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Collection Index:NAKASA, Nathaniel, Papers, 1962-2014
Collection Name:NAKASA, Nathaniel, Papers, 1963-1984
A2696 NAKASA, Nathaniel, Papers, 1963-1984   
 Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2017   
 2 boxes   
 The collection contains the papers of Nathaniel Nakasa, who was a journalist with the DRUM magazine, a writer of short stories and the first editor of "The Classic" magazine.   
 "The Classic" was a black literary magazine of creative writing and art, and was first published from 1963-1971 by The Classic Magazine Trust Fund in Johannesburg. The editors included Nat Nakasa (1963-1964), Barney Simon and Casey Motsisi (1965), Barney Simon (1966-1967), Eve Braatvedt, Jill Chisholm, Stanley Motjuwadi and Joyce Sikhakane (1968), Barney Simon (1969-1971). The contributions of work by leading black writers included Can Themba, Lewis Nkosi, Bessie Head, Leslie Sehume, Julian Beinart, Richard Rive, Ezekiel Mphahlele, Andrew Motjuoadi, Casey Motsisi, as well as Nadine Gordimer, who also served as editor, musicians such as Dollar Brand, photographers including Alfred Kumalo, various French African writers. The Classic Short Story Competition was judged by writers including James Baldwin.   
 The magazin was suspended from 1971-1974, but was later re-published in Dube Township, Soweto, under the name "The New Classic" in 1975, edited by Sipho Sepamla, and published by New Classic Publications, but ceased again in 1978, with the "Short Story Special". It was once more revived in 1982, and published with few issues by the African Writers Association.   
 (The black press in South Africa and Lesotho, by Les and Donna Switzer)   
 The papers were submitted by Prof Williams, English Department, University of the Witwatersrand.   
 Reference is made to collection A3376 Sylvester Stein, Collection of publications, 1951-1989.   
 Please note: The issues 1975-1984 have been digitised, but are only available in-house and subject to copyright.   
A1 The Classic, Vol 1, No 1, 1963   
A2 The Classic, Vol 1, No 2, 1963   
A3 The Classic, Vol 1, No 4, 1965   
A4 The Classic, Vol 2, No 1, 1966   
 The issue was dedicated to Nat Nakasa, after his death on the 14 July 1965, and was titled "The world of Nat Nakasa".   
A5 The Classic, Vol 2, No 2, 1966   
A6 The Classic, Vol 2, No 3, 1967   
A7 The Classic, Vol 3, No 1, 1968   
A8 The Classic, Vol 2, No 4, 1968   
A9 The Classic, Vol 3, No 2, 1969   
A10 The Classic, Vol 3, No 3, 1970   
A11 New Classic, No 2, 1975   
A12 New Classic, No 5, 1978   
 This last issue of the New Classic was entitled "Short Story Special".   
A13 The Classic, Vol 1, No 1, 1982   
 The first issue published by the African Writers Association and Skotaville Publishers, was entitled "Committed black literature of the 1980s".   
A14 The Classic, Vol 2, No 1, 1983   
A15 The Classic, Vol 3, No 1, 1984   
CORRESPONDENCE, 1963-1978   
B1 Correspondence with contributors and potential contributors, 1963, 3f   
 Correspondents include Bennie Bunsee, Athol and Sheila Fugard, Dennis Kiley, Doris Lessing, Arthur Maimane, Stephen Majombosi, Todd Matshikisa, James Matthews, Bloke Modisane, Luis Bernado Monwana, Ezekiel Mphahlele, Lewis Nkosi, Richard Rive, Can Themba and others.   
B1.1 Bunsee, Bennie   
B1.2 Fugard, Athol and Sheila   
B1.3 Kiley, Dennis   
B1.4 Lessing, Doris   
B1.5 Maimane, Arthur   
B1.6 Majombozi, S & Matshikiza, Todd   
B1.7 Matthews, James   
B1.8 Modisane, Bloke   
B1.9 Monwana, L.B.   
B1.10 Mphahlele, Ezekiel   
B1.11 Nkosi, Lewis   
B1.12 Richards, Rive   
B1.13 Themba, Can   
B1.14 Other   
B2 Correspondence about contributors for The Classic, 1963, 1f   
 Including a letter written by Rajat Neogy, editor of 'Transition' and addressed to Neville Rubin, editor of 'The New African', with copy to Ulli Beier, editor of 'Black Orpheus', Nat Nakasa and Ezekiel Mphahlele. Neogy suggests closer collaboration between the four publications, dated 12 August 1963.   
B3 Business correspondence relating to The Classic, 1962-1963, 1f   
B3.1 Short Story competition, August 1963   
 Correspondence with the judges for the competition, which included James Baldwin, William Plomer, Noni Jabavu   
B3.2 Correspondence with Farfield Foundation, New York, 1962-1963   
 The Farfield Foundation provided a grant for the publication of The Classic.   
B3.3 Business and advertising correspondence, 1963-1964   
B4 Subscriptions to The Classic, correspondence, 1963, 2f   
 The requests for subscriptions are in no particular order, but are a reflection of the wide interest in this publication.   
B5 Correspondence with Audrey Cobden and Sipho Sepamla, 1975-1978   
 Relating to the re-emergency of The Classic, under the name The New Classic. Please note: This section has not been digitised.   
 Including a tribute by Can Themba to Nat Nakasa and a poem by William Plomer, both of which accompany a note written by Audrey Cobden in 1966.   
 Please note: Newspaper articles covering the reburial of the remains of Nat Nakase in South Africa in 2014 have not been digitised.