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Collection Index:LUTULI, Albert, various papers, 1953-1982
Collection Name:LUTULI, Albert, various papers, 1953-1982
A3337 Albert LUTULI, Various papers, 1953-1982   
 Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2017   
 1 box   
 The collection contains various papers relating to Chief Albert Lutuli, President-General of the African National Congress.   
 The material was in the possession of Thomas Karis ("From Protest to Challenge") and submitted to Historical Papers in July 2012. The list of items provided with these papers has been used for the following inventory.   
 The spelling "Lutuli" has been used, as done by Albert Lutuli himself, rather than the 'commonly' used spelling of "Luthuli".   
 Reference is made to collection AD1812 Treason Trial, 1956.   
LETTERS, 1953-1956   
A1 Original letter, signed by A. Lutuli, 22 June 1953   
 The letter, addressed to Walter Sisulu, expresses his views on relations with the recently formed Liberal Party and Federal Party, as well as on policy on participation in Government-sponsored bodies. The letter was taken from the Treason Trial Defence folder.   
A2 Copies of letters by A. Lutuli, 1953-1956   
 These are copies of correspondence originating from the evidence presented at the 1956 Treason Trial.   
A2.1 Letter to Z.K. Matthews, 15 June 1953   
 Also included copy of the letter from Z.K. Matthews, which he wrote to Lutuli on the 8 June 1953.   
A2.2 Letter to Z.K. Matthews, 9 February 1954   
A2.3 Letter to South African Peace Council, 9 November 1954   
A2.4 Letter to O.R. Tambo, 21 June 1955   
A2.5 Letter to O.R. Tambo, 21 June 1955   
A2.6 Letter to "Sons of the soil: Dr Conco and Stalward", 29 August 1955   
A2.7 Letter to Dr. Dadoo, 2 September 1955   
A2.8 Letter to O.R. Tambo, 9 September 1955   
A2.9 Letter to Dr. Letele, 22 March 1956   
A2.10 Letter to O.R. Tambo, 8 June 1956   
A2.11 Letter to George Houser, 8 June 1956   
A3 Copies of letters to A. Lutuli, 1955   
 Copies of correspondence originating from the evidence presented at the 1956 Treason Trial. They relate to the Congress of the People's gathering in Kliptown and the adoption of the Freedom Charter.   
A3.1 Letter from O.R. Tambo, 27 April 1955   
A3.2 Letter from O.R. Tambo, 11 May 1955   
A3.3 Letter from Walter Sisulu, 2 June 1955   
A3.4 Letter from "Stalwart", Durban, 6 June 1955   
A3.5 Letter from Ben Turok, 26 August 1955   
STATEMENTS, 1952-1982   
 Some of the copies originate from the evidence presented at the 1956 Treason Trial.   
B1 Message sent to Canon Collins by A. Lutuli, typescript, 1956   
B2 "Face the Future" with Foreword by A. Lutuli, publication of the Congress of Democrats, November 1960   
B3 "The Road to freedom is Via the Cross"   
 The statement was made by Lutuli in November 1952. Published as South African Studies 3, by the ANC in London, printed in German Democratic Republic, 94 printed pages, copied on Yale University paper, n.d.   
B4 Statements and Addresses by A. Lutuli, issued by the UN Unit on Apartheid, 35 pages, 10 December 1969   
B5 "How Red is Congress? Is the African National Congress Communist-controlled? , 1955   
 Exclusive interview with DRUM Magazine, copied from DRUM, January 1955 and typescript   
B6 "Our common task", message by A. Lutuli to the Annual Meeting of the South African Congress of Democrats, 24 June 1955   
B7 "Lutuli sees votes for all as only race solution", press release by the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR), 13 January 1960   
B8 "Lutuli speaks", Statements and Addresses, Portrait of Chief Lutuli, 95 pages, 8 January 1982   
 Print publication by the Solidarity Committee of the German Democratic Republic in co-operation with the UN Centre Against Apartheid.   
B9 R. vs. Adams and Others. Statement taken from Chief Albert J. Lutuli, typescript, 21 pages, undated   
 The statement was taken for the 1956 Treason Trial.   
B10 "A Press Statement on "THE CHESSA-CHESSA" Organisation", original letter written and signed by A. Lutuli, 1 page, undated   
C1 Interview with A. Lutuli, by Gwendolen Carter, typescript, 20 pages, 28 March 1964   
C2 Memorandum of conversation with Thomas Karis, 1 page, 21 June 1955   
C3 Comments on Lutuli by Oliver Tambo, typescript, 2 pages, November 1973   
C4 Paragraph on Lutuli, by Frieda Matthews, undated   
D1 "Chief Albert Lutuli", copy from Mayibuye, pages 8-15, 31 July 1967   
D2 "Man of the people Chief A.J. Lutuli African patriot, world statesman", printed publication by Afrika Publications, 32 pages, undated   
D3 "Chief Albert John Mvumbi Lutuli Isitwalandwe 1898-1967", Supplement to Sechaba Vol.1 No.8, 1967   
E1 Newspaper cuttings, 1959-1972   
 Including: The Observer Profile of Albert Luthuli; Luthuli gets Nobel Peace Prize at Oslo Ceremony; article by Field-Marshal Montgomery 'Do the Bantu want Apartheid?'; article with photograph of A. Lutuli and his wife working in their garden; on the death of Albert Lutuli.   
E2 What I would do if I were Prime Minister, Exclusive article by A. Lutuli, Ebony magazine, February 1962   
 Illustrated with numerous photographs.