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Collection Index:HEYMANN, Isaac 1940 (1975-1989), papers, audio cassette, interview
Collection Name:Isaac (Issy) Heymann Papers, 1940 (1975-1989).
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Collection - A2181
A2181 Issy HEYMANN Papers 
 HEYMANN, Isaac 1940 (1975-1989), papers, audio cassette, interview 
 Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 Copyright 2012, Historical Papers, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 The digitisation of the audio recording in this collection was made possible by a grant from the Carnegie Foundation in 2012 
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 Compiled by K. Green 
 Issy Heymann was born on the 24th December 1910 in Lithuania. At the age of nineteen, in 1931, Issy arrived in South Africa. In 1935 he became an executive member of the Native Trade Assistance Union and in 1936 he joined the South African Communist Party. He was also a member of the Jewish Workers Club. 
 Issy Heymann fought during the Second World War and when the war ended he became a member of the Springbok Legion. After the Communist Party was banned in 1950 he became a member of the Congress of Democrats. 
 During the State of Emergency which was declared in 1960 lssy Heymann was detained for 90 days. He was arrested in 1966 and released in 1971. 
 Issy Heymann died in 1989. 
Unpublished Manuscripts 
Correspondence 11 items 
 Includes letters from family and friends. 
Conferences 1989 5 items 
 Conference for A Democratic Future, 1989 
 Address by Walter Sisulu at the National Welcome Back Rally. October 1989 
Notebooks 10 items 
C1 Essay on Prison Life.Written 11 November 1982 
C2 Essay on the life of political prisoners. Undated 
C3 Account of Issy Heymann's detention with Bram Fischer. Undated 
C4 Notes and Stories written in 1968 
C5 The Boss. An account of Heymann's early working life. Undated 
C6 Getting to Know Things. An account of Heymann's early life in Johannesburg. Undated 
C7 The Shop. Undated 
C8 Notes on Heymann's early life, Undated 
C9 Notes on Michael Dingake, a political prisoner. Undated 
C10 Notes on Heymann's childhood experiences. Written in 1984 
Unpublished Manuscript 20 items 
D1 Col Nidrei in Kellem, 1910 
D2 First Day in Retirement. November 1988 
D3 Reminiscent of old Lithuania. June 1988 
D4 The A Team in Doornfontein. 1986 
D5 Another Potato Fritter Story, 1989 
D6 Can You throw More Light on the Subject, Undated 
D7 Phimeas and I, Undated 
D8 Kelern. 1975 
D9 He did gather moss. Undated 
D10 Johanna. Undated 
D11 It does happen in the best of families. Undated 
D12 Essay on Sounds, 
D13 First impression and experiences in a "Native Shop 
D14 Prison Experiences. Undated 
D15 Discussion about the merits of Sport, April 1985 
D16 Trivia and Anxiety. Undated 
D17 Eli. 1954 
D18 Article on Prison Conditions_ Undated 
D19 Every person who has experienced imprisonment 
D20 Early Life, Growth of Native Shops. The Boss. 
Poetry 19 items 
E1 Woodstock 
E2 Alsatian 
E3 Thanks for the Memory 
E4 If Poets Must have Flags by David Evans 
E5 the Sun 
E6 A Mother's Story 
E7 Tap, Tap 
E8 Flowers 
E9 Histrionics of a common law prisoner 
E10 Black is Beautiful 
E11 Rage 
E12 Judges 
E13 Maak oop die lick - flier kom die noordregulasies 
Notes 20 items 
 Subjects include: 
 Jews in Lithuania, prison conditions, linguistics, family, friends, etc. 
G1 Congress of the People. Booklet 1955 
G2 Naturalisation, marriage and identification certificates 
G3 Newspaper article: 'Authors attack N.G. K "s Apartheid". 1951 
G4 Interview with Heymann by Colin Purkey. 1983 
G5 Christmas card from Carl Niehaus. 1989 
G6 Statement by the Executive Committee of the ANC, January 1989 
G7 Oral interview tape. Story told to Colin Purkey on Heymann's deathbed 
 NOTE: The tapes in this collection have been digitised. Please refer to the list of digitised audio material on our website.