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Collection Index:EGELAND, Leif, Papers, 1900-1971
Collection Name:Leif EGELAND Papers
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Collection - A2206
A2206 Leif Egeland Papers, 1900 (1925-1951)-1971 
 Copyright 2015, Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 3 boxes 
 Leif Egeland, Ex MP, BA (N.U.C), MA (S.A.), LL.D. (h.c.) (Cambridge), was prominent in law, politics and international diplomacy. He was member of Council and National Chairman of the South African Institute of International Affairs 1959-1980, subsequently Honorary President of the Institute. He also served as Chairman of the Smuts Memorial Trust. 
DIARIES 13 items 
 1925 1927, 1929 1931, 1948 1949, 1952 1953, 1955, 1959, 1971. 
 Kept while Trinity College, Oxford and later in South Africa. 
 Includes description of visits to the Continent with Colin Melville 1926; Italy (some photographs); France and Oxford 1929; Spain, USA, Honolulu, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Colombo, East Africa 1930 1931, Holland, U.K. 1948, London and Austria 1949, Johannesburg 1952; Britain for the Coronation and Norway 1953; overseas trip 1955; Mauritius, Australia, New Zealand, Palmerston Conference 1959; overseas trip 1971. 
  Bridges of Understanding: original, unabridged manuscript of a shortened version published by Human & Rousseau, 363 p. Transcript with corrections 
MISCELLANEOUS 1 file, 10 items 1917 1951  
C1  Poem written while convalescing at the Berea Nursing Home from a broken leg, with sketches. 
C2  Letter from Crown Prince Olav, 28 May 1926, regretting that he cannot attend the Raleigh Club. 
C3  2 ALS from Sir P. Duncan, 14 February & 18 June 1942, congratulating Egeland on his engagement and replying to a letter of sympathy about his son being missingin war.  
C4  Caricature of Egeland by Neville Lewis at Voortrekkerhoogte, 1942 
C5  2 Letters to H.M. The King of Sweden, of the Goths and the Wends signed by J.C. Smuts and signed in acknowledgement by King George VI and J.C. Smuts, 
 a) relieving Dr. Stefanus Francois Naude Gie of his duties, 23 December 1943, and 
 b) accrediting Egeland as Envoy Extraordinary to Sweden, 23 December 1943. 
C6  Letter from N.C. Havenga, 20 August 1948 replying to his letter, congratulating him on his return to the Treasury and commenting on the possibility of Dr. Malans going to the Commonwealth Conference. 
C7  Christmas card for 1949 signed by George VI and Queen Elizabeth, with photograph of Silver Wedding celebration. 
C8  Christmas card signed by Clement and Violet Attlee, with photograph. 1949 
C9  Letter from Noel Langley, 17 Sep. 1950, commenting on his literary work. 
 (These items are stored in the Media Room) 
D1  Christmas card from Ladysmith, besieged during the Anglo-Boer War 
D2  Cartoon of Mr. Winston Churchill, Oxford 1909. 
D3 Cartoon of Mr. Charles Boyd welcoming a Rhodes Scholar, 1909 
D4  Signed photographs of Lady Alice Duncan  
D5 Photograph of Sir Patrick Duncan, with inscription by Lady Duncan, 1944.  
D6  Cartoons by Noel Langley, April 1950 presented on L. Egelands leaving London. 
D7  Photograph of J.C. Smuts 
 Framed and signed by JC Smuts, and by the photographer Leon Levson. 
D8 Photograph of D.F. Malan 
 Framed and signed by DF Malan, and by the photographer Martin Gibbs, Cape Town 
D9 Photograph of Louis Botha 
 Framed and mounted, signed by Louis Botha 
D10 Cartoon 'The King of Diamonds Mr Rhodes', initialled KG (FCG?) 
D11 Vanity Fair prints 
 Each print is signed by the respective Cartoonist 
D11.1 "Barney", by Spy, depicting Barnett Barnato, signed Barnett Barnato, Men of the Day series no. 612, 14 February 1895 
D11.2 "Dr Jim", by Spy, depicting Leander Starr Jameson, Men of the Day series no. 647, 9 April 1896 
D11.3 "Restored", by Spy, depicting Zulu King Cetshwayo (Cetewayo), Sovereigns series no. 16, 26 August 1882 
D11.4 "The Cape", by Spy, depicting Cecil Rhodes, Men of the Day series no. 505, 28 March 1891 
D11.5 "Sollie", by H.C.Q., depicting S.B. Joel, Supplement, 20 January 1910 
D11.6 "Uncle Louis", by Pyg, depicting Louis Botha, Supplement, 29 May 1907 
E1 Note by L. Egeland, 1984 
 Stipulating that the City Hall meeting on the 12 March 1934 (the date of which was noted erroneous by him as it took place in 1935) was a "moment of a unique occasion when General Hertzog , General Smuts and Major G.B. Van Zyl, MP (later Govenor General) addressed the Meeting on 12 March 1934, the first time the three had spoken together on a public platform". 
E2 Invitation to the meeting of the United South African National Party, Cape Peninsula Council, 12 March 1935 
E3 Letter of request asking speakers at the meeting to make their notes available, 2pages 
E4 Original typed notes by Major g.B. Van Zyl, for his speech at the meeting, 7 pages 
E5 Original handwritten notes by General J.C. Smuts, for his speech at the meeting, 7 pages 
E6 Original typed speech by General J.B.M. Hertzog, 37 pages