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Collection Index:JOSEPH, Helen, papers, 1927-1992,
Collection Name:Helen JOSEPH Papers. 1952-1987
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Helen JOSEPH Papers, 1927-1992 
  Copyright 2012, Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
  72 boxes, audio cassettes, photographs 
  The digitisation of the audio recordings in this collection was made possible by a grant from the Carnegie Foundation in 2012 
  Access to digitised recordings: 
  The digital copies of the audio cassettes may be accessed by contacting Historical Papers. Please refer to the Contacts on the Historical Papers website. 
  Refer to the following headings for the digital copies of the interviews and other audio recordings: A8 Tapes The reference/call number for the digital file is the number on the left of each entry. 
  The Helen Joseph Papers comprise 72 boxes spanning the years 1927 - 1992. They consist of correspondence, diaries, speeches, memoranda, articles, printed items, press cuttings, posters and photographs. 
  The papers were built up by Helen Joseph during her life time and relate to her personal fight against apartheid. Her papers cover her involvement in politics, the Human Rights Welfare Committee, the 1956 Treason Trial, bannings, banishments, house arrests, detentions, relocations, women's issues, churches and universities. 
  Helen Beatrice May Joseph (Nee Fennell) (1905-1992) 
  Helen Joseph, tireless campaigner against apartheid, was born in Sussex, England on the 8th of April 1905. Before coming to South Africa in 1931, she taught in India. In 1932 she married Dr. M.W. Joseph. Between 1942 and 1946 Joseph was a full time Welfare and Information Officer in the South African Air Force, a move which was to alter her life irreversibly. 
  Joseph divorced in 1949. From 1951 to 1966 she became Secretary of the Transvaal Clothing Industry Medical Aid Society. It was here that she met Solly Sachs, from whom she learnt much of her politics. In 1953 Helen Joseph became a founding member and member of the National Executive Committee of the South African Congress of Democrats. She became the Transvaal Secretary and a National Executive member of the Federation of South African Women (FEDSAW) in 1954. Joseph was a speaker at the Congress of the People and in 1956 she was one of the leaders of the mass protest of 20,000 women at the Union Buildings. In December of the same year she was charged with treason. She was banned in 1957 and in 1962 she was the first person to be placed under house arrest (1962-1971). 
  Other organisations in which Helen Joseph was involved were: the Human Rights Welfare Committee, which aided banished people; the National Union of South African Students (NUSAS), of which she was Honorary National Vice-President (elected in 1971); the Anglican Students Federation, of which she was an Honorary life President and the United Democratic Front, of which she was an Honorary Patron (elected in 1983). 
  Helen Joseph died on December 25th, 1992 at the age of 87. 
A1  Interview Transcript 
A2  Speeches 
A3  Press Cuttings 
A4  Correspondence 
A5  Dealings with the State 
A6  Demonstrations Trial 
A7  Refusal to Testify Charges 
A8  Tapes 
A9  Photographs 
A10  Publications 
A11  Awards, Distinctions and Citations 
A12  Job Applications, Testimonials and Certificates 
A13  Death and Funeral 
A14  Miscellaneous 
B1  Constitutions 
B2  Minutes 
B3  Duties 
B4  Finance 
B5  Lists of Banished 
B6  Correspondence 
B7  Pietermaritzburg Committee 
B8  Press Cuttings 
B9  Closure 
B10  Miscellaneous 
C1  National Union of South African Students (NUSAS) 
C2  Individual Universities 
C3  Academic Freedom 
C4  King's College 
C5  Department of National Education Report 
C6  SASPU Publications 
D1  Kairos Document 
D2  Liberation Theology in S.A. 
D4  Anglican Students Federation 
D5  St.Mary's Cathedral 
D6  Enthronements 
D7  Episcopal Church for a Free South Africa 
D8  German Confessional Church 
D9  Publications 
D10  Press Cuttings 
D11  Addresses, Papers and Memoranda 
D12  Pietermaritzburg Agency for Christian Social Awareness 
D13  Miscellaneous 
E1  Defence Fund Press Summaries 
E2  Use of Chambers 
E3  Professor Murray's Evidence 1957 
E4  Bail Orders 
E5  Defence Admissions 
E6  Bochenski's Evidence 
E7  Prof. Murray's Evidence 
E8  Defence Cross-Examination of Murray 
E9  Congress of the People Exhibit 
E10  Court Findings 
E11  Defence Argument on Application for Re-Arrest of Accused 
E12  Reasons of Judgment 
E13  Appellant Argument 
E14  Photographs 
E15  'If this be Treason' 
E16  Miscellaneous Items 
Steve Biko 
Winnie and Nelson Mandela 
Walter Sisulu 
Billy Nair 
Albert Lutuli 
John Harris 
Olive Schreiner 
James Phillips 
Rev. D.C.Thompson 
10  David Webster 
11  Shun Chetty 
12  Oliver Tambo 
13  Bram Fischer 
14  Weinberg Family 
15  Miscellaneous 
G1  Crossroads 
G2  Notebook re Removals and Demolitions 
G3  KTC Squatter Camp 
G4  Press Cuttings 
G5  Miscellaneous 
M1  Conference on Detention and Security Legislation 
M2  Manual on Detention 
M3  Press Cuttings re Detentions 
M4  Detention Deaths 
M5  Detainees Parents Support Committee 
M6  Prison Conditions 
N1  Bannings and House Arrests 
N2  Political Trials 
N3  South African Students Organisation 
N4  1980 School Boycotts 
N5  Cillie Commission 
N6  Namibia 
N7  African National Congress 
N8  General Political 
N9  United Democratic Front 
P1  Federation of Black Women 
P2  Federation of South African Women 
P3  Federation of Transvaal Women 
P4  Papers and Theses 
P5  National Assembly of Women 
P6  United Women's Organisation 
P7  Women for Peaceful Change Now 
P8  Women's Democratic Federation 
P9  Women's Movement (Durban) 
P10  Women's Movement for Peace 
P11  Publications 
P12  ANC Women's League 
Q1  Election, 1987 
Q2  Removals 
Q3  Socialism 
Q4  Congress of the People 
Q5  General Politics 
R 1  African Education Movement 
R 2  African National Congress 
R 3  Alliance for Radical Change 
R 4  End Conscription Campaign 
R 5  Johannesburg Democratic Action Committee 
R 6  South African Congress of Democrats 
R 7  United Democratic Front 
PERSONAL 1927 - 1992 83f and 13 boxes 
A1  Transcripts of Interviews 1983 and 1986 2f 
  Includes interview with Julie Frederikse (1983) and Film interview, Ts. 18p (1986)
A2  Speeches 1972-1987 16f
A2.1   1972 1f 
  Includes: Sermon preached at Alice Federal Seminary; speech award at UCT and Stellenbosch, and speech re The Church and Freedom from Fear 
A2.2  1973 1f 
  Includes speech given at JCE 
A2.3  1974 1f 
  Includes speech given at UCT and speech given at Gandhi Hall on Human Rights Day 
A2.4  1975 1f Includes three speeches re detentions, one re medicine and apartheid. 
A2.5  1976 1f Subjects include 1976 riots and security legislation 
A2.6  1977 1f Includes speech made at memorial meeting for M.P. Naicker 
A2.7  1978 1f 
  Includes: speech re role of students in an oppressed society and speech made at protest mass meeting on Crossroads 
A2.8  1979 1f 
  Subjects include: role of students, capitalism or socialism, strikes, women and the 50's; tribute to Mary Moodley 
A2.9  1980 1f 
  Speech given at UCT re resistance, coloured schools boycott, detentions. 
A2.10  1982 1f 
  Includes speeches given at Lenasia, Wits, Durban and Port Elizabeth. 
  Women's Day, Luthuli memorial, Academic Freedom lecture, passes etc. 
A2.11  1983 1f (see file A2.16) 
A2.12  1984 1f 
  Subjects include: conscription; memorial tribute to Jenny Schoon;FEDSAW; UDF anniversary; detentions of UDF, NIC, TIC leaders and million signature campaign (see file A2.16) 
A2.13  1985 1f (see file A2.16) 
A2.14  1986 1f (some in not form) (see file A2.16) 
A2.15  1987 Tribute to Gert Sibande 1987 1f 
A2.16  Key to speeches (some speeches appear to be missing) 1f 
A3  Press Cuttings Concerning Helen Joseph 1962-1987 21f 
A3.1  1962 1f 
A3.2  1963 1f 
A3.3  1964 1f 
A3.4  1965 1f 
A3.5  1966 1f 
A3.6  1967 1f 
A3.7  1968-1969 1f 
A3.8  1970 1f 
A3.9  1971 1f 
A3.10  1972 1f 
A3.11  1973 1f 
A3.12  1974 1f 
A3.13  1975-1977 1f 
A3.14  1978 1f 
A3.15  1979 1f 
A3.16  1980 1f 
A3.17  1982 1f 
A3.18  1983-1984 1f 
A3.19  1985-1989 1f 
A3.20  Undated 1f 
A3.21  1992 (includes clipping on funeral) 1f 
A4   Correspondence 1927 - 1992 34f 
  Includes personal correspondence with various people as well as letters and cards from people in prison and the families of banished people 
A4.1   Correspondence with Spec1fic Individuals 6f 1 box 1959 - 1992 
A4.1.1   Sister Angela, C.S.U. Includes correspondence relating to British TV production depicting the friendship between Helen and Sister Angela, entitled "Intimate Letters" 
A4.1.2   Francis Baard (and family) 1975 - 1982 1f 
A4.1.3   Harry Belafonte and Harbel 1991 - 1992 2f 
  Re proposed a film of the life story of Helen Joseph (Side by Side) 1991 - 1992. Includes film treatment by Barney Simon and material relating to Bob Hepple 
A4.1.4   Professor Gwendoline Carter 1981 -1991 1f 
  Includes comments on the book Ask my Shadow 
A4.1.5   Freda Katz 1959 - 1983 1f 
A4.1.6   Mandela Family (Winnie, Zinzi, Zeni and Phumula) 1977-1980 1f 
  Includes copies of letters written by Helen Joseph to Nelson Mandela re Phumala 
A4.2   Correspondence with Political Prisoners 1980-1990 8f 
A4.2.1   Ahmed Kathrada 1985 - 1988 1f 
A4.2.2   Jansie Lourens 1984 - 1987 1f 
A4.2.3   Nelson Mandela 1980 - 1988 1f 
A4.2.4   Carl Niehaus 1986 - 1990 1f 
A4.2.5   Jenn1fer Schreiner 1987-1988 1f 
A4.2.6   Walter Sisulu 1986 1f 
A4.2.7   Delmas Treason Trialists 1987-1989 1f 
A4.2.8   General 1f  
  Raymond Suttner  
  Roland Hunter  
  Andrew Mlangeni 
A4.3   Welfare Correspondence 1975 - 1991 11f 
  Correspondence with families of banished people and political prisoners 
A4.3.1   J. Kotane 1987 1f 
A4.3.2   Paul Langa 1977 - 1984 1f 
A4.3.3   K. Maredi 1975 - 1986 1f 
A4.3.4   Chief V. Miya 1978-1979 1f 
A4.3.5   Mkwayi 1986 1f 
A4.3.6   M. Moeng 1974 - 1975 1f 
A4.3.7   S. Mogotsi 1978 - 1987 1f 
A4.3.8   Neo Ngoyi 1980 -1982 1f 
A4.3.9   Stephen and Wellington Nkadimeng 1987 - 1991 1f 
A4.3.10   H. Nkondo 1977 - 1982 1f 
A4.3.11   Miscellaneous Welfare Correspondence 1f 
A4.4   General Correspondence 1967 - 1992 9f 
A4.4.1   1967 - 1972 1f 
  Correspondents include: Leo Marquard (1967) 
A4.4.2   1977 1f 
  Correspondents include: Fanny Klenerman 
A4.4.3   1978 1f 
  Correspondents include: NUSAS 
  Natal Indian Congress 
A4.4.4   1979 1f 
A4.4.5   1980 - 1986 1f 
  Correspondents include: 
  1982 Federation of South African Women 
  1984 Jeanette Schoon 
A4.4.6   1987 - 1989 1f 
  Correspondents include: 
  1987 United Democratic Front Raymond Mhlaba Violet Weinberg 
A4.4.7   1991 - 1992 1f 
  Correspondents Include:  
  Tom Karis 
  Women's Alliance 
A4.4.8   Undated 1f 
A4.4.9   Telegrams Received 1927 - 1971 1f 
A5   Dealings with the State 1956 - 1979 1 box 
  Banning Orders, legal opinions, affidavits and statements 
  Banning Orders placed on Helen Joseph under Suppression of Communism Act, Riotous Assemblies Act and Internal Security Act 
  Suspension of notices served 
  list of signatories of letter to South African Ambassador re the banning order served on Helen Joseph and Lilian Ngoyi 
  remission of sentence 
  Correspondence with government 
  lists of documents seized 
  Statement, 1977 
  Affidavit re South African Congress of Democrats 
  Account by Helen Joseph of harrasment and an attempt on her life, 1970 Legal Opinion re the entitlement to vote at the referendum on 17 March 1992 of Helen Joseph and Sheila Weinberg 
  Removal of name from the Consolidated List under the Internal Security Act 
A6   Demonstration Trial 1983-1986 1f 
  Illegal demonstrations charges brought against Helen Joseph, Heather Barclay, Madikse Manthata, Michael Roussous, Maria Pavlicevic, Beile Bolnick and Kerry Shepherd. 
  Includes: press cuttings, letter from Community of the Resurrection and legal accounts 
A7   Refusal to Testify: Winnie Mandela Case 1977-1979 1f 
  Helen Joseph, B. Waite, I. Kleinschmidt and J. Bosman were charged under Section 205. 
  Includes: press cuttings; subpoena; prison card; legal arguments and messages of support 
A8   Audio Tapes 1 box 
  NOTE: The tapes in this collection have been digitised. Please refer to the list of digitised audio material on our website. 
  Subjects include:  
  A.E.M. Alex Conference 
  Christmas message 
  Martin Luther King, March on Detroit, 23 June 1963 
  Nelson Mandela  
  Sister Angela  
  Helen Joseph with others, including Winnie Mandela, 1986, transcript available 
  Africa Fund Reception, Honouring Oliver Tambo, Jan 1987 
  Helen Joseph's comments on Cheryl Walker's thesis, transcript available 
A9   Photographs 1938 - 1992 3 boxes 
  Photograph collection consists of two series of photographs, numbered A9 and A9.1.(The second set was discovered after the first had been processed).  
  All the listed photographs in the Helen Joseph collection are stored in the filing cabinet, except two folio photos (396- 397) which are in the folio shelves. All in Media Room. 
  Some photographs are not listed, including: some family portraits; photographs of Helen Joseph’s childhood home in Epping in the UK; unidentified photos and some duplicates of the period 1928-1990; unidentified friends; some duplicates or similar photos of friends. They are stored in an archival box marked A9 – Personal Photographs, stored in Media Room. 
A9.1-16.  Helen Joseph’s childhood home in the U.K., her parents, and her early days in India and S.A. (Durban 1938). See notes/dates on some of the photos. 
A9.17-18.  Press photos taken after the banning and house-arrest orders were lifted. 9/6/1971. (See articles attached to photos). 
A9.19-21.  Press photo and other photos of H.J. at meetings, 1980s. 
A9.22-23.  H.J. in 1986/87. Captions in her handwriting. 
A9.24-26.  H.J. No date. 
A9.27-32.  Xmas 1990. 
A9.33-41.  Celebration for H.J. No date. 
A9.42  Celebration on 8/4/92. 
A9.43-62.  Helen Joseph’s 87th Birthday party in 1992, including pictures of the signed photograph and of Winnie Mandela and the “Mandela United Football Club”. 
A9.63-65.  Pets. 
A9.66  Nelson and Winnie Mandela. 
A9.67  Oliver Tambo. 
A9.68  Frank Chikane. 
A9.69  Laurens van der Post(?). 
A9.74-75.  Walter, Albertina Sisulu. 
A9.70-73.  Sr. Angela at her monastery in Stroud, U.K. April 1991. 
A9.1.1-10.  1928 – c.1932. Helen Joseph in India (Hyderabad and Kashmir). 
  Some photos of scenes and buildings left in original collection. 
A9.1.11-23.  1932 – 1941. Durban. H.J. with her husband Billie Joseph, friends, pets; home in Durban North. A few NEGATIVES in file. 
A9.1.24-29.  1942 –’46. H.J. as Welfare and Information Officer in the WAAF. H.J. and husband in uniform. NEGATIVES of H.J. in file. 
A9.1.30-41.  1949-’50. “Coloured” community centres for National War Memorial Health Foundation in Cape Town (H.J. was the organiser); also trip to the Jhb Zoo for children of the Tshiawelo Centre in Soweto, Sept. ’50.  
A9.1.42-63.  1950s. H.J., members of the Peace Council; ANC Stay-Away Strike of 1958; protests against the Treason Trial and scenes after the aquittal; FEDSAW meetings and demonstrations (including Violet Weinberg – No. 60). 
A9.1.64-86.  1960s. Portraits of H.J., including those taken for “If this be Treason” and for “Tomorrow’s Sun”; cover of latter. Miscellaneous, inclu. Slides. 
A9.1.67  H.J. at the beginning of house arrest. NEGATIVE in file. 
A9.1.79  ANC Women’s League, P.E. NEGATIVE in file.  
A9.1.80-86.   Federation of S.A. Women(FEDSAW) protests and arrests. 
A9.1.87-113.  1970s. Includes: portraits of H.J. at home during the period of house arrest; her house and pets; friends; H.J. before and after her operation for cancer.Nos. 100, 101: windows of house damaged by bullets in August 1978. 
A9.1.114-155.   1980-1985. Portraits of H.J., with pets, with friends. Inclu. series by Morris Twi.  
  No.115. H.J. with Frances Baard. 
  No.130. With Ama Naidoo. 
  No.128. Amina Cachalia. 
  No.139-141. A.S.F. 
  No.144, 145. Funeral of Victoria Mxenge, 1985. 
A9.1.156-207.  1986 and 1987. Anglican Students’ Federation(ASF) tour: visits to UCT, UWC, Stellenbosch, Crossroads. Function at American Consulate; other functions; parties at H.J’s. home. Nos. 159,160,63: Joe Marx. 
A9.1.208-269.  1988-1990. Portraits; H.J. with friends; party at Sheila Weinberg’s. Includes photos of Amina Cachalia, Walter and Albertina Sisulu, Raymond Suttner. 
A9.1.270-312.  1980s: undated photographs of H.J.; some with friends, pets. 
A9.1.313-326.  Pets. 
A9.1.327-395.  Friends and associates of Helen Joseph, including: 
A9.1.327-334.  Winnie Mandela and children. 
A9.1.335-339.  Solly Sachs. 
A9.1.340,389.  Oliver Tambo. 
A9.1.341  Govan Mbeki. 
A9.1.342  Albertina Sisulu. 
A9.1.343  Albie Sachs. 
A9.1.344,362.  Fr. Leo Rakale. 
A9.1.345,390.  Amina Cachalia. 
A9.1.346  Rick Turner. 
A9.1.349,391.  Yusuf Cachalia. 
A9.1.351  Ben Turok.  
A9.1.352-355.  Weinberg family. 
A9.1.357  Elias Moretsele. 
A9.1.363  D.C. Thompson. 
A9.1.375-376.  Archbp. Tutu. 
A9.1.380-381.  Caroline Motsoaledi. 
A9.1.386  Frances Baard. NEGATIVE in file. 
A9.1.396-397.  Folio photographs of the SASO(?) trial, Pretoria Supreme Court . No date. Stored in poster cabinet. 
A9.1.398-416.  Anti-Apartheid Movement: photos sent to H.J. of demonstrations in Bristol, UK and in Germany; a few in central JHB? 1986, 1990. 
  Some NEGATIVES of a FEDSAW meeting(?), 1980s. Stored in Negative file. 
A10   Publications 3f and 1 box 1966 - 1991 
A10.1   Tomorrow's Sun: a smuggled journal from South Africa.London, Hutchinson, 1966. 302p. Photocopy.  
  Includes reviews. 1f 
A10.2   Side by Side1984 - 1991 1 box 
  Includes correspondence; replies to author's promotion questionnaire, October 1985; handwritten notes; cv; Robert Hepple's threatened libel suit for statements made about him in Side by Side, published in 1986; 1st and 2nd drafts and postscript and financial documents. 
A10.3   Ask my Shadow 1980. Typescript autobiography of Helen Joseph, published (with some alterations) in 1986 under the title Side by Side 1f 
A11  Awards and Distinctions 1986 - 1992 4f and 1 box 
A11.1   Rothko Chapel Award 1986-87 1 box 
  Press clippings, video, brochures, correspondence re the award made jointly to H. Joseph and Albertina Sisulu on 10 December 1986. The award was presented in absentia and was given for commitment to truth and freedom. 
A11.2   ANC Isithwalandwe-Seaparankoe Citation 1992 
  Includes message from Helen Joseph to ANC and Statement of the NEC on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the ANC, 8 January 1992 
A11.3   Citation from Community of the Resurrection, Dec 1991 
A11.4   CPSA Order of Simon of Cyrene 1992 
A11.5   Gleitsman Foundation Award 1992/1993 
A12   Job Applications, Testimonials and Cert1ficates 1927 - 1976 1 box 
A13   Death and Funeral 1992 1f 
  Includes: messages of sympathy, speech delivered by Nelson Mandela at the funeral, press cuttings and funeral service programme 
A14   Miscellaneous 4 boxes 
A14.1   Christmas Card lists 1 box 
A14.2   Diaries 1 box 
A14.3   General 2 boxes 
  Includes: notebooks; address books; video of 83rd birthday; pension (1959-1975); list of residences; financial, insurance and housing documents; ANC membership card and other membership cards. 
B1  Constitution 1f 1959 
B2  Minutes of Meetings 1959-1979 1f 
B2.1  Extract from Minutes of first meeting, 24 August 1959 
B2.2  28 Jan.1963 
B2.3  12 Mar.1964 
B2.4  22 Feb.1966 
B2.5  20 Oct.1967 
B2.6  31Oct.1969 
B2.7  5 Jun.1970 
B2.8  11 Mar.1976 
B2.9  28 Sep.1978 
B2.10  10 Dec.1979 
B3   Instructions and Outline of Main Duties of Committee 1f 
B3.1   Instruction to Honorary Secretary D. Kennedy, Apr 1967 
B3.2   Instruction to Hellman from D.Kennedy, Jan.1970 
B3.3   Outline of main duties 
B4   Finance 1966-79 4 boxes 
  Lists of money sources, receipts from banished and cash books 
B5   Lists of Banished 1f 
  Includes allowance and personal details 
B6   Correspondence 1965-1979 22f 
B6.1   Correspondence with Banished and Families 1966-1979 11f 
B6.1.1   Driefontein Trust Farm, Vryburg District 1967-1973 1f 
B6.1.2   Ferndale Trust Farm 1966-1970 1f 
  Correspondents include: Chief Paulus Mopeli and Ganyile 
B6.1.3   Maefadu Village, Northern Transvaal 1966-1979 1f 
B6.1.4   Northern Transvaal, General 1f 
  Correspondents include: Chief Machi, G.Ngubane and W. Sekhukhune  
B6.1.5   Ciskei 1f 
  Correspondents include: S.Matabaka, M.Ntwampe and W.Kgoete. 
B6.1.6   Mrs Leah Mabe 1966-1970 1f 
B6.1.7   E.H. Maredi 1966-1967 1f 
B6.1.8   A. Maremane 1f 
B6.1.9   Mrs C. Mbodla 1969-1970 1f 
B6.1.10   M. Nkwampe re Education 1f 
B6.1.11   Sundry Correspondence 1f 
B6.2   Overseas Correspondence 1965-1979 6f 
B6.2.1   Correspondence with Oxfam 1965-1979 3f 
B6.2.1.1   1965-1969 1f 
B6.2.1.2   1970-1974 1f 
B6.2.1.3   1975-1979 1f 
B6.2.2   Correspondence with Amnesty Groups 1965-1970 3f 
B6.2.2.1   Correspondence concerning Banished People 2f 
B6.   1965-1966 1f  
B6.   1967-1970 1f 
B6.2.2.2   General Correspondence 1965-1968 1f 
B6.2.3   General Overseas Correspondence 1966-1973 1f 
B6.3   Correspondence with Helen Suzman 1f 
  Includes House of Assembly questions 
B6.4   General Correspondence 1969-1973 3f 
B6.4.1   1969-1970 1f 
B6.4.2   1971 1f 
B6.4.3   1972-Feb.1973 1f 
B7   Pietermaritzburg Committee 1961-1978 6f 
B7.1   Correspondence with Banished 1961-1975 1f 
B7.2   Correspondence with Johannesburg Committee 1966-1978 1f 
B7.3   Correspondence from Helen Joseph 1961-1968 1f 
B7.4   Correspondence with Natal Native Welfare Society 1963-1977 1f 
B7.5   General Correspondence 1f 
B7.6   Financial Statements 1963-1972 1f 
B8   Press Cuttings 1959-1963 3f 
B8.1   Elizabeth Mafeking (President of African Food & Canning Workers Union) 1959-1960 1f 
B8.2   Anderson Ganyile 1962 1f 
B8.3   General 1960-63 1f 
B9   Material re Closure of Committee 1979 1f 
  Includes: list of Johannesburg Committee Secretaries, 1959 - 1979 and letter to families re reasons for closure 
B10   Miscellaneous Items 1f 
  Includes: article from Guardian Weekly re Vorster's Forgotten People, Jun.1971 and handwritten notes, 1971; The Forgotten Men, Undated; Essay on Banishments by Salim Badat, University of Natal, Durban; list of particulars of banished people published by Human Rights Welfare Committee, March 1962 
C   UNIVERSITIES 1972-1986 28f 
C1  NUSAS (National Union of South African Students) 1972-1985 9f 
C1.1   Congresses 1973-1981 1f 
C1.1.1   Speech by Geoff Budlender at opening of 50th Congress, Jul.1973 
C1.1.2   'The Great South Africa University' - speech made by Helen Joseph at 55th Congress, 1978 
C1.1.3   Speech made by Helen Joseph at Congress, Nov.1980 
C1.1.4   'At What Cost to the Generation of Protest'- Opening address to 58th Congress by George Bizos 
C1.1.5   A Call for Democracy - NUSAS Congress speech, 1981 
C1.2   National Council 1f 
C1.2.1   Minutes of NUSAS National Council, UCT, 26-27 Jun.1983 
C1.2.2   'A reassessment of South African Post Secondary Education with particular reference to SAPSE 110 and 115 Reports' by Mark Allison-Broomhead, Apr.1985 
C1.3   Memoranda 1f 
C1.3.1   An analysis of the Interim Report of the Commission of Inquiry. Prepared by John Frankish, Nikki Westcott and Jeannette Curtis 
C1.3.2   Education Paper - 'How Education Socialises Students for the Maintenance of the Status Quo' 
C1.4   Invitation to Helen Joseph to serve as honorary Vice-President of NUSAS 1f 
C1.5   Press Cuttings 1972-1977 2f 
C1.5.1   1972-1973 1f 
C1.5.2   1974-1977 1f 
C1.6   Trial of Five 1976 1f 
  (Glenn Moss, Charles Nupen, E.Webster, Paul de Beer and K.Tip) Includes press cutting re NUSAS leaders charged under Suppression of Communism Act and Unlawful Organisations Act 
C1.7   Publications 1f 
C1.7.1   Education and Development, 1979 
C1.7.2   NUSAS meeting the Challenge 1979 
C1.7.3   NUSAS 1980 
C1.7.4   Students for a Democratic Future 1981 
C1.7.5   NUSAS Resume, 981 
C1.7.6   Campus Action for Democracy, 1982 
C1.7.7   NUSAS Resume, 1982 
C1.7.8   South Africa's Bantustans, The Pillars of Apartheid 
C1.7.9   Students meeting the challenge of change, 1984 
C1.7.10   Lexis. Undated 
C1.7.11   Sugar 'n Spice. Journal of the NUSAS Women's Group, Oct. 1989 
C1.8   Pamphlets 1f 
C1.8.1   NUSAS Political Action 
C1.8.2   Ciskei: The Great South African Lie 
C1.8.3   White Power: There can be NO Compromise 
C1.8.4   UDF Unites, Apartheid Divides! 
C1.8.5   NUSAS July Festival. 60 years, 1924-1984 
C1.8.6   Peacing it all together 
C2   General Information re Individual Universities 1972-1986 3f 
C2.1   University of Cape Town 1972-1983 1f 
C2.1.1   Itinerary for Helen Joseph visit, 1972 
C2.1.2   Publications 
C2.1.2.1   Nyanga Bush: The Story of the Squatters 
C2.1.2.2   Repression and Resistance. Radical Students Society, 1980 
C2.1.2.3   Varsity:27 Apr.1983, 10 Aug.1983 
C2.1.2.4   Action. Undated 
C2.1.3   Material re Instructions from Dr Saunders re student publications 
C2.1.4   Memorandum: Why students on trial in University Court should have the right to an open hearing, May 1983 
C2.1.5   Pamphlet advertising opening of Orientation week 
C2.1.6   Pamphlet re United Women's Organisation 
C2.2   University of the Witwatersrand 1f 
C2.2.1   Pamphlet calling for boycott of Students Assembly. Issued by BSS and MSA. Undated 
C2.2.2   Pamphlet re Sharpeville. Issued by Projects Comm. Undated 
C2.2.3   Booklet re Detentions, produced by SAM. Undated 
C2.2.4   Leaflet re Enforced Removals, 1976 
C2.2.5   'Student Activity, 1981'. Paper by Susan Rubenstein. Ts. 11 p. 
C2.2.6   Newspaper Cuttings, 1976-1977 
C2.2.7   Election of Chancellor, pamphlet. Candidates, Mandela, Suzman and Rosholt 
C2.2.8   John Gray Community Health Centre. 15 items 1943-48 
C2.2.9   Pamphlet. NUSAS Projects Comm. Celebrates 34 years of the Freedom Charter 
C2.2.10   Women Fighting for Tomorrow Today 
C2.2.11   Leaflet. Helen Joseph speaks 
C2.3   Natal University 1f 
C2.3.1   Proposal for Primary Health Care Programme in Natal, drawn up by D. Arbuckle, K. Naidoo, K.G. Tomaselli, M. Allison-Broomhead and A. Chetty, Sep.1986 
C2.3.2   First Report of Contemporary Cultural Studies Unit (CCSU), 1985-1986 
C2.3.3   Critical Arts Newsletter, Oct.1986 
C2.3.4   Pamphlet: You and the Police. Undated 
C2.3.5   Pamphlet: The Emergency, 1985 
C2.3.6   Press Cutting re Keith Matthee 
C2.3.7   Campus 2 
C2.3.8   NUX, No.4, 1980 (Pietermaritzburg) 
C2.3.9   'The Visual Role of the Rubicons as part of the Reform Strategy'. Paper by CCSU, presented at 1986 Association for Sociology in Southern Africa, 1986 
C2.3.10   Statement by Durban Media Group re State of Emergency, (1985?) 
C2.3.11   'Towards a Transformative Procedure' by Rob Amako (CCSU) 
C2.4   Rhodes University 1989 1f Rhodeo, October 1989 
C3   Academic Freedom 1982-1987 11f 
C3.1   Cape Town University 1f 
C3.1.1   Sunday Tribune article, Apr.1983, re quota system 
C3.1.2   Leaflet advertising meeting rejecting quota system 
C3.1.3   Motion, May 1983, re quota system 
C3.1.4   Statement issued by Academic Freedom Committee (AFC), Apr.1983 
C3.2   University of the Witwatersrand 2f 
C3.2.1   Pamphlet issued by ATC re quota system 
C3.2.2   Pamphlet issued by Students AFC re quota system 
C3.2.3   Conference of Academics for a Democratic Society. Includes objectives and programme, 1982 
C3.2.4   Business Day editorial attacks on Wits. Includes letter sent to Ken Owen from Jack Curtis 1f 
C3.3   Natal University 1f 
C3.3.1   Notes, made by P.de V.Booysen, re student body meeting 
C3.3.2   Dome Special, Apr.1983 
C3.3.3   Memorandum by J. Taylor re academic freedom 
C3.3.4   Minutes of Special Meeting, Senate Executive Committee, Aug.1983 
C3.4   Rhodes University 1983 1f 
C3.4.1   University Pledge 
C3.4.2   Letter to Helen Joseph from Sean Rankin, Convener of AFC 
C3.5   Fort Hare 1f 
  Explanation of alleged misconduct, by J. Jackson, lecturer, Sep.1982  
C3.6   Memoranda 1f 
C3.6.1   Joint statement by English-speaking universities, Apr.1983 
C3.6.2   Education for an African future. Ts. 7p. 
C3.6.3   Education for an African future. , Mar.1978 
C3.6.4   Academic Freedom. A principle 
C3.6.5   The implications for academic freedom, of the trial of Berger and Pillay by Eddie Webster. 754p. 
C3.7   Articles and Lectures 1f 
C3.7.1   Freedom, Justice and Capitalism by G.A. Cohen, New Left Review, Apr.1981 
C3.7.2   Living in the Interregnums by Nadine Gordimer 
C3.7.3   Extract from South African Outlook, Apr.1973 
C3.7.4   Academic Freedom lecture given by Nadine Gordimer, Rhodes, Sep.1983 
C3.8   Universities Amendment Bill, 1983 1f 
C3.9   Handwritten notes 1f 
C3.10   Press Cuttings, 1983 1f 
C4   Kings College, London 1f 
  Includes: letter from the Dean to Helen Joseph re scholarship fund for South African students; information re Kings Fellows; list of names and addresses of former students resident in South Africa, 1982 
C5   Department of National Education May 1982 1f 
  Report. The qual1fication and study programmes of universities in South Africa. Translated from the Afrikaans 
C6   South African Students Press Union: Publications 1982-1986 3f 
C6.1   SASPU National1f 
  Mar., Sep., Oct., Nov., 1983  
  May/Jun., Jul., Aug., Dec., 1984  
  Mar., Jun/Jul., 1985 
C6.2   State of the Nation1f Dec.1983 
  Feb/Mar., May, Oct/Nov, 1985 
C6.3   SASPU FOCUS 1f  
  Jun/Jul., Dec. 1982  
  Feb., Nov, 1984 
D1  Kairos Document 1f 
D1.1   Challenge to the Church. A theological comment on the political crisis in South Africa 
D1.2   WCC Programme to Combat Racism. The Kairos Document and Commentaries 
D1.3   Second Edition, Jun.1986 
D1.4   Summary of Kairos Document 
D1.5   Press Cuttings 1983-1986 
D2   Liberation Theology in South Africa 1f Draft copy of book 
D3   South African Council of Churches (SACC) 1f 
D3.1   SACC National Conference, 1986. Hope in Crisis, a church perspective 
D3.2   Ecunews,Vol.13, No.1, Apr.1987 
D3.3   The happenings at Hammanskraal, from Christian Action Journal, Spring 1975 
D3.4   The message in perspective: a book about Message to the people of South Africa. Ed. by J de Gruchy and W.B. de Villiers, Published by SACC, 1968 
D3.5   Relocations: the churches' report on forced removals in South Africa, 1984 
D4   Anglican Students Federation (ASF) 1985-1987 7f 
D4.1   Constitution 1f 
D4.2   Annual General Meeting Minutes 1f 
D4.2.1   7 Jul.1985 
D4.2.2  6 Jul. 1986 
D4.2.3   1987 
D4.3   Executive Committee Minutes 1f 
  Sep.1985; Mar.1987 
D4.4   1986 Conference 1f 
  Includes programme and address by Helen Joseph 
D4.5  Correspondence 1f 1986-1992 
  Letters from ASF to Helen Joseph 
D4.6   Newsletter 1f 
  Sep.1985; 1986-1988; Sept 1991; February 1992 
D4.7   Miscellaneous Items 1f 
  Includes: pamphlet re ASF, report of the Presidents/Provincial Chaplain's visit to Lesotho, Swaziland and Johannesburg and notes for Joseph's speech to ANSOC re UDF call to Whites 
D5   St.Mary's Cathedral 1f 
D5.1   SACC motion re conscientious objection, 1974 
D5.2   Provincial Programme for Vigil of Hope and Prayer for Truth and Freedom, Jun.1977 
D5.3   Assignment by P.L. MacGregor re above vigil 
D5.4   Correspondence between Helen Joseph and Challenge Group, Mar-Jun.1977, re vigil 
D5.5   The Parishioner:Sep.1974; Mar, Jun, Jul.1977; May, Jun.1978 
D5.6   Euacharist to celebrate the Centenary of the Founding of the Community of the Resurrection, 2 May 1992 
D6   Enthronements (Anglican) 1f 
D6.1   Celebration Eucharist for the enthronement of Rev. Tutu as Archbishop of Cape Town 
D6.2   Photograph of Bishop Tutu 
D6.3   Enthronement charge given by Rev George D. Buchanan at his enthronement service, 5 Oct.1986 
D7   Episcopal Church for a Free Southern Africa (USA) 1f 
  Includes: newspaper clippings re South Africa, Aug.1985 and Jan.1986; copy of a letter to Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank re their relationship with South Africa, 17 Feb.1986 
D8   German Confessional Church 1f 
D8.1   Organisation and Structure of the Confessional Church at its start 
D8.2   Stuttgart Declaration 1945 
D8.3   The Stuttgart Declaration in England 
D9   Publications 1f 
D9.1   Perspective,30 May 1983 (UCT Christian Magazine) 
D9.2   Work for Justice,Jun.1984, May, Aug.1985 
D9.3   SALT,Vol.3, No.3 
D9.4   AIM,May 1976 
D9.5   Yes, the Lord has also gone. Removals. Published by SACBC and SACC 
D9.6   The signs of the times: the Church's response. Published by Young Christian Students 
D9.7   Police conduct during township protests. Published by SACBC, 1984 
D9.8   Sojourners Aug-Sep 1988. The church confronts apartheid. 
D9.9   A Month in the Beloved Country. In the steps of Bishop Trevor Huddleston. The Diary of a South African Journey, August 1992 
D10   Press Cuttings 1962-1981 9f 
  Subjects include: role of churches in SA and Church vs State 
D10.1   1962-1970 1f 
D10.2   1971-1973 1f 
D10.3   1974-Jul.1976 1f 
D10.4   Aug.1976-Dec.1976 1f 
D10.5   Jan-Apr.1977 1f 
D10.6   May-Nov.1977 1f 
D10.7   1978 1f 
D10.8   1979 1f 
D10.9   1980-1981 1f 
D11   Addresses, Papers, Articles and Plays 1f 
D11.1   Address delivered by Dr Beyers Naude on the occasion of the graduation ceremony of the Federal Theological Seminary, Pietermaritzburg, Mar.1977 
D11.2   Profile on Winterveld. Produced by Commission for Justice and Peace, Pretoria and Winterveld Action Committee 
D11.3   Problems raised by the use of force and violence in the modern world - lecture by Archbishop of Canterbury, Feb.1972 
D11.4   Broederkring Information and Study Document - Apartheid as Heresy. Implications of the Ottowa Resolution of the WARC 
D11.5   Reconciliation in South African now? 
D11.6   An enemy of the State (Jagerstatter) 
D11.7   Views of Black Christians on South Africa's Present and Future by Sam Buti, Mar.1976 
D11.8   The Challenge of Black Theology to the Present South Africa. Lecture by Rev. M. Ngakane. SACC, Mar.1976 
D11.9   The Christian Presence in Todays South Africa. Lecture by Dr M. Buthelezi 
D11.10   Sermon by Rev R. Brueckner, May 1976 
D11.11   The Provincial Chaplain's Report of his visit to Natal and Eastern Cape Regions 
D11.12   A study on Mark 12:13-17 on the occasion of Republic Day 
D11.13   Service at Wilgespruit, 14 Dec.1986 
D11.14   Bishop Huddleston's sermon at consecration of J.Kauluma. Namibia, 1978 
D11.15   Press statement by Belydendekring (Dutch) re detention of Dr. Allan Boesak, Aug.1985 
D11.16   The Mass Beneath the Cross by G.A. ffrench-Beytagh 
D11.17   Script: End of A Journey re Cosmos Desmond, July 1971 
D11.18   "Coming of Age", a play re Dietrich Bonhoeffer 
D11.19   Play: "Hidden Fire" by W.H. Soiling 
D12   Pietermaritzburg Agency for Christian Social Awareness (PACSA) 1984-90 1f 
  Factsheets, newsletters and booklet: Meditations on the Natal Violence, June 1990 
D13   Miscellaneous 1 box 
E   TREASON TRIAL (1956) 1956-1960 17f 
E1   Treason Trial Defence Fund Press Summaries 1958-1960 4f 
E1.1   Nos.1-12 Aug.1958-Aug.1959 1f 
E1.2   Nos.13-29 Aug.1959-Mar.1960. Crown Evidence 1f 
E1.3   Nos.30.43 14 Mar.1960-7 Oct.1960. Defence Evidence 1f 
E1.4   Nos.44-58 Crown Argument 1f 
E2   Application for use of Advocate Chambers for P.P.D.Nokwe 1956 1f 
E3   Professor Murray's Evidence 1957 - 1959 1f 
  Includes: Preparatory Examination, 1957 and cross-examination by Defence 
E4   Bail Orders, 1958 1f 
E5   Defence Admissions 1f 
E6   The Theory and Methodology of Communism 1f Bochenski's evidence 
E7   Exhibit 6595 1f 
  Transcript of shorthand notes taken by Dt.Sgt.van Zyl Schoeman at Congress of the People 
E8   Summary of Findings of the Court 1f 
E9   Defence Argument on the Application for re-arrest of the Accused 1f 
E10  Judgement as read out by the presiding Judge, Mr. Justice Rumpff, 29th March 1961 and Reasons for Judgment by Judges J.Bekker and J.Rumpff 1f 
E11  Appellants Heads of Argument for Bloemfontein Appeal (not heard) 1f 
E12   Photographs 1f 
E13   If This be Treason by Helen Joseph. Photocopy 1f 
E14   Miscellaneous Items 1f 
  Includes: New Age, 27 Dec.1956; Schedule No.4, 'They went on Trial for their Lives', published in Zambia, 10 Dec.1966, photocopy of South Africa's Treason Trial, vol 1 of indictment and handwritten notes 
F   INDIVIDUALS 1955 - 1987 24f 
F1   Steven Biko 1976-1978 4f 
F1.1   Sermon preached at Mass in honour of the soul of Bantu Steven Biko, Lesotho, 25 Sep.1977 
F1.2   The Inquest into the death of Steven Bantu Biko: A Report to the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights under Law, by Dean Louis H. Pollak, Feb.1978 1f 
F1.3   Press Cuttings re Biko's Detention 1976-1977 
F1.4   Press Cuttings re Death of Biko and subsequent inquest 1f 1977-1978 
F2   Nelson and Winnie Mandela 1977-1987 7f 
F2.1   Natal University, Durban: Nomination of N. Mandela for Chancellor 1983 1f 
F2.1.1   The Times:Vol.11, No.1 - 26 Jul.1983 
F2.1.2   The Times: Vol. No.2 - 2 Aug.1983 
F2.1.3   SRC publication - Mandela for Chancellor - Why? 
F2.1.4   Curriculum Vitae: N. Mandela 
F2.2   Release Mandela Campaign 1980-1985 1f 
  Includes: press cuttings for 1980 and workshop re 30th Anniversary of the Freedom Charter, 1985 
F2.3   Conditional Freedom Offer 1985 Press cuttings only 
F2.4   Winnie Mandela 1976-1989 1f 
  Correspondents and press cuttings. Subjects include: Cillie Commission, assault charges, banishment order and l1fting of ban 
F2.5   Nelson Mandela 1980-1990 1f 
  Press cuttings and transcript of Ted Koppel interview with Mandela (1990)  
F2.6   Mandela family 2f. 
  Press clippings re Zeni and Zinzi Mandela 1980-81 
F3   Albertina Sisulu 1 item 1f 
  Biographical notes 
F4   Billy Nair 1 item 1f 
  Welcome back Comrade Billy Nair, workers' leader, people's hero 
F5   Albert Luthuli 1f 
  Includes: Lutuli: The spirit lives on, from Drum 8 Sep. 1972 
F6   Frederick John Harris. 1964 1 item 1f 
  Plea for clemency, submitted by Hayman and Aronsohn 
F7   Olive Schreiner 1955 1f 
  Includes a paper 'South Africa's Greatest Daughter', written by H.Joseph (?) in 1955 to commemorate Olive Schreiner's birth in 1855. Also other tributes to Schreiner. 
F8   James Phillips 1987 1f 
  Includes a 'Tribute to James Phillips' by Helen Joseph and press cuttings 
F9   Rev D.C.Thompson 1982-1985 1f 
  Includes an interview with Rev Thompson and manuscript notes by Helen Joseph for a funeral oration 
F10   David Webster 1988-1989 1f 
  Mainly press cuttings and articles about David Webster at the time of his death 
F11   Shun Chetty 1979 1f 
  Mainly press cuttings on the occasion of his leaving South Africa. 
F12   Oliver Tambo 1989 1 item 
  Interview with Tambo from the Cape Times, Nov. 4. 1989 
F13   Bram Fischer 1971-1976 1f 
  Mainly press cuttings on Bram Fischer and his family; including articles urging the government to release him on the grounds of ill health. 
F14   Eli Weinberg and family 1962-1979 1f 
  Mainly press cuttings on Eli, Violet and Sheila Weinberg 
F15   Miscellaneous 1f 
  Includes press cuttings and documentation on the following: 
  Jeanette Curtis  
  Pam dos Santos  
  Ahmed Kathrada  
  Ilona Kleinschmidt  
  Peter Magubane  
  Peter Manning  
  Celia Masondo  
  Fatima Meer 
  Reggie Moeng  
  Mary Moodley  
  Lucy Mvubelo  
  Shantie Naidoo  
  Phyllis Naidoo  
  Curtis Nkondo  
  Leo Rakale 
  David Russell  
  Solly Sachs  
  Annie Selinga  
  Suzanne Stephens 
  Harold Strachan 
G1   Crossroads 1977-1978 1f 
G1.1   Crossroads Interview 
G1.2   Crossroads Newsletter,No.1, 20 Jul.1978 
G1.3   VARSITYExtra 
G1.4   'Crossroads in Krisis', Memorandum published by Cape Flats Committee for Interim Accommodation 
G1.5   Pamphlet advertising "infuduso" (play) 
G1.6   Leaflet re women at Crossroads. Issued by Women's Movement, UCT 
G1.7   Leaflet: issued by Black Sash, Sep.1978 
G1.8   Leaflet: We are not going to fight with the Law but we are not moving. 
G1.9   Leaflet advertising Day of Solidarity with Squatters, Jul.1978 
G2   Notebook kept by Helen Joseph 1977-1978 1f  
  Subjects include squatters' camp removals and demolitions 
G3   KTC 1f 
G3.1   Pamphlet: KTC. Testimony to our silence 
G3.2   Report on activities of Cape Nutrition Education project in KTC crisis, 9-20 May 1983. Includes CNEP annual 
G4   Press Cuttings 1976-1981 2f 
G4.1   1976-1977 
G4.2   1978-1981 
G5   Miscellaneous Items 1976-1978 1f 
G5.1   Forward,Feb.1977, issued by Squatters Advisory Group 
G5.2   Race Relations News,Jun.1976 
G5.3   What happened after they left Bellville station? Letters and extracts from letters of people who used to live at Modderdam, Werkgenst and Unibell 
G5.4   Memorandum. Environmental Planning and Social Control: Wits/SAIRR 
G5.5   'Experiencing Modderdam Road'. Article by Gerald Kraak 
G5.6   Prevention of Illegal Squatting Amendment Act, extract from Race Relations News, Aug.1976 
G5.7   Invitation to Helen Joseph from UCT SRC Communities Commission re invitation to speak, Apr.1978 
G5.8   Handwritten press extracts, 1976/1977 
G5.9   Handwritten notes re squatters, Mar.1977 
G5.10   Article by Cosmos Desmond in The Daily Telegraph Magazine re relocations 
H   INDIAN COMMUNITY 1952-1983 1f 
H1   Memorandum re South African Indian Congress. Ts l p. 
H2   Memorandum re Transvaal Indian Youth 
H3   Memorandum re Memorandum re Defiance Campaign, 1952; Defiance Campaign 1952-1982, 30th anniversary 
H4   Memorandum re Natal Indian Congress 
H5   Secretarial report of the NIC, submitted to Annual Conference, Nov.1958 
H6   Speech by Zak Yacoob; 'Congress Perspective on the Struggle' presented at First General Meeting of TIC, May 1983 
H7   Press Cuttings 32 items 1965-1980 
I   LABOUR 1959-1979 1f 
I1   The Farm Labour Scheme. A report from Southern Transvaal Black Sash, Nov.1959 
I2   African Farm Labour - a survey. SAIRR, 1959 
I3   Excerpt from memorandum submitted by the ANC to 1959 session and General Assembly of the UN re race conflict in SA. 
I4   Fattis and Monis Strike 1979 1f 
I4.1   Pamphlet issued by UCT Wages Commission 
I4.2   re call for solidarity, UCT 
I4.3   issued by Catholic Students Society, Wits 
I4.4   Press Cuttings 16 items 
I5   Impression and Repression of SAAWU and general repression in the Ciskei 
I6   Memorandum issued by Black Allied Workers Union re Mr Kruger's Challenge to Parents. Undated 
I7   Tansvaal Clothing Industry Medical Aid Society 1945-1966 3f 
I7.1   Secretary's reports 1945-60 
I7.2   Survey of expenditure on sick pay and medical services provided by the Society 1960-63 
I7.3   Mass X-Ray and TB survey 1958-66 
  Includes report on the mass X-ray of Transvaal Clothing  
  Industry 1958, analysis of 1965 mass X-ray and memoranda on the follow-up 1966 
I8   Transformation Resource Centre 1987 1 item 
  Responses of the church in Lesotho to the miners' strike 
I9   South African Council of Churches 1981 1 item 
J   ERIC WORKSHOP (Education Research Information Centre) 1f 
  Re: Presidents Council and Koornhof Bills. Also includes handwritten notes by Helen Josph on the President's Council 
J1   Guide to Workshop 
J2   Introduction Paper: The Crisis 
J3   Fact Sheet 1: Assumptions 
J4   Fact Sheet 2: Central Government 
J5   Fact Sheet 3: Provincial Government 
J6   Fact Sheet 4: Local Government 
J7   Fact Sheet 5: Orderly Movement Bill 
J8   Fact Sheet 6: Black Local Authorities 
K   AMERICA COMMITTEE ON AFRICA (Includes Africa Fund) 1986-1987 1f 
K1   News,re guidelines for divestment, 1987 
K2   The Africa Fund Annual Report 1985 
K3   Questions and Answers on South Africa Sanctions, No.1, 1986 
K4   Action News,Fall 1986 
K5   Action News - Spring 1986 
K6   Memorandum re American Investment in South Africa, 1986 
K7   Pamphlet re Sun City 
K8   Student Anti-Apartheid Newsletter,Dec.1986/Jan.1987 
K9   Pamphlet re National Protest Days for South African Sanctions and Divestment Apr.1987 
K10   List of Divestment Action on SA by US colleges and universities, Feb.1987 
K11   Leaflet re National Weeks of Anti-Apartheid Action, 1987 
K12   Programme for reception honouring Oliver Tambo, Jan.1987 
L1   Declaration and Resolutions 
L2   Report on Conventions 
L3   Categories and types of groups and persons who participated in convention 
L4   Memorandum entitled 'Putting the BRC into correct perspective' 
M1   Conference on Detention and Security Legislation (UND, 1982) 1f 
M1.1   Opening Address delivered by Arthur Chaskalson 
M1.2   'Detention without Trial and the Rule of Law - a Comparative Analysis'. Paper by Prof A.S. Mathews 
M1.3   'The Historical Context of Security Legislation in South Africa'. Paper by D.M. Davis 
M1.4   'Brain Dysfunction in Detainees'. Paper by F.R. Ames 
M1.5   'The Psychological Effects of Detention'. Paper by G.A. Tyson 
M1.6   'The Judiciary and National Security'. Paper by Prof. John Dugard 
M1.7   'Protecting Detainees: Fact or Fiction?'. Paper by R. Tucker 
M1.8   'The Legal Rights of the Detainee to Medical Treatment'. Paper by S.A. Strauss 
M1.9   'Admissibility and Reliability of Detainee Evidence'. Paper by Advocate C. Nicholson 
M1.10   'The DDD Syndrome: Solitary Confinement and a South African Security Law Trial' Paper by Julian Riekert 
M2   Manual on Detention Undated 1f  
  Published by UCT Media Projects 
M3   Press Cuttings re Detentions 1962-1982 12f 
M3.1   1962 (Ganyile Case) 1f 
M3.2   1962-1968 1f 
M3.3   1971 1f 
M3.4   1972 1f 
M3.5   1974 1f 
M3.6   1975 1f 
M3.7   1976 2f 
M3.7.1   1976, Apr-Aug. 
M3.7.2   1976 Sep-Dec. 
M3.8   1977 2f 
M3.8.1   1977 Jan-May 
M3.8.2   1977 Jun-Dec. 
M3.9   1978 1f 
M3.10   1982 1f 
M4   Press Cuttings on Deaths in Detention (arranged alphabetically) 1963-1978 8f 
M4.1   A-C 1f 
  Neil Aggett 
  George Botha 
  M. Cutshela 
M4.2   Dr Hoosen Haffejee 1977-1978 1f 
M4.3   Imam Haron 1970 1f 
M4.4   Aaren Khoza 1977 1f 
M4.5   L-M 1f 
  E. Loza 
  M. Mabelane  
  P. Mabija 
  L. Mazwenibe  
  Joseph Moluli 
  M. Mohapi 
M4.6   N-T 1f 
  L. Nozanga 
  S. Saloojee  
  L. Tabalaza 
  A. Timol 
  W. Tshazibane 
M4.7   General Cuttings re Detention Deaths 1976-1977 1f 
M4.8   List of People who died in Detention 1963-1971 1f 
M5   Detainees Parents Support Committee 1982 - 1988 10f 
M5.1   Reports 1986-88 1f 
M5.2   Newsletter (1982) and Bulletin (1986) 2 items 
M5.3   Press Statements 1982-87 4 items 
M5.4   List of people banned from 1st January to 31 Aug 1983 
M5.5   Dependents' Conference: extracts from reports, Apr. 1984 
M5.6   Democratic movement under attack: a report on the state of emergency, S.A. July-September 1985 
M5.7   Fact sheet for Free the Children Alliance, Mar 1987 
M5.8   Noma Siyaboshwa:official bulletin of D.P.S.C. April 1987 
M5.9   Lest we forget, June 1986-June 1987. A year of the state of emergency 
M5.10   Report on State of Emergency, August and Sept 1987 
M6   Prison Conditions Undated 1f 
  Press Clippings relating to allegations by Manila) Gandhi of conditions in Germiston jail  
N   PRESS CUTTINGS 1962-1987 86f 
N1   Bannings and House Arrests 1962-1981 10f 
N1.1   1962 Nov. 1f 
N1.2   1962 Dec. 1f 
N1.3   1963-1964 1f 
N1.4   1965-1967 1f 
N1.5   1970 1f 
N1.6   1971-1972 1f 
N1.7   1973-1976 1f 
N1.8   1977 1f 
N1.9   1978-1979 1f 
N1.10   1980-1981 1f 
N2   Political Trials 1962-1980 43f 
N2.1   Spec1fic Individuals 1971-1980 10f (Arranged alphabetically) 
N2.1.1   Breyten Breytenbach 1977 
N2.1.2   Renfrew Christie 1980 
N2.1.3   M.S. Essop 1971-1972 
N2.1.4   Rev G.A. (french-Beytagh 1971 
N2.1.5   Hack, van der Westhuizen and Beelders 1979 
N2.1.6   Anthony Holiday 1976 
N2.1.7   Solomon Mahlangu 1978-1979 
N2.1.8   Kevin Martin 1977 
N2.1.9   Rabkin and Cronin 1976-1977 
N2.1.10   Raymond Suttner 1975 
N2.2   Trials - General 1962-1979 33f (Arranged chronologically) 
N2.2.1   1962-1965 1f 
N2.2.2   1972 1f 
N2.2.3   1973 1f 
N2.2.4   1976 4f 
N2.2.4.1   General 1f 
N2.2.4.2   Katlehong Students Sabotage Case 1f 
N2.2.4.3   Pretoria Terror Trial 1f 
N2.2.4.4   Mamelodi Students Riots 1f 
N2.2.5   1976-1977 8f 
N2.2.5.1   Atteridgeville Student Riots 1f 
N2.2.5.2   Student Lists - general 1f 
N2.2.5.3   University of Zululand Riots 1f 
N2.2.5.4   Pietermaritzburg Terrorism Trial. Egwala and Others 1f 
N2.2.5.5   Randfontein Trial and Mahlakeng Teachers & Students 1f 
N2.2.5.6   Randburg Terrorism Trial 1f 
N2.2.5.7   Grahamstown Terrorism Trial 1f 
N2.2.5.8   Port Elizabeth Student Trials 1f 
N2.2.6   1977 11 1f 
N2.2.6.1   Middelburg Sabotage Trial 1f 
N2.2.6.2   Randburg Terrorism Trial 1f 
N2.2.6.3   Vlakfontein Sabotage Trial 1f 
N2.2.6.4   Pretoria Terrorism Trial 1f 
N2.2.6.5   John Vorster Square March Trial 1f 
N2.2.6.6   Carlton Bomb Blast Trial 1f 
N2.2.6.7   Springs Terrorism Trial 1f 
N2.2.6.8   Transkei Communism Trial 1f 
N2.2.6.9   Edelstein Murder Trial 1f 
N2.2.6.10   Pretoria Terrorism Trial [Sexwale and Others] 1f  
N2.2.6.11   General 1f 
N2.2.7   1978 2f 
N2.2.7.1   Pretoria ANC Trial 1f 
N2.2.7.2   General 1f 
N2.2.8   1979 4f 
N2.2.8.1   Bethal PAC Trial 1f 
N2.2.8.2   Pietermaritzburg Treason Trial 1f 
N2.2.8.3   Sunday Express Trial 1f 
N2.2.8.4   Kempton Park Sedition Trial 1f 
N2.3   Extract from S.A.Law Journal, 1974 'The Political Trial' some special considerations 1f 
N3   South Africa Students Organisation (SASO) 1972-1977 2f 
N3.1   General 1972-1977 1f 
N3.2   Trials 1975-1977 1f 
N4   1980 School Boycotts 1f 
N5   Cillie Commission (Report on 1976 Riots) 1980 1f 
N6   Namibia 1968-1980 1f 
  Ja Toiva Trial (1968) 
  SWA Terror Trial (1975-1977) general cuttings (1976-1980) 
N7   African National Congress (ANC) 1980-1986 1f 
N8   General Political 1956-1988 24f 
N8.1   1956-1963 1f 
N8.2   1964-1965 1f 
N8.3   1966-1969 1f 
N8.4   1970-1972 1f 
N8.5   1973-1975 1f 
N8.6   1976 Jan-Jul. 1f 
N8.7   1976 Aug-Dec. 1f 
N8.8   1977 Jan-Jun. 1f 
N8.9   1977 Jul-Sep. 1f 
N8.10   1977 Oct-Dec. 1f 
N8.11   1978 1f 
N8.12   1979 Jan-May 1f 
N8.13   1979 Jun-Sep. 1f 
N8.14   1979 Oct-Dec. 1f 
N8.15   1980 May-Aug. 1f 
N8.16   1980 Sep-Dec. 1f 
N8.17   1981 1f 
N8.18   1982 1f 
N8.19   1983 1f 
N8.20   1984 1f 
N8.21   1985 1f 
N8.22   1986 1f 
N8.23   1987 1f 
N8.24   1988 1f 
N9   United Democratic Front (UDF) 1983-1987 3f 
N9.1   1983 
N9.2   1984-1985 
N9.3   1986-1987 
O1  Papers 1971-1985 1f 
O1.1  'Apartheid: Dying or Resurgent' - Lecture by G.M. Carter, Mar.1982 
O1.2  'Migrant Labour' by Robin Gibson 
O1.3  'The Coloured Persons Representative Council' by B.M.G. Curry 
O1.4  'Government Created Platforms' by Dr A.M. Ramphele 
O1.5  'The Destruction of Sophiatown' by Tom Lodge 
O1.6  'Angola's Riches a Threat to Independence' by Paul Hoebunt, 1975 
O1.7  'Update South Africa: cooption versus confrontation'. Incomplete 
O1.8  Paper by J.N. Reddy re SAIC. Seminar on Black Political Bodies created for Blacks organised by Black Community Programmes Ltd., Jan.1976 
O1.9  'Poverty, Apartheid and Economic Growth' by United Nations Unit on Apartheid, Jul.1971 
O1.1  'Blacks of the Third World'. Article in EBONY by Hans J. Massaquoi, Aug.1985 
O2  Memoranda 1f 
O2.1  Unskilled Labour Areas: Central Transvaal and Sasolburg. Presented to Wage Board by the Wages and Economic Commission, Wits, 1973 
O2.2  Memorandum on the European Economic Community Code of Conduct for Companies with interests in S.A. 
O2.3  Memorandum on Police Conduct in the Eastern Cape. Black Sash, Mar.1985 
O3  Publications 1f 
O3.1  Foreign Affairs. Revolution in the making: Black Politics in S.A. by T.G. Karis. Winter 1983/84 
O3.2  United States Information Service. Communist Influence in South Africa. Jan.1987 
O3.3  United States Information Service. US Deplores South African Government Attitude on Civil Rights, 1975 
O3.4  South African Institute of International Affairs. Frelimo and the Transitional Government of Mozambique, Sep.1974 
O3.5  Reality, Sep.1986 
O3.6  Alex Art Centre News, Dec.1986 [Alexandra Township] 
O3.7  House of Assembly Debates 15-22 Jan.1960 
O3.8  The Alexandra Hostels, by the Black Sash 1972 
P   WOMEN 1952 - 1991 24f and 1 box 
P1   Federation of Black Women (S.A.) 1975-76 1f 
  Preliminary report passed at the Black Women's Conference, Dec. 1975 
  Questionnaire about the need for a Federation minutes of Executive meeting, 17 January 1976 suggested names for the Editorial Board 
P2   Federation of South African Women 1954 - 1989 14f 
P2.1   Constitution 1956-87 1f 
  Includes:Draft constitution, amendments, amended constitution and notes  
P2.2   History 1954-82 1f 
P2.2.1   The Women's Charter, Johannesburg, 17 Apr. 1954 
P2.2.2   The work of the Federation of South African Women, April 1957 
P2.2.3   Hand-written notes, covering the years 1956-63 
P2.2.4   The Federation of South African Women, 1974 
P2.2.5   The Federation of South African Women, by Cherryl Walker, Jan 1978 
P2.2.6   The Federation of South African Women, 1982 
P2.3   Conferences 1954-85 3f 
P2.3.1   1954 
  Invitation, list of signatures and report 
P2.3.2   1959, 1961 
  Agenda and draft resolution,  
  1959 list of NEC elected 1961 
P2.3.3   1975 
  Conference report 
P2.4   Regions 1988 1f 
P2.4.1   Western Cape 1988 
  Programme of launch of Western Cape Region, First Cape Women's Festival and poster 
P2.5   Memoranda, Reports and printed items 1955 - 1989 1f 
P2.5.1   What women demand May 1955 
P2.5.2   The demands of the women of South Africa, 27 Oct 1955 
P2.5.3   On the campaign for the Freedom Charter, 1955 
P2.5.4   Women against passes, Jan 1956 
P2.5.5   Report on a tour of the major cities of the Union submitted to the National Consultative Committee, 1956 
P2.5.6   The demand of the women of South Africa for the withdrawal of the passes for women and the repeal of the Pass Laws, Aug 1956 
P2.5.7   Article on women, Sep 1957 
P2.5.8   Resistance of women to passes during 1957 
P2.5.9   Women and passes, by H Joseph, in Africa South, June 1959 
P2.5.10   Programme for National Conference on South Africa's black families, Dec. 1975 
P2.5.10a  Women and apartheid, in Objective: Justice Aug. 1980, published by United Nations 
P2.5.11   Leaflet on Women issued by S.A. Congress of Trade Unions, 1981 
P2.5.12   History of black women in South Africa, 1981 
P2.5.13   National Women's Day, Aug. 1982 
P2.5.14   UCT pays tribute to Helen Joseph, Aug. 1983 
P2.5.15   FEDSAW. 30 years against apartheid, 1984. 5 items 
P2.5.16   Notice of a meeting to discuss how white women can participate in FEDSAW, Oct 1984 
P2.5.17   National Women's Day. 9 Aug. 1986 6 items 
P2.5.18   Invitation to Open Day, 1 June 1987 
P2.5.19   FEDSAW Newsletter, Nov 1989 
P2.5.20   Inyanga: programme and notes for a play about women in Africa 
P2.5.21   International Women's Day and March. Undated 
P2.5.22   List of FEDSAW women on trial. Undated 
P2.5.23   Programme for a meeting. Undated 
P2.5.24   Ms notes; probably taken at a meeting. Undated 
P2.5.25   You have touched a woman, you have struck a rock. By Deborah May. Undated. 
P2.6   Personalities 1955 - 1986 3f 
P2.6.1   Amanda Kwaza 1985 
  Tribute from Quakers and photograph. 
P2.6.2   Bertha Mkhize 1981  
  Biography in UK/USA 
P2.6.3   Lilian Ngoyi 1961-80 1f 
  Press Clippings, funeral programme, tribute and extracts from articles 
P2.7   Press Clippings 1959-86 1f 
  Includes items on National Women's Day 
P2.8  Correspondence 1955-82 1f 
  Correspondents include: FEDSAW, ANC Women's League, Transvaal Indian Youth Congress, Black Sash and Cherry) Walker 
P3   Federation of Transvaal Women 1984-87 1f 
  Includes: records of inaugural conference, 7-9 December 1984 Workshop report 1985 
  invitation and notes for a conference 1986 
  article on the AGM held in May 1987 
  'A woman's place is in the struggle, not behind bars' 
  Women's Charter 
  Also, 3 posters 'You have touched the women; you have struck against a rock', 'We women will stand shoulder to shoulder with our menfolk' and 'Welcome home Ma Sisulu' 
P4   Papers and Theses 1 box 
P4.1   The Black Woman in South Africa: paper presented at the Black Renaissance Convention, Hammanskraal, December 1974 by Fatima Meer. 14p Ts. 
P4.2   Urban African Women's organisations and protest on the Rand from the years 1939 to 1956. By Cynthia Kros. B.A.Honours Dissertation, University of the Witwatersrand, 1978. 83p. Ts. 
P4.3   The resistance to the extension of passes to African women, 1954-1960. By Richard de Villiers, c. 1979. 22p Ts. 
P4.4   Strike a rock: women and resistance in South Africa. By Cherry) Walker, 1980. 410p Ts. Draft for a published work. Also notes from her thesis 'Women in 20th century South African politics: the Federation of South African Women, its roots, growth and decline', M.A., U.C.T. 1978 
P4.5   The role of women in the liberation struggle, 1952-59 by Moira Levy and Coco Cachalia, Apr.1980, 13p Ms. 
P4.6   CATAPAW and the anti-pass campaign in Cape Town in the f1fties. By Annette Griessel, SAEH Long Paper, 1981,. 69p. Ts. 
P4.7   Paper on the ANC Women's League and the Federation of South African Women by J. Schreiner. NUSAS Conference, July 1982. 12p. Ts. 
P4.8   Why women rebel: a comparative study of South African Women's Resistance in Bloemfontein 1913 and Johannesburg 1958. 25p. Ts. 
P4.9   A Case study of the Anti-Pass Laws Campaign in South Africa, 1955-58. Author unknown, Social Work 111. Community Work, 35p. Ts. 
P4.10   Women: speeches at a Women Under Apartheid Conference, December 1985. Edited by Musa Myeni. 49p. Ts. 
P4.11   An unbroken pillar: biography of Frances Baard by Barbara Schreiner, 1986. 82p. Ts. Also notice about the book in The Herald, Harare. 
P4.12   The History of Black Women's Struggle against Pass Laws in South Africa, 1900 - 1960 by Julie Wells. Phd. Columbia University, 1982. 
P5   National Assembly of Women 1986 1f 
  Agenda, programme, notes, resolutions and papers for a conference. 
P6   United Women's Organisation 1981-1989 1f 
  Constitution, history, policy, minutes, leaflets, circular letters, correspondence with H. Joseph, financial statements, annual reports, newsletter and publication:'Claremont: a people's history' 
P7   Women for Peaceful Change Now 1981-89 1f 
  In memory of Bertha Ndlumbu-Mkhize, 1981; circular letters, pamphlets, newsletters 
P8   Women's Democratic Federation Undated 1f Constitution 
P9   Women's Movement (Durban) 1982 I item 1f 
  Women and the law 
P10   Women's Movement for Peace Undated 1f Constitution, leaflet and history 
P11   Publications 1981 - 1989 1f 
P11.1   Women's struggle in S.A., in Social Review, Sep.1981 
P11.2   Women and organisation in S.A., in Social Review, Nov. 1981 
P11.3   Challenge: National Women's Day, v.1. no.3, 1981 
P11.4   National Women's Day: a theological perspective on women's resistance, 1981 
P11.5   Biographies of women of South Africa and Namibia, produced by the International Defence and Aid Fund, 1981 
P11.6   NUSAS conference on Women, July 1982 
P11.7   Natal Organisation of Women, 1984 
P11.8   Student women and change, in University of Zimbabwe Newsletter, Dec 1984 
P11.9   Women in the struggle in South Africa, from Sojourners, Dec. 1988 
P11.10   Domestic Workers struggle for protection, in Labour News, Aug 1989 
P11.11   National Women's Day, 1989 
P11.12   The Women's Handbook. Published by NUSAS. Undated 
P12   ANC Women's League 1990 - 1992 1f 
  Includes correspondenceseminar papers, statement of the National Executive Committee of the ANC on the emancipation of women in South Africa, leaflets, message from Helen Joseph to the ANC Women's League on National Women,s Day, August 9, 1990, 1991 and 1992 and press cuttings 
Q   SPECIAL TOPICS1954 - 1990 7f 
Q1   Election, 1987 1f 
  Press clippings, leaflets, statements advocating a boycott of the Election by NUSAS, SANSCO and Black Sash 
Q2   Relocations 1982 - 1988 3f 
Q2.1   Association for Rural Advancement (AFRA) 1984-88 1f 
  Factsheets, special report of the Kwazulu Consolidated Commission Hearings, 1985/86 and newsletters 
Q2.2   General 1982-85 1f 
Q2.2.1   Ms notes by H. Joseph 
Q2.2.2   Relocations: some of the government's strategies, 1983 
Q2.2.3   Focus on Khayelitsha, 1984 
Q2.2.4   Mathopestad, 1984 
  Statement by Sub-chief John Mathope and correspondence with the Minister of Co-operation, Development and Education 
Q2.2.5   Black Sash update on forced removals, 1985 
Q2.3   Transvaal Rural Action Committee (TRAC) 1985-87 1f Newsletters and 'The myth of voluntary removals' 
Q3   Socialism Ms. Notebook 1f 
  Notes on Socialism v capitalism by H. Joseph 
Q4   Congress of the People 1954-1990 1f 
  Invitation to take part in the Congress, Bulletin, Credential Committee Report by Robert Resha, exhibit in Adams and Others: transcript of shorthand notes taken by Dt. Sgt. Van Zyl Schoeman at the Congress of the Peope, copy of Advance, copies of the Freedom Charter, historical analysis of 'The land shall be shared among those who work it' submitted to the Publications Appeal Board 1983 and leaflets to celebrate 30 years of fighting for The Freedom Charter. 
Q5   General Politics 1977 - 1982 1f Press Cuttings 
R   ORGANISATIONS 1954 1990 8f 
R 1  African Education Movement 1955-56 1f 
  Draft proposals on Bantu education, circular letters, history of A.E.M., report of conference, bulletins and teaching material 
R 2  African National Congress 1987-92 1f 
  ANC leaders speak in National Student Review; ANC in-house seminar on culture - paper by Albie Sachs: 'Preparing ourselves for freedom'; Statement of the NEC presented by Oliver Tambo, January 8, 1989, newsletters; Joining the ANC an introductory handbook to the ANC, May 1990; Report from the Publications Control Board re The Struggle: A History of the ANC; second draft of the ANC Veterans' League of South Africa (1992); amnesty international report on the torture, ill-treatment and executions in ANC camps (December 1992) and statements of the ANC Women's League 
R 3  Alliance for Radical Change c. 1974 1f  
  Press release and leaflets 
R 4  End Conscription Campaign 1983-87 1f 
  Leaflets, pamphlets, copies of Objector, circulars, copy of South African Outlook issued for ECC Festival 1985 and newsletters 
R 5  Johannesburg Democratic Action Committee (JODAC) 1984-1987 1f 
  Leaflets, circular letters, JODAC NEWS, and programme and papers for workshop including 'Unbanning the ANC: a background paper', 'UDF Western Cape', 'Grahamstown Committee of Democrats and Beyond.' 
R 6  South African Congress of Democrats 1955-83 1f 
  Counter Attack,1955-57, Fighting Talk, Aug, 1958, memorandum 'Education for knowledge' interview with P Beyleveld, extract from Work in Progress on the 'Liberal Party and COD: opposition to apartheid', notes and affidavit by T Karis, 1983. 
R 7  United Democratic Front 1983-87 1f 
  Leaflets, constitution, declaration of principles, speech by Allan Boesak, fact sheet on the Ciskei, copies of (sizwe The Nation Nov. 1985 and Mar. 1987 and message to all South Africans on the whites-only election 1987. 
  'Sol Plaatje' a play by Mary  
  May 1983 speech by H.B.  
  Benson speech by G.M. Carter, Nicokazi re Bantustans letter to Gatsha Buthelezi 1974 
  Affidavit of C. Makhoeri, convicted on Terrorism Act 1977 
  Annual Report of Cape South-Western Region of National War Memorial 
  Health Foundation, Mar.1985 photograph of Delmas  
  Treason Trialists 
  pamphlets issued by the Alliance for Radical Change 
  short essay by Jeanette Curtis (Form V) 
  Film adaptation by Peter Goldsmid of Athol Fugard's The Road to Mecca  
  Report on the Mass X-Ray of the Transvaal Clothing Industry,  
  1957 W.A.A.F. Official Magazine of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force,  
  May 1945 Sundry material for book and speeches Miriam Makeba "Sangoma" LP notes