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Collection Index:Thomas William Bowler, 1812-1869, Paintings
Collection Name:BOWLER, Thomas William, Paintings, 1812-1869
A3414 BOWLER, THOMAS WILLIAM, paintings, 1812-1869   
 Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2017   
 36 Framed paintings, 1812-1869   
 The paintings, part of the Edward la Trobe Bateman Africana Collection donated to the William Cullen Library, have been transferred to Historical Papers for archival storage, preservation and public access in 2017.   
TB1 Lion's Head, 1840, Water colour   
 LBC No. 9, Water colour inscribed 'Table Mountain'[View of Lion's head from the mountain]   
TB2 Saasveld House, Undated, Pencil   
 LBC No. 12, Pencil drawings inscribed 'Saaiveld'[Saasveld] initialed T.W.B. Saaiveld [Saasveld]House was the home of the van Outshoorn family& was [de]signed by Thicault [Thibault].   
TB3 Shipping, Water colour and Pencil   
 LBC No. 3, Water colour sketck [sic] of shipping and pencil sketches of figures on same page.   
TB4 Table Bay, Undated, Water colour   
 LBC No. 31, Table Bay from Blauberg [Blaauwberg]. No inscription.   
TB5 Kloof Cape Town, 1840, Foxed   
 LBC No. 39, Loose Water Colour, inscribed "Kloof Cape Town". Initialed T.W.B. & dated 1840.   
TB6 Cape Town and Bay, Undated   
 LBC No. 34, From Mountain showing Cape Town & Bay. No inscription or Date.   
TB7 Table Valley, 1840   
 LBC No ?. Water colour. Table Valley   
TB8 Cape Town, Undated   
 LBC No. 32. Water colour Showing building in foreground, Cathedral spire in middle entrance.   
TB9 From Kloof, Undated   
 LBC No. 21, Water colour from Kloof. No inscription or date.   
TB10 Camps Bay, 1840   
 LBC No. 19, Water colour sketch. Unfinished, uninscribed. Camps Bay 1840. With pencil note of colours to be used for completion.   
TB11 Wynberg Houses, Undated, Church not shown in Water mount, Water colour pencil   
 LBC No. 4, Water colour sketch of houses (Wynberg) on same page pencil drawings of Church & pencil drawing of Malays.   
TB12 Wynberg, Undated, Some foxing, Pencil   
 LBC No. 5, Pencil sketck [sketch] with inscription "Wynberg". Initialed T.W.B.   
TB13 Wynberg Church, Undated, Some foxing, Pencil tinted   
 LBC No. [Moth eaten]. Tinted pencil sketch. Wynberg [St John's] Church.   
TB14 Wynberg School of Industry, Undated, Foxed, Pencil   
 LBC No. 11, Pencil drawing inscribed "Wynberg School of Industry". Initialed T.W.B.The School was founded by Lady Durban [D'urban] in 1836 on the site of the present Huguenot Memorial Hall.   
TB15 Annadale House, Undated, Some foxing, Pencil   
 LBC No. 10, Pencil drawing inscribed "Annadale House".   
TB16 Ascent of Table Mountain, 1839, Pencil   
 LBC No. 8, Pencil Sketch. Table Mountain ascent dated 1839. Initialed T.W.B.   
TB17 Trees on Farm, Undated, Tear on left side   
 LBC No. 33, Watercolour no description or date.   
TB18 Kloof, Lion's Head, Undated, Some foxing   
 LBC No. 35, Unfinished water colour.   
TB19 Wynberg, 1840, Some foxing   
 LBC No. 22, Watercolour inscribed "Wynberg 4.10. 1840"   
TB20 Near Amsterdam Battery, Undated, Some foxing   
 LBC No. 37, Water colour "Near Amsterdam Battery"   
TB21 Pump, Prince Street, Undated, Foxing, Pencil   
 LBC No. 13, Pencil drawing inscribed "Pump". Initialed T.W.B. Undated. This old pump is in Priuve's [Prince] Str, Cape Town. [See Elliot (1993) A Cape camera. Image 53].   
TB22 Mouille Point Lighthouse, Undated   
 LBC No. 30, Water Colour. Mouille Point Lighthouse. No inscription or date.   
TB23 Rural Houses, Undated, Some foxing, Water colour   
 Label Missing.   
TB24 Signal Hill, Undated   
 LBC No. 14, Water colour without inscription Showing Cape Town & Signal Hill from Woodstock Beach.   
TB25 Beach near Cape Town, 1839   
 LBC No. 17, Water colour inscribed " Beach near Cape Town 1839".   
TB26 Ruined House, Undated   
 LBC No. 16, Water colour. No inscription or date. Showing a ruined house. [Possibly a view towards Blaaubergstrand from Cape Town].   
TB27 Church at Wynberg, Undated, Some foxing   
 LBC No. 6, Water colour. Showing Church at Wynberg. No inscription or date.   
TB28 Kloof, Lion's Head, 1840   
 LBC No. 18, Water colour sketch, unfinished & uninscribed. "Kloof" 1840.   
TB29 Malay Men, Undated, Slight foxing   
 [Unnumbered. No label. Ink and water colour. Two separate images of men leaning, one against a post and the other against a wall].   
TB30 Wreck of the Howard, 1839, Slight foxing   
 LBC No. 27, Water colour. Wreck of the Howard. July 1839.   
TB31 Table Valley, 1840,   
 LBC No. 29, Water colour. Table Valley 1840. [View of Cape Town across to Blaauwbergstrand].   
TB32 Camps Bay, 1840   
 LBC No. 20, Double page water colour inscribed Camps Bay 1840. Showing Lord Charles Somerset's Villa.   
TB33 Table Valley, Undated   
 LBC No. 28, Water colour. Inscribed "Table Valley" Signed Bowler. [View of Cape Town across to Blaauwbergstrand].   
TB34 Cape Town and the Bay, 1840   
 LBC No. 15, Water colour. Dated 1840. Showing Cape Town and the bay from the Mountain.   
TB35 On the slopes of the Devil's Peak, Undated   
 LBC No. 26, Water colour. No date or inscription. Craigs Tower with king's Blockhouse on Slopes of Devil's Peak.   
TB36 Jetty Cape Town, Undated   
 Label moth eaten. Water colour sketch. Inscribed "Jetty Cape Town".