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Collection Index:PEARSON, Patrick, Collection of photographs, 1886-1976
Collection Name:PEARSON, Patrick, Collection of photographs, 1886-1976
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A2638 Patrick Pearson, Collection of photographs, 1886-1976 
 Copyright 2015, Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 Photographs and File containing contact prints with description 
 The collection consists of photographs from 35 films. The photographs are copies of original pictures held by various newspapers, libraries and archives. 
 The collection includes photos of street scenes in early Johannesburg; social life and occupations; mining, mine compounds and labourers; townships; squatters; strikes; passive resistance and resistance to the carrying of passes. They were originally published in various journals such as The Transvaal Leader, The Star Weekly and others. 
 A typed inventory with contact prints and a brief descriptions and sources of the photos is available and has been digitised - see links below. The photos are numbered according to the inventory, i.e. film no. & item no. Only photographs which are marked have large prints. The missing images have been digitised from the contact prints and are available to researchers in the Historical Papers Reading room. 
 Copyright applies as indicated in the file containing the contact prints. Please note that most of the photographs by the Barnett brothers are subject to Copyright The Star newspaper. 
FILM 1, 37 photographs        
 Including cartoons; Greek Itinerant; Johannesburg's washing places; Klipspruit; building the Carlton Hotel; picnic at Witpoortjie Falls; Commissioner Street; Market square; shoe blacks corner; Indian fruit hawkers; Rickshaws; ice cream trolleys; trolleys for hire; Chinese Club in Johannesburg; Chinese compound; Park station; Robinson Deep; Johannesburg Municipality; blacksmiths; farriers; carpenters; sanitary boys, 1904-1906 
FILM 2, 36 photographs        
 Including Johannesburg Municipality cook house, 1906; registration at Witwatersrand Native Labour Association (WNLA) compound 1903; migrant workers; Robinson Mine compound; African woman in Victorian dress; market scenes in Johannesburg; Newtown Market, 1907; new Pass office, 1907; Dragon festival and Chinese New year at Nourse mine, 1907; Pagel's circus, 1907; Unemployment camp Braamfontein, 1907; Married quarters; Gordon drill; Election day February 1907 
FILM 3, 37 photographs        
 Including Election day February 1907; African wedding in Johannesburg, 1909; portable stamp battery, 1909; old 'George Colin' vendor, 1909; Labour Day demonstration, 1906; march to Wanderers sports, 1906; Boksburg protests, 1906; football match at Simmer & Jack Gold mine, 1906; Lord Selborne's visit to Chinese compound, 1906; Jumpers Deep, 1906; railway goods yard, 1906; Cape Boys at Primrose mine, 1906; soccer game, 1906; 'Native police', 1908; Turfontein, 1908; Abe Bailey's interesting white labour experiment, 1908; training white Afrikaaner youth at York Gold Mine, Krugersdorp, 1908; Municipal Granite quarries, Norwood, 1908; Vrededorp, 1908; soup kitchens, 1908; illicit liquor, 1908; distillery, 1908; Transvaal Asiatic Difficulty, 1908; box making, 1908 
FILM 4, 34 photographs        
 Including candle making factory, 1908; Empire Palace, 1908; roller skating, 1908; Chinese Opium smoker, 1904; Chinese labourer arriving at compound, 1904; life at the Chinese labour compound, 1904; Chinese for the Van Ryn Mine, 1904; destruction by police of dagga; Ferrerastown 
FILM 5, 37 photographs        
 Including Braamfontein unemployment camp; Judith Paal suburb; Ferrerastown camp 1886; 1899 shops in Germiston; Germiston lake; Benoni houses; Brakpan streets; Braamfontein 1964; Chinese miners 1906; Chinese miners underground; Chinese compound rooms, bath house, Rosettenville, 'boys room', entrance to compound; chinese interpreters quarters (SJPML); SJPML Chinese compound police room; Chinese quarters at Village Deep compound, Christmas 1906; Chinese entertainment; Pedlar selling game; Gold mine compounds Crown Mines and New Kleinfontein; Mine 1903-4; single quarters 1903-4; New Kleinfontein surface works; compound managers servant; Chinese prison camp, 1905; Doorfontein slum area, 1930s; Indian hawker; prisons in Pretoria 
FILM 6, 37 photographs        
 Including compounds Crown mines; African dancers, 1906; Mai Mai market, 1950s; prisoners; African guards at Boksburg prison; New Kleinfontein mine; Main road Fordsburg, 1902; Doornfontein, 1930; Vrededorp; African miners; meeting of African Christians, 1900; street traders in Johannesburg; Market square; day school Alexandra; Payneville location Springs; ablution block; Indian brush makers; Gallagher cafe; servants; Agriculture show, 1908; rickshaws; Handsom cabs 
FILM 7, 37 photographs        
 Including Newtown market; workers; laundries; Johannesburg General hospital kitchen; Crown Mine stopes; illicit liquor dumping; African wedding; Newclare township; hospital; African tennis players; soccer; games, beer hall; Orlando; Newtown street trading, no dates 
FILM 8, 38 photographs        
 Including Indian township (1904 Bubonic plague?); African mine workers on a hill; Transvaal pass; Indian fakir, 1913; arrest of Africans; African policemen; African mine worker knitting in spare time; games at African compound, Robinson GM; police asking African women for their passes (Boer war); race day betting; African shift workers at New State areas, 1930; Nancefield township; Indian barber in Vrededorp; orphanage in Johannesburg; Indian children in Vrededorp, 1956; migrant workers bound for gold fields, around 1910; Zulu dancers at compound; mine workers leaving the Rand; street trading in Johannesburg, Newtown, Selby, Village Deep, West street; barber 
FILM 9, 37 photographs        
 Including Orlando West ext. 1950; African mine workers; waggons; Africans buying passes at Government offices Johannesburg; Jabavu township with squatter camp, 1950; boxing match; dispensary Orlando; miners at gold fields; slum removals in Pimville; Montrose gold mine; Natalspruit gold mine; school in Mofolo North; African compound at New Primrose gold mine, 1895; Robinson compound; labour office registering African migrant workers; nursery school in Orlando; Eisteddfod; street traders selling brooms; mealie sellers; punishment; African migrant bound for gold fields, no dates 
10 FILM 10, 37 photographs        
 Including Chinese arrival on the mines (several book illustrations); a Johannesburg African township; Van Ryn Estates 1904, Chinese mine workers leaving; Commissioner street, 1888; Stead's Meat market; Newtown market; Indian bakery; Indians arriving in Durban; Chinese police at Simmer & Jack mine; Indian pedlar, 1895, Chinese wrestling 
11 FILM 11, 37 photographs        
 Including E.R.P.M. boarding house; African barber; Wemmer Gold mine compound; Chinese cook house; Crown Mines underground; Indian hawkers; African musicians at compound; horse racing at Johannesburg Turf Club; Castle breweries; Montrose Gold mine; migrant workers at gold mine; laundry; fashion; Johannesburg Electricity department; concentration camp; Indian gate at Park Station; rickshaws; Chinese arrivals, 1904; Alexandra township board, 1914; Geldenhuis Mine Chinese cleaners, Chinese hospital and police, 1905 
12 FILM 12, 27 photographs        
 Including Chine compound; S.J.P.M.L. Chinese compound; rickshaw with flower; Pimville township; Alexandra township; Moroka; large group of African mine workers on a hill; fruit and vegetable hall; farm workers in Pietersburg; Wolhuter men's hostel for African workers; shanty towns; Coronationville; Alexandra township with cow; street trader with basket; Chinese mine workers; African market place, and new trading centre for Africans; Diepkloof reoformatory buildings, no dates 
13 FILM 13, 37 photographs        
 Including Chinese arriving at Geldenhuys Deep property, 1905; Chinese compound, dining room, 1905; Braamfontein; medicine shop at old medicine market End street, 1938; N.B. Durban Chinese arriving, 1904; New Kleinfontein surface works, 1903-4; torches lit as Luthuli speaks; Nana Sita leading Indians into Boksburg location; Defiance campaign; pass burning at Pass campaign; pass burning, Orlando, 1960; Sabotage Bill demonstration, 1962; sabotage in Dube Post Office, 1961; Juergen Schadeberg arrested at demonstration; sabotage Cape Express derailed near Alberton, 1963; ANC meetings 
14 FILM 14, 37 photographs        
 Including Western Areas removal, 1954; pass demonstration at Mzimhlophe station; Dube station protest, 1958; women demonstrating against passes; Mai Mai market; Alex La Guma at bus boycott; people on bicycle during bus boycott; S.A.C.T.U. meeting; striking workers at Orlando; squatter camp; removals from Sophiatown to Meadowlands, 1955; hawker at Noord street; aerial photos of Soweto, 1977; aerial photos of Daveyton; Tucsa workers; Meadowlands, 1954; Edenvale location 
15 FILM 15, 37 photographs        
 Including Edenvale location; position of African townships to European suburbs, aerials; Sofasonke supporters at court, 1963(?); Edenvale prior to removals to Tembisa, 1967; slum aeras; Houghton-Melrose residential area with shanty town, 1958; newspapers; Bertrams demolition; Prospect township; Malay location; flat cleaner, 1972; Nancefield cemetary, 1972; removals from Prospect to Orlando, 1938 (?); muti seller, 1973; chauffer for Roberts & Roberts construction company; dancing icecream seller, 1970; draughts, 1969; cardboard box collector, 1965; white striking miners, 1975; white striking miners at Cornelia Colliery near Vereeniging, 1965; Apartheid signage, 1971; Receiver of Revenue office, 1972; rioting between Fascists and anti Fascists at demonstration, 1938; Evaton location, 1956 
16 FILM 16, 36 photographs        
 Including demonstrations, 1970s; Vrededorp, 1948; removals from Sophiatown to Meadowlands, 1955; Rietfontein, 1950; Modderdam road squatter camp, 1977; township blacksmith, 1963; Railway Artisan Staff Association, 1951; African chef, 1958; shoe shine boy, 1966; milk seller Soweto, 1970; aerial of Alexandra, 1947; Mafeking tent town; Union township residents parading through Springs, 1950; white employers at Native Affairs Department, 1952; East Rand mineral water factory, 1935; Moroka, 1956; Newclare 
17 FILM 17, 37 photographs        
 Including Heinemann strike, 1976; broom seller, 1975; white Diamond workers demonstration, 1976; Evander miners strike, 1967; washer women, 1958; Moroka, Sharpeville march 1960; Mayfair supermarket, 1975; prefab slabs, 1956; Edenvale location, 1961; liftman, 1969; window cleaners at Bank of Lisbon, 1976; Swaziland, 1962; Tembisa location, 1969; Mayfair dairy strike, 1973; sewing at mining compound, 1971; Moroka; students outside John Vorster square, 1977; student arrests, 1977; burial site after Sharpville massacre, 1960 
18 FILM 18, 36 photographs        
 Including images of Africans being hanged by white colonisers, carried out in Rhodesia; African Eating house; Burger Camp pass, 1902; Chinese eating; African musicians at compound; rickshaws; Chinese Opera on the Rand, Randfontein Gold mine; Chinese police drill; Chinese barber shop; Chinese staff of a cook house; Indian trader; Chinese compound at Simmer & Jack gold mine; African wedding party; E.R.P.M. Club house; Chinese workers arrival on the mines 
19 FILM 19, 25 photographs        
 Including illustrations from a publication: game hunter; tin temple; Government department of white labour; President street Johannesburg; Langlaagte Orphanage; African families; Klipspruit location; African wash boys at work; single men's quarter and married people's section; Asiatic passive resisters; inspection of African locations; Chinese prisoners after disturbances at Witwatersrand Deep mine 
20 FILM 20, 35 photographs        
 Including Jabavu clinic (Ellen Hellmann photograph); concrete bunks in Chinese compound; Alliance steam laundry; milkman with hanging milk bottles; Fordsburg after the Red Revolt on the Rand; Benoni during Red Revolt; Brakpan commando; sabotage of train; Ferreirastown with African workers moving their dead (Red Revolt?); armoured car in Alberton; 1913 strike with police at Old Market square; Garrison of Fordsburg police station; troops rushed to Turffontein; Fordsburg trenches 
21 FILM 21, 37 photographs        
 Including graphics dated 1896 of travelling to the Transvaal; refugees from Johannesburg; Reform Committee (Jameson Raid); Africans catching dogs in Johannesburg; first railway in the Transvaal; gambling; illicit liquor sellers; mounted police during Rand Revolt, 1907; Park railway station, 1899; exodus from Johannesburg, 1899 
22 FILM 22, 37 photographs        
 Including more graphics of exodus from Johannesburg, 1899; contrast between white and black in South Africa; 1906; sketches of gold discoveries on the Rand, 1887; Potchefstroom road, 1887; water supply in Johannesburg; witchcraft on the Rand, 1927; railway strikers in Market square, 1914; burning of the Indian location at Braamfontein after the plague, 1904; migrant workers from Central Africa, 1903; Black Association football team in Johannesburg, 1909; trains with migrant workers; migrant miners on the Rand, 1907; Armenians, 1907; Rand steam laundry advert, 1915; Johannesburg plague outbreak, 1918 
23 FILM 23, 37 photographs        
 Including book illustrations of strike at Newtown; International Socialists in court, 1918; boarding house life in Johannesburg, 1919; liquor raids, 1920; speech by MT Bain in Hyde Park after banishment from South Africa 1914; African strikers on the mines, 1920; Springbok Tobacco advert, 1918; Turffontein, 1918, Vrededorp poor people, 1918; Boy Scouts help to fight the plague, 1918; Armistice Day celebrations, 1918; world record shaft sinking, 1919; Samuel Clifford, bookmaker, 1918; hospital ward during the plague, 1918; relief kitchen, 1918; slums of Fordsburg and Vrededorp, 1918; South African Club, Jeppes street, 1918; 
24 FILM 24, 37 photographs        
 Including the Chamber of Mines; white construction workers on strike, 1918; orphaned children after the epidemic, 1919; Manston Murder trail accused senteced to death, 1919; Great Native Convention, Queenstown, February 1919; strikes and pass demonstrations, 1919; Brandy advert, 1919; Langlaagte orphanage, 1920; tribal dancing competition at the Wanderers, 1921; Rand steam laundries, 1921; Wits NLA team, 1921; police on the Rand at the Wanderers, 1922 
25 FILM 25, 37 photographs        
 Including mainly images from the 1922 miners' strike on the East Rand; Rhodesian mail train derailed, 1922; strike scenes from Johannesburg, 1922; Fordsburg during the plague, 1922; fire in Jeppe Deep, 1922 
26 FILM 26, 37 photographs        
 Including (first part of the film was spoiled) Transvaal Scottish and Durban Light Infantry, 1922; Red Revolt strike scenes, 1922; Mining Industry Board, 1922; white labour for railway works, 1922; Carton Theatre, 1922; rickshaw, 1922; trams in Johannesburg, 1922; captured German machineguns in the Workers' Hall, Fordsburg, 1922; battle of Brixton Bridge, 1922 
27 FILM 27, 35 photographs        
 Including continuation of 1922 mine workers strike; African workers in Fordsburg during the fighting, 1922; at the power station and the Red Cross in Johannesburg, 1922; Boksburg police, 1922; 103 year old resident at Prospect township, 1923; South Africa's national film 'De Voortrekkers', 1923; Jameson Raid, 1924; illicit liquor, 1924; miners underground at New Kleinfontein, 1924; Hatherley Distilleries near Pretoria, 1888; Doornfontein Hill; Orange Grove on the road to Pretoria; kraals and the Witwatersrand hills; pavilion beerhall in Jeppestreet; Augehrn & Piels Wholesale at Jeppe street; gunsmith shop, no dates; burgers assemble at Boksburg, 1899 
28 FILM 28, 37 photographs        
 Including pages with illustrations from London News and The Moon newspapers of adverts and cartoons; compound at Geldenhius Estate, 1905; Shangaans and Induna with compound manager, 1905; 'British Basuto', 1905; Chinese New Year, sports at Luipaardsvlei gold mine, 1905; rickshaw drivers waiting for licences, 1905; cycle owners in Johannesburg, 1905; the Chain gang at Johannesburg prison, 1905 
29 FILM 29, 37 photographs        
 Including Labour Day procession with bricklayers' banner, stone masons societies, fire brigade engine drivers, 1905; 'Tattersalls' at Harrison street, 1905; Chinese miners, 1905; the leading Johannesburg Bookmakers, 1905; Turffontein Hotel, 1905; seargeants of the 'Transvaal Native Police' D division, 1905; Johannesburg Plasterers Society, 1905; Wemmer compound; officers of the Transvaal Indian Football Association, 1905; Chinese New Year at Village Deep, 1906; Afrikan mine workers queuing for beer at Ferreira Deep Gold mine, 1906; Zulu compound police, 1906; transport in Johannesburg, 1906; Fordsburg terminal, 1906; anti Chinese demonstrations, with burning effigies of Churchill and Campbell-Bannerman hung up, 1906; new African location at Klipspruit, 1906; Johannesburg guide picturing 'the shoeblacks', Market Square, the Arcade, 1905 
30 FILM 30, 37 photographs        
 Including images from the Johannesburg and Pretoria Guide with first camp at Ferreirastown, Barrow Green Tea room, published 1905; images from strike album, published 1913 with Maxim Gun, funeral procession, strike committee; Johannesburg in 1886; mail and passenger coach arriving in Johannesburg, 1889; Newtown Market interior, 1889; first train in Johannesburg, 1893; Park station, 1892; opening of first mines, 1886; at the bottom of Robinson Deep Gold mine, 1887; African workers at 'Native Labour' compound; African 'house boy', 1900; Johannsburg bar; compound at New Primrose mine; water carriers in early Johannesburg, 1892; early African locations; laundry in the early 1890s; African mine workers depicted taking a shower at Crown Mines, n.d.; Struben's old farm, n.d.; Indian women at market; Johannesburg dust storm; dressed up African servant; skittle-pool playing at African mining compound; washing place; Begbie & Co moulding shop; first open surface mining work on the Rand, no dates 
31 FILM 31, 37 photographs        
 Including New Law courts Johannesburg, 1897; various businesses in Johannesburg such as Pistorius & Co auctioneers, CF Beyers, Butcher Federal supply & cold storage Co, Kirkwoods auction rooms, E Nettmann and Co hardware manufacturer, Lager Brewery Newlands, Yard Newlands brewery, Ginsburg Bros General merchant Benoni, Boksburg Herald, Shimwell Bros cycle works Germiston, 1897; African compound at Robinson Deep Gold mine, 1906; miners at Geldenhuis Deep Gold mine, 1906; early High School for Boys and Girls at Jeppestown, 1906; Chinese mine workers hand drilling in stope at Simmer & Jack, 1905; mining structures; dog catchers in Johannesburg at turn of century; Johannesburg washing ground; African barber in location; Indian Football Association Johannesburg, 1906; Indian street traders, 1906; view of Bez Valley, 1906 
32 FILM 32, 37 photographs        
 Including Transvaal Town police, 1906; Fillis circus and hippodrome, clown, 1906; African prisoners, 1906; Germiston, 1906; explosion in Fordsburg, 1907; Labour Day at Johannesburg, 1907; miner's strike, scenes on the East Rand, Germiston, Boksburg, and Johannesburg 1907; Fordsburg Tramway Hotel, 1907; Cameron Highlanders' camp on Ferreira mine property; migrant mine worker recruiting at Braamfontein station, 1907; art on Germiston shift boss' house, 1907; migrant workers arriving outside compound, 1907; mass meeting at Market square, 1907; New Weslyan Church laying memorial stones, 1907; Rose Bros Gramophone dealer, 1907; release of strike leaders from prison, 1908; The Asiatic Passive Resistance Movement, 1908; hospital for African mine workers at Robinson Gold mine, 1908 
33 FILM 33, 37 photographs        
 Including Africans paying hut tax in front of Court, 1908; Lovedale Nature Convention delegates, 1908; Johannesburg Mohammedan festival, 1908; chiefs and headmen from Natal visit the Rand, 1908; Langlaagte Orphanage, 1909; Market Square scenes, 1908 with photographers, snuff sellers, fruit stalls, mules; South African Labour Party conference, 1909; supply of rations of Van Houten's cocoa to African mine workers at New Comet Gold mine, 1909; Old Fire station, 1909; AA Rothschild holding a sale in 1880; dead horses on the Rand; Ferreira Gold mine, Eagle Nest Mine, 1889; the State prisoner Chief Malaboch in Pretoria Gaol, 1894; Johannesburg stock exchange 'Between the Chains', 1897; Langlaagte Estate, 1897; African workers receiving their tickets at the Timekeeper's House before going to shift, 1897 
34 FILM 34, 33 photographs        
 Including Morning market in Johannsburg, 1894; 'first house' in Johannesburg, 1894; mining group on the Witwatersrand gold fields, 1894; Castle Brewery advert, 1894; advert from American Doctor Howard Strong, 1894; Kazerne goods yards in Johannesburg, 1907; advert for Sunlight soap, 1906; James Triggs vs Phil Mitchell wrestling match, 1905; bead making at Wemmer compound, 1905; cartoons 1905; Sunday morning washing, 1905; 
35 FILM 35, 35 photographs        
 Including Market Square; bath in mining compound; Boksburg lake regatta; Bezuidenhout Valley, 1906; Chamber of Mines, National Bank, Robinson Bank; rickshaws; early Johannesburg; mule coach to gold fields; Godlonton & Co trading store; Sophiatown and Western Areas removals, 1953; women fleeing Johannesburg during Jameson Raid in cattle trucks; life in an Uitlander Camp, 1896; Braamfontein Dynamite Explosion, 1896; water rush during drought in Johannesburg, 1896; Main Reef road; Boer commando; Braamfontein subway; Modderfontein Dynamite factory, 1907; Netherlands Railway Goods yards; Reverend WE Kelly's Help League Home, 1898 
36 FOLIO ITEMS, 17 photos, A1 size 
 (These have not been digitised) 
 Street scene in early Johannesburg, 1904; 
 Johannesburg Native Police, 1908; 
 Miners working underground in Crown Mines, Witwatersrand, n.d.; 
 View of compound, 1905; 
 Black mine workers in their sleeping quarters, n.d.; 
 Christian meeting of miners in compound, 1900; 
 Chinese mine workers engaged in wrestling, c. 1904; 
 Photos of two drawings: Greeting card and Chinese and Black workers in tug-of-war; 
 Photo of poster re Boxing match in Alexandra township, 1951; 
 Two scenes of townships: East Rand and Diepkloof (?); 
 Two scenes of unrest in townships, 1950s; 
 Forced removals from Sophiatown, 1954; 
 Dairymen on strike, 1974; 
 Diamond workers protest re White jobs, 1976.