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Collection Index:ADLER, Josie, Weiler´s Farm 1983-1988
Collection Name:Josie ADLER; Weiler´s Farm Papers. 1983-1988
A2100 Adler Josie (Weilers Farm)   
 Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
Sep 26th Notes J Adler Peter Soal's visit to Grasmere 
Oct 1st P.C. Squatters to be housed 
Oct 21st P.C. Grasmere Removals 
Nov 27th P.C. Squatters, Migrant labour 
Mar 13th Article Full paper before editing for Indicator S.A 
March Notes Background Grasmere 
July Article Squatters with Urban rights but no Houses 
   Indicator S.A July 84. 
Nov 3rd Letter From Black Sash Ad Hoc Committee. To B. January 
Nov Article Black Sash J Adler and S Sher for Carnegie Poverty Inquiry 
10 Feb 24th P.C. Crossroads 
11 Mar 3rd P.C. Hostels 
12 Mar 3rd P.C. Khayelitsha 
13 Apr 18th P.C illegals 
14 May 14th Notes On arrests 
15 May 23rd Letter From Oranje Vaal Development Board 
16 Jul 21st Advert Trakwans (?) Auction of Weilers Farm + Map 
17 Jul 22nd Notes Re Auction of farm + Raid onWeilers 
18 Jul 25th Note Re court case 
19 August Report Urban Foundation-Grasmere Squatters 
20 August Report Urban Foundation-Feasibility Assessment 
21 Winter 85 Article Indicator S.A Influx Control Grasmere 
22 July Letter From J Adler to Urban Foundation 
23 Aug 6th Letter From J Adler to Urban Foundation 
24 Oct 17th Note Re Oranje Vaal interview 
25 Nov 6th Telegram From Black Sash to Minister Heunis and Ganz. 
26 Nov 6th Notes On telegram 
27 Nov 7th P.C. Government plans for Urbanization 
28 Nov 7th Notes Re Urban Foundation survey. 
29 Nov 10th Note Re sale of property. 
30 Nov 11th Note From D Ganz to L Schlemmer 
31 Nov 11th Letter From D Ganz (Department of Constitutional Development and Planning to Prof L Schlemmer). 
32 Nov 11th Report Notes on Ganz letter 
33 Nov 19th AC. For cost of telegram 
34 Nov 23rd Memo Grasmere Squatters Conversation with Mr Cohen of Westrust 
35 Nov 23rd Notes On Conditions at Weilers 
36 Nov 27th Notes Re Water 
37 Nov 28th Notes From Indicator to J Adler. 
38 Nov 28th Note Map Studios 
39 December List Tenants agreeing to Committee 
40 Dec 2nd Note. Rights (Section 10 etc) on residents of Weilers 
41 Dec 2nd Telegram Response from Department of Constitutional Development To Black Sash 
42 Dec 4th Note Re Water 
43 Dec 5th Letter From L Cohen (Westrust) to J Adler. 
44 Dec 14th Notice From L Cohen Westrust 
45 Jan 4th Notes Meeting at Olgas + General. 
46 Jan 14th Report Proposal for Convening a meeting 
47 Jan 14th Notes Various 
48 Jan 14th Transfer Note From Grinaker Plant to Grasmere settlement 
49 Jan 16th Note Re Water 
50 Jan 22nd Note To Budleerder (?Budlender) from Adler 
51 Jan 22nd Letter From Indicator S.A. to J Adler 
52 Jan 22nd Note  
53 Jan 28th Letter From Legal Resources Centre to J Adler + copy of telex to Minister of Constitutional Development 
54 Jan 28th Letter From J Adler to Woman for Peace 
55 Jan 28th Note Health matters - Water, P. Badenhorst, Schreder. 
56 January Article World Vision re water 
57 January Report Eric Buch on Health 
58 Feb 11th Note To L Schlemmer from J Adler 
59 Feb 14th Letter From Westrust to OVB 
60 Feb 17th Letter From J Adler to Legal Resources Centre re questions to be asked by P Soal in Parliament. 
61 Feb 20th Letter From Legal Resources Centre to J Adler re telex to P Soal 
62 Feb26th P.C. The Star, Squatting relieves home crisis 
   Urbanise blacks, Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) report 
63 March Survey Questionnaire 
64 March Summary Influx, housing, squatting, urbanisation 
65 March Notes On questionnaire 
66 March Report By National Institute for Water Research. 
67 March Notes Health 
68 Mar 4th Note Re question 24 of Questionnaire 
69 Mar 19th Note  
70 Mar 20th Notes General 
71 Mar 20th Notes  
72 Mar 20th Notes Stolen generator Mr Geyser. 
73 Mar 20th Notes Intimidiation by Geyser. 
74 Mar 21st Minutes Meeting to discuss conditions of Squatters with O.V.B 
75 Mar 25th Notes  
76 Mar 26th P.C. Star arrivals 
77 April Notes By J Adler - history of Weilers 1985/1986 
78 April Notes Re water 
79 April Notes Water - military action 
80 April Notes General 
81 Apr 14th Minutes OVB 
82 Apr 22nd Letter From Legal Resources Centre to J Adler re Telex to P Soal 
83 Apr 22nd Notes  
84 Apr 23rd Letter From P Soal to J Adler  
85 May 2nd Notes  
86 May 5th Minutes Welfare Board O.V.D 
87 May 5th Notes Re Pump 
88 May 12th Notes Re fuel 
89 May 15th Notes Business Cards + note 
90 May 15th Notes General 
91 May 19th Note Re pump 
92 May 21st Invoice Motor- pump 
93 May 22nd Note  
94 May 22nd Telex From Legal Resources Centre to Minister of Constitutional Development 
95 May 20/25th Notes General 
96 May 27th Telegram From Legal Resources Centre to Department of Constitutional Development 
97 May 27th Note  
98 May 27th Letters From J Adler to Woman for Peace, Grinakers 
99 May 28th Memorandum Squatter settlements south of JHB. 
100 May 29th Telex From Minister of Constitutional Development to Legal Resources Centre (LRC). 
101 May 29th Notes General 
102 May 29th Note  
103 May 29th Note Theft charge Jack Bosch 
104 Jun 2nd Letter From Legal Resources Centre to Department of Constitutional Development 
105 Jun 2nd Telex From Department of Constitutional Development To Legal Resources Centre. 
106 Jun 3rd Memorandum Squatter settlements south of Johannesburg 
107 Jun 4th Telex From Department of Constitutional Development To Legal Resources Centre 
108 Jun 5th Telex From Legal Resources Centre to Department of Constitutional Development 
109 Jun 10th Notes  
110 Jun 11th Note  
111 Jun 16th Deposit slip Money deposited to W.W. Divining 
112 Jun 20th P.C. Financial Mail - Crossroads Violence 
113 Jun 25th Letter From P Soal to J Adler  
114 Jun 30th File Note G. Budlender. 
115 Jul 1st Letter From Legal Resources Centre to Department of Constitutional Development 
116 Jul 4th Note Re generator 
117 Jul 19th Letter From J Adler to McLean Trust 
118 Aug 20th Letter From J Adler to Woman for Peace 
119 Aug 20th Letter and Map. From J Adler to Urban Foundation 
120 Aug 20th Note  
121 Aug 22nd Note  
122 Aug 22nd Letter From J Adler to Black Sash, Travel allowance. 
123 Sep 1st Note Water 
124 Sep 2nd Note  
125 Sep 4th Letter From Urban Found to Legal Resources Centre. 
126 Sep 16th Report Investigation into health situation 
127 Sep 16th Letter From J Adler to Legal Resources Centre, re water 
128 Sep 20th Note Water / Committee 
129 Sep 22nd Letter From Legal Resources Centre to Mr Cohen Westrust / Water 
130 Sep 26th Letter From J Adler to Grinaker Construction 
131 Sep 26th Notes  
132 Sep 29th Note Re generator 
133 September Notes General 
134 Oct 7th Letter From Legal Resources Centre to Department of Constitutional Development 
135 Oct 8th Letter From Woman for Peace to J Adler 
136 Oct 20th Note  
137 Oct 27th Letter From J Adler to Grinaker Construction 
138 Oct 28th Letter From Westrust to Legal Resources Centre. 
139 Nov 3rd Letter From Legal Resources Centre to Department of Constitutional Development 
140 Nov 3rd Letter From Legal Resources Centre to Westrust 
141 Nov 6th Note  
142 Nov 10th Report Black Sash Transvaal Regional Conference - Grasmere Squatters 
143 Nov 21st Telex From Legal Resources Centre to Department of Constitutional Development 
144 Jan/Nov Tel. Nos. Re: Water Story 
145 November Report A.I.M. Shackdwellers Project. 
146 November Note  
147 Dec 9th Notes On committee meeting at Weilers Farm 
148 Dec 10th Notes Discussion with Prof Cecile Muller. 
149  Memo Course for Councillors 
150  Note Cases of people seeking influx into Weilers Farm 
151  Notes  
152 Jan 14th Notes South African Police (SAP) and South African Defence Force (SADF) raids 
153 Jan 14th Note Education 
154 Jan 19th Minutes Committee Meeting 
155 Jan 21st Note  
156 Jan 25th Note SAP SADF raids 
157 Jan 26th Note Re arrests 
158 Jan 29th P.C. Squatter Camp Quandary Star 
159 Feb 9th Note Walkerville resident 
160 Feb 11th Notes General by Glenda Glover. 
161 Feb 12th Note  
162 Feb 13th P.C. Duisende Plakkers hervesting, Beeld 
163 Feb 13th P.C. Shanty town health threat, Star 
164 Feb 15th P.C. R40m go-ahead for black homes, Sunday Times 
165 Feb 17th P.C. Concerned by spreading squatter camp, Citizen  
166 Feb 18th Notes Taken from conversation with O Lutu 
167 Feb 23rd P.C. Shacks Go, Sowetan 
168 Feb 23rd Letter Legal Resources Centre to Glenda Glover re meeting 21st 
  Notes on Meeting Legal Resources Centre meeting at Weilers 
169 Feb 25th Notes On meeting at Weilers 
170 Feb 27th P.C. A community under threat, Sowetan 
171 Feb 27th Letter From Legal Resources Centre to Glenda Glover. 
  Note Discussion with B Brown of United States (US) Consulate 
172 Feb 27th P.C. Will Government accept expert advice on homes this time?, Star 
173 Mar 4th From G Glover to W Comm. 
174 Mar 4th P.C. Walkerville demands end squatting, Star 
175 Mar 6th P.C. Heunis lists removals in 1986 Star 
176 Mar 4th Notes From O Lutu 
177 Mar. 6th P.C. 64,180 resettled in 1986, Citizen 
178 Mar 4th Note Population at Weilers 
179 Mar 6th P.C. No court appeal for homeless, Star 
180 Mar 6th P.C. Picture, Star 
181 Mar 5/11th P.C. Another black peril, New Nation" 
182 Mar 13th PC Walkerville sq. Petition to go to PW (Botha) 
183 Mar 17th File Note Meeting at Legal Resources Centre 
184 Mar 17th Note  
185 Mar 18th Notes Meeting Houtkop (?), Army. 
186 Mar 18th P.C. Raid on Squatters Sowetan 
187 Mar 18th P.C. Demolitions at Weilers Star" 
188 Mar 19th Notes General 
189 Mar 19th Notes Public report back meeting re Weilers form squatters 
190 Mar 20th Note From Project Prepare to Sq. Committee 
191 Mar 20th From Committee to Prof. Muller. 
192 Mar 23rd Notes On meeting of 19th March 
193 Mar 23rd From Prof C Muller to Committee Preschool. 
194 Mar 24th Notes Site and service / Wildebeesfontein 
195 Mar 19/25 P.C. Shacks demolished, New Nation 
196 Mar 19/25 P.C. Was on eviction, New Nation 
197 Mar 25th Notes On education 
198 Mar 25th P.C. Squatters get land offer, New Nation 
199 Mar 25th P.C. Demolition squads move in Grasmere, Star 
200 Mar26/Apr 1st P.C. Orderly Urbanisation strategy, New Nation 
 Mar 26/Apr 1st P.C. Free to move but not settle, New Nation 
201 Mar 26th Note Legal costs on removals. 
202 Mar 29th Notes Searches and harassment. 
203 Mar 29th Notes Searches and harassment. 
204 March Petition From Walkerville residents to PW Botha 
205 Apr 3rd Notes Conversation between A Olivier and J Adler 
206 Apr 3rd Letter From G Glover to Weilers Farm Squatter Committee 
207 Apr 7th Note Meeting at Legal Resources Centre 
208 Apr 8th Note Black Sash workers refused entry to Weilers. 
209 Apr 8th Report On refusal by SADF to allow Black Sash workers entry 
210 Apr 9th Letter From Getz, Behr to Legal Resources Centre re expropriation of Weilers. 
211 Apr 14th File Note Legal Resources Centre discussion with M Milne 
212 Apr 14th Letter From Legal Resources Centre to G Glover 
213 Apr 14th Note Re coloureds at Weilers 
214 Apr 20th Arrests 
215 Apr 21sr P.C. Outcry over township plans, Business Day 
216 Apr 22nd N. From National Party meeting 
217 Apr 23rd From National Party meeting of 22nd 
218 Apr 23rd Traders, Generator 
219 Apr 26th Telephone conversations between A Olivier and J Adler 
220 Apr 26th Traders 
221 Apr 27th Report South frican Institute of Race Relations (S.A.I.R.R.) - removals 
222 Apr 28th File note Legal Resources Centre Emergency Camp 
223 Apr 29th From G Glover to CAB Martin - use of church for advice office 
224 May 5th Meeting Legal Resources Centre, Weilers Traders Josie, committee. 
225 May 8th Trading 
226 May 9th P.C. Squatter Camp will devalue property, Star 
227 May 12th Memo From Ismail Ayob re trial of a trader at Weilers. 
228 May 14th For Werksmans and illegal traders by G Glover and J Adler. 
229 May 15th Warring For arrested to appear in Vereeniging Court 
230 May 20th Re Committee meeting 
231 May 21st On meeting with Milne 
232 May 21st  Meeting held at Houtkops Admin Offices on 21st May. 
  Minutes Of informal meeting, 
233 May 23rd Extracts from meeting 
234 May 25th From Legal Resources Centre to V Milne re meeting 
235 May On service charges 
236 Jun 3rd Conversation between J Adler and O Lutu 
237 Jun 10th Assault 
238 Jun 11th From J Adler to Terence 
239 Jun 14th Arrests 
240 Jun 15th From Legal Resources Centre to V Milne 
241 Jun 17th Selias Temola general arrests 
242 Jun 18th On SADF and SAP/ Traders 
243 Jun 19th From Legal Resources Centre to V Milne 
244 Jul 1st General 
245 Jul 6th Assaults SAP 
246 Jul 14th Telex Legal Resources Centre to community services Transvaal Provincial Administration (TPA) 
247 Jul 15th General 
248 Jul 8th On Red Cross 
249 Jul 19th Assaults and harassment 
250 Jul 21st Telex From Legal Resources Centre to Milne Community Services 
251 Jul 21st Note Olga arrested 
252 Jul 21st From G Glover to Legal Resources Centre 
253 Jul 28th From Werksmans to Glenda and Josie re Traders 
254 Jul 29th From TPA to Legal Resources Centre 
255 Aug 4th From Glenda to committee 
256 Aug 5th P.C.  Weilers squatters to be re-sited 
257 Aug 5th Education 
258 Aug 12th From Legal Resources Centre to TPA re meetings 
259 Aug 13th Re Week of Aged from Glenda to Olga 
260 Aug 17th Statement On arrest 
261 Aug 18th Legal Resources Centre to Committee re moving to Wildebeesfontein 
262 Aug 20th From Glenda to Comm. 
263 Aug 21st Memo Re arrests, Sweetwaters 
264 Aug 25th  
265 Aug 26th Report By Olga on meeting of 21st 
266 Aug 27th From Glenda to Committee 
267 Aug 27th Survey Project by Wits Department of Town Planning 
268 Sep 2nd Government Notice Weilers declared an Emergency Camp 
269 September From Josie Adler to Legal Resources Centre 
270 September Government Survey by Department of National Health 
271 Sep 17th On statement by Olga, harassment 
272 Sep 17th Army left Weilers 
273 Sep 18th Traders 
274 Sep 22nd From TPA to Legal Resources Centre. 
275 Sep 23rd  
276 Sep 28th Traders 
277 October  
278 Oct 2nd Arrests at Sweetwaters 
279 Oct 7th Re arrest of Olgas arrest (Olga interpreter for advice office). 
280 Oct 29th  
281 Nov 2nd From Glenda to Legal Resources Centre 
282 Nov 3rd NOTICE Of meeting TPA Weilers 
283 Nov 3rd MINUTES Of informal meeting TPA and Weilers Comm. 
284 Nov 4th Notes On meeting of 3rd 
285 Nov 4th On Emergency regulations 
286 Nov 12th On New Superintendent and arrests 
287 Nov 12th On visit by SAP searching and arrests 
288 Nov 13th Attitude of Committe Members. 
289 Nov 25th On arrest of Silas Lemola 
290 Nov 30th On questioning of Silas Lemola 
291 Nov 30th On education 
292 Dec 2nd From Legal Resources Centre to TPA re arrest of Silas Lemola. 
293 Dec 7th Army back at Weilers 
294 Dec 12th Invitation To Family Planning Meeting 
295 Dec 14th From Silas to Glen 
296 December Summary Report back on developments since May 1987. 
297 Dec 31st Extract from Government Gazette On regulations for Emergency Camp. 
298 January LIST Of children wanting schooling 
299 January TPA Notice On rents 
300 January Notes On rent issue 
301 Jan 7th From Legal Resources Centre to Glenda 
302 Jan 11th From Legal Resources Centre to TPA. 
303 Jan 19th From Legal Resources Centre to Glenda Glover 
304 Jan 24th Meeting Operation Grow and Weilers Comm 
305 Jan 26th From Op. Grow to O. Lutu 
306 Feb 1st Site Permits  
307 Feb 4th  
308 Feb 9th Notice On rents and regulations 
309 Feb 10th  
310 Feb 16th From Glenda to Legal Resources Centre re rents 
311 Feb 18th On education 
312 Feb 19th From Weilers camp to Dept of Educ. and Training re schooling 
313 Feb 22nd From Catholic Inst of Educ. to Glenda 
314 February From Olga Lutu to Glenda 
315 Feb 24th From Legal Resources Centre to TPA re rents and notices 
316 Feb 27th Minutes Operation Grow +Weilers Comm. 
317 Mar 3rd On Service Charges 
318 Mar 12th Minutes Op. Grow Weilers Comm. 
319 Mar 16th Goat Gazette Extract referring to Walkerville Boundaries 
320 Mar 23rd Re rent 
321 Mar 24th Survey 
322 Mar 28th From Glenda to Monde re traders licences. 
323 Apr 2nd P.C. Walkerville fears black township on doorstep, Star" 
324 Apr 10th P.C. Squatters tackle education, City Press 
325 Apr 13th From British Embassy to Olga Lutu 
326 Apr 16th Minutes Weilers Committee 
327 Apr 15th From German Embassy to O Lutu 
328 Apr 18th  
329 Apr 19th From TPA to O Lutu final demand for rent arrears 
330 Apr 20th From Silas Lamola to Superintendent Weilers 
331 Apr 23rd P.C. Article on Camp, Star 
332 Apr 27th From Weilers to TPA on school 
333 May 3rd Olga visited by Security Police (SP) 
334 May 10th Receipt Site permit fears 
335 May 13th On arrests 
336 May 16th Statement On arrests and harassment, Mandi Ntiyi 
337 May 16th Statement On arrests and harassment, Mandi Ntiyi 
339 May 16th Statement On arrests, Eddison Ntiyi 
340 May 18th Statement Elizabeth Mkhize 
341 May 18th From Legal Resources Centre to TPA re arrests 
342 May 18th From Werksmans to Black Sash re traders 
343 May 18th From Glenda to Olga re Mr Chauke alien. 
344 May 19th On arrests 
345 May 20th Government Gazette Dec 1987 + Extract 20th May. 
346 May 20th On rents 
347 May 20th To Transvaal Rural Action Committee (TRAC) 
348 May 21st P.C. Squatting misconception, Letter in Star 
349 May 23rd From Josie Adler to Geoff Budlender 
350 May 23rd Extract from meeting. Chronology of events May 87/May 88 
351 May 24th Memorandum On rents and services 
352 May 24th Want service charge broken down 
353 May 25th Application For financial assistance to TRAC from Weilers, Youth Organisations 
354 May 26th Sweetwaters 
355 May 25th From Glenda to Comm. 
356 Jun 1st From Legal Resources Centre to TPA, Public transport 
357 Jun 1st Vereeniging Court - Rent Charges 
358 Jun 1st On non-payment of service charges 
359 Jun 3rd Silas Lamola arrested and escaped 
360 Jun 3rd Silas Lamola arrest 
361 Jun 3rd From Black Sash to Weilers Farm Youth organization 
362 Jun 7th On arrests 
363 Jun 7th On service charges 
364 Jun 10th Re rent and arrears 
365 Jun 10th Memorandum On service charges 
366 Jun 10th P.C. 800 at meeting to remove squatters, Star 
367 Jun 15th From Legal Resources Centre to TPA re article in "Star" 10th 
368 Jun 14th Re World Vision / Creche. 
369 Jun 15th Schooling Op. Grow- Embassies 
370 Jun 20th Committee Members 
371 Jun 20th Silas Lamola Plea. 
372 Jun 23rd P.C. Walkerville Squatters to be moved 
   Southern Courier 
373 Jun 27th P.C. Pass Law dies but spirit lives, NewYork Times 
374 Jun 29th From TPA to Legal Resources Centre. 
375 Jun 29th General 
376 May/June General on rents boycotts 
377 Jul 1st On meeting of June 28 
378 Jul 6th Arrests on rent charges 
379 Jul 20th On rent 
380 Jul 25th On meeting at Sebokeng 
381 Jul 27th Notice Re Committee Vacancies 
382 Aug 8th  
383 Aug 9th Memo On Sweetwaters - Apricot Trees 
384 Aug 9th On Sweetwaters Apricot Trees - Doornkuil 
385 Aug 11th Mozambican arrests, Meeting 10th 
386 Aug 11th General conflict OL and Silas 
387 Aug 19th On school 
388 Aug 27th On school 
389 Aug 29th Minutes TPA and Weilers Comm. 
390 Aug 29th Notes On meeting Aug 29 
391 Sep 2nd Notes Orange Farm 
392 Sep 15th From Bible Centre to TPA 
393 Sep 21st Dispute between Silas Lamola and Olga Lutu 
394 Sep 26th Minutes TPA and Weilers Committee 
395 Sep 26th On meeting 
396 Sep 26th On meeting TPA Weilers Committee 
397 Sep 27th Practical Bus School Sebokeng to Kantoor van Gemeenskapsdienste Vanderbijlpark 
398 Oct 4th General 
399 Oct 14th Arrest Benet Mlatho 
400 Oct 17th General 
401 Oct 20th Dissatisfaction with committee 
402 Oct 24th General Barry Adams 
403 Oct 27th From Legal Resources Centre to Sweetwaters Committee 
404 Oct 31st On arrests non payment of rents 
405 Oct 31st On arrests 
406 Oct 31st Minutes TPA, Weilers Committee 
407 Oct 31st On meeting 
408 Oct 31st Re John Rees 
409 Nov 1st  
410 Nov 8th P.C. Squatters fear water cuts are deliberate , Star  
411 November Memorandum Orange Farm 
412 Nov 17th  
413 Nov 17th Minutes Weilers Committee, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Regional Services council (RSC), Swel.(?) Bank 
414 Nov 21st Minutes  
415 Nov 21st From Legal Resources Centre to Glenda Glover re State v O Lutu 
416 Nov 28th From J Adler to Werksmans re traders 
417 Nov 29th On meeting TPA- Weilers Committee 
418 Nov 30th On moving to Orange Farm 
419 December General 
420 December On Residents Committee 
421 December P.C. Walkerville News 
 Dec 6th On moving to Orange Farm + general 
422 Dec 6th Memo From Glenda Glover to Legal Resources Centre 
423 Dec 7th From Glenda to Terence - Non payment of service charge 
424 Dec 9th From Legal Resources Centre to TPA removal to Orange Farm 
425  Calendar Extracts from calendar 
426 Jan 16th On arrests 
427 Jan 29th From Glenda to Legal Resources Centre 
428 Apr 20th P.C. Land deal by Mavuso divides squatters Weekly Mail 
 SCHEDULE 2.  Feb-91 
429 20/11/80 Letter From Ministry of Co-operation and Development to Black Sash 
430 14/3/84 Report Pension report Grasmere / Walkerville Dist 
431 14/3/84 Report When Legal is not good enough, The Grasmere case. 
432 13/11/85 Minutes Traders General Meeting 
433 End 1985? Survey Done by OVAB 
434 4/3/86 Parliamentry Question Question 24 + reply. P Soal in House of Assembly 
435 86 and 87 Reports Advice office reports 
436 March Notes General. 
437 July Notice Notice of Expropriation of part of Weilers 
438 8/8/87 Notice Notice of Auction 
439 29/3/88  Comparative Study by Mark Phillips 
440 January P.C. More woes on Weilers Farm, Indicator 
441  Survey Role of woman, Emmanuel Kgomo 
442 17/2/89 Letter and enclosure from Legal Resources Centre to T.P.A. 
443 20/2/89 From TPA to Albert Street re Orange Farm 
444 21/2/89 Re arrests and Sofasonke. 
445 30/1/89 TPA Weilers Committee 
446 27/2/89 TPA Weilers Committee 
447 February Application TPAS Application for site at Orange Farm. 
448 March Regulation Weilers/Orange Farm Draft Regulations 
449 31/3/89 Levies Submission on behalf of Weilers Farm Committee on price and levies at Orange Farm 
450 18/4/89 From Sizanani to TPA and enclosures. 
451 27/4/89 On arrest of Traders. 
452 21/4/89  Deeds registration 
453 5/5/89 From Legal Resources Centre to Sizanani 
454 9/5/89 P.C. TPA denies W.Farm will be forcibly removed, Star 
455 19/5/89 Notice G.G. re Orange Farm 
456 26/5/89 From Josie Adler to G Budlender 
457 26/5/89 From Josie Adler to Getz, Behr. 
458  Notes On Zoning 
459 27/5/89 Note On number of families moved to Orange Farm. 
460 31/5/89 P.C. Barend Strydom killing at Weilers, Indicator 
461 13/6/89 P.C. Shooting at Weilers Farm 
462 24/6/89 Note On number of families moved to Orange Farm. 
463 26/6/89 G.G. Prevention of Illegal Squatting Act 
464 8/6/89  No expropriation Hartebeesfontein 
465 5/7/89 From Getz, Behr to Josie Adler re expropriation 
466 6/7/89 Report Court monitors report re non payment of service charge 
467 18/9/89 From Josie Adler to Prof Van Onselen, Wits 
468 23/9/89 Report On number of families who have moved to Orange Farm 
469 13/12/89 From Legal Resources Centre to TPA 
470 31/1/90 N. From Josie Adler to Geoff Budlender. 
471 12/7/90 P.C. Modeldorp vir plakkers(Model town for squatters), Transvaler 
472 24/10/90 P.C. TPA to buy farms raided by squatters Business Day