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Collection Index:NOURSE, Henry 1815-1966
Collection Name:Henry NOURSE Papers. 1815 (1875-1936) - 1966.
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  Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
  Compiled by Anna M. Cunningham, 1976 
  The Nourse Family Papers consist of 1257 items covering the period 1815-1966. Those items were collected together and added to by Nimmo John Law, a relative of the family by marriage and used by him in a series of talks to the S.A.B.C. in 1954. 
  The papers were acquired by Mr P. Cullinan of Machadodorp, Transvaal, Mr. T.B. Cullinan of Olifantsfontein and Mrs P. de C. Hamilton, and have been deposited in the Library by them on permanent loan. 
  While the greatest part of the papers relates to the second Henry Nourse (1857-1942), reflecting his interests as a soldier, prospector and sportsman, there is also much about other members of the Nourse family and about the Cloete, Christian, Law and Norton families, which were connected by marriage with the Nourses. 
  The first Nourse in South Africa was Henry Nourse (1701-1834) who established himself as a trader at the Cape, arriving there with his family in 1820. His ship, the "Elizabeth", of 25 tens, was the first to be successful in crossing the sand bar at the Kowie River. The first Henry Nourse had a brother and a son, both of whom were called 'Joseph'. 
  Henry Nourse's brother was Commodore Joseph Nourse (1779-1824) who was Commander-in-Chief at the Cape from 1822-1824, died of fever and was buried at Mauritius, and Henry's son was Captain Joseph Nourse (1810-1905) who served in the Navy for 14 years, after which he settled at his brother's farm at Haddon in the Cape, married the widow Ann Mary Norton and trekked to Natal in 1860, where he farmed and raised a large family, one of whom was the second Nourse. 
  In addition to being of Nourse family interest, the papers also touch on the 1820 settler, Kaffir Wore, the discovery of diamonds and gold, the Zulu and South African Wars, and the history of horse-breeding and horse-racing in South Africa. (Details appear in the subject index). 
  As the papers arrived in no particular order, they have been rearranged according to archival type. (Details appear on page viii). 
  The following abbreviations have been used: 
  Ms - Manuscript 
  Ts - Typescript 
  Mimeog. - Mimeograph. 
  Anna M. Cunningham, December 1975 
  Henry Nourse (the second) was born 23 April 1857 on a farm in the district of Uitenhage. As a child he trekked with his family to Natal, attended Maritzburg High School and at the early age of 13 went to the Diamond Fields to seek his fortune. While on the Fields, he messed with Cecil John Rhodes and assisted in raising the Kimberley Light Horse, under the captaincy of Joseph (later Sir Joseph) Robinson. 
  At the suggestion of the Administrator of Griqualand West, Owen Lanyon, he moved to the Transvaal, arriving in Pretoria in 1877, shortly before the annexation by Sir Theophilus Shepstone. During the Zulu War, he commanded 'Ferreira's Horse' and in the first South African War he raised and commanded 'Nourse's Horse'. In 1882 he was sent by Sir Hercules Robinson, Governor of the Cape Colony, to Bechuanaland, to report on the troubled situation there and, if possible, to reconcile the warring chiefs. 
  After the first South African War, Nourse and Ignatius Ferreira ran a profitable mail coach service from Kimberley to Pretoria, Lydenburg, Barberton and Newcastle. Nourse also did some prospecting at Barberton but in 1884 returned to Pretoria to take up the government postal contract, trading under the name of Dow & Company. His interest in prospecting persisted and in 1886 he was able to secure claims on the Witwatersrand from which he founded the Kambula Gold Mining Company on which the first 10-stamp battery on the main reef was erected, later sold to Robinson Gold Mining Company) and the Henry Nourse Gold Mining Company (which later became part of the Central Mining group) and many others. He was prominent in various speculations and investments, floating several gold and coal mining companies. 
  During the ascend South African War (1899-1902) Nourse, as a lieutenant colonel, served as chief staff officer of Colonial Forces at the Cape and was mentioned in despatches by Lord Kitchener. After the war he went into horse-breeding on a large scale thus indulging his passion for horses. His stud was said to be one of the largest in the world and he was reputed to be one of the beet judges of thoroughbred horses. He was a keen racing and did much to improve the standard of horse-racing in South Africa. Having been a keen athlete in his youth, he took a leading part in encouraging sport, being Chairman of the South African Amateur Athletic and Cycling Association, Chairman of the Olympic Cameo Committee and executive member of the Jockey Club of South Africa. 
  He married Jacobs Petronella Preller, daughter of Advocate J.C. Preller, first Mayor of Pretoria. There were no children of the marriage. He died on October 6, 1942. 
Aa  Diaries 
Ab  Notebooks 
Ac  Address Book 
Ba  Letter-books 
Bb  Loose files - farming and horse-breeding 
Bc  Loose files - mining and business 
Bd  Loose files – military 
Be  Loose files – Miscellaneous 
Bf  Loose files - non-Nourse 
Da  Horse-breeding 
Db  Mining 
Dc  Military 
Dd  Historical 
De  Miscellaneous 
Ea  Notebooks 
Eb  Cheque-books 
Ec  Accounts, receipts, etc. 
Ed  Mining 
Ee  Miscellaneous 
Ef  Papers - Mrs P.M. Law 
F.  PHOTOGRAPHS - Stored seperately from collection. 
Fa  Nourse family 
Fb  Henry Nourse 
Fc  Non-Nourse 
Ga  Books 
Gb  Pamphlets 
Gc  Reports, prospectuses, etc. 
Gd  Periodicals 
Ge  Ephemera 
Ha  Scrapbooks 
Hb  Loose 
Aa  Diaries 
Lt. Joseph Nourse, R.N. (1810-1905) 
Henry Nourse (1857-1942) 
Thomas Law 
Aa1  Diary of Lt. Joseph Nourse, R.N. (1810-1905) 
  1847 Apr - 1849 Oct 27. 23.5x19cm. 39 un-numbered pages. 
  Bound in vellum, with broken clasp. 
  Inscribed on inside cover are words "Joe Nourse, Lt. R.N. Ewanville, Huyton, June 1847". Comprises following: 
  1p. Genealogical notes of Christian family (his mother was Dorothy Christian). 
  1p. Notes explaining his hieroglyphic code, a form of shorthand. 
  1p. "List of documents left with P. Ferreira at Pietermaritzburg, Port Natal, to obtain title deeds". 
  Ms poem "The letter" Ewanville, June 1847, stuck on to blotting paper. 
  11p. & 4 inter-leaving blotters on which Ms notes are written. 
  Describes his social life in Britain while looking for a shore appointment. 
  4p. & 3 inter-leaving blotters, written in the hieroglyphic code. 
  Given an account of his decision to go to South Africa. 
  Comments on the revolution of 1848 in Paris and expulsion of Louis Philippe. Describes his journey on H.M.S. "Hercules" to Cape and deplores "the excessive freedom of the lady's manners which made their company little to be desired": also tells of their stay at Madeira and arrival at the Cape where he called at Government House. 
  "Sir Harry asked me my Christian name and quietly said he should make a note of it". The later entries describe his courtship and marriage to the widow Mrs Norton. 
  "Haddon Oct 1849. Rode to Mrs N and after leaving had agreed rather than proposed to marry her". 
  At back are 11p. and 1 blotter, on which are inscribed religious poems and A.L.S. 1847 Apr 28, Ewanville, Huyton, to Capt. Falcon from Joseph Nourse, explaining why he is looking for a shore appointment. 2p. 
  Also Ts transcription of part of the diary. 6p. 1847 Apr-Aug. 
  Ms transcription of code entries. 8p. 1847 Nov-1849 Oct. 
Aa2  Diaries of Henry Nourse (1857-1942) 
1882. 7x10cm, 110p, some with sparse entries. 
  Contains notes written while Nourse was in Bechuanaland trying to settle the dispute between chiefs Montsioa and Moshette during the month of January. 
  For the root of the year the entries relate to expenses, probably during the Nourse-Dow Transport Cole time. At back is draft of a letter by Nourse, possibly to his wife. 
1883. 7x10cm. 51p, sparse entries. 
  Mainly notes of expenses and other business matters. 
Aa3  Diary of Thomas Law - 1899 May 16 - 1900 May 30 
  National Ts transcription of diary of Thomas Law, Manger of the National Bank, Johannesburg. p. 32-76. (Dup. net p. 32-73). 
  Starts with a description of his visit to Europe and of his return to South Africa because war was imminent. 
  Describes tense political situation with everyone demanding their money from the banks. Shows his considerable sympathy for the Boers. Johannesburg is out off and they got no reliable news, but gives news, as he heard it, of various skirmishes and engagements, including siege of Ladysmith. Tells how government seized large shipment of geld en route to Europe on Oct. 2 and hew since then all gold produced in country has been commandeered and sent to Pretoria. 
  Gives account of theft of dies for Pretoria Mint by Ford, accountant of National Bank, Cape Town, from Grimm, on a German steamer in neutral waters. 
  Describes conditions in Johannesburg during the war, how the government commandeered gold from the English banks, of the explosion at Begbie's foundry, taken over by the government as a bomb factory, of edict that only 100 Britishers may stay in Johannesburg and of arrival of truce party on 30 May to arrange an armistice. Law's wife was sister of Mrs Henry Nourse. 
Ab  Notebooks 7: 1875-1889 
  1-6 relate to H. Nourse 
  7 relates to Nimmo Law (nephew of H. Nourse). 
Notebook 12&7 cm. 15p. 
  Inscribed inside of front cover "H. Nourse, Kimberley, South Africa, August 17th, 1875". 
  Contains notes relating to mining, lists of sums against various names (probably money owing to Nourse), a dried flower and other miscellaneous notes. 
Notebook o.1879-82 10x16 cm. 98p. (few pages blank) 
  Also Ts transcription 15p. 
  Starts with military notes including some written in 1882 when he was in Bechuanaland trying to bring peace to Bechuana chiefs. At back are military notes written in 1879(?) with lists of men at Port Victoria under Capt. Jones and other miscellaneous military affairs. 
Notebook o.1885-87 7x11.5 cm. 97p. 
  Contains notes of a mining, farming and financial nature. 
  Also addresses of business men. 
Notebook 1888-89 7x11.5 cm. 95p. 
  Contains notes on financial matters, purchase of shares and mining. 
Notebook undated 13x21 cm. 26p. 
  Contains military notes with details of mess, guard and fatigue duties. Aloe sketch of Prinsloo's house at Magnet Heights by N.J. Law, added at a later date, 1953 Nov 25. At book are various sketches including pen and ink drawing of Fort Alexandria near Mapashelalas Drift, Sekukuniland 1879. 
Notebook and loose pages. 17.5x12.5 cm. 17.5x11 cm. 
  Notebook 1892 Dec 19 - 1893 Fob 19. 64p. 
  Written during a world tour, describing visits to India and Ceylon. 
  Loose pages 1893 Mar 3 - 30. 30p. Describes visit to Japan and Hong Kong. 
Notebook 1953 8.5x15 cm. 13p. 
  Notes made by Nimmo Law on the Battle of Blood River, with sketches including one of Magnet Heights. 
Ac.  Address Book 
  On 1st page is written "property of Nimmo Law". As well as addressee, contains subject headings. 
Ba.  Letter-books 3 vols. 1885-1905 Henry Nourse 
1885-1894 250p. & index. Letter-press. 
  Relates to government postal contract which Nourse obtained for his transport firm of Dow & Co. Also relates to mining and farming affairs and repair of roads. 
  Correspondents include W.E. Bok, I.P. Ferreira, Sir J.W.S. Langerman, S. Marks, J. Rissik and F. Struben. 
1900-1907 246p. & index. Letter-press. Mainly business, relating to shares and property. 
  Also farming, horse-breeding and racing. Nourse's correspondents include E.F. Bourke, Jockey Club of S.Africa, Niemeyer & Marais, Port Elizabeth Turf Club, J.H. Rainer, R.W. Schumacher, South African Turf Club and H.F. Strange. 
1903-1905 497p. & index. Letter-press & Ts copies. 
  Relates to farming, horse-breeding and racing, diseases of cattle and horses and mining. 
  Correspondents include Sir G. Farrar, Sir J. Frost, Sir H.J. Gould-Adams, A.J. Herholdt, Col. Hickman, Jockey Club of S. Africa, Niemeyer & Marais & F.Y. St. Leger. 
Bb Be.  Loose files Henry Nourse 708 items. 
Bb.  Farming and horse-breeding 
Correspondence with C.J. Carter. 123 items 1902 May 2 - 1903 Aug 19. 
  Carter was O.C. District Mounted Troops, Middelburg, Cape Province. 
  Accounts re stables and forage and instructions on how Nourse's horses were to be looked after. 
With A.J. Herholdt, M.L.C. 49 items 1902 Jun 19 -1904 Jan 5. 
  Re forage, transport and stabling of horses. 
With Hugh & William Nourse. 79 items. 1902 Mar 3 -1903 Jul 17. 
  Correspondence between Henry Nourse and his brothers, mainly about purchase of mares with which to start horse-breeding after the war and about the acquisition of a farm for this purpose. Includes telegrams. 
With Charles Southey. 21 items 1902 May 16 - Jun 20. 
  Re stabling, forage and removal of yearlings and other horses to Cape Town. 
With Adrian van der Byl. 10 items 1886 Oct 22 - 1894 Aug 15. 
  Re looking after his cattle. 
With J. White. 26 items 1902 May 2 - 1903 Aug 5. 
  Re condition of Nourse's horses, boys' wages and accounts for forage. 
Miscellaneous. 37 items 1887 Jun 17 – 1938 Jun 17. 
  Includes correspondence with Sir G. Farrar re improving breeds of horses in South Africa, with J. Ruby re purchase of blood stock, with Jacobs & Beebe on the construction of stables, with W. Lambton re importing a filly, with Ministry of Agriculture on importing new stock, 
  with Secretary of Board of Trade & Industries to duty on thoroughbred horses, with S. African Turf Club on handicapping of horses and with Director of Veterinary Services on Nourse's stud farm at Dwarsvlei. 
  Also Ts copy of letter from C.C. Munnick to "Sentinel" newspaper 1928 Jun 24 on the Senate Committee for "improving of blood stock and control of racing". 
Bc.  Mining and business 
Nourse-Rainier . 91 items 1901 Aug 28 - 1903 Mar 4. 
  Consists of originals of J.H. Rainier's letters and copies of Nourse's to Rainier. Re land speculation, shares, work of the firm and includes balance sheets of H. Nourse in a/o with Nourse-Rainier, which was a firm of stock and share brokers. 
Niemeyer & Marais. 100 items 1893 Oct 31 - 1902 Dec 3. 
  Mainly monthly statements of account, with covering letters, and deposit slips. Niemeyer & Marais were Law, Land, Estate, Financial and General Agents, Conveyancers, Sworn Translators, Brokers etc, in Pretoria. 
Republican & Colonial Loan Agency & Trust Co. Pretoria. 17 items 1890 Jun 14 – 1892 Mar 25. 
  Includes statements of account to Nourse & Dow, statements of rents and correspondence re repairs and improvements to property. 
Nigel Gold Mining Co. Heidelberg. 6 items 1889 
  Correspondence with the Manager, A.H. Manning, re purchase of claims and formation of development syndicate. 
Miscellaneous business and mining. 21 items 1883 Jul 3 - 1903 Nov 30. 
  Includes letters from following : 
  1883 Jul 3, Heidelberg, from H.W. Struben, re maize transaction. 
  1887 Jun 8, Kimberley, from G.J. Atchison-Danford, General Manager, Kimberley Water Works, asking Nourse to pay debt for water. 
  1891 Jun 15 & Jun 24, Johannesburg, from Charles Leonard, Attorney, re imposition of carriage licences on persons living in Doornfontein, by the Sanitary Board. 
  1892 Apr 4, Johannesburg, sgd on behalf of H. Eckstein, referring to a conversation Lionel Phillips had with Nourse and informing him that Messrs. Imroth & Dettelbach had an interest of 1500 Henry Nourse shares at 26/- in the last pool. 
  1894 Feb 24, Johannesburg, from J.P. Roux, in Dutch, offering Nourse option to buy, for R14 per morgen, 80 morgen of his property at Klipfontein. 
  1895 Jun 26, Cape Town, from R. Rutherford, Secy. B.S.A. Co., thanking Nourse on behalf of Rhodes for reporting discovery of gold, emeralds, sapphires etc., in Bechuanaland. 
  1903 June, Ts copy of letter from Nourse to A.D. King, re the farm Kaalfontoin. 
Non-Nourse. 14 items 1887 Jul 5 - 1895 Nov 23. 
  Includes following : 
  1887 Jul 5, Barberton, from J.W. Buckland (cyclostyled copy) to A.T. Metcalf, re Pioneer Reef Consolidation. 
  1887-88. 2 items, report and letter (cyclostyled) re Tiger Trap Gold Mining Co. 
  1888 Jun 6 - Sept 19. Correspondence between F.A. Noyce, A.H. Manning and W. Bevitt on proposed mine at Marais Drift. 
  1895 Nov 18. Title of stand No. 5292 in Pretoria Street, Hillbrow, and accompanying letter 1895 Nov 23 from C.H. Meyer to J. McNicol re transfer of stand to J.C.S. Beynon. 
Bd  Military 
  Includes telegrams, government notices and notes, which arc appropriate with the correspondence. 
1880-82 9 items. 
  Includes following : 
  1880 Sept 25, Colonial Secretariat, Transvaal, from George Hudson, Colonial Secretary, on behalf of Sir Owen Lanyon, granting Nourse leave. 
  1801 Oct 24, Pretoria, from R. Rutherford, Secy. To Resident, accepting Nourse's offer to go to N.W. border and hand letters to chiefs Montsica and Moshette. He is to find out causes of dispute between the chiefs, do his utmost to preserve peace, co-operate with the Transvaal government and to use great discretion. 
  1882 Jan 16, Pretoria, from George Hudson, British Resident, being letter of instructions to Nourse for his second mission to Bechuana chiefs. He is to sift all information carefully, find out how the Boers are taking part in the hostilities, keep a daily record of all he hears and write a full report on his return. 
  1882 May 22, Pretoria, from George Hudson, asking Nourse to find out what is happening at Taungs and especially about Mankoroane and his opponents. 
  1882 Jun 5, Pretoria, from G. Hudson, being a testimonial to Nourse "You have rendered very valuable services to H.M. Government in both military and civil capacities". 
1899-1902 76 items. 
  Correspondence 1899 Nov 8-19 between Nourse, G.V.Fiddes, Imperial Secretary, and Central French on whether Nourse, as a Transvaal burgher, can take up arms against the Boers. 
  Other subjects touched on were training recruits for the British army, Colonial Defence Forces, colonial artillery, organisation of Defence Force at Malmesbury, arm accounts, intelligence reports on German S.W. Africa, the Prisoners of War Enquiry Commission at St. Helena, plan for reorganisation of Cape government forces and purchase of horses. 
  A letter of 1902 Jul, Cape Town, from P. Homan Ffolliott, Secy. for Defence, conveys Sir Gordon Spriggs appreciation of Nourse's services in Colonial Defence Force. Correspondents include G.V. Fiddes, Brigadier-General Brabant, Col. Crewe, Conrad French, Col. Lukin, Lord Milner, Lord Kitchener, H.W.B. Robinson, Sir J.G. Sprigg, Maj. F. Trenoh, Lord Wolseley and Col. Hanbury Williams. 
1911-1914 4 items 
  1911 Mar 27, Pretoria, from H.R.M. Bourne, Secy. to the Interior, acknowledging, on behalf of Gen. Botha, Nourse's suggestions for reorganisation of Defence Forces. Attached are Nourse's notes, Ts, 7p. 
  1911 Nov 16, Johannesburg, incomplete, Ts copy, from Nourse to Lord Gladstone, accompanying copy of his notes for army reorganisation. 
  1911 Dec 4, Govt House, Pretoria, from Lord Gladstone, thanking Nourse for letter and notes on army reorganisation, the totalisator and horse-breeding. 
  1914 Aug 12, Pretoria, from E.F.C. Lane, Private Secy. to General Smuts, acknowledging Nourse's offer to assist the government. 
Undated 3 items 
  Ts copy of telegram from Commandant, East London, to Staff Officer, C.D.F. Cape Town, referring to permission for 10 rounds of ammunition for practice of Town Guards and requesting more. 
  Ms "list of Volunteer Corps on service" (2p.) 
  Government notice "Table of conditions under which all men desirous of joining the Colonial Defence Force are asked to volunteer". 
Be  Miscellaneous 23 items 1876 Oct 3 - 1934 Dec 4. 
  Subjects discussed include athletics, the Olympic Games, game-shooting, sport in general, purchase of sporting trophies, family affairs and social engagements. 
  The following are of interest: 
  1876 Oct 3, invitation from Administrator for Lt. Nourse to dine. 
  1881 June 29, invitation from Major Campbell & Officers, 94th regiment to Nourse to dine and meet "Connaught Rangers". 
  1888 Apr 25, Cape Town, letter from Ralph C. Williams, requesting admittance of Nourse & party to enclosure at "Lords". 
  1893 Aug 18, London, from Chippy, Steggall & Co. re Nourse family crest, with sketch and note from Herald's College, London, and Ts copy of grant of ammo to Joseph Nourse in 1812 by Garter Principal King of Arms and Clarenceaux King of Arms. 
  1899 Apr 18, Johannesburg, from Burgomeester, introducing H. Nourse as a Town Councillor and requesting he be allowed to inspect public works. 
  1899 Sept 22, London, from Baroness Burdett-Coutts, enclosing a letter to her from Sir G. Wolseley in which he regrets having missed seeing Nourse whom he had known during the Zulu War of 1879. 
  1902 Oct 6, Cape Town, from Sir J.G. Sprigg, replying to Nourse's letter of 9th Sept (of which Ts copy is attached) and referring to efforts of Dr Stuart, Crewe & Co. to drive Sprigg from office. 
  1912 Mar 23, Johannesburg, Ts copy of letter from H. Nourse to Dr John Hewatt, on the S. African team for the Olympic Games. 
  1914 May 31, Cape Town, from Lord Gladstone, thanking Nourse for kind wishes and words of appreciation on Gladstone's leaving South Africa. 
  Undated Invitation from British Resident for Capt. Nourse to attend ball. 
  Undated Invitation from Lt. Governor Sir H. Bulwer for Capt. Nourse to attend ball. 
  Undated Invitation from Col. Gildea & Officers of Royal Scots Fusiliers for Nourse & Officers of Nourse's Horse to consider themselves honorary members of the mess during their stay in camp. 
Bf  Non-Nourse 75 items 
Nimmo Law 54 items 1936 Aug 27 - 1966 Jul 13 
  Subjects include radio broadcasts en Nourse family papers, research into the Nourse family tree, the Nourse coat of arms, the memorial to British settlers and soldiers who died in S. Africa, fruit-growing and purchase by Chamber of Mines of mining reports etc., belonging to Henry Nourse. 
  Correspondents include Percy Baneshik, Ivan Mitford Barberton, John Bond, Tom Bowker, Killie Campbell, Lord Clarendon, Marjorie Juta, Heaton Nicholls and Johann Preller. 
Mr and Mrs Thomas Law 6 items 1900-1901 
  1900 Nov 16, Johannesburg, from Lord Roberts, regretting he cannot dine with the Caledonian Society. 
  1900 Dec 16, from Marquis of Tullibardine, arranging meeting re Scottish Horse. 
  1901 Oct 29 from Marquis of Tullibardine, agreeing to dine with Mrs Law. 
  1901 Nov 1, from Marquis of Tullibardine, regretting he cannot dine. 
  7 May 31, from Marquis of Tullibardine, inviting Mrs. Law to lunch. 
  Undated, High Commissioner's Office, Johannesburg, from F.J. Henley to T. Law, saying Mrs. Chamberlain would like to see bar gold. 
Miscellaneous 3 items 1892-1905 
  1892 Dec 5, London, from Agent General for Cape of Good Rope to A.H. Godfrey, announcing that Government has awarded him £95.12.2 for services rendered in connection with Vaal River Extension. 
  1905 Jul 22, Admiralty, S.W, Ts copy of letter from Evan Macgregor to Messrs. Woodhead & Co. acknowledging on behalf of lords Commissioner of Admiralty their letter informing them of death of Commander Joseph Monroe. 
  Undated, from Olive Schreiner to Miss Battis, arranging for some confidential typing to be done. 
Photocopies of old letters 12 items 1817-74 
  1817 Jun 5. Petition from Benjamin Moodie to Lord C. Somerset in which he lists settlers in his party who have arrived on brig "Brilliant" and requests permission for them to settle. 
  White on black, 3p. (from Cape Archives). 
  1818 Jun 1, Ayr, from David Kerr to his son, acknowledging his letter describing sea passage to Cape and giving him local and family news. 2p. 
  1836 Aug 28, from John Henry to William Kerr, cabinet maker, Swellendam, giving news of death of Kerr's father and brothers. 3p. 
  1837 Apr 24, Committjie Drift, from John Henry to W.Kerr, with family news. 2p. 
  1836 Jun 29, Ayr, from Margaret McArthur & Janet C. Austin to their brother W. Kerr, re family estate. 2p. 
  1841 Jul 6, Brak Rivier, from H. Mosterd to "Dear brother & sister", in Dutch, on family affairs. 2p. 
  1845 Apr 8, Cape Town, from James Hardie to W. Kerr, offering to work for him as a carpenter. 2p. 
  1867 Jun 6, Cape Town, from J.C. Atmore to ?Dodds, personal, telling of his work as publishing olork at "Standard Office", Pike & Bylea. 6p. 
  1867 Nov 9, Victoria West, from Tilly to her cousin, congratulating him on his marriage. 3p. 
  1874 Jul 29, Jordan, from J.C. Atmore to Dodds, on the crops and asking loan to tide him over to harvest. 6p. 7 May 12, Swellendam, from E. Dodds to "Lieve Leine" in Dutch, personal. 4p. 
  Undated and incomplete, in Dutch, probably recipes. 
C.   DOCUMENTS 14 items 1888-1936 
1888 Oct 22, Memorandum Agreement between Henry Rousse and Arthur Bevitt to formation of syndicate to develop Arthur Noyce Cold Mines. 
1899 Apr 25, visa signed by British consul at Constantinople, requesting Sultan of Turkey to allow Mr Thomas Law to pose freely and to give him every assistance. 
1899 Apr 9, Nachtpermit, made out in name of Thomas Law, Bank Manager. Sgd. J. Dritzsch, Kapt-Spec-Pol. 
1900 Apr 12. Passport issued by Z.A.R. to T. Law, to allow him to travel from Johannesburg to Mulders Drift. 
1900 Jun 14, pass issued to T. Law, Acting General Manager of National Bank, allowing him to visit Johannesburg. Sgd. J.C. Maxwell, Major General and Military Governor of Pretoria. 
1900 Aug 31. Pass to T. Law to go unhindered to his house. Issued Capt. J.C. Kirkwood, Asst. District Commissioner. Counter-signed. 1901 May 21. 
1902 Aug 5, Martial Law permit issued to H. Nourse, to carry arms and ammunition. Sgd. (?)Willoughby for Major, Staff Officer, Permits, Cape Colony. 
1902 Aug 5 Licence to Col. Nourse, to remove arms and ammunition into the Transvaal. Sgd. A. Puller for Colonial Secretary, Cape Town. 
1903 Jul 18. Ret of Agreement (in Dutch) between Hermanus Stephanus Lambertus Bosman, owner of farm Scheitfontein, district of Schweizer Henske, and Petrus Jacobus Naude, representative of Pretoria Diamond Prospecting Co. By this Act Bosman agrees to 
  allow Naude full rights to prospect for ores and minerals for period of three years under certain conditions. Signed at Pretoria by Bosman and Naudé. 
10  1903 Ts copy of summons to "Cape Times" and George Herbert Kingswell, ed. and proprietor of "Owl" to answer Henry Nourse whe claims £5,000 damages for publishing false, malicious words and epithets in "Owl" of 1903 May 1. Witnessed Sir J.H. de Villiers, sgd. 
  Van Zyl and Buissinne, Plaintiff's Attorneys, and Asst. Registrar of Supreme Court. Attached is Plaintiff's declaration and statement, defendant's plea, plaintiff's replication and other related documents. In all 28p. (40.5x33 cm). 
11  1904 Apr 21. Order for plaintiff to examine witnesses. Sgd. H.R. Dale, Registrar (in case between H. Nourse v. Cape Times and G.H. Kingswell). 
12  1904 Apr 23. Order to Advocate Percival Smith to take depositions, examinations etc. of certain named witnesses in Nourse v. Cape Times & Kingswell case. Sgd. H.R. Dale, Registrar. 
13  1932 Apr 5. Permit to H. Mourne and wife to travel to Rhodesia, Bechuanaland, Portuguese East Africa etc. Issued Secretary of the Interior, Union of S. Africa. 
14  1936 Aug 16. Olympic Games Certificate, made out to H. Nouns. Sgd. A. Hitler. 
Da  Horse-breeding 8 items 1903-1935 
Ts notes on horse-breeding, attached together 45p. 1928 
  Consists of precis of Mr Nourse's evidence (2p): "Mr H. Nourse's evidence before the Select Committee giving his suggestions for the improvement of the horse breeding industry in South Africa" (8p): 
  Pages of press clippings with annotations "R.D.M. & Star" 1928 Mar 28 - Apr 27 (5p): 
  Letter 1928 Apr 27 from Major H.T. Walker to H. Nourse on horse-breeding in India, Ts copy (3p): 
  Letter 1928 Mar 1, Johannesburg, from Owen Symons, late of India, to H. Nourse, on horse-racing in India, Ts copy (2p): 
  Ts extract of letter 1928 Apr 30 from the Secretary of the Jockey Club of S. Africa, on taxing the racing game (1p): 
  To copy of letter 1928 Mar 26, Johannesburg, from A.G. Mylrea, Chairman, Auckland Park Racing Club, to Administrator of Transvaal en the Jockey Club of S. Africa and allocation of racing dates (6p): 
  List Transvaal Tattersalls, bookmakers, cubicle holders (1p): 
  "Suggestions for the breeding of horses in S. Africa for police defence and utility requirements" by H. Nourse (5p): 
  "Suggestions how a percentage of revenue derived by the Union Government from the Totalisator and racing generally may be expended with advantage to improve the breed of horses in S. Africa" by H. Nourse, May 1928 (7p): 
  "How the 2% from the S.A. Totalisator may be expended to improve the breed of horses in S. Africa" by G.J. Fitzgerald, Asst. Mil Sgt. S. Africa (3p): 
  "A few remarks about the 'Suffolk Punch' and suggestions as to judging" by H. Mauna, 3 May 1928 (2p): 
  There are 2 sets of the above. 
Ms notes on thoroughbred horse and Ts copy entitled "Lecture on the thoroughbred horse" by H. Nourse. Ms - 18p. 7p, 1p: Ts - 3p. 4 items undated. 
Ts copy of letter 1935 Mar 22, Johannesburg, to a newspaper (13p), headed "Horse-racing its effect on breeding". 
Note 1903 Nov. 7, on winners at Trial Plate, including H. Nourse's "Bluesky". 
Db  Mining 7 items 1884-1942 
The discovery of the main reef group of the conglomerates on the Witwatersrand: a review by F.E.T. Krause. Pretoria, 1942, June. Mimeog. 46p. 
Talk on the discovery of gold on the Witwatersrand by H.Nourse to B.B.C. Ts. 5p. 
Moodie's Gold Mining v Exploration Co.: terms upon which said company should prospect for gold. Letter-press copy 13p. (Nourse was used by Moodie to settle dispute with the diggers on Moodie's farm in De Kaap Valley). 
Moodie's Gold Mining and Exploration Company. Schedule of prices for timber, wood, poles, etc. Sgd. Manager, Proprietor's Office, Voorschot, 1884 May 29. Ms. 1p. 
Aursnia Block Syndicate. List of shareholders. 1889 Jan?Feb. 1 sheet. 30 x 40 cm. 
6&7.  Folders containing mining notes. 
Dc  Military 12 items  
by H. Nourse for the re-organisation of Colonial Land Defence Forces of Cape Colony. 12p: 
Summary of services of H. Nourse 3 items Ts 2,6,4p. Ms notes  
  2 memoranda on Colonial Defence Scheme. Ta 6,9p. 
Misc 6 items c. 1901-1902 
  (a) Field State: distribution of troops in Cape Colony District. Cape Town, 1902 Apr 7, cyclostyled. 17p. 
  (b) General Summary No. 29 for week ending 1902 Apr 12. 
  Intelligence, General French, Middelburg, Cape Colony. Includes photograph of Commandant Abraham Louw, summary of changes in position of enemy since previous week and 2 maps. Mimeog. 15p. 
  (c) General summary No. 3 for fortnight ending 1902 Apr 26. 
  Intelligence, General French, Middelburg, Cape Colony. Includes photograph of "Myburg" group, approximate numbers of enemy, summary of changes in enemy's position, Boer casualties for week ending 1902, Apr 6 Sgd. S.L. Barry, Capt. D.A.A.G. (I) General French. Mimeog. 17p. 
  (d) General summary No. 31 for month ending 1902 May 24 
  ... Photograph of Gen. Smuts, Commandant Van de Venter and Commandant Moritz, map etc. Mimeog. 21p. 
  (e) C.D.F. circular. Accounts No. 1 area 1901 Apr 10. Ts 5p. 
  (f) The Zulu War of 1879: the Battle of Isandhlwana and the defence of Rourke's Drift by G.A. Chadwick. Mimeog. 12p. 
Dd1  Historical (general) 17 items 
  Includes notes on British casualties in Africa, and shipwrecks, and reminiscences of early days in Pretoria by Cyril Celliers (son of Sarel) To 3p.,by Mrs Grace de Korte (daughter of Judge Benedictus) incomplete Ts, 2p. 
  Also Tss by Nimmo Law entitled "There was a little city" about Irish immigrants to S. Africa 2p: 
  "The Irish potato blight" 2p, dated 1954 Dec 19 and 
  "A tribute to S. African womanhood" 3p. 
  A mimeograph. entitled "Die geslagregister van die familie de Clereq en die geskiedenis van die voortrekker Jacob de Clereq (1791-1881)" by Dewald Steyn 5p. Also miscellaneous notes on 1820 settlers, Basutoland, Napoleon, the Diamond Fields Rebellion, Bechuana chiefs. 
  Probably all above were collected by Nimmo Law for his researches or written by him. 
Dd 2.  Nourse Family (general) 19 items 
  3 notebooks 52 x 20 cm. 
(a)  Contains copies of early Cape correspondence 1815-26: Earl Bathurst, H. Nourse, Lord Sidmouth, Lord C.H. Somerset etc., on formation of Joint Stook Banking Co., horse-racing, Kowie harbour, trade with Kaffirs and emigration from Britain to the Cape. 
  Also notes on H. Nourse, excerpts from H. Nourse's notebooks, on the Christian family, on Bechuanaland, on Johannesburg Golf Club 1893, excerpts from Cape Colony Directory, on military regiments and explanation of code used in Joseph Nourse's diary. 74p. 
(b)  Notes on how Henry Nourse came to settle at the Cape and copies of correspondence relating to the grant of land at the Cape to Nourse. Correspondents include Sir R. Donkin, Lord Charles Somerset and Thomas Phillips. Also extracts from the "Grahamstown Journal", notes on the Kaffir War in which Gordon Nourse was killed, and on the Nourse family tree. 18p. 
(o)  Notes on Christian family with which Nourses linked by marriage, on Bechuanaland, the Transvaal, the Goshen and Stellaland Republics. 26p. 
  Also 16 loose items relating to the Christian, Ogilvie, Norton and Jacobs, families, which were linked by marriage with Nourses and "Short account of family of DeNouers or Nouree" by W.E.C. Nourse, Exeter, 1884 Dec 20, 2p and various genealogical family tress. 
Dd 3.  Nourse, Henry (1781-1834) 6 items 1818-1826 
  Includes Ts copy of letter 1818 Jan 12 from H. Nourse to Lord Sidmouth, 2p., advocating that unemployed in Britain be allowed to settle at Cape. (Records of Cape Colony Vol. 2 1815-1818). 
  Also Ms transcripts of excerpts from Letter 1824 Jan 30 from H. Nourse to Commissioners of Enquiry, 3,9p. explaining his connection with the Cape, of how he advocated emigration to Cape, how he settled in Cape himself, having secured grant of land from Sir R. Donkin. 
  Ms transcript of letter 1825 Mar 25, which was received from Commissioners of Enquiry Thomas Bigge and William M.G. Colebrook by Earl Bathurst, 6p, on grant of land to Nourse in Albany on bank of Kowie River. 
Dd 4.  Nourse, Joseph, Commodore (1779-1824) 4 items 
  Includes 'A South African familie's contribution to naval history". Mimeog. incomplete, 5p. and other miscellaneous notes. 
Dd 5.  Nourse, Joseph, Captain (1810-1905) 2 items 
  Includes autobiographical notes dictated to C. Bird, Archivist, Pietermaritzburg 1895 Oct., Ts 4p, to which is attached Ts copies of documents relative to his wife's estate (Ann Mary Nourse, nee Ogilvie, widow of Philip Norton) 4p. Also Ts by Nimmo Law, quoting extracts from Capt. Nourse's diary, 2p. 
Dd 6.  Nourse, Henry (1857-1942) 8 items 
  Ms transcript of excerpts from letter 1885 Sep 22 from Henry Nourse to John Freeman, re gold mining at Kromdraai. Two notebooks containing notes on the life of H. Nourse, 1899—1903 and 1903—1934, with copies of letters and press clippings pasted in. 
  Photocopy of Ts entitled "Translation from Afrikaans into English of a brief biography of Lt.Col. Henry Nourse" by J.L.P. Erasmus, S.S.C., Rand Pioneer, 12p, accompanied by a letter 1939 May 29, Johannesburg from J.L.P. Erasmus. 
  Other Ms and Ts notes including excerpts from "Pioneers of the Golden Rand". 
Dd 7.  Nourse Papers 1 item (2 copies) 
  List of contents of Nourse and other papers. Ts, 13p. 
Dd 8.  Broadcasts 10 items 
  Copies of 4 talks broadcast on the English programme 1954 Aug 1 - 22 on the Nourse Family by Nimmo Law, entitled "Together we grow". Several drafts but final one has 6,7,6,6,p. Also extra pages from talks, notes on the talks and mimeog. copy of radio play "Mary Long" in which N. Law took part. 
De  Miscellaneous 5 items 
  Includes Ts history sheet of Nimmo Law 1955 Jun 24, giving biographical details. Also Ts "A wild life paradise" by N. Law, on Lake Sibasi, 8p, a poem "The voice of S. Africa" sgd. William Higham, mimeog. 1p. and 2 lists of names of some Rand pioneers. 
Ea  Notebooks 3 1885-1895 
H. Nourse in a/c with Dow & Co. 1885 Jan 1 – 1886 Dec 13. 
Dow & Co. Lydenburg Line, in a/c with Standard Bank, Pretoria Branch. 1885 Feb 5 - 1887 Mar 31. 
Lt. Nourse a/c with Standard Bank, Johannesburg Branch. 1886 Dec 31 - 1895 Mar 6. 
Eb  Cheque books and Cheque book stumps 15 items 1888-1914 
  All belong to H. Nourse. 
Ec  Accounts, receipts, etc. 32 items 1887-1903 
Ed  Mining 7 items 1886-1902 
Specifications for pullies, belting, amalgamating tables and heads of improved Californian revolving gravitation stamps supplied to Kromdraai Gold Mining Syndicate by Sandydrift Foundry and Engine Works Co. Limited. 1886 Jan 26 - Max 10. 3 items. 
Scrip held for customers. 1902 Jan 13. 
Lists of shares held by H. Nourse in his private capacity' giving original cost and current price per share. 
Accounts - Nourse, Dow and Marais, Kambula Block. 2 items, undated. 
Ee  Miscellaneous 1886 Sep 27. Postal contract (in Dutch) awarded to William Kay Dow and H. Nourse trading under name of Dow & Co. between Winnaarspoort and Barberton. 
Sgd. Dow & Co. Postmaster General and witnessed by F. Struben and F.E. Weckerman. 
2&3.  1902 Sep 15 & 16. Accounts for forage from Army Pay Office to Col. Nourse. 2 items. 
1905 Mar 18. Mortgage bond, in Dutch, between John Cowell, Stark Beynon and S. African Investment & Trust Co. Ltd. 
  Cancelled 1910 Jun 11, Sgd. W.H.S. Bell' acting on behalf of Johann Rissik & Woodthorpe Tempest Graham. 
PHOTOGRAPHS 97 items (Stored seperately from collection) 
Fa  Nourse, Commodore Joseph and Nourse, Capt. Joseph 7 items 
  Photograph of Commodore Joseph Nourse (1779-1824) and also of his grave and tombstone in Mauritius. (See letter Bf1 1966 May to Nimmo Law). Also photograph of Capt. Joseph Nourse (1810-1905) and of his wife Anne Mary Nourse who died in 1864. 
Fb   Nourse, Henry (1857-1942) 34 items 
Mr and Mrs H. Nourse 7 items 
Sporting 14 items 
  Includes group of croquet players' polo game, tennis championships, 5 showing finish of big racing events at Germiston and Turffontein 1920-1935, in many of which Nourse had a winning horse. 
World tour 16 items 
Olympic Games 10 items 
  Some photographs and some postcards showing march past of South African athletes at 1920 Olympics and other pictures of athletes. Also 1936 view of Olympia - Festakt in Pergamon-Museum and postcard of group entitled "Kolapore cup N.R.A. Bisley 1920" with board of results headed "South Africa". 
Interior of houses 7 items 
Miscellaneous 13 items 
  Negatives of cows grazing at Tuinplaats and of springboks, photograph of 'Fredenheim' Robinson St. Belgravia, early view of Johannesburg in snow-storm and other unidentified items. 
Fc   Non-Nourse 10 items 
Thomas Law 5 items 
  Negatives of National Bank of S.A. Republic of Council and Chairman of Bank, of Souvenir of the laying of foundation stone of the National Bank by His Hon. the President, 1892 Jul 6 (which was a supplement to the Press) in which Thomas Law appears, and 2 groups of staff, Johannesburg 1896. 
1 sketch entitled "Lest we forget" by Nimmo Law with title underneath "The war in Kaffirland: the death of Capt. Bambrick - from a sketch by a correspondent". Probably only colouring by Law. 
Lantern slides (transparencies) from the "Graphic" 1880 Jan 24 and Feb 28, showing battle scenes. 4 items. 
Ga  Books 9 items 
Barrow, J. "An account of travels into the interior of Southern Africa". Vol 2. London, Strahan, 1804. Photocopy of pages 343, 392, 393, 407. 
Photocopy of extract from Blue Book containing copies of official correspondence relating to the Republics of Goshen and Stellaland and to unrest among the Bechuana chiefs p5-141. Relates to Nourse's mission to Bechuanaland, at instigation of Sir Robinson. To bring about peace. 
"Records of South Eastern Africa" by G.M. Theal. Photocopy of extract p. 17-22, 24-31, 40, 46-48. London, Ptd for Govt of Cape Colony, 1898-1903. Contains extracts from correspondence of J.W. Croker J. Nourse, Capt. Owen, Lord C. Somerset, J. Whitworth 1823 Jan 5-1824 Apr 29 re the Portuguese and the kingdom of Temby in Mozambique. 
"The Transvaal question" by E. Navillo. Edinburgh, Blackwood, 1900. 64p. 
"Men of the Times" Johannesburg' Transvaal Pub Co. 1905, 391p. With press clippings, mainly obituaries, pasted in and Ms notes relating to biographical entries. 
"Souvenir in commemoration of the 1820 settlers of Albany" East London, Daily Dispatch, 1920. 160p. 
Minutes of Olympic Congress of Berlin 1930: 3rd year of the 9th Olympiad May 25-30. In French and English. Berlin, Sittenfeld, 1930. 75p. 
Pictures of South African interest in Illustrated London News 1842-1949: index of artists and subjects. Comp. by L.J. de Wet, Johannesburg, Public Library, 1956. 247p. 
Photocopy of extracts from Book of Common Prayer, p.168-170, 179. 
Gb  Pamphlets 33 items 
Gba  Horses 5 items 
Observations of cases of horse-sickness by R.W. Jackson and R. Moore. Pretoria, Ptd by Coppen, Decker & Co. 1880. 14p. 
Rules and regulations. New Pretoria Turf Club, Pretoria. Johannesburg, Flavell, Brown and Co. 1889. 10p. 
Rules and regulations. Johannesburg Turf Club. Johannesburg' Diggers News, 1890. 31p. 
Dwarsvleistud 1941. List of stallions, breed mares horses in training' untrained horses for sale. 15p. Ms notes and figures. 
Final disposal sale of the Nourse stud, the farms Dwarsvlei, Rietfontein No. 1 and No. 2, 150 thoroughbred horses, stallions, mares and foals. To be auctioned by A. Meikle, 101 Fox St. Johannesburg 1944 Mar 8 at Dwarsvlei. Johannesburg, Radford, Adlington Limited 1943. 48p. 
Gbb  Military 16 items 
Rules and regulations for giving due effect to the provisions of Act No. 9 of 1878. 46p. 
Volunteer forces of the Transvaal. Comp. by C.L. Harvey. Pretoria, C.W. Defoker & Co. 1879. 79p. 
Rules and regulations for giving due effect to provisions of Law No. 20 of 1660. 16p. 
District Mounted Troops: Cape Colonial Forces.  
  Part 1. Rules and regulations for organisation, equipment, pay allowances.  
  Part 2. Notes for guidance of D.M.T. officers, N.C.O.s and men. 1892 East London, Standard Pty Co. 2-copies. 39,44p. 
Regulations for the volunteer Force 1898. 65,18p. 
Regulations for Mounted Infantry 1899. London, Harrison and Sons for H.M.S.O. 1899. 68p. 
Royal warrant for pay, appointment, promotion and non?effective pay of the army 1900. London, Harrison and Sons. 415p. 
Namaqualand, Clanwilliam & Van Rhyne Dorp. Routes 1901 Feb. 16p. 
Kenhardt District: report by Capt. White and routes (Prieska District Routes) Cape Town, Cape Times, 1901, 33p. 
10  Colonial Forces Acts No. 32 of 1892, No. 4 of 1893, No. 16 of 1895 with rules and regulations framed under the act. Cape Town, Richards, 1901. 74, 11p. 
11  Districts, towns, villages, railway stations, sidings, post & telegraph offices in Cape Colony. Cape Town, Intelligence Dept. 1901. 174p. 
12  Colonial Forces: pay, conditions of service etc., of town guards, to which is added certain rules and regulations of Colonial Forces Act 1892. Cape Town, Richards, 1901. 23p. 
13  Monthly naval and military directory of South African Command 1902. Feb. Cape Town, Castle Printing Press. 53p. 
14  Fraserburg District and Sutherland District routes, n.d. Comp. Map Section, Field Intelligence, Cape Town, 31p. (Un-numbered). 
15  Particulars of certain mountain passes in Cape Colony. n.d. 6p. 
16  Monthly Naval and Military Directory of S.A. Command. Covers missing, also t.p. & p. 1-28. 
Gbc  Politics 4 items 1899-1916 
A brief history of the Transvaal Secret Service System. Cape Town, Taylor, 1899. 31p. 
The great Transvaal Irish conspiracy by "S.S". Cape Town, Rose and Lewis, 1999. 12p. 
From Boer to Boer and Englishman by P.M. Botha. Cape Town, Cape Times, 1900. 30p. 
Yeoville Unionist Association: political views of Lt.Col. H. Nourse, Johannesburg. 7 Sep 1916. 2p. 
Gbd  Miscellaneous 8 items 1825-1957 
A brief memoir of Commodore Joseph Nourse. London, Hughes, 1825. 16p. 
A guide to Hong Kong. Hong Kong, Brewer, 1892. Preface only. p1-3. 
Handbook of Ceylon products and industries by John Capper. c.1893. 81p. 
Caledonian Society of Johannesburg. List of Office bearers and honorary members (Chief was T. Law) as at 31 Dec 1901. 3p. Ma notes on back' on bank frauds. 
Presidential Address to S. African Assoc. for Advancement of Science' Pretoria. 1 Jul 1946 by F.E.T. Krause. Repr. from S.A. J1. Science v. 43 35p• 
Luneburg in Natal by G.P.J. Trumpelmann from "Die Eiche" beilage 6, 1949. 24p. 
Rock slides, burials and ancestral worship in the Transvaal' by A.R. Hughes. Repr. from "S.A. Archael. Bull." v.12 No. 47' Sept 1957. 6p. 
Rules and laws. S.A. Amateur Athletic Assoc. n.d. 7p. 
Gc 1.  The new gold law No. 1. 1883. Ptd. J.F. Collier. 4p. 
An act for the regulation of the trade in diamonds within the colony and to provide for the punishment of certain offences therein. 14p. 
Articles of Association of Aurora Gold Mining Co. Pretoria, Flavell, Brown & Co. 1887. 25p. 
Report of Spes Bona Gold Mining Co. 1/2 year ending 31 Dec 1887. Presented on 5 Mar 1888. 2p. 
Prospectus Victoria Regina Silver and Copper Mining Co. (Supplement to "Transvaal Gazette" June 18 1887). 8p. 
Report of directors of Kromdraai Gold Mining Co. Ltd., presented at 1st Ann. Gen. Meeting, Pretoria. 2 Nov 1887. 3p. 
Vaal River Cold Mining Co. prospectus. Ptd at "Diggers News" Office, 1887. 4p. 
Prospectus Van Ryn Gold Mining Co. Vlakfontein. 3p. 
Circular to registered shareholders of Kimberley Imperial Gold Mining Co. 1887. 4p. 
10  Prospectus Victoria Regina Silver and Copper Mining Co. 1887. 9p. 
11  Report - Republican and Colonial Loan Agency and Trutt Co. presented 15 Mar 1888 and minutes of 1st A.G.M. 1888. 4p. 
12  Directors Report of De Kaap Gold Mining and Exploration Co., 17 Feb 1888. 3p. 
13  Prospectus Steyn Estate and Gold Mining Co. 20 Mar 1888. 3p. 
14  Official handbook Transvaal Republic: issued by Committee of S. African Section Mining and Metallurgical Exhibition, Crystal Palace, Sydenham. and ed. Sep 1890. Comp. by W.Y. Campbell. Ptd. London' King Sell & Railton Ltd. 36p. 
15  Letter to shareholders of O'Dowd's Reef Gold Mining Co. Ltd. Sgd. J.A. Johnstone, Sec. for liquidation, Barberton, 23 June 1891. 1p. 
16  Witwatersrand Chamber of Minos. Membership for year 1892. 1p. 
17  Report on property of Witwatersrand Gold Mining Co. by Hennon Jennings. Nov 5, 1893. Johannesburg, Argus Pty., Co.' 1893. 169p. 
18  Articles of Association of Wits. Gold Mining Co. 1893. 18p. 
19  Wits Chamber of Mines' Annual Report for year ending 31 Dec 1893, Jhb. Argue. 14p. 
20  City and Suburban Gold Mining Co. 7th Annual Report for A.G.M. 31 Jan 1894. 18p. 
21  United Langlaagte Gold Mining Co. Director's report for half-year ending 28 Feb 1894. Jhb. Standard and Diggers' News. 6p. 
22  Gardner Main Reef Gold Mining Co. Balance sheet and Profit and Loss Account. 30 Jun 1893-31 Mar 1894. 3p. 
23  Wits Gold Mining Co. Report for half-year ended 31 Mar 1894. Jhb. Argus. 6p. 
24  H. Nourse. Gold Mining Co. Letter to shareholders, Jhb. April 1894. 1p. 
25  De Rasp Gold Mining Co. Report of Directors. 12 Apr 1894. 2p. 
26  Wits Chamber of Mines. Report of Special Committee re Proposed Competitive Exhibition of Concentrating Appliances. May 1894. 10p, and table. 
27  Am Ende and Mack. Report No. 4, Salisbury, Mashonaland. 28 May 1894. 2p. 
28  New Primrose Gold Mining Co. Directors Monthly Report for May. Jhb. 8 Jun 1894. 1p. 
29  City and Suburban Gold Mining Co. Report for June 1894.4p. 
30  Nigel Gold Mining Co. 6th Annual Report, 31 Jul 1894. 5p. 
31  Wits Chamber of Mines Report of Concentrators Committee. Dec 1894. Jhb. Argue. 10p. + table. 
32  Wits Chamber of Mines Report Spec. Comm. re treatment of Rand Ores. 27 Nov 1895. Jhb. Argus. 2p. and table. 
33  Wits Gold Mining Co. Report for .5 year ended 31 Dec 1894. Jhb. Argue. 10p. 
34  Wits Chamber of Mines. Notice of Monthly Meeting. 13 Dec 1895. 2p. 
35  Wits Chamber of Mines. Report of Exec. Comm. 24 Jan 1895. 16p. 
36  Wits Chamber of Mines Monthly return of gold. Nov 1895. (with map). 4p. 
37  Mining Institute of Scotland. Visit to Hamilton Palace Colliery. 10 Aug. 1899. 1p. 
38  Undated. Petition, in Dutch, from diggers (undermentioned) to Pres. S.J.P. Kruger. 7p. (Contains names of "Nourse and Dow" and "Nourse and others" in list of diggers). 
39  "Jumpers" Gold Mining Co. Prospectus. 3p. 
Gd  PERIODICALS 7 items 
News of the camp. Nos. 7, 11,16,17, 19-25, 27, 30—37, 1881 Jan 8 - Mar 12. 21 issues and 3 dups. 
Transvaal Govt. Gazette - Nos. 236/Jan 13, 1881; 239/Jan 25, 1881; 243/Feb 22, 1881 - all incomplete. Also v.1, No.4, Dec 16, 1891. 
Staats Courant Z.A. Republiek - D. 3 No. 107, Mar 1883 (incomplete). D. 11 No. 570, 2 Dec 1891. 
Country life 1884. Contains convention of 1884 between Britain and South African Republic. Sgd. 27 Feb 1884 H. Robinson, S.J.P. Kruger, S.J. du Toit, N.J. Smit. 
African world v 125 No. 1620, 25 Nov 1933. See p.205, 210-211 for article on H. Nourse entitled "Leaders of the Rand: Mr. H. Nourse, pioneer, soldier, sportsman". 
African Notes and News. v.13 No. 1, March 1958. 
Familia Jaar 3 No. 1-2, 1966. See p.22. Marriages at the Cape between English and Afrikaans speaking South Africans 1822-1833. No.11, Cloete, Daniel J - Nourse, Emma. 5 May 1828: J. 4 No. 1, 1967, commemoration C.C. de Villiers. 
Ge  EPHEMERA 7 items 
Record of Service: Commander Joseph Nourse. 1863 Mar 9. 11p. Gives details of ships' rank held, period of service and testimonials from officers under whom Nourse had served. 
  Also extract from "S. African Commercial Advertiser", 1846 Jul 18, government notice 1846 Jul 15 announcing death of Gordon Nourse in Kaffir War and extracts from other letters re Gordon Nourse (Gordon was brother of Joseph). 
Print by J.M.W. Turner of a Highland scene in Scotland, pub. 1891. Raphael Tuok and Sons. 
19 items relating to Henry Nourse's far East Tour, 1893. Includes trades cards, pass to view Palace of Maharajah of Jeypore, passenger list "Norham Castle", picture of Ya-Ami Hotel, Maruyama, Kioto, Japan. 
Farewell address Field Marshal Lord Roberts: a souvenir of the Anglo-Boer War. 1900 Nov 29. 3p. Ptd. E.H. Francis. 
Rand Pioneers 4th Annual Dinner and celebration of 20th anniversary of opening of Witwatersrand Goldfields. 
  Contains toast list and menu. Jhb. C.C. Perring. 4p. 1906 Sep 29. 
Programme of Concert, Caledonian Hall' End Street' in aid of a widow and 6 children. 1910 Mar 11, Jhb. John Prior. 4p. 
Private calling card Nimmo J. Law, headed Pan African Aluminium Industries Ltd. 
Ha  Scrapbooks 2 volumes 
Cape Colonial Forces Orders. 1901 Jan 21 - 1902 Dec 31 (and few loose dup. issues). 
1928-1941. Press clippings on athletics, politics, farming, but primarily on horse-breeding and racing. 
Hb  Loose 1858-1963 81 items 
  Includes the following: 
  1858 Dec 28' from "Cape Gazette", 5p. 
  1884 Jun 14, from "Natal Mercury", on Diggers dispute with Moodie. 
  1890 Nov 4, from "Star", "The new country: an account of its goldfields" by J. Klimke. 
  1893 Jul 8, from "South Africa", on Nourse's voyage around the world. 
  1895 Nov 21' "Standard and Diggers News"' on inauguration of Chamber of Mines. 
  1900 Feb 2 - Jun 15, "S. African Review", political cartoons. 
  1901 Dec 2, "Johannesburg Gazette", on Caledonian Society Banquet at which Lord Milner present, T. Law being chief. 
  1902 Jun 20, "Cape Times"' on banquet in honour of Lord Kitchener. 
  1903 May 1, "The owl", containing statement which provoked libel suit "That if the Johannesburg Turf Committee is worth its salt, Mr H. Nourse will shortly retire from the South African Turf". 
  1914 Jul 18' "The Territorial News" Umtata, Tembuland, containing article "the hero of Wepener' the late Col. Dalgety". 
  1923 Jul 21, "The Sporting Star", on Olympic Games. 
  1926 Aug 14, "The Star"' on finding Confidence Reef. Has picture of H. Nourse and Louw Geldenhuys. 
  1933-1942 Mainly obituaries of and tributes to notabilities such as Simon Beaton's "Spes Bona", S.G. Burt-Andrews, H.F. Burton, Brig. Cen. J.J. Byron, Sir C. Crewe, Sir T. Cullinan, J.F. Fitzpatrick, J.S. Gubbins, J. Hays Hammond, Col. A. Herschel, H.J. Hofmeyr, S. Hosken, Rev. H. Isaacs, J. Dale Lace, G. Lys, G.G. Munnik, L. Phillips, H. Pim, D. Heitz, T. Roos, J. van Boeschoten, Sir E. Wallets, C. Walters, Sir J. Wessels: 
  Also on death of Mrs H. Nourse in 1940 and H. Nourse in 1942. 
  1947-1963 Miscellaneous including excerpts from "Star" 1947 on the Royal Tour' from "R.D.M." 1957 Apr 27 and 1958 Jun 15 on the Sekukuni campaign 
  1974 Apr 14. "Sunday Times" Colour Mag. Article on Doornfontein by Madden Cole' mentions Nourse refusing to join Jameson Raid. 
J.   MAPS (Chron) 
1889 Jun. Map of Murchison Gold Fields. Comp. by R.K. Loveday' from the "Transvaal Observer". Drawn and ptd. by W.A. Richards and Sons' Cape Town. 
Map of world entitled "Canadian Pacific Railway, steamship tracks" London' Stanford. On back is space in which to put details of Ship's log. Ms notes by H. Nourse on miles covered each day. 
Map of scene of war in Zoutpansberg by F. Jeppe. Pretoria, Surveyor General's Dept. 1894. Ptd. "Pressworks", Pretoria. 
Braamfontein Co. Ltd.: plan of townships by Swan Currey' Johannesburg, 1894 Aug 29. Standard and Diggers News' litho. 
C.G.R. Transkeian Railways: Indwe, Natal Railway (G.82-198). 
Organisation: Cape Colony District. 1901 May 8 by Surveyor General's office. Ptd. W.A. Richards' Cape Town. 
Union of South Africa. Transvaal Province. Official Maps No. 21 Machadodorp. Pretoria, Surveyor General's Office' 1930. 
Undated. Sketch plan of farms adjoining the Albert Mine Property - Comp. G.A. Troye. Ptd. Flavell, Brown & Co.' Pretoria. 
Undated. Sketch map' probably by Nimmo Law' showing position of Forts Webber and Alber in the Transvaal. (Ms notes on back)