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Collection Index:SPECIAL PRESIDENTIAL PROJECTS, Alexandra and Katorus
Collection Name:SPECIAL PRESIDENTIAL PROJECTS, Alexandra and Katorus
Collection - A3331
 Copyright 2012, Historical Papers, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
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 The period between 1990 to 1994 saw an outbreak of extensive violence in the East Rand, particularly in the areas of Katlehong, Vosloorus and Tokoza. The then State President FW De Klerk, in conjunction with the Transitional Executive Council on 1 February 1994 appointed a Task Group, called the Katorus Task Group, to address the problems in the area.  
 In later years, President Mbeki continued the practise established by President Nelson Mandela of identifying Presidential Projects (PPs) that address particularly egregious problem areas created under the Apartheid regime. 
 Inventory compiled by Dineo Skosana 
 Policy and planning of the project (1998-2006), Alexandra Housing Task Team, and Minutes (February- October 2001), the Special Needs Housing Task Team and minutes (2002-2004) 
A1 Charter of the Alexandra Renewal Project 
A 1.1 Alexandra Renewal Project Overall Physical Development Strategy, August 2001 
A1.2 Alexandra Renewal Project terms of reference for the strategic management team  
A1.3 Alexandra Renewal Project Roles and Responsibilities of the Environment  
A1.4 Alexandra Renewal Project terms of reference for an implementing agency to manage the development of a precinct  
A1.5 Discussion document on the development framework and precinct planning 
A1.6 Final draft strategy for the Johannesburg region seven to counter land invasion 16 August 2001 
A1.7 Alexandra overall procurement framework and Alexandra Roster 
A1.8 Greater Alexandra Reconstruction and Urban Renewal Pro Forma Detailed Business Plans 
A1.9 Community Liaisons Officers, Operating Policy 
A1.10 Youth Management Strategy for Greater Alexandra 
A1.11 Alexandra Renewal Project Principals of services Roster 
A1.12 Greater Alexandra: Reconstruction and Urban Renewal Programme, Progress Report (February, 2001) 
A1.13 Functional Area Business Plan: Housing 
A1.14 Greater Alexandra Redevelopment Programme  
A1.15 Overall Strategic Framework 28 March 2001 
A1.16 Business plan for the identification of Alternate Land for Housing Development 
A1.17 Functional Area Business Plan  
A1.18 The Alexandra Summit 18-19 April 2001 
A1.19 Expert Advisory Assistance to support settlement upgrading in Alexandra 
A1.20 Department of Housing, Alexandra Renewal Project budget 
A1.21 Alexandra Renewal Project: Social Services Total List of Projects: Year 2 
A1.22 Overall Outcomes, Success and Environmental Factors 
A1.23 Tender Information Proforma 
A1.24 Procurement Procedures 
A1.25 Marlboro South Industrial Area 
A1.26 Draft Research Report 21 November 2001 
A1.27 The Alexandra Summit Programme 
A1.28 Finances of the project 
A2 Minutes of the Alexandra Housing Task Team (February- October 2001) 
A3 Special Needs Housing Task Team  
A3.1 Terms of reference for undertaking a scoping exercise and preparing proposals for the delivery of housing for the persons with special needs in Alexandra 
A3.2 Specifications for Special Needs Accommodation 
A3.3 Special Needs Housing Proposed Projects Information Sheet 
A3.4 Housing and Facilities for Persons with Special Needs in Alexandra  
A3.5 Housing Projects with Special Needs: 2003/2004 financial year 
A3.6 Draft Report, Queuing of persons with special needs for subsidised housing in Alexandra  
A3. 7 Project Proposals 
A4 Minutes of the Special Needs Housing Task Team (2002-2004) 
 petition of the project, the schools and housing project, surveys and reports relation to the Katorus Project. 
B1 Katorus Special Presidential Project, Stability, Reconstruction and Development Programme 
B1.1 Petition of Support for the Katorus Special Presidential Project 
B1.2 Detailed Functional Programmes 
B1.3 City Councils of Katorus, Security needs 
B1.4 Katorus Schools Project. Documents include: The Project Proposal and maintenance booklet for state schools. 
B1.5 Katorus Housing Project, File include document relating to the strategy on community participation in the Project. 
B1.6 Survey of Informal Housing Rental in Katorus 
B1.7 Katorus Progress Report, 18 August 1996 
B1.8 Final Report Section on Detailed Strategies 
B1.9 Katorus Stories Peace in Our Country 
B1.10 Thoughts on Urban Renewal Projects: The case of Katorus and Alexandra 
B1.11 Proposal: Writing the History of Katorus 
B1.12 Chris Hetmans notes, Local government- History for Katorus  
B1.13 Zack Tanya, (2003) Katorus Special Integrated Presidential Project, Case Study: South Africa  
B1. 14 Evaluation Report, Version 0.1, 26 May 1999 
B1. 15 Special Presidential Projects on Urban Renewal, February 1995  
B2 Katorus Task Group. Documents include: the Katorus Task Group Mandate, action plan, budget and finance and minutes 
B2.1 Katorus Special Presidential Project Community Based Implementing Structures 
B2.2 Mandate for the facilitation and coordination of the reconstruction and development programmes in Katorus, June 1994 
B2.3 Katorus Stability, Reconstruction and Development Programme 
B2.4 Implementing of phase two of the Katorus Task Group Mandate 
B2.5 Action Plans for the Stabilisation, Reconstruction and Development of Katorus, September 1994 
B2.6 Katorus Stability, Reconstruction and Development Programme, October 1994 
B2.7 Progress Report on the Development Framework 
B3 Action plan of the project and guidelines of employment 
B4 Interview transcripts of the Katorus Task team 
B5 Katorus Budgets and Finance  
B6 Minutes of the Meetings of the Katorus Task Group (July 1994- April 1999)  
B7 Documents relating to the Katorus Action Areas Committee 
B8 Katorus Masakhane Programme. Documents include: The Programme Overview, pamphlets and correspondence 
B9 Kwaze Kwaza Womens Project for RDP. Records include the Organisation Constitution, Information about the Project and Budget plan (1998-1999). 
B10 Katorus Community Radio Records (1997-1998) 
B11 Publications, Newsletters relating to the Katorus Project 
B11.1 Katorus newsletter - reports on the progress of the Katorus Project 
B11.2 Simunye News (1997-1998)- a newspaper for Alberton, Germiston and Boksburg, covering news on the Katorus Presidential Project.  
B11.3 RDP Monitor (1994-1998)