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Collection Index:HEPPLE, Bob, Papers, 1937-2011
Collection Name:HEPPLE, Bob, Papers, 1937-2011
A3393 Bob Hepple Papers, 1937-2011   
 Copyright 2015, Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
 12 boxes, 1 folio folder   
 Bob Hepple (1934-2015)   
 Educated in Law at the University of the Witwatersrand, he became an Advocate at the Johannesburg Bar in 1962. He acted as a legal adviser for Nelson Mandela during his trial for incitement in 1962. He was arrested and charged as one of the Rivonia Trial accused in 1963. When the first Indictment was quashed, he was released and escaped to England in November 1963.   
 He became a leader and academic in the field of Labour Law, studying and teaching at leading Universities in the United Kingdom. He was awarded honorary doctorates in Law, and in 2004 the honour of Knight Bachelor was bestowed on him for his contributions to legal studies.   
 Alex Hepple (1904-1983)   
 The father of Bob Hepple, Alex Hepple, was the leader of the South African Labour Party from 1953-1958, and Member of Parliament. In 1962 he re-founded the Labour newspaper 'Forward', and published the paper until 1964.   
 He was also the founder and chairman of the Treason Trial Defence Fund from 1956-1961 and of the South African Defence and Aid Fund from 1960-1964. Together with his wife Josephine (Girlie) he established the International Defence and Aid Fund's (IDAF) Information Service in 1967 in London, after he had left South Africa in 1965 for the United Kingdom.   
 Reference is made to collection A1332 Alex Hepple Papers, mfm   
 Please note: the collection has been digitsed, except for items under A and E4.   
Aa Listing of collection items by Bob Hepple, which largely informed the order of this collection. Obituary for Professor Sir Bob Hepple, published by the University of Cambridge.   
NELSON MANDELA, 1962-2007, 1 box   
 (This section has not been digitised)   
A1 1962 Trial for Incitement to Strike, 3f   
 Bob Hepple was Nelson Mandela's legal adviser at this trial. See also collections AK2513 and A2519.   
 This section includes copies of press cuttings and text of Mandela's closing speech with amendments, mostly obtained from the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Mayibuye Centre, University of the Western Cape. Also included copies of correspondence between his father Alex Hepple with Canon Collins and the Defence & Aid Fund re. legal costs for the trial.   
A2 Release of Mandela and others, newspaper clips, 1990, 1f   
 Also included the copy of a letter written by Nelson Mandela to Peter Joseph from Pollsmoor Prison in June 1985; and a postcard style portrait photograph of Nelson Mandela after his release.   
A3 Nelson Mandela State visit to United Kingdom, 1996, 1f   
A3.1 State banquet for Mandela, invitations, 9 July 1996   
A3.2 University of Cambridge, Presentation of Honorary degrees, 10 Jul 1996   
A3.3 UK Newspaper clips covering the visit   
A4 Unveiling of Nelson Mandela Statue in London, 20 August 2007, 1f   
 Invitation and newspaper clip   
NOTES: RIVONIA TRIAL, 1963-1964, 1 box   
 Handwritten notes, typescripts, correspondence, articles and newspaper clips. The items B1-13 were filed in a box file and listed by Bob Hepple. This order has been retained.   
B1 Notes on the underground 1960-62, Part1 (written 1964)   
B2 "Rivonia: The Story of Accused No 11" (being Part II of the Notes on the Underground)   
 Written in May 1964 (typescript dated 1999), and later published in the academic journal "Social Dynamics" in 2004   
B3 Notes on the aftermath of release 1963   
 Written in May 1964, typescript dated 1997, with events continued in handwritten notes   
B4 Statement to police 1963 (copies from prosecution papers)   
 With explanations by Bob Hepple   
B5 Interviews with Liliesleaf Trust, 2005-2007, 1f   
 Including transcript of interview with Bob Hepple in 2005, conducted by Garth Benneyworth; excerpts from a research report which Garth Benneyworth wrote in 2007 entitled 'Rivonia Uncovered- Rivonia Recovered'; correspondence with Nicholas Wolpe, CEO of the Liliesleaf Trust, and with Garth Benneyworth; as well as follow up interview with Bob Hepple in October 2006.   
 PLEASE NOTE: The Intellectual Property of the items in this folder, which were produced by Garth Benneyworth, reside with the author and shall not be reproduced or used for publication, without prior permission from Garth Benneyworth. The items are not available online.   
B6 Public press statements by Bob Hepple, 1963, 1964, 1990   
B7 Operation Mayibuye   
 Copy of typescript. The document was Exhibit number R71, presented at the trial.   
B8 Extract from Nelson Mandela's Prison Memoir, 1976   
B9 Letters from Walter Sisulu and Joel Joffe, January-August 1964, 1f   
 Original letters relating to the defamatory reporting about Bob Hepple in the ANC publication 'Freedom Fighter' and republished in 'Spotlight', after having fled South Africa. Included a handwritten letter by Walter Sisulu to Bob Hepple, rectifying the facts in favour of Bob Hepple, dated 25 May 1964.   
 Also included correspondence with Oliver Tambo, Yusuf Dadoo, Duma Nokwe about the same matter; and press cuttings.   
B10 Statement and correspondence with Ahmed Kathrada, 2000, 1f   
 Relating to Ahmed Kathrada formally apologising to Bob Hepple for his accusations during the Rivonia Trial, together with the article in the Mail&Guardian. Included correspondence with Paul Joseph and Albie Sachs relating to the same matter.   
 Also included correspondence around Ahmed Kathrada's book 'Letters from Robben Island'.   
B11 Letters from Andrew Mlangeni and Rusty Bernstein, 1992, 2000   
 Andrew Mlangeni's letter is addressed to Shirley, Bob Hepple's first wife, and relates to their divorce. The correspondence with Rusty Bernstein deals with his book 'Memory against Forgetting'.   
B12 Statements by Alex and Josephine (Girlie) Hepple regarding Bob, November 1969   
 The statements refer to the events during the Rivonia trial, and Walter Sisulu's statement in court. See correspondence in B9 and the newspaper clips referred to by Josephine in section C.   
B13 Evidence by David Kitson, Lionel Gay (state witness "D") and Wilton Mkwayi regarding Bob Hepple, Little Rivonia Trial, December 1964, 1f   
RIVONIA TRIAL PRESS CUTTINGS, 1 bound volume, 1963-1964   
 The volume of press cuttings, dated and pasted on sheets of paper, ranging from 27 March 1963 to 14 December 1964, were compiled by Josephine (Girlie) Hepple. The provide an account of the events leading to the arrests at Rivonia to the aftermath of the trial. See also statement by Josephine Hepple in B12.   
C1 Press cuttings pages 1963   
C2 Press cuttings pages 1964   
 The articles are believed to be by Baruch Hirson, Michael Harmel, Joe Slovo and unknown others (not by Bob Hepple) - most are dated.   
D1 The Freedom Charter - or Fusion?, Unknown, June 1956   
 Some comments on the present tasks of the S.A. Congress of Democrats   
D2 Letter to Editor of Fighting Talk, Congressman, 16 August 1956   
 Questioning the wide united front in the Congress movement   
D3 Hungary and South Africa: Lessons for the Workers, Unknown, December 1956   
D4 Reply to the article on the Bus Boycott in 'Fighting Talk', Unknown, May 1957   
D5 Present tasks in the struggle for democracy and socialism, B. Phande, February 1958   
D6 Contemporary revisionism in South Africa, Unknown, 3 January 1960   
D7 The Pan African Congress exists to subvert the South African liberation struggle, issued by Provisional Headquarters, ANC, Morogoro, Tanzania, no date   
 With Annexure 'A' by an American Christian writing to Mr van Hoogstraten about A.B. Ngcobo the leader of a dissident group of PAC members, saying at the end that 'tomorrow 14 PAC members will leave for Kenya'; Annexure 'B' Report of the Treasure-General to the Commission of Inquiry set up by Moshi Meeting (19-21 September 1967) of the National Executive Committee of the Pan Africanist Congress of South Africa, by A.B. Ngcobo, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 27 September 1967   
D8 Prospects for armed struggle in South Africa, by Joe Slovo, National Student Conference 'Revolution in Southern Africa', Oxford, 9 March 1968   
D9 The liberation struggle in Mozambique, Paul Trewhelu (?), National Student Conference 'Revolution in Southern Africa', Oxford, 9 March 1968   
D10 Mozambique Communique Revolution, Resolutions of the Central Committee of FRELIMO of the 2nd Congress, 25 September 1968   
D11 Socialists and the National movement in South Africa: An analysis of certain errors and distortions, probably 1968   
 Issued by Education Committee of the South African Communist Party as a review of a document 'Ten years of Stay-at-Home' campaign in 1958, which was issued by the Socialist League of Africa.   
D12 Letter to Editor of New Age, by Inyiniso, no date   
 On issue of insuring African workers in the industrial field   
D13 The Peasantry in South Africa, Unknown, no date   
D14 For a democratic peace-loving and socialist South Africe, Unknown, no date   
 Replacing a certain term (probably communist or socialist) with "X"   
D15 A critical analysis of the South African Communist movement, Unknown, no date   
Ea Chronological list of Parliamentary speeches, articles and pamphlets by Alex Hepple, compiled by Girlie (Josephine) Hepple.   
 This listing is to be used in conjunction with items in E1-3.   
E1 Published and unpublished articles by Alex Hepple, 3 volumes bound, 1930-1970   
 Scrap books containing the clips of published articles in publications like 'Forward', 'Forum', Fighting Talk', Black Sash and various newspapers, as well as typescripts of articles. Each volume contains the Obituary "In memoriam. Alex Hepple. 1904-1983", with a photograph of Alex Hepple by Eli Weinberg.   
 Please note: The Subject Index of articles in 'Forward', 1962-1964, has been moved to item E6.4 "Forward newspaper".   
E1.1 Volume 1, 1930- 1953   
E1.2 Volume 2, 1954- 1958   
E1.3 Volume 3, 1959-1970   
E2 Parliamentary speeches by Alex Hepple, 4 volumes bound   
 Each volume contains a different portrait photograph of Alex Hepple with his signature, as well as relevant newspaper clips for each period, including political cartoons, some by Bob Connolly and by Leyden. The volumes were collated and bound by Girlie (Josephine) Hepple in Cambridge, 1973.   
E2.1 Volume 1, 1948-1951   
E2.2 Volume 2, 1952-1953   
E2.3 Volume 3, 1954-1955   
E2.4 Volume 4, 1956-1959   
E3 Pamphlets by Alex Hepple, 2 volumes bound, 1954-1971   
E3.1 Volume 1   
 Censorship and Press control in South Africa (1960)   
 Press Under Apartheid (1974)   
 Resettlement- The New Violence to Africans (1969)   
 Apartheid Quiz (1969)   
 Arms and Apartheid (1970)   
E3.2 Volume 2   
 The African Worker in South Africa (1954)   
 Trade Unions in Travail (1954)   
 Trade Union Guide for South African Workers (1957)   
 Poverty Wages (1959)   
 Workers under Apartheid (1969)   
 Workers Under Apartheid 2nd edn (1971)   
 Les travailleurs livrs a lapartheid   
E4 Alex Hepple books, 3 items, 1966-2011   
 (The books in this section have not been digitised)   
E4.1 South Africa: a political and economic history, by Alex Hepple, Pall Mall Press London, 1966   
E4.1.1 Related items, 1964-1987, 1f   
 Including Memorandum of Agreement with the Publisher Pall Mall Press and correspondence (Alex Hepple's manuscript got lost in the post in 1965); excerpt from book publishing catalogues; newspaper clips covering the release of the book. Also included one newspaper clip about a ruling by the South African Publications Committee, that the book would no longer be classified as undesirable, dated 1987.   
E4.2 Political leaders of the Twentieth Century: Verwoerd, by Alex Hepple, Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, 1967   
E4.3 Alex Hepple: South African Socialist. A Memoir by Bob Hepple, South African History Online, Cape Town, 2011   
 The book is signed by the author.   
E5 In Memoriam. Alex Hepple. 1904-1983   
E6 Various subjects, 7 files   
 The order in which items have been placed in files and listed by Bob Hepple has been largely retained.   
E6.1 Trade Unions in South Africa, 1954-1956, 1f   
 Newspaper clips and typescripts relating to the formation of the South African Trade Union Council (T.U.C.) in 1954 an its first Annual conference in 1955.   
E6.2 Saamtrek newspaper, 1952-1958, 6f   
 Correspondence and newspaper clips relating to the formation and daily running of the workers own newspaper 'Saamtrek' and its publication by Unity Publications. In 1958 the weekly 'Saamtrek' was changed to the monthly 'Unitas', and was sponsored by the T.U.C.   
E6.2.1 Launch items, 1952   
 Flyer and invitation for the launch of 'Saamtrek', 4-5 September 1952; billboard poster announcing the first issue, 5 September 1952 (folio item)   
E6.2.2 Notes by Alex Hepple about Saamtrek history, no date   
E6.2.3 Correspondence, 1952-1957, 4f   
 Including matters relating to the sacking of Editor Dawie Couzyn, and the appointment of Robert Bennett as Editor of the new publication 'Unitas', sponsored by the T.U.C. from 1957.   
E6.2.3.1 Correspondence 1952   
E6.2.3.2 Correspondence 1953   
E6.2.3.3 Correspondence 1954   
E6.2.3.4 Correspondence 1955   
E6.2.3.5 Correspondence 1956-1957   
E6.2.4 Newspaper clips, 1952-1957   
 The newspaper clips from various newspapers cover the events described in E6.2.3. Included also the last issues of Saamtrek published in 1957, stored as folio items.   
E6.2.5 Reports, 1952-1958   
E6.3 Labour Party, South Africa, 1954-1968, 4f   
E6.3.1 Malvern Branch, Johannesburg, 3f, 1963-1967   
 Containing correspondence, minutes, notes, mainly relating to the sale of immovable property by the Malvern branch, and Malvern Hall   
E6.3.1.1 Correspondence with Coleman, Greenfield & Co., 1963-1967, 1f   
E6.3.1.2 Aide-Memoire re Malvern, drawn up February 1967, 1f   
E6.3.1.3 Various documents, 1957-1964   
E6.3.2 Correspondence with Jessie Shalom, 1966-1968, 1f   
E6.3.3 Miscellaneous cuttings, speech, notes, 2f   
E6.3.3.1 Correspondence and newspaper clips, 1948-1989, 1f   
 Including documents relating to Alex Hepple joining Parliament as a Labour MP in 1948, and to the rise of Hendrik Verwoerd and Apartheid.   
E6.3.3.2 Report of the Special Committee on the Policies of Apartheid of the Government of the Republic of South Africa, United Nations, 25 March 1964, 61 pages   
E6.4 Forward newspaper, 1948-1966 3f   
 Official Organ of the Labour Party, relaunched by Alex Hepple in 1962. He had also contributed articles to previous releases of "Forward". Included correspondence, minutes and newspaper clips providing a timeline of events.   
E6.4.1 Early publication of Forward, 1948-1956, 1f   
E6.4.1.1 Report and minutes, NEC Labour Party, 1948   
 The Press Subcommittee of the Labour Party recommended to the NEC that the Labour Party should take over Forward Press, which was accepted by the National Executive.   
E6.4.1.2 Correspondence, 1948-1956   
 Mainly between Alex Hepple, who at the time was a Member of Parliament for the Labour Party, and the Editors of Forward. Including Alex Hepple's critique of an article in Forward newspaper entitled "The disunited Party', in September 1953.   
E6.4.1.3 Newspaper clips, 1950-1956   
 Including: Cover page of the first issue in the new format, taken over by Jewish Times in February 1950, dated 10 March 1950; 2 full pages from March and August 1952 (stored as folio items); followed by newspaper clips announcing that 'Forward' is to become Labour party's official organ, dated 29 October 1952; and subsequent advert with the headline " 'Forward' becomes non-political", dated 4 May 1956.   
E6.4.2 Relaunch of Forward in 1962, 1958-1966, 2f   
 The newspaper was liquidated in 1958 and re-registered in terms of the Companies Act in August 1962 by Alex Hepple as a Labour party publication. It existed in this form from July 1962 to December 1964.   
E6.4.2.1 Certificate of Registration and excerpt from Government Gazette, 1962   
E6.4.2.2 Stationery for the new 'Forward' publication   
 Including subscription form, letter head and circular to readers   
E6.4.2.3 Correspondence, 1958-1966   
E6.4.2.4 Handwritten notes   
 Mainly relating to the history of the newspaper 'Forward'   
E6.4.2.5 Cartoons   
 12 original drawings by David Marais, who was the cartoonist for the newspaper   
E6.4.2.6 Newspaper clips, 1962-1964   
 Newspaper clips announcing the re-launch of 'Forward'; full issue of 'Forward', June 1963 (stored as folio item)   
E6.4.2.7 Subject Index of articles in 'Forward', handwritten, bound, 1962-1964   
 The Labour newspaper was re-founded by Alex Hepple in 1962, and Alex and Girlie (Josephine) Hepple served as its editors   
E6.5 Reviews of books, 1954-1971, 3f   
 Newspaper clips and correspondence   
E6.5.1 Trade Unions in Travail, by Alex Hepple, book publication, 1954   
E6.5.2 Reviews of censorship and press control in South Africa, newspaper clips, 1960   
E6.5.3 Institute of Race Relations, correspondence, 1964-1967   
E6.5.4 United Nations, correspondence, 1969   
E6.5.5 South African workers under Apartheid, various, 1969-1971   
E6.5.6 General correspondence, 1956-1970   
E6.6 Treason Trial, 1956, 2f   
E6.6.1 Correspondence, 1956-1957   
 Mainly relating to a defamation case involving Major G.J. van den Berg, and comments by Bishop Ambrose Reeves about the violence around the Drill Hall, including newspaper clip of the event dated 21 December 1956.   
E6.6.2 Newspaper clips, 1955-1956   
 Covering police raids in 1955, building up to the arrests and trial in 1956   
E6.6.3 Treason Trial Judgement, 1961   
E6.6.4 Various notes, n.d.   
E6.7 Defence and Aid Fund, South Africa, 1f   
E6.7.1 Rev. Canon John Collins, 1968-1981   
 Including: "Assistance to the victims of Apartheid", paper prepared by Canon Collins for the Special Committee n the policies of Apartheid, 1968; Aide-memoire, 1971; letter from the Earl of Longford re Canon Collins' 70. birthday celebration, 1975; obituary for Canon Collins, by Donald Woods, Times, 1981, flyer   
E6.7.2 Bishop Ambrose Reeves, 1960-1980   
 Mainly correspondence and newspaper clips relating to a biography of Bishop Reeves, written by John Peart-Binns.   
E6.7.3 Background material on the IDAF, 2f   
E6.7.3.1 Typescripts and notes   
 Some relating to the banning of the IDAF as an unlawful organisation in 1966   
E6.7.3.2 General correspondence, 1964-1968   
E6.7.3.3 Publications   
 Including: "The Defence and Aid Fund: A Report. 1956-1963", published by Christian Action; small brochure with Aims & Objectives of the IDAF, n.d.   
E6.7.4 Legal Aid Bill, 1964-1971, 1f   
E6.7.4.1 Excerpts from Assembly Debates, 1969-1971   
E6.7.4.2 General items, 1967-1970   
E6.7.4.3 Newspaper clips, 1964-1971   
E6.8 International Defence and Aid Fund, 1967-1992, 1f   
E6.8.1 General correspondence, 1970-1974   
E6.8.2 General items, 1967-1973   
 Some relating to the establishment of an Information Service, and comments on a letter from E.S. Reddy who disapproved of the Information Service, dated January 1968   
E6.8.3 Press Information, 1990-1992   
 Relating to the transfer of its operations back to South Africa in 1990, and a newspaper clip relating to the handing over of the archive of IDAF to the Mayibuye Centre at the University of the Western Cape, after its closure in 1992.