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Collection Index:SMUTS, Field Marshal Jan Christiaan 1854-1950
Collection Name:Field Marshal Jan Christiaan SMUTS Papers, 1854 (1918-1950) - 1950.
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 Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 Compiled by Anna M. Cunningham 
 The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg 1976 
 Biographical Sketch 
 Jan Christiaan Smuts Papers comprise 148 items and span the years 1854 to 1947 with the greatest number being between 1918 and 1947. The papers contain correspondence, notes, typescripts, theses, photographs and a scrapbook. 
 The 148 items described in this inventory complement the principal collection of Smuts papers which is in the State Archives in Pretoria. These 148 items formed part of the library of J.C.Smuts which was bequeathed to the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. In turn the University donated the library to the Smuts Memorial Trustees and it was looked after jointly by the South African Institute of International Affairs and the Smuts Memorial Trustees. The books in Smuts' study were retained as he had left them but the rest of the books were deposited in the University library. By a letter of 15 March 1974 the Trustees and the Institute agreed that these books be dispersed to their appropriate places in the library and that the manuscripts and other non-book items be given to the Historical and Literary Papers division of the library. 
 This collection of Smuts' papers relates to the two World Wars and in particular to the German East African and German South West African campaigns of Worid War I and to the creation of the British Royal Air Force. Subjects relating to South Africa are the establishment of an oil industry, politics and native policy. Other subjects are South West Africa, the League of Nations, colonialism, Ireland and astronomy. A large part of the papers is made up of draft typescripts of books, submitted to Smuts for his criticisms. 
 The following abbreviations have been used: 
 ALS - Manuscript letter, wholly in the handwriting of, and signed by the author. 
 Ha - Manuscript other than a letter, wholly in the handwriting of the author. 
 LS - Letter, signed by, but not otherwise in the handwriting of the person under whose name it is entered. 
 Mimeog. - Mimeograph 
 MS - Manuscript 
 TS - Typescript 
 Jan Christiaan Smuts, 1870-1950* 
 Born on the farm Bovenplaats outside Riebeek West, Cape Colony, on 24 May 1870, his education took place at Victoria College, Stellenbosch, and Cambridge, where he read for the bar. He served with distinction in the South African War, 1899-I902, and in the first World War during the East African campaign. Smuts had a distinguished career in politics, being Prime Minister twice. During the second World War he played an important part and helped to draft the covenant for the United Nations. 
 * For a full biography see the Dictionary of South African Biography Volume 1, edited by W.J. de Kock 
Notes, etc. 
Photographs and pictorial material 
Printed material 
CORRESPONDENCE (arranged chronologically) 45 items 1917-1945 
LS 1917 Jan.3, London, 1p. from Henry Wickham Steed. 
 Relates to the peace after the war and the dismemberment of the Austrian Empire. 
LS 1921 Jan.19, Philadelphia, 2p. from L.S.Rowe, President, University of Pennsylvania. 
 Asks Smuts to write an article on the League of Nations for a publication to be put out by the American Academy of Political end Social Science. 
2a ALS 1930 Jun.10, London, 1p. from Sir John Simon. 
 Encloses the report of the Indian Statutory Commission, Vol 1 and expresses the hope that it will be studied by Dominion statesmen. 
ALS 1931 Leeds, 1p. from Lt Col.E.Kitson Clark. 
 Accompanies a copy of an address by Clark to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. 
LS 1934 Jun.29, London, 1p. from the Marquess of Lothian. 
 Encloses reprint of a speech made at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, on international affairs and world peace. 
LS 1935 Sep.25, Liverpool, 1p. from A.A.David, Bishop of Liverpool. 
 Introduces J.S.Furley, alderman and freeman of Winchester. 
ALF: 1935 Nov.2, Johannesburg, 4p. from C. van Riet Lowe. 
 Thanks Smuts for his invitation to stay at Rooikop but declines on the grounds that he is busy with the archaeological and geological survey of the Vaal River, in particular with the area that will be flooded by the proposed dams. Describes the work as a "magnificent job - actually the greatest event in history for years". 
LS 1935 Nov.18, Belfast, 1p. from John M.Davidson. 
 Discusses American foreign policy and encloses an article "Voices from the past" on the subject. Comments on the remarks of Henry Lewin Stimson, former Secretary of State. Attached is an issue of Christian Science Monitor, Vol.27, No.279, 1935 Oct.24, on American isolation. 
LS 1936 Apr.8, London, 2p. from the Marquess of Lothian. 
 Encloses copies of recent speeches on the League of Nations and on Britain's commitments in Europe. 
ALS 1936 Jul.26, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire, 3p. from 'Jan'. 
 Accompanies a pamphlet on water divining. Comments on the British government's honesty re sanctions and suggests that Smuts visit Russia to see a "new land or human society". 
9a LS 1936 Nov.26, London, 1p. from A.Abrahams, Political Secretary of the New Zionist Organisation. 
 Encloses pamphlet on the disturbances in Palestine. 
10 LS 1937 Feb.l, London, 1p. from L.S.Amery. 
 Encloses papers on the German claim for colonies and says "I am all for their finding any outlet for their activities which does not create a strategical menace to us, and I should not only welcome their getting concessions in Angola but in the Belgian Congo and the French colonies as well". 
11 ALS 1.937 Feb.11, Cambridge, 2p. from J.Holland Rose. 
 Encloses an offprint on "Palmerston and the suppression of the slave trade". 
12 ALS 1937 Feb.19, Cambridge, 2p. from J.Holland Rose. 
 Encloses his review of E.A.Walker's biography of W.P.Schreiner. In addition he comments on the world outlook for peace and on secret compacts between Germany, Italy and Japan. He hopes that. Smuts' opponents in Africa "may meet this contingency in a fair spirit. England does not want war, she wishes only to guarantee peace". 
13 LS 1937 May 25, London, 1p. from Sir Benjamin Drage. 
 Encloses a pamphiet on the League of Nations. 
14 LS 1937 Jun.28, Johannesburg, 1p. from H.J.van der Bijl. 
 Encloses copy of a letter from himself to O.Pirow. Outlines proposals for the establishment of an oil industry in South Africa, as contained in a 30-page memorandum. 
15 LS 1937 Jul.30, London, 5p. from Sir John Power. 
 Describes a tour through Europe undertaken by Sir J. Power to inform himself on the political situation. Attached are 30 pages, recalling conversations with mein like Dr Eckhardt, leader of the opposition party in Hungary, Dr Guido Schmidt, Foreign Minister of Austria, Mr Messer-Smith, former American Minister in Berlin and Dr Kainya, Hungarian Eoreign Minister. 
16 LS 1937 Aug.24, Lymington, 3p. from Sir John Power. 
 Comments on Germany's policy, particularly diplomacy by threats. Accompanied by 13 pages of notes on German policy, giving historical precedents to prove Germany is out for aggrandisement. Attached is an issue of Die Friedens-Warte, J.40 Nr.1/2, 1940. 
17 1937 Sep.21, Pretoria, 1p. from B.A.Euvrard, Private Secretary to the Minister of Commerce. 
 Encloses memoranda on proposed oil industry in South Africa (13p.) 
18-32 1937 Oct.19-Dec.20, between J.C.Smuts and General Collyer. 
 Correspondence relates to Collyer's projected publication on the German East African campaign in the first World War. Includes a 14-page holograph draft by Smuts of criticisms and suggestions. The book was published under the title "The South Africans". With General Smuts in German East Africa, 1916. Pretoria: Government Printer, 1939 
33 ALS 1939 Jan.3, Pretoria, 1p. from Lt Col. C.Freeth. 
 Encloses copy of his lecture on "Bush fighting" (22p.), for Smuts' comments. The lecture included lessons learnt in the German East campaign. 
34 LS 1939 Jul.12, Haywards Heath, 1p. from the Marquis of Tavistock. 
 Encloses pamphlet "Poverty and over-taxation". 
35 LS 1940 Sep.2, London, 1p. from Thomas Cochrane, editor of "World dominion and world today". 
35a ALS 1940 Oct.12, Walkerburn, 1p. from Viscount Elibank, 
 Encloses House of Lords debate. 
35b ALS 1943 Sep.30, Cape Town, 1p. from Lord Kilkarn (?) 
 Thanks him for accommodation at Groote Schuur. 
36 ALS 1944 Jul.20, Pretoria, 2p. from the Dutch ambassador in Pretoria. 
 Encloses the booklet "Het handvest van de Vryheid", in which Smuts in quoted. 
37 ALS 1944 Sep.8, Oxford, 1p. from Lt Col A.G.Shortt. 
 Encloses pamphlet on "Britain's mission from religion, myth and history." 
38 ALS 1945 Oct.14, H.Q. British Army or the Rhine, from Field Marshal B.Montgomery. 
 Encloses pamphlets of a military nature. 
39 1945 Dec.31, Hawick, 1p. from Walter Elliott, M.P. 
 Encloses an account of a recent visit to Russia. 
40 LS 1947 Nov.21, London, 1p. from Noel Wynand. 
 Encloses copy of "Lifeline". Attached is a TS copy of a letter, 1947 Nov.23, from General Smuts, acknowledging the copy of "Lifeline". 
40a LS 1947 Nov.27, London, 1p. from Anthony Martinssen. Encloses books he had edited for the Admiralty. 
41 TS copy 1948 Feb.23, London, 1p. from Lord Porter, Chairman of International Law Association and other officials. 
 Congratulates Smuts on his appointment as Chancellor of the University of Cambridge. Attached is a copy of the draft programme for the 43rd Conference to be held in Brussels 1948 Aug.29-Sep.4. 
41a LS 1948 Mar.5, Salisbury, 1p. from Sir Godfrey Huggins, Prime Minister of Rhodesia. 
 Encloses copy of the first interim report of the Development Co-ordinating Commission. 
42 LS 1948 Mar.24, Pretoria, 1p. from Edgar Sievers, Almanack Department, Overseas Gift Parcel Company. 
 Encloses literary almanack in German. Attached is copy of the reply, 1948 Mar.27, Pretoria, 1p. from Smuts' private secretary, acknowledging the girt. 
43 LS 1950 May 19, Cambridge, 1p. from Stanley Stubbs, Headmaster of Perse School. 
 Encloses copy of Pelican which has tributes to Dr W.H.D.Rouse. 
TYPESCRIPTS (alphabetically by author) 10 items 1895-1944 
 Memorandum 1935 Jul .70 79p. TS 
 On the request of the Legislative Assembly of South West Africa, 1934 Nov.29, to the Union or South Africa, to be administered as a province of the Union. 
 Attached are TS notes of it Conference between the Prime Minister of the Union and the German delegation from South West Africa, 1923 Oct.23 (7p.) and copies of correspondence between J.C.Smuts and Mr de Haas 1923-1924 and between General. Hertzog and delegates of the Deutscher Bund fur Sudwestafrika, 1929 (18p.) 
 Notes for evidence South West Africa. Constitutional Commission, 1935 Sep.20 90p. TS 
 Attached is a graph showing the revenue collected and the expenditure incurred for South West Africa 1910-1935, together with MS note. 
 Universe law 1943 61p. TS 
 On theoretical astronomy, embracing new concepts of the origin of the solar system. (Published Johannesburg; C.N.A. 1943). 
 Report on the natives of South West Africa and their treatment by Germany. 457p. TS 
 Prepared in the Administrator's Office. Attached is an LS 191.8 Jan.21, Windhuk, undated, from E.H.L.Gorges to L.Botha, giving reasons why he thinks Germans should not administer the territory. 
GREAT BRITAIN. Committee of Imperial Defence. Historical Section 
 Official history: campaign East Africa. 445p. + maps. Mimeog. 
 First draft of chapters 6,7,9,10,13-15. Also correspondence 1934 Nov.12-1935 Apr.17 between J.Bodenstein, W.H.Clark, J.J.Collyer, Lt Col E.Y.Daniel, R.Meinertzhagen, J.C.Smuts and .J.H.Thomas. 
GREAT BRITAIN. Committee of Imperial Defence. Historical Section. 
 The war in the air by H.A.Jones, official air historian. 31p. Mimeog. 
 Drafts of Vol.6, chapters 1-2 and 6-8. 
 Chapter 1 - Creation of the Royal Air Eorce 
 Chapter 2 - Probiems of supply and or man-power 
 Chapter 6 - East Africa: preparations for offensive 1915-1916 
 Chapter 7 - Kilimanjaro .L916 
 Chapter 8 - Advance from Kilimanjaro, 1916 
 Ware afskrifte von briewe inverband met Jameson inval. 
 (Copies of letters written by Marico authorities) 40p. Mimeog. Mainly from Commandant J.D.L.Botha 
NEDERLAND. Hoofdkwartier van den Generalen Staf. Krijgsgeschiedkundig lnstituut, Gravenhage. 
 De strijd om Walcheren, 1944. TS 5p. + 3 maps 
 Patriotism is not enough. 297p. TS 
 On the reconstruction of the League of Nations. Attached is an LS 1940 Nov.9, Andover, from W.A.Powell to J.C.Smuts, requesting him to write an introduction to his hook. 
VAN DEVENTER, Louis Jacob 
 The German South West African campaign. 196p. TS 
 Contains HG corrections by Smuts and also 4 pages of HG notes by Smuts, explaining the circumstances of his visit to Van Deventer. 
THESES (arranged alphabetically) 4 items 1924-1946 
 The evolution of imperial organisation. 231p. TS 
 M.A. Thesis, University of South Africa. 
 Attached in an ALS 1926 Aug.6, Pretoria, risking Smuts to write the preface. 
 The history of native policy in South Africa from 1830 to the present day. 631p. TS (Published Cape Town: Nas.Pers. 1924) 
 D.Litt. Thesis, University of South Africa, with MS corrections. 
 A history of native education in Natal between 1835 and 1927. 333p. TS M.Ed. Thesis. 
 Die reg posisie van die Rehoboth Basters. 373p. TS 
 D.Law Thesis, 1946 
NOTES etc. 6 items 1945 
HG notes by J.C.Smuts on ex-servicemen, 3p. Attachcd to 2 pages of TS on the same subject, with HG corrections by Smuts. 
Poem "Sons of the Empire". 1p. TS by G.C.Wilmot-Sitwell, 1941 Jan. 
 Attached to 2 pages of sheet music for the poem. 
3-4 S.A.Akademie vir Wetenskap en Nuns. 2 Mimeogs, being agenda for meetings 1949 Dec.4 and 5. 
Papers on Ireland (TSS It Printed) 10 items 1920-1921 
 Articles of Agreement on Ireland. 1971 Dec.6 printed in the Times 
 British North American Act 1867, copies 
 Commonwealth of Australia Constitutional Act 1900 
 Government of Ireland Act 1.920 
 South African Act 1909 
 South Irish Sinn Eein members of the present and last parliaments arranged by counties 
Eurther report on the political developments in South Africa, 1933 6p. TS (incomplete). 
SCRAPBOOK 1 item 1945 
 Inscribed "To the Oubaas with the compliments of (SA) Corps troops, S.A.E.C. Italy, 11th July 1945" 
 Contains items on the Bailey Bridge over the river Po such as photographs, maps and TSS. 
Fa Album 
 Inscribed "To the P.M. Gen.J.C.Smuts from A.Rubinstein, 22 Nov.1947" 
 Contains photographs of cabinet members and other distinguished men all reading Nongqai (The S.A.Services official magazine) 
 Bok, Dr (Secretary for Justice) 
 Botha, General 
 Boarne, Sir Roland (late Secretary for Defence) 
 Brink, General (Secretary for Defence) 
 De Wet, N.J. (Minister of Justice) 
 Haig, Earl 
 Hertzog, General 
 Mentz, Col H. (Minister of Defence) 
 Pirow, Oswald (Minister of Justice) 
 Roos, Mr Justice Tielman 
 Smuts, General 
 Van Ryneveld, Col Sir Pierre. (Director of Air Services) 
Fb Loose 75 items 1854-1944 
Fb1 Reproduction of C.J.Rhodes, taken 1898, signed by Violet, Duchess of Rutland, 1937 
Fb2 Series of 6 photographs of Japanese Foreign Minister Matsuoke, taken at various functions in Berlin, 1941. 
Fb3 Series of 26 photographs of the formal opening of parliament, taken by the official photographer of the Information Bureau, 1943. 
Fb4 Etching "When we stood alone", made in 1940 by Henry Rayner and given to J.C. Smuts in 1944. It was drawn by the actual light of the fires, showing London being bombed, St.Paul's. Cathedral, searchlights and casualties. Bears the inscription "The proof put before Queen Mary 1942, Marlborough House". 
Fb5 Series of 31 photographs of the war in North Africa, issued by the Bureau of Information, taken by South African official photographer, not dated. 
Fb6 2 photographs of a group of buildings proposed for the United Nations Centre in the U.S.A. Accompanied by a LS 1945 Nov.17 from Edmond M. Gorton, U.S. Legation, Pretoria. 
Fb7 A series of 6 photographs of General Botha, taken by the photographer Alan Yates, Pretoria, undated. They relate to various stages of General Botha's life, such as Botha the young farmer, Commandant General of the Republican Forces, Prime Minister of Transvaal 1907-1910, first Prime Minister of South Africa 1910-1919 and Versailles. 
Fb8 2 items from the Illustrated London News, mounted on cardboard. 
 a) 1854 Sep.16, opening of the Cape Parliament, 1854 .Jul.1 - article and picture. 
 b) 1876 May 6, the new Houses of Parliament, Cape Town with comments on the proposed confederation of Southern Africa - article and picture. 
PRINTED MATERIAL 3 items 1938-1948 
Reprint from Philosophy Vol.13, No.50, 1938. An article by Arnold H. Kamiat entitled "An outline of an order philosophy", with an author's description to Smuts said some HG notes by Smuts on the first page. 
Varsity handbook:the undergraduate guide to Cambridge. 2nd ed. 1948-1949. 
Visitors card H. de Vries en Echtgenoote, with MS inscription on the envelope to "Myn.Heer en Mev.Smuts".