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Collection Index:PASSES, 1905-1983
Collection Name:PASSES, 1905-1983
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A2455f PASSES, 1905-1983   
 Copyright 2011, Historical Papers, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
 The digitisation and on-line publication of this collection was funded through a generous grant from The Atlantic Philanthropies.   
 Examples of passes and permits for work and residence purposes, issued between 1905-1983 to people classified as Natives.   
Reference book issued to Tununu Susan Makhubu, Swazi, 1959. The book contains stamps for vaccination and X-rays done, stamps by the relevant Government departments allowing her to settle in certain areas and work permits  1959 
Reference book issued to Lepoma Antony Seatlholo, 1978. The book contains permission to remain in a certain area, as well as work permits  1978 
Native Pass Forms, regulating movements of people   
Native Labour Passport, Labour District of Johannesburg (to be held by Employer), issued to Timothy, February 1905. The reverse side contains a Travelling Pass, allowing the bearer to travel to Johannesburg. Also included is a referal Form B issued at the Magistrate's Office for Mapumulo, Natal, from where the Pass holder originated, to the Native Court of the Magistrate of Umlazi, February 1904  February 1905. 
Original Service Contract, Natives Copy ("To be carried by Native") issued to John, for the Parkview area of Johannesburg, March 1948  March 1948. 
Original Service Contract, Employer's Copy ("To be held by Employer") issued to John, for the Parkview area of Johannesburg, March 1948  March 1948. 
Special Pass slip issued to T.Maseko, granting permission to proceed to Johannesburg and return by 6pm, August 1983  August 1983. 
Copy of a Pass issued to Maise (?) of Mafeking, to proceed to Zeerust and Doornhoek by way of Main Rd (?) for the purpose of visiting his children and return to report after 30 days, February 1921  February 1921.