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Collection Index:PIM, James Howard 1874-1934
Collection Name:James Howard PIM Papers. 1874-1934
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Collection - A881
A881 James Howard Pim Papers, 1874-1934  
 Copyright 2006, Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa  
 Compiled by Anna M Cunningham, 1976  
 The papers of James Howard Pim comprise 456 items spanning the years 1874-1936. They contain personal documents, letters, memoranda, notebooks, press clippings, photographs, printed items and maps. The printed items have been kept with the papers because they complement the papers and in many cases have annotations in Pim's handwriting.  
 In 1975 the papers were transferred to the Library as part of the papers of the late Joane Pim (daughter of J.H.Pim), on the instructions of the executors of her estate. A further donation of 6 letter-books was received in November 1975 from Mr. C.B. Brayshaw of the firm of Pim, Whiteley & Close, Johannesburg.  
 The collection was re-arranged in the Library according to archival form. J.N. Pim's correspondence was divided into incoming and outgoing. classified first by subject and then chronologically. The only exceptions to this rule were the personal and general political letters which were arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent and then chronologically.  
 Subjects of interest include Ireland, the South African War (in particular the Siege of Kimberley), Johannesburg municipal affairs, politics, race relations, native welfare, education, economics, accountancy, art, literature and QuakerTsm. (For details of subjects see p.32). The term "native" has been used throughout the Inventory to describe the black people of South Africa because in the years when Pim was interested in black welfare, "native" was the legal and acceptable word and is the one he himself used, Through His brother, Sir Alan William Pim (1670- 1958; a distinguished colonial civil servant), Pim became well informed on Indian affairs and on the question of the Protectorates of Basutoland, Bechuanaland and Swaziland.  
 J.H. Pim corresponded with many people of note such as Sir Herbert Baker, D.C. Boonzaier, Central Louis Botha, Lord Buxton, L. Curtis, G. Dawson (editor of the Times), Sir Patrick Duncan, R. Fry, G. Goodman, General Hertzog, J.N. Hofmeyr, D.D.T. Jabavu, Sir Godfrey Lagden, T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia), F.S. Malan, Lord Milner, Lady Phillips, C.J. Rhodes, Lord Selborne, Field-Marshal J.C. Smuts, W.E. Stanford, P. Wenning and A.B. Xuma.  
 The following abbreviations have been used:-  
 Ms - Manuscripts  
 Ts - Typescript  
 Mimeog. - Mimeograph  
 JAMES HOWARD PIM 1862-1934  
 J.R.Pim was born on 27 September 1862 at Greythorn, County Dublin, the son of James and Elizabeth Pim, and was educated privately at Trintiy College, Dublin, where he distinguished himself in Science and Mathematics. He graduated M.A., took up the profession of accountancy and came to South Africa in 1890 to organise the accounting system of the British South Africa Company. He practised in Kimberley, where he was besieged during the Anglo-Boer War, and in Johannesburg, founding the firm Howard Pim and Hardy.  
 Pim was a man of many and varied interests, active in Johannesburg municipal affairs, serving on the first elected Town Council and organising the raising of the first municipal loans. He was interested throughout his life in politics, particularly race relations and native welfare. For his service on several important commissions he was awarded a C.B.E. in 1919. He was a founder member of both the Joint Council of Europeans and Africans and the South African Institute of Race Relations. One of his last public acts was to draw up the report on the economic position of the Transkei, under the auspices of the Carnegie Commission.  
 His other interests were education, art and literature. He helped to found in Johannesburg the Public Library, Art Gallery, Bridgman Memorial Hospital (the first non-white maternity home in Johannesburg) and Bantu Men's Social Centre and also the Fort Hare Native College in the Cape Province. A life-long quaker, he assisted those in need of all races. He married Rosamund Undecima Bere in 1898 and had one son and two daughters. He died on 29 April 1934.  
 Full details of Pim's life can be found in the Dictionary of South African Biography, Vol.1. Edited W.J.de Kock  
Ba Family   
Bb Personal   
Bc Art   
Bd Business   
Be Education   
Bf Ireland   
Bg Literary   
Bh Municipal   
Bj Natural History  
Bk Personal  
Bl Political  
Bm Quakers  
Bn S.A. War 1899-1902  
Bo Railways  
Bp Statistics  
Bq Unidentified  
Br Other than J.E. Pim  
Ca Family  
Cb Personal   
Cc General  
Cd  Quakers  
Ce  Letter-books  
CORRESPONDENCE OF MRS. ROSAMUND PIM (Letters to and from her husband appear in Ba and Ca)  
PICTORIAL - Most items are stored in room 27(see inventory)  
A. PERSONAL DOCUMENTS 12 items 1680-1933  
A1 1680 Jun.23. Certificate that J.H. Pim has passed the Entrance Examination to Trinity College, Dublin in the first division.  
A2 1886 Jan.26. Articles of Clerkship between Francis Cooper and J.H. Pim.  
A3 1889 Aug.3. Document No. 30090 Tssued by Lord Salisbury, Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, requesting that J.H. Pim be allowed to travel freely on the continent.  
A4 1889 Nov.6. Certificate that J.H. Pim had been admitted as an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales.  
A5 1901 Jul27. Identification card for J.H. Pim as private in Rand Rifles.  
A6 1914 Jan.13. Certificate of appointment as Special Constable.  
A7 1914 Oct.28. Certificate of appointment as Special Constable  
A8 1921 Certificate of appointment as Special Constable  
A9 1922 Mar.10. Special permit to pass with any vehicle in the Witwatersrand area.  
A10 1922 Mar.14. Motor vehicle permit for car TJ 1600  
A11 1927 Jun.22. Guarantee for electrolux vacuum.  
A12 1933 Dec.2. Bail form issued for offence under Motor Vehicles  
CORRESPONDENCE: LETTERS TO J.H. PIM 2795 items 1874-1934  
Ba Family 1172 items 1874-1934  
Ba1 Mother, Elizabeth F. Pim 66 items 1874-1889 (largely undated)  
Ba2 Father, James 35 items 1886-1917(+ copy of his will 1917)  
Ba3 Grandmother, Sarah 1 items 1898  
Ba4 Grandfather, James 2 items 1877-1691  
Ba5 Wife, Rosamund Undecima, (nee Sere) 398 items 1898-1925  
Ba6 Son, James Montague Pim 35 items 1910-1913  
Ba7 Daughter, Huldah Cecil Pim 92 items 1911-1923  
Ba8 Daughter, Joane Conydane Pim 133 items 1908-1927  
Ba9 Brothers (arranged abc) 109 items 1875-1934  
Ba9.1 Sir Alan W. Pim 75 items 1889-1934  
 As well as family affairs, these letters relate to the native question in South Africa, visit to Rhodesia 1908, the future of the Protectorates, visit to British Honduras and Indian affairs 1889-1924.  
Ba9.2 Conrad Arthur Pim 16 items 1898-1933  
Ba9.3 Ernest Theodore Pim 9 items 1917-1923  
Ba9.4 John E. Pim 9 items 1875-1887  
Ba9.5 William Harvey Pim 2 items 1902-1905  
Ba10 Sisters (arranged abc) 63 items 1877-1934  
Ba10.1 Edith L. Pim 11 items Undated  
Ba10.2 Eileen Pim 1 items c.1895  
Ba10.3 Elsie Pim 4 items 1915-1919  
Ba10.4 Mary Anita 6 items 1877-1917  
Ba10.5 Sarah Miriam Pim 31 items 1877-1934  
Ba10.6 Susan Elizabeth Pim 10 items 1919-1933  
Ba11 Pim family (Other) 78 items 1r.56-1934  
Ba11.1 Uncle Arthur Pim 1 item 1917  
Ba11.2 Uncle? Jonathan Pim 1 item 1891  
Ba11.3 Joseph T. Pim 1 item 1919  
Ba11.4 F.W. Pim 9 items 1916-1923  
 In addition to family affairs, they relate to Ireland, World War I, Yellow peril and Jewish question.  
Ba11.5 Cousin Nora C. Pim 1 item 1900  
Ba11.6 Cousin Jonathan G. Pim 3 items 1886  
Ba11.7 Cousin J. Pim 8 items 1916-1922  
 Also on Irish revolt and future of Ireland.  
Ba11.8 Cousin Dr. Jack Evans 39 items 1917-1934  
 Comments on Von Lettow and campaign in East Africa during 1st World War when Evans was Doctor with RAMC; also relates to native affairs in South Africa.  
Ba11.9 Sister-in-law Enid E. Pim 7 items 1920-1932  
Ba11.10 Sister-in-law Ranee G. Pim 4 items c.1933  
Ba11.11 Uncle and aunt, John and Mary Evans 4 items 1886-1919  
Ba12 Bere family-in-laws 42 items 1898-1925  
Ba12.1 Mother-in-law Cecil H. Bere 4 items undated  
Ba12.2 Father-in-Law Frank W. Bere 1 item 1899  
Ba12.3 Sister-in-Law Ada 6 items 1899-1919  
Ba12.4 Sister-in-law Cecil M. McCarthy 3 items 1898-1905  
Ba12.5 Sister-in-law E. Mabel Bere 1 item1900  
Ba12.6 Sister-in-law Margaret Bere 27 items 1921-1925  
Ba13 Letters on his wife's illness 58 items 1914-1934  
 Items from friends and doctors including 50 letters from Dr. Bertha M. Mules on condition of his wife.  
Ba14 Letters congratulating Pim on his engagement 28 items 1898  
 From friends, relatives and prospective in-laws.  
Bb PERSONAL FROM FRIENDS (arranged abc) 245 items 1886-1934  
 Adler, J 1 item 1917  
 Aggrey, J.E. 1 item c.1932  
 Alcock, Lilian 1item 1933  
 Anderson, Evelyn 2 items 1928-1932  
 Bernard, John H. 2 items 1898-1920  
 Boardman, Joan H. 1 item 1928  
 Botha, Olive 2 items 1933  
 Braithwaite, George 1 item 1922  
 Brown, Agnes 1 item 1919  
 Buckle, Beatrice 1 item 1914  
 Chester, J. 1 item 1934  
 Cooper, Ernest 1 item 1921(re vacancy for his son)  
 Creswell, Mrs. 1 item 1921  
 Darragh, John Thomas l item 1698(re his marriage)  
 DavTs, Arnold 1 item undated  
 Deale, Margaret E. 1 item 1922  
 Deborah 3 item c.1933  
 De Villiers, J. 1 item 1918  
 Draper, Ruth 3 items undated  
 Drennan, Max 1 item 1919  
 Dunn(7) J. 3 items undated  
 Earle, K.M. 3 items 1932-1934  
 Edmunsdown, Mary 2 items 1886-1595  
 Elliott, A.W. 1 item 1920  
 Emery, Louise 2 items 1922-1934  
 Fowler, A. 1 item 1920  
 Gilbert, Marcus 3 items c.1922  
 Goodall, Dr. J. Strickland 1 item 1931  
 Goodbody, Lewis 1 item 1889  
 Goodbody, Nelly 1 item 1916  
 Gordon, Rev. Julius 2 item undated  
 Gordon, Mary 3 items undated  
 Graham, T. Lynedoch 2 items Undated  
 Grant, Winifred 1 items 1932  
 Greene, Kathleen 2 items 1932  
 Haarhoff, Theodore Johannes 2 items 1921-1923  
 Hamilton, Frances S. 1 item 1934  
 Hamilton, J.A. 2 items 1921-22  
 Henderson, Margaret 2 items 1933  
 Henderson, Walter 1 item 1922  
 Hichens, Lionel 3 items 1920  
 Hill, H. 1 item 1910  
 Hodgkin, Laura S ALfred 1 item 1924  
 Harsfall, P. 1 item 1916  
 Howe, F.P. 3 items 1921-1923  
 Hughes, G.M. 1 item 1934  
 Johnston, Eric H. 1 item 1913  
 Johnstone, Andrew 1 item 1915  
 Jolly, John 1 item 1914  
 King, Grace 3 items c.1919  
 King Philip F. 3 items 1920-1921  
 King R.M 1 item undated  
 Lamont, H.P. 1 item 1932  
 Lee,Anne 1 item 1922  
 Leisk, James R 1 item undated  
 Lister, Edith M. 1 item 1934  
 Long, B.K. 1 item 1921  
 McAlister, E. 1 item undated  
 McFarlane, S. 1 item 1919  
 Macfie, F.G. 2 items 1918-1919  
 Macmillan, Jean 3 items 1934  
 Marx, S.B. 1 item t 1902  
 Mavrogardato, A. 1 item 1921  
 Moore C.E. 4 items Undated  
 Moore Ralph Bradley 1 item 1933  
 Moore (?) Ruth Margaret 5 items c.1933  
 Mullins, Charles H. 1 item 1906  
 Norah C. 1 item 1916  
 Newby, Adelaide 3 items 1919  
 Newby, C 1 item 1933  
 Newenham, Dorothy 2 items 1920  
 Newenham, H 8 items1920-1922  
 Mary 5 items 1922-1934  
 Noel, Dorothy 7 items1925  
 Norman, Jessie 2 items 1930-1931  
 O'Grady, Hugh 7 items Undated  
 O'Grady, Margaret Standish 3 items 1924-1925  
 O'Grady, Standish 1 item Undated  
 O'Sullivan, A.C. 1 item Undated  
 Petman, Ethel F. 1 item Undated  
 Phillpotts, Gertrude 1 item 1917  
 Phillpotts, Robyn 1 item Undated  
 Pilkington, C.W. 1 item Undated  
 Price, Bernard 1 item Undated  
 Raikes, H.C. 1 item 1923  
 Rolfe, Ethel 1 item 1933  
 Rowntree, Arthur 1 item Undated  
 Rowntree E.H. 1 item Undated  
 Rowntree Joan H. 6 item 1921-1922  
 Rudolf, C, C.R. 1 item 1923  
 Sanders, Lloyd 9 items 1920-1927  
 Saunders, George 1 item 1933  
 Saunders, Katie 1 item Undated  
 Scott, R.H. 2 items 1917-1918  
 Scully, Nancy (nee Lund) 1 item 1933  
 Seaton, James B 1 item 1917  
 Short, Wallis 1 item 1933  
 Smith, Cecil Nowell 7 items 1916-18(re son Montague)  
 Smith, Percival F 1 item 1920  
 Spens, Will 2 items 1921-1922  
 Story, A.C. 1 item . Undated  
 Story, Gertrude 2 items 1921-1922  
 Story, Mary 1 item 1923  
 W.C. 18 items 1886-1929  
 Talbot, Bp. Neville 1 item 1920  
 Thackeray, T.F. 1 item 1923  
 Thiselton, Kate 1 item 1933  
 Thompson, DorTs 1 item Undated  
 Thynne, Mary G 1 item 1914  
 Tucker, Winifred 1 item 1914  
 "Umshelat" 1 item 1920  
 Upington, B. 1 item Undated  
 Vidal, Edwin 6 items1908-1927  
 Walton, Joseph 1 item 1911  
 Ward, Charles 1 item1902  
 Williams, B.B. 4 items 1924-1933  
 Bp Woodthorpe, John W 1 item 1917  
 Wright. A.E. 1 item 1911  
 Unidentified 10 items 1919-1934  
Bc ART 181 items 1910-1934 (CHRON)  
 Corres.ondents:- Auden, F.S., Badeley, J., Bernard, J.R., Biggart, F.E., Boardman, J., Boonzaier, D.C., Brangwyn, F., Brunton, W., Buxton, Lady M., Carter, S., Chubb, E.G., Clarendon, Lord, CoLnaghi, P & D., Dodgson, C., Dreyfus, P., Durand-Ruel 6 Co., Eisenhofer, A., Engelenburg, F.V., Export Book Co., Freer, P., Frucken, J., Godlee, J.M., Goodman, G., Gotch, F.C., Gutekunst, R., Hayman, E., Hertslet, E., Hodder, A., Honore, M., Ingram, J.K., Kark, V.5., King, E.L.H., Lloyd, A.W., Lutyens, Sir E., Murray, C., Oppenheimer, Sir, E., Palmer, A., Phillips, Lady F., Philp, H., Pilkingez, C.W., Saunders, G., Smith, F., Stock, W.R., Strang, A., Thatcher, P., Van Wouw, A., Vyvyan, D., Walker, E., Wenoing, P.W., Wheatley, J., Will, A.N., Williams, A.W., Wilton, R.C., Winter-Moore, A., Witt, Sir R.  
 Subjects:- Acquisitions by Pim of works of art, accompanied by accounts; moral and financial support given to painters by Pim; art exhibitions; Johannesburg Art Gallery; Art School, Rhodes; gifts to Witwatersrand University Library; Print Collectors Club; pictures for South Africa House, London; identification of works of art.  
Bd BUSINESS 49 items 1890-1934 (CHRON)  
 Correspondents:- Aiken, A., Brownrigg, J., Butler, E., Carrington, M., Donaldson, W.P., Fleming, R., Grenfell, A.M., Hardy, J.L., Hawksley, S.F., Hirschhorn, F., HodgkTss, A.J., Howe, L., Jeppe, J., Lake, A.B., Meyer, C., Morton, J.N., Morton, W.D., Oats, F., Pears, S., Schlesinger, J., Sendell, C.E. Warren Bros. and Woodthorpe, Bevan Co.  
 Subjects:- On the firm of Howard Pim & Hardy and their London agents, Woodthorpe, Bevan & Co.; British South Africa Ccwpany; De Beer's Company in Kimberley; profession of accountancy; Company Act 1932; floating of syndicates; purchase of shares; report on Chimanimani ranches in Rhodesia; naval trophy fund for Cape squadron; shares in 'Sunday Herald'; own personal affairs such as bank overdrafts, wife's bank account, Leasing of houses and passages on Union Castle ships; life assurance societies.  
Be  EDUCATION 115 items 1917-1934 (CHRON)  
Be 1-41  Education (General)  
 Corres.ondents:- Bensusan, A., Carruthers, A.W., Harris, J.H., Hawkes, Rev. S.F., Hodgson, L.B.D., Jabavu, J.T., Jolly, J., Kerr, A., Kuschke, H., MacGregor, U.K., Maxeke, Rev. M.M., Motsete, K.T., Stevens, G.J., Thompson, F.H., Wellington, A.A., Wheelwright, C.A., Winter, Father A.  
 Subjects:- University education; Johannesburg Training College; gifts to Mission shcools; administration of Newby Fund; Industrial School, Ohlange; Industrial School and John Dube; Fort Hare Native College; statistics of black scholars; appeals from scholars and teachers for financial help; education in Bechuanaland; educational exhibitions; training of the agricultural native; Trinity College, Dublin.  
Be 42-115  Education (Lovedale Missionary Institution) (CHRON)  
 Correspondents:- Ashcroft, F., Barrett, A.L., Chalmers, J., Garnett, E., Geddes, M.L., Henderson, J., Hunter, D.A., Lennox, Rev. J., Lepolesa, S.M., Loram, C.T., McVicar, N., Marivate, D., Shepherd, R.H.W., Wilkie, A.  
 Subjects:- Financing and administration of Lovedale Institution, including minutes of Governing Council and financial statements. Also on constitution, gifts by Pim, fire of 1924 and principalship.  
Bf IRELAND 23 items 1098-1927 (CHRON)  
 Correspondents:- Bernard, J.H., Dcale, E.W.S., Dixon, A.F., Hogg, J., Joly, J., Ossory, J., Purser, L.C., Telford, D.C., Waterhouse, G., Wilson, D.M.  
 Subjects:- Trinity College, Dublin; attempt to acquire deed of Swift's "Freedom" for deanery of St. Patrick's; lawlessness and political ferment after first World War.  
Bg LITERARY 38 items 1886-1934 (CHRON)  
 Correspondents:- Auden, F.S., Bartholomew, J. d Sons, Coetzee, A., Dowden, E., Edwards, F., Findlay, J., Greene, K., Hoernle, R.F.A., Honore, M.F.C., Lawrence, T.E., Lloyd, A.C.G., Lewis, E., Lowe, E.C., Lyster, T.W., Millin, S.G., O'Grady, C.J.S. d M., Pearse, C., Potter, W.  
 Subjects:- Goethe Society meetings in Dublin; Shakespearean criticism; acquisition of books from dealers; publication of thesis by H. O'Grady "Athenian democracy and Athenian religion", correspondence with authors re their books.  
Bh MUNICIPAL 47 items 1903-1932 (CHRON)  
 Correspondents:- Andrews, W.H., Cadenhead, J.F., Chaplin, F., Cursons, W.E., De Wet, Hon. N.J., Dhlomo, H.I.E., Dove, J., Duncan, Sir P., Elkington, F., Evaton, W., Farrer, E.H., Feetham, R., Hale, J., Hamilton, E.T.E., Lane, C.A., Lindsay, H., Milner, Lord A., Niven, A.M. Robson, W.J., Savage, W.F., Shanks, B.,Smuts, J.C., Tandy, C., Van Huisteyn, W., Vogt, N.  
 Subjects:- Invitation from Lord Milner for Pim to serve on Johannesburg Town Council; municipal election 1905 for which Pim stood unsuccessfully as candidate for ward 8; elections 1906 and 1907; financial position of Johannesburg municipality; condition of compounds; Johannesburg Public Library and Seymour Memorial Library; Committee of Public Safety, 1922 and need to modify municipal franchise.  
Bj NATURAL HISTORY 2 items 1909-1910 (CHRON)  
 Correspondents:- Bester, A.E., Niven, A.  
 Subjects:- Habits of pythons; instincts of birds and animals that storm is impending.  
Bk PERSONAL 13 items 1665-1933 (CHRON)  
 Cope, F., Cousins, C.W., Neser, J.A., Neves, P., Niven, G.W., Pollock, D., Roos, J de V., Smith, C.U., Wilson, P.M.  
 Subjects;- Articles of accountancy 1365; invitation to sit on Johannesburg Liquor Court 1916; appointment as Chairman of Commission to enquire into, advise and report on foodstuff supplies etc." 1917; congratulations upon and investitute of his C.B.E. 1919; membership of Cost of Living Commission 1919 and Committee of Public Safety 1922; request for His memoir for 'Times' 1933.  
Bl POLITICAL 616 items [903-1934  
Bl1 Politics (General) (arranged abc) 337 items 1903-1934  
 Adamson, J.E. 2 items 1917-1924  
 Bagot, W.L. 1 item 1916  
 Baker, Sir H. 13 items 1915-1934 (Also on Architecture)  
 Ballinger, M. 1 item 1934  
 Ballinger, W.G. 2 items 1933  
 Botha, L. 2 items 1910-1912  
 Boydell, T. 2 items 1917-1919  
 Bromhead, W.S. 5 items 1926-1929  
 Brookes, E. 9 items 1923-1933  
 Bryant, A.T. 1 item 1925  
 Buckle, B. 3 items 1933  
 Buckle, G.E. 7 items 1913-1933  
 Buckle, H.O. 2 items 1914-1917  
 Burnie, R.F. 5 items 1932  
 Burton, H. 7 items 1910-1926  
 Buxton, C.R. 1 item 1933  
 Buxton Lord 1 item 1925  
 Buxton, Travers 5 items 1925-1933  
 Chaplin, Sir D. 1 item 1917  
 Chapman, S. 2 items undated  
 Creswell, F.H.P. 7 items 1906-1920  
 Crewe, C. 2 items 1928  
 Cripps, A.S. 9 items 1920-1925  
 Currey, H. 1 item undated  
 Currey, R. 1 item 1926  
 CurtTs L. 7 items 1905  
 Danes? W.F.F. 1 item undated  
 Dawson, G. 6 items 191-1932  
 Day, J. 1 item 1921  
 De Wet, N.J. 1 item 1920  
 Dornan, S.S. 6 items 1906-1919  
 Dove, J. 2 items 1921-1922  
 Dube, J.L. 11 items 1923-1934 (Also on Education)  
 Duncan, Sir P. 4 items 1915-1921  
 Easton, W.E. 1 item 1923  
 Farrar, E. 2 Items 1920  
 Farthing, U.F. 1 item 1923  
 Feetham, R. 10 items 1915-1932  
 FTsher, H.1 item 1911-1920  
 Fitzpatrick, J.P. 1 items 1903  
 Frames, P.R. 3 items 1926-1932  
 Gautier, F.C. 1 item 1972  
 Grigg, C. 1 item 1925  
 Gubhiag, .l.f,. 2 items 1930-1932  
 Gumede, J.T.1 item 1924  
 Hardy, John Lawton 1913  
 Henderson, J. 1918-1919  
 Hofmeyr, H.J. 1 item 1916  
 Holtby, W. 3 items 1933  
 Jabavu, D.D.T. 1930-1931  
 Jagger, J.N. 1 items 1927  
 Jameson, R.W. 3 items 1920  
 Kerr, P. 4 items 1912-1920  
 Lagden, Slr G. c.1903  
 Langerman, J.W. 1 item 1919  
 Lennox, Rev. J. 1919 1932  
 Lestrade, G.P. 1 item 1933  
 Lister, J.C. 6 items 1919-1932  
 Lucas, F.A.W. 1 item 1932  
 Macmillan, W.M. 2 items 1926-1933  
 Moffat, J.B. 2 items 1914 (re Economic Commission)  
 Monypenny, W.F. 1 items 1907  
 Mostert, A. 1 item 1916  
 Motsete, K.T. 1 items 1933 (re Tshekedi Khaira )  
 Niven, 1921  
 Norman, H.E. 5 items 1913-1934  
 Outhwaite, R.L. 2 items 1905-1911  
 Peregrine, F.Z.S. 2 items 1910  
 Quinan, K.B. 2 items 1921  
 Roberts, A.W. 9 items 1919-1926  
 Robinson, Geoffrey 1 item 1915  
 Rose-Innes, J. 3 items1928-1931  
 Schreiner, O.D. 2 items 1922-1934  
 Searle, M.W. 4 items 1915-1921  
 Selborne, Lord 22 items 1911-1934  
 Selborne, Lady Maud 6 items 1905-1910  
 Short, H. 1 item 1915  
 Smuts, J.C. l6 items 1910-1934  
 Soames, H.G. 6 items 1916-1919  
 Solomon, J.M. .3 items 1917-1915  
 Solomon R 6 items 1905-1907  
 Solomon W.H. undated  
 Stanley, Sir H.J. 1932  
 Stokes, R. 2 items 1921  
 Stubbs, C. 1922  
 Theron, F. 3 items192?-1934  
 Thomson, J. 1 item undated   
 Tindall, B. 1 item 1922  
 Webb, M. 1919-193.  
 Webber, W. 6 items 1917-1922  
 Whiteside, P. 1 item 1913  
 Wyndham, H.A. 2 items 1913  
 Xuma, A.B. 11 items 1927.1933  
 Yergan, M. 1 item 1932  
Bl2 Native Affairs (General) 56 items 1905-193. (CHRON)  
 Correspondents:- Benson, T.C., Bonn,M.J., Cooke, Ma'. U.S., Doke, C.M., Fogarty, N.W., Fynn, C.C., Gajana, P.A., Gwynne-Evans, E., Hardy, J.L., Harris, J.H., Hertslet, E., Hoernle, R.A., Hofmeyr, J.W.L., Honey, C.H., Howe, L., Johnson, J.W., Karney, Be. A., Kent L Curlewis, Martiensen, G., Nash, J.O., Oldham, J.H., Olivier, C.H., Palmer, M., Paver, B., Phillips, R.E., Roberts, C., Rogers, J., Bolt, C.H., Ross, B., Sagtri, V.S., Saunders, C.R., Scolley, H., Thema, R.S., Williams, T., Wroughton, J.  
 Subjects:- Basutoland 1905-1908; gifts by Pim to native institutions: thanks to Pim for helping coloured workmen during Builders Strike 1919; welfare of Africans serving in Europe during 1st World War; Bantu Men's Social Centre and Bantu Sports Club, Johannesburg; Transvaal Native Mine Clerks Association concern about accommodation and salaries for their members 1920-1922; native poll tax; Chief Native Commissionership for Transvaal; Lad's Hostel, Johannesburg; sums of money lent to Gucede and Thema by Anti Slavery S. Aborigines Protection Society 1922; native affairs department, Johannesburg; Legal aid for natives; native welfare, press, crime and politics; protection of native girls in Transvaal towns; disfranchised coloured Americans; detribalTsed natives; assaults on natives; origin of Bantu; farewell to Chief Poto of Western Pondoland 1933.  
Bl3 Bondelswart rebellion 5 items 1922-1923 (CHRON)  
 Correspondents:- Lloyd, J., Loram, C.T., Roberts, A.W., Webber, W.  
 Subject:- Trial of those implicated in rebellion.  
Bl4 Joint Council of Europeans and Natives lbs items 1922-193e (CHRON)  
 Correspondents:- Abercrombie, H.R., Ballinger, W.G., Bell d Dewar, Bernstein, H.L., Callaway, G., Carter, Abe. W.M., Citrine, W.M., Cooke, U.S., Davis, A.C., Dube, J.L, Faichnie, N., Githens, 0.3., Goodlatte, C.R., Grant, E.W., Haarhoff, T.J., HarrTs, J.H., Hay, G.A., Henderson, J., Herbst, J.F., Hartzog, Gen., Hichens, W.L., Hodgson, M.L., Hofmeyr, J.H., Hofmeyr, J.W.L., Holtby, W., Hosken, H., Jabavu, D.D.T., James, C. Jones, A. Creech., Jones, J.D.R., Karney, Be. A., Keppel, F.P., Kerr, A. Livie-Noble, F.S., Lorain, C.T., Lothian, Lord, Lucas, F.A.W., Lynas, R.C., Maban, C.S., Malan, F.S., Mapraphela, R.H., Matheson, Miss, Msirang, U.S., Mylne, J.E.H., Oldham, J.H., PattTson, D.B., Net, H.W., Perham, M., Phillips, R.E., Porter, C., Pritchard, Col. J., Ramsbottom, W.H.,  
 Hanford, V. SS.M., Rcynardson, H.B., Roberts, A.W., Saunders, C.R., .Schreiner, 0.0., Solomon, W.H., Stokes, A.P., Stokes, F., Stubbs, E., Theca, R.S., Theron, D., Wyndham, H.A.  
 Suhlecr.s:- Constitution reports and secretaryship; Mining Industry Board; Native Urban Area 0111 1922 & Act 1923; training of natives; Miners' Phthisis Act; Land question; poll tax; Pass Law Bill; conference European-Natives called by Dutch Reformed Church; Transvaal Native Congress protest about abuse of justice over African charged with Berea outrage 1923; housing in locations; women and passes, 1920 Natives Land Act 1927; famine in the Transkei.; Mapleton railway disaster 1927; Municipal Native Affairs Commission; co-operation with Dutch Reformed Church; militarisation of natives; Phelps-Stokes Fund; foundation cf S.A. Institute of Race Relations and correspondence with London Group on African Affairs, its counterpart in Britain; Economic Commission 1930; report on Klipspruit Location 1930; co-operative movement in the Pro- tectorates; African religious sects 1930; appointment of W.C. Ballinger to assist African trade unions and attempts to raise money for his work; Colour Bar BiLL.  
Bl5 British Association, 1905 24 items 1905 (CHRON)  
 Correspondents:- Dornan, S.S., Dyke, R.H., Evans, S., Fldefons, M., Godley, G.A.. Robson, G.R., Lagden, Sir C., Nm, Sir A., Plant, R., Samuelson, 5.0., Slolcy, Sir H.C., Stanford, Stevens, J.A., Stuart, J., White, A. Silva., Wroughton, J.  
 Sub'ect: Invitation to Pim to address British Association on the native races in S. Africa; correspondence between Pim and Officials in S. Africa and Basutoland from whom he obtained information for his paper; questions asked were what happened to native artisans when they left training school and also details of the land system.  
Bl6 Flag Controversy_ 9 items 1927-1928 (CHRON)  
 Correspondents:- Dawson, G., Herbst, J.F., Ronnie, R.F.A., Malan, D.F., Pitts, A.T., Raphaely, S., Smuts, J.C., Taylor, J.D.  
 Subjects:- Desirability of fostering national unity with a new flag; Afrikaaners dislike of the Union Jack; desire that both new flag and Union Jack fly on public buildings; Conference of United Flag Commiittees presided over by H. Pim stated dislike of the new flag and that a new Flag Committee, constituted on a non-party basis, be established; question of native acceptance of the new flag.  
Bm Quakers (Society of Friends) 269 items 1911.1934 (CHRON)  
Bm1 General 191 items 1911-1934  
 Correspondents:- Alexander, W.H.F., Allbright, M.C. Bastow, J., Bone. W., Braithwaite, W., Brown, A., Bunt, T., Butler, C., Butler, B & M.. Calpin, H., Champley, A., Davy, J.B., Farren, C S K.W., Fear, E.B., Fleming, M., Ford, H.B.B., Fox, F.W., Fry, R., Garnett, E., Gillett, M.. Haughton, B., Hemming, A.H., Hodson, R.C., Howe, F L L., Jones, :.D.R., Littleboy, W.E., Lloyd, A., Long, R.J., McCree, A., Norman, H E W., Norrie, E., Papp, C., Paul, P.T., Pen, H.W., Pickard, B., Reynolds, G., Smith, W.J., Standing, L.D. S H.F., Thompson, W., Tritton, F.J., Warne, W.H, Warner, C., Webb, M., Wells, W., Wilkinson, A.W.  
 Subjects:- Aid given to Friends to obtain work; Friends Ambulance Unit in 1st World War; native affairs; education, particularly the attempt to establish a Friends School at Inchanga, Natal; organisation off Friends in S. Africa, including conferences; penal reform; hostels, Labour conditions; desirability of using army for police purposes.  
Bm2 Quakers Correspondence with A.R. Fear 78 items 1930-1934  
 Subjects:- Armaments and world peace; Indian affairs; native affairs in S. Africa; Fear's visit to S. Africa 1931 when he met Smuts; Friends School at Inchanga, Natal; tribute to H. Pim for his assistance to Quaker movement.  
Bn South African War, 1899-1902 2 items 1899-1900 (CHRON)  
 Correspondents:- Capt. Macinnes, D.S., Capt. Richards, S.V., O.C.B. section, Kimberley.  
 Subjects:- Interrogation of prisoners, repair of machinery.   
Bo Railways l item 1907-1910 (CHRON)  
 Correspondent:- T.R. Price, General Manager, Central S. African Railways. Attached are 4 memoranda referred to in his letter.  
 Subjects:- Refusal by Price to read a paper on Railway management, organization and control; memorandum on report of Cape Railway Commission 1907; Report of a Commission ... to consider and report upon the question of the future management of Railways (G7-1907); memorandum relative to railway organisation; Detailed list of questions relating to question XlV (II of section 4); statistics, for the International Railway Congress, Bern 1910, Reporter T.R. Price.  
Bp Statistics 2 items 1922 (CHRON)  
 Correspondents: A.W. Carruthers, C.W. Cousins  
 Subject:- Scottish census: Poles and Finns living in Scotland.  
Bq Unidentified 5 items 19L7-1932 (CHRON)  
 Subjects:- On letter from Curtis to Kerr, published by Curtis, relating to Indian politics, 1917; on Trinity Church case, 1932, and independence of C.P.S.A. from Church of England.  
Br Not Howard Pim 11 items 1907-1933 (CHRON)  
 Correspondents:- Bailey, A., Brand, R.H., Bridgman, Dr., Cameron, O.G., Cohen, P., Duncan, P., Humphreys, J.H., Jeffrey, D., lusting, J.R., Kerne, A.T., Loran, C.T., Macmillan, W.R., Oldham, J.H., Rhodes, C.J., Strickland, C.F., Taberer, H.M.  
 Subjects:- Municipal politics 1907; land question; proportional represen tation; speech by Gen. Smuts 1929 on native progress; co-operatives in Southern Africa; closer union; introductions given by Rhodes for .:en to act as troopers in B.S.A. Company; American Board Mission.  
CORRESPONDENCE LETTERS BY H. MM 410 items + 6 vols. 1875-1934  
Ca Family 312 items 1875-1933 (CHRON)  
Ca1 To Mother, Elizabeth F. Pim 58 items 1675-1911  
 Subjects:- Schooldays, visit to America 1689-1690; work in S. Africa, 1590, sorting out financial affairs of Charter Company; Afrikander Boni meeting in Kimberley 18891, at which Rhodes made speech; visits to Rhodesia, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Johannesburg 1891 on company business; comments on Transvaal politics, Kruger A Leyds; description of Johannesburg; report of the 1892 paying of De Beer's staff; 1695 Pim now working as auditor for be Beers; 1896 Jameson Raid and Transvaal politics; 1896 now set up for himself in Johannesburg; 1398 voyage to England and engagement; 1900 Siege of Kimberley; 1902-1911 family affairs; native question, politics; 1908 golden wedding of his parents and 1911 Coronation of King George V.  
Ca2 To father, James Pim 1 item 1890  
 Sub act:- visit to Chief Khama at Palapye, accompanied by Mr. Moffat as interpreter, on Chartered Company business.  
Ca3 To wife, Rosamund U. Pim (nee Sere) 243 items 1898-192.  
 Subjects:- Mainly personal, family and social but include comments on politics, politicians, native affairs, industrial relations, accountancy and art. Also account of visit to Holy Land by R.Pim, c.1900.  
Ca4-5 To daughters, Huldah A Joane 3 items c.1931  
Ca4 Huldah 1 item undated  
Ca5 Joane 2 items 1931  
Ca6 To sister Sarah Miriam 1 item 1893  
Ca7-9 To brothers Alan A Conrad A John 3 items 1919-1933  
Ca7 Alan 2 items 1933  
Ca8 Conrad l item 1919  
Ca9 John E. 1 item 1875  
Ca10-11 To in-laws 3 items 1598-1899  
Ca 10 Sister-in-Law Ada Bete 2 items 1690-1699  
Ca 11 Mother-ln-law Mrs. Bere 1 item 1696  
Cb  Personal 4 items 1924-1934 (CHRON)  
Cb1 Re wife's illness 3 items 1924  
Cb2 To Mrs. Leigh 1 item 1934  
 Concerning the character of Colonel Francis Oats  
Cc  GENERAL 74 items 1905-1934 (CHRON)  
 Correspondents:- Barrett, A.L., Bauman, E.P., Bromhead, W.S., Brookes. E., Burnie, R.F., Burton, H., Butler, H.B., Chaplin, F.D.P., Colson, R. Davy, Dr. J.B., Dawson, G., De Wet, N.J., Duncan, P., Easton, W.E., Export Book Co., Fox, Or., Frames, P.R., Gillett, M., Harris, J.H ., Henderson, J., Herbst, J.F., Hirst, F,W., Holtby, W., Howe, L., Hulme, F.N., Jabavu, D.D.T., Jones, J.D.R., Kerr, A., King, G., Livia-Noble. F.S. Lucas, F.A.W., MacCree, A., Malan, F.S., Maynard, G.D., Milne, 2.. Pattison, D.B., Raikes, H.R., Searle, M., Schreiner, O.D., Selborne, Earl., Smuts, J.C., Stubbs, E., Tandy, C., Taylor, J., Wilkie, A.W., Wilton, R.C., Winter, Father A., Young, J.M.   
 Subjects:- Labour relations, Chinese labour, native affairs, Cape native franchise, Joint Council of Europeans and Africans, African education, particularly Ohlange Institute and Lovedale Missionary College, co-operatives in the Transkei, politics municipal, provincial and national, Johannesburg municipal franchise, proportional representation, state social security, land, training of magistrates to administer African rural areas, Johannesburg Art Gallery and Public Library, South African Red Cross Society, accountancy, Cost of Living Commission 1919, Ballinger Fund 1932, Transkei Economic Enquiry 1933, Lad's Hostel, Johannesburg, acquisition of Feltham's notes on butterflies for University of Witwatersrand.  
Cd  QUAKERS 20 items 1930-1933 (CHRON)  
 Correspondents:- Calpin, H., Currey, R., Fear, E., Fox, F.W., Fry, R., Garnett, E., Lloyd, A., Paul, P.T., Reynolds, C.  
 Subject:- Friends School at Inchanga, Natal.  
Ce  LETTERBOOKS 6 vols. 1907-1936 (CHRON)  
 Correspondents include:- Adamson, J.E., Botha, L., Burton, H., Chaplin, Sir D., Creswell, F.N.P., Ferrer, E.H., Feetham, R., Cotch, F.C., Cutekunst, R., Henderson, J., Nertslet, E., Hosken, H., Jabavu, D.T., Jeppe, J., Joel, S.B., Oppenheimer, Sir E., various members of the Pir- family, Phillips, Sir L., Pickering, W., Rissik, J., Selborne, Earl., Smuts, J.C., Solomon, J.M., Stanford, W.E.M., Van Hulsteyn, Sir W., Webber, W.S., Wyndham, H.A.  
 Subjects include:- Business Including correspondence with the London agents Woodthorpe Bevan d Co., and accounts of Howard Pim & Hardy: relations with De Beer's Company; municipal affairs of Kimberley and Johannesburg; acquisition of works of art; education; Indian affairs: labour relations; Cape Franchise; proportional representation, municipal and national politics.  
 Of particular interest in "Notes of discussion with Mr. Gokhale and Mr.Gandhi Indians and British Indian Committee on 30 October 1912" on position of In S. Africa (See Vol.2).  
CORRESPONDENCE OF ROSAMUND U. PIM (nee Bere) l46 items 1885-1920  
 For letters to and from husband see Bas and Ca3  
Da Letters from Family 145 items l885-1920  
Da1 From daughter Huldah 4 items 1912  
Da2 From daughter Joane 1 item 1912  
Da3 From mother Cecil H. Bere 1item c.1399  
Da4 From father Frank W. 4 items 1885-1897  
Da5 From sister Alice Sere 1item 1898  
Da6 From sister Annie 1 item1899  
Da7 From sister Cecil M. McCarthy 4 items 1899-1905  
Da8 From Peggy T. Bere 2 items1899-1910  
Da9 From E. Mabel 2 items 1899-1909  
Da10 From brother Bertie Bert 1 item 1899  
Da11 From brother CUB 1 item 1899 1895  
Da12 From brother Frank 3 items 1899-1909  
Da13 From brother MAB 1 item undated  
Da14 From brother Sandford 2 items1888-1495  
Da15 From brother Sidney 3 items 1891-1900  
Da16 From aunt E. Wentworth Buller l item 1895  
Da17 From cousin F.S.W.L. l item 1895  
Da18 From cousin E.H. Hughes 1 item 1897  
Da19 From cousin Rebecca Kensington 1 item 1900  
Da20 From mother-in-law E.F.Pim 14 items undated  
Da21 From father-in-law J. Pim 7 items 1912-1917  
Da22 From grandmother Mary R. Evans 2 items 1900-1902  
Da23 Misc. Bere 3 items c.1920  
 Electoral Letter to Ada Bcre from Betty Lake; Envelope addressed E.M. Bere. letter put out by Margaret T. Bert 1920 for Urban District Council election, Weston-Super-Mare.  
Da24 Congratulation from family and friends on her engagement 65 items 1395  
Da25 From friends, personal l7 items ' 1897-1911  
Db Letter by R. Pim 1 item 1901  
 To Dear Sir, on business.  
NOTEBOOKS 5 items 1886-1923 (CHRON)  
E1 "Notes of lectures on bankruptcy law by R. Ringwood, Esq., March 1886"  
E2 "Odds and ends of work" Notes on law and accounts  
E3 Notes on the black races, mainly on the American negro  
E4 Miscellaneous notes on Cromwell, politics, history and labour relations  
E5 Cash book 1923 June 30-1924 Sept.14.  
NOTES (Mss. Tss, Mimeographs) 308 items 1054-1933  
Fa Native Affairs 214 items 1894-1933  
Fa1 Speeches and Articles 7 items 1904-1905  
Fa1.1 Undated speech by H. Pim:- How shall the great uneducated mass of Africans be governed? 29p. Ts.  
Fa1.2 undated address by H. Pim to the Fortnightly Club on the native question in S. Africa. 10p. Ms.  
Fa1.3 A note on native policy by H. Pim, 1904 Nov.l, 10p. TS & Ms. annotations.  
Fa1.4 Memorandum on the Native Occupation of Lands Bill, 1908 Jun. 30, by H. Pim. 14p. Ts.  
Fa1.5 Article by Oscar Roberts on natives in the compounds, 1909 May 30. 19p. Ts.  
Fa1.6 The native policy in British South Africa by Or. M.J.Bonn, 1906. 57p. Ts.  
Fa1.7 Article by C. ;Weser on the Non-European section. 5p. Ts. Relates to the welfare of the Bantu.  
Fa2 Notes (probably written by H. Pim) 12 items Undated  
Fa2.1 Notes fora speech on the native question. op. Ms.  
Fa2.2 Notes on the native franchise 4p.Ms  
Fa2.3 Notes on education 7p. Ms  
Fa2.4 Notes on Dudley Kidd's book "Kaffir socialism" 7p. Ms + 9p. Ts.   
Fa2.5 Notes comparing United States negro with African in S. Africa. 6p. Ms.  
Fa2.6 Notes on the negro in United States lip. Ms.  
Fa2.7 Headings of native expenditure 2p. Ts.  
Fa2.8 Statistics of European and African population 3p. Ms.  
Fa2.9 Notes on African education 22p. Ms. d Ts.  
Fa2.10 Notes on native territories 4p. Ms.  
Fa2.11 Notes exemption and the franchise 6p. Ms.  
Fa2.12 Notes on customs 2p. Ms.  
Fa3 British Association meeting, 1905 5 items  
Fa3.1 Address by H. Pim. 76p. Ts. with Ms. annotations  
Fa3.2 Abstract of paper 2p. Ts.  
Fa3.3 Notes on the American negro and Indian village community. 6p. Ts.  
Fa3.4 Notes on contact between the races in America, on Basutoland, reserve system and education. 54p. Ts.  
Fa3.5 Notes on race relationships, Basutoland and S. African tribes. 15p. Ms.  
Fa4 Bondelswart Rebellion 14 items 1922-1923  
Fa4.1 Air operations, May 27, sgd. P. van Ryneveld, Director of Air Services 13p. Ts.  
Fa4.2 PersonaL police experiences since 1915, Windhoek, 1922 Aug.19.35p. Ts.  
Fa4.3 Blue Book, Bondelswart Rebellion. 3p. Ts.  
Fa4.4 Evidence by H.F.Prinsloo, 1922 Sept.25. op. Ts.  
Fa4.5 Evidence by Col. Sir Pierre van Ryneveld, 1922 Oct.6. 2p. Ts.  
Fa4.6 From Capt. Jordaan, Kalkfontein, 1922. 6p. Ts. Accompanied by Letter, 1922 Sep.25, from M.J. Jordaan to Dr. Roberts, President, Native Commission, Windhoek.  
Fa4.7 Letter, 1923 Apr.4, from W.E. Carey, Chief Clerk to the Attorney General, Windhoek, to H. Pim, re trial. 1p. Ts  
Fa4.8 Press clippings 1923 May-June on the trial.1 Item:  
Fa5 Witwatersrand Committee for Health Work among the-European;   
 Memorandum on the need for outpatient treatment of senereal diseases among non-Europeans on the Witwatersrand. 5p. Mimeog.  
Fa6 Transvaal Missionary Association I item Undated  
 Memorandum on the proposed missionary training in Johannesburg. 5p. Ts.  
Fa7 Pietermaritzburg Native Welfare Society 1 item 1929   
 Address by K.11. Hathorn at the general meeting 19p. Ts.  
Fa8 Transkei Economic Commission 73 items 1933  
Fa8.1 Notes on native law. 107 p. Mimeog.  
Fa8.2 Correspondence. 7 items 1933  
 Names:- Brownlee, F., Herbst, J.F., Keppel, F.P., Lugg, H.C., Pim, J.H., Soga, J.H., Young, J.M.  
 Subjects:- Nature of enquiry; Land tenure; "Umcebisi" newspaper as vehicle for the expression of native thought.  
Fa8.3 Drafts of preface (lp.Ts) report (LSp.Ti) and summary report (29p.Ts) 4 items.  
Fa8.4 Report and appendices. 71p. Ts (various drafts)  
Fa8.5 Notes used to compile the report. 60 items  
Fa9 Joint Council of Europeans and Natives {later Africans) Gaiters 1919-33  
Fa9.1 Minutes 16 items 1921-1932  
 Minutes of meetings 14 items 1921-1932 (incomplete)  
 Sub Committee on Education 1 item 1921 Aug.11  
 Housing 1 item 1923 Feb.;  
Fa9.2 Lists of executive and members 3 items undated  
Fa9.3 Annual resorts 3 items 1923-1925  
Fa9.4 Constitution 1 item Undated  
Fa9.5 Reports (Chron) 15 items 1921-1932  
 1921 Aug.17. Report of Sub Committee on Pass Laws. 1p. Mimeog.  
 1921 Aug. 13 Report of Wages Committee. 6p. TS.  
 1922 Feb.19 Report of Select Committee appointed by Witwatersrand Native Advisory Boards Association to report on Native Urban Areas Bill. 6p. Mimeog. + 2p. Addendum by H. Selby Msimang.  
 1923 Report of Pass Law Committee on Native Registration and Protection Bill. 2p. Ms + 4p. Mimeog.  
 1923 Native (Urban Areas Bill). Report by H. Pim. 5p. Ts.  
 6p. Mimeog.  
 1923 Jan.26. Report by M.O.H. to Public Health Committee, reference to relegation of single natives to Jubilee, Salisbury C. Wemmer compounds. Sgd. C. Porter. 4p. Mimeos.  
 1923 Sep. 14. Report of Sub Committee on Native Marriage Bill. [p. Mimeog.  
 1930 Report by Dr. H.L. Bernstein on Klipsprutc Native Location 2p. Mimeog.  
 1930 March. Report of M.O.H. on the Public Health and sanitary circumstances of Johannesburg during the year 1 July 1923- 30 June 1929. By Dr. A.J. Milne. 28p. Printed.  
 1930 Sep... Report on the housing of natives in Durban and peri- Durban areas. 6p. Mimeog.  
 1930 Dec.9. Report on visit to Klipspruit Location. Sgd. H.L. Bernstein. 3p. Ts.  
 1932 Apr.21. Report on complaints by residents in the Western native township. Sgd. Walter Webber. 13p. Mimeog.  
 Undated. Report on the issue of letters of exemption from native law, issued by Durban Joint Council. 2p. Ts.  
 Undated. Report of Housing Sub-Committee. 11p. Mimeog.  
 Undated. Native Housing Committee. 1p.   
 Undated. Native Sub Committee on lawlessness among Johannesburg Natives. 10p. Mimeog.  
Fa9.6 RESOLUTIONS (CHRON) 3 items 1924-1933  
 1924 Jan.11 On passes. 3p. Ts.  
 1930 " Native Economic Commission 1p. Ts.  
 1933 Sep.11 financing of native education. 11p. Mimeog.  
Fa9.7 MEMORANDA, NOTES, etc (CHRON) 20 items 1931  
 1920 On Native Marriages Act. 1p.  
 1921 Durban Native Beer Fund. 1p. Ts. (with note from R. Phillips to O.D. Schreiner)  
 1923 Questions arising out of recent native affairs etacement. 1p. Mimeog.  
 1923 Dec.7 Notes on draft regulations under Section 12 of Native Urban Areas Act. 3p. Mimeog.  
 1924 Nov.l Note on native policy. 1Op. Ts.  
 1927 Apr.l Yearly report on Bloemfontein locations. Sgd. J.Cooper. 9p. Mimeog.  
 1927 Oct.13 Native industrial conditions and the I.G.U. Sgd.J.D.R. Jones. 2p. Mimeog.  
 1927 Dec.14 The organisation of natives in industry, to be discussed with the Minister of Labour. 6p. Ts.  
 1925 Submission to Public Service Commission re Native Conmissionership of Johannesburg. L + 2p.  
 1930 Jul.[7 Native Service Contract Bill. 6p. Mimeog. + 2p. Ts.  
 1931 Questionnaire for Magistrates. 7p. Mimeog.  
 Undated Representative Commission on native affairs. 2p.   
 Notes on native labour. 4p. Ts.  
 Native education and development. 1p. Ts.  
 Appeal for funds for Council. 1p. Mimeo.  
 Memorandum re segregation. Op. Ts.  
 Mining Industry Board. 15p. Mimeo;.  
 Undated Discharged prisoners, prevention of crime etc.mans natives. tp. Mimeos.  
 Memorandum on East London Joint Council. 1p. Ts.  
 Bloemfontein. 6p. Mimeog.  
 Notes on the history of the Joint Council by LPH". 6p. Ms.  
Fa9.8 ADDRESSES 3 items c.1919  
 Town and country natives by J.U.R. Jones. 4p. Ts.  
 Address by J. Henderson, 1919 Apr. 19, on the position of natives in the social system of South Africa. 19p. Ts.   
 Address by H. Pitt on the native question. 29p. 'I's. & Ms  
Fa9.9 CORRESPONDENCE 5 items 1922-1924  
 Names;- J.A. Davey, H. Hosken, J.H.Pim  
 Subjects:- Natives Urban Areas Act, Postal charges for circulars and executive meetings.  
Fa10.1 Minutes 2 items 1933  
 Minutes of Executive Committee 1933 Nov.20  
 Standing Committee on non-European nursing training and employment 1933 Oct.7.  
Fa10.2 Memoranda 10 items 1930-1933  
 1930 Dec. Draft questionnaire for general use re Native Economic Commission. 9p. Mimeog.  
 Preliminary draft questionnaire on urban native economic and social questions. 10p. Mimeog.  
 1933 Jun.26-2S. Joint Coloured and European Conference, Cape Town. Minutes and Reports of Finding Committees. 13p. Mimeog.  
 Oct.31 Johannesburg campaign. 12p. Ts.  
 Dec. Report of the Hon. Organiser on women's work.   
 Fourth Annual report. lip. Ts.  
Fa10.3 Printed 1 item 1933  
 Race relations. v.l. No.1, Dec. 1933  
Fa11 BANTU MEN'S SOCIAL CENTRE 1 item Undated  
 Amended draft constitution. 5p. Ts.  
 Bulletin no.l. A call to organise by the Rev. U.E. Lovell, Durban. Foreword by C.T. Loram. Sp. Mimeog.  
Fa13 BANTU SPORTS CLUB 2 items 1933  
 Minutes and Manager's Report  
Fa14 EUROPEAN-BANTU COMMENCES, 10 items 1923-1933  
 (Convened by Federal Council of Dutch Reformed Churches)  
Fa14.1. Conference, 1923 1 item  
 Resolutions on native affairs :4p. Mimeog.  
Fa14.2. Conference, 1927  
 Programme of Conference, 1927 Jar. 31-Feb.2 1p. Printed  
 Resolutions on Lands Bill, the Economic position of the native and the Union Native Council Bill. 3p. Ts.  
 General resolutions. 1p. Mimeog  
 Memorandum on the need for information on social and economic conditions of native life by J.D.R. Jones. 2p. Ts.  
 The land question in S.Africa by J.D.R. Jones. 17p. Mimeog.  
 The Natives Land Act Amendment Bill. 11p. Mimeog.  
 Economic position of the native. 9p. Ts. + Ms. notes, 13p.  
 Evidence submitted by the Rev. J. Henderson, Principal of Lovedale. 7P. Ts.  
 The Union Native Council Bill, by Alexander Kerr. 7p. Ts.  
Fa14.3. Conference, 1933  
 5th National Conference. Findings. 17p. Mimeog.  
 Draft constitution. 23p. Mimeog.  
Fa16 GLEN GRAY ACT 2 items 1894-1896  
Fa16.1 Glen Gray Act 25 of 1894. 2p. Ms.  
Fa16.2 Land tenure. Glen Grey 1896. 38p. Ts.  
Fa17 PROTECTORATES 2 items c.1925  
Fa17.1 Swaziland. 25p. Ts.  
Fa17.2 5 Articles on Basutoland by M.L. Hodgaon and W.G. Ballinger. 28p. Ts.  
Fa18.1 The native problem in S.Africa by H.Pim Presidential address, 1908 Apr. 21. 6p. Printed + 49p. Ts. of the actual address.  
Fa18.2 Letter, 1908 Aug.10, to D.Pollock, Eon. Sec. & Treasurer from F.Ingle. 2p. LS. Expresses dissatisfaction with the Society.  
Fa18.3 President's address on the clauses of draft S.A. Act relating to natives, 1907 Feb. 23. 8p. Printed + draft 14p. Ts. & Ms.  
Fa18.4 First Annual Report 1909. 3p. Mimeog.  
Fa18.5 A plea for the scientific study of the races inhabiting South Africa; presidential address by H.Pim. 1910 Mar.1. Ptd. 16p.  
Fb Education 5 items c.1903-1906  
Fb1 Report on native education by W.E.C. Clarke, Inspector of Native & Coloured education for the Transvaal, c.1903. 9p. Ts.  
Fb2 Education in the Bechuanaland Protectorate by E.R., Apr.1904. 2p. Ms.  
Fb3 Note on Ohlange Institute, Natal. 2p. Mts.ecg. Uncacts.  
Fb4 Expression of Board's regret at John Forrcat's death. 1p. Ms. Undated.  
Fb5 Education. 5p. Mimeog. (General discourse). Undated.  
Fc Mining s items c.1904-1930  
Fc1 Notes on studies in industrial psychology with special reference to Witwatersrand Cold Mines by A. Stephenson. 12p. Mimeog. 1930.  
Fc2 Undated. Notes on Asiatic labour by H. Pim. 12p. Ms.  
Fc3 " Distress in Transkei and the mines. 1p. Ts.  
Fc4 1924 May 5. Note of interview with H.J. Ibbotson re Transvaal Oil Scheme. 2p. Ts.  
Fc5 Undated. General notes on mining industry by H. Pim. 6p. Ms.  
Fc6 Undated. Mining Industry Commission. 1p. Ms.  
Fc7 Notes on deferred pay. 3p. Ms.  
 Undated Notes on early miners in S. Africa. 2p. Ms.  
Fd Statistics 7 items 1907-1909  
Fd1 Presidential address by H. Pim to Statistical Society of S. Africa, 1907 Mar 26. 32p. MS  
Fd2 Report of the Census Committee of Crest Britain. 1908 Jun 24, 2p. Ts. Attached is letter to Royal Statistical Society on census matters. 2p. Ts.  
Fd3 Modern Statistical Methods. An address by h. Pim to the Statistical Society of South Africa, 1909. lop. Ts.  
Fd4 Report of the Census Cotnnittee, Johannesburg, 1909 Sep. 2p. Ts + notes on census and statistical bureau by C.D.Maynard. 4p. Ts.  
Fd5 Terms in Maynard's paper. 2p. Ms. (with correspondence between Pim and Maynard).  
Fd6 Population. Notes on the Australian colonies. 6p. Ms.  
Fd7 Statistical notes on South Africa. 5p. Ms.  
Fe Economics IL items 1906-1932  
Fe1 Natal: analysis of liabilities, 1906 Jun 30. Lip- Ms.  
Fe2 Further remarks on the Kylsant case by H. Pim, 1932. 5p. Ts.  
Fe3 "Ikey Cohen asks father for a raise - and Julius shows hir he is not entitled to it". 1p. Ts. Undated.  
Fe4 Undated. The S. African social credit movement. 7p. Mimeo  
Fe5 Where does the money come from? 2p.Ts  
Fe6 Notes on the Treasury. 1p. Ts.  
Fe7 " General notes on economics. 20p. Ms.  
Fe8 The benefits of Life Assurance Societies to the State. 7p. Ts.  
Fe9 Company Law Amendment. 2p. Ms.  
Fe10 " Insolvency laws of the Transvaal. 5p. Ms.  
Fe11 Nihil sine labor. by Isang Pilane, P.O. Mochudl, Pilane Station, Bechuanaland.  
Ff Quakers 20 items 1919 - 1933  
Ff1 Address on Juvenile Delinquency by H.E. Norman (probation officer) to a meeting of the Society of Friends, 1919 Apr.19. 13p. Ts.  
Ff2 Address by J. Henderson, Principal of Lovedale College. On the position of the natives in the social system of South Africa, 1919. Apr.19. 19p. Ts.  
Ff3 Memorandum by M. Webb on South Africa's need of a Friend's School. 1930. Jul. 3p. Ts.  
Ff4 Circular News Sheet, issued by Executive Committee of S. African Society of Friends. 1930 Aug. 3p. Mimeog.  
Ff5 Minutes of meeting, Johannesburg, 1930 Sep.5. 1p. Ts.  
Ff6-7 Circular cn Durban meetings, re Friends School and arrangement: for meetings. 193L. 1 + Lp. Ts.  
Ff8 Minutes S.A. Education Ccirmittee 1930 Dec.31 attached to letter from E.B. Fear 1931 Jan.7. 2p. Ts.  
Ff9-10 Minutes of Education Executive 1931 Jan 12 6 Mar.1932 + 1p. Ts.  
Ff11 Report on school council meeting, Johannesburg 1932 Dec.1l- 12. 3p. Ts.  
Ff12-13 Minutes of S. Africa Committee 1933. Feb 3 S Apr.7. 3 + 2p. Mimeog.  
Ff14 Financial statements 1933. 11p. Ms.  
Ff15 Ms. Notes on Friends' attitude to war. op. Ms. Undated.  
Ff16 Answers to questionnaire re suitability of Uplands as at school. 2 + 1p. Mimeog. Undated.  
Ff17 Addendum to Report on visit of Commission to Friends in S. Africa. 1p. Ts.  
Ff18 A Friends' School in S. Africa. 6p. Ts.  
Ff19 Memorandum from the Pretoria meeting of Friends re proposed Friends' School. Sgd. M.G. Farren. 2 + 5p. Ts. Attached are copies of correspondence between R.A. Bateman., Gilbert Reynolds and A. Yuart Smith.  
Ff20 Miscellaneous notes. 5p. Ms. 6 Ts.  
Fg Politics 11 items 1905-1930  
Fg1 Note on the land revenue systems in India, 1905. 24p. Ms.  
Fg2 c.1905. Notes on land settlement in S. Africa. 6p. Ts.  
Fg3 1906 Notes on the constitution. 3p. Ms. + 4p. Ts.  
Fg4 1906 Jan.5 Transvaal Progressive Association. Reports on natives and Asiatics; railway rates & customs; education. 6p. Ts.  
Fg5 1909 Feb.20. Notes on the electoral system in draft South Africa act. 6p. Ms.  
Fg6 1917 May 31. Indian situation. 2p. Ts.  
Fg7 1929. Protest against the arming and training for war of primitive peoples recorded by means of a speech to the assembly of the League of Nations by J.S., Administrator of the Transvaal. 1p. Ts.   
Fg8 Government settlement at Delmas.   
Fg9 Miscellaneous notes on countries of the world. 76 leaves of paper 8X20 cros.  
Fg10 Notes on lst World War and world politics. 5p. Ms.  
 Translation of Leaders in Dutch press, r.ainlc "Die decor". "Ons Vadcrland". 25 ltems'. c.1930.  
 On native franchise, Apartheid, politics generally, colour question, Christian conference at Fort Hare, Native Econernic Commission, native labour on the mines, prohibiting Light wine to natives.  
Fh Philosophy 5 items 1584-1908  
Fh1 Objections against arguing from the analogy of nature to religion, 1584. 5p. Ms.  
Fh2 Notes on Cod and the problem of evil. 12p. Ts.  
Fh3 Notes on the state. 10p. Ms.  
Fh4 Notes on political theory. 13p. Ms.  
Fh5 Democracy and religion, 1906. 1p. Ms.  
Fj Literature 12 items c.1S99-1902  
Fj1  Love poem by H. Pim, 1199. 2p. Ms.  
Fj2 Deficiencies in "Punch" volumes, 1641-1902, 1903. 3p. Ms.  
Fj3 Undated. Notes on Wordsworth. 2p. Ms.  
Fj4 Bowdlerised version of the Ballad of Sir Patrick Spens, using Bp. of Johannesburg, Abp. of Cape Town and Rev. Saul Solomon as characters.  
Fj5 Short stories by H. Pim. 7,7. d. 2p. Ms.  
Fj6 Undated. With apologies to Mr. Rudyard Kipling. 2p. Ms.  
Fj7 Poem by W.E. Henley. 1p. Ms.  
Fj8 Poem on the Charter Company, written on Company newspaper. 3p. Ms.  
Fj9 Undated Limericks. Sp. Ms.  
Fj10 Undated Poem on Oxford. Ip. Ms.  
Fj11 1914. Poem 'The Optimist' by J. Stephens  
Fk Art d Architecture 3 items c.1933  
Fk1 Rhodes College American gift: speech by Pim who opened School of Art, 1933. 2p. Mimeog.  
Fk2 Notes on mixing paint, in Italian. 2p. Ms.  
Fk3 The cathedrals of France. 99p. Ms.  
Fl Women 1 item  
 On women's suffrage. 5p. Ms.  
Fm Fm Ireland 2 items  
Fm1 Notes on the history of Ireland. 14p. Ms.  
Fm2 written on the back of a draft of Pim's speech to Native Affairs Society. 32p. Ms.  
Fn Municipal 3 items c.1906-1909  
Fn1 Notes on election expenses, 1906. 4p. Ms.  
Fn2 Chairman's speech at loth A.G.M. of Johannesburg Public Library, 1909. Ts.  
Fn3 Municipal franchise. 3p. Mimeog.  
Fo Miscellaneous 5 items c.1934  
Fo1 Obituary notes for H. Pim, 1934. 4p. Ts. + 1p. Ts. tribute from Johannesburg African Football Association  
Fo2 Scrap of paper with address of Miss Eve Fairfax. 1p. Ms.  
Fo3 List of recipients of boxes of fruit. 2p. Ts.  
Fo4 Note on dagga. 1p. Ms.  
Fo5 Misc. notes. 5p. Ms.  
PRESS CLIPPINGS 691 items 1591-1934  
Ga Bound 8 items 1898-1916  
Ga1 1898-1903  
 Contains series of articles by Capt. A.T. Mahan on "The war on the sea and its lessons" from the Times Weekly Edition, re Cuba. Also on S. African politics leading up to the outbreak of war, native labour and the mining industry.  
Ga2 1899-1903 (with index)  
 On Transvaal politics, native labour, Chinese Labour on the mines, visit of Mr. Chamberlain, 1903.  
Ga3 1903 (with index)  
 Subjects same as Cat, plus discovery of diamonds in Transvaal imperial politics and Inter Colonial Council.  
Ga4 1904  
 Subjects same as Ga3  
Ga5 1907  
 On the elections of 1907  
Ga6 1916  
 From "R.D.M." S. "Sunday Times" on prohibition of liquor for Africans.  
Ga7 1916  
 From "Star" on prohibition  
Ga8 The League of Nations by J.C. Smuts. Undated  
Gb Loose Files 683 items 1891-1934  
 (Subject division by J.H.Pim has been retained)  
 Accountancy 2 items 1905-1932  
 Antarctic 2 items 1913  
 Art 3 items 1913-1933  
 Audits and Politics 2 items 1906 (Re Pim losing Rand Mines audit)  
 Basutoland 10 items 1905-1921  
 Bechuanaland 1item Undated  
 Cape University 1item (Re 1st Annual Dinner of Graduates, Pretoria)  
 Corner House 3 items 1907  
 Delagoa Bay 9 items 1907  
 Depression 5 items  
 Education (African) 19 items 1906-1923  
 Education (European) 5items 1906-1910  
 Ethiopian Church 1item 1904  
 Indians 19 items 1903-1929  
 Inter Colonial Council 3 items 1905  
 Ireland 2 items 1924  
 Irrigation 1 item Undated  
 Japan 2 items 1905  
 Jews 4 items Undated  
 Johannesburg Lad's Hostel 4 items 1924  
 Legal 21items 1905-1906  
 Libraries 4 items Undated  
 Methodist Episcopal Church 1item 1908  
 Chamber of Mines 2 items 1906  
 Chinese Labour 15 items1905-1906  
 E.R.P.M. 1 item 1924  
 Freeholds 1 item Undated  
 Cordon Drill 1item 1906  
 Hull v. Turf Mines 1 item 1906  
 Native Labour 6 items 1906  
 Premier Diamond Mine 2 items 1906-1908  
 Rand Mines 1 items 1908  
 Statistics 3 items 1908  
 Village Deep Expansion 1 item Undated  
 WNLA 3 items 1906  
 York Mine 1 items Undated  
 Native affairs:  
 American negro 3 items 1909-1927  
 Antiquity of native races 2items 1908  
 Appeal Courts 2 items1925-1929  
 Bantu, History of by 'Veritas' 28 items 1932-1933  
 Bills, incl.Colour Bar Bill 24 items 1908-1928  
 British attitude to native races 1items 1906  
 Closer union 7 items 1908  
 Conferences, including European-Bantu Conference, 25 items 1926-1929  
 Franchise 9 items 1908-1928  
 General 27 items 1908-1931  
 Joint Council 1 item 1932  
 Labour 4 items 1909-1928  
 Land - 7 items 1905-1927  
 Liquor 3 items 1908-1922  
 Locations 3 items 1908-1921  
 Natal 5 items 1906-1906  
 Pass laws 3 items c.1931  
 Segregation 15 items 1908-1925  
 Squatters Law 10 items 1906  
 Subject races 1 item 1907  
 Trade unions 17 items1926-1929 (incl.Durban )  
 Wages & unemployment 4 items c.1933  
 Bailey, A. 1 items 1905  
 Bell, F.W. 1 item 1909  
 Botha, L. 1 item 1906  
 Burgers, T.F. 4 items 1933  
 Chamberlain, J. 2 items 1903  
 Churchill, W.S. 1 item 1906  
 Creswell, F.H.P. 12 items 1905-1906  
 Duncan, P. .3 items 1908  
 Fitzpatrick, J.P. 9 items 1906  
 Garrett, F.E. 6 items Undated (Articles on Rhodes and Milner)  
 Hardie, K. 1 items 1909  
 Hartzog, J.B.M. 7 items 1913-1930  
 Hobhouse, E. 3 items 1901  
 Hollard, W.E. 1 item 1906  
 Hosken, W. 2 items Undated  
 Inge, W.R. 3 items  
 Lane, C.A. 13 items 1906  
 Leonard, J.W. 1 item 1909  
 Macmillan, W.M. 8 items 1926  
 Malan, F.S. 1 item 1907  
 Milner, Lord 10 items 1905-1906  
 Phillips, L. 1 items 1905  
 Pim, J.H. 13 items1906-1932 (including cbituaries)  
 Quinn, J.U. 2 items 1906  
 Rose-Innes, J. 1 item Undated  
 Selborne, Lord 11 items 1905-1917  
 Smuts, J.C. 4 items c.1919  
 Stanford, W.E. 3 items 1907-1910  
 Stewart, J. l items Undated  
 Afrikanders 4 items 1906  
 Bond 1 item 1891  
 British Association 5 items 1905  
 Closer Union 24 items 1908  
 Constitution 19 items 1905-1907  
 Elections 11 items 1906-1907  
 Federation 'Onsland' 5 items Undated.  
 General 14 items undated (cartoons)  
 Het Volk 25 1905-1906  
 Imperial Organization 3 1905  
 National Party 1 item Undated (Article by Pim on Nationalist women and the Cape native vote)  
 Nineteen Fourteen Rebellion l item 1930  
 Progressive Association 2 items 1905  
 Reform Club 5 items 1906  
 Responsible Government 7 items 1905  
 Railways 2 items 1908  
 Rand Water Board 1 item Undated  
 Rhodesia 2 items 1908  
 Social Credit 1 item 1932 (re Pim) Strikes 5 items 1913-1926  
 Swaziland 4 items Undated (re Lord Selborne's visit)  
 Telephones 1 item  
 Tolstoy, L. 3 items 1905  
 Trafalgar, Battle of 7 items  
 Budget 3 items 1905  
 Game preservation l item  
 Rand Pioneers 2 items 1906  
 Tropical diseases 1 items.1920  
 South African War, 1899-1902 5 items Undated  
 War Loan 2 items  
 World War1 5 items 1917-1916  
 Weather prediction 1 item 1905  
 Witte, Count's memoirs 19 items 1920  
 Zululand 1 1905  
PRINTED LTEMS 135 items 1883-1934  
Ha Ephemera 24 items 1883-1934  
Ha1 1883 Jan.6. Card in remembrance of Susan E. Pim, wife of Thomas Pim.  
Ha2 1S99 Dec.20. Garrison Orders by Lt. Col. R.G. Kekewich, Kimberley. 1p.  
Ha3 1900 Jan.25. Programme for Sacred Concert, Trinity Church. 1p.  
Ha4 1904 Sep.3. Invitation card to Lady Farraris At Home. Attached is ALS from George Farrar, hoping Pims will come to their farewell garden party. 1p.  
Ha5 1907 Aug.19. Invitation card to Mr. & Mrs. D.J. Johnstone to attend Mrs. Llewellyn Edwards 'At Ilorre', to meet with Sir Aubrey Woolls-Sampson.  
Ha6 1909 Aug.23. Invitation to Golden Wedding of Mr. a Mrs. J. Pick card acknowledging congratulations.  
Ha7 1911 May 31. Invitation to attend Mercers Dinner & programme; Earl of Selborne Master.  
Ha8 1911 Jun.29. Programme for the Forfeit Feast, Cutlers Hall, Sheffield.  
Ha9 1911. Invitation to attend coronation of Kin;, George V d Queen Mary (2 cards & L framed invitation, all signed by the Earl Marshal, Duke of Norfolk.)  
Ha10 1915 May 20. In memoriam George Farrar, died in the service of his country.  
Ha11 1932 Print Collectors Club. Presentation prints. 3 Items S report of A.C.M. 1932. +p.  
Ha12 1933 Sep.23. Programme for farewell concert a dance to be given by Wit. Deep Native Sports Board for Chief Pow.  
Ha13 1934 May 25. Notice of Commemoration Service in Trinity College Chapel. 1p.  
Ha14 1934 Royal Automobile Club of South Africa. Vouchers.  
Ha15 Undated Johannesburg GoLf Club coupon book.  
Ha16 Undated Bulawayo Club coupons.  
Ha17 Invitation from Master of Christ's College for dinner.  
Ha18 Bookplate of Sidney Mendelssohn autographed.  
Ha19 Wentworth Buller.  
Ha20-22 Trade cards.  
Ha23 Cheque forms. 5p.  
Ha24 Postcard advertising Howard Pim as candidate for Ward 6, Johannesburg.  
Hb Pamphlets 95 items 1902-1934  
Hb1 Accountancy 2 Items 1918-1925  
Hb1.1 1918 Apr. Memorandum on audit of the books and accounts of Explosives Factories. 36p.  
Hb1.2 1925 Oct. 15. Address to S.African accountants by H. Pim, Chairman at dinner commemorating 21st anniverssr of Transvaal Accountants Ordinance.  
Hb 2 Art 5 items 1910-1932  
Hb2.1 1910 Apr.l2. Catalogue of Theobald collection of etchings and engravings, to be sold by Christies. 242.  
Hb2.2 1924 Second report of Contemporary Art Society Print Fund 1922-23.13p.  
Hb2.3 1932 15th Annual exhibition of the Royal Society of Painters, etchers and engravers.  
Hb2.4 1932 Catalogue of exhibition of etchings & .other prints Lent by H. Pim, at Durban Municipal Art Gallery. 6p.  
Hb2.5 Undated Katalog Nr.4 DUrer-Rembrandt, Cutekunst & Klipstein. 16p.  
Hb3 Economics 2 items c.1908  
Hb3.1 1908 The economic aspect of preventable deaths, being an enquiry into the financial loss due to unnecessary mortality in the Transvaal. By G.C. Maynard. 7p.  
Hb3.2 Undated The Douglas theory: a reply to J.A.Hobson by C.H. Douglas. 1Op.  
Hb3.3 1930 Introduction to Bantu economics. By. H. Pim. 23p.  
Hb4 Education 8 items 1904-1910  
Hb4.1 1904 Basutoland:report of schools, inspected Aug-Dec. 1903 by .I.T. Davidson. 7p. + tables.  
Hb4.2 1905 Sep.30. The Lovedale Mission by E.B.S. Lop.  
Hb4.3 1905 Dec.2e-29. Report of the Native Convention held at Lovedale on Inter-State native college scheme. 1'p.  
Hb4.4 1905 Proceedings of the Native Convention hell at Lovedale. 23p.  
Hb4.5 1905 The problem of Bantu education in South Africa: a paper read before the Annual meeting of the South African association for the Advancement of Science, Grahamstown, by K.A.H. Houghton. 21p.  
Hb4.6 1916 Exhibitions awarded to students from South Africa for Trinity College. 1p.  
Hb4.7 Terms of admission for S.African students to enter Trinity College. 1p.  
Hb4.8 Undated List of books in Johannesburg Public Library on 'Shakespeare and 19th century poetry in connection with series of lectures by Walter Raleigh.' 4p.  
Hb5 Mining 9 Items 1902-1906  
Hb5.1 1902 Witwatersrand Native Labour Association. Articles. 12p.  
Hb5.2 1903 Apr.2. Witwatersrand Native Labour Association. Report of 1st ordinary general meeting.  
Hb5.3 1904 Oct. Yellow labour: the truth about the Chinese in the Transvaal. By T. Naylor. 31p.  
Hb5.4 1905 The Chinese labour question from within. By F.H.P. Creswell. 1l4p.  
Hb5.5 1906 Aug.20. The Witwatersrand gold mines and responsible government. Reprinted from the 'Economist'. 15p.  
Hb5.6 1906 A short account of the recruiting work of the Witwatersrand Native Labour Association in Portuguese East Africa. 5p.  
Hb5.7 The 'five-bob-a-day' fable. By F.H.P. Creswell. 4p.  
Hb5.8 Mr. Creswell the miners' friend: By R. Raine. 7p.  
Hb5.9 Chinese for the Chamber of Mines: Poverty for the people. By F.N.P. Creswell. 22p.  
Hb6 Miscellaneous 6 items 1906-1913  
Hb6.1 1905. South African Association for the Advancement of Science. A course of lectures by H.A.L. Fisher, Johannesburg. 7p.  
Hb6.2 1909 South African Association for the Advancement of Science. Darwin centenary: the South African lectures on 'Darwinism and human life' by J.A. Thomson. 16p.  
Hb6.3 1911 The form and order for the Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary. 56p.  
Hb6.4 1911 Jun.22. The coronation service of King George and Queen Mary. 47p.  
Hb6.5 1911 Jun.22. The ceremonies for the coronation service of King George V and Queen Mary. 58p.  
Hb6.6 1913 The Church of England and the Church of the Province of South Africa. By R.A.C. Kearns. 50p.  
Hb7 Municipal 5 Items 1906  
Hb7.1 1906 Oct.3. Mr. Walker Pole's address to municipal electors of Ward VII. 3p.  
Hb7.2 1906 Mr. W.H. Andrews address to municipal electors of Ward VII. 2p.  
Hb7.3 1906 Mr. Minnaar's address to municipal electors of Ward VII. 1p.  
Hb7.4 1906 Oct.9. Racialism rampant: politics at Volksrust, Progressive Association, Vote of no confidence. t sheet.  
Hb7.5 Undated Give your first preference vote to Ellis (the Rate- payers' friend). 1p.  
Hb8 Native Affairs 19 items 1903-1934  
Hb8.1 1903 The evolution of negro labor. By C. Kelsey. P.55-76. (Reprinted from the annals of the American Academy of Political d Social Science. 1903).  
Hb8.2 1903 Aug.24. Statement of evidence by William Grant to the members of the Transvaal Labour Commission'. 8p. Included is copy of letter 1892 Dec.14 from T. Shepstone to W. Grant.  
Hb8.3 1906 The native question of today. By J.W. Shepstone. 30p.  
Hb8.4 1908 Jan.30. Manifesto: the natives in the Transvaal and strong drink. Issued by the Transvaal Missionary Association. Zp.  
Hb8.5 1920 Jul. Native unrest: its cause and cure. A paper read at the Natal Missionary Conference, Durban 1920 by D.D.T. Jabavu. 8p.  
Hb8.6 c.1923 Some South African problems. By H.0'K.Webber. 12p.  
Hb8.7 1924 June Secession: the leading documents, published by the South African Party. 25p.  
Hb8.8 1924 Sep.). A question of conscience. Reprinted from the Cape Times. 1p.  
Hb8.9 1925 United Missionary campaign, S. Africa. 4p.  
Hb8.10 1928 Memorandum on the administration of justice in South Africa with special reference to the native population. 18p.  
Hb8.11 1929 The native franchise question: a speech by Sir James Rose-Innes at the opening of the Non-Racial Franchise Association. 15p.  
Hb8.12 1932 Mar.21. Back to native serfdom: church's protest against Contract Bill. 3p.  
Hb8.13 c.1932 Repression or co-operation? The future of the farmer and the native. Published by the Joint Council of Europeans and Bantu. 12p.  
Hb8.14 1934 A Transkei enquiry 1933. By H. Pim. 82p.  
Hb8.15 Undated The university approach to the new negro in modern America. 15p.  
Hb8.16 Undated. The native problem in S. Africa. (From internal evidence dated may be 1905) by H. Pim. 15p.  
Hb8.17 Undated The question of race: a paper read to the Fortnightly Club by H. Pim. 7p.  
Hb8.18 Undated Studies in Zulu law and custom.. By J. Stuart.  
Hb8.19 The S. African Institute of Race Relations to J.D.R. Jones. 3p.  
Hb9 Politics (South Africa) 22 items 1903-1515  
Hb9.1 1903 Jan.5. Letter to J. Chamberlain, Sec. of State for Colonies, from Transvaal Political Association, re settlement after the War, representative institutions. Cold Law and the native question. 5p.  
Hb9.2 1906 Transvaal National Association. Address to the electors of Transvaal Colony. Spd. C.W. Welr..an, Secretary. 7p. (with Ms. notes on back)  
Hb9.3 1907 Jan.7. Peter Whiteside's manifesto to electors of Siemert Division. 2p.  
Hb9.4 1907 Jan 15. Address to electors, Parktown Division by L.Forsyth Allan. 1p.  
Hb9.5 1906. Association of Closer Union Societies Constitution. 3p.  
Hb9.6 Association of Closer Union Societies By-laws.   
Hb9.7 Some suggestions as to how certain obstacles South African Union may be overcome. 5p.  
Hb9.8 Dec.15.Closer Union: address by the Hon.L.Curtis. Reprints from the 'Diamond Fields Advertisers. 1 Sheet.  
Hb9.9 1909 Mar.3. Association of Closer Union Societies. Report of executive. Ip. (+ 2p. draft constitution)  
Hb9.10-11 1909 Mar.4-5. Assoc. of Closer Union Societies. Order papers. 3 d !p.  
Hb9.12 1915 Sep.25. Parliamentary elections 1915; Parktown Division. Candidate's manifesto by 0. Pirow. 2p.  
Hb9.13 Undated The Witwatersrand Voters catechism. By Progressive Publication Committee. Sp.  
Hb9.14 Undated Manifesto of the South African Labour Party. 1p. In English and Dutch.  
Hb9.15 Undated Draft programme of 'Het Volk'. 3p.  
Hb9.16 Undated Separate native representation. By T.L. Schreinerd K.H.R. Stuart, Matjcsfonteln. 4p.  
Hb9.17 Undated Manifesto No.52. No votes for women. By National League for opposing woman suffrage. 1.p.  
Hb9.18 Undated Address to the electors of Ycoville constituency. By W. van Hulsteyn. 3p.  
Hb9.19 Undated Manifesto to the electors of the Transvaal colons. By George Farrar, Press, Transvaal Progressive Association. In English and Dutch. 2p.  
Hb9.20 Undated Mr. Wilfred Wybergh's short guide to national bankruptcy. By Progressive Publication Committee. 5p.  
Hb21-22 Undated The whys and the vhethers to which the public would like an answer. lst and 2nd series. By Progressive Publication Committee. 2p.  
Hb10 Politics (international) 12 items 1905-1934  
Hb10.1 1905 Aug. 24. A speech by R.L. Outhwaite in the Camara Screen Council School to West Birmingham Liberal Association on 'Free trade and slavery'. 24p.  
Hb10.2 1909. Against the Referendum. Reprinted from the 'British Weekly'. 32p.  
Hb10.3 1932 Dec. The Warning: a speech by Stanley Baldwin. p.  
Hb10.4 1933 Jun. The persecution of the Jews in Germany. Supplementary Bulletin No.2. 45p.  
Hb10.5 1933 Jul. The Jews in Germany. By Israel Cohen. 20p.  
Hb10.6 1933 Oct.13. Peace or war? An affirmation of Christian faith. 3p.  
Hb10.7 International nazism at work. 5p. Issued by the Relief Committee for the victims of German fascism (S.African section).  
Hb10.8 1934 Jan. An international force. By A.R.Fry. 7p.  
Hb10.9 Undated. Memorandum on imperial problems and need for quarterly journal for the colonies. 6p.  
Hb10.10 Undated.Germany and England. By R. Blatchford.  
Hb10.11 Undated.Hitler and arms. By J.L. Garvin. Friends of Europe No.1. 3p. No.2. 13p.  
Hb10.12 Undated.Hitler - Germany and Europe by a German diplomat. Lap.  
Hb11 Quakers 4 items 1903-1915  
Hb11.1 1915 Dec.10. 'The making of England': a review of this book written by Beatrice A. Lees by W.C. Braithwaite. 4p.  
Hb11.2 1920 Oct. 5. Ireland today: report by the Society of Friends. 4p.  
Hb11.3 1923 General advices and queries. Issued by the London Yearly meeting of the Society of Frier:2s. 8p.  
Hb11.4 Undated South African Friends School prospectus. 4p.  
Hb12 Statistics l item  
Hb12.1 A statistical enquiry into the population problem in South ,Africa. By Alex. Roberts. p.201-244. Reprinted from the Transactions of Royal Society of South Africa. Vol-13. Part 3.  
Hc Periodicals (Arranged abc) 12 items 1911-1934  
Hc1 Bulletin of International News. V.6. No.10, 1929. p.14. General Smuts and native policy in East Africa.  
Hc2 Christian Express: a journal of missionary news and Christian work, Lovedale/1-2. V.41. Nos. 463, 485, 1911./3-4. V.50. Nos. 595, 597,- 1920 /5. V.51. Nos. 607, 1921.   
Hc3 Crisis: a record of the darker races. V.25. No.6, 1923.  
Hc4 English Association Bulletin. No.77, 1933. p.62. H. Pim's name appears on list of new members.  
Hc5 Friend: a religious 6. literary journal. V.47. No.2, 1927  
Hc6 Industrial and Labour information. 4.49. No.9. 1934.  
Hc7 Irish Church Quarterly. V.5. No.19, Jul.1912. the discontent of Jonathan Swift.  
Hc8 Race relations. V.I. No.l, Nov. Dec.1933. Official Journal of the S.A. Institute of Race Relations.  
Hc9 SANC: Vol.2. No.25, 1933. South African Native College.  
Hc10 South African Outlook (formerly the Christian Express, Lovedale. v.53. No.630, 1923 v.55. No.654, 1925 v.56. No.661, 1926  
Hc11 Transvaal Mine Medical Officers' Association. V.11. No.12-, 1932.  
 Native customs and folklore by A.B. Xuna.  
Hc12 Umteteli wa Bantu.  
 Odd numbers V.2-0, 1921-1933.  
Hd Government Publications 4 items 1904-1906  
Hd1 1904 Apr.17. Basutoland census. Morija. 7p.  
Hd2 1904 Jul. Memorandum by Commissioner for Native Affairs on Subject of the Transvaal Squatters Law. Pretoria.Govt. Printer. 7p.  
Hd3 Finance accounts of the Transvaal 1903-1904. Pretoria Govt. Printer. 42p.  
Hd4 1906 Financial Relations Commission. Second report financial relations of the government to the local authorities. Pretoria. Govt. Print. 55p. Sgd. W.L. Hichens, L. Curtis, S. Evans, J.A.Hamilton. C. Murray.  
PICTORIAL 67 items 1900-1932 (Ja-Jc Stored in room 27)  
Ja Mounted Photographs 2 items 1900-1906  
Ja1 Mrs. R. Pim and daughter Huldah aged 7 months. c.1900.   
Ja2 Mr. and Mrs. Pim and family. Folio items  
Jb Loose Photographs 28 items   
Jb1 Howard Pim 3 items  
Jb1.1-2 H. Pim in Later years. Number J1.1 is misssing.  
Jb1.3 H. Pim at opening of Johannesburg Art Gallery  
Jb2 Mrs. R. Rim. 13 items c.1932 ( includes photos of Garden)  
Jb3 Pim family 9 items undated  
Jb4 Miscellaneous 4 items  
Jb4.1 Lightning over Johannesburg  
Jb4.2 Bayham House  
Jb4.3 Groups of unidentified children.  
Jc Paintings, Sketches, etc. 5 items 1907-1924  
Jc1 Cartoon 'A very happy return' and 'Vote for Pim', 1907 W.R.S.  
Jc2 Charcoal drawing of R. Pim by W. Strang, 1914. Folio items.  
Jc3 Coloured sketch of H. Pim on board Walmer Castle, 1920  
Jc4 Profile, probably R. Pim by Arthur Forster, 1924.   
Jc5 Undated cartoon 'Nurse Hughes & baby' by Rouliot.   
Jd Prints 33 items Stored with papers.  
Jd1-7 Unidentified copies of paintings.  
Jd8-22 Copies of masters, used for exhibition purposes.  
Jd23-33 Photographs of paintings of English scones. Published by A. & C. Black.  
K1 Braamfontein Co. Plan of townships of Park Town, Park View, Park Wood, Forest Town. L.C. Bollix, Estate Agent. Undated.