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Collection Index:CHAMPION, Allison Wessels George, Papers, 1925-1959
Collection Name:CHAMPION, Allison Wessels George, Papers, 1925-1959
A922 Allison Wessels George CHAMPION Papers, 1925-1959   
 Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
 NOTE: The digitisation of this collection has been made possible with generous funding from the Atlantic Philanthropies Foundation.   
 CHAMPION, A.W. GEORGE - Mahlathi (African politician and entrepreneur) 1893 - 1975   
 Alison Weasels George Champion, born in Natal in 1893, was named after an American missionary who had adopted his father. After an abbreviated schooling at Amanzimtoti Zulu Training College - later Adams College he became a policeman in Johannesburg, Natal and Zululand until World War1 then a mine clerk and first President of the Transvaal Native Mine Clerks Association; by the early 1920's he was becoming increasingly prominent as an African spokesman, particularly by means of the forum provided by the Johannesburg Joint Council.   
 In 1925 Champion met Kadalie and shortly thereafter joined the ICU, first as its Transvaal, and subsequently, Natal Secretary. Under Champion, the Natal branch soon became the strongest. However, a personality clash - amongst other reasons - with Kadalie, led to a split within the ICU, Champion forming the ICU Yale, Natal. In 1930, having been accused of fomenting unrest at the time. of the Durban Boer Protests of 1929, Champion was banished from Durban until pardoned in 1933.   
 Champion meanwhile, had become active in the African National Congress, siding with the more progressive faction within the Congress in the late 1920's and serving as Minister of Labour under J.T. Gumede . A right-wing backlash against Gumede's policies brought Pixley Seme to the fore and simultaneously cost Champion his position in the inner councils of Congress. In 1937 Champion returned to the executive of Congress, where he remained for the next 14 years.   
 The Natal Congress under Dube's leadership since its inception, had become increasingly stagnant and insular; when Dube resigned in 1944, a power struggle developed between Mtimkulu, his designated successor, and Champion. A Congress Youth League had been formed in Natal in the course of 1944 and, seeing in Champion a character capable of bringing the aberrant Natal Congress back into the main stream of Congress politics, the younger members of Congress backed Champion.   
 He served as President from 1945-1451. Relations with Xuma deteriorated in this period; aware of Champion's power to command popular support, Xuma had been prepared to make compromises and concessions to avoid any antagonism developing between them. However, as Congress gradually began to move in a more progressive direction, swayed by the Youth League and the broad left, concessions to Champion became Increasingly difficult as his rear-guard actions intensified. Convinced that the Youth League was 'driving the train against the red light' he warned that precipitate action would be fatal for Congress. In 1451 he was succeeded as Natal president by a less controversial figure, Albert Luthuli.   
 Champion had been involved in other forms of political activity in this period. In 1942 he had been elected to the Natives Representative Council, and was re-elected in 1945 and 1948 - eventually becoming one of the last people to remains a member of the discredited council. In addition, Champion chaired the Durban Combined Advisory boards for many years, a portfolio that complemented his essentially reactionary beliefs.   
 One dimension to his popularity lay in his appeal to Zulu ethnicity. Indeed, he devoted much time to establishing a National Fund in the name of the Zulu nation, aimed at promoting economic development by stimulating entrepreneurship with loans. The sums collected were small however, and after his death were incorporated into the Luthuli Memorial Fund. Of more lasting impact was a scheme he claimed to have instigated - the Bantu Investment Corporation, established in 1959 to promote African enterprise in the reserves.   
 Champion died in 1975.   
Statements, Notes and Addresses by Champion 11 items   
Industrial and Commercial Workers Union Papers and Correspondence 76 items   
General Correspondence 73 items   
African National Congress: Correspondence 116 items   
African National Congress: Speeches, Resolution and Miscellaneous Minutes 21 items   
Advisory Boards' Papers and Correspondence 28 items   
Umnini Trust 17 items   
Miscellaneous Papers 35 items   
 AAC -All Africa Convention   
 ANC -African National Congress   
 CNETU -Council of Non-European Trade Unions   
 ICU -Industrial and Commercial Workers Union   
 NIC -Natal Indian Congress   
 NRC- Natives Representative Council   
 SANNC -South African Native National Council   
 ALS- Autograph letter signed : the letter is bath written ;end signed by the author   
 TL -Typed letter   
 TLS -Typed letter signed   
 Ts -Typescript   
A1 1930 Dec.11 My Cape town Exile.   
 Discussions: on his arrival in Cape Town, the problems and factionalism he is experiencing; his farewell meeting presided over by Mrs Z. Gool, boycotted by Prof. Thaele on the grounds that it was a communist meeting; Addurahman, Thaele , Mtimkulu and various members of the Cape Joint Council; meetings with officials in the Cape Federation of Trades, and Building Workers Union; the formation of the Cape Town Stevedores and Dockworkers Union; visits Roux of the Communist Party; recounts his trip to Queenstown. King Williamstown and Mlakalaka from where he writes. A postscript added ten years later; pays tribute to Mrs Catherine Mtimkulu. Ms. 5pp.   
A2 c.1931 Statement submitted by Allison Wessel George Champions   
 Provides a brief autobiography: employment as a clerk in the mining industry; organisation of the Transvaal Mine Clerks Association; membership of Johannesburg Joint Council; work in the ICU. Explains why he wishes to give evidence on the dangers of retarding the progress of natives by preventing them expressing their grievances through their elected representatives. TS. 1p.incomplete.   
A3 1945 May 9 Congress   
 Discusses his election to the presidency of the Natal Native Congress on 2 April 1945 and his subsequent visit to Xuma in Sophiatown in an attempt to resolve the leader ship dispute between Champion and Mtimkulu. Xuma' s response. Ts. 1p.   
A4 1943 Jan.9 Champion's Address to the Daughter of Africa Annual Conference. Hambrook Missions Ladysmith District   
 Pays tribute to the humble contributions of women to the advancement of the nation. Ts. 3pp.   
A5 1947 May 16 Inkulumo ka Mongameli   
 Address to the African National Congress. Ts in Zulu, 4pp. Report. 24 May 1947.   
A6 1949 Apr.l4 Circular   
 To members of the Nasal ANC? TS in Zulu. 4pp.   
A7 1952 Jul.30 White Threat   
 Critical discussion of ANC activities since 26 June 1950.   
 Champion feels that they are ill-advised. Ts. 2pp.   
A8 1955 Nov.23 History in the Making   
 Discussions on Luthuli's rise to prominence in African politics; his growing alienation from the policies of Congress; expresses the opinion that rioting would solve many problems in South Africa: several Whites would be killed and when called on to justify their deaths, Congress leaders could explain what provoked such action; rejects the non-violent defiance campaign for 'the only big voice that reaches the whole world is in the blood and tears of the oppressed'; Moroka's court case and in a postscript added in Jan. 1965, discusses its consequences; Luthuli's presidency of Congress. Feels Luthuli is gambling with the Zulu nation and is a politician in the Indian pocket, Ts & Ms. 3pp.   
A9 n.d. Additional Statement   
 Raises the issue of discrimination against aspirant African entrepreneurs. Calls for legal representation of African bus owners and passengers On the proposed Commission. Calls for outright ownership by Africans of commercial and transportation enterprises. Ts. 1p.   
A10 n.d. Speech given at a function to celebrate the memory of the Xhosa Prophet   
 Calls on Africans to pray for a true leader. Acknowledges that he has boon defeated by Luthuli as a leader but states that time alone will show whether Luthuli actually has more of a following than himself. Ms. 5pp.   
A11 n.d. Utini u Congress?   
 Where is Congress heading? Ts in Zulu. 2pp.   
Ba ICU Letter Book 1925 Oct-1926 Jan   
Ba1 1925 Oct.19 Champion to James La Guma (General Secretary of the ICU)   
 Discusses various financial issues : proceeds from the sale of fowls; the rent of a hall for meeting; the ineptitude of his predecessor, Maduna, in terms of administration and public appeal; asks that he be given an assistant. ALS 2pp.   
Ba2 1925 Oct.l9 To The Manager, Native Affairs Dept.   
 Requests the official to issue a certain mistreated African with the necessary papers to ensure that he may keep his ,job. ALS 1p.   
Ba3 19n Oct.19 To H. D. Tyamashe   
 Encloses membership card of a deceased former member. ALS 1p.   
Ba4 1925 Oct.20 To a S.A. Police Sergeant, Overport   
 Declares that as the hall in which ICU functions are held is privately owned and registered in the name of an exempted African, it is exempt from the Ordinance which requires a special license before functions can be held on the premises. ALS 1p.   
Ba5 1925 Oct. 21 To the Editor, The Guardian   
 Requests an interview with the editor to discuss certain opinions about the ICU expressed in The Guardian. AL 1p.   
Ba6 1925 Oct.22 To James La Guma   
 Acknowledges receipt of a letter from La Guma re the lease of a hall. Letter incomplete. AL 1p   
Ba7 1925 Oct.22 To the Manager, Abbott Stillman Co-Ltd., Durban   
 Requests that management follow normal procedures regarding the dismissal of ICU member, Zwana. ALS 1p.   
Ba8 1925 Oct.23 To The General Secretary, ICU. Cape Town   
 Discusses matters of finances and adds that he is optimistic about recruitment for the ICU in Durban despite division in the ranks. ALS 1p.   
Ba9 1925 To Clemente Kadalie   
 Brief report on the problems Maduna caused Champion. Letter incomplete. AL 1p.   
Ba10 n.d. To James La Guma   
 Requests that membership cards and copies of the ICU constitution be sent urgently in view of the heavy enrolment of the last few days; a pending court case Over the illicit use of a hell for dances. Notes that dances Pay very well; states that he has recruited about fifty people of a better class: possible expenditures and fund-raising activity. ALS 3pp.   
Ba11 1925 Oct.26 To J. Letoabe   
 Encloses a membership card and two copies of The Workers Herald with instructions to Letoabe to begin organising. ALS 1p.   
Ba12 1925 Oct. 26 To La Guma   
 Notifies La Guma about the Latest financial developments and the lease of a hall on a five-year lease in Durban. ALS 1p.   
Ba13 1925 Oct-31 To the Manager, Native Affairs   
 Draws attention to the inefficiency of Native Affairs Dept. official which has cost a now dismissed worker his claim to the pay supposedly agreed to. ALS 1p.   
Ba14 1925 Nov.2 To the General Secretes . ICU   
 Acknowledges receipt of copies of membership cards; the revised constitution; despite fairly heavy opposition, he is making headway with the Durban ICU branch. ALS 2p.   
Ba15 1925 Nov.2 To Kadalie   
 Brief report or. recruitment and finances; complains about the problems Comrade Madu has caused him, compounded by the non-arrival of Champion's goods from the Rand. ALS 2pp.   
Ba16 1925 Nov.2 To A.J. Phafalo (?)   
 Requests that someone in the Johannesburg branch respond to his enquiries about his lost luggage. ALS 1p.   
Ba17 1925 Nov.11 To the General Secretary, ICU   
 Urgently requests that he be paid. ALS 1p.   
Ba18 1.925 Nov.11 To Clements Kadalie   
 Complains that Kadalie and the Johannesburg branch officials have been negligent in consigning, or at least looking after, Champion's goods. ALS 1p.   
Ba19 1925 Nov.4 To Damane   
 Letter in Zulu. ALS 1p.   
Ba20 1925 Nov.5 To Zwana   
 Requesting that Zwana pay for material received and suggesting that he subscribe to The 'Workers Herald direct from Cape Town. ALS 1p.   
Ba21 1925 Nov.5 To A.J. Phofalo   
 Further request that his goods get despatched. ALS 1p.   
Ba22 1925 Nov.11 To Clements Kadalie   
 Irate letter on the Subject of Champion's goods. ALS 1p.   
Ba23 1925 Nov.12 To James La Guma   
 General report detailing financial crises and ongoing antipathy to Maduna. States that he is about to hire an assistant and move office. Generally quite despondent about conditions in Durban, but determined to make the best of' it. ALS 5pp.   
Ba24 1925 Nov.23 To La Guma   
 Details financial position and demands that he be paid. Derives satisfaction from being able to overcome the ill feeling allegedly provoked by Maduna towards Champion. ALS 1p.   
Ba25 1925 Dec.2 To J.L. Msimang   
 Asks for meeting with Msimang to discuss various ICU related issues. ALS 1p.   
Ba26 1525 Dec.3 To [illegible]   
 Alleges that he (Champion) is trying to b true and fair despite little encouragement from the correspondent concerned. ALS 1p   
Ba27 1925 Dec.4 [Obscured]   
Ba28 1925 Dec.5 To (Martin) Luthuli   
 Thanking him for advertising an ICU meeting, ALS 1p.   
Ba29 1925 Dec.8 To [Obscured]   
 Requesting that some matter arising out of a lost pass be attended to. ALS 1p.   
Ba30 1925 Dec.8 To J.L. Msimang   
 Letter in Zulu. ALS 1p.   
Ba31 1925 Dec. To the General Secretary, Natal Native Congress   
 Informing the NNC that he has mandated a representative of the ICU to conduct a meeting that week-end. ALS 1p.   
Ba32 Illegible item   
Ba33 1925 Dec. To Jeremiah   
 Sends regard to Jeremiah's father with a note to tell him that he is now in Durban, hopes to be at Mandini in January, at which stage a cow should be killed. Hopes that they will not lose faith in this new life of the native. ALS 1p.   
Ba34 1925 Dec.9 To [Obscured]   
 [Largely obscured]. ALS 1p.   
Ba35 1925 Dec.8 To the General Secretary, ICU   
 Informs him of a change of address and various administrative and financial details. ALS 2pp.   
Ba36 1925 Dec.10 To Mrs Humphrey.   
 Asks that she settle some financial matter. ALS 1p   
Ba37 1925 Dec.10 To (Obscured)   
 [Obscured and obscure]. ALS 3pp.   
Ba38 1925 To the Annual Secretary, ICU   
 Covering note for a financial statement. ALS 1p.   
Ba39 1925 To the National Secretary, ICU   
 Informs him that one Aron Mbamba has laid charge against the ICU for not registering him officially as an employer; mentions that he (Champion) recently opened a branch of the ICU in Maritzburg (Pietermaritzburg) and received much support. ALS 2pp.   
Ba40 1925 Dec.18 To Mr Dube   
 Asks him to distribute the enclosed circulars in his tea-room. ALS 1p.   
Ba41 1925 Dec.18 To James D. Mogrecho   
 Responds to a slanderous reference to Champion who now demands an explanation. ALS 1p   
Ba42 1925 To [Obscured]   
 Arranges a meeting. ALS 1p.   
Ba43 1925 Dec.18 To Kekana   
 Discusses arrangements for providing Kekana with two issues of The Workers Herald. ALS 1p.   
Ba44 1925 Dec.18 To {Mahlamini?)   
 Acknowledges receipt of a letter and asks for suggestions about organising workers in the coal mines. ALS 1p.   
Ba45 1925 Dec.19 To [Obscured]   
 Asks the addressee to issue a letter of demand to the previous Employers of a certain injured party. ALS 1p.   
Ba46 1925 Dec.19 To La Guma   
 Asks for additional requisition forms. ALS 1P.   
Ba47 1925 Dec.27 To J.B. Lising (?)   
 Informs him that there has been some problem about providing someone with a photograph. ALS 2pp.   
Ba48 1925 Dec. To The Publishers, Durban Visitors' Map   
 Asks that the ICU be included in the publication, ALS 1p.   
Ba49 1925 Dec.29 To the General Secretary   
 Sends requests for various items and states that he is extremely busy. ALS 2pp.   
Ba50 1925 Dec.30 To Comrade Freen   
 Thanks him for accommodating him and apologises for being unable to return. Letter incomplete. 1p.   
Ba51 1926 Jan. 1 To M.A.Williams   
 Demands that Williams remedy an unfair labour practice. ALS 1p.   
Ba52 1926 Jan .4 To Mrs Anderson   
 Demands that a former employer be paid compensation in lieu of one month's notice. ALS 1p.   
Ba53 1926 Jan.4 To Mr Selitieno {?}   
 Requests some information, an account and an appointment. ALS 1p.   
Ba54 1926 Jan.4 To Kalling & Co   
 Demands that an unfair wage deduction be remedied. ALS 1p.   
Ba55 1926 Jan-5 To Stevens   
 Asks that an account be settled. ALS 1p.   
Ba56 1926 Jan.6 To C.F. Layman   
 Asks for clarification of the issue of payment for registration of employees. ALS 1p.   
Ba57 1926 Jan.6 To W. Martin   
 Demands that payment in lieu of notice be given to a discharged former employee of Martin's. ALS 1p.   
Ba58 1926 Jan.6 To La Guma   
 Requests certain items of stationery and administrative paraphernalia. ALS 1p.   
Ba59 1926 Jan.8 To Mbata   
 Letter in Zulu. ALS 1p.   
Ba60 1926 Jan.8 To Comrade Freen   
 Makes arrangements for the delivery of some parcels. ALS 1p.   
Ba61 1926 Jan.8 To the Manager. A.M.P. Paruk & Co.   
 Demands that the manager compensate a former employee for sudden discharge. ALS 1p.   
Ba62 1926 Jan.8 To Mrs Williams   
 Demands that Williams settle a dispute with her employee. ALS 1p.   
Ba53 1926 Jan.9 To Lagman   
 Asks for clarification of an aspect of labour law. ALS 1p.   
Ba64 1926 Jan.9 To C. Kadalie   
 Apologises for not being able to attend a meeting in Bloemfontein and explains that the Union is still extremely weak in Durban; alludes to some misunderstanding between the Head Office officials. Letter incomplete. 1p.   
Ba65 1925 Jan.12 To Gagman   
 Requests further information on some matter. ALS 1p.   
Ba66 1926 Jan.15 To Charles Davis   
 Demands that Davis pay compensation to a discharged former employee. ALS 1p.   
Bb Loose-leaf ICU Correspondence   
Bb1 1927 Sep.20 H. Msomi to Champion   
 Asks Champion to ask what can be done about the ejected natives. Ts. 1p.   
Bb2 1929 Oct.25 Champion to J.W. van Aardt   
 Suggests that one way to promote stability amongst Africans in Durban would be to offer freehold plots for sale outside the Borough Boundary of Durban; compares this with the situation in Pietermaritzburg where this system obtains in New Scotland. Asks van Aardt to put all the relevant facts before the Minister. TL 3pp.   
Bb3 1929 Nov.4 [Illegible] to Champion   
 Acknowledges receipt of a letter and encloses a receipt for money to be paid to a Dr. Dymes. TLS 1p   
Bb4 1930 Mar.10 Champion to the Editor, Natal Mercury   
 Complains about inaccurate reporting that might create the wrong impression of what the ICU is about. Ts. 1p.   
Bb5 1930 Oct.9 To Oswald Pirow   
 Requesting a precise explanation as to why he was banished from Durban. Registers his protest against the injustice of the order. Ts. 1p.   
Bb6 1944 Sep.25 Clements Kadalie to Champion   
 Thanks Champion for his letters and good wishes and discusses arrangements for a proposed ICU conference. Bemoans the death of John Mancoe. Asks Champion to publicise the fact of his (Kadalie's) cordial reunion. TLS 1p.   
Bb7 1945 Jun.15 Kadalie to Champion   
 Congratulates Champion on his election to the presidency of the Natal ANC. Asks Champion for contributions to the history of the ICU that he (Kadalie) is busy assembling. TLS. 1p.   
Bb8 ? Jun.14 James Mengcobu (?} to Champion   
 Suggests that the Durban Bantu Social Centre would be a good venue for a meeting of the United ICU of Africa for the purpose of going through the Draft Constitution.   
Bc ICU Yase Natal Minutes   
Bc1 1923 Jun.27 Minutes of the Governing Body   
 Discussion of general administration of the Union. Ts. 3pp.   
Bc2 1931 Aug-3. Minutes of a Special Meeting of the Governing Body   
 Discussion of various problems. Incomplete. Ms. 1p.   
C1 1929 Mar.21 To J.C. Smuts   
 Discusses the implications of the Natives Urban Areas Act No.21 Amendment Bill; complains that Africans were not given any opportunity to give evidence to the Native Affairs Committee; asks for an appointment with Smuts to discuss specifically the effect the Bill would have on family life. TL. 5pp.   
C2 1929 Mar.21 To the Acting Secretary, Native Franchise Vigilance Committee, Cape Town   
 Appeals to the Committee to take up the issues referred to in Champion's letters to Smuts. Ts. 1p.   
C3 1929 Oct.25 To The Editor, The Advertiser   
 Responds to a statement in the newspaper that the boycott of Native Beer will deprive the Durban City Council of the revenue to pay for housing schemes, playgrounds and other necessities. Ts. 3pp.   
C4 1930 Sep.26 Mayor of Durban to Minister of Justice:   
 Telegram requesting Pirow to delay enforcing Champion's banishment from Durban until such time as Pirow has a more comprehensive understanding of Champion's activities, as well as Champion's domestic circumstances. Copy of telegram. Ts. 1p.   
C5 1930 Nov.11 J.W. van Aardt to Champion   
 Refers to scheme, to sell land to Africans in which Champion is involved. TLS 1p.   
C6 1930 Nov.21 Van Aardt to Champion   
 Emphasises his empathy about Champions banishment; includes further details about the scheme to sell plots of land TLS 2pp.   
C7 1930 Dec.10 J. Rawlins to Champion   
 Advises Champion that his apparent desire to appeal against his banishment in Britain would be unwise and probably unsuccessful. TLS 1p .   
C8 1931 Nov. 3 Solomon Ka Dinuzulu to Champion   
 Sands his regards; says that, he isn't well and is coming to Durban to look for an inyanga; hopes he'll meet Champion again. TL 1p.   
C9 1931 Nov.4 ? to Champion   
 Commiserates with Champion in his banishment; asserts that Champion should have been treated with more sensitivity, in view of his manifold contributions to the lives of Africans - indirectly, the establishment and appointment of the Native Advisory Board in Durban, the provision of recreational facilities, etc.; reminds Champion that he has yet to be paid for his services as a legal adviser. TLS 2pp.   
C10 1931 Nov.20 J.W. van Aardt to Champion   
 Announces that it has been decided to appoint Champion as a salaried agent of Clermont Township (Pty) Ltd.: mentions thee a meeting may be held on New Year's Day at which Solomon Ka- Dinuzulu may speak. TLS 1p.   
C11 1931 Nov. 20 J . G. Roussouw to Champion   
 Spells out the details of Champion's agreement with Clermont Township (Pty) Ltd and commission as a sub-agent TLS 1p.   
C12 1933 Jan.10 L.R. Suntherland (Secretary of the Clermont Township (Pty) Ltd) to Champion   
 Acknowledges receipt of Champion's letter and assures him that the issue of African women in Natal being unable to get transfers of land properties is being investigated. TLS 1p.   
C13 1933 Jan,16 L.R. Sutherland to Champion   
 Discusses further the problem of land transfers to non- exempted women. TLS 1p.   
C14 1934 Feb. l J.I.J. Naude to Whom I t May Concern   
 Letter of introduction confining that Champion is a bonafide agent of the Clermont Township Scheme. TLS 1p.   
C15 1934 Mar. 22 [Illegible] , Secretary of the Clermont Township (Pty) Ltd to Champion   
 Discusses the clash of a sports and a Congress meeting, the reservation of a particular stand for one A. Mbokazi. TL 1p.   
C16 1935 Jun.10 J.B. Mancoe (?) to Champion   
 Requests Champion's he1p in selling the first edition of his 'Bloemfontein Bantu and Coloured Peoples Directory'. TLS 1p.   
C17 1936 Apr.20 Caroline E. Frost to Champion   
 Thanks Champion for re-establishing contact with his former school teacher and seizes the opportunity to impress on Champion the centrality of Christianity in any reformist initiative. TLS 2pp.   
C18 1937 Feb.11 C.E. Frost to Champion   
 Continues to describe to Champion the value of a Christian existence and the virtues of early colonial pioneer,. ALS 2pp.   
C 19 1937 Aug .10 Champion to E .H. Brookes   
 Letter possibly in reaction to the proposed new labour legislation; Champion claims that a defeat in the forth coming NRC elections would have no effect on his continued work in the labour field. Ts 1p.   
C20 1944 Nov.16 C.E. Frost to Champion   
 Sends her condolences to Champion on the death of his wife; asks how war restrictions on foods are affecting him and discusses the rewards of a Christian existence. ALS 2PP.   
C21 1915 Feb.5 Champion to C.E. Frost   
 Discusses the food shortages caused by the war, his membership of the NRC, his employment of a nurse to tend to his household, the discrimination between Africans, Indians, Europeans in the purchase and consumption of alcohol and Brookes' duties as principal of Adams College and Native Senator. Ts 2pp.   
C22 1946 Feb.7 Champion to S. Mtshali   
 Chides Mtshali for giving people the impression that Congress is merely a complaints bureau; much of the work foisted on Congress could be dealt with adequately by lawyers and so on and hence Mtshali should consult Champion in future before involving; Congress in cases best dealt with by specialists. Ts 1p.   
C23 1946 Mar.26 L.A. Gobhozi to Champion   
 Requests financial aid and moral support. TLS 3pp.   
C24 1946 Aug.21 R.M. Siwelani to Champion   
 Acknowledges receipt of money and 'relative to Champion's heifer', states that he has been unable to take! up the matter. TLS 1p.   
C25 1946 Nov.17 Chief Nkosiyenhliziyo Buthelezi to H. Selby Msimango   
 Describes police harassment of people at Rondekop in the Louwsberg District when their cattle were confiscated without explanation or any letter of authority. Asks Msimang to approach the Native Affairs Commissioner who should then raise the matter with the Magistrate in Ngotshe with a view to getting an official court investigation and ruling; warns that there may be bloodshed if people are not told why they have been treated in this manner.   
C25a N.J. Mbokati to H. Selby Msimang   
 Stresses the exigencies of the situation and asks Msimang to ask Champion to come to Louwsberg to he1p resolve the matter. Ts. 1p. ALS 3pp. Letters in Zulu.   
C26 1947 Feb.5 Champion to Paul Robeson   
 Thanks Robeson as Chairman of the Council on African Affairs for sending him some publications and asks that he be sent more. Outlines his various portfolios in Congress and on various committees, and informs Robeson that he is enclosing several documents drawn up by himself. Ts. 1p.   
C27 1947 Feb.13 Champion to Messrs Pullen and Law   
 Notifies the solicitors that a certain individual paid for services that subsequently were not rendered, and requests that the matter be investigated. Ts. 1p.   
C28 1947 Apr.30 Champion to E.H. Brookes   
 Provides details of the maltreatment of African peasants in the Umzinto district who were first convicted and fined for ploughing the commonage illegally and subsequently fined for planting and reaping their crops there. Champion points out that, quite apart from the fines imposed on them, confiscation of these crops would deprive the farmers of an important means of subsistence; asks Brookes to approach Mears to prevail on the Minister of Justice to reconsider the matter. Ts. 1p.   
 A second enclosure deals in great depth with the farcical nature of the Bunga where S.M. Mabude was not allowed to present any criticism of the powerlessness of this and other governmental advisory boards; cites an example of personal bias displayed towards him by Chief Magistrate. Ts. 3pp.   
C29 1947 May 4 S.M. Mabude to Champion   
 Presents further clarification of the dispute between himself and the Chief Magistrate. ALS 1p.   
C30 1947 May 14 Champion to Z.Z. Mhlongo   
 Suggests that Mhlongo should have explored other channels before approaching the Chief Native Commissioner for cement; says he will be visiting Nkandla shortly to see Chief Mpandhleni; suggests Mhlongo meets him in Durban later in the month. Ts. 1p. Letter in Zulu.   
C31 1947 May 16 Champion to Mabude   
 Sympathises with Mabude's unfair treatment. but points out that. .1ahude had supported the idea of a Native Affairs official being Chairman of the NBC and Bungs. Ts. 2pp.   
C32 1947 May 26 ( illegible] (National Secretary Young Communist League of S. A. ) to Champion   
 Requests that Champion consider the contents of an enclosed statement. TLS 1p.   
C33 1947 Aug.3 P.L. Bopele to Champion   
 Asks Champion to he1p him arrange for an office at the ICU, as he has now been using his house as an office for same time. ALS 1p.   
C34 1947 Aug.27 B.W. Vilikazi to Champion   
 Encloses a circular calling for an African Authors or African Academy Group with a covering letter to Champion in which he hauls that he and Ngubane disagree over the Scope of the group; similarly he alludes to the 'sabotage of the intellectuals' in Durban, for which the African Authors Group stay provide a useful corrective. Ts. 1p.   
C35 1947 Aug.13 Champion to S.B. Allman   
 Requests more information about the: Universal African Nationalist Movement. Ts. 1p.   
C36 1945 Jan.17 [No name] to Champion (missing)   
 Gives details of an incident of racial violence in which the police and subsequently the army became involved. Asks for advice. Ts. 1p. Incomplete? Letter in Zulu.   
C37 1948 Apr.12 H. Selby Msimang to Champion   
 Discusses matters concerning Advisory Board meetings; asks Champion to take more concrete steps to he1p raise funds for Msimang's research into the history of Zululand. Ts 1p.   
C38 1948 Apr.19 S. E. Magoye (Secretary of CNETU) to Champion   
 Asks Champion in his capacity as an NRC to reject the proposed Industrial Conciliation (Natives) Bill of 1947. Ts. 1p.   
C39 1943 May 21 Champion to the Durban Town Clerk   
 Asks that a recent City Council proposal that householders be allowed to shoot all intruders, be reconsidered; gives examples of incidents that have already occurred that would become more frequent if the proposal did indeed became a by-law. Ts. 1p.   
C40 1948 Jun.124 Will Stuart to Champion   
 Canvasses Champion's support for Stuart's bid for a seat in Parliament as a native representative.   
C41 1948 Jun. 28 Champion to Will Stuart   
 Indicates his clear support for Stuart and states that he has written to Paramount Chief Poto on his behalf. Ts. 1p.   
C42 1948 Ju1.5 Victor Poto to Champion   
 Indicates his support for Stuart and states that all candidates in the election should present themselves at a public meeting at Nyandeni. TLS 1p.   
C43 1948 Jul.27 Champion to Charlie   
 Registers his disappointment over Charlie's non-payment of a debt despite Champion's manifold favour's, and his non-adoption of 'civilised habits'. Ts, 1p.   
C44 1948 Sep.23 Brian Bunting to Champion   
 Requests he1p in a fund-raising drive to keep The Guardian newspaper solvent. TLS 3pp.   
C45 1948 Sep.28 Champion to the Editor, The Guardian   
 Message to the readers of The Guardian declaring that the continued appearance of the newspapers is a national necessity in view of fear and hatred inspired by the nationalist government. Ts. 1p.   
C46 1948 Dec.25 Champion to Johanna   
 Demands an explanation as to why Johanna left Inanda. Ts. 1p.   
C47 1949 Jan.8 Champion to the Native Commissioner, Nkandla   
 Demands clarification of the issue of demolition of a church building at Mandaba, in the broader context of the non-recognition of native-controlled churches. Ts. 1p.   
C48 1949 Jan.10 S.J. Mdhluli to Champion   
 Sets out the position of the peoples living on Ruigtefantein farm near Waschbank , which in terms of some clause in the Public Health Commission in Natal became a Proclaimed area in 1945; the local residents are now obliged to pay levies to the Public Health Commission - on pain of prosecution: -although it is apparent that no facilities or services will be provided far their benefit from this revenue. Mdhluli feels that the community is divided over how best to handle the matter, and therefore appeals to Champion for advice. TLS 2pp.   
C49 1949 Jan.11 Champion to W. Eckersley   
 Request for further details are Eckersley's reconsideration of Gertrude' Kambule's position. Ts. 1p.   
C50 1949 Jan.24 Sgt. Isipingo to Champion   
 Informs Champion that the native in question has been charged and gives a date and place for the trial. TLS. 1p.   
C51 1949 Oct. 2 'EO' to Mkwenyana   
 Requests a resume of (Champion's?) meeting with the bus owners; 'EO' visited a Pietermaritzburg company where two Europeans told African workers that the government had 'accepted the Indians' challenge of 1944', and would restrain their actions for some days; 'EO' has arranged for them to give evidence before the Riots Commission. ALS. 1p.   
C52 1949 Feb,18 Champion to the Native Commissioner, Weenen   
 Certifies that Johanna Mancoba worked for Champion for 4 years and testifies to her good character and worthiness of a letter of exemption. Ts. 1p.   
C53 1949 Feb.24 Champion to Mr Moodley   
 Outlines his proposals for co-operation between African and Indian entrepreneurs in the context of severe tensions between certain sectors of those two population groups. Ts. 1p.   
C54 1949 Feb.16 S.S. Bhengu to the Secretary, Riots Enquiry Commission   
 Statement submitted to the Riots Commission listing 'the native grievances' towards 'the Indians' - inter alia Indian entrenchment in business, overcharging, maltreatment by Indians, sexual immorality etc.; includes an offer to submit further evidence. Ts. 1.p.   
C55 1949 Feb.25. S.S. Bhengu to Champion   
 Encloses a copy of Bhengu's statement to the Riot Commission and expresses his regret that he was unable to see Champion before making his submission. ALS 1p.   
C56 1949 Jul. 1 N. Mgcobo to Champion   
 Expresses his regret over the death of J.G. Magade and suggests that a memorial service be held in his honour at which the activities of the Natal ANC be publicised. ALS 1p.   
C57 1951 Nov.14 Clements Kadalie to Champion   
 Describes his recent visit to Nyasaland; comments on the degree of control and authority exercised by Africans, mentions that how was asked to settle there to he1p load the political struggle; asks to meet with Champion. LS 3pp.   
C58 1951 Nov.21 Champion to Clements Kadalie.   
 Acknowledges receipt of Kadalie`s ]letter and supports Kadalie's decision not to settle in Nyasaland; states that he is unlikely to meet Kadalie in Bloemfontein as he, Champion, is about to withdraw from Congress.   
C59 1951 Nov.29 E. Kadalie to Champion   
 Telegram informing Champion that Kadalie died the previous day. 1p.   
C60 c.1951 Dec. Champion to E. Kadalie   
 Letter of condolence. ALS 1p.   
C61 1956 Dec.3 Champion to E. Kadalie   
 More extensive letter of condolence. T. 1p.   
C62 1952 Oct.24 Champion to Mrs Moroka   
 Letter of thanks for hospitality in Thaba Nchu. Tl. 1p.   
C63 1952 Nov.1 Fred Dube to Champion   
 Congratulates Champion on his success at Lamontville; comments that people are regaining their senses after having chosen, earlier. 'a young, inexperienced propagandist' over Champion. ALS 1p.   
C64 1953 Jan.24 Champion to A.J. Luthuli   
 Terse letter threatening to take legal action unless Luthuli settles his debt with one Mhulose and attends to the matter of his cane field . Ts 1p.   
C65 1953 Feb.23 Champion to the Magistrate, Stanger   
 Notifies the magistrates of the death of Champion's nephew, Usakamuzi. Ts. 1p.   
C66 1953 Sep.15 Champion to Masinga   
 Letter of promise to Masinga for breaking 'the virgin ground in the entertainment world' by working for the SABC. TL 1p.   
C67 1954 Apr.13 Champion to the Native Commissioner, Eshowe   
 Letter elaborating on a telephone call about one T.W.S. Mthembu and his activities; includes noteworthy passing references to the Bantu Authorities Act and Bantu education. TL 1p.   
C68 1956 Secretary of the Natal Workers Club, Durban, to the Town Clerk, Durban   
 Details the bureaucratic obstacles which prevented the Club from purchasing a building suitable for housing meetings in it; applies now for a residential site with a house from which the Club could operate. TL 1p.   
C69 1957 Oct.30 Champion to the Native Commissioner, Durban   
 Requests that the official investigate the case of an African who was unfairly arrested for transgressing the influx control regulations and subsequently given the choice of imprisonment or forced labour in a sugar plantation; more generally, Champion is concerned with the wider issue of influx control regulations. TLS 1p.   
C70 1957 Nov. 1 Native Commissioner, Durban, to Champion   
 Responds to Champion's enquiry, notifying him that the individual concerned will not be prosecuted and punished but should, in future, carry the necessary documentation. TLS 1p.   
C71 1958 Apr.30 Fulgue Agnew to C.N. Champion   
 Informs Champion that she is to appear before the Disciplinary Committee of the University College of Fort Hare for infringing residence and college regulations. TLS 1p.   
C72 n.d. Champion Lu the Secretary, Livestock & Meat Industries Control Board, Durban   
 Requests in his capacity as a licensed and registered butcher at Inanda, that his meat ration be increased to cater for the meat demand at Inanda. TLS 1p.   
C73 n.d. Champion to the Editor, Ilanga Lase Natal.   
 Reacts to a newspaper article in which, he alleges, 'Busy Bee' reported incorrectly on his involvement in Cho Tnanda Centenary celebrations. TLS 1p.   
Da1 1930 Jul .31 P. ka Seme to Champion   
 Describes briefly the difficulties he is experiencing in trying to organise the Basothos and Swazis, particularly their 'petty leaders'; asks for Champion's suggestions regarding organisation in Natal; asks whether Champion is prepared to work on a new paper Seme is launching. TLS 1p.   
Da2 1944 Oct.26 A.B. Xuma to Champion   
 Congratulates Champion on his statesmanship in resolving the crisis in Natal Congress leadership. TLS 1p.   
Da3 1944 Nov.2 Champion to A.D. Xuma   
 Thanks Xuma for his comforting and valuable letter; mentions that he has received a similar one from Acting Paramount Chief Mshiyeni; mentions his engagements in coming weeks. TL.1p.   
Da4 1945 Jan.11, Natal Indian Congress to Champion   
 Covering letter for a memorandum addressed to the Minister of Agriculture in connection with the shortage of condensed milk. TLS 1p.   
 Memorandum discusses the centrality of condensed milk to the diet of many South Africans, and challenges the policy of producing more fresh milk and ice cream at. the expense of less costly condensed milk. Ts.6pp.   
Da5 1945 Jan.17 Champion to the Joint Secretaries, Natal Indian Congress   
 Thanks them for sending him a copy of the memorandum on condensed milk. TLS 1p.   
Da6 1945 Apr.11 Champion to A.B. Xuma   
 Letter informing Xuma that he has finally and formally been declared President of the Natal African Congress, but has insufficient membership cards to administer the Congress adequately; requests a meeting with Xuma. TLS 1p.   
Da6a 1945 Jun.28 Champion to Calata   
 Requests that a meeting of the National Executive Committee be postponed; includes a list of the, Natal Executive Committee. TLS 1p.   
Da7 1945 Jul.9 Xuma to Champion   
 Announces the appointment of an Tloome as Secretary-Bookkeeper of Congress. TL 1p.   
Da8 1945 Jul.11 J.S.F.B.B.G Gregory to Champion   
 Apparently agrees to go to a rival meeting convened by Rev. Mtimkulu; encloses a circular distributed by Mtimkulu. ALS 1p.   
Da8a 1945 Jul.12 Champion to Leo Mtimkulu   
 Notifies Mtimkulu of the next Natal Congress Executive Meeting. TL 1p.   
Da9 1945 Jul.13 Xuma to Champion   
 Covering note for an enclosed letter to the press. No enclosure. TLS 1p.   
Da10 1945 Jul.14 D. Tloome to Champion   
 Requests details of the administration, membership and activities of the Provincial Congress. TL 1p.   
Da11 1945 Sep.11, Champion to Xuma   
 Explains how he came to receive a particular telegram, and Provides an opinion on Matthews' activities concerning the Protectorates. TL 1p.   
Da12 1945 Aug.29 Champion to H. Selby Msimang   
 Raises the issues of the Kanyile affair; the Muden affair; the Daughters of Africa Conference; internal administration of the Natal Congress. TLS 2pp.   
Da13 1945 Sep.21 Xuma to Z.K. Matthews   
 Advises on the best way to plan a campaign centred on the autonomy of the Protectorates; raises the issues of discretion, publicity and strategy. TLS 2pp.   
Da14 1945 Sep.26 Xuma to champion   
 Gives his opinion on the Protectorates Charter.   
Da15 1946 Mar.8 H. Selby Msimang to the President   
 Mentions a letter sent to the Chief Native Commissioner, raises the problems he is experiencing as being a Congress office-bearer and closely associated with the Local Health Commission. TLS 1p.   
Da16 1946 Jun.12 D. Bopape to Champion   
 Congratulates Champions on the stand taken by the NRC in the campaign to abolish the Pass Laws; invites him to a conference convened by the National Anti-Pass Council. TLS 1p.   
Da17 1946 Ju1.24 Xuma to Champion   
 Suggests that as the Natal Women's League is still in infancy, normal Congress membership cards be used. TLS 1p.   
Da18 1946 Sep.13 Xuma to Champion   
 Asks Champion to give serious thought to the proposed increase in centralisation of control in Congress, and requests a receipt for soma money paid. TLS 1p.   
Da19 1946 Sep.18 Chapman to Xuma   
 Requests clarification on the meter of money Champion was asked to receipt. 'TLS 1p.   
Da20 1946 Sep.29 Xuma to Champion   
 Announces the date of an Emergency Conference of All Africans and urges Champion to attend. TLS 2pp.   
Da21 1946 Oct.14 Xuma to Champion   
 Reports back briefly on the conference; mentions his departure date for overseas. TLS 1p.   
Da22 1946 Cct.16 D.R. Davison[Municipal Native Administration Dept.) to Champion   
 Requests Champion's presence at a meeting at which the Royal Visit and 'functions set aside for the Bantu' people would be discussed. TLS 1p.   
Da23 1946 Oct.22 Xuma to Champion   
 Writing from Leopoldville, Xuma apologises for not having spoken to Champion before leaving; informs Champion that he will serve as acting president in his absence; gives brief instructions regarding administration. ALS 2pp.   
Da24 1946 Nov.21 H. Selby Msimang to Champion   
 Asks Champion to look into a case of cattle seizure; congratulates him on getting the Head of State to appear before the N.H.C. TLS 1p.   
Da25 1946 Nov.2B 1-.Selby Msimang to Champion   
 Congratulates Champion on his stand in Pretoria asks for his criticism of a memo on Native Laws; discusses meeting an official, in connection with the Ngotshe and Weenen people. TLS 1p.   
Da26 1946 Oec.2R H. Selby Msimang to Champion   
 Notifying him of a meeting with the Chief Native Commissioner; encloses a memo for the Commissioner on Native Laws for approval. TL 1p.   
Da27 1946 Dec-28 H. Selby Msimang to the Chief Native Commissioner, Pietermaritzburg   
 Outlines the nature of points to be raised by the Executive Committee of the Natal African Congress at a meeting with the Chief Native Commissioner; points to be raised include the need for greater consultation with African leaders re the regularisation of farm labour, the disposal of Crown lands and the purchase of land adjoining scheduled arras. TL. 2pp.   
Da28 1947 Jan.18 H. Selby Msimang to Champion   
 Proposes launching a major membership drive in Natal and anticipates needing a minimum of one thousand membership cards for Estcourt alone. TLS 1p.   
Da29 1947 Jan.22 H. Selby Msimang to Champion   
 Details a scheme of decentralised financing of the Provincial Congresses; refers to a forthcoming meeting in Bloemfontein. TLS 2pp.   
Da30 1947 Jan.22 A.B. Xuma to Champion   
 Requests that Champion set a date for a meeting with Xuma as soon as possible, as Champion's dilatoriness has caused Xuma considerable embarrassment in several instances. TLS 1p.   
 overleaf: 1947 Jan-25 Champion to Xuma   
 Draft of a telegram to Xuma arranging a time for a meeting. ALS 1p.   
Da31 1947 Jan.4 Champion to Xuma   
 Explains to Xuma that he has not been well recently, yet had been unaware that Xuma was awaiting receipt of information from him, expresses his antipathy towards Xuma's proposed visit to prominent Indian politicians in Natal without prior consultation with Natal Congress officials, and notes his ill-feelings about the Conference in Bloemfontein. TL 1p.   
Da32 1947 Feb.5 Luthuli to Champion   
 Tenders his apologies for the meeting of the executive that weekend, and asks for an opportunity to discuss certain matters with Champion as soon as possible. TLS 1p.   
Da33 1947 Feb. 2 Xuma to Champion   
 Thanks Champion for a successful visit to Natal, and notes the undercurrents of factionalism within the Natal Congress; mentions a crisis fomented by Basner and Mosaka who have launched a 'fighting fund' to rival that of Congress. TLS 1p.   
Da34 1941 Feb.22 L.P. Msomi to Champion   
 Requests Champion's advice regarding an invitation from this Chief Native Commissioner to attend a function in honour of the British king. TLS 1p.   
Da35 19J'7 Feb.25 H. Selby Msimang to L.P. Msomi   
 Responds to the question of attending the Royal visit festivities, clarifying the stand taken by Congress on the subject. TLS 3p,   
Da36 1947 Feb.24 Champion to L.P. Msomi   
 Advises Msomi to address his request to Msimang as Provincial Secretary. TL 1p.   
Da37 1947 Feb.25 H. Selby Msimang to Champion   
 Thanks Champion for a reminder and tenders his apologies for a meeting he will be unable to attend. TLS 1p.   
Da38 1947 Feb. 28 Jordan P. Ngubane to Champion   
 Requests Champion to address a meeting on the subject of the Unemployment Insurance Act. TLS 1p.   
Da39 1947 Mar.3 H. Selby Msimang to Champion   
 Thanks Champion for a circular received by him.   
Da40 1947 Mar.6 H. Selby Msimang to Champion   
 Mentions a meeting; held at Mpendle where a vote was passed unanimously opposing the proposal of the Native Commissioner that European tractors be allowed to buy grazing sites in scheduled areas; a book on Penal and Prison Reform with which he has been involved. TLS 1p.   
Da41 1947 Mar .10 Dan Tloome, National Secretary-Bookkeeper to Provincial Boards   
 Requests Provincial heads to suggest names for persons to serve as full-time Congress organisers. TL 1p.   
Da42 1947 Mar.10 Dan Tloome to Provincial Offices   
 Requests that work be done to collect, levies for the fighting fund. TL 1p.   
Da43 1947 Mar.12 M.R. Leifeldt, Chief Native Commissioner to the Provincial Secretary, Natal African Congress   
 Politely points out that the Dept. of Native Affairs canna. bind itself to consult with the ANC as long as the NRC and various Local Advisory Councils exist. TL 1p.   
Da44 1947 .Mar.13 M .R .Leifeldt to H. Selby Msimang   
 Informs Msimang it is not the intention of the Dept, to excise European-owned trading sites from the scheduled native area and explains some of the provisions in the 1936 Act. TL. 1p.   
Da45 1947 Mar.30 H. Selby Msimang to members of the Provincial Executive Committee   
 Requests the presence of all Executive members at a meeting, the agenda for which is enclosed. TL 1p.   
Da46 1947 Mar.l9 H. Selby Msimang to Champion   
 Discusses his plan for a national bank, the collection of levies for the fighting fund and the sale of trading sites in they tribal locations. TLS 1p.   
Da47 1947 Mar.22 Champion to C.S. Ramohanoe   
 Discusses a letter received from Ramohanoe, which was similar to one received from Tloome; hints at some conflict of interest between the Natal Executive and Head Office. TLS 1p.   
Da48 1947 Mar.29 C. Mbonambi and S.P. Hlatswayo to H. Selby Msimang   
 Motivates for a motion of no confidence in 4 executive members of Natal Congress; calls for a critical discussion of the participation of certain Congress members in the Royal Visit festivities. TL 1p.   
Da49 1947 April A.J. Luthuli to Champion   
 letter of apology for a forthcoming Executive meeting.A1.5 2pp.   
Da50 1947 Apr.12 A.J. Luthuli to H. Selby Msimang   
 Letter or apology and e:xplantion for his absence at a forthcoming meeting. ALS 2pp.   
Da51 1947 Apr.28 H. Selby Msimang to Champion   
 Explains his difficulties regarding a paucity of membership cards. TLS 1p.   
Da52 1947 May 14 H. Selby Msimang to Champion   
 Expresses his misgivings, about the way the Working Committee of Congress is handling its affairs. TLS 1p.   
Da53 1947 May 14 Rmahonoe to Champion   
 Requests Champion to impress on the people he meets during his tour of Natal to discuss developments in the NRC, the need to boycott the next lee election. TLS 1p.   
Da54 1947 May 14 Ramahonoe to Champion   
 Asks Champion to look after (?) of his; asks him what the attitude of the Transvaal Congress is regarding Non-European co-operation and NRC election boycotts; refers vaguely to the existence of a movement sponsored by young people in existence in the Transvaal. TLS 1p.   
Da55 1947 May 16 Champion to Selby Msimang.   
 Endorses Msimang's comments on the statement of the Working Committee and expresses his unease about persons such as J.B. Marks. TL 1p.   
Da56 1947 May 16 Champion to Ramabanoe   
 Acknowledges receipt of Ramahanoe's letter and states that no effort will be made to implement the ARC election boycott resolution in Natal, TL 1p.   
Da57 1947 May 21 H. Selby Msimang to Champion   
 Covering note for 200 copies of an address to be delivered by Champion. TLS 1p.   
Da58 1947 .Jun.5 D. Tloome to Champion   
 Thanks Champion for recommending A.B.C. Xaba as Natal organiser and asks him to arrange an interview. TLS 1p.   
Da59 1947 Jun.9 Champion to Xuma   
 Informs Champion that Xaba is no longer available for the position of Natal organiser. Mentions that he will be meeting with the Chief Native Commissioner shortly in connection with Africans on European-owned farms, stock limitation. TIS 1p.   
Da60 1947 Jun.14 Ramahanoe to Champion   
 Informs Champion that Mrs Boka returned to Johannesburg safely. TL 1p.   
Da61 1947 Jun.25 Xuma to Champion   
 Corrects Champion's erroneous assumption that he can claim from Congress the same allowance that he can when travelling as a Councillor on State business; reminds Champion that the cause of the people should outweigh considerations of status. TLS 2pp.   
Da62 1947 Jun.27 James Calata to Champion   
 Tactfully suggests that Champion should not be toys vocal in his condemnation of the pact signed by Xuma, Dadoo and Naicker. TLS 1p.   
Da63 1947 Jun.30 H. Selby Msimang to James Calata   
 Details extensively the criticisms of the Natal Congress regarding the signing of the Doctors' Pact. TLS 2pp.   
Da64 1947 Jun.30 Champion to Xuma   
 Disgruntled reply to Xuma's letter; discusses his opinion of the Working Committee's actions and policies. TLS 2pp.   
Da65 1947 Jun.30 H. Selby Msimang to Champion   
 Apologises for not writing earlier; enclosing a note to Xuma on Natal's resolutions, TLS 1p.   
Da66 1947 Jul.4 H. Selby Msimang To Champion   
 Asks Champion's advice regarding the issue of receipts for persons selling their stock for cash, to be deposited in the National Fund. TLS 1p.   
Da67 1947 Jul.7 Champion to H. Selby Msimang   
 Suggests that Msimang should exercise more caution and spend more time discussing his investment scheme with the broader membership of Congress. TL 1p.   
Da68 1947 Jul.8 H. Selby Msimang to Champion   
 Provides a tentative agenda for a forthcoming Committee meeting; mentions discussing with Edgar Brookes his proposals for invoicing the proceeds from the sale of cattle. TLS 1p.   
Da69 1947 Jul.10 Champion to Msimang   
 Suggests that Msimang's plan may be interpreted as aiding the government's stock delimitation policy, particularly in view of the Department of Native Affairs' unusual interest in the matter. TL 2pp.   
Da70 1947 Jul.12 Msimang to Champion   
 Continues the debate about investment of cash from cattle; alludes to the possibility of organising rural workers in Congress around the issue of withdrawing their labour. TLS 2pp,   
Da71 1947 Jul.17 Msimang to Champion   
 Covering letter for an interim statement of account, which, concludes with a suggestion that Champion approach certain Chiefs for financial assistance amounting to 100pound TLS 4pp.   
Da72 1941 Jul.18 Msimang to Champion   
 Raises issues relating to a forthcoming National Executive Meeting, and notes the existence of a body of farm labourers in the Mzuki district whose working conditions presented a potentially excellent focus around which Congress could organise, TLS 1p.   
Da73 1947 Jul.21 Msimang to Champion   
 Suggests that the Working Committee's call for a boycott of the NBC elections should be strongly opposed at the forthcoming National Executive Meeting. TLS 1p.   
Da74 1947 Jul.21 Champion to Msimang   
 Argues that the Natal Executive should attend the Bloemfontein meeting where Natal's point of view regarding Indian co-operation would be made known. TL 1p.   
Da75 1447 Jul.22 Champion to Msimang   
 Makes clear his feeling for the call for a boycott of too forthcoming NRC elections. TL 1p.   
Da76 1947 Jul.23 Msimang to Champion   
 Discusses arrangements for the meeting of the National Executive meeting. TLS 1p.   
Da77 1947 Jul. 25 Champion to Xuma   
 Complains about the inconvenience of the National Executive Meeting and his lack of faith in the Working Committee. TL 1p   
Da78 1947 Jul.30 Msimang to Champion   
 Informs Champion that the National Executive Meeting has been called off following the death of Lembede.   
Da79 1947 Aug .l Msimang to the Natal Executive Committee   
 Notification of the postponement of a meeting. Text in Zulu.TL. 1p.   
Da80 1947 Aug.2 Msimang to Champion   
 Suggests that Mr Mathe be invited to appear before a Committee. TLS   
Da81 1947 Aug.29 S.I.J .Bhengu to Members of the Executive   
 Memorandum covering Bhengu's criticisms of the plan to boycott the NEC election, TL 2pp.   
Da82 1947 Aug. S.I.J Bhengu to Champion   
 Letter of thanks for Champion's hospitality; mentions he doe riot follow Msimang in his reasoning. ALS 1p.   
Da83 1947 Aug.31 Champion to the President General   
 Details his grievances concerning centralised financing, the NRC elections; the Joint Declaration of Corporation. TL 2pp.   
Da84 1948 Jan,27 S.I.J. Bhengu to Champion   
 Criticises Champion for causing divisions within the Natal Congress. TLS 1p   
Da85 1948 Apr.6 Msimang to Champion   
 Reports several items of administrative interest. TLS 1p.   
Da86 1978 Apr.7 M.P. Naicker to Msimang   
 Formal invitation to the Second Annual Conference of the Natal Indian Congress. TLS 1p.   
Da87 1948 Apr.8 P.O. Vundla to Sir/Madam   
 Calls on the addressee to agree to be a sponsor and organiser for tie First Transvaal-Orange Free State People's Assembly for votes for all. TLS 1p   
Da88 1948 Apr.12 Msimang to Champion   
 Informs Champion of arrangements made for a meeting of the Natal Executive. TLS 1p.   
Da89 1948 May 21 Msimang to Champion   
 Refers to a letter in which collection for the National (?) is detailed; mentions the possibility of a Defence Fund for farm labourers. TLS 1p.   
Da90 1948 May 21 H. Selby Msimang to O .Tambo   
 Criticises the ANC Working Committee's suggestion that Africans nationally elect parliamentary representatives and suggests ;.hat intensive organisation on practical lines would be more valuable. TLS 1p.   
Da91 1948 Jul. 1 Champion to Msimang   
 Responds to Msimang's draft resolutions for a forth coming special session, and in particular the correct response to the policies of the Nationalist government, as opposed to the United Party. TL 1p.   
Da92 1945 Jul.19 E.H. Brookes to Msimang   
 Apologises for being unable to speak at a Congress meeting. TLS 1p.   
Da93 1948 Jul.27 Champion to Msimang   
 Congratulates Msimang on his stand at the Special Conference; discusses his plan to print provincial membership cards as a way of bypassing the stringent useless rule of people who have no organising spirit'. TL 1p.   
Da94 1946 Jul.27 Msimang to Champion   
 Describes a meeting with Campbell on the subject of Msimang's fund; suggests that the Annual Conference of the ANC be postponed for a month in 1949. TLS 1p.   
Da95 1949 Jan.10 S.I.J. Bhengu to Champion   
 Discusses last minute plans for a meting to be held in Dannbausor. . ALS 1p.   
Da96 1949 Feb.10 S.I.J Bhengu to E . H .Brookes   
 Complains about the prejudices of the Principal of E . T. T . College with regard to two members of the Mahashini Royal Kraal - Reginald and Hettie Zulu. TLS 2pp.   
Da97 1949 Feb.18 Champion to Xuma   
 Informs Xuma of the decision of Natal Congress to with draw from the Commission of Enquiry into the Durban riots. TL 1p.   
Da98 1949 Feb.22 Durban Town Clerk to the Asst .Branch Secretary   
 Requests information regarding the specific nature of a meeting, without which permission will not be granted for the meeting to take place. TLS 1p.   
Da99 1949 Mar.29 ?Singh1 General Secretary of the Natal Indian Congress to Champion   
 Requests that a date be set for a meeting between the Natal African and Indian Congresses. TLS 1p.   
Da100 1949 Apr.7 Champion to Singh   
 Suggests a time for the meeting; asks the NIC to make all other arrangements, TL 1p.   
Da101 1949 Apr.12 Singh to Champion   
 Confirms the date suggested for a meeting, provides a venue, suggests that the meeting discuss the Joint Statement issued by the ANC and SAIC on 6 Feb .1949 and matters arising therefrom. TLS 1p.   
Da102 1949 Apr.13 Chief Damede to Champion   
 'Arrived safely probably attend Congress', Telegram.   
Da103 1949 Nov.28 Secretary, ANC Working Committee to National Executive Members   
 Covering note for a report on the President's Conference 7 Aug. 1949. TLS 1p.   
Da104 1950 W. Sisulu, Secretary-General ANC Members of the Executive Committee   
 Provides additional information and observations on the disturbances at Newclare, 29 January 1951. TL 1p.   
Da105 1950 Aug.5 N.R Mandela to Champion   
 Appeals for statements and reports on provincial activities so as to remedy the chaotic nature of Congress affairs. TLS 1p.   
Da106 1950 Aug.11 Champion to S.M. Molema, Treasurer-General, NNC   
 Expresses his alarm about a circular sent to him which he sees as the realisation of a warning he had issued regarding the role of the Youth League. TLS 1p.   
Da107 1950 Aug.14 Msimang to Champion   
 Covering Letter for an Organisation Programme which was drawn up after a meeting with the Durban Youth League. TLS 1p.   
 Encloses the Organisation Programme. Ts 2pp.   
Da108 1950 Aug.17 Champion to Msimang   
 Criticises Msimang for his support for the Youth League and accuses him of working to disorganise the existing machinery of the Natal Congress. TL 1p.   
Da109 1950 Sep.14 Msimang to Champion   
 Strongly worded reply, justifying his interest in the Youth League and accusing Champion of treating the Youth League as Dube had treated himself and the ICU. TLS 2pp   
Da110 1950 Sep.15 Champion to Msimang   
 Responds to Msimang's letter, listing his objections to Msimang's work with the Youth League and discussing the differences between his and Dube's style of operation. Letter incomplete. TL. 1p.   
Da111 1950 Dec.8 Secretary, NRC to Champion   
 Covering letter for a copy of the minutes of the NEC. TLS 1p.   
Da112 1951 Sep. 1 Champion to A.J. Luthuli   
 Suggests that if Luthuli wants to speak to him he should meet in Champion's office; criticises the way Luthuli and Msimang 'looked for points' in their alleged bid to take over leadership of the Natal Congress. TLS. 1p.   
Da113 n.d. George Ellary, Hon. Secretary, N.I.C to Champion   
 Wishes the Natal African Congress well at its conference and states that the Dannhauser branch of the NIC associates itself fully with the African Congress. TLS 1p.   
Da114 n.d. Ramahonoe to Champion   
 Responds to the instructions of the Secretary-General regarding the collection for the Fighting Fund appointment of organisers. TLS 1p.   
Da115 n.d. Champion to the Editor. Ilanga Lase, Natal   
 Grudging acceptance of the results of the Natal Congress elections and Luthuli's victory. AL. Letter incomplete. 2pp.   
Ea1 List of persons present at the founding of the SANNC (ANC) in 1912.   
Ea2 1944 Feb.24 List of persons present at the inaugural meeting of the ANC Youth League.   
 The signatories include amongst others: Nelson Mandela, Ashby Mda, Walter Sisulu and Oliver Tambo, B Masekela, William Nkomo, Jordan Ngubane and WZ Conco.   
Eb1 1945 Dec.1 l Minutes of the National Executive Meeting, Bloemfontein.   
Eb2 1947 Feb.l-2 Minutes of a special meeting of the National Executive, Bloemfontein.   
Eb3 1947 Dec.14-17 Agenda for the 35th Annual Conference, Bloemfontein.   
Eb4 n.d. Recommendations by the Working Committee on conference resolutions.   
Eb5 n.d. African National Congress : Boycott Resolution   
 Calls for the boycott of NRC and lists the minimum points called for, for common citizenship. 1p.   
Eb6 n.d. 'Towards a stronger organisation : A plan' 1p.   
Eb7 1949 Indo-African Congresses : Resolutions passed. 3pp.   
Eb8 1949 Apr.l5 List of persons present - at Afro-Indian Conference?   
Eb9 n.d. Motion of adjournment of the NRC proposed by Z.K. Matthews.   
Eb10 n.d. 'African National Congress : Centralisation or Subsidisation?' submitted by Champion and Msimang. 1p.   
Ec1 14 Sep. 21 ANC ' Emergency Conference of All Africans'   
 Called by Xuma to discuss the policy and strategy following the adjournment of the NIC. 1p.   
Ec2 1946 Jan.14 ANC Bulletin No.2/45; Broadcast by A.E. Xuma   
 Discusses the position of African workers; calls for the abolition of migratory labour; the proposed incorporation of South West Africa into the Union Government; the death of Dr. John Langalibalele Dube. 2pp.   
Ec3 1946 AFC Bulletin No.5/46   
 Stresses the importance of attendance at the forthcoming Annual Conference of the ANC. 1p.   
Ec4 1947 Mar. Joint Declaration of Co-operation   
 Statement issued by Dr. Xuma, Naicker and Dadoo. 2pp.   
Ec5 1949 Jan.15 Press Statements on the Durban Riots   
 Issued by the Executive Committee of the Transvaal ANC and Transvaal Indian Congress, signed by C.S. Ramohanoe,   
Ec6 1949 Jan. 16 Evaton Non-European Friendly Emergency Committee   
 Statement issued by the Committee calling for an unofficial inquiry into the causes of the Durban riots. 1p.   
Ec7 1950 Jun-Jul. 'Uvukayibanbe i Afrika.   
 Newsletter of the Natal Congress Youth league. 4pp.   
Ec8 1950 Sep. Ladysmith   
 Notice of a meeting to he held. 1p. Text in Zulu.   
Ec9 n.d. 'Isigungu sika African National Congress'   
 Text in Zulu. 1p.   
Ec10 1946 Oct. 10 Letter by Selby Msimang   
 Re. ANC text in Zulu   
F1 1945 Oct.13 R.M. Khuzwayo, Chairperson of the Blackhurst Housewives League to Champion   
 Asks Champion for his support. ALS 2pp.   
F2 1945 Cct.14 R.H. Khuzwayo to H.P. Ngwenya, Secretary of the Advisory   
 Asks Ngwenya for his support in establishing a market, a butchery, a tearoom, a grocery shop and a nursery school to further the aims of the Blackhurst Housewives League. ALS 2pp.   
F3 1946 Mar.4 Champion to the Chief Native Commissioner, Natal   
 Asks whether a person living in the Ifafa Mission Reserve can bequeath his allotment. TLS 1p.   
F4 1946 Mar.5 Chief Native Commissioner, Natal to Champion   
 Replies to Champion's query. TLS 1p.   
F5 1947 Aug.30 Champion to the Town Clerk, Charlestown   
 Questions the right of the Government to cancel the lease of certain farms without consultation. TL 1p.   
F6 1947 Aug.15 Champion to the Chief Native Commissioner, Natal   
 Complains of the 'changed procedure' in dealing with complaints raised by Champion. TL 2pp.   
F7 1949 Jan.8 Champion to the Native Commissioner, Nkandla   
 Asks for a clarification of a decision to demolish a native controlled church.   
F8 1949 Jan.21 Champion to the Chairman, Native Administration Committee, Durban   
 Challenges the method and nature of inquiry proposed into the Durban riots. TL 1p.   
F9 1949 Jan.21 T.E. Peet, General Manager of the Durban City Corporation to Champion   
 Calls on Champion to supply evidence relating to an accident witnessed by him. TL 1p.   
F10 1949 Jan.21 Champion to the Chairman, Native Administration Committee, Durban   
 Asks the Chairman to pass on a request concerning the nature of the Commission of Enquiry to the Minister of Native Affairs. TL 1p.   
F11 1949 Jan.24 B.G. Nicholson to Champion   
 Informs Champion that his representations have been passed on to the Minister for Native Affairs. TLS 2pp.   
F12 1949 Feb.10 S.B. Ngcobo to Champion   
 Informs Champion of his decision to convene a meeting of the Board. ALS 1p.   
F13 1949 Feb.17 Champion to the Location Superintendent, Dundee   
 Letter of introduction to enable the bearer, Angeline Nyuswa, to collect the belongings of her late father. TL 1p.   
F14 1949 Feb.18 Champion (missing)   
 Letter obscured.   
F15 1949 Feb.23 Champion to the Manager, Native Administration, Durban   
 Letter of Introduction to enable the bearer, Esther Mdhluli to apply for relief. TL 1p.   
F16 1949 Fcb.23 Champion to the Native Commissioner, Empangeni   
 Requests some attention to the case of one Motukayise Zungu whose claim to an inheritance has been contested by a sibling. TL 1p.   
F17 1949 Feb. 24 Champion to the Manager, Native Administration Dept., Durban   
 On behalf of Joseph Ngubane, Champion asks the manager to investigate an assault by several identifiable Indian men. TLS 1p.   
F18 1949 Feb.25 Champion to the Manager, Natives Administration Dept., Durban   
 Complains, on behalf of seven women, that police harassment does not engender good race relations. MS 1p.   
F19 1949 Feb.26 Champion to Van den Heever, Chairperson, Commission of Inquiry into the Durban Riots   
 Complains that Pather's claim that a pamphlet was in circulation calling on Africans to riot is completely unfounded. TLS 2pp.   
F20 1919 Mar.10 .S. Brisker to Messrs Ilanga Lase Natal (Pty) Ltd   
 Covering note for a copy of the evidence given before the Riots Commission. TLS 1p.   
F21 1949 Feb.28 Champion to Van den Heever   
 Lists a number of complaints about Pather's unsubstantiated claim regarding pamphlets issued to invite Africans. TL 1p.   
F22 1951 Memorandum submitted by the Durban Locations Joint Advisory Boards   
 Lists complaints that have not been attended to including the lack of consultation over the implementation of the Group Areas Act; the housing shortage; the consequences of influx control. Document incomplete. TL 2pp.   
F23 1951 Nov.7 Champion to the Native Commissioner & Inspector of Labour, Durban   
 Asks that the request of fishermen for a wage increase be attended to. TLS. 1p.   
F24 1951 Nov.19 Champion to the Town Clerk. Durban   
 Includes a veiled threat of violence in his complaint over the lack of consultation concerning the re-zoning of Durban in term of the Group Areas Act. TLS 2pp. Includes a newspaper clipping.   
F25 1952 Jan. 7 Native Commissioner, Durban to Champion   
 Acknowledges receipt of Champion's letter in connection with Line Fishermen. TLS 1p.   
F26 1952 Jan.11 Champion to the Native Commissioner   
 Pursues further the ease of the Line Fishermen. TLS 1p.   
F27 1952 Doc.24 S. Bourquin, Municipal Administration Dept., to the Town Clerk, Durban   
 States that contrary to a request to improve the condition of road surfaces in Chesterville location, Bourquin is satisfied that no repairs or improvements are necessary. TLS 1p.   
F28 1958 Mar.7 Town Clerk, Durban to Champion   
 Sets a time for a deputation of members of the Advisory Boards to meet with the Native Commissioner. TLS 1p.   
 Encloses the Advisory Board's memorandum on Africans grievances and news clippings.   
G1 1947 Jan.5: Cowley and Cowley to the Native Commissioner, Umbumbulu   
 States that in response to a request from Champion, information about the Umnini Trust. has been collected by them; asks for an explanation of the prominent position on the Trust formerly occupied by the Lord Bishop of Natal. TL 1p.   
G2 1947 Jan.11 Cowley and Cowley to Major C. Cow1ey   
 Asks for Major Cowley's opinion regarding the appointment of a new Trustee; includes as a postscript information about the Trust and its unique nature,. TL 1p.   
G3 1947 Jan.16 Chief Native Commissioner, Natal to Champion   
 Covering letter for a copy of the Deed of Trust. TL 1p.   
 Includes a copy of the Deed of Trust, dated 1859. 8pp.   
G4 1947 Jan.17 Cowley and Crowley to Champion   
 Asks Champion to visit their office. TL 1p.   
G5 1948(sic) Jan.20   
 Asks Mack for an appointment. TL 1p.   
G6 1947 Jan.23 Cowley and Cowley to the Chief Native Commissioner, Natal   
 Asks for information regarding he historic and legal position of the Umnini Trust. TL 1p.   
G7 1947 Jan.29 C.N.C Natal to Cowley and Cowley   
 Suggests that the Acting Chief of the Ntuli tribe call on the native Commissioner at Umbumbulu. 1p.   
G8 1947 Feb.5 Cowley and Cowley to Champion   
 Informs- Champion of the reply of the C.N.C. Natal and suggests that Champion approach the Acting Chief and the Native Commissioner at Umbumbuiu. TL. 1p.   
G9 1947 Feb.14 G.P. Wallace, Acting Native Commissioner, Umlazi District to Cowley and Cowley   
 Suggests that the Government Archives in Pietermaritzburg be approached for information. TL 1p.   
G10 1947 May 27 Cowley and Cowley to the Officer in Charge, Pietermaritzburg Archives   
 Requests information regarding the creation of the Trust. TL 1p.   
G11 1947 Jun.10 M.O. Strydom, Archivist, to Cowley and Cowley   
 Suggests that a member of their staff be sent to research the Umnini Trust material. TL 1p.   
G12 1947 Cowley and Cowley to Champion   
 Asks Champion to mention the Umnini Trust when next he visit his solicitors. TL 1p.   
G13 1949 Mar.13 Cowley and Cowley to Champion   
 Asks Champion to mention the Knini Trust when next he visits his solicitors. TL ip.   
G14 1948 Aug.3 Champion to the Native Commissioner, Umbumbulu   
 Asks, on behalf of Acting Chief Ntandane Mtuli. for Government Surveyor to be sent to the area to resolve a dispute with adjacent cane farmers over the boundaries of the Trust. TL 1p.   
G15 1948 Oct.8 Cowley and Cowley to Champion   
 Covering note for duplicate of sonic documents. TL 1p.   
G16 1952 .Jan.9 Cowley and Cowley to Champion   
 Asks Champion for documents handed over to him so that a complaint concerning the encroachment by a European on the Trust may be dealt with, TLS 1p.   
G17 1952 Jan.14 Champion to Cowley anti Cowley   
 Denies that the Umnini Trust documents are in his possession and informs then that the Mnini Trust people have been advised to visit the firm once more. TL 1p   
Ha1 1925 Jun. The Transvaal Native Mine Clerks' Association   
 Message of Greeting to the Prince of Wales on his visit to the Mines, which expresses the hope that his visit will impress on him the needs of his African subjects. 1p.   
Ha2 1931 Feb.18 D.R.O. Thomas   
 Note: on the requirements for a successful Native Village' for 'a village to be constructed near Clair wood, Durban.' 4pp.   
Ha3 1944 Feb.24 I.J.N. Sondlo. General Secretary, PAC, to Affiliate Organisations   
 Calls for the payment of affiliation fees, informs members of the date of the Annual Conference. TLS 1p   
Ha4 1948 Mar.8 S.S. Brisker   
 Memorandum Evidence given before the Hints Commission. Refutes all allegations of social discrimination against Africans applying for licences to operate commercial bus services. 14pp.   
Ha5 197 Jan.8. S.I.J. Bhengu   
 Address given to the Annual Conference of the Daughters of Africa, on the effects of the Natal Code of Native Law on Women; discusses Lobola, the 'personal status of a native woman, her privileges. and the position of practitioners of medicine and herbalism'. 9pp.   
Ha6 1948 First Transvaal-Orange Free State People's Assembly for Votes for All   
 Manifesto. Includes a form to be signed by sponsors of the People's Assembly. 1p.   
Ha7 1948 Oct.26 To the Editor, Daily News   
 Lengthy response to a claim made by Eric Louw that Non-Europeans are not deprived of their elementary human rights. TL. 2pp.   
Ha8 n. d. 'Native Rents in Durban'   
 Memorandum on housing policy in Durban, historical trends, and issues arising therefrom. 3pp.   
Ha9 n.d. Senatorial Debate on Native Policy   
 pp.2-17; document incomplete.   
Ha10 n.d. The Society of Young Africa, Johannesburg   
 Statement issued by the Society, addressed to 'Bantu Jazz Fans and Bantu Opera Fans'. Calls on fans to pause and consider that in ignoring the call for a boycott of the 'Festival of Oppression', they are being used as the 'pawns' of the Herrenvolk'. 1p.   
Ha11 N.d. Senatorial Debate dominated by Sen. Malcomess   
 Calls for greater attention to be paid to overpopulation in the reserves, and the widespread poverty endemic in both urban and rural areas. pp.12-16; document incomplete.   
Ha12 n.d. 'Native Land Act and Farmer and Tenant'   
 Memorandum outlining various Acts pertaining to African land tenure and labour contracts; appeals under the Native Administration Act of 1927. 2pp.   
Ha13 n.d. ' Cato Manor Curse'   
 Statement about the extent of police harassment of residents of Cato Manor. 1p.   
Ha14 n.d. The African National Improvement League   
 Calls for the complete boycott of bioscopes, and equality in trading rights between Africans and Indians; appeals for the economic independence of the African race. 1p.   
Ha15 1950 Proposed Itinerary   
 Provides a chronology of places to be visited. 1p.   
Ha16 n.d. Opening of Agricultural Show   
 Address to be given which includes an allegorical account of various cultivation principles. 4pp. Document incomplete.   
Ha17 n.d. Vincent Yeni   
 Memorandum concerning his exempted status. 1p.   
Ha18 1960 'End the Crisis'   
 Issued by the Congress of Democrats, calling for a Government of National Unity and Conciliation. 1p.   
Hb Miscellaneous   
 20 items: incomplete, illegible or as yet not translated from IsiZulu.