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Collection Index:CALATA, Rev. James Arthur, 1909-1974
Collection Name:Rev.James Arthur CALATA Papers 1909-1974
Photos:CALATA, Rev. James Arthur (Anglican priest and school teacher)• click to view
  Copyright 2006, Historical Papers, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
  Compiled by J. Knoesen 
  The Calata Papers consist of 1636 items covering the period 1909-1974 and include diaries, correspondence, notebooks, notes, sermons, addresses, minutes, memoranda, map, printed items, photographs and music. They were donated to the Library by the African Studies Institute, University of the Witwatersrand. 
  The papers describe Calata's work in the church in the Eastern Cape, his role of schoolmaster, riots at St.Matthew's College, Keiskammahoek, and Lovedale, his notes on his ban and treason trial, education, the Cape African Parents Association, the Board of Missions, the Cathedral Chapter, the International African Ministers Federation, Pathfinders and Wayfarers Scouts. 
  The papers are in English and Xhosa. 
  James Arthur Calata was born at Debe Nek, near King William's Town in the Cape Province in 1895 and later trained as a teacher at St.Matthew's College, 1915-1920. In 1921 he left teaching to become an Anglican priest. He was ordained in 1926 as a Deacon in the Anglican Church in Port Elizabeth and, after a short spell at Somerset East, proceeded to Cradock where he served as minister from 1928 until his retirement in 1968. 
  The Rev.Calata, however, was also a central figure in African social and political life being involved in, amongst others, the Pathfinders Movement, the African Parents Association, the Society of Saint Ntsikana, and the African National Congress in 1930. In 1935 he acted as Chaplain of the A.N.C. and as Secretary General between 1936 and 1949 when he resigned because he was not in favour of the Programme for Action.He was instrumental in getting A.B.Xuma elected President of A.N.C. as he saw he was able to attract more educated people within the movement. 
  He was held and tried for treason in 1956 and acquitted. He was banned in 1962 for having 2 twenty-year-old photographs of an A.N.C. deputation on his wall. 
James Calata 
Conferences, Commissions and Councils 
Riots and Trials 
Press Clippings 
Musical Scores and Hymns 
JAMES ARTHUR CALATA 486 items 1912-1974 
A1  Diaries 6 items 1933, 1936, 1949, 1952/53, 1960 
  Brief notes and engagements. 
A2  Correspondence 156 items 1922-1974 
A2.1  English 106 items 1922-1974 
  Correspondence and telegrams to and from Calata in his capacity as Archdeacon, minister, Canon, school-master, secretary of the A.N.C. and president of the Cape Parents Association. 
  Correspondents include E.M.Binyon, A.H.H.Browne, Bp of Bloemfontein, Rev. H.W.Burvill, Gwendolen M.Carter, A.H.Cullon, Bp of Grahamstown, Abp.Joost de Blank, Canon W.Spencer Hall, Senator C.H.Malcomess, H.M.Matthew, M.P. Ngaloshe, Bp.T.W.Stainton, Abp.R.Selby Taylor, Monica Wilson, Canon C.J.Wyche, A.B.Xuma and Rt.Rev.A.H.Zulu. 
A2.2  Xhosa 49 items 1942-1972 (some undated) 
  Letters to and from Calata (in Xhosa). 
A2.3  Copy Book 1 item 1953-1967 
  1 pen carbon book of copies of his correspondence in English and Xhosa. 
A3  Notebooks and Notes 55 items 1928-1972 
A3.1  Notebooks 8 items 1928-1961 
  Notebooks containing records of Sunday collections, report of visits to Mortimer A & B and Limebank Station and records of baptisms, communions and confirmations, visitations, confessions; notes taken at meetings; information on personal life of individuals in congregation and their status within the church, contributions to the church; registers of attendance; expenses and collections, building funds and local finance, meeting of band. 
A3.2  Notes 47 items 1929-1972 
  Handwritten notes taken at a Conference of International Fellowship and Reconciliation, a constructive policy for native church development, inquiries into cases between individuals, reports on correspondence, finance of meetings; mission school openings, college council notes; court notes including riots at St.Matthews; Kimberley notes and reports; the New Age; notes for confirmation classes;Mothers Union notes, theological, educational, non-European unity; certificate of recommendation. 
A4  Sermons 8 items 1923-1974 
  Handwritten sermons in English and Xhosa. 
A5  Musical Certficate and Cards 3 items 1912, 1968 
  An Elementary Certificate awarded to James Calata by the Tonic Sol-Fa College in Musical Memory, Time, Tune and Sight Singing; an invitation in Xhosa, Dec.1968; thanks for condolences. 
A6  Map 1 item Undated 
  4 sketches of Southern Africa with shaded portions showing areas belonging to Blacks. 
A7  Printed Items 19 items 1920-1958 
A7a  Copy of 'Short history of the African National Congress', by Rev. James Calata, typescript with handwritten coverpage, 8 February 1957. The copy was provided by Interlibrary loan from the Senate House Library, University of London  
A7.1  Pamphlets and Leaflets 17 items 1920-1958 
A7.1.1  Isiyalo sika Meshack Pelem, Umtata, 1920. 
A7.1.2  Mof en sy Mense deur C.J.Langenhoven, 1926. School book of Peggy Calata. 
A7.1.3  E-Amerika. D.D.T. Jabavu, 1932. 
A7.1.4  Between Two Mill Stones by A.W.Blackall, 1932. (The Coloured People of South Africa). 
A7.1.5  Race Relations, Vol.9, No.3, 1942. 
A7.1.6  The Christian Council of South Africa. 
A7.1.7  A Fellowship of Faith and Service by Rev.Dante Anderson, 1948. Leaflet. 
A7.1.8  Career for Non-European Members of the S.A.Police. 
A7.1.9  Political Democracy in the British Colonial Empire by Henry H. Collins,Jnr. Suppl. to New Africa, Vol.7, No.3, Dec.1948. 
A7.1.10  Common Sense, Jan.1949. 
A7.1.11  The Wilgespruit Community, 1 Mar.1949. Reprinted from S.A. Outlook. 
A7.1.12  C.R. Michaelmas 1952, No.199. 
A7.1.13  Race Relations Silver Jubilee, Vol.xxi, No.1, 1954. 
A7.1.14  News, Vol.xvi, No.3, Mar.1954. 
A7.1.15  South African Institute of Race Relations - 26th Annual Report, 1954-1955. 
A7.1.16  The International Review of Missions, Vol.xliv, No.175, Jul.1955. 
A7.1.17  Son of Fortune by Mary Downes, 1958. 
A7.1.18  African nationalism and indigenous Christianity: A study in the life of James Calata (1895-1983), by Mandy Goedhals, Journal of Religion in Africa, 2003 
A7.2  Bibles 2 items 1950, 1955 
  Family Bible of James Calata presented to St.James Church by Rosina Gqasana, Apr.1950. Holy Bible - Holy Trinity Edition of the Catholic Bible, 1955, belonging to James Calata. 
A8  Photographs 128 items 1917-1970  
A8.1  Framed Photographs, 9 items 1926-1954 131  
  Folio items, removed from frames and stored with photo collection, Media Room 
  Photographs of the Girls Guild, Korsten, 1926; the touring choir of Pathfinders and Wayfarers of St.Peter's, Cradock, outside the Port Elizabeth Town Hall, 1930; group of the Pathfinder Movement from Rheinallt Jones, Apr.1937; Canon Calata - Commissioner - group at Rally, Grahamstown, 1947; St.Ntsikana's Day, Cape Town, 1954; Ekonsathini Yoskhumbuzo kwa Langa, Apr.1954; St.James Mission School group, Cradock, May 1954. 
A8.2  Album 1 item 1918  
  Not removed from original collection. 
  A photograph album of postcards of Paris and many of the Pantheon de la Guerre, 1918. 
A8.3  Loose photographs, 24 items, 1917-1970  
  Identified and dated, stored with photo collection, Media Room 
A8.3.1  Treason suspects, including J Calata, singing at Gandhi Hall, Johannesburg, August 1957 
A8.3.2-54  Portraits and group photos of James Calata, his family and friends 
  Photographs of Mr Nazo Calata, 1917, and 2 others; first members of St.Agnes Guild, Korsten, Port Elizabeth, 1923; Mrs Wilkinson and family, Jan.1926; the Kwezi Choir, St. Peter's, Cradock,Mar.1930; Old Fellows Lawn Tennis Club B, 1943; some of the girls of the Congress Choir, Cradock, 1948; photos of St.Ntsikana's Day, 1949; the Great Place, Chalumnn, Sep.1954; Misses Aaron, Patosi and Ntsasela; Emily Ntsamela, 1956; R.I.P.,1957; treason suspects sing at Ghandi Hall, Johannesburg, Aug.1957; Tototo, R.I.P.,1958; Mrs Dorothy Voy, 1958; Annie at St.George's, Port Elizabeth,1960; Roberta August, 1967; the Golden Jubilee, 1968; Idamasa, Port Elizabeth,1969 - Canon Calata and Rev.Hintsa; the installation of the Provincial of the Order of Ethiopia, Sep.1970. 
A8.4  Other photographs of family and friends, 21 items.  
  Not removed from original collection. 
  Photographs of Solomon Mangaliso Ysotsobe and Ethel Mary Vuyelwa Calata, as babies; C.R.Leadley Tomsa; Theodore Noglass; Tozic Nyaka, Ndileka Ntsasela; James Xhago Skhunana, Eric Magendwana Sokazi, Fred Cazula, Crosby Ntuli Ben; His Excellency Edwin Barclay, President of the Republic of Liberia; Elsie Mandyoti Pari(); Vix Calata; Niso Kelembe; G.B.Socenywa; the marriage of Dr.Bokwe and Miss Kuze; Emmie Ntamgani; D.G.Maggushi Banoda - St.James, Sinakho; St.Cyprian's YMCA, Korsten; Johannesburg scouts at Cradock; (undecipherable) Chief Scout of South Africa. 
A8.5  Pathfinders and Wayfarers 8 items  
  Stored with photo collection. ( Some are indentified). 
A8.6  Clerical 20 items  
  Not removed from original collection. 
  Unidentified clerical photographs of Rev.Calata and children; choir groups; conference group; Black ministers and family; individuals; interior of church. 
A8.7  Unidentified and Undated 50 items.  
  Not removed from original collection. 
  Group photographs, school, family, individuals and 2 tombstones. 
RELIGION 689 items 1924-1974 
B1  Federal Theological Seminary of Southern Africa 131 items 1961-1966 
B1.1  Council 70 items 1961-1964 
  Constitution and by-laws, the forming of the Council, minutes, correspondence, memoranda, notes, deputation of the Provisional Council, record of conversations, press statements - a new venture in clergy training, central buildings and amenities, statements of accounts, notarial agreement of lease, theological courses at Fort Hare, report on visit to University College, Fort Hare,1963, agendas and minutes of the Governing Council, investigation of degree courses, the Hewson Report, 1964. 
B1.2  Executive Committee 14 items 1962-1964 
  Minutes and memoranda by A.J.T.Cook on Theological Courses at Fort Hare, 1962. 
B1.3  Academic Board 22 items 1962-1966 
  Minutes and memoranda on pre-theological course, 1962; regulations and syllabus of a course of degree standard, 1963, with syllabus proposed for certificate course 1964-1966. 
B1.4  St.Peter's College, Alice 14 items 1961-1962 
  Agendas and minutes, memoranda and correspondence re the constitution and forming of St.Peter's, a constituent college within the Federal Theological Seminary of Southern Africa, a chapel for St. Peter's College, Alice; a letter of grievance by 3 students to Father Stubbs, 1962; the design of the college chapel by Rev.Canon P.B.Hinchliff; inventory of essential furnishings for college and priory. 
B1.5  St.Peter's College Executive Committee 11 items 1961-1963 
  Agendas, minutes, notes, estimates for 1963 allowing 30 students, 5 photographs of buildings, programme for official blessing of St.Peter's and Priory by the Bp.of Grahamstown. 
B2  Central Translations Committee 1 item 1943 
  Papers of the Central Translations Committee, 1943. 
B3  Christian Council of South Africa 4 items 1936, 1954, 1962 
  Minutes of Executive meeting, 14 Oct.1936; article on Modern Political Theories in the light of holy scriptures; report of the Council Bloemfontein, 10 May 1962; notes on resolutions. 
B4  Diocese of Grahamstown 288 items 1926-1969 
B4.1  Advisory Committee 2 items 1969 and undated 
  Memo from K.C.Oram to all clergy, churchwardens and members of Diocesan Boards and Advisory Committee re forthcoming events; the Diocesan Faculties Advisory Committee on relevant legislation, definitions, procedure and rules for the Committee. Ts. 
B4.2  Board of Finance 35 items 1932-1967 
B4.2.1  Minutes 22 items 1960-1962 
  Agendas, minutes, supplementary agenda on European clergy stipend scale and office partitioning by Fund Raisers (Pty) Ltd. 
B4.2.2  Correspondence 5 items 1932, 1942, 1960, 1967 
  Correspondence re a collection for the Sick and Aged Clergy Fund; donation to a memorial to Abp.Phelps; the resignation of the Diocesan Secretary, Mr Matthews, and Rev.Calata's householders insurance on the rectory. 
B4.2.3  Memoranda 8 items 1960-1967 
  Memoranda re mission transport, a house for Archdeacon Tindall, revision of Acts and Resolutions, draft agreement with Fund Raisers, bishop's appeal for Diocesan Deficit, proposed assessment for 1968 and the 52nd Annual Report of the Provincial Pensions Board. 
B4.3  Board of Missions 83 items 1941-1963 
B4.3.1  Minutes 43 items 1941-1963 
  Agendas, minutes, notes, expenditure assessments, comments on accounts, mission payments, ownership of vehicles, stipends on clergy, an extract from minutes of the Board of Missionary Strategy, 1963, and minutes in Xhosa, 7 Jul. 1963. 
B4.3.2  Correspondence 23 items 1943-1961 
  Letters re properties held by the CPSA at St.James Mission, Cradock; procedure re Church Council instructions and complaints; diocesan fire insurance; from the Director of Missions to all parish priests re a retreat for African priests. African clergy to make mission financial accounts up-to-date before transfer, leases of schools, assessment scheme for missions, Sunday School scheme and railway concession cards; 'Refresher Course' at St.Matthew's College; application to Calata as a candidate for the ministry in his Diocese by N.J.Mali but who subsequently remained a teacher; mission transport. 4 letters in Xhosa. 
B4.3.3  Memoranda 17 items 1955-1962 
  Memoranda, reports on mission finance; the appointment of Archdeacon C.Spencer Hall as Director of Missions in the absence of A.Norman Taylor; the use of school buildings owned by missions by Bantu Community Schools; Bishop Cullen among Africans - notes; a standardised Xosa orthography; religious education of baptised children among Africans in the Diocese of Grahamstown; a report on the Diocesan Supper on Easter Monday, 30 Mar.1959 - brochure; African Ordination candidates; report of Transport Committee; the ownership of vehicles; St.Cuthbcrt's monthly circular, Vol.22, No.7, Jul.1960; N.M.F. assessment for 1961. 
B4.4  Cathedral Chapter 57 items 1962-1969 
B4.4.1  Minutes 31 items 1960-1969 
  Agendas and minutes, notes taken, amendments, the installation of Ven.M.H.Clark, Archdeacon of Port Elizabeth, the division of the diocese, episcopal acts. 
B4.4.2  Correspondence 9 items 1962-1969 
  Letters, mostly from the Bishop to members of the Chapter; vacancies for Cathcart and Molteno; the Diocesan Synod; the installation of Canon John Suggit and Canon P.Hinchliff as Cathedral Chancellor and Hon.Canon respectively and the enthronement of the bishop. 
B4.4.3  Memoranda 17 items 1960-1969 
  Memoranda on sub-deacons; report on housing accommodation for retired clergy and dependants; the church and the Coloured people; draft Deed of Constitution and Statutes; revision of the Statutes; the Diocesan Faculty Committee's powers; revision of the Chapter; rules for the election of a canon by the clergy; draft interim report of the Commission appointed to investigate the present method of electing bishops; the appointment of Rev.D.Staple to Aliwal North; report of episcopal acts; suggested form of application and course of study. 
B4.5  Conferences 4 items 1954-1962 
  Correspondence re Missionary Conference, Port Elizabeth, 24 Jun.1954 onwards; the Bishop's Conference for Laymen 28-30 Sep.1962.  
B4.6  Correspondence 30 items 1959-1969 
  Calata and Bp.of Grahamstown correspondence re education allowance for grandson; a catechist at Baroda; ordinands' week-end at St. Peter's, Alice; R.J.Fielding to preach in Calata's parish; the confirmation of Wilson Khahlela; the pension fund; Deacon Patrick Ncaca to serve as curate; the bishop making Calata priest-in-charge; donation to Ordination Candidates Fund; Rev.T.S.Gqubula to help Calata; failure of Wilson Khahlela as Ordination Candidate; lifting of ban on Calata and retirement on pension; Cradock confirmations; retirement and car loan; division of diocese; contributions needed to rebuild parts of Cathedral. 
B4.7  Memoranda 29 items 1956-1972 
  Memoranda and notices re the Elective Assembly and its hospitality; election of lay representatives; plans for Sunday School Triangular Festivals Week of Prayer for the Religious Life; resolution at Synod of the 'freezing of funds'; allowances to clergymen towards domestic expenses; visit of speakers on Presbyterian/Anglican conversations; clergy school; ordination candidates; use of the Jerusalem Bible and discussions on social responsibility; clergy retreat at St.Paul's Grahamstown; burial of Rev.A.H.Cullen; notes about appointments; the Tindall memorial; parish newsletter, Lent 1972; report of the Commission on the possibility of dividing the Diocese; pastoral charges; the Bishop's right to authorise or forbid the use of modern versions of the Scriptures in public worship; intercommunion at the Seminary; holy baptism. 
B4.8  Pensions Appeal 3 items Undated 
  Memoranda on the Diocesan Organisation and an Information Manual by the Anglican Clergy Pensions Appeal. 
B4.9  Synods 41 items 1952-1969 
  Memoranda, notes and reports on various diocesan synods, agenda papers; hospitality at Synod, resolutions, cathedral arrangements for Synod; notices for African clergy on hospitality and railway concessions; motions to synod, roll of clergy 1960; report of Advisory Committee on order of agenda 1960; proposed amendment of Canon VIII; address 'The Conversion of the Teen-ager' by Rev.P.R.Akehurst,Sacred Synod 1963; report of the Synodical Commission on Boundaries.  
B4.10  St.Matthews 70 items 1949-1969 
  College Council and Executive minutes, memoranda, reports, re courses of study, suspension and expelled students, constitution and amendments, trust deed, wardens and farm reports, expenditure accounts, St.Matthews Bulletin with Report to Synod. 
B5  Diocese of Port Elizabeth 118 items 1924-1974 
5.1  Diocesan File 1 item 1974 
  Ad Clerum 9 re the declaration of the intention to seek the union of the C.P.S.A., the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa, the Methodist Church of South Africa, the Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa, the Bantu Presbyterian Church and the Tonga Presbyterian Church; the use of fermented wine at Holy Communion celebrations, clergy and clergy moves; inter-church: helping aid people to help themselves; Bishop Philip, Port Elizabeth. 
B5.2  Farewell Speeches 1 item 1926 
  1 notebook of farewell speeches and addresses of J.A.Calata. 
85.3  St.Cyprian's, Korsten 2 items 1924-1926, 1958-1966 Notebook of school notes, attendance register (at back), minutes of teachers' meeting, school events, exhibition programme and clerical notes; page of type certifying that is a communicant at St.Cyprian's Mission. 
B5.4  St.Mary's Church 1 item Undated 
  Ts. Feast of the Dedication of St.Mary's Church, Port Elizabeth. 
B5.5  Cradock 113 items 1945-1969 
B5.5.1  Churches and Schools 1 item 
  Notebook on brief history of churches and schools for Africans in Cradock. 
B5.5.2  St.James Mission 28 items 1945-1963 
B5.5.2.1  Correspondence, notes, memoranda, reports, including brief history and attendance of St.James Mission by Miltha Mary Calata; notes on preaching stations and wardens; news from Queenstown; use of official envelopes; Keiskammahoek students; meeting of the Cradock Vigilance Association; subscription lists; report of St.James Mothers Union; hosts for African members of Synod; invitation to laying of foundation stone in the new location at Cradock, 1963. (Some in Xhosa). 
B5.5.3  St.Ninian's Mission 4 items 1926 
  Native Ministry Fund and Pension Fund for Dcc.1926; warrant authorising Edward Martins to preach in district of Somerset East, 1935-1939; report of the work at St.Ninian's; note of tea meeting at St.Ninian's. 
B6  Churches and Associations 147 items 1927-1971 
B6.1  African Boy Scouts Association (Pathfinders) 34 items 1933-1960 
  Correspondence, memoranda, certificates, application and test forms; monthly bulletin; the Pathfinder, Vol.l, No.16, Jun.1933; itinerary and programme of events for S.A.visit of Lord Rowallan, Chief Scout, 1950; cubwood badge, Pt.l. Theory Test; scouts rally, Cradock, 1956; basic tests; inspection of Pathfinder Scouts, Port Elizabeth. 
B6.2  Bantu Methodist Church of South Africa 4 items 1954 
  Correspondence re application for the use of the Bantu Methodist "Ebenezer Church" for additional accommodation of St.James Higher Mission School. 
B6.3  Cape Midlands Interdenominational African Ministers' Association 6 items 1949-1963 
  Memoranda, addresses, agendas and notes re 1949, 1954, 1963 Annual Conference, Cradock; J.A.Calata's address: The Church as the only Uniting Force for Multi-racial Citizenship; presidential address by Rev.S.M.Ntshalintshali. 
B6.4  The International African Ministers Federation 61 items 1949-1963 
  Constitution, minutes, correspondence, financial statements, addresses at conferences, memoranda, lists of delegates, the organ of the Fellowship of Reconciliation in South Africa, visit of Mokxotho Matji, Day of National Prayer 1953, communication from the C.S.E.D.N.A. in South Africa, Anglican bishops and apartheid - (newspaper cutting.) 
B6.5  Transvaal International African Ministers Association 2 items 1954 
  Letter from A.Ngubeni (Gen.Sec.) to Calata re the facts of Calata's ban by the Government; report of committee on unrecognised churches (in Xhosa). 
B6.6  St.Cyprian's, Johannesburg 1 item 1945 
  St.Cyprian's Parish Magazine, Mar.1945. 
B6.7  Sunday Schools 2 items 1961 
  Memoranda on Sunday Schools; Sunday School Course, Sec.I. The Life of our Lord, Apr.1961. 
B6.8  Certificates 37 items 1927-1971 
  Certificates of birth, baptism, confirmation, marriage and burial orders. 
C1  Conferences 18 items 1938-1969 
C1.1  General 8 items 1938-1969 
  Correspondence, memoranda and notes on Cape African Congress, 1938; The Provincial Missionary Conference - death of Prof.Alfred Hoernlê, 1943; Orange Free State African Herbalist Association 13th Annual Conference; address delivered by J.D.Rheinallt Jones at the National Youth Conference, 1949 - Education of Youth for Citizenship; Round Table Conference, 1959; C.P.S.A. and O.E. Conference 1959; programme for conference at Pirie Mission, 1969. 
C1.2  Provincial Youth Conference 5 items 1968 
  Agendas, notes and 2 Xhosa items, Jul.6-8, 1968. 
C1.3  Inter-Racial Conference 5 items 1957 
  Correspondence and notes. 
C2  Native Laws Commission of Enquiry 2 items 1946 
  Correspondence re the Native Laws Commission of Enquiry, 1946 to Rev.Burvill, Cradock, from the Native Commissioner; address on Fagan's Commission of Enquiry on Native Laws by F.H.M.Zwide. 
C3  Council Meeting, Port Elizabeth 1 item 1962 
  South African Institute of Race Relations 32nd Annual Council Meeting, 16-19 Jan.1962, Port Elizabeth. 
RIOTS AND TRIALS 71 items 1945-1957 
D1  Lovedale Riots 18 items 1946 
  Correspondence, memoranda, notes and newspaper cuttings re riots at Lovedale, conference on subject at Parent Association at King Williams Town; representation for those expelled; result of Discipline Committee of Lovedale on individuals; Interim Committee minutes and evidence by D.D.T.Jabavu; students and propaganda; 'A Republic - and us' by A.J.Luthuli; report of Interim Committee.  
D2  St.Matthew's Riots 47 items 1945, 1949-1952 
  Correspondence, minutes, memoranda, telegrams, press cuttings, mostly between Calata, the Warden of St.Matthew's, parents, the Bishop and D.B.Molteno re the riots of 1945, the suspension of students and re-application for re-admission; disturbances in 1949, students burn buildings and assault staff, subsequent court case and minutes of the Executive Committee, resolution passed by College Council; teachers totally expelled, expulsion of boys. 
D3  Treason Trials 6 items 1954-1957 
  Handwritten notes of James Calata's treason trials. 
EDUCATION 250 items 1947-1970 
E1  Association for the Educational and Cultural Advancement of the African People of South Africa 1 item 
E2  Bantu Education 144 items 1947-1970 
  Correspondence, memoranda, notes and notes on minutes, appointments of teachers, applications for vacancies and leave, exam questions, teachers' leave; inspection of schools and reports, management of school property, teachers' salaries, requisitions for school furniture, teaching of Afrikaans in Bantu schools, graduation ceremony - Fort Hare 1956 
  Managers of farm schools, school committees, school requisites, quarterly returns for Bantu Primary and Secondary Schools, holiday concession certificates, instructions to invigilators, repairs to school buildings, holding of services in hired school buildings, school funds, classification of schools: addition of higher classes; accommodation, enrolment, bad behaviour of pupils, Native Taxation and evelopment Act 1925 and amendments, abolition of private classes and appointment of privately paid teachers at subsidised Bantu schools, nomination of school committee members and election, teachers' conferences, resignations, legal defence fund for students, ancient history of schools and churches. 
E3  Bantu School Board 29 items 1955-1961 
  Reports and notes, minutes, memoranda, re the report on the Bantu Education Act No.47 of 1953; proposed standing instructions to School Board secretaries, re-constituted School Board, nominated and elected members of the School Board. 
E4  Bantu Secondary School, Cradock 8 items 1947-1955 
  Note, letter, memoranda re committee and public meetings, application for principalship, items of monies paid, financial statement, programme for opening ceremony, exchange of posts, "handing over" stock certificate, Course II, Jul-Sep. (in Xhosa). 
E5  Cape African Parents Association 62 items 1947-1955 
  Minutes, agendas, reports, correspondence, notes and memoranda, constitution, financial statements, management of welfare organisa- tions, executive meetings, conferences, resolutions, Mariaz ll Institution Students Riot/Expulsion, difficulties of parents over regulations by the authorities, Calata's presidential address, 1950; call of students involved in eiskammahoek court case, formation of permanent committee for all branches of the Association, non- recommendation of grant to the Association by the National Council for Adult Education, funds for office use, travelling etc. removal of band instruments, prefects unseemly behaviour at St. Matthews and causes of riot and deputation, conference at Cola and presidency, representative needed on Governing Council of the Mantanzima Secondary School, Cola, from the CAPA; Legal Appeal Fund; refusal to Healdtown striking students to write exams; presidential address at Freemantle School, 1954; request for a conference at Queenstown 1955 (held at Cradock). 
E6  St.John's College, Umtata 1 item 1947 
  Memorandum of Umtata Native Training School, NPH.Third Year specialist teacher training in agriculture. 
E7  South African College, Fort Hore 3 items 1950 
  Memoranda on increase of fees, handbook of information for applicants for admission, and plans of proposed chapel, Beda Hall, Fort Hare. 
E8  Teaching Lessons 2 items 1950 
  Handwritten notes on Criticism and Demonstration lessons;educational questions and social and health questions. 
XHOSA 66 items 1909-1971 
F1  Paramount Chief Anthrope Mxolisi Sandile 5 items 1953-1971 
  Memoranda on the Xhosa royal wedding at Chalumna, East London; the installation ceremony of Sandile, King Williams Town, 11 Oct.1969 and programme; the first-ever visit of Paramount Chief Sandile of the Ama-Rarabe to the City of Saints, 1971 and programme for a public meeting at S.D.Stadium, Grahamstown. 
F2  Jabavu Memorial Fund 9 items 1963 
  Correspondence, notes and memorandum, on Dr.Jabavu Memorial Fund, provisions and payment for the opening ceremony, 11 Jul.1963; unveiling of monument to the late Dr. D.D.T.Jabavu, 8 Jul.1963, state of fund, programme for the memorial service, account of ceremony. 
F3  Ntsikana Memorial Fund 30 items 1909-1947 
  Correspondence, memoranda, notes, newspaper cutting and ticket (in English and Xhosa) -address by Rev.J.A.Calata: Ntsikana the Xosa prophet and patron saint; the story of Ntsikana, St.Ntsikana memorial; acceptances of invitation to memorial service; St.Ntsikana Fund; feature article on the memorial; Easter trip to the Commemoration,1946; programmes, St.Ntsikana Festival 1947; unveiling - Weiner's Day, Oct.1950 of Mqhayi's monument on grave; letter of authority for the 50th Jubilee Festival of Ntsikana. 
F4  Xhosa 22 items 1945-1961 
  Correspondence and memoranda in Xhosa. 
PRESS CLIPPINGS 1 item 1932-1964 
  Scrap-book of press clippings (36 loose) on politics, religion, scouts, education, student strikers, race relations. 
MUSICAL SCORES AND HYMNS 52 items 1923-1949 & Undated 
H1  Correspondence and Memoranda 18 items 1923-1949 
  Re hymn-tune manuscripts to be published; music committee, King Williams Town; vacation course in music, Umtata; notes on folk songs; hymn book revision. 
H2  Musical Scores 34 items 1923 & Undated 
  Hymns 1923; the Kwezi Choir programme, Cradock; 'The Heavens are telling' from the Choral Album No.419 from Haydn's 'Creation'; 'Creations Hymn' by Beethoven - words by A.J. Foxwell; musical scores 1-11, 14-19; African Folk Songs by St.Matthew's College - vacation course in African music; processional hymn for Whitsun Day and hymn book revision; scores in Xhosa.