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Collection Index:VON KOERBER, Baron Adolf Victor, 1797-1968
Collection Name:Baron Adolf Victor VON KOERBER Papers, 1797 (1906-1968) - 1968.
Photos:KOERBER, Baron Adolf Victor von, 1891 - 1969• click to view
Collection - A807
 Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 Compiled by Anna M. Cunningham, October 1976 
 Section J - NEWSPAPER CLIPS (37 boxes) were de-accessioned in October 2014. They were deposited with the Military Museum (Ditson Museums of South Africa) in Johannesburg, where they can be accessed freely. The listing of items in section J were retained in the inventory, so as to provide an overview of this collection of newspaper clips. 
 The papers of Baron Adolf Victor von Koerber consist of 53 boxes spanning the years 1797-1968, with the greatest preponderance between 1906 and 1968. They comprise correspondence, personal documents, notes, typescripts, printed items, photographs, scrap-books and press clippings. 
 The papers were acquired by the Library of the University of the Witwatersrand in 1973 from a Johannesburg book dealer, Mr G.Bakker, who had bought Baron von Koerber's library and papers from the Baron's widow, shortly after his death in 1969. 
 In addition to being of von Koerber family interest, the papers reflect the military and political history of Germany in particular and Europe in general between 1914 and 1968. There is much about the two World Wars, the rise of National Socialism in Germany between the wars and the settlement in Europe after the Second World War. The photographic section contains many interesting items relating to aeroplanes and airmen pre 1918 and the typescripts include an account of the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 by a von Koerber ancestor. 
 Baron von Koerber kept up a voluminous correspondence, which resulted in there being 2229 letters preserved amongst his papers. The incoming letters and copies of his outgoing letters are arranged together in two sequences (1) Occasional correspondents, arranged chronologically and (2) Regular correspondents, arranged first alphabetically and then chronologically. Amongst the many distinguished correspondents are Admiral E. Batsch, Sir Henry Deterding, General Ferdinand Deutelmoser, Andre Francois-Poncet, Georg Jarecki, General Erich Ludendorff, Father Friedrich Muckermann, Arnold Rechberg, the Ullstein Family (famous publishing firm), Kaiser Wilhelm II and Crown Prince Wilhelm. For full details of correspondents see the index on page 23. 
 As the papers arrived in no particular order, they were rearranged according to archival form. Details of the classification are to he found on page v. A member of the library staff, Mrs Brigitte Rothgiesser helped to translate and evaluate the papers, which are almost entirely written in German. 
 The following abbreviations have been used: 
 MS - Manuscript 
 TS - Typescript 
 Hg - Holograph: a manuscript, other than a letter, wholly in the handwriting of the author 
 Adolf Victor von Koerber 1891-1969 
 Baron Adolf von Koerber was born in 1891 on the Island of Rugen of a distinguished Prussian family. His father was a Doctor of Law and Landrat of Rugen and his mother was of an old Prussian military family. He was educated at military gymnasiums in Stettin, Potsdam and Lichterfelde. In 1909 he was appointed an ensign of cavalry and in 1910 a Lieutenant. 
 From 1910-1912 he saw service with the Danzig Black Hussars and it was during those years that he became interested in flying. In 1913 he had a year's leave during which he visited Italy, the Netherlands and Scandinavia to study art, literature and military science. His travels came to an end with the outbreak of the first World War, in which he served in the Air Force until he was invalided out in 1917. 
 After the war von Koerber went to Munich to practise the profession of journalism. His interest in political journalism was stimulated by the plight in which Germany found itself. He became correspondent for Finnish newspapers and came into contact with many political figures including Adolf Hitler. Like many young men he was captured by the ideals of the National Socialists and on 22 November 1922 joined the Nazi Party with the number 11640. He took part in the Putsch of 1923 and in this year wrote a biographical sketch of Hitler. From the beginning he saw the contradiction between the high ideals of the National Socialists and their actual conduct and soon became disenchanted with the Party. 
 In 1926 von Koerber visited France, where in conjunction with Arnold Rechberg, he worked hard for a Franco-German rapprochement. In an article of 6 May 1927 in the Berlin democratic organ "Vossische zeitung" he prophesied that Hitler was seeking a dictatorship. From 1926 he was on Hitler's black list and came under increasing threats from the Nazis. Living in Berlin, he was Chief Correspondent for the "Neues Wiener journal" but wrote for many other newspapers as well. 
 After the Putsch of 1933 his career in journalism was virtually finished and because of his ant:-Nazi feelings his house in Berlin was watched, his telephone tapped and his movements restricted. His wife travelled outside Germany on his behalf to keep in touch with those, like Father Muckermanr., who had been forced to flee the country. His support of his Jewish friends brought him further into Nazi disfavour. By 1938 he knew war was inevitable and warned the British military attache in Berlin of this (See Documents of British Foreign Policy 1919-1939. Ed. by E.L.Woodward & R.Butler, 3rd series, vol.2, 1938, N0.595)? 
 On the outbreak of the second World War von Koerber wan forbidden to travel and had to remain on the island of Rugen. He continued his illegal activities and passed information to the British Broadcasting Corporation in London and to foreign newspapers. After the war he claimed that he helped to encourage the growing antagonism to Hitler, particularly amongst military men. He was arrested on 21 July 1944, the day after the unsuccessful plot to kill Hitler and was imprisoned in Sachsenhausen. His wife, despite her ill health, was sent to a labour camp. On 15 Feb.1945 he was liberated by the Russians, went to Potsdam and joined free Germany as Comrade 179. Thereupon he claimed that he was a victim of fascism and worked for the de-nazification of Germany. His private affairs were in a bad shape, his house at Hinz plundered and his house in Berlin bombed. 
 In 1946 von Koerber went to Berlin, where he was licensed as a journalist by the Information Central Board, and in 1948 he was flown out of the Eastern Section by the British and went to Baden-Baden as chief editor of the "Europaische Illustrierte". The following year he became Press Chief of the French zone of the Economic Co-operation Administration of the Marshall Aid Plan. In 1952 he went to Bonn to work for the Arbeitgemeinschaft Demokratischer Kreise. From 1958 he lived in Nice until 1968 when, disillusioned with Europe and its politics, he immigrated to South Africa, settling in Johannesburg until his death on 19 November 1969. 
Aa Occasional correspondents {arranged chronologically) 
Ab Regular correspondents (arranged alphabetically) 
Personal Documents 
Ba General 
Bb Army and air force 
Bc Attestations on von Koerber 
Bd Attestations by von Koerber 
Manuscript Notes and Notebooks 
Ca Bound volumes 
Cb Loose notes 
Typescripts and Mimeographs 
Da TSS - Radio Talks 
Db TSS - Marshall Aid Plan 
Dc TSS - Interviews 
Dd TSS - Air Force 
De TSS - General by von Koerber 
Df TSS - General? by von Kuerber 
Dg TSS - Personal 
Dh TSS - General, not von Koerber 
DJ Mimeogs - Periodicals 
Dk Mimeogs - Miscellaneous 
Dl Bound TS volume by Franz Ausfeld 
Dm TS autobiography by Wilhelm von Koerber 
Printed Items 
Ea By von Koerber 
Eb By Petrus Henricus de Koerber 
Ec Ephemera 
Ed Books and Pamphlets 
Ee Periodicals 
Photographs and Pictorial Material (Stored in Room 27) 
Ga Photograph albums 
Gb Framed and glassed photographs and etchings 
Gc Mounted photographs 
Gd Loose photographs 
Ge Postcards 
Gf Drawings - (?now. .27. 
Gg Greetings cards - (stored with papers) 
Gh Personal cards - (stored with papers) 
Press Clippings (deaccessioned) 
Ja Personalities (deaccessioned) 
Jb Countries (deaccessioned) 
Jc Subjects (deaccessioned) 
CORRESPONDENCE 1906-1969 2229 items 
 1913-1922 33 items 
Aa Occasional correspondents (arranged chronologically) 1915-1969 1241 items 
Aa1 1913-1922 33 items 
 With personal friends and comrades and senior officers in the airforce and the Marine Brigade. Also letters of thanks for copies of his works "Feld-flieger an der Front" and "Luftkreuzer im Kampfe" from the King of Saxony and General von Mackensen. 
 Correspondents include: 
 Von Criegern 
 Dr von Kuhr 
 Walter von Malo 
 M. Schukri 
Aa2 1927-1928 67 items 
 With editors of newspapers like "Der Jungdeutsche", "L Avenir" and "Neues Wiener Journal", from politicians, philosophers and many in promient positions. Subjects include Jewel, inflation, articles von Koerber had written, his book "Der Feind im Land" and politics in general. 
 Correspondents include: 
 Elsa Finne 
 Dr Herrmann Fischer 
 Wilhelm von Grolman 
 Albert Huard 
 Ray Jager-Beveridge 
 Erich Koch-Weser 
 Hans von Koller 
 Heinz Pornet Ludendorff 
 Dr Heinrich Pudor 
 Willy Reinke 
 Paul Reynaud 
 Erich Ritter 
 Admiral Schrader 
 Johann Schutte 
 Heinrich Sinkhofer 
 Dr Joachim Tiburtius 
Aa3 1929 56 items 
 With editors of newspapers and prominent personalities who von Koerber was interviewing for his newspaper, the "Neues Wiener Journal". Subjects include Adolf Hitler, Arnold Rechberg, German-French relations and politics in Germany itself. 
 Correspondents include: 
 Joseph Blumenstein 
 H. Bruning 
 Dietrich Dernburg 
 W. Girardet 
 L. Glatzel 
 V. Guerard 
 K. von Kardorff 
 Walther G.W. Keller 
 Lobe (President of Reichstag) 
 L. Muller 
 W. Muller-Scholl 
 von Posadowsky 
 H.R. Schiele 
 S. Skrein 
 A. Stegerwald 
 Albrecht zu Stolberg-Wernigerode 
 G.R. Treviranus 
 Franz Urbig 
Aa4 1930 30 items 
 With editors of newspapers, old wartime comrades and prominent personalities whom von Koerber wished to interview on subjects such as radicalism and Bolshevism, Jews, French-German relations, German politics, Hitler and Mussolini. Also request from von Koerber for confirmation of granting of the Albrechtsorder from the King of Saxony. 
 Correspondents include: 
 Ludwig Bates 
 Dr E. Bruning 
 von Criegern 
 Dr H. Hummel . 
 (State President) 
 Katharina von Kardorff 
 Walther Limbach 
 Dr Arthur Lewin 
 Freiherr von Reibnitz 
 Dr Reichert 
 von Schlange 
 S. Skrein 
Aa5 1931 73 items 
 With editors of newspapers, personal friends and prominent personalities re interviews for his paper and articles he has published on subjects such as National Socialism, Bolshevism, politics in Germany, Hitler, Franco-German and German-Russian relations. 
 Correspondents include: 
 von Baerenfels-Warnow 
 C. Duisberg 
 Fr. Flick 
 Dr G. Gereke 
 Kurt von Kleefeld 
 Franz Krane 
 Fried. Krupp 
 O. Loewenstein 
 Ferdinand Neitzert 
 Peter Schlack, 
 F. von Papen 
 Paul Reusch 
 Gebriele Schroeder 
 Stefan Skrein 
 A. Stern 
 Hans Thyssen 
 Max M. Warburg 
Aa6 1932 56 items 
 With personal friends and prominent personalities including Reichschancellor and State Secretary re interviews and articles in "Das Kleine Journal" on German politics, Hindenhurg, Hitler, von Papen, German nationalism, economic position, Bolshevism. 
 Correspondents include: 
 Ludwig Bertels 
 Johanna Bdeker 
 von Pa-ester 
 Sir Henry Deterding 
 von Diest 
 Walter Essen 
 Dr Friedeberg 
 von Gracie 
 Albert Heilmann 
 K. van Kleefeldt 
 Arthur Lewin 
 Graf Limburg-Stirum 
 Dr Planck 
 Dr Schneider 
 Dr Erich Schrobsdorff 
 Johannes Sonntag 
 Kuno Tiemann 
Aa7 1933-1934 28 items 
 With personal friends and personalities re articles in "Das Kleine Journal" on subjects of bolshevism, capitalism, Franco-German relations and his book "The soldier". 
 Correspondents include: 
 J.T. Barkhausen 
 Dr arose 
 Dr Dingeldey 
 M. Grace 
 Albert Heilmann 
 Dr Wilhelm von Pechmann 
 Ludwig Roselius 
 von Schroeder 
 Otto Wertzledcr 
 Dr Wiegels 
Aa8 1935 20 items 
 Mainly with army and airforce officials re von Koerber's work in the Air Force during the first World War. 
 Correspondents include: 
 Edward Ausfeld 
 Maj. von Borcke 
 Wilhelm Coerper 
 Maj. W. De le Rol 
 Sir Henry Deterding 
 Lt. Gen. von Eberhardt 
 G.W. Hoffmann 
 K. Kluge 
 Willy Rosenstein 
 Maj. Con. Wilberg. 
 For first time letter is concluded with "Heil Hitler". 
Aa9 1936-1937 22 items 
 With friends, old comrades and officials re his books "Der Soldat" and "Das fliegende Heer". 
 Correspondents include: 
 Oberst von Bulow 
 De Mierry 
 Kurt Kluge 
 Arthur Lewin 
 Oscar Loewenstein 
 Georg Martin 
 O.E. Messter 
 Oberst von Poschinger 
 Johann Schutte 
Aa10 1938 25 items 
 With friends and officials, mainly re his books. 
 Correspondents include: 
 von Criegern 
 Maj. Gen. Gautier 
 Maj. Hermann Kastner 
 Graf. von Schwenn 
 Graf. Sponeck 
 General Wetzell 
Aa11 1939-1940 25 items 
 Mainly letters of thanks for copies of his book "Das fliegende Heer". 
 Correspondents include: 
 Henry H. Allins 
 T. Daly 
 General Domes 
 Hugo Eckener 
 R. Kanzler 
 Hermann Metzenberg 
Aa12 1941 39 items 
 Mainly concerned with the progress of the war. 
 Correspondents include: 
 Frau Dr Binder 
 E.B. von Bulow 
 General J.F. Eisenhrart-Rothe 
 Maj. General Gautier 
 Wilhelm Haehnelt 
 Wilhelm Henninger 
 Louis Ravene 
 von Sell 
Aa13 1942 18 items 
 With friends and comrades, including Otto Hasse, Oberst von Gersdorff, Wilhelm Henninger. 
Aa14 1943-1944 38 items 
 With friends and comrades, including: 
 Elisabeth Brester 
 Georg Gutthal 
 Oberst von Poschinger 
 Major Regenauer 
 Elsa Schultz 
 Dr G. Steffens 
 von Steinmeister 
 Dora Stern 
Aa15 1945-1947 47 items 
 Re von Koerber's release from camp, de-nazification and post-war problems. 
 Correspondents include: 
 Rene Goddett 
 J.C. Herschel 
 Dr Katsch 
 Helmut Kindler 
 Georg Kohn 
 Heinrich Michaelson 
 Marguerite Missfeldt 
 Dr Ernst Riebes 
 Dr G. Steffens 
 Emilio Voli 
 J. de Clerco Zubli 
Aa16 1948 48 items 
 Mainly re von Koerber's return to work as press-chief of the French Zone 
 Marshall-Aid Plan at Baden-Baden. 
 Cnrresnondents include: 
 Hans Bandseh 
 Dr O.A . Batzel 
 B.H. Bonnafous 
 Erich Guder 
 Joseph Herschel 
 Albert Huard 
 Bruno Lokenvitz 
 Hermann Ludermann 
 Hugo Malmstrom 
 M. Missfeldt 
 Robert T. Odeman 
 Comtesse de Quatrebarbes 
 H. von Richthofen 
 J. de Clercq Zubli 
Aa17 1949 74 items 
 Mainly concerning von Koerber's work as Press-Chief of Economic Co-operation Administration, French Zone at Baden-Baden, including an exhibition on the Marshall Aid Plan. 
 Correspondents include: 
 Hans U. Bentz 
 R.C. Foulon 
 Dr Friedensburg 
 Dr Theodor House 
 E. Kauffmann 
 B. Lokenvitz 
 Hermann Ludemann 
 Max Marotzke 
 Hans Ludwig Otto 
 Hector O. Prud'homme 
 Annie Ratsch 
 H. von Richthofen 
 Walter F. Ridder 
 J.E. Spooner 
 Dr Steinlein 
 Emilio Volt 
 Dr Wohler 
Aa18 1950-1951 26 items 
 With friends and colleagues including: 
 Dr R. Amelunxen 
 Frnaz Blucher 
 Clarence C. Franklin 
 Hector C. Prud'homme 
 Walter T. Ridder 
 Mans muter 
 Graf Yerk von Wartenburg 
Aa19 1952-1953 34 items 
 Mainly on the broadcasting work he did for Nordwestdeutscher Rundfunk at Aachen and on denazification and attempts by von Koerber to have his name removed from Nazi party records. (Von Koerber had joined Nazi Party in 1922). 
 Correspondents include: 
 Dr Amelunxen  
 M. Bohm  
 E. Budde  
 C.W. Dilke 
 Oskar John von Freyend 
 Eric G. Gration 
 A. Hoppe 
 Dr Karl Strolin 
 Dr Ziemer 
Aa20 1954-1955 44 items 
 Written and received at Dusseldorf, mainly concerned with articles he wrote for newspapers. Includes correspondence with officials on past history of Germany and Europe. 
 Correspondents include: 
 Karl Arnold 
 Dr Anton Bohm 
 Arthur Calteux 
 Dr Fritz Exner 
 Blythe Ellen Foole 
 Jacob Kaiser 
 Rudolf Kanzler 
 Johan Kruls 
 Otto Lenz 
 Edward Ludwig 
 A. Moser 
 Wolfgang Muller 
 Dr Six 
 C.S. Telders 
 Richard C. Wooton 
Aa21 1956-1957 43 items 
 From friends congratulating him on 65th birthday and letters an his work with Arbeitsgemeinschaft Demokratischer Kreise while still at Dusseldorf. 
 Correspondents include: 
 Karl Arnold  
 Dr Hubert Biernat  
 Calmes Streiter 
 A. Calteux  
 Graf Henckel-Donnersmarck 
 Dr W. Hensel 
 A. Heusinger 
 A. Hilckman 
 M. Kohnstamm 
 Fred Lothringer 
 Joos Zurborn 
Aa22 1958-1959 45 items 
 Wrltten and received at Nice, on articles he had written and on politics between 2 World Wars. 
 Correspondents include: 
 Graf Bruhl 
 Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi 
 G. Degois 
 Do Mierry 
 Dr Ernst Deucrlein 
 A. Hilckman 
 Dr Richard Jaeger 
 J. Jocs 
 Franz Lotzkes 
 Joachim Rappold 
 Karl Rohe 
 Erich Rothe 
 von Schalscha 
 Dr Schrader 
 Joachim Schwelin 
 Dr Six 
 Maria Stephan 
 Jochen Willke 
Aa23 1960 40 ltems 
 On his wife's health and on politics past and present. 
 Correspondents include: 
 Dr Brouwerstein 
 Graf Brual 
 R. Coudenhove-Kalergi 
 Dr E. Deuelein 
 Graf Henckel-Donnersmarck 
 Dr W. Hensel 
 Dr Adolf Steven 
 Dr Tiburtius 
 Graf York von Wartenburg 
 Renate Westphalen 
Aa24 1961-1962 66 items 
 With officials and also letters of congratulations from friends on his70th birthday. 
 Correspondents include: 
 Hans Becker 
 Dr H. Biernat 
 Dr Bohm 
 Franz Bolten 
 Graf von Bruhl 
 Eva-Maria Flesch 
 Graf Henckel-Donnersmarck 
 Walther Hensel 
 Dr A. Hilckman 
 Dr Jonef Hofmann 
 R. von der Lancken 
 Franz Lotzkers 
 M. Missfeldt 
 Dr L. Muller 
 R. Polderman 
 Dr Roegele 
 Annie Rosar 
 Gerda Schultz 
 A. Steven 
 Rudi Strauch 
Aa25 1963 39 items 
 With officials and friends; von Koerber stiLl at Nice. 
 Correspondents include: 
 Hans Becker 
 H.A.H. Blankenhorn 
 Franz Bolten 
 A. Hilckman 
 Haas Jaeger 
 Alex Ketlner 
 Renate von der Lancken 
 Wolfgang Muller 
 Joachim Rappold 
Aa26 1964 48 items 
 Telegrams of congratulations on his decoration and letters to and from officials and friends. 
 Correspondents include: 
 Hans Decker 
 F. Bolter' 
 Hubert Halin 
 Dr Hensel 
 E. Herzig 
 Hanns von Krannhals 
 A. Lindner 
 Hermann Lutz 
 W. VulLer 
 3. Straueh 
Aa27 1965 32 items 
 With friends and officials. including: 
 Hans G. Bentz 
 Dr Angelo Bianchi 
 Frederick Ernst 
 Prince of Saxony 
 Hubert Halin 
 Graf Henckel-Donnersmarck 
 A. Huard 
 H. von Krannhals 
 Pigeon von Monteton 
 L. Muller 
 von Schlabrendorf 
 Alexander von Steinmeister 
 W. von Welck 
Aa28 1966-1967 63 items 
 With friends and officials, on politics past and present. 
 Oorrespondents include: 
 Ambassador Ben-Naton 
 Dr Adennuer 
 Nikolas Benckiser 
 A. Bianchi 
 Peter Eulenberg 
 Herbert Gross 
 Alice Haidinger 
 O. Hammond 
 W. Hensel 
 August Hoppe 
 A. Huard 
 H. Jager 
 A. von der Lancken 
 Hildegard Luchmann 
 Wilhelm Ridder 
 Hilde Spiel 
 Dr Sterken 
 Jurgen Torn 
 We von Welck 
 G. Wentnscher 
Aa29 1968-1969 27 items 
 Re von Koerber's leaving Nice for Johannesburg and his illness. 
 Correspondents include: 
 Hans O. Boedecker 
 Dr Else Boepple 
 Dr Butow 
 Dr Doderlein 
 Ernst Dohany 
 Alexander von Steinmeister 
 G.R. Treviranus 
 Dr Freidrich Weissenberg 
Aa30 Undated and Incomplece 12 items 
 Correspondents include: 
 Dr Albrecht 
 Margarete Kramer 
 J. MacFarlane 
 Gabriele Schroder 
Ab Regular correspondents (arranged alphabetically) 988 items 
 Batsch, Ernst (Retired admiral and publicist) 
 1931-1956 35 items. Re 2nd World War 
 Clawiter, Friedrich 
 1941-1942 9 items Private letters from old friend, relating mainly to the stress of living in 2nd World War. 
 Croy, Carl Herzog von 
 1915-1968 30 items From old friend, who asked to be witness in von Koerber's attempt to get compensation for giving up journalism after 1933. 
 Deutelmoser, Ferdinand (Austrian general) 
 1915-1936 5 items Re von Koerber's service in Air Force in 1st World War. 
 Dewitz-Krebs, B. von (Lawyer) 
 1967-1969 26 items Re von Koerber's claim for compensation of property against the German government. 
 Dombrowski, Erich (Journalist) 
 19'+9-]966 16 items A business correspondence with Dombrowski who Dombrowski, Rose Alice was connected with "Allgemeine Zeitung and 
 1944-1949 2 items Wirtschaftsblatt" and "Frankfurter Allgemeine". 
 Dufhues, Dr Josef Hermann (Minister of the Interior of Nordrhein Westfalia) 
 1958-1962 11 items Mainly re impairment to Yvonne von Koerber's health due to Nazis and to efforts for obtaining compensation. 
 Eckardstein, Hermann von 
 1929-1968 11 items 
 Ehrhardt, Oaptain Hermann 
 1931-1966 7 items 
 Elbau, Julius (Chief editor of publishing firm, of Ullstein Verlag, Berlin, also of Vossische Zeitung) 
 1961-1964 6 items On politics, particularly work of Arnold Rehberg. 
 Entsch, Ella (PubLicist) 
 1921-1966 IL items On publishing, the German theatre from 20ties to 1966 and giving testimony to von Koerber's character and attitude to politics. 
 Francois-Poncet, Andre (Ambassador) 
 1948-1967 8 items Includes letter on Marshall Plan, saying very unusual for victors to help vaaquished. 
 1906-1969 103 items 
 Wife: Felicitas Yvonne (nee Ausfeld) 
 1919-1968 32 items 
 1906-1928 21 items Includes letters from his father written when he was at cadet school reprimandlng him for lack of sense of duty. 
 Sister: Irmgard (nickname Schirm) 
 1910-1943 9 items 
 Brother: Hans Nordewin 
 1908-1944 14 items Includes letter 1922 from Victor to brother asking financial aid and foodstuffs to help him over difficult time. He wants job working for nationalistic party or anti-semitic organization. Another letter Faints dark picture of life in Munich; sees Jews as danger to Germany's existence. 
 Nephews, nieces and more distant relatives 
 1930-1969 27 items 
 Globke, Dr Hans (State Secretary) 
 1955-1961 5 items 
 Goutchkoff, Alexandre 
 1930-1936 4 items 
 Graetz, Major Caren 
 1917-1935 6 items Re Air Force 
 Grunwald, Ulrich 
 1937-1939 5 items 
 Hammer, Walter (Journalist) 
 1952-1966 15 items 
 Herbermann, Wanda 
 1931-].962 7 items 
 Herwarth, Dr Hans von (German diplomat) 
 1929-]967 22 items 
 1921-1950 76 items 
 1. Wilhelm II (1859-1941) 
 1934-1941 8 items 
 2. Crown Prince Wilhelm (1882-1951) 
 1921-1950 68 items 
 Jahn, Hans Edgar 
 1952-1963 37 items Re Arbeitsgemeinschaft Demokratische: Kreise 
 Jansa, Alfred von (Fdeldmarshal) 
 1960-1963 8 items 
 Jarecki, Georg 
 1940-1959 5 items 
 Klaiber, Dr Manfred Otto (German diplomat) 
 1950-1966 8 items 
 Kobbe, Georg 
 1914-1961 6 items On politics 
 Krone, Dr Heinrich (Minister of State) 
 1966 4 items 
 Kulz, Helmut R (Minister of Justice, Senator) 
 1941-1968 20 items 
 Lenz, Leo & Lilli 
 1931-1966 9 items 
 Lochner, Robert H 
 111954-1955 5 items 
 Leffler, Dr Hans 
 1932-1960 5 items 
 Loos, Dr (Minister of the Interior, NWF) 
 1959-1969 15 items 
 Ludendorff, General Erich 
 1920-1925 19 items (Many undated) 
 Ludendorff, Margreth 
 1923 1 item 
 Mahraun, Dr 
 1926-1950 6 items 
 Mayr, Karl (Newspaper editor) 
 1929-1932 18 items 
 Mecklenburg, Oharlotte & Georg 
 1953-1968 6 items 
 Muckermann, Pater Friedrich, S.J. 
 1931-1933 39 items 
 Muller-Roschach, Dr Herbert (German diplomat) 
 1950-1968 8 items 
 Nagelstock, Walter (Editor of "Neues Wiener Journal") 
 1927-1931 11 items 
 Neuberger, Joseph (Minister of Justice) 
 1964-1967 22 items 
 Pabst, Major W 
 1929-1961 14 items 
 Pechel, Dr Rudolf 
 1957-1961 6 items 
 Platen, Oarl Gustav von 
 1941-1967 20 items 
 Pohl, Anton (Major General) 
 1943-1966 15 items 
 Porcheron, Dr 
 1928-1964 15 items 
 Putbus, Malte von, Marie (Mira), Franz & Siegreth 
 19388-1957 20 items 
 Hochberg, Anna 
 1929-1946 25 items 
 Rechberg, Arnold & Fritz 
 1926-1929 11 items 
 Rosenthal, Heinz-Gunther 
 1948-1951 30 items 
 Sauerwein, Jules 
 1927-1932 6 items 
 Schrader, Oberst von 
 1944 7 items 
 Schwab, Eduard (Notary) 
 19'4-1953 11 items 
 Simon, Dr Anton (Diplomat) 
 1960-1966 6 items 
 Strassmann, Hedwig 
 1947-1960 13 items 
 Ullstein, Family (Famous Publishing Firm) 
 includes Louis, Hermann, Fritz, Heinz, Margarete, Frederick, Rudolf 
 1930-1967 53 items 
 Veltheim, Hans Hasso von 
 1926-1952 27 items 
 Veltheim, Maria Stephan & Wilhelm 
 195E-1959 2 items 
 Vollmer, Emil A 
 1943-1944 5 items 
 Waldau, Harry 
 1939-1942 11 items 
 Weber, August (Politician) 
 1929-1933 13 items 
 Winterstein, Eduard & Hedwig von 
 1960 5 items 
 Wuthenau, Graf Adam von 
 1933-1.935 8 items 
PERSONAL DOCUMENTS 1906-1965 205 items 
Ba General 1906-1950 26 items 
 Includes travel documents, passport, confirmation certificate, work permits, press cards and document clearing him of the charge of National Socialism and Militanism, 1947. 
Bb Army and Airforce 1908-1944 67 items 
 Includes final school report, military college reports, commission as ensign of cavalry, appointments to regiments, military passes, army pension certificate, document showing he belongs to 2nd Marine Brigade, Wilhelmshaven. (Sgd Noske), document thanking 2nd Marine Brigade for saving Munich, letter of appointment to rank of "Rittmeister", forms asking for information about the Air Force in the 1st Werld War for use in a history book, Austrian Iron Cross with swords, war remembrance medal, Bulgarian was remembrance medal, orders to report for duty en mobilisation, 1939. 
Bc Attestations by von Koerber 1922-1965 109 items 
 On von Koerber's character, abilities and particularly to his anti-Nazi feelings and help he gave to Jewish friends. Also proofs that von Koerber suffered in a concentration camp for his opinions and was friendly to French prisoners-of-was, and of his employment with the Economic Co-Operation 
 Administration. Names of attestors include: 
 Burgermaster Hinz 
 Landrat des Kreises Rugen 
 President des Landes 
 Superintendent-des Kirchen 
 Krelses Stralsund & Franz 
 E. Batsch 
 Dr Eric Beer 
 E. Boepple 
 Annelene v. Caprivi 
 A. Clawiter 
 C. Herzog von Oroy 
 Adolf Drachholz 
 E. Entsch 
 Carl Fischer 
 A. Francois-Poncet 
 Eberhard von Gaden 
 Joachim von Geyso 
 Graf von der Goltz 
 Martin Grase 
 O. Hammonds 
 Graf Oarl Hans von Hardenberg 
 N. Herbermann 
 J.G. Herschel 
 G. Jarecki 
 Erich Kaufmann 
 Alex Kettner 
 Georg von Kierski 
 H. Kulz 
 Leo Lenz 
 Kurt. Pastenaci 
 O.G. von Platen 
 H. Prud'homme 
 Hugues de Quatrebarbes 
 J. Rappold 
 W.T. Ridder 
 E. Schwab 
 Dr Karl Silex 
 Heinrich Skapowkcr 
 Julius Tiede 
 Dr Fans Topfer 
 F.C.L.J.R. Ullstein 
 H.H. von Veltheim 
 Hildegard Walter 
 A. Weber 
 Bernhard Wolfering 
 Hans Zander 
Bd Attestations by von Koerber 1955-1960 items 
 3 on Nolte von Putbus, 1955, a land-owner on the island of Rugen, on his attitudes to Nazis and that he died for his connections in Sachsenhausen camp. 
 1, 1960, about Dutch resistance fighter, Joop Swart, who was slandered but had been good comrade in Sachsenhausen. 
Ca Bound c. 1907-1918 8 items 
Ca1 "Familienchronik des Geschlechts der von Koerber zusammengestellt 1880-1900 von A. von Koerber. Als Manuskript vervielfaltigt". 175p. MS indexed. 
 This is a family chronicle of von Kcerber family, based on another one by Eduard who was part of the Livlandische line. The Swabian-Saxonian mainline of the vcn Koerber family split towards the middle of the 17th Century into the Lithuanian-Austrian line and the Saxonian-West Prussian line. 
 Contains family crests, as at different times. Dated 1907 on the title page. 
Ca2 Notebook centaining names and addresses of people with biographical details, prices of articles etc. 
Ca3 History of Albania, characteristics and customs of the people, by von Koerber, an essay written after 1918. Hg. 13p. 
Ca4 Weihnachten 196-1908. 3 items. 
 Cyelostyled copies of MS cadet Christmas magazines. Attached to cover containing signatures of cadet friends and estimates of his exam marks, entitLed "Faehnrich Pruefung Nr 170, 1908." 
Ca5 2 Notebooks, containing critieal accounts of books read by von Koerber. vol. 1, 1909, vol. 2, 1911. 
Cb Loose notes 
 On the fall of Berlin, religion, politics, historical figures and autobiographical notes written at Schlaehtensee, 1911 Feb. 27 full of introspection, on the occasion of his 20th birthday. Gives his motto in life, plans for future and assesses his moral character; also verses and Nazis plastered with posters before elections. 
Cc Report by a participant of the 'March to the Feldherrnhalle" in Munich, 9.11.1923 by Hans Guglberger, Fahnrich d.E.A., Corps Oberland, Bat. Riehmers. 14p. (with TS transcription). 
Da TSS - Radio talks 1949 21 items 
 TSS of series of radio talks by von Koerber on Marshall-Aid plan, 1949, in 10 parts, in English and German. Also German-French discussion von Koerber-Pasqual Copeau 18.10.49, in EngLish and German. 
Db TSS - Marshall-Aid PLan 1949 69 items 
 TSS on work of von Koerber as Press chief of Economic Oo-operation Administration, French Zone, Baden-Baden. 
 Includes press releases, weekly reports, memoranda from von Koerber to Prud'homme and Kidder, notes and press clippings, map and posters for an exhibition are attaehed. 
Dc TSS - Interviews 1959 18 items 
Dd TSS - Air Force 1914-1917 10 items 
 TS reports by von Koerber and other pilots on aerial warfare on Western Front, 1st World War. 
 Full of idealism and patriotism and includes aerial photographs. 
De TSS - General by von Koerber c. 1926-1955 56 items 
De1 Dated 1915-1955 23 items 
 On Germany as a factor in world polities, Hitler, German nationalism, English-French naval agreement, German-Russian industrial relations, National Socialism, Adenauer and Moscow and TS copies of articles in "De Linie", 1955, on German nationalism and Adenauer's report of von Koerber's stay at Airforce Oommando Vienna 1915. 
De2 Undated 33 items 
 On world revolution, General Hoffmann, Hindenburg, exchange rates in Germany, air power, Franco-German relations, extracts from von Koerber's correspondence with Father Muckermann, list of articles published by von Koerber in various newspapers, with extracts and "Vorfruehling: eisSpiel mit fremder Liebe", ploy in 3 acts. Also memories of his life ns a young officer in the regiment, incomplete article on relationship of French people to Germans, on Flanders, journey of German industrialist captains to Moscow, German writing of yesterday, funeral rites in Italy and von Koerber's attempts to persuade British diplomatic corps of Hitler's dangerous plans. 
Df TSS - General? by von Koerber c. 1930-1960 63 items 
 TSS and notes not signed but probably von Koerber. 
 Includes event: leading up to lst World War, World War I, German politics, National Socialism, Bolshevism, Hitler, address in remembrance of Leipzig Regiment, 1933, in which Hitler praised, Arnold Rechberg and General Hoffmann. 
Dg TSS - Personal 1929-1954 27 items 
 TSS on von Koerber and his wife. Gives biographical information. 
Dh TSS - General, not von Koerber 1923-1954 27 items 
 Ausfeld, Franz. Schwarz-rot-gold: ein Ruckblick und Ausblick. 4p. 
 Batch, E. Zur Einfuhrung folgendes Kurzes Vorwort - "Go ahead" article on navy refused by "Marine Rundschau" because Germans won't see what is obvious, that German methods outdated compared to those of America. 193, 14p. 
 Bauer, Dr Maximilian. Anklagered des Generalstaatsanwalks Dr Bauer im Braunschweiger Prozess gegen Ernst Remer vom 10 Marz 1952, 12p. 
 Bauer, Dr Maximilian. Duplizitaaten en bei den Attontaten au: Kennedy und Lincoln, 1p. 
 Bruning, Heinrich. Vortrag des Reichskanzlers...vor dam Rhein-Ruhr Olub am 2 Juni 1954 in Dusseldorf. &p. 
 Dunker, Max. Extracts from book on French Revolution, mainly re despotism. 47p. 
 Fleischmann, Charlotte. Erklarung, Bonn, 26 August 1953, 10p. 
 Grolman, Wilhelm von. Wohin fuhrt die Verstandigung mit Frankreich; eine Entgegnung an die 'Eisernen Blatter'. On pact between France, Germany, Benelux which regulates coal from Germany, iron from France. Grolman predicts England will have to give up balance of power and join one side or other. 4c. 
 Jost, Georg. Erklarung, Bonn, 27 Aug. 1953, 11p 
 Ley, Dr. On Hitler and national socialism. Pp. 
 Mayer, Jacob. 10 Fragen und Antworten, 2p. 
 Ohquiot, J. Die Selbstandigkeitscrklarung Finnlands, aus dem "Lowenbanner", 1923, 5p. 
 Prud'homme, H. Farewell speech, Baden-Baden, Nov. 10, 1949, 4p. 
 Reehberg, Arnold. Compte-rendu do la conversation entre Le Marechal Foch et M. Arnold Rechberg de fin decembre 1923, 1'p. 
 Rechberg, Arnold. Englands Krise, 4p. 
 Rechberg, Arnold. Foreign policy thoughts:- industrial relations in Europe, Bolshevism and its influence on Asian market, England's decline, Soviet 5 year plan, Europe must stand against Russia; peace with old enemies, France's war potential, 35p. 
 Rechberg, Arnold. German attitudes to Poland, 1930, 3p. 
 Rechberg, Arnold. Holland und die europaische Politik, 3p. 
 Rechberg, Arnold. Misgivings of Privy Councillor Hugenberg, 4p. 
 Rechberg, Arnold. Die Zukunft Polens, 4p. 
 Rechberg, Arnold. 3, with no titles, on politics. 
 Rosenberg, Maximilian von. Gebet, 4p. 
 Wieber, Georg Erklarung, Bonn, 27 Aug. 1953, 17p. 
 Woodward, E.L. Documents on British Foreign policy 1919-1939, 3rd ser. v.II, 1938, extract giving letter 21 Aug. 1938. from Sir N. Henderson to Viscount Halifax, in which von Koerber is quoted as saying was is inevitable. 
Dj Mimeographs - Periodicals 1931-1967 62 items 
 Amerika dienst 1955-1956 15 items 
 Arbeitsgemeinschaft demokratischer Kerise 1955 Jan. J 4, Nr. 1 1 item 
 Contains articles by Otto Heinrich Fleischer, revised by von Koerber, on European-Ameriean relations. 
 Politische Informatien 1954-1967 28 items 
 Bulletin on German questions with contemporary Archives. 
 Bulletin on German questions with contemporary Archives. 1954-1963 6 items 
 Contains articles by von Koerber. 
 Deutscher Informationsdienst 1950 I item 
 Kampfgruppe gegen Unmenschlichkeit (KGU) Archly. 1954 1 item 
Dj Katholische Korrespondenz 1931-1932 5 items 
 Kronos-Pressedienst 1949 9 items 
 Nordwestdeutscher Rundfunk Kln 1952-1953 6 items 
 Articles by von Koerber 
 Russlandische Informationsagenteur 1955 1 item 
Dk Mimeographs (Misc.) 10 items 
 Includes speech of Herrmann to Kongress fur die Selbstbestimmung Europas 1960, programme of A.D.K. congress 1954 and information on Joseph E.Drexel, A.Francois-Poncet and Dr.Hans Globke. 
Dl Bound Ts volume - Zwischen den Zeiten, Roman von Franz Ausfeld. 187p. 
Dm Ts Autobiogrpahy of Wilhelm von Koerber, brother of Adolf, Victor's grandfather. 177p. 
 Born 1826, became Artillery General and describes the Prussian army from 1845-1898. DetaiLed descriptions of 1870/71 battles and interesting comparison between victories of 1813 and 1871. Accompanied by copies of letters (1) 1938 Feb.10 to Your Excellency, in which A.V.von Koerber asks his opinion of manuscript (2) 1938 Feb.11 by General Lieutenant M?, who filled in missing names in Ms. Also printed peniodacal Beiheft zum Militar-Wochenblatt pt.12, 1905 with article by Major-General von Lessing "Beitrage zur Geschichte der Schlacht bei Beaune la Rolande am 28 November 1870" and photographs of Wilhelm von Koerber, autographed copy of photograph of Czar of Russia, 1872, Prince Hohenlohe. 
PRINTED ITEMS 1797-1967 121 items 
Ea By A.V.von Koerber 4 items 
Ea1 Aus dem politischen Arohiv von Arnold Rechberg-Hersfeld. Veroffertlicht im Neues Wiener Journal, Sommer 1928. 23p. 
Ea2 Die deutscher Fliegertruppen, Berlin, Rudolf Gwedek, n.d. 31p. 
Ea3 Manuskript: Des Menschen Tod. Dresden, Berthold Sturm, 24p. (play) 
Ea4 In Flanderns Winternebeln. (Nr.119 Deutsche Jugenbucherei) 12p. 
Eb By Petrus Henricus de Koerber 1797 1 item 
 Dissertatio inauguralls medics de medicamentis urinam moventibus ex classe sedantium quam consentiente gratioso medicorum ordine in studiorum universitate ALtorfira pro gradu doctoris. Altorfii, typis Hesselianis 22p. 
Ec Printed ephemera 1907-1943 34 items 
 Includes theatre programmes of operettas for which words were by von Koerber, entry card to Luftschiffhallenplatz Johanresthal 1912. list of army promotions showing Ernest von Koerber being made Rittmeister, obituary notices, testament of Fnederick the Great, advertisements for "Das fliegende Meer" and "Bestien im Land" and advertisements for issues of Dan Kleine Journal, giving headlines. 
Ed Printed books and pamphlets 1930-1967 23 items 
 Batsch, E. We must go to the limit, reprinted from "Marine Rundschau" ht 10, 1941, 20p. 
 Budde, E. Wie habe ich meinen Entschadigungs - Antag fur national sozialistische Verfolgung zu begrunder? Bonn: Stollfuss, n.d. 64p. 
 Carster, M. Koexastenz von Lenin bis Chuschtschew. Bonn, n.d. 16p. 
 Justus Die hat uns noch gefehlt. Frankfurt: Rudl, 1954. 32p. 
 Kampf dem Bolschewismus) Berlin: Oct.1930. Jungrussischer Bund. 3p. 
 Landsberg: ein dokumentarischen Bericht. U.S. Information Services Division, 1951. 3lp. 
 Peyerimhoff de Fonteneile, H. Die modernen Formen der Wirtschaftsorganisation und ihre politischen und sozialen Zusammennange. 12p. 
 Unser Krieg: erster Band Der Luft-Krieg. Dachau, Der Gelbe Verlag n.d. 134p 
 Verein der scblesischen Malteser Ritter. Addresser der Mitglischer 1959-1967/8. 8 items 
 Jahrenversammlung 1960-1955. 3 items 
 Verfassung des Sourveranen Rome, 1961. I item 
 Wegmann; B. Die Europaische und Atlantische Gemeinschaft in der Ost-West-Spanning, Bonn, 1953. 55P. 
 Zehrer, H. Deutschland und der Osten. Hamburg, n.d. 23p. 
 Zeppelln-Weltfahrten, Dresden: Lohse, 1933. 53p. 
Ee Periodicals (alphabetically) 1913-1966 59 items 
 Alte und neue Welt J. 48, ht.22, 1913/14. p.875. "Das deutsche Militar flugwesen und seine Entuicklung" by v.Koerber. 
 Ansage, Die No.61, 28 Feb.1952, p.4. On programme on radio UKW Nord by von Koerber 
 Ansage, Die No.71, 8 May.1952, c.6. Article on von Koerber. 
 Ansage, Die No.73, 22 May.1952, p.3. Article on von Koerber 
 Bulletin de l'Office de Presse et d'Information du Gouvernement Federal No.39, 1lth year, 21 Oct.1964, p.308. von Koerber glven Grand Cross of Order of Federal Merit. 
 Daheim. 1913-1917 8 items. Contains articles by von Koerber. 
 Deutsches Adelsblatt. 1942-1964 (Incomplete) 15 items. 
 Dlpiomatischer Kunler J.16, Ht. 1, 11 Jan.1967. p.20. Article on Paul Reynaud and Arnold Rechberg, in which von Koerber quoted. 
 Freheit und Hecht. 1960-1966. 18 items. 
 Illustrierle Geschicht des Weltkrieges. 1914-1917. Ht 140, p.228 "Winter flug im Oster" by von Koerber. 
 Illustrierle Zeitung Nr.3865, Bd.149, 26 Jul.1917, p.151. "Flieger Lebnisse by A.von Koerber. 
 Kleine Illustrierle Zeitung J.1915, Nr.1, p.10. "In Flanders Nebeln" by A.von Koerber. 
 Kleine Illustrierle Zeitung J.1915, Nr.2, p.9. "In Flanders Nebeln" by A.von Koerber. 
 Politik und Gesellschaft. J.4, Ht 23/24, 21 Sep.1931. p.1. "Der Fall Rechberg". 
 Politische Welt, J.3, Ht 50, Feb.1950, p.30. von Koerber mentioned in review of book on Sir N.Henderson. Sankt Georg Spertzeitung J.30, Nr.19, BerLin 1929, p.22. "Der Jager aus churpfalz" by on Koerber (Ts. on same subjeet stuck into the periodical). Sturmer, Per. Extra leaf Nr.266. 20 Sep.1924. "Die Judisch-Bolsche?wistiche Nord; Tscheka an der Anbeit". Weltbuhne, Die J.24, Nr.19, 8 May 1928, p.701. "Stettin" by Berthold Jacob J.27, Nr.33, 18 Aug.1931, p.257. "Pater Muckermann" by Anton Gantner. Zeitschrift fur den deutschen Unternicht. J.22, Ht 12, 17 Dec.1908, p.48 "Fin Jubilaum des Aufsatzehrers" by Dr.Jaschke (Ms notes by von Koerber on cover and inside). 
MAPS 8 items 
F1 Kriegsschauplatz Ost (1794-1796 und 1914-1917) Map 6, Berlin: Wilhelm Kolk, n.d 
F2 Plan commode de Paris. Paris: Leconte, n.d. 
F3 Plan of Paris. Blondel de Rougery, n.d. 
F4 General map of Mittelmeerlander. Glogau; Carl Flemming, n.d. 
F5 "Gulag" Sowjetische Sklavenhandels AG - Frankfurt, n.d. Kamm fr freie Gewerkschaften der Amerikanischen Gewerkschaftsfoderation. 
F6 Weltkarte mit dem Kolonialbesitz der Grossen Machte. Duisburg, 1941. 
F7 Berliner: Strassenbahn Omnibus May 1933. 
F8 Stadt, Ring und Vorortbahnen, 1929. 
F9 Silva-Karte der weiteren Umgegend v. Brandenburg. Berlin: Holz, n.d. See Photograph Inventory 
Ga Photograph albums c.1919-1930 2 items (Room 27) 
Ga1 Album, 1920s 
 Contains pictures of von Koerber as cadet officer; on a trip to Venedig, 1926; aerial photographs of Ghent and others; over the Western Front in 1st, World War; family groups taken at Binz, 1919, 1925, 1926; one of General Ludendorff, 1925. 
Ga2 Album, undated 
 Written on front leaf "Von Leben in Koerberrode". Contains family photographs. 
Gb Framed and glassed photograpbs and pictorial items 1878-1965 8 items 
 (Removed from frames; 2 missing, in Room 27) 
 "Seinem mussenttenden Freunde dem Obersten von Koerber Friedricb Karl Prinz von Preussen, Generalfeldnarshall" 
Gb1 1878 Feb.16 Friedrich Karl, Prince of Prussia, with inseription to Colonel Wilhelm von Koerber "killer of masses". 
Gb2 1924 Sep.30 Black and white etching of Frederick the Great by O.Kurzell. Autographed. 
Gb3 1925 Jun.3 General Ludendorff in Binz. At back autographed picture postcard of Ludendorff and ALS to von Koerber. 
Gb4 1933 Dec.22 Signed picture of Crown Prince Wilhelm. 
Gb5 1938 Jan. Wedding picture, Louis Ferdanand, Prince of Prussia. Signed at hack. 
Gb6 1938 May Wedding picture. Autographed by Crown Prince Wilhelm 
Gb7 1966 Oct. "Graf Von Hardenberg nahn als Verbeter des Kronprinzen den chemaligen Kronschatz des Hauses Brandenburg - Preussen" 
Gb8 Crown jewels being handed over to von Hardenberg as representative of royal house by British military government. Presented by Reinhild Hardenberg to her father's old concemtration camp comrade, Oct.1966. 
Gb9 Undated Of Crown Prince Wilhelm. 
Gc Mounted photographs 1904-1911 22 items (Room 27) 
Gc1 1904 Jul.2. Korsofest,Potsdam. Shows cadet's activities 
Gc2 1906 Kadettenhaus, Potsdam, lst Compamy 
Gc3 1909 Danzig. Mess party 
Gc4 1909 Aug.24 Danzig Group of cadets 
Gc5 1910 Danzig Mess dining room 
Gc6 1910 Danzig Carriage with Crown Prinee 
Gc7 1910 Danzig Officers on horseback 
Gc8 1910 Jan.27 Danzig Officers parade 
Gc9 1910 Aug.27 Danzig Officers parade on horseback with Crown Prince 
Gc10 1910 Aug.27 Danzig Officers parade on horseback with Crown Prince 
Gc11 1910 Aug.27 Danzig Officers parade on horseback with Crown Prince 
Gc12 1910 Aug.27 Danzig Officers parade on horseback with Crown Prince 
Gc13 1911 Sep.15 Crown Prince at Langfuhr 
Gc14-18 Undated Cadet groups; on parade; military orchestra 
Gc19-22 Undated Military funeral 
Gd Room 27 Photographs (Loose) c.1910-1948 407 items Room 27 
Gd1 Air Force 1910-1914 140 items 
Gd2 Army, mainly World War I 1910-1919 151 items 
 Includes aerial views, inspectaons by Kaiser, battle-fields and casualties. Some of these were used by von Koerber to illustrate articles he wrote on the War. 
Gd3 Re Marshall Aid Plan c.1948 30 items 
 Includes photographs for exhibition of A.Francois-Poncet, Dr Lars and George MarshalL. 
Gd4 Miscellaneous 75 items 
 Family photographs including groups and views of the house and estate, von Koerber and his wife, signed photographs of Ludendorff and Kaiser Wilhelm, other members of Hohenzollen family, Frederick the Great, Robert Odeman, Narda Herbermann, war memorials 19I4-19I8 war, General Max Hoffmann. 
Ge Postcards 153 items Room 27. 
 Air Force 32 (Including many photographs taken by von. Koerber) 
 Military 54 (1st World War, officers, street seenes in Germany, Revolution ia BerLin; Peace Conference) 
 Hohenzollens 20 (Wilhelm II, Crown Prince Wilhelm, Crown Princess Victoria Louise) 
 Miscellaneous 47 (Hitler, Mussolini, Hindenburg, political demonstrators, Graf Walter von Puckler). 
Gf Drawings 1926-1931 6 items Room 27 
 One of horse being jumped over fence, one dated 1926 Mar.11 headed 
 "Evening in Binz", one dated 1931 Mar.14 by Arnold Rechberg showing man giving Nazi salute and 3 dated 1931 with heads of Rechberg himself, done during a political debate. 
Gg Greetings Cards c.1935-1962 8 items Stored with the papers 
 Christmas cards from Franz Bollen and De Mierry. Also 1 card with picture of mountain scene and on back blue and white ribbons with date 19 Feb.1881 (possibly birthday?). 
Gh Personal Cards 16 items Stored with the papers 
Gh1 Of A.V.von Koerber. 2 types (a) Adolf Victor von Koerber, Leutnant der Res. im 2 Leib - Husaren - konigin Victoria von Preussen No.2 Kommandiert zur Fliegerstation Hanover. Has Ms notes on back. (b) Victor Korb von Koerber, Bundesbeirat und Sonderbeauftragter der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Demokratischer Kreise (Bonn). 
Gh2 Xavier Heydet, Professeur au Lycee, Mulhouse, Rue Huguenin, with Ms notes on back. 
Gh3 Arnold Rechberg, 4 cards introducing von Koerber to Major Breen, Berkswell, Rt. Hon. William Tyrell, General Sir Borlase E.Wyndham-Childs and Rt.Hon.Lord Henry L.Melehett. 
SCRAP-BOOKS 1923-1958 2 items 
H1 1923-1968. Contains autographs eg. Wilhelm, Prince of Prussia 1925, General Ludendorff 1925 and details of guests, menus at celebrations for von Koerber's 50th, 70th and 75th birthdays. Also testimonials. 
H2 1937. Contains press clippings with reviews of vom Koerber's book 'Das fliegende Heer', Leipzig, Koehler and Amelnng, 344p. and letters of thanks for cepies he sent to Wilhelm II, Dr.Herrmann von Hase, Oberst Hachnelt, General von Mackensen. 
PRESS CLIPPINGS 1912-1968 221 files (37 boxes) 
 Please note: This section has been deaccessioned and is available at the Military Museum in Johannesburg. 
Ja Personalities (alphabetically) 1913-1958 80 files (11 boxes) 
 Batsch, E. 1 file 1930-1943 
 Bismarck, C. von 1 file 1929-1965 
 Bulow, E.B. von 1 file 1928-1950 
 Canaris, W.W. (Admiral) 1 file 1949-1967 
 Churchill, Sir W. 1 file 1943-1956 
 De Gaulle, C. 2 files 1958-1967 
 Ebert, F. 1 file 1925 
 Ehrhardt, Captain H. 1 file 1924-1933 
 Erzberger, M. 1 file 1921-1950 
 Goebbels, Dr P.J. 1 file 1941-1957 
 Goering, H. 1 file 1935-1967 
 Hess, R. 1 file 1938-1957 
 Hindenburg, P. von 3 files 1925-1959 
 Hitler, A. 12 files 1922-1967 
 Hoffmann, General M. 1 file 1921-1955 
 Hohenzollerns 6 files 1913-1968 
 Holstein, F. von 1 file 1943-1956 
 *Koerber, A.V. von 16 files 1913-1966 
 L. von 1 file 1933-1953 
 Ludendorff, General E. 1 file 1920-1961 
 Mayr, K. 1 file 1929-1932 
 Muckermann, F. 1 1930-1956 
 Mussolini, B 1926-1961 
 Neurath, K. von 1 file 1954 
 Nicolai, Oberst 1 file 1926-1930 
 Rantzau, Graf R. 1 file 1928 
 Rathenau, W. 1 file 1922-1967 
 *Rechberg, A 11 file 1921-1957 
 Reitsch, H. 1 file 1941-1958 
 Rommel, Field Marshal Erwin 1 file 1942-1959 
 Sauerwein, J. 1 file 1926-1931 
 Schacht, H. 1 file 1924-1964 
 Seekt, General von 1 file 1929-1937 
 Stresemann, Dr G. 3 file 1923-1958 
 * For details see under 
 * Koerber, A.V. von 1913-1966 15 files 
Ja1 Political 1926-1955 11 files 
 Interviews written up in "Neues Wiener Journal" 1927-1931 1 file 
 Includes Dr Heinrieh Schnee, Fritz Rechberg, A.Rechberg, Wilhelm Forthmann, Otto Reinath, Hartmann von Richthofen, A.Weber, Dr H. Fischer, Dr Adam Stegerwald, Dr Hummel, Walter Lambach, Dr Prion, G.R.Treviranus. 
 Neues Wiener Journal. Articles by von Koerber 3f. 1927-1932 
 1f. 1928 
 based on Rechberg's private archives 
 Das Kleine Journal 2f. 1927-1933 
 Der Jungdeutsche 1f. 1925-1927 
 Kasseler Tageblatt 1f. 1928-1929 
 De Linie, Amsterdam if. 1954-1955 
 Miscellaneous (alphabetically by name of Journal) 1f. 1926-1955 
Ja2 Flying and Air Force 1913-1935 1 file 
 From Auto-Liga, Berliner Lokal-Anzeiger, Berliner Nachtausgabe, Berliner Salon, Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, Deutsehe Luftfahrer-Zeitschrift, Gross-Berlincr Eisenbahnzeitung, Hamburger Illustrierle, Luftfahrer Zeitschrift, Luftwelt, Hach der Schicht, Das offizierhaus, Reclams Universum, Der Tag, Zweite Beilage zum Meissner Tageblatt. 
Ja3 Travel 1925 2 files 
 Italy 1925 1 file 
 From Jungdeutschen, Mecklenburger Worte, Naehtausgabe, Natlonalpost, Der Tag. Ineludes series "Briefe aus Suditalien". 
 Scandinavaa 1925 1 file Mainly Finland. From Nachtausgabe, Der Tag. 
Ja4 General 1923-1953 1 file 
 On Africa, Albanin, France, Rolland and reviews of his book 'Der Feind im Land' 1923 from various newspapers. 
Ja5 Articles on von Koerber 1915-1966 1 file 
 Rechberg, A. 1919-1967 
Ja6 Articles in German newspapers 1919-1932 8 files 
 Berlinen Borsen-Courier 1921-1931 1 file (fon 192I called Berliner Borsen - Zeitung) 
 Jungdeutsche, Der 1925-1929 1 file 
 Kleine Journal, Das 1931-1932 1 file 
 Neues Wiener Journal 1925-1931 1 page 
 Tgliche Rundschau 1919-1932 1 file 
 Vossische Zeitung 1926-1930 1 files 
 Miscellaneous 1919-1931 2 files 
Ja7 Articles in French Newspapers 1926-1932 1 file 
 L'Avenir 1927-1929 
 L'Ere Nouvelle 1931-1932 
 La France Militaire 1929-1931 
 Journal de Dbats 1929 
 Le Matin 1926-1929 
 La Victoire 1929 
 La Volont 1930-1932 
Ja8 Articles in English newspapers 1927-1929 1 file 
 Daily Mail 1927-1929 
Ja9 Articles on Rechberg 1921-1967 1 file 
Jb Countries (alphabetically) 1912-1968 108 files 
 Africa 1930-1968 2 files 
 America 1923-1967 4 files 
 Asia 1922-1966 2 files 
 Austria 1927-1964 5 files 
 Balkans 1928-1958 1 files 
 Brandenburg 1922-1961 2 
 China 1928-1967 1 files 
 England 1919-1967 5 files 
 Europe 1924-1967 3 files (Includes file on Munich 1938 and on European revolutions) 
 France 1926-1967 7 files (Includes file mainly Rechberg and Stresemann on German-French relations) 
 Germany 1918-1968 45 files 
 General 1918-1968 7 files 
 East-West relations 1927-1966 3 files 
 Towns 1925-1967 2 files 
 Berlin 1925-1967 
 Dresden 1945-1964 
 Stettin 1964 
 1918-1919 1918-1931 4 files 
 Kapp-Putsch 1920 1920-1961 1 file 
 Weimar Republic 19I8-1965 4 files 
 German Provinces lost since 1919 1926-1966 1 file 1921 1921 1 file 
 9 November 1923 1923-1933 2 files 
 Just Pre-1933 1930-1951 4 files 
 German army prior to 1933 1930 1 file 
 National revolution, 1933 1933 5 files 
 Rohm Putsch 1934 1934-1967 1 file 
 National socialism 1929-1932 1 
 Nazis (General) 1923-1962 2 files 
 End of the Nazis 1944-1966 4 
 Officers revolution 1944-1964 1 file 
 Marshall Aid 1949-1967 1 file 
 Holland 1928-1960 1 file 
 Hungary 1924-1965 1 file 
 India 1925-1968 2 files 
 Italy 1912-1966 2 file 
 Japan 1945-1965 1 file 
 Poland 1926-1966 1 file 
 Prussia 1933-1966 1 file 
 Russia 1921-1967 19 files (Includes 2 files on "National Bolshevism") 
 Scandinavia 1927-1966 1 file 
 Spain 1931-1939 1 file 
 Turkey 1912-1932 1 file 
Jc Subjects (alphabetically) 1913-1968 33 files 
 Biographical information 1914-1967 2 files 
 (includes literary and poLitical personalities and series of portraits of prominent men published in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 1964-1966) 
 Book reviews 1932-1967 1 file 
 Church and religion 1917-1967 2 files 
 Colonisation 1925-1966 2 files 
 Concentration camps 1933-1965 4 files 
 Culture 1927-1968 1 file 
 Economics 1927-1932 1 file 
 (includes world economic crisis, unemployment, gold currency) 
 Espionage 1928-1959 1 file 
 Films 1947-1957 file 
 Flying 1913-1967 4 files 
 Jews 1922-1967 1 file 
 Literature 1928-1957 2 file 
 Theatre 1916-1963 1 file 
 World War I 19I4-1964 5 files 
 World War II 1939-1967 5 files