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Collection Index:THOMPSON, Rev. Douglas Chadwick, Papers, 1923-1985
Collection Name:THOMPSON, Rev. Douglas Chadwick, Papers, 1923-1985
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A1906 Reverend Douglas Chadwick Thompson Papers, 1871-1985 
 Copyright 2015, Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 Compiled by Michele Pickover, Historical Papers, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand. Johannesburg 1992 
 51 boxes 
 Please note: Item An1 - Summary of the Tomlinson Report, has been digitised and can be accessed further down in the inventory. 
 The Thompson Papers comprise 51 boxes spanning the years 1871 - 1985 with the preponderance between 1926 and 1963. They consist of correspondence, diaries, sermons, addresses. minutes of meetings, memoranda, press cuttings and photographs. 
 The Rev. D.C. Thompson Papers were deposited in the library of the University of the Witwatersrand in 1986 by his daughter, Mrs. Gwen Rogers. 
 The inventory lists the number of items in each file, mentions the names of the principal correspondents, indicates the subject field and itemises anything of particular importance. A biographical sketch of Rev. D.C. Thompson is included. 
 The papers were built up by Rev. Douglas Thompson during his lifetime and they are particularly strong on the politics of the 1940's and the 1950's. Subjects covered are politics, political trials, justice, detentions, bannings. child welfare, health and church matters. 
 Documents relating to Pietersburg and Sekhukhuneland Missions were stolen. 
 Rev. Douglas Chadwick Thompson (1905-1985) 
 Douglas Thompson was born in England on the 8th August 1905 the son of David Chadwick Thompson and Kitty Brettle. David Thompson fought in the Boer War and in 1907 the Thompson family settled in Pretoria. 
 Douglas Thompson was a restless scholar. He left Pretoria Boys High in form four (192,3) and became an ironmoulding apprentice with the South African Railways and Harbours (1923-1928). The Church strongly influenced his life from an early age and in 1928 he was accepted into the Wesleyan Methodist Ministry. Between 1928 amd 1930 he studied at Richmond College, the Divinity School at London University . On his return to the Union he was placed in the Geaina Area of the Pretoria Circuit. From 1937 to 1941 he was sent to Pietersburg and from 1942 - 1950 he was in Johannesburg West. From 1950 onwards he was in Springs. 
 During his late teens Thompson became interested in world politics,local political issues, philosophy and psychology. He was particularly interested in the politics of the Soviet Union as well as the relationship between Christianity and communism. Thompson was of the first "Marxist theologians" in South Africa. He described himself as a Christian humanist and as a man who had a copy of Marx in the one hand and the Bible in the other. 
 Thompson was Chairman of the South African Peace Council, the Transvaal Peace Council and the Society for Peace and Friendship with Soviet Union. As the result of his involvement in these organisations he travelled to eastern bloc countries and the Soviet Union. He was also active in the Congress of Democrats, the Penal Reform League and the Child Welfare Society. 
 Douglas Thompson was one of the accused in the 1956 Treason Trial. He was banned from 1962-1967. 
Aa Peace Council 
Ab Congress of Democrats 
Ac Society for Peace and Friendship with the Soviet Union 
Ad Fellowship of Reconciliation 
Ae African National Congress 
Af Congress of the People 
Ag National Assistance Fund 
Ah Raids: Thompson and Advance 
Ai Treason Trial (1956) 
Aj Treason Trial Defence Fund 
Ak Thompson Defence Fund 
Al Rejection by Warmbaths of Thompson re: activities 
Am Justice and Police Correspondence 
An Tomlinson Report 
Ao Letters and Congratulations on lifting of ban 
Ap May Day Committee 
Aq Human Rights Committee 
Ar Ahmed Timol Memorial 
As General Political Correspondence and Papers 
At Press Cuttings and Newspapers 
Au Reef Riots - 1919/1950 
Av Communist Party 
Aw Miscellaneous Leaflets and Pamphlets 
Ax South African Defence and Aid Fund 
Ba Child Welfare Society 
Bb Mental Health Society 
Be Penal Reform League 
Bd League of Nations Union 
Be Toc H 
Bf Society of Jews and Christians 
Ca Sermons and Addresses 
Cb Church Science Programmes 
Cc Order of Services and Memoranda of Services Given 
Cd Correspondence 
Ce Marriage 
Cf Divorce 
Cg Register of Burials 
Ch Continuation Committee 
Ci Christian Citizenship 
CJ Church Unity Commission 
Ck Conferences 
Cl Synods 
Cm Talks/Articles 
Cn Publications (not Thompson) 
Co Pamphlets 
Cp Newsletters and Newspapers 
Cq Press Cuttings 
Cr Miscellaneous 
Cs Photographs - Stored in room 27 
Ct Tapes 
Cu Books 
Cv Posters 
Cw Springs Methodist Church 
Da Diaries 
Db Correspondence 
Dc Union Castle Line Trip 
Dd 1952 Overseas Trip 
De Miscellaneous Items 
Df Photographs -Stored in room 27. 
Ea Correspondence 
Eb Examination Papers 
Ec Certificates 
Ed School Reports 
Ee Receipts 
Ef Richmond College Notebooks 
Eg Time Tables 
Eh Pamphlets and Programmes 
Ei Probationer Examinations 
Ej Essays 
Ek Miscellaneous 
El Photographs - Stored in room 27 
Fa Records of Expenditure 
Fb Daveton Products 
Ga Science 
Gb Evolution 
Gc Women 
Gd General 
PUBLICATIONS (Not Thompson) 
MAPS Stored in room 27. 
Aa Peace Council 18f 1949-1964 
Aa1 South African Peace Council 11f 1951-1964 
 (See also; Ai12) 
Aa1.1 Correspondence 1f 1951-1958 
 Correspondents include: Juliuu Lewin, Desmond Buckle, W.P.C., Transvaal Peace Council, S.A.P.C., A.W.blaxall, Congress for Disarmament, H.Wolpe, Doornfontcin Peace Commlt.lee 
Aa1.2 Interviews 1f 1982 and Undated 
 Includes: extract: ream S. A.I.It.tt. interview with Thompson (1982) and W.P.C. press release of interviews with Thompson re appeal for unity of Dig Five Powers 
Aa1.3 Addresses and Speeches 1f 1951-1956 
 1951 Delville Wood Commemoration Service 
 The Churches and Peace 
 1953 Heporl on World Peace Council Scission 
 1955 Notes for Speech made in Durban 
 Effects of war on the human character 
 1956 Opening address - Cape Town Regional Peace Conference 
 The People's and the Peace Movement 
 South Africa's People Need Peace (Alex Is Gums) 
Aa1.4 Bulletins 1f 1955-1964 
 South Africans For Peace - May 1955, Apr.1956, 12 Apr.1956, Aug.I45/, May 1958, May 1959, 19 Oct.1962, 12 Mar.1963 and 22 Jun.1964 
Aa1.5 World Festival of Youth and Students for Peace 2f 1951 
Aa1.5.1 Correspondence 1f 1951 
 Correspondents include: Preparatory Committee, Transvaal Peace Council, Cape Town Peace Council, African Mineworkers Union, Louis Joffe and W.P.C. 
Aa1.5.2 Pamphlets 1f Undated 
 Includes :Outline of Programme, The IUS Constitution, Communique of 2nd meeting of International Festival Committee and items in Russian and French 
Aa1.6 Trip to W.P.C- Sessions lf 1953 
 Includes: diary 9-29 Jun.1953, ephemera and mementoes 
Aa1.7 Pamphlets, Leaflets and Appeals 1f Mainly undated 
Aa1.7.1 Peace petition 
Aa1.7.2 Questions and Answers on Peace Pact 
Aa1.7.3 Your child - victim of the next war? 
Aa1.7.4 There is no freedom without peace 
Aa1.7.5 Stop the War in Egypt 
Aa1.7.6 Let's fight for peace 
Aa1.7.7 Through the Uranium Curtain, 1955 
Aa1.7.8 South African National Peace Congress, 1953 
Aa1.7.9 The Fight for Life 
Aa1.7.10 Appeal against preparation for atomic war 
Aa1.7.11 China must be admitted to UNO 
Aa1.7.12 Peace on Earth 
Aa1.7.13 If this were your child 
Aa1.7.14 World appeal against preparation for atomic war 
Aa1.7.15 W.P.C. Declaration, Sep.1954 
Aa1.7.16 Prospects for World Peace 
Aa1.8 Miscellaneous items 1f 1958 and undated 
 Includes: suggested umendmentr; from Transvaal Peace Council to part one of document on policy; draft resolutions; notes on "vote for a peace pact now" and report by S.A.P.C. on Congress for Disarmament, 1958 
Aa1 .9 Press Cuttings 1f 1953-1957 
Aa1.10 Diploma of Honour 1f 1959 
 Awarded by W.P.C. to Thompson in recognition of notable service to the cause of peace and friendship amens; the peoples from 1949-1959. Includes agenda and presentation celebration and letter from H.Smith (Soc. of S.A.P.C.) re diploma 
Aa2 World Peace Council 6f 1959 
Aa2.1 International Institute for Peace 1f 1958-1960 
 Includes: correspondence, Oct.1958-Apr.1960; communiques and statements from Executive Committee 
Aa2.2 Appeals 1f 1954-1959 
 Includes: Statements, recommendations and resolutions 
Aa2.3 Pamphlets and Booklets 1f 1949-1958 
Aa2.3.1 What is W.C.P.? (1949-1954) 
Aa2.3.2 Resolutions and documents, 1958 
Aa2.3.3 Session of Bureau of W.C.P., 1954 
Aa2.4 Newspapers 1f 1950-1958 
 Soviet News - 13, 17, 22 Nov.1950; Sep.1959 and booklet 23, Peace Action - Feb. and Sep.1958 
Aa2.5 Bulletin 1f 1955, 1960 
 Mar.1955 and Feb.1960 
Aa2.6 Miuccllaneous Items 1f 1954-1959 
 Includes: Commemoration of 10th anniversary of World Peace Movement, Oct.1958; 2 speeches by Nikita Khrushchov, 1959; Problems of our Time and speech by J. Laffitte, 1954. Also includes various publications, booklets etc. 
Aa3 German Peace Council 1f 1959-1961 
 Documents and correspondence re trial and prohibition of German Peace Council 
Aa4 International Publications 1 box 1951-1955 
Ab Congress of Democratu 4f 1955-1958 
Ab1 Counter Attack. 1f 1955-1958 
 1 Apr.1955, 5 Sep.1955, 10 Nov.1956, 5 Dec.1956, 1 Mar.1957, 5 Sep.1957, Apr.1958 
Ab2 Open letter by Martin Jarrett Kerr to PRISM re C.O.D. 1f 1958 
Ab3 Pamphlets and Leaflets 1f Undated 
Ab3.1 To the voters of Hlllbrow - the real issue 
Ab3.2 The Struggle to Live 
Ab3.3 Banishment by Decree 
Ab3.4 Straight talk about the Bus Boycotts 
Ab3.5 Oh, No, Mr Schoeman 
Ab3.6 Support the Bus Baycottern 
Ab3.7 African Tax Proposals 
Ab4 Press Cuttings 1f 1954-1957 
Ac South Africnn Society for Renee and Friendship with the Soviet Union 22f 1942-1959 
 Includes: Soviet Friendship Congress and Friends of the Soviet Union 
Ac1 Constitution 1f 1943, 1944 
 Includes: South African Friendship Congresn Constitution 1944 and South African Friends of the Soviet Union Constitution as adopted by the National Conference 1943. 
Ac2 Correspondence 1f 1943-1951 
 Correspondents include: Soviet Life editor A. Levy, South African Friends of the Soviet Union, Soviet Friendship Congress and Medical Aid for Bosnia 
Ac3 Meetings 9t 1943-1945 
Ac3.1 Minutes of F.S.U. N.E.C. Meetings 1f 1944-1945 
Ac3.1.1 5 June 1944 
Ac3.1.2 1 August 1944 
Ac3.1.3 1 Septembr 1944 
Ac3.1.4 9 October 1944 
Ac3.1.5 18 December 1944 
Ac3.1.6 8 January 1945 
Ac3.1.7 5 February 1945 
Ac3.1.8 19 Feb.1945 - Special meeting to discuss Conference Resolutions 
Ac3.1.9 5 March 1945 
Ac3.1.10 27 May 1945 
Ac3.2 Minutes or National Secretariat Meeting 1f 1945 
Ac3.3 Minutes of Executive Committee Meetings 1f 1944-1945 
Ac3.3.1 7 February 1944 
Ac3.3.2 6 March 1944 
Ac3.3.3 3 April 1944 
Ac3.3.4 1 May 1944 
Ac3.3.5 17 May 1944 
Ac3.3.6 18 September 1944 
Ac3.3.7 4 June 1945 
Ac3.4 Minutes of Johnnesburg Branch Meetings (FSU) 1f 1945 
Ac3.4.1 Minutes of Special Meeting re memorial meeting for Roosevelt, Apr.1945 
Ac3.4.2 14 May 1945 
Ac3.4.3 2 July 1945 
Ac3.4.4 20 August 1945 
Ac3.4.5 8 September 1945 
Ac3.4.6 8 October 1945 
Ac3.5 Minutes of Organising Committee Meetings (SFC) 1f 1944 
Ac3.5.1 8 February 1944 
Ac3.5.2 8 March 1944 
Ac3.5.3 3 April 1944 
Ac3.5.4 24 April 1944 
Ac3.5.5 16 May 1944 
Ac3.6 Minutes of F.S.U. Committee Meetings 1f 1943-1945 
Ac3.6.1 10 January 1943 
Ac3.6.2 28 November 1945 
Ac3.6.3 3 December 1945 
Ac3.6.4 27 December 1945 
Ac3.7 Agendas of Meetings 1f Undated 
Ac3.8 Notices of Executive Committee Meetings 1f Undated 
Ac3.9 Minutes of a Special Meeting of Actions Committee and Representatives of the Soviet Pavilion Section, 16 Oct.1944 1f 
Ac4 Minutes of Second National Conference of S.A.F.S.U. 1f 9 Jul.1944 
Ac5 Addresses and Talks 1f 1942-1956 
Ac5.1 1942 "Forward" - a Challenge to Christians 
Ac5.2 1945 Is Communism practicable in S.A. - a talk before the young people or Troyeville Baptist Church 
Ac5.3 1945 Broadcast address on occasion of Red Army Day 
Ac5.4 1948 Soviet Communism - an address to Methodist Ministries Rand Fraternal 
Ac5.5 1949 Symposium on "Life in the USSR - Religion" 
Ac5.6 1949 The 32nd Anniversary of the Great October Revolution 
Ac5.7 1954 Communism's Challenge to Christianity 
Ac5.8 1956 On the Closing of the Soviet Consulate 
Ac5.9 1956 Opening speech - Photographic Exhibition 
Ac5.10 1956 Recent developments in the Soviet Union 
Ao5.11 1956 30th Anniversary of the Soviet Union 
Ac6 Memoranda 1f 1945-1955 
Ac6.1 Memorandum on Campaign for establishing Full diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union - Southern Africa Soviet Friendship Congress, 1945 
Ac6.2 Draft memorandum on world convention of Soviet Friendship to be held in Johannesburg in 1946 
Ac6.3 Impressions of the Soviet Union 1955 by: 
Ac6.3.1 Walter Sisulu 
Ac6.3.2 Paul Joseph 
Ac6.3.3 Ruth First 
Ac6.3.4 Brian Bunting 
Ac7 Death of Stalin 1f 1953 
Ac7.1 Report to Australian Russian Society - Stalin's Death and Funeral. Impressions by Jessie Stree. 19p. Ts. 
Ac7.2 Speech by Thompson in memoriam of Joseph V. Stalin 
Ac7.3 Notice of Stalin Memorial Meeting - Molly Fischer (Sec.) 
Ac7.4 Leaflets re memorial meeting 
Ac7.5 Press Cuttings 
Ac8 Invitation:, 1f 144?-1955 
 Invitation extended to Thompson from Town Councils, USSR Consulate and Friends of the Soviet Union 
Ac9 Pamphlet:: and Leaflets 1f Mostly undated 
Ac9.1 37th Anniversary of the Soviet Union 
Ac9.3 Protest Meeting - closure of Soviet Consulate - issued by S.A.C.T.U. 
Ac9.4 Why Friendship with Russia 
Ac9.5 No to War! Yes to Freedom - issued by ANC, SAIC, SACOD, SACTU and South Afriean Coloured Peoples Organisation 
Ac9.6 Southern African-Soviet Friendship Congress 
Ac9.7 Ourselves and Russia for Peace and Friendship 
Ac9.8 The Anniversary of the Great Soviet Revolution - 1946 
Ac9.9 Soviet Russia Today! 
Ac9.10 For Peace and Goodwill - 33rd Anniversary (1950) 
Ac9.11 Why Friendship with Russia? 
Ac9.12 Medical Aid for Russia 
 Also includes pamphlets re: concerts, photographic exhibitions and film shows 
Ac10 S.A.C.S.U. Newsletter 1f 1944-1445 
Ac10.1 January 1944 
Ac10.2 February 1944 
Ac10.3 March 1944 
Ac10.4 April 1944 
Ac10.5 May 1944 
Ac10.6 November 1944 
Ac10.7 December 1944 
Ac10.8 January 1945 
Ac10.9 February 1945 
Ac10.10 March 1945 
Ac10.11 April 1945 
Ac10.12 July 1945 
Ac11 Weekly Press Service 1f 1943 
 Nov - 22 November 1943, No.12 - 29 November 1943 and No.13 - 6 December 1943 
Ac12 Bulletin - For Peace and Friendship 1f 19hP-1957 
 1952 - July 
 1953 - July/August, November/December 
 1954 - November/December 
 1955 - May/June, September/October, November - 38th anniversary of the Soviet Union 
 1956 - March, November 
 1957 - May/June, August 
Ac13 Printed Items 1f 1943 + Undated 
Ac13.1 The Stalin Cult - What the Soviet Leaders Say 
Ac13.2 Malenkov, Kagananov, Molotov - why they had to go 
Ac13.3 20 Questions answered - Kruschov's interview with New York Times: 
Ac13.4 The Formosa Crisis 
Ac13.6 Soviet Life - October-Dccember 1943 
Ac14 Press Cutting:; 1f 1942-1959 
Ac15 Miscellaneous: Items 1f 1944-1945, 1955 & Undated 
 Includes: Extract from SA1RR Interviews with Thompson; report to General Meeting, Nov.1955; List of Trade Unions: and kindred organisations affiliated to SAFSU; petition to government to strengthen relations existing between USSR and SA; Revenue and Expenditure Account for 5 months ended 30 Nov.1943; Notice of Progressive Music Society Concert; Southern Africa-Soviet Friendship Congress - list of subjects, speakers and suggested programme; spirit of Russia campaign and SAFSU membership form. 
Ad Fellowship of Reconciliation In South Africa 1f 1952-1960 
 Reconciliation in Southern Africa (Newsletter} - Aug.Nov,.1957, Aug.Oct.Dec.1953, Jun-Aug.6 Oct.Dec.1954, Jul.1955, Dec.1956, 1957, Mar-Apr. Jun.l 960 
 Notice of Witwatersrand Church Council meeting - includes draft constitution 
 Anglican Pacifist Fellowship pamphlet 
 Correspondence, 1952-1956 
Ae African National Congress 1f 195.E-1960 
 Includes: Bulletin of Defiance Campaign; sticker; pamphlet and press cuttings, 1954-1960 
Af Congress of the People 1f 1954 
 Includes: undelivered speech (Thompson); Freedom Charter; Memorandum re Peace Movement end the Congress of the People; pamphlet.; Speaking Together, Aug.1954; Christmas card and press cuttings 
Ag National Assistance Fund 1f 1952 
 Includes: 2 pamphlets and a Ts letter from W.H. Ngakane and Violet Weinberg, 15 August 195? 
Ah Raids: Rev Thompson and "Advance" 1f 1954 
 Includes: copy of extract from minutes of meeting or local preachers of Springs Council, Sep.1954; 10 press cuttings, 31 Aug.-4 Nov.1954 and Advance, 16 Sep.1954 
Ai Treason Trial 26f 1956-1963 
Ai1 Preparatory Examination 1f 
 Outline of Crown case in the matter of Regina vs 153 individuals. 72p. 
Ai2 Indictment 3f 
 Regina vs Adams and Others 
Ai2.1 Volume one 1f 
Ai2.2 Volume two 1f 
Ai2.3 Volume three 1f 
Ai3 Personal References to Rev. Thompson in Indictment 1f 
 4 Ts pages - extracts from vols 1-4 
Ai4 Schedules 3f 
Ai4.1 "A" and "B" 12 Ts.pp 1f 
Ai4.2 "C" 79 Ts.pp 1f 
Ai4.3 "D" 94 Ts.pp 1f 
Ai5 Reasons for Judgment: 1f 
 Justice J. Rumpff 11 Tn.pp 
 Justice J. Bekker 8 Tn.pp 
Ai6 Accused Liaison Committee 1f 
 Includes: handwritten proposals, re: accused protest of Crown witnesses evidence by Thompson and another. 10.3.57, and draft letter written by Thompson requesting the release of all detaincen, 25.5.60 
Ai7 Bail Order 1f 1958 
Ai8 Defence Questionnaire 1f 
 Details personal history of the accused (Thompson). Includes his CV. 
Ai9 Notice of Trial 1f 1959 
 Billy Nair, 31.3.59 
Ai10 Summons 1f 1959 
 From Chief Clerk of Attorney-General's Office to the Sheriff of Transvaal Province, 31.3.59 
Ai11 Correspondence from Defence to All Accused 1f 1968-1959 
 Includes letter regarding new indictment, of April 1959 and general memoranda, 5th and 7th 1958 
Ai12 Memorandum for Defence 1f Undated 
 South African Peace Council 
Ai13 Evidence of Professor A.H. Murray 1f 19h7 
 Includes: memorandum on aspects of Murray's evidence, 20.5.57-13.6.57 (11 pages) and a list of published works and selected extracts from Murray's writings. 
Ai14 State "Expert" on Communism - Joseph M. Boshenski 1f 1958 
 Theory of methodology of Communism, 46 Tss, dated March 1958 
Ai15 Detainees' Limericks 1f 19150 
 Unted 28.5.60, 2 handwritten pp. (Thompson) of limericks by Issy Heyman, Ronald Press, D.C. Thompson, Muller, Brink, Swart, Leon Levy, Cecil Williams and Harold Wolpe 
Ai16 Thomson's Notes made during, Trial and Proceedings 1f 
 Includes: personal notes of accused to each other; notes on trial proceedings, 5-7 Sep.l957; notes on Murray's "expert" evidence and Rev Thompson's reply to this evidence; "A Christian's understanding of the contemporary world" - paper by Thompson; foreword to High Treason, the plot against the People by Albert G. Kahn; notes on preparation for the Defence dicta 
Ai17 General Correspondence - Treason Trial Period 2f 1956-1963 
 Includes: letters from friends regarding. Rev Thompson's detention and his position as an accused in the Trial. Letters are from church leaders, Richmond College, Jan Hoogenwyk, Rev A.W. Blaxall. Includud are Thompson's letters of reply 
Ai18 Booklets 1f 1957-1959 
Ai18.1 Gardiner, Gerald: The South African Treason Trial, a speech delivered on 4.2.57 at a meeting arranged by Christian Action 
Ai18.2 Blom-Cooper, L.J. The South African Treason Trial: Regina vs Adams and Others. Reprinted from the International and Comparative Law Quarterly, January 1959 
Ai18.3 South Africa's Treason Trial - Afrika Publications 
Ai18.4 Copy of an article on Treason Trial from Fighting Talk, August 1958 
Ai19 Photographs 1f 1956-1957 
 2 photographs: 1. Treason Trial Accused, Dec.1956 Preliminary hearings, 1957. Picture of Thompson and 3 others (both photographs are missing) 
Ai20 Press Cuttings 1f 1956-1963 
Ai20.1 Thompson and the Trial, Dec.1956-Oct.1963. Also includes 4 items 1f 
Ai20.2 Ephemera relating to the trial 2 Nov-28 Dec.1956 
Ai20.3 Jan.1957 
Ai20.4 Feb-Apr.1957 
Ai20.5 May-57 
Ai20.6 Jun-Jul.1957 
Ai20.7 Aug-Dec.1957 
Ai20.8 Jan-Jun.1958 
Ai20.9 Jul.1958-Dec.1959 
Ai20.10 Jan.1960-Dec.1962 
Ai20.11 Undated Clippings 
Ai21 Signatures of Detainees 1f 1960 
 Fellow detainees congratulating Thompson on his 27th wedding anniversary, written on an unfolded cake box. This was at the time of the 1960 detentions 
Ai22 Miscellaneous, Treason Trial items 
Aj Treason Trial Defence Fund 5f 1956-1961 
Aj1 Christian Action and Aid Fund 1f 1957 
 Includes: pamphlets; statement of account; Christian Action, 1957 
Aj2 Correspondence 1f 1957-1960 
 Includes: matters relating to donations; transportation; notices of meetings dating from 16 Nov.1957-26 .Ian.1960 
Aj3 Treason Trial Bulletin 1f 1958-1961 
 1958 - 27 Feb., 26 Apr., 14 May, 25 Oct. 
 1959 - 27 Jan., 1 Apr., 4 Jul., 2 Nov. 
 1960 - 10 Feb., May 
 1961 - 10, 16 Jun. 
Aj4 Press Cuttings 1f 1956-1961 
 13 Dec.1956-4 Apr.1961 
Aj5 Miscellaneous Items 1f 1959 & Undated 
 Includes: 22nd Issue of bulletin giving resumes or trial proceedings, 9-12 Nov.1959; donation form and pamphlets 
Ak Rev Thompson Defence Fund 8f 1957.1960 
Ak1 Legal Costs 1f 1957 
 Correspondence re legal aid from Methodist Church, 1957 
Ak2 Letters of Donation 7f 1959-1960 
 Donations were received from various ministers of the British Methodist Conference. Little correspondence features- generally only amountsndonated appear 
Ak2.1 10-13 June 1959 1f 
Ak2.2 14-16 June 1959 1f 
Ak2.3 17-19 June 1959 1f 
Ak2.4 20-24 June 19h9 1f 
Ak2.5 25-30 July 1959 1f 
Ak2.6 July 1959-July 1960 1f 
Ak2.7 Undated 1f 
Al Rejection of Thompson by Warmbathe Methodists 1f 1959-1960 
 Includes: correspondence between Thompson and leading members of Warmbaths Methodist community concerning transfer to Warmbaths. Also correspondence between J.B. Webb and Thompson and several press cuttings 
Am Justice and Police Correspondence 1f 1952-1963 
 Includes: letters from Thompson's wife to the Minister of Justice; notices of seizure of objectionable literature (1952-1960); lists of documents seized (1954-1960); certificate of release; applications and requests to make visits and services; receipts; banning order, 1962; correspondence with Chief Magistrate of Springs: Dec.1962-Feb, 1963; correspondence with Department of Justice re Thompson's activities in COD and the inclusion of his name in new list compiled under the Suppression of Communism Act 1963 
An Commission for the Socio-Economic Development of the Bantu Areas within the Union of South Africa (Tomlinson Report) 1f 1956 
An1 Summary of the Report, Government Printers, 1955 
An1.1 Title pages & Table of contents        
An1.2 Part I - Broad perspective        
An1.3 Part II - The Bantu areas        
An1.4 Part III - Development of the Bantu areas        
An1.5 Part IV - Execution of the development proposals        
An1.6 Part V - Recommendations and possible implications        
An1.7 Maps        
An2 Memorandum re Government decisions on recommendations of Tomlinson Commission 
An3 Handwritten and typed comments by Thompson on the improbability of the programme and its recommendations and significance 
An4 Methodist conference on report - Includes: Conference programme, correspondence and a statement for presentation to Synod 
An5 Press Cuttings 
An5.1 March 1956 
An5.2 April 1956 
An5.3 May 1956 
An5.4 June-September 1956. Also includes undated items 
Ao Lifting of Ban 1f 1967 
 Correspondence including letters and telegrams of congratulations from friends 
Ap May Day Committee 1f 1948-1953 
 Includes; official programmes 1948-1953; pamphlet 1948; correspondence with C.Grootewal 1940-1953; The Indicator, Apr 1946; press cuttings 1953 
Aq Human Rights Committee 1f 1974-1975 
 Includes: letter from Sheila Weinberg, 13 Nov.1974; Human Rights Committee Bulletin, Apr.1975 and Human Rights, Nos.l and 2 
Ar Ahmed Timol Memorial 1f 1973 
 Includes: correspondence re Timol's death in detention, Oct.1971, list of deaths in detention and press cuttings 
As General Political Correspondence and Papers 1f 1922-1961 
 Includes: correspondence with Natal Indian Congress, Aug.19119, A. Luthuli, Oct.1961, Louis B. Klopper and New Theatre, 1944; Ts. memorandum from Rev John R. Gray - "Impressions on a visit to South Africa and Apartheid", 98p; memo - South Africa after the Nationalists; economic realities of present position in South Africa; Transvaal Indian Congress banquet programme, Jan.1950; SAIRR NEC statement, 1957; SAIRR - The outlook for S.A. summaries of speeches by Julius Lewin, Paul Mosaka and Prof. J. du Plessis, S Jul.1955; SAIRR press bulletin - "belief vs fear"; "The Story of a Crime", being the vindication of Transvaal Strike Legal Defence Committee in connection with the Great Strike of Witwatersrand in 1922 
At Press Cuttings (1-22) and-Newspaper.; (23) 29f s 1 Box 1926-1976 
At1 General Politics 8f 1926-1966 
At1.1 1926-1938 1f 
 Includes; parliamentary democracy, world peace and 2 articles by J.H. Hofmeyr 
At1.2 1950-1952 1f 
 Includes: Suppression of Communism; Solly Sachs; race discrimination and Brian Bunting's election 
At1.3 1953 1f 
 Includes: Railway Apartheid Case 
At1.4 1954 1f 
 Includes: Integration; police attendance at public gatherings 
At1.5 1956 1f 
 Includes: police attendance at public gatherings; Swart; Appeal Court 
At1.6 1956 1f 
 Includes: General politics 
At1.7 1957 i f 
 Includes: Sovereignity of Parliament; social apartheid 
At1.8 1958-1966 l f 
 Includes:13 items on Harold Strachan Case 
At2 Legislation - Bills and Acts 1f 1952-1958 
 includes articles on: Suppression of Communism Act; High Court of Parliament Act; Voters Act.; South Africa Act; Native Trust and Land Amendment ltlll; Verwoerd Bill; Industrial Conciliation Act 
At3 Native Affairs, Questions and Bills; 1f 1923-1936 
At4 Education 1f 1932-1936, 1953-1957 
At5 Indians 1f 1936-1960 
At6 Coloured Housing 1f 1931-1936 
 Reef Area 
At7 Group Areas 1f 1957-1958 
At8 Labour and Industry 1f 1954-1957 
At9 Job Reservation 1f 1957-1958 
At10 Reserves/Bantustan2 1f 1954-1960 
At11 Removals lf 1956-1959 
At12 Workers and Unions 1f 1954-1959 
At13 Townships 1f 1950-1960 
At14 Passes and Pass Burning 1f 1950-1960 
At15 Academic Apartheid 1f 1953-1958 
At16 Boycotts 1f 1957-1958 
At17 Multi-Racial Conference 1f 1951-1958 
At19 Other Opposition Parties 1f 1946-1958 
 Includes: United Party 1953-1958; Progressives 1959; Labour 1946, 1957 
At20 Day of the Covenant 1f 1956-1957 
At21 Election 1f 1958 
At22 New Age Newspaper 1f 1954-1958 
At23 Press cuttings 
 Newspapers 1 box 1945-1976 
At23.1 New Age (See also: At22) - 28 Jul.1955, 22 Nov.1956, 18 Scp.1958 
At23.2 Guardian - 15 May 1952, 17 Nov.1976 
At23.3 eGoli - 17 Aug.1952 
At23.4 Morning Star - Jun.1956 
At23.5 Fighting Talk - Jun, Aug.1957, Aug.1958 
At23.6 World - Luthuli'a funeral, 31 Ju1.1967; Winnie Mandela's trial, 25 Mar.1976, 22 Dec.1956 
At23.7 Inkululeko - Dec.1974 
At23.8 Forum - 5, 12 Nov.1949 
At23.9 African X-Ray Report - Feb.1955-Jan.1960 
At23.10 Democrat Monthly - Mar-May 1949 
At23.11 Forward - 11 May 1945; Jul.1962; Jun. Oct, Dec.1963; Mar, Jul-Aug. Oct. Dec.1964 
At23.12 Workers Unity - Nov.1961-Jan.1962, Vol.6, No.2 (T.U.Quarterly) 
At23.13 Now Youth - Jul.1957 (Independent. Youth Journal) 
At23.14 Focus - Dec.1964 
Au Reef Riots 1f 1949-1950 
 Includes: Report of Commission Appointed to Enquire into Acts of Violence Committed by Natives at Krugersdorp, Newlands, Randfontein and Newclare; Thompson's notes re riots; Krugersdorp and Westminster Times - 28 Oct, 4 Nov.1949; press cuttings. 
Av South African Communist Party 1f 1945 
 Includes: correspondence with Johannesburg and Yeoville branches re municipal elections of 1945/1946. 
 Correspondents: D.J. du Plessis, Michael Harmel, I. Wolfson. 
 Election pamphlet - 'Meet Michael Harmel.; address by Thompson re Harmel's candidature, 2 Oct.1945 
Aw Pamphlets and Leaflets 1f 1958 and Undated 
 "Support New Age" 
 "Come to Dr Dadoo's Birthday", 1958 
 List of Nationalist. Products 
Ax South African Defence and Aid Fund 1f 1961-1462 
 d and a quarterly newsletter, Jul-Sep., Oct-Dec.1961, Jan-Mar.l952 
Ba Child Welfare Society 4f 1931-1936 
Ba1 General 1f 1931-1936 
 Includes: Annual Report of Star Seaside Fund, 1931; Annual Report and Balance Sheet of South African National Council for Child Welfare. 
 1935-1936; memorandum of National Conference on Social Work, 1936; minutes of Roodepoort Child Welfare meeting, Nov.1933, memoranda re: meeting; papers and pamphlets re: Our Children's Day, 1936; handwritten notes; general Correspondence; Happy Days - The Star Seaside Fund, 1931 and Child Welfare, Nov.1936 
Ba2 Cases 3f 1934-1936 
 Includes: handwritten and Ts correspondence and documents re: adoption and maintenance (mainly Roodepoort area) 
Ba2.1 1934 1f 
Ba2.2 1935 1f 
Ba2.3 1936 1f 
Bb Mental Health Society 5f 1944-1967 
Bb1 General Correspondence 1f 1944-1967 
 Includes: Constitution adopted in May 1963 
 Subjects : 
 1944 - Annual hospital appeal 
 1956 - Course on mental health for ministers 
Bb2 Reports 1f 1959-1965 
 Annual Report and Statistical Report for year ended 31 Mar.1959; Balance Sheet of Netta Levine Home as nt 31 Mar.1059 and Apr.1964-31 Mar.1965 Statistical Report, 1 
Bb3 Minutess of Executive Committee Meeting 1955-1963 
 Includes: 15 Aug, 24 Oct, 21 Nov.1955; 5 Feb, 9 Mar, 20 Apr, 8 May 1959; 21 Mar, 20 Jun, 18 Jul.1960; 14 May 1963 
Bb4 Lectures in Psychiatry for Ministers; of Religion 1f 1955-1966 
 Feb.1956 - Includes: minutes of meetings to discuss proposed lectures - 2B Nov, 20 Dec.1955 and 21 Feb.1956; handwritten notes on lecture material; press cuttings and lectures 
 Allen, K. Lower The Surgeon's interest in psychological illnesses 
 Cox, A. Psychological Illness in South Africa; problems of treatment and care 
 Elliot, G.A. Mind Body Relationships 
 Gillis, I.S. Group Psychotherapy 
 Hurst, L.A. Man in his environment. - a psychiatrist's approach. 
 Katz, S.M. The Neuro-Psychiatrists point of view. 
 Klass, M. Psychotherapy: its principles, techniques: and goals 
 Klaso, M. Symptoms of the Neuroses 
 Psychiatry and Religion 
 Kushlick, P. Psychological Ills of Children 
 Lejeune, Y. Personality Dynamics 
 Reeves, Ambrose Lecture 
 Man and his Environment 
 Schraibman, I. Lecture on Physiology 
 Thompson, D.C. Symposium on the subjects of guilt and freedom 
Bb5 Miscellaneous Items 1f 1936-1964 
 Includes: handwritten notes on psycho-therapy; newsletters - Jan ,Feb. 1963 and Jan.1964; paper by Ian R. Vermooten (Commissioner for Mental Hygiene) re: faculties available for treatment in mental hospitals; paper issued by S.A. Institute of Psychology re: The psychological system 1942; History of the Mental Hygiene Movement in South Africa by M.J. Cohen (1936) and Mental Health In South Africa, vol.11, no.?, Jan.1962 
Bc Penal Reform League Of 1945-1958 
Bc1 Constitution 1f 1947 
 Includes amendments, 5 May 1948 
Bc2 Annual Reports 1 1946-1953 
 1946/47; 1947/48; 1949/50; 1950/51; 1951/52; 1952/53. Included are statements of receipts and payments 
Bc3 Minutes of Meetings 1f 1948-1952 
 Annual Meeting minutes - 3 Jul.1948, 8 Jun.1949, 9 Jun.1950 
 Minutes of Council - 22 Jan.1950 (agenda only), 23 Jan.1950 
 22 Jan.1951, 19 Jan.1952 (agenda only) 
Bc4 Findings of Penal Reform Conferences 1f 1945-1953 
 Findings of Conference covered under auspices of SAIRR and Social Services Association of South Africa (25 and 26 Jun.1945); notification of Conference to examine recommendations of the Report of the Landsdown Commission and findings on Crime, Punishment and Correction (22-24 Sep. 1953 ) 
Bc5 Memoranda 1f 1945-1953 
 Alternatives to Existing Practice - Methodist Men's League, 27 Mar.1945 2 Ts. 
 F.B. Allen's House of Assembly Debates (handwritten) Penal Reform - disabilities of convicted persons - P.T.H. Wall. 11 Ts 1948/06/15 
 Social Problem of Crime, its causes, prevention and punishment (30 May 1951) 12 Ts 
 Disabilities of the Reformed Delinquent - P.T.H. Wall 7Ts. 14 Sep.1953 
Bc6 Correspondence 1f 1948-1958 
 Correspondents: H.P. Junod, H. Mann, R.J. Moore, D.C. Thompson 
 Subjects: subscription, membership and apologies. 
Bc7 Press Cuttings 1f 1944-1957 
Bc8 Penal Reform New 1f 1946-1958 
 Newsletters Nos.1-42 (26 missing); Jul.1946 and Jul.1952 
Bc9 Publications (not Thompson) 1f 1944-1951 
Bc9a 1944 - Inside our Prisons (SAIRR) 
Bc9b 1944 - The future Treatment of the Adult Offender (M.Fry) 
Bc9c 1946 - The Non-European Offender (SAIRR) 
Bc9d 1946 - The Problem of the Child Delinquent (W.L. Marsh) 
Bc9e 1946 - Crime and the Cormunity (SAIRR) 
Bc9f 1947 - Revenge or Reformation? Our Prison System (H.P. Junod) 
Be9g 1948 - Community and Crime (No.2) 
Bc9h 1948 - Freedom as a Reformatory Instrument (A. Paton) 
Bc9i 1948 - Penal Reform and Race Relations (A.W. Hoernle) 
Bc9j 1950 - Penal Reform 1950 (A.W. Hoernle) 
Bc9k 1951 - I was in Prison (H.P. Junod) 
Bd League of Nations Union 2f 1931-1938 
Bd1 Correspondence 1f 1931-1938 
 Correspondents: H.B. Hall, J.K. Robertson, M. Rothugh, D.C. Thompson 
 1931 - Petition demanding disarmament 
 1934 - Peace Week Meeting 
 1935 - League of Nations booklets 
 Rev W. Samson's scathing Indictment of League 
Bd2 1938 - Subscription 
 Miscellaneous Papers 1f 1932 and Undated 
 Includes: League of Nations - A vindication by D.C. Thompson; notes re: addresses on the League; pamphlets and Liga, Nov, Dec.1932 
Be Toc H 1f 1946-1950 
 Includes: pamphlets on black locations, 11 Mar.1941, press cuttings and The Compass, Feb. Oct.1946 and Apr.1950 
Bf Society of Jews and Christians 
Bf1 General 1f 1938-1943 
 Includes: Invitation to "Towards Peace" symposium, 18 Oct.1943; notes on speech entitled "The Jew and World Ferment"; quarterly reports - May, Sep.1938; correspondence (9 items) 
Bf2 Pamphlets 1f Undated 
 What is reform Judaism? 
 The Protocols again exposed 
 Church of England Assembly Denounces Nazism 
 Greyshirts and Others 
 Greyshirts unmasked 
 Nazi Persecution of Christianity 
 Is Communism Jewish? 
Bf3 Publications; 1f Undated 
 Letter of Resignation - James J. Macdonald 
 The Jews - some utterances by Eminent Christians 
 The other side - some recent speeches In Parliament 
 Disstrens and knowledge - Dr A. Syngalowski 
 Is there anti-Semitism in Eastern Europe? 
 Judgement Greyshirt - libel action at Grahamntown 
 Jews and Christians - Dr M. Boyden 
 Some facts about the Society 
 The Problem of Race - Prof. Hoernle 
 A Jewish Rabbi appeals to the Christian conscience - Rabbi W. Hirsh The Jew In the economic life of South Africa - Prof. Gray 
Bf4 Press Cuttings 1f 1932-2942 
 Subjects include: anti-Semitism in South West Africa; General Mantz trial; broadcast by Hofmeyr on Balfour Declaration and anti-Semitism and Christian education 
PAPERS ON CHURCH MATTERS 27f, 2 tapes, books, posters + 2 boxes 1879-1979 
Ca Sermons and Addresses (See also: Ct - Tapes;) 
Ca1 Dated Sermons; 1f 1933-1.980 
 28 Jun.1933-H Oct-1980; preparations, sermons and addresses delivered to church congregations, church organizations and clubs. Subjects include: 'Towards a Christian South Africa', 1945; 'The Contemporary World Crisis', 1949; 'The Christian's Responsibility to God, 1956; 'The Church and the Future', 1975; 'Mahatma Ghandi - an appreciation', 26 Jan. 1951. 
Ca2 Sermons and Addresses 2 boxes Undated 
Ca3 Sermons Vetted by Special Branch 1f 1962-1967 
 Subjects include: Woman - her social, economic and religious emancipation; the real enemies of mankind and the Christian faith and mental health 
Cb Church Service Programmes 1f 1973-1980 
 Includes programmes for Springs Central Methodist Church and St.Peter and St. Paul's; Fellowship programme 
Cc Order of Services and Memorandum of Services Given 1f 1968-1980 
Cd Correspondence 1f 1926-1978 
 Correspondents include: Theosophical Society, Scripture Gift Mission, Youth for Christ, J.B. Webb, Rev D.P. Dugmore, Rev S.G. Pitts, C. Wilkins, C.R. Muysa, Rev U.A. Moore, J. Howard and T. Chapman 
 Subjects include: 
 1951 - Furlong Trust. Grant 
 1957 - Nigel Trust 
 1958 - Southern Transvaal District Circular. 
 Supernumerary Allowance 
 Springs Methodist Church quarterly letter 
 1959 - Support for Thompson by Springs Church Trust Committee 
 1961-1966 - Synods and Conferences 
 1963, 1966 - Treatment of Thompson by Church 
Ce Papers Re: Marriage 5f 1871-1949 (See also: G3) 
Ce1 Marriage Laws and Acts, 1f 1871-1949 
 1871 Law No.3 - Marriage Ordinance 
 1897 Law No.3 - regulating the marriages of Coloured people within the South African Republic 
 1913 Marriage Laws Amendment Act, No.21 
 1934 Act to Amend the Law of Succession. No.13 
 1949 Act to Prohibit Marriages between Europeans and Non-Europeans, No.55 
Ce2 Instructions to Marriage Officers 1f 1906-1926 
 1906 Native Marriages (No.54) 
 1909 - 1920 While Marriages (Transvaal) 
 1926 Coloured Marriages 
Ce3 Offical Circulars 1f 1909-1959 
 22 November 1909 - 28 December 19119 
Ce4 Letters of Permission and Consent 1t 1936-1945 
 District of Krugersdorp. Includes: certificates of Publications of Banns 
Ce5 Miscellaneous Items 1f 1909-1956 
 1909-1956 Correspondence (7 items) 
 1923 Duplicate original marriage register 
 1942 Press clippings re: war weddings 
 1947 Memorandum read at SAIRR Regional Conference, Durban 
 1951 Marriages solemnised by Thompson 
 1953 Marriages solemnised by Thompson 
 1955 Baptisms, marriages and deaths in Springs/Geduld area, Jan-June. 
 1956 Clergy Protest at Marriage Act. 
 Marital Conditions in Urban African Life - Rev E.E. Mahabane 
Cf Papers Re: Divorce 1f 1945-1948 
 Includes: Report or British Conference Committee on Divorce; Report of Commission appointed by 1946 Methodist Conference re: divorce and marriage of divorcees and press cuttings, Apr.1943-Jul.1449 
Cg Register of Burials 1f 1942-1958 
 Includes: West Park, Braamfontein, Brixton, Marraisburg, Newclare, Roodepoort, Krugerudorp, Sterkfontein, Springs, Benoni, Brakpan and Nigel 
Ch The Continuation Committee of South African Churches 11' 1959 
 Ecumenical Conference to consider Christian responsibility towards areas of rapid social change held at University of the Witwatersrand 7-10 Doc. 1959 
 Includes: agenda, attendance register index; letter from A. Blaxall; press cuttings and papers delivered 
 Subjects include: 
 Biesheuvel, S., Some effects of industrialization on African personality development 
 Blake, E.C. Rev, Man in rapid social change 
 Broeksma, A.H., Responsible citizenship 
 Du Toit H.D.A., Park or the Christian Church in areas of rapid social change 
 Kitagawa, D. Rev ,Man in rapid social change 
 Munro, H.H. Rev, The community in areas of rapid social change 
 Murray, A.H., The attack on the community 
 Nicol, W., Our changing world 
 Setiloane, G.M., The task of the church 
 Van der Ros, R.E., Responsible citizenship 
 Wilson, M., Tho effect of industrialization and economic development 
Ci Christian Citizenship 1f 1956-1959 
 Includes: pamphlets, Guide to Christian Citizenship, Ts. 15p.; correspondence re: Hungarian Refugees Relief Appeal, Nov.1956; memorandum re: Order of Christian Citizens, Feb.1958 and Annual Report., 1958-1959; Methodism and Social Questions ]929-1958 
Cj Church Unity Commission 1f 1974-1977 
 Includes: Memorandum re: Commitment to the Search for Unity, 24 Nov. 1974; Prayer for Unity, Pentecost 1975/1976; map of proposed Regional Conference Boundaries, 1975; A Plan of Union, 1975, 16p.; Report of a consultation on Spirituality and Union, 1975, Is. 6p.; pamphlet; In Touch, Jun.1974; Mar, Jul.1975 and Katrou, Jun.1976 
Ck Methodist Conference 2f 1945-1979 
Ckl 194S-1962 1f 
 1945 Special Resolutions Ts. 
 1953 Statement - Baptism 
 1954 Telegrams (4) 
 1957 Final draft Ts. 19p. (East London); Address - President 
 1959 Conference Handbook, 32p.; Order of Business - ministerial, 16p.nand Representative sessions, 24p.; final draft, 23p.; address, Ts.n2p.; Southern Transvaal Conference newsletters (4) and letter fromnNorthern Transvaal District to ministers in Kimberley 
 1962 Message From President of the Conference 
Ck2 1977-1979 1f 
 1977 Address to ministerial session - A.E. Hendriks Ts. 6p.; Holy Communion Service, Ts. 5p.; letter re: debate on military chaplaincy; memorandum to ministers and circuit stewards; Report on the Confession System, Is. 5p. 
 1976 Included: Booklet, 15p.; Recommendations and suggestions of the District Synods., Ts. 59p. and memorandum re; Vice-Chairman of Districts, Ts. 8p. (East London) 
 1979 Includes: Booklet, Order of Bussiness, Ts. 56p.; Extract or Resolutions Passed, M. 4p.; Presidential address - A.M. Losaba; precis by Rev Thompson or Media Reports on the Conference and South Eastern Transvaal and Swaziland District Conference Newsletters, 15 Oct., 9 Nov. and 4 Dec.1979, Cape Town 
Cl Synods 2f 1959-1960, 1978 
Cl1 1959 - Benoni 1f 
 includes: Correspondence re: programme, booklet, European Committee Reports, Ts. 34p.; Southern Transvaal Methodist Men's League Synod Report Ts. 1p.; District Reports, Ts. 2p.; St.Stithian's College Report, 
 Ts. 1p.; Mahamba Hospital Report, Ts. 2p.; Report of examinations of probationers and candidates, Ts. 5p.: Swaziland Mission donations submitted 1 Apr.1958-31 Mar.1959 and Account and Balance Sheet 31 Mar.1959 and Southern Transvaal District Missionary and Extension Fund 
Cl2 1460 (Klerksdorp) and 1978 (Vereeniging) 1f 
 1960 Correspondence re: time-table and programme, Ts. 4p. And accommodation; African requests for grants; European Committee Report and Epworth Children's Homes Report, 1 Apr.1959-31 Mar.196) Ts. 3p. 
 1978 Includes booklet and general correspondence 
Cm Talks and Articles - Thompson 1f 1945, 1948 and Undated 
 Christianity and Social Problems - appeared in Transvaal Methodist, Mar. 1945 
 Easter turned into victory - Brakpan Advertiser, 4 Apr.1958 
 A new venture - a circuit magazine 
 The Ministry of the Printed Word 
 Do you think we matter? 
 The Totalitarian State 
Cn Publications - (Not Thompson) 2f 1929-1979 
 1929 The local preachor and his Bible - I. Witt 
 1935 The Methodist Mission: Portuguese East Africa. 7p. 
 1940 War-time Preaching - C.E. Wilkinson 
 1943 What has the Church to say about Money - J.N. Reidman 
 1956 The Heart of Methodism 
 1958 Methodist Missionary Review 
 Methodism and Social Questions, to. 27p. 
 Christian conditions about multi-racial society, Ts. 27p. 
 1959 South Africa, Methodism and God, Ts. 8p. 
 1970 God the Holy Spirit (3 talks by V.W. Harris), Ts. 21p. 
 1974 Findings of the Missiological Institute: consultation on Church and Nationalism 
 1979 Report on Christian League of Southern Africa 
 Undated The Christian Minister and his Commssion, 4p. 
 Undated The Church and the Social Order - Post-war development, modern methods of Evangelization - Rev. J. Garrett, Is. 4p. 
 Undated Lectures on Preaching, 22p. 
 Undated Memorandum re: Establishment of a National Cerebral Palsy community settlement at Roodepoort 
Co Pamphlets and Programmes I f 1925-1960 
Co1 1929 - Wind instruments 
 Tenth Conference of Ministers of the Gospel and Christian Workers 
 1930 - The Sunbeam 
 1945 - Methodist News (Barberton-Nelspruit Circuit) 
 1952 - Festive Week Souvenir Programme 
 1957 - Brochure - Springs Methodist Church 
 1958 - A Christian Manifesto 
 1958 - Selcourt Methodist Sunday School 
 1959 - Appleyard Centenary 
 1960 - Plan of Services - Rand Coloured Circuit 
 1960 - Will you pray for prisoners? 
 Included are also race relations pamphlets 
Cp Newsletters, Newspapers and Magazines 1f 1952-1958 
 Religion and the People, Dec.1952 
 Methodist Men's League, 1952 
 Springs Circuit, Apr,May 1954 
 The Tribune, Oct.1953, May 1954 
 Methodist Church News, Mar, Nov.1955 
 Morning Watch, May 1958 
 Prism, Sep.1958 
 Dimension, Oct.1973, 7 Oct.1979 
 The Methodist Churchman, 1 Jan.1931 
 The Transvaal Methodist, Sep.1928 
 The Christian Recorder, 26 Sep.1958 
Cq Press Cuttings 1f 1929-1978 
Cq1 1929-1936 
Cq2 Aug.1950-Oct.1978 
Cq3 Subjects to be used for sermons 
 Includes: matter's relating to D.R.C., Methodist Church and Anglican Church; comments on government and politics; Church/State relationships 
Cr Miscellaneous Items 1f 1923-193? 
 1923 - Brooklyn Wesleyan Methodist Church entertainment programme 
 1925 - St.George's Sunday School programme 
 1926 - Evangelist campaign 
 1926 - Memoriam for Rev John Howard 
 1928 - Synod booklist 
 1929 - Pretoria Coloured Colonial Circuit Plan, 27 Jan-21 Apr. 
 1930/31 - Ministerial Students Fund Reports 
 1932 - Igleja Methodista, Lourenco Marques 
 Undated - Chronology of the New Testament, list of books which influenced Thompson, book list prices, names and addresses of Norwood congregation and C.S.S. M. choruses 
Cs Photographs 1f 1897, 1956 
Cs1 Krugersdorp Church, 1897 
Cs2 Group photo, 1956: Some of the accused in the Treason Trial 
Cs3-4 Springs: Sunday school, manse, 1958 
Cs5 Lectern Brooklyn church, 1971. See note. 
Cs6-12 Damage to Roodepoort church caused by tornado. 1950s. 
Ct Tapes 
 1975 - Lectures delivered by Thompson. 'The Bible, what it is and what is in it' and 'The Church of the Future' 
Cu Books 
 Includes: The Young Church in Action - J.B. Phillips; Methodist Hymn Book and Good News Bible 
Cv Posters 8 items 1916, 1917, 1975 
 Includes: Wesleyan Methodist Church Centenary Celebrations, 1916; Rev H. Cotton, 1917; D.T. Young; World Methodist Year of Evangelism, 1975 and 4 posters re: joining the ministry 
Cw Opening of Springs Methodist Church 1f 197l 
 Includes: letter from P.S. Barker, l3 Sep.1971; dedication service; souvenir brochure and press cuttings 
PERSONAL AND FAMILY PAPERS 20f. 3 Boxes 1922-1985 
Da Diaries 3 boxes 1923-1985 
 1924 missing, 1928, 1951 and 1957 in two parts 
Da1 1923-1950 
Da2 1951-1976 
Da3 1977-1985 
Db Correspondence 16f 1922-1984 
 Arranged chronologically 
Db1 Personal Correspondence - Friends and Business 1f 1922-1974 
 Correspondents include: C.Maynard, Frank Roberts, D.v.d.M. Haarhoff, E. Turner, H.A. de Beer, J.B. Webb, Dick, Chummie, Roland, Dr Laws, Kruger National Park, S.A.R.& H., United Kingdom Passport Officer, X-Ray Report, Municipality of Roodepoort re Coloured Community (1936) and Smuts Maboe. Also Included are 7 items of undated correspondence. 
Db2 Family Correspondence 15f 1927-1973 
 Correspondents include: D.C. Thompson (father), K. Thompson (Mother), Frank (brother), Phoebe May (w1fe), Gwen and Geoffrey (children) and F. Bretelle 
Db2.1 Correspondence between P.M. Roberts and Thompson 14f 1927-1933 Richmond College period. (wife) 
Db2.1.1 1927 1f 
Db2.1.2 May-Jun.1928 1f 
Dh2.1.3 Jul-Sep.1928 1f 
Db2.1.4 Oct-Nov.1928 1f 
Db2.1.5 Dec.1928 1f 
Db2.1.6 Jan-Mar.1929 1f 
Db2.1.7 Apr-May 1929 1f 
Db2.1.8 Jun-Ju1.1929 1f 
Db2.1.9 Aug.1929 1f 
Db2.1.10 Sep-Oct.1929 1f 
Db2.1.11 Nov-Dec.1929 1f 
Db2.1.12 Jan-Feb.1929 1f 
Db2.1.13 Mar-Jun.1930 1f 
Db2.1.14 1931-1933 1f 
Db3 Correspondence re: Death of Wife 1f May 1973 
Dc Union Castle Line Trip 1f 1930 
 Includes: Cabin passengers handbook; ticket; memorandum re: purchase of goods for missionaries; Department of Interior documents dealing with passport/visa regulations; pamphlets. 
Dd Overseas Trip 1f 1952 
 Includes: pamphlets; correspondence with Thomas Cook, Hank and Department of Interior and photographs. 
De Miscellaneous Items 1f 1927-1995 
 Includes: Registration of voters claim, 1927; Defence Force concerns; address book; records of books lent; 80th birthday cards and treatment of poisons; press clippings(personal, 1963-1995); speech made by Helen Joseph at funeral; letter re memorial service. 
Df Photographs 1905-1935 
Df1 Album - c.1905-1932, has not been digitised 
Df2 Album - c.1933-1935, has not been digitised 
Df3 Photographs, 1905-1935 
Df3.1-27 Family, portrait of DCT in 1932, wedding portrait, functions, Methodist churches, retreat group, N. Transvaal Native Q. mtg., miscellaneous. 
Df3.28 NEGATIVES: Native dedication ceremony at Boschplaats, has not been digitised 
Ea Correspondence 1f 1922-1931 
 Correspondents: Transvaal Education Department, W.H. Hofmeyr (Headmaster, Pretoria Boys High), D.D. Drew, Pretoria Trades School and Polytechnic and D.C. Thompson (father) 
Eb Examination Papers 1f 1902-1936 
 Includes: religious, general school, apprenticeship and Richmond College examinations 
Ec Certificates 1f 1910-1949 
 Includes: certificates for cardboard modelling, woodwork, Std.6, sack racing, mathematics, preliminary technical, religious knowledge and anti-waste 
Ed School Reports 1f 1922-1923 
 Secondary School Certificate Examination. 1922; First Term Report, Pretoria Boys High School, 1923 
Ee Receipts 1f 1923-1920 
 Received from S.A.R.& H. and Superannuation Fund 
Ef Richmond College Notebooks 4f 1928-1930 
 (Arranged alphabetically) 
 Subjects: Church History, Comparative Religion, English Literature, Greek, Homiletics, Old and New Testament History, Psychology, Textual Criticism, Theology, Westhill Training College, General 
Ef1 Church History - English Literature lf 
Ef2 Ethics - Homiletics 1f 
Ef3 Old and New Testament History - Psychology 
Ef4 Textual Criticism - General 1f 
Eg Time-tables 1f 1922-1930 
 Pretoria Trade School and Polytechnic, 1923-1925; Richmond College, 1928-1930 
Eh Pamphlets, programmes etc. 1f 1920-1930 
 Includes: Richmond College period - talks, rallies., meetings, order of services etc. 
Ei Probationer Examinations 1f 1920-1933 
 Includes: Outline of course; book list; work for 1931; reports of examinations held in 1931-1933, report of the examinations of native probationers 1932-1933 and general correspondence from M.W. Powell, Rev A. Khettenbelt and J.B. Webb 
Ej Essays 1f 1922-1927 
 1922 - Should Capital Punishment be Abolished? 
 1922 - Missionary Work, the Native Question and Duties of the Christian 
 1927 - How to improve Pretoria 
 1927 - Written sermon 
 1927 - Christian Experience of Forgiveness and Doctrine of Assurance 
 1927 - A Story of a Pig Undated 
Ek Miscellaneous Papers 1f 1902-1932 
 Include: Pretoria Royn School Song; Order of Service - unveiling of school war memorial, 5 May 1929; Pretoria Trades School and Polytechnic - application for admission, 1925; booklet re: history of Richmond College; list of books prescribed by Conference and Synod 1931 and 1932; press cutting re address by Thompson at Wesleyan Mission Meeting, Mar.1930; notebooks on anatomy and physiology of Joseph E. Reeves, 1902 and scrapbooks, notebooks, bibles and devotional works 
El Photographs 1f 1928-1930 
 Albums, has not been digitised, 1928-1930 
El1 Group photograph at Richmond College 
El2 Group photograph at Richmond College 
FINANCIAL RECORDS 15f 1929-1985 
Fa Records of Expenditure 1929-1905 
Fal 1929-1930 Stationery and photographic accounts 
Fa2 1930-1933 Circuit Cash Book 
Fa3 1936 Personal Expenditure 
Fa4 1938-1940 Personal 
Fa5 1951-1954 Monthly Accounts 
Fa6 1955-1958 
Fa7 1956-1958 Personal 
Fa8 1958-1960 Personal 
Fa9 1963-1966 Personal 
Fa10 1977-1978 Personal 
Fa11 1978-1980 Personal 
Fa12 1980-1982 Personal 
Fa13 1982-1983 Personal 
Fa14 1983-1985 Personal 
Fb Daveyton Products 1f 1968-1971 
 Income and Expenditure Accounts 
Ga Science 1f 
 Handwritten and Ts. notes and press cuttings 
Gb Evolution 1f 
 Includes: notes of addresses given on subject and extracts from various authors and books 
Gc Women and Women's Rights 1f 1946 - 1955 
 Includes: Act No. 37 of 1953; Matrimonial Affairs Act; NCW platform pamphlet and 34 press cuttings dealing with the legal disabilities of women, general status of women, marriage and divorce 
Gd General 1f 
 Includes: notes on energy, Albert Einstein, philosophy, materialism, truth and monism 
Ge Nationalism 1f 
PUBLICATIONS (Not Thompson) 1f 1905 - 1963 
H1 1905 Contributions to Education in South Africa Ts 83p. 
H2 1936 The Future of Colonies by L. Barnes 
H3 1936 What is Education? 
H4 1937 Paardekraal, Krugersdorp Ts 68p. 
H5 1940 Sex Education in Transvaal Schools by Reed 
H6 1941 The Rookie. No. 1 
H7 1950 Act to amend Immorality Act of 1927 
H8 1956 N.C.W. News, May 
H9 1957 South Africa's Colonial Policy by L. Marquard Ts 26p. 
HI0 1957 South Africa - the facts by Guy Routh Ts 15p. 
H11 1958 Election viewpoint by Owen Vine 
H12 1960 Anglo-American Corporation Annual Statement 
H13 1960 Man's New Vision of Himself by Julian Huxley 
H14 1963 The Nation that lost its way by L. Gandar 
 Consists of 2 tapes and transcript Ts; 48p. 
MAPS 2 Items 1961. (Stored in Media Room) 
 New Age Map of Africa 
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