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Collection Index:HUNT, Donald Rolfe, Papers, 1860-1946
Collection Name:HUNT, Donald Rolfe
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A1655 DONAL ROLFES HUNT PAPERS, 1860-1946   
 Copyright 2013, Historical Papers Research Archive, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
 This collection comprises the memoirs and some of the official and personal papers of Donald Rolfes Hunt, a Sub-Native Commissioner who worked amongst the Bapedi people in the Lydenburg district of the Transvaal in the early Twentieth Century.   
 Reference is made to Hunt's experiences in the 2nd Anglo-Boer war and the first world war, but the collection focuses on the history, culture and administration of the people with whom he worked: the Bapedi; the Bakgatla, the Barolong, the Batlokwa & the Batlov. Much of the material relates to directives of The Native Affairs Department of The Transvaal; also included are government and other publications, annotated by Hunt, as well as maps and a photograph album compiled by Hunt. He died on 3 May 1949   
Aa Memoirs   
Ab Personal Correspondence   
Ac Official Correspondence   
Ad Other Papers   
Ba Hunt's writings on The Bapedi   
Bb Other material on The Bapedi   
Bc The Bakgatla   
Bd The Barolong   
Be The Batlokwa   
Bf The Batlou   
Bg The Bamatau Bakwena   
Bh The Baphalane Bakwena   
Bi The Batlako   
Bj The Korannas and Batsatsing at Mamusa   
Bk Miscellaneous   
Da Government Publications   
Db Miscellaneous Publications   
Dc Newspapers and Pressclips   
Aa Donald Rolfe Hunt' personal recollections, written in 1935 with a supplement added in 1946. Includes photographs. Photocopy   
Ab1 Copies of personal correspondence with T.W. Purdy, August 1896 December 1901   
Ab2 Copies of personal correspondence with T.W. Purdy, February 1902 July 1938   
Ab3 Copy of personal correspondence with E.T. Stubbs, April 1936   
Ab4 Copy of a letter to J.H. Hofmeyr, 7 April 1936   
Ab5 Personal correspondence with Kenneth Kirkune. August 1948. Attached is 'Observations on the report of the Fagan Commission' by K. Kirkune.   
Ab6 Letter from SA Godfrey Lagden, 20 September 1903, regarding post South African War problems; recruiting Boer leaders like Dela Rey; natives being superseded by the Chinese as a labour force.   
Ab7 Letter from Duggan-Cronin, Bantu Gallery Kimberley, 1945   
Ac1 Copy of 'Letters patent appointing Trust for Native Lands in Natal', 1864   
Ac2 Two letters from I.J. Joubert, Superintendant Natuurellen, 12 December 1893   
Ac3 Transcripts and one original letter (3a) of correspondence between Sekukuni and Kitchener, 1900 1901   
Ac4a Correspondence by Milne, Director of Military Intelligence, and Lagden, Commissioner for Native Affairs, regarding a report by R. Haigh about tensions between Sekukuni and Kgobalale, dated 16 October 1901   
Ac4b Extract from Haigh's report to Milne, dated 22 September 1901   
Ac4c Extract from a report from The Intelligence Officer, Middelburg, 10 November 1901   
Ac4d Correspondence relating to a letter from Chief Sekukuni, 31 October 1901   
Ac4e Correspondence between Haigh and The Inteligence Officer Bair, November 1901   
Ac4f Motivation for appointment of Native Commissioner, written by Hunt   
Ac5 Confidential Memo to Native Commisioners in Conference at Johannesburg, 18 June 1902   
Ac6a Minutes of a Conference comprising EH Hogge, Native Commisioner, Lydenburg, W.A. Wright, Sub Native Commissioner Sekukuniland, and Chief Sekukuni, Schoonoord, 9 August 1902   
Ac6b Rough notes by Hunt on a meeting with J.A. Winter(?), 11 August 1902   
Ac7 Minutes of a conference held at Schoonoord, Sekukuni's Location, on Friday 5th September 1902   
Ac8 Conference held at Schoonoord, Sekukuni's Location on the 6th September 1902   
Ac9 Hunt's address to Induna's in the Lichtenburg district, 1902   
Ac10 List of Chiefs and headmen in the Lydenburg district, 9 October 1902   
Ac11 Minutes of a meeting held at Schoonoord, Lydenburg, 17 October 1902   
Ac12 Various reports and circulars relating to the disarmament of Africans   
Ac13 Various papers and copies of documents relating to the dispute between Sekukuni and Kgolane   
Ac14a Letter to Hunt from G.Y. Lagden, 17 April 1903 (see also map 14a) - stored as folio item)   
Ac14b Conference of Native Commissioners, 1903   
Ac15 List of Chiefs and headmen in the subdistrict of the Sub Native Commissioner, Sekukuni's Location, Lydenburg, 1903   
Ac16 Obscured document (burned?), August 1903   
Ac17 Document pertaining to the death of Kgolane, 4 May 1904   
Ac18a Draft memorandum relating to land tenure, G.Y. Lagden, 18 August 1904   
Ac18b The tenure of land held in trust for Natives, its relation to mineral exploitation', by G.Y Lagden, 18 August 1904   
Ac19a Letter from the Sub Native Commissioner, Sekukuniland, recommending 'The following chiefs for recognition by the Government, 14 July 1906   
Ac19b Native Chiefs present at Pitso held at Schoonoord, 24 August 1906.   
Ac20 Notes of meeting held at Schoonoord, 24 August 1906. Includes text of speech delivered by Lagden (also photocopies)   
Ac21 Correspondence between Hunt and The Chief Inspector, regarding Hunt's desire to study Sesotho, August 1907   
Ac22 Report on tax collection, by Hunt, 22 July 1911   
Ac23 Memorandum to the Native Commissioner Lydenburg from Hunt, concerning developments within the Bapedi community between 1879 and 1911, 24 July 1911   
Ac24 Memo to the Native Commissioner Lydenburg from Hunt, concerning land tenure, occupation and rights in the area under his jurisdiction, 19 March 1913   
Ac25 Circumcision Schools', by Hunt, Sub Native Commissioner, 24 October 1911   
Ac26 General Report of the Sub Native Commissioner, for the District Sekukuniland, 1912   
Ac27 Details on Circumcision Schools supplied by Hunt, 19 April 1926   
Ac28 Hunt's comments and suggestions regarding the 'Native Administration Act', 18 August 1927   
Ac29 Lydenburg District: Inter-tribal fighting', report by Marwick, undated   
Ad1 Memorandum on The Administration of Justice in South Africa, with special reference to The Native Population, by Edgar Brookes, George Findlay and D.R. Hunt, 1928   
Ad2a Memorandum written before the publication of the Native Land Act, which anticipates its contents, by Hunt, March 1935   
Ad2b Report 'Proceedings of the Joint Committee on the Representation of Natives and Coloureds in Parliament and Provincial Councils and the Acquisition of Land by Natives' (U.G.), April 1935   
Ad2c Exclusion of Steelpoort river from proposed Released Area No.32   
Ad2d Some comments on the Native Trust and Land Bill, 17 January 1936   
Ad2e Correspondence relating to the Bill, April 1936   
Ad3 Memo by Hunt on Tax Collection, 1937   
Ba1 An Account of the Bapedi Tribe', by D.R. Hunt and relevant notes, 31 August 1931   
Ba2 Notes on Bapedi lineages; Section of an early draft of the history of the Bapedi by Hunt; 'Death of Sekwati and succession of Sekukuni'   
Ba3 Related correspondence to the history of the Bapedi   
Ba4 Some notes on native warfare and customs in Sekukuniland', by Hunt   
Ba5 Native Recruiting Corporation Ltd.' request for information on Chief Sekukuni for naming of a ward at the Native branch of the Johannesburg Hospital, and Hunt's response 'Chief Sekukuni'   
Ba6a Old Malikgope's account of Scopela's 'The Bapedis', rough draft by Hunt, undated   
Ba6b 'Genealogical Tree of Bapedi Chiefs as given by Malikgope', by Hunt   
Ba7 Various correspondence   
Bb1 Natives in Lydenburg District', 1899   
Bb2 The Last Rising in Sekukuni's Land', by J.A. Winter, 1900   
Bb3 Letter from Kgolane outlining his grievances, 15 August 1902; and related correspondence by w.A. Knight   
Bb4 Memorandum Concerning Geluks Location', by Harries, 1907   
Bb5 J.A. Winters letters to Hunt, 1920   
Bb6a Mania ta makgeng', by W.G. Barnard, 1930   
Bb6b Mararang the freebooter: 1800 - 1830, by W.G. Barnard   
Bb7a Notes compiled by Harries on Bapedi genealogies   
Bb7b Native Law of Succession   
Bb8 Death of Paramount Chief Bapedi', anonymous, undated   
Bc1 The Protectorate and Pilangsburg Bakgatla', by D.R. Hunt, undated; Related correspondence, with notes on Hunt's work by J. Ellenberger   
Bc2 The Bechuanaland Protectorate Bakgatla', by D.R. Hunt   
Bc3 Notes by Hunt on the Bakhatla (Pilangsburg, Transvaal)   
Bc4 Report on the Bakgatla, by F.A.D. Edmeston, 1903   
Bd1 Rough notes on Barolong history compiled by Hunt, includes genealogical tables   
Bd2 Account of colonial penetration into Barolong Territory, 1880 90   
Bd3 Official reports pertaining to Barolong Land Tenure, including "memorandum to members of the Executive Council on the question of Kunana Location   
Be1 History of the Batlokwa', by Hunt   
Be2 Mosima, Chief of Batlokwa : Settlement of the BatlokwaTribe'   
Bf1 History of the Batlou', Schnell, 1904, with rough notes by Hunt   
Bf2 Official report relating to Land Tenure in the Lichtenburg District   
Bg History of the Bamatau Bakwena, Pilansberg, by Hunt   
Bh History of the Baphalane Bakwena, Pilansberg, by Hunt   
Bi History of the Batlako, Pilansberg, by Hunt   
Bj1 The Korannas and Batsatsing of Mamusa, with rough notes by Hunt   
Bk1 "A Short History of the native Tribes of the Transvaal", Transvaal Native Affairs Department, 1905   
Bk2 Includes many notes by Hunt   
Bk3 Relations between the Baratlas and Boers during the late war'   
Ca1 Koma and the Circumcision Schools   
Ca2 Hunt's correspondence with Rev E.M.E. Modubatse regarding Koma   
Ca3 The Laws of Circumcision (Kaffer-School)' , anonymous, undated   
Ca4 Bapedi Circumcision Schools', by Harries   
Ca5 Notes by Hunt on Koma   
Cb1 The Koma Girls' School', anonymous, undated   
Cb2 The Initiation School', by W.G. Barnard   
Cb3 Lobola Custom', anonymous, undated.   
Cc1 'Koma and the use of the Murale Stick'   
Cc2 Letter to Hunt from A.L. Hall, containing information on the use of The Murale Stick   
Cc3 Letter from Hunt discussing the manufacure and use of beads   
Cc4 Miscellaneous related notes by Hunt   
Cd1 'The Theory of Witchcraft amongst South African Natives', H.A. Junod, undated   
Da1a Laws, Volksraad Resolutions, Proclamations and Government notices Relating to Natives and Coolies in the Transvaal', Translation by S. Hilton Barber et al., 1901, includes comments by Hunt   
Da1b Government Gazette Extraordinary' 11 Dec 1901, concerning the issue of passes   
Da2a Papers relating to Certain Legislation of the Late South African Republic Affecting Natives, presented to both Houses of Parliament by command of His Majesty, 1901   
Da2b Control and Treatment of Syphilitic Natives', Colonial Secretary's Office, Transvaal, 1910   
Da2c Comparative Taxation by Natives in the Transvaal under the late Government   
Da3a Majority Report of the Eastern Transvaal Natives Land Committee', 1918   
Da3b Natives Land Commission : Minute Addressed to the Honourable The Minister of Native Affairs by The Honourable Sir W.H. Beaumont, 1916   
Da4 Miscellaneous Govt. Publications:   
Da4a Southern Rhodesia: An ordinance to provide for the Registration of Natives in Southern Rhodesia, the granting of Passes to Natives, and Regulating Their employment, June 1904   
Da4b Provisional standards of examination in the different subjects taught in Native Schools, Transvaal Education Department, 1904   
Da4c Notification of the appointment of an inter-departmental committee to inquire into the various aspects of Native Education, 1935   
Da4d A Petition respectfully submitted to The Honourable The House of Commons, by The Executive of The Transvaal Native Congress', undated   
Db1 'Native Circumcision Lodges in The Zoutpansberg District', by C.A. Wheelwright, Journal of the Anthropological Institute, 1905   
Db2 Notes on Sepedi Laws and Customs, by C.L. Harries, Native Affairs Department, Transvaal, 1909   
Db3 The Tradition of Ra'lolo, by J.A. Winter, S A Journal of Science, 1912   
Db4 The History of Sekwah, SAJS, 1913   
Db5 Hymns in Praise of famous Chiefs, SAJS, 1913   
Db6 The Phallus Cult amongst the Bantu: Particularly the Bapedi Eastern Transvaal, SAJS, 1914   
Db7 Some notes on the Political Organization of the Bechwam, by G.P. Lepstrade, SAJS, 1928   
Db8 Some notes on the Bogadi system of the Bahurutshe, SAJS, 1926   
Db9 A Short History of the Bakgatla baga kga fe`la of Bachuanaland Protectorate', by I.Schapera, School of African Studies, UCT, 1942   
Db10 'A Story of the 1879 War: The Defeat of Chief Sekukuni', by W.G. Barnard, The Ranger: A Journal for the Colonial Rangers, vol.XI, November 1945, pp 48   
Db11 Record of the Old Haileyburians who tought in the war in South Africa', 1902 (missing)   
Dc1a The Bloemfontein Post, Front page, 1 September 1900 (Folio item, stored separately)   
Dc1b The Johannesburg Gazette, Front pages, 20 and 28 December 1901 (Folio item, stored separately)   
Dc1c Subject Races and South African Nationhood', by Leslie Blackwell, The Transvaal Leader, 12 December 1908   
Dc1d Disguised Ikrero's Appear in The Vicinity of Rustenburg', The Transvaal Leader, 28 November 1928   
Dc1e Bringing 20 000 to Pretoria', The Star, 10 April 1926   
Dc1f Fresh Light on The Little Stone Houses of the Loghoya', The Star, 15 September 1928   
Dc1g Saga-book of the Zulus: Father Bryant's Masterpiece of Native History', Star, 14 January 1930   
Dc1h Pretoria 75', Star, 17 November 1930   
Dc1i The Plight of the South African Republic', Natal Witness, 16 February 1933   
Dc1j A Heresy Charge of Last Century' [on T.F. Burghers], Natal Advertiser, 8 July 1933   
Dc1k Inquiry into Native Tax Collection Methods', Mercury, 15 September 1935   
Dc1l Native Taxes not Too High', 9 November 1936   
Dc1m Native Poll Tax No reduction to be Made ', 26. February 1937   
Dc1n Making Criminals at the rate of 3000 a year', Mercury, 15 August 1936   
Dc1o Making Criminals', Mercury, 17 September 1937   
Dc1p Native Taxation Committee visit to Natal in November', 18 September 1936   
Dc1q Loafing and tax-dodging natives', Mercury, 23 September 1937   
Dc1r Native Poll Tax an Unfair Burden', Mercury, 20 October 1937   
Dc1s Old Transvaal Days' Prominent figures of nearly 50 Years Ago, undated   
Dc1t Sekukuni A veteran's note on 76 and 79', undated   
Dc1u Sekukuniland Centenarians Death of Two Tribesmen', undated   
Dc1v Son of a Native Samson Aged warrior Dead', undated   
Dc1w The Artistic Bapedi of Sekukuniland', undated   
Dc2 Collection of clippings relating to specific topics, 1935 - 1948   
Dc2.1 Population and statistics   
Dc2.2 The Protectorates, which includes 'Union's Right to Ask for Protectorates' published in Natal Witness 1935, written by Hunt   
Dc2.3 Indians   
Dc2.4 Defence and War   
Dc2.5 Apartheid and Administration   
Dc2.6 Politics: South African Party and Nationalist Party   
Dc2.7 Nature   
Dc2.8 Miscellaneous personal and historical   
Dc3 Early Days of Shepstone', Newspaper feature series, The Natal Witness, December 1929 - July 1930, including matters of:   
 Annexation of Transvaal, 1877   
 Hintza's death   
 President Krger and the British Government   
 Shepstone on Native policy   
 Dutch Reformed Church   
 Shepstone and the Dutch   
 Boer and Zulu in Natal   
 Natal Colony   
E1 Sekukuni and Kgolani Location (Geluks Location) "pre 1899"   
E2 Transvaal Colony. December 1902, revised August 1904. Two versions a) and b)   
E3 Sketch map of the Transvaal Territory, with population statistics. 1878, Additions March 1880   
E4 Key map of the Transvaal "showing lands occupied by Natives". No date   
E5 Map of the Transvaal Colony. December 1902, revised October 1907   
E6 Geological Survey maps (Mining)   
E6a Portions of Zoutpansberg, Watersberg and Lydenburg districts. 1908   
E6b Portions of Lydenburg and Zoutpansberg districts, including the Haenertsburg Gold Fields. 1907   
E6c Portion of Lydenburg district. 1905, 1906 and 1909   
E6d Portions of Middleburg and Lydenburg districts. 1909   
E7 Diagram showing the distribution of cattle concentration camps, Sekukuniland, District Lydenburg. 1913   
E8 Sekukuni's Location, District of Lydenburg. No date - see also Ac 14a   
E9 Magisterial District of Lydenburg (Sekukuniland). Reprinted October 1910   
E10 Sekukuniland Census. 1921   
E11 Unnamed printed page with the map of the Transvaal. No date   
F1 Album of photographs and postcards   
 Photos number 1-256. Most photos have been removed from the album and stored in the same sequence as they were in the album. The photographs include: Cape Mounted Rifles in 1896; anglo Boer War 1899-1902; Pondo people; Pilansburg and Schoonoord Camps and the tribal people in these areas. The postcards are of a voyage up the East coast of Africa in 1905. The album has been retained, with the postcards and captions for the photos.   
F2 Loose photographs   
 Photos number 1-12. These are original photographs with notes at the back. They include: Chief Sekukuni; Bodikane initiates; Schoonoord.   
 Photos number 13-62. These are modern duplicates of those original photographs which are missing (?). Most of these duplicates have captions on them. They include: Le Fleur and some of the Griqua rebels in Kokstad gaol, 1898; Locusts going over Umtata, 1896; Anglo Boer War various; Chief Ramono of the Bakhatla tribe, 1904; Jenner, Hunt, Cooke, Lagden, Pritchard, 1902; Bapedi women; n.d.; Combating East Coast fever, 1909; 2nd Battalion, Transvaal Scottish, and the 1914 rebellion; Malikgopa, who passed on his knowledge of Bapedi tradition & history to Hunt, 1923; A bodikane circumcision school; 1928   
F3 Pitso of Chiefs and their Councillors, including Hunt, Rustenburg, 10 December 1924, mounted photograph (stored as folio item with newspaper folios)