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Collection Index:LORAM, Charles Templeman 1915-1919
Collection Name:Charles Templeman LORAM Papers 1915-1919
A2627 LORAM, Charles Templeman Papers 
 Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 Biographical notes 
 C.T.Loram 1879-1940, educator and professor of education in South Africa and later at Yale, was inspector of schools in Natal 1906-1917, Chief Inspector of Native Education 1917-1920, member of the South African Native Affairs Commission 1920- 1929, Superintendent of Education 1930-1931. He was the first chairman of the South African Institute of Race Relations but left to take up a position at Yale University in 1931 
 These records are mainly photocopies of originals at Yale University. 
Correspondence (arranged chronologically). Mainly to and from Loram. 2 boxes. 
 Subjects include the administration of the Phelps-Stokes Fund and other funds for educational purposes, Jeanes teachers, library facilities for blacks, medical training for blacks at Wits University, formation and progress of the Institute of Race Relations, accounts of Dr Loram's visits and travels, Loram's transfer from Native Education and his appointment to the staff at Yale University. 
A1 1915-1925 
 Correspondents include: WS Carter, FA Cuendet, Dr Henderson, JS Marwick, A Phelps Stokes, Howard Pim, Booker T Washington, M Yergan, AB Xuma. 
A2 1926 
 Correspondents include: GF Peabody, RM Pearce, A Phelps-Stokes. 
A3 1927-1928 
 Correspondents include: Dr Bridgman, A Phelps-Stokes, Howard Pim, EM Roux, FP Keppel (Carnegie Corporation), H Reyburn, JD Rheinallt Jones, AB Xuma 
A4 1929 
 Correspondents include: Dr WS Carter (Rockefeller Foundation), EG Jansen, T Jesse Jones, H Pim, FH Keppel, EG Malherbe, HR Raikes, (WITS), JD Rheinallt Jones, JC Smuts, JG van der Horst. 
A5 1930 
 Correspondents include: JR Angell (Yale University), WS Carter, D Rheinallt Jones, FH Keppel, C Seymour, JC Smuts, AB Xuma. 
A6 1931-1932 
 Correspondents include: JR Angell, T Arnett, WS Carter, T Jesse Jones, JD Rheinallt Jones, FP Keppell, JS Marwick, C Seymour. 
A7 1933-1934 
 Correspondents include: Edgar Brookes, WS Carter, JD Rheinallt Jones, H Jowett, FP Keppel, EG Malherbe, (SA Education Department) RR Moton (Tuskegee Institute); SD Porteus. 
A8 1935-1940 
 Correspondents include: J Davis, T Jesse Jones., JD Rheinallt Jones, FP Keppel, ? Killie Campbell, EG Malherbe, P. Mort, P. Mosaka, JD Rheinallt Jones, A Phelps Stokes, C Seymour, JG van der Horst, AB Xuma. 
Loram News Nos 1-6 1931-1936 1 file 
 Newsletter sent out to various people after Loram's departure from South Africa, containing family news as well as information on political, social and educational matters in the USA and SA. 
Articles By C.T.Loram 1 box 
C1 Articles and book reviews mainly on education and race relations in South Africa 1 file 1924-1933 and undated. 
C2 Articles on education in the USA, Mexico, Canada, China, Japan and in Negro and Indian schools. 
C3 Articles on marriage among the AmaXhosa (by C.T.Loram) and on the Bushmen (unsigned) (Loram?) 
Articles and memoranda mainly on black education, not by Loram 1 file 
 Subjects relate to Loram and his interests 
Correspondence and articles about CT Loram. 1 file 1923-1976 
 Includes minutes of a meeting in which the SA Institute of Race Relations was formed. 
'The Education of the South African Native' by CT Loram 1 file (Ms) 
Obituaries of CT Loram 1 file 1940 
 Includes some correspondence 
Yale University - education 
 Articles, syllabuses, reports of educational projects initiated by Yale Department of Education 
Miscellaneous papers (other individuals) 
Griffiths, JES. A report on the customs observed by the Zulu of the Nongoma district. July 1929 53p Ts 
Malherbe, EG 'On human resources'. Address before the Natal Teachers' Society meeting at Pietermaritzburg. July 30 1931, by the Director of the National Bureau of Education, Pretoria 15p Ts 
3. 4. Matthews ZK. 'Health and the Bantu in the Union of South Africa' Ts 1p; 'The history of medicine' Ts 2p; 'The impact of Western Civilisation on native law in SA' Ts 1p (outline of essay) Phill1ps, Ray. 'Bantu-White adjustment' Ts 6p; outline of PhD dissertation on theadjustment of primitive African culture to modem industrial society. 
Reyneke, J. 'African education and the missionary' Ts '7p 
'The education of African chiefs' Ts 15p. 
'The new deal in the Union of South Africa' Hg 2p. 
Diary of Mr Thomas Hargreaves. 16p Ts copy 1884 Emfundisweni Mission. Concerns annexation of Pondoland; internecine war between rebel chief Umhlangaso and his nephew Chief Sigcau. 
Report of the Commission of Enquiry into the Native riots at Durban, June 1929. (includes information on hostels, wages, liquor, AG Champion.) By J de Waa 
10  'The Bantu Community League', Bulletin No 1. by O.E.Lovell 
11 Report of the Commission of Enquiry into the Bondelswartz rebellion 1923 (and articles) 
Theses (on microfilm) 3 items (Yale Series 2, folders 224-226) 
 Achterberg, ND. 'A survey of native education in the Transvaal'. UNISA, 1927 
 Christoferson, AF. 'The first one hundred years of American Board Mission in South Africa' 1835-1936 Ifafa Mission 1937. Ts 297p. 
 Cook, PAW. 'Tribal education in South East Africa as a factor in South African Education' Ts. 75p. 
South African Native Affairs Commission (on microfilm) Yale, Series 3, 236, 238-247) 
Native Law 1885-1923 
 Paper detailing application of Native law in the Transvaal, Cape, OFS, Natal and Transkei. Ts 117p. 
The policy of the British Government towards the tribal natives in South Africa between 1830-1845 Ts 96p. 
Records concerning the Ebenezer Hottentots 1906-1926 
 Includes the treaty of surrender in German and English of the Ebenezer Hottentots to the Germans 1906 Dec 23 at Ukanas and signed by Johannes W Christian and Col von Estdorff; correspondence relating to the South African administration of SWA and the question of the alienation of land from the Hottentots. Correspondents include the Secretary for Native Affairs, S.F,Lane. Also includes extracts from the report on the Native Question and accusations of the ill-treatment of Blacks, Windhoek 1918.  
Report on the native disturbances at Port Elizabeth 
 Report of the commissioners appointed to enquire into the causes of the native disturbances at Port Elizabeth on 23 Oct 1920 and the economic conditions of the native and coloured population. Cape Town 1921 23p. 
Report on the Bondelzwart Rising. 
 Report of commission of enquiry to the Minister of Native Affairs on a black rising at Warmbad SWA. Cape Town, Mar 1923. 
Minutes of meeting of the Native Affairs Commission held on Feb 3 1923. 
 Includes correspondence re salaries of native teachers 
Brief report on the work of the Anglo-Ovamboland Boundary Commission. 17p Ts. 
Report of Commission of Enquiry on the proposed policy with regard to Native Education. 
Cotton, Aidan. Courses of training and study at St Peter's College, Rosettenville for native ordinands and catechists. 
10 Native Churches Inquiry Commission 
 Consisted of appointed members of the Native Affairs Commission and the Rev P van der Merwe of Bloemfontein. Inquiry conducted into the origin, nature and extent of the numerous native churches existing in SA. 
 Includes completed questionnaires sent to various clergy and missionaries and evidence given by H Selby Msimang; correspondence with Sir RS Medford; constitution of the African Presbyterian Bafolisi Church 17p 
11 Extracts of letters received at the Pensions Office, Pretoria Ts 1p (howlers). 
Research papers from Brother John Towie and his proposal for a PhD on Loram's educational policies. 
L1 Letters from Brother Towie requesting information on Loram and replies, 1 file 
L2 Notes written by Brother Towie in the course of his research on Loram, including a draft of the Ph.D. proposal. (6 notebooks) 
Miscellaneous 1 box 
 Includes a photograph (of Loram with Yale Association of Japan) and descriptions of papers related to those of Loram (Phelps Stokes, Seymour, Malinowski) 'Up from Slavery' - Booker T Washington. (photocopy)