillor Ballinger to continue his work as adviser of the I.C.U., signed amongst others by O.W. Carter (Archbishop) and George Bernard Shaw; position paper by the I.C.U. about its position to the Communist Party; Press release by the I.C.U. following the passing of the Native Administration Act, n.d.   
A1.2 Correspondence, including a letter of complaint about Kadalie to B. Gwabini; letter to The Times newspaper explaining the involvement of I.C.U. members in the Durban riots, 1927-1947   
A1.3 Copies of correspondence between W. Ballinger, C. Kadalie and E. Roux (CPSA), giving in insight into the tensions and animosities between the I.C.U. and the Communist Party on organisational and personal levels; also reflecting on Kadalie's resignation from the I.C.U. in 1929.   
A2 Correspondence regarding the award of a scholarship for two members of the I.C.U. to receive training in England, by offer of two bursaries at Fircroft, Residential College for the Higher Education of Working Men, Birmingham; one letter by C. Kadalie to E. Lewis, written at the Independent Labour Party, London, 1927-1931   
A3 Papers regarding general matters of finance, including copies of certain appeals for funds for Ballinger's work and the I.C.U., 1928-1933   
A4 Papers relating to William Ballinger   
A4.1 Correspondence of William Ballinger, mainly with Winifred Holtby; one letter written to Winifred Holtby by Margaret Hodgson who was William Ballinger's wife, 1930-1935   
A4.2 Articles by William Ballinger, including amongst others:   
A4.2.1 Friends of Africa, Report by WG Ballinger (Advisor on African Native Industrial & Co-operative Organisation)   
A4.2.2 Justice and the African Native   
A4.2.3 Impressions of the Bantu-European Students Conference   
A4.2.4 The Industrial & Commercial Workers' Union of Africa   
A4.2.5 Native Workers of South Africa, Indirect forced labour   
A4.2.6 Other   
A4.3 Newspaper clips of articles by William Ballinger   
A5 Correspondence between A. Creech-Jones, National Secretary of the Administrative, clerical and supervisory group of the Transport & General Workers Union and Winifred Holtby, a British writer who had been responsible for William Ballinger coming to work in South Africa.   
 The letters, dating 1926-1931, relate the events leading up to the appointment of William Ballinger as adviser to the I.C.U, payment of his salary after his appointment and participation of the I.C.U.in European Movements.   
A6 Correspondence by Ethelreda Lewis, European correspondent for the Johannesburg branch of the I.C.U., mainly with Winifred Holtby, relating to issues of the need of appointment of an adviser to the I.C.U., the arrival of Ballinger, and the financial position of the I.C.U. Other matters included are those on co-operative enterprise for Natives and conditions in the Protectorates   
A6.1 1927/1928   
A6.2 1929-1931   
A6.3 no date