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Collection Index:SKOTA, TD Mweli, Papers, 1930-1974
Collection Name:SKOTA, TD Mweli, Papers, 1930-1974
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A1618 T.D. Mweli SKOTA Papers, 1930-1974 
 Copyright 2014, Historical Papers, UWL, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 7 boxes 
 The main body of the collection has been digitised in 2014/2015. Some items are badly damaged and in poor condition, which could not always be compensated by digitisation. 
 Mweli Skota was a member of the Executive and General Secretary of the African National Congress (ANC) in the 1920s and 1930s. He was also a business man, religious leader and publisher. Skota was the editor of the newspaper "Abantu-Batho", founder and editor of "African Shield" and he edited and compiled the "The African Yearly Register". 
A1 Personal Correspondence, 1936-1942 (not digitised) 
 Containing letters mainly from his wife about personal matters, 1f 
A2 General Correspondence, 1915-1976 
 Mainly relating to personal issues, particularly his son's schooling, and business relations, but also Skota's political engagements at the time. Including correspondence with DDT Jabavu, Tshekedi Khama, W. Stuart about elections 1936, Rev Kadalie introducing him to Sylvia Neame, Mary Benson, William Ballinger, AWG Champion, Benjamin Pogrund. 
 Other correspondence can be found in the relavant sections, i.e. African National Congress and African Yearly Register. 
A2.1 Correspondence, 1915-1939, 1f        
A2.2 Correspondence, 1940-1959, 1f        
A2.3 Correspondence, 1960-1962, 1f        
 Including correspondence with Government offices relating to Skota's business offices at Macosa House, situated in Johannesburg. 
A2.4 Correspondence, 1963-1976, 1f        
 Including letter from a Manager at the Non-European Affairs Department requesting Skota to call on his office to meet two visiting American Professors, with business card from Gwendolen Carter attached. Also included correspondence relating to a farewell function for the retiring Manager in the Non-European Afairs Department Mr WJP Carr, which was organised by Skota in acknowledgement of Carr's support over the years. 
A2.5 Undated items        
 Including a letter to Skota from the Synco Schools of Modern Music, Wilfred Sentso (Principal), Linda Mankazana (Secretary) 
A2.6 Envelopes returned to Skota unclaimed, empty, 1f 
A2.7 Card and envelope admitting Skota to a session of the House of Assembly, Public Gallery, 26 February 1936        
A3 Accounts and receipts in general, 1f (not digitised) 
A4 Ledger, Minute and Receipt books, 1f (not digitised) 
A5 Miscelleanous (not digitised) 
 Small pocket note book belonging to Skota, 1961; ticket pledging donation to the Methodist Church, Lydia Skota, 1887; booksheet on the life of Jesus, belonging to Jackie Skota, 1f 
B1 General Correspondence, 1f, 1924-1963        
 Including amongst others: letter by the Secretary for Native Affairs of the Union of South Africa to the General Secretary, O.F.S. Native Congress, regarding Pass laws for native women and the conduct of the police, April 1924; a confidential letter to Skota from the Western Province Head Office of the ANC, regarding the poor ANC work in the Western Province, May 1926 (the letterhead includes an image of the Headquarter in Waterkant Street, Cape Town); a confidential letter to Skota regarding the ANC Constitution, December 1930; letter to the ANC General Secretary by the Chaplain-in-Chief of the African National Congress, regarding suggestions for the Special Convention of the ANC in July 1932; the Draft programme for the All African Convention Transvaal Conference, September 1936; letter by Thomas Karis enquiring about the 1912 Constitution of the ANC. 
B2 Documents 
B2.1 "The Constitution of the South African Native National Congress"        
 English edition of 1919, drawn up by a Select Committee headed by R.W. Msimang, and with notes and remarks (by Skota?), disguised in the cover entitled 'Wesley College Magazine 1935'. Very poor condition and cut out pages 5-6, entire publication is red stained (possible water damage) 
B2.2 14th Annual Convention of the ANC, 17-22 April 1925        
 Including printed agenda; letter of assurance by the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union of Africa (ICU); letter of appeal by the President-General Z.R. Mahabane and subsequent letter by a group of members wishing to form an opposition, 1f 
B2.3 Newspaper clip with article by Mweli Skota relating to Provincial and Branch Congresses, 4 February 1926        
B2.4 17th Annual Convention of the ANC, January 1929        
 Including first page of Declaration; handwritten layout and content of a brochure publication (?) for the Convention 
B2.5 Other documents 
B2.5.1 Copy of 'The New African', October 1945        
B2.5.2 Documents relating to the ANC Youth League Conference, October 1945        
B2.5.3 Notes and various handwritten version of the history of the African National Congress        
C1 African Leaders, Who's Who,4f 
 Typescripts with short biographies. See also photographs in section C3. 
C1.1 A-L, 1f        
 Aeneas, Peter Lloyd 
 Bangaza Zwelidinga, W. Ka 
 Bopape, David Wilcox 
 Butshingi, Harrison 
 Champion, A.W.G. 
 Chocho, Daniel Matsobane 
 Dabula, Peter 
 Dalamba, Kgositsile 
 Davis, Reuben 
 Denkwanyane, Regent Chieftainess Victoria .T. 
 Dlamini, Bernard Azariah 
 Fula, Arthur 
 Gabashane, Rev. Marcus 
 Gule, Martha Monakali nee Skota 
 Ibiam, Sir Francis Akanu 
 John, Stella Le 
 Kakana, G.L. 
 Kgang, Johannes 
 Kgware, Prof. W.M. 
 Kosa, Marjorie 
 Kubu, Thomas 
 Kumalo, Sidney 
 Kuzwayo, Ellen 
 Kuzwayo, Godfrey Rosenbaum 
 Lefekane, Solomon 
 Lekganyane, Bishop .E.E. 
 Letanka, Daniel Simon 
 Lethoba, Gilbert Zacharia 
C1.2 M, 1f        
 Mabiletsa, Martin Deborah 
 Mabuza, Chadrack George Maynard 
 Madibane, Harry Percy 
 Madikizela, Cornelius 
 Mahabane, Ezekiel Egbert 
 Mahlangu, Samuel Solomon 
 Majombozi, D. 
 Makgatho, Sephako Mapoch 
 Malele, Rachel 
 Mangena, Alfred 
 Mangena, Nurse A.V. 
 Maponya, Richard 
 Marolen, Dr D. P.P. 
 Masekela, Bigvai-Mabusha 
 Mashaba, Rev R.N. 
 Masuluke, M. Thomas 
 Mathabathe, Mr Tlabeng Phekgudi 
 Mathole, Vallie N. 
 Matime, S.R. 
 Matlala, Chief Frank M 
 Matlare, A 
 Matseke, Peter 
 Maxeke, G.M. 
 Mazibuko, Jabulani 
 Mbambisa, William 
 Merafe, Serasengoe Philip 
 Mgudlandlu, Gladys Nomfanekiso 
 Mguli, Robert Edward Mbuyisa 
 Mkele, Nimrod 
 Mlambo, Rev Mgadi Isaac 
 Mngoma, Khabi 
 Mnintshana, S.P. 
 Mohl, John Koenakeefe 
 Mokone, Rev M.M. 
 Molefe, Liselo Lebona 
 Montsioa, Chief 
 Moroka, Dr James 
 Mosaka, Paul 
 Motsieloa, Griffith 
 Mpanza, Sofasonka 
 Mphephu, Chief Patrick 
 Mqashane, Alpha Z. 
 Msane, Saul 
 Msimang, Selby 
 Mthembu, David N. 
 Mtombeni, S.B. 
 Musi, Jacob John 
 Musi, Obed Vezi 
 Mvabaza, L.T. 
C1.3 N-S, 1f        
 Ndukwana, Samuel Boyce 
 Ndzondza, The Right Rev. 
 Ngcayiya, Rev Henry Reed 
 Ngwekazi, Winifred Evelyn 
 Nhantsi, Grissel 
 Nkomo, Dr 
 Nkosi, David 
 Ntantsi, Rev 
 Ntlebi, Thomas B. 
 Ntoana, Rev. Sekano 
 Nxumalo, Henry 
 Oliphant, Wilfred Douglas 
 Opperman, Charlotte 
 Phatudi, C. Namedi 
 Phungula, Colbert Albert 
 Pilane, Chief T.R. 
 Pitje, Godfrey Mokgonane 
 Radebe, Mmeleei Samuel 
 Rajuili, Benjamin 
 Rakoma, J.K. 
 Ramailane, Z.P. 
 Ramakatane, Mohlouoa T. 
 Ramakgopa, A.M. 
 Ramokgopa, M. Elyphas 
 Ramusi, Collins 
 Rathebe, Rev. R.D. 
 Rezant, Peter 
 Saoli, J. Russell 
 Seabela, P.K. 
 Seme, Dr P. ka 
 Sibiya, Josiah 
 Sikakane, Stanley 
 Siyani, Herbert 
 Skosana, Harrison Stanford 
 Skota, Mweli. T.D. 
 Skota, Zilpah nee Shupinyaneng 
C1.4 T-Z and Others, 1f        
 Tantsi, Dr Yapi James 
 Tantsi, Nimrod Boyce 
 Time, Rev. R. 
 Tsewu, Rev. Edward 
 Tsikeletsa, Rev. 
 Vilakazi, Dr. Benedict Wallet 
 Vundla, P.Q. 
 Wauchope, Rev 
 Xuma, Dr. A.B. 
 Zabale, Frederick 
 Zabale, Gertrude 
 Zwakala, S.V. Robert 
C2 Miscellaneous 
C2.1 Skota's own notes for biographies for inclusion in the 'African Register', 1f        
C2.2 Questionnaire for the Who's Who and other items        
 Also including: Form authorising particulars in the 1930 edition; Letter from Chas H. Thompson, Editor of "Journal of Negro Education", thanking Skota for the African Yearly Register, June 1932; Receipt book for African Yearly Register, 1933-1936; Specimen pages for the 1st Edition 1930; Order form, 1f 
C3 Photographs 
C3.1 Album with photographs 
 The album contains prints from the printing blocks, and other press clippings pasted onto sheets of cardboard. It remains unknown who compiled the album. Many of these photographs appear in the "African Yearly Register", see also biographies, section C1. Some of the cuts printed on better quality paper might have been clipped by Skota from the 'Abantu-Batho Almanac', published circa 1916-1922, which is considered lost and by now no longer available in any library or archive. Some of the photographs of individuals have not been labelled or were not legible, and are therefore not listed below. The spelling of names has been applied as per original labelling. 
C3.1.1 Page 1: Bopape, MT Ramakatane, Silas M Molema, SJJ Legolang, PK Seabela, J Moroka, Dan Chocho, David Nkosi        
C3.1.2 Page 2: S Msimang, Tsweu, P Mosaka, Moikangoa, C Opperman, S Radebe, SS Tema, D Koma, EM Ramaila        
C3.1.3 Page 3: Richard Maponya, Mangena, Charlotte Opperman        
C3.1.4 Page 4: Music group        
C3.1.5 Page 5: Daniel Mthembu, Madibane        
C3.1.6 Page 6: Unknown        
C3.1.7 Page 7: Martin Luther Kumalo        
C3.1.8 Page 8: Stilfontein (?) School opening, Paul B Ndlete, Nurse AV Mangena        
C3.1.9 Page 9: A Mangena, Dan Denelane, Khabi Mnqoma, G Nyovane, Henry Nxumalo, Butshingi, Senaoane, C Madikizela        
C3.1.10 Page 10: Mareka, GL Kakana, Mahlangu, James Nkosi, P Bell, R Landsela, S Msani        
C3.1.11 Page 11: Vabaza, Qhaba, Richard Maponya, Sibiya, VN Mathole, Peter Dabula, Tywakadi        
C3.1.12 Page 12: M Mphahlele, Iris Sihlahla, SM Makgatho, C Molefe, FTE Jali, Maud Malaka, Eva Morake, Ellen Blekie, Sidney Kumalo        
C3.1.13 Page 13: Unknown        
C3.1.14 Page 14: Thomas M Masuluke, Rev Benjamin Rajuili, Johannes Kgang, Rev Sekano Ntoana, Rathebe        
C3.1.15 Page 15: I Sibiya,        
C3.1.16 Page 16: VT Dinkanyane, C Kadalie, EF Vena, A Mokate, Mashaba, Vilakazi, Y Tantsi        
C3.1.17 Page 17: GL Kakabe, Mapanya, M Kosa, AV Mangena, N Mokate, Ntlebi, C Maxeke, GM Pitje, Mdolomba        
C3.1.18 Page 18: P Bezant, Mngadi, Ben Tapopi, F Zabale, E Ndlovu, Johannes Kgang, S Mogapil        
C3.1.19 Page 19: PC Mokgokong, Mabuza, L Molefe, PP Marolen, Prof W Kgware, S Lesito, V Mkhwanazi, CP Motlaung        
C3.1.20 Page 20: Rathebe, Regina Nzo, DA Opperman, Tsikeletsa, P ka I Seme, D Montsioa, F Mogale, R Bokwe        
C3.1.21.1 Page 21.1: J Russel Saoli, TM Masuluke, DDK Landzela, MG Skosana, C Ramusi, GZ Lethoba, AZ Mqashane, Mthembu        
C3.1.21.2 Page 21.2: M Maxeke, AM Lambede (Lembede), T Kubu, Z Ramailane, Mc CP Nkambule, AWG Champion, R Ntsiko, WD Oliphant        
C3.1.22 Page 22: M gule, J Langeni, Zibi, S Matseke, M Rantho, Nkomo, Dwane, J Msimang, TP Mathabathe        
C3.1.23 Page 23: Govo, Richard Msimang, REM Mguli, Mlambo, Enoch Sontonga, AB Xuma, R Zwakala, SM Mofokeng (see original photograph under item C3.4), G Motsieloa        
C3.1.24 Page 24: CA Phungula, GR Kuzwayo, Major F Zabale, TW Wauchope, RVS Thema, M Khumbuzu, DK Koka, R Davis, Madibane        
C3.1.25 Page 25: M Mzimba, AG Legoro, F Qhomane, P Mzaidume, M Mabiletsa, M Malie, A Matlhare, Rev Mahabane        
C3.1.26 Page 26: R Cingo, Cetywayo, Nonganza (?)        
C3.1.27 Page 27: Promoters meeting at David Motsamai's house to form a Boxing Promoters Association, from left to right: J Gumede, Kazamula, L Johnson, D Motsamai, G Sibeko obscured), G Hlapo, Sibeko. Seated: Mohaise        
C3.1.28 Page 28: MA Like (?), Rev JJ Khaile, TDM Skota, GL Kakana, Lefekane        
C3.1.29 Page 29: Rev RT Mkwayi, TP Mathabathe, group of people "Ramohanoe" (?), R Mosaka        
C3.1.30 Page 30: S Matseke, Prof WM Kgware - Professor of Education at the University College of the North, S Mabuza        
C3.1.31 Page 31: Dr Abdurahman, President 1903 to 1912        
C3.1.32 Page 32: Unknown studio photograph        
C3.1.33 Page 33: Prince Malunge ka Mbandeni        
C3.1.34 Page 34: Paramount Chief M Marelane, Inkosi enkulu yama Mpondo        
C3.1.35 Page 35: Bishop WH Heard, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Bishop Evans Tyree, Green Jackson, Ida B Newby, Rev JT Newby        
C3.1.36 Page 36: M Makgatho, RW Msimang, Alfred Mangena, RV Selope-Thema, JB Twayi        
C3.1.37 Page 37: Solomon ka Dinuzulu, Inkosi yama Zulu        
C3.1.38 Page 38: Rev JL Dube, Rev WB Rubusana, Saul Msane        
C3.1.39 Page 39 Rev W Spencer Carpenter, Rev RJ Williams, Rev SS Morris, Rev Cornelius, Fanny Muriel Jackson Coppin, Rev JA Bray, Rev AR Cooper, Rev RV Branch        
C3.1.40 Page 40: SM Makgatho, Others unnamed        
C3.1.41 Page 41: Washington Disarmament conference with President and Mrs Harding and Secretary Christian entering the DAR Hall for the opening session; Professor G Goodman, Mississippi; Rev CE Alan, Detroit; Bishop Cleaves, St Louis; Professor GF Porter, Tennessee; Rev NS Smith, St Louis; Bishop Heard, Philadelphia        
C3.1.42 Page 42: Bhuza ka Ngwane, D Montsioa, Solomon T Plaatje, Official staff "Abantu-Batho"        
C3.1.43 Page 43: Induna ye nkosi u Montsioa; Paramount Chief Montsioa, Inkosi enkulu ya Barolong; P ka I Seme        
C3.1.44 Page 44: Professor DDT Jabavu        
C3.1.45 Page 45: Colour Bar Deputation to England 1909, front left to right: J Fredericks, DA Abdurahman, WP Schreiner, WB Rubusana, J Tengo Jabavu, back left to right: M Mapikela, J Gerrans, Daniel Dwanya, DJ Lenders; Late Mrs John L Dube; Mrs Sol T Plaatje        
C3.1.46 Page 46: Natal Native Congress group photograph; Africans' Club, 134 Anderson Street, Johannesburg        
C3.1.47 Page 47: African Club, 57 Albert Street, Johannesburg        
C3.1.48 Page 48: LBT Mvabaza        
C3.1.49 Page 49: Unknown        
C3.1.50 Page 50: Coleridge-Taylor, image pasted from Wills Cigarettes, with handwritten description        
C3.1.51 Page 51: African music studio, Reuben E Davies, 134 Anderson Street; Printing staff of "Abantu-Batho", Sophiatown, Johannesburg        
C3.1.52 Page 52: Marcus Garvey        
C3.1.53 Page 53: Rev MM Mokone, A.M.E. Church; Free State back row: JT Gumede, Secretary to the Bakholokue tribe, front row left to right: Jan Rabele Moloi, Sub-chief Polane Moloi a Grand Son of late Chief Witzie founder of Witziehoek, Chief Letlatsa Moloi, the aged Paramount Chief of the Bakholokhe tribe, Daniel Moloi Confidential Induana of Chief Letlatsa, Thene Maboea, Principal Induna of the Bakolokhe tribe        
C3.1.54 Page 54: Longu Mbhali; Native National Hotel Ermelo and South African Hotel Carolina        
C3.1.55 Page 55: E Matlaba, Chief Matlaba, P ka I Seme, with the head of Seme cut out        
C3.1.56 Page 56: Nabotsibeni (Ndhlovukazi), Queen of Swaziland; The staff of the Abantu-Batho Ltd.        
C3.1.57 Page 57: Paramount Chief Dalindyebo with Mr Nokwelo        
C3.1.58 Page 58: Laying of Foundation Stone for the Methodist church in Albert Street, Johannesburg, by General Louis Botha, Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa, 31 October 1915        
C3.1.59 Page 59: King Lewanika, Inkosi enkulu ya Barotse        
C3.2 Loose pages with photographs 
 African National Congress 1912 Pictorial Review. Officers past & present 1951, cut from one newspaper page (supplement?), see item C3.2.5, and pasted on card board 
C3.2.1 Dr JL Dube, 1st President General; Mr S Makgatho, 2nd President General; Rev Z Mahabane, 3rd President General; Mr JT Gumede, 4th President General; Dr P ka I Seme, 5th President General; Dr AB Xuma, 6th President General; Dr James Moroka, 7th President General        
C3.2.2 Mr T Mapikela, 1st Speaker; Mr Selope Thema, 3rd General Secretary; Mr RG Baloyi, 4th General Treasurer; Mr Mweli Skota, 4th General Secretary; Mr W Sisulu, 6th General Secretary; Dr SM Molema, 5th General Treasurer; Dr R Bokwe, 4th Speaker;        
C3.2.3 Prof Z Matthews, President Cape; Mr LT Mvabaza, Delegate to England; Mr W Champion, President Natal; Mr B Xiniwe; Dr Gumede; Mr S Msimang; Mr Mofutsanyane; Mr Ramohane, President Transvaal; Mr Lambede (Lembede); Dr Nkomo; Mr Kekana; Mr Godlo; Mr S Macheng; Mr JB Marks, President Transvaal;        
C3.2.4 M Sesedi; Dr Xaba; Mr Moyikangoe; Chief F Mogale; Mr Nyakala; Mr Moritsela; Mr J Motsite; Mr Mbobo; Mr Cingo        
C3.2.5 Entire newspaper page (supplement?) with photos of the above. Stored in folio folder no. 1, Media Room        
C3.2.6 Unknown        
C3.2.7 Unknown        
C3.3 Clips of other personalities        
 Including: newspaper clip with photos of Nkrumah, Banda, Tshombe, Nyerere, Kaunda and Lumumba, The Star, 23 September 1961; Prints from printing blocks of Saad Zaglul Pasha, Dr WE DuBois, Dr JE Kwegyir Aggrey, King Yeta 
C3.4 Photograph of Dr SM Mofokeng, by Studio Prager, Johannesburg, see online display of photographs (stored with Photographs) 
C3.5 Printing blocks (not digitised) 
 Printing blocks (negative) of African leaders, used for his publication 'The African Yearly Register', depicting amongst others Nelson Mandela, David Bopape, Pixley ka Seme, Benedict Vilakazi, CL Dube. Others are of poor quality, stored with collection. Also included handwritten page listing names and price for blocks to be made. 
C4 "The African Yearly Register: Being an Illustrated National Biographical Dictionary (Who's Who) of Black Folks in Africa" 
 1st and 2nd Editions, edited and compiled by T.D. Mweli Skota, General Secretary African National Congress. Both books were initially held in the Library of the University of the Witwatersrand, where they were re-bound in hardcovers and labelled. 
C4.1 First edition, published in 1930        
 The book probably belonged to Edward Roux, holding his signed name on the first page, and is also signed by T.D. Mweli Skota (24/9/74). Judging by the ink used it has annotations by both Roux and Skota inside text and photographs. 
C4.2 Second edition, published in 1932        
 It was probably only a reprint of the first edition, with a pasted-in correction relating to the photograph of Mr LE Maling on the last page. The book probably belonged to Alfred Hoernle, holding his signed name on the first page, and it includes various annotations inside text and photographs 
C5 The African Who's Who, 3rd Edition 
 The 3rd Edition was published at the beginning of 1966 with the sub-title "An illustrated classified register and national biographical dictionary of the Africans in the Transvaal", and again edited and compiled by Mweli Skota, and distributed by the Central News Agency Ltd. The initial expenses were advanced by the Bantu Welfare Trust, South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) 
C5.1 Questionnaires from preople wanting to be included in the 3rd Edition of the 'African Register', 1f        
C5.2 Correspondence relating to the biographies of people to be included to the 3rd Edition, 1960-1966, 1f        
 Including correspondence with amongst others Selby Msimang, AWG Champion, Seretse Khama, CTL Chakela 
C5.3 Articles and text for cover pages, for inclusion in the 3rd Edition, 1f        
C5.4 Responses to an information request by Skota to the City of Johannesburg Non-European Affairs Department regarding lists of Advisory Board members of various locations, to be included in the 3rd Edition, 1f        
C5.5 Correspondence relating to funding and the making of the 3rd Edition, 1961-1975 
C5.5.1 Correspondence with the Bantu Welfare Trust, 1f, 1960-1964, 1975        
 Mainly relating to the loan which Skota received for the publication of the 3rd Edition. Also included a later correspondence relating to the use of photographs from the 3rd Edition for the fourth volume in the series "From Protest to Challenge" by Gwendolyn Carter. 
C5.5.2 General correspondence with other funders and contributors, 1f, 1960-1968        
 Including corresponence with Mary Oppenheimer, grand daughter of Sir Ernest Oppenheimer, whom he approached for financial assistance for the 3rd Edition. Her recommendation facilitated a grant by the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust Fund, which paid for the printing. Also included letters to Mary Oppenheimer and Silas Molema, relating to a painting which Skota commissioned on the occasion of her engagement in 1965. Final letters informing funders that the 3rd Edition had now been released, dated March 1966. 
C5.5.3 Correspondence with printers and advertisers for the African Register, and organisational matters, 1959-1966        
 Including Skota applying for an exemption to the Magistrate's Court for the publication of the 3rd Edition, which he would not be permitted to publish, having been a member of the now banned ANC, dated 7 August 1963, including a newspaper clip relating to the Suppression of Communism Act. Also included is correspondence with a number of publishing houses and newspapers, wanting to place adverts in the 3rd Edition. Newspapers also forwarded the names of African journalists and photographers on their staff, for inclusion in the 3rd Edition, like Leslie Sehume, Robert Zondi, Harry Mashabela, Alfred Kumalo and others from the Post newspaper, and Nathaniel Nakasa and Casey Motsisi from the DRUM magazine. 
C5.5.4 Undated correspondence        
C5.6 Press releases for the 3rd Edition, n.d.        
C5.7 Miscellaneous        
 Including scripts and handwritten notes relating to the biographies of pioneers, organised bodies and historical events, most probably taken for inclusion in the 3rd Edition, including a short history of Baragwanath Hospital. 
C5.8 Proofs and Lists for the Directory (not digitised) 
C5.8.1 Galley proofs for the 3rd Edition of the African Directory - Medical Profession, Churches and Traders. Stored in folio folder no. 1, Media Room 
C5.8.2 Typescripts of lists of registered African midwives and nurses, 4f 
C5.8.3 Lists of Traders and Shopkeepers in the Transvaal, typed and handwritten, 1f 
C5.8.4 Typescripts of lists of schools in the Transvaal, including Unaided schools, 1f 
C5.8.5 Typescript of clergy list of Diocese in South Africa 
D1 Pimville Standholders Association 
D1.1 Constitution, n.d.        
D1.2 Memorandum of Remodelling of Pimville (Pimville re-modelling scheme), issued by the Pimville Standholders Association, n.d.        
D1.3 Calls for Public meetings made by the Association, 1965-1971        
D1.4 Affidavits made by residents of Pimville in an attempt to save it, some in original form before a Commissioner of Oath, with stamps, 1966-1974, 1f        
D1.5 Miscellaneous 
 Including name and address lists of Pimville residents; membership cards for the Pimville Standholders Association; lists of contributions; quotations and pricing for building materials, 1f 
D1.6 Correspondence, 1955-1974 
D1.6.1 Relating to main concerns of the residents; to rules and regulations in the New Pimville, like keeping cattle; bursaries for school children; building sites in the new Pimville, 1955-1974, 1f        
D1.6.2 Undated correspondence, 1f        
D2 Pimville Native Advisory Board        
 Minutes of meetings of Government and Council officials with the Pimville Advisory Board, mainly relating to the removals from the old location and planning of the new Pimville, June 1944 to January 1966, some items are in poor condition, 1f 
D3 Other matters relating to Pimville 
D3.1 History of Pimville and its re-building, 1f        
 Including invitation for a "Ceremony for the Unveiling of Plaques To mark the commencement of the rebuilding of Pimville, 11 September 1965"; and few typescripts 
D3.2 Applications to register a birth and other forms of identification for Pimville residents, 1949-1974, 1f (not digitised) 
D3.3 Miscelleanous items, 1f (not digitised) 
D3.4 Map of Pimville        
 "Proposed Bantu Township", map of Pimville, Zone 3, City Engineers Department Johannesburg, 19 December 1969. Stored in large folio folder no. 2, Media Room. 
D3.5 Plaque entitled "Lest we forget"        
 Plaque for the pioneers of Pimville 1907-1956. The first African township was established in 1905 in Klipspruit, following the relocation of black families from what was known as "Coolietown" in the centre of Johannesburg, after an outbreak of Bubonic Plague in 1904. Klipspruit was subsequently called Pimville. Copper plaque on wooden board, stored as wrapped item with collection. 
 Also called by Skota "Bantu Methodist Church" 
E1 Constitution of the A.M.E. Church        
 Handwritten drafts for the Constitution of the Bantu Methodist Church and typed Draft constitution of the Laymen's League of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, 1f, n.d. 
E2 Name stamp of Rev AJ Malifetse, P.E (stored together with C3.5) 
E3 Posters of the A.M.E. church, prepared by Skota 
 Stored in folio folder no. 1, Media Room. 
E3.1 Nkosi Sikelela I Africa', 'Morena Boloka Sechaba Sa Haeso'        
E3.2 Christ Our Redeemer'        
E3.3 Poster honouring women in the A.M.E. Church        
 Including the photographs of Mother Maxeke, Father Mokone and Sisters M. Mokone, P. Selepe, H. Mabote, A. Abrahams, E. Morake, W. Qupe, M. Mareka, D. Nojekwa, C. Opperman, D. Montsoa, C. Ndlazi, E. Mogaetso, M. Kirby, and Sister Demus. Printed by African Leader Press, n.d., damaged and torn in two parts 
E4 Miscelleanous items, 1f (not digitised) 
E4.1 Funeral programmes and letters 
E4.2 Typescript relating to the Constitution of the St Ntsikana's Order of True Africans 
E4.3 A.M.E. Church Transvaal and Zambesi Convention flyer. Stored in Folio folder no. 1, Media Room 
E4.4 Newspaper clips from 'The Christian Recorder' reprinting an article from the Johannesburg Star about the visit of Bishop William Vernon from New York to South Africa, 1 December 1921. Stored in Folio folder no. 1, Media Room 
E4.5 Photographs of various A.M.E. churches, n.d. 
 See online display of photographs. Stored in Folio folder no. 1, Media Room 
E4.5.1 A.M.E. Church Randfontein 
E4.5.2 A.M.E. Church Roodepoort 
E4.5.3 The Bethel A.M.E. Church with Parsonage to the right, Old Location Krugersdorp 
E4.5.4 R.R. Wright Chapel Orlando 
E4.5.5 Bethel A.M.E. Church Philip St 
E4.5.6 Unknown 
 Please note: The brochure "The Romantic story of the South African Mission" has been discarded due to mold, but can be found as a pamphlet in the archive of the Anglican Church in Southern Africa. Other items are badly damaged. 
F1 African Federation of Trade, Commerce and Industry        
 Including Memorandum of Association of the African and Indian Trading Association, 1926; Prospectus of the African and Indian Trading Association, 1926; memorandum of a National Fund for members; membership card; economic statistics released by the Union of South Africa, 1960; pricing lists for members; Articles of Association of Alpha-Omega Service Ltd, 1f 
F2 Government publications (not digitised) 
 Including the Parliamentary Voters Roll for Kimberley, 1923 (poor condition); outline of the proposed Bill which would become the Urban Bantu Authorities Act, 1952; Memorandum by the Native Advisory Board relating to the Pass registration by Municipalities, 1946, 1f 
F3 Rand Aid Association, 1961/62 (not digitised) 
 Pamphlets and flyers, 1f 
F4 Various items, 1945-1962        
 Including: African Farmers Land Sale Company of Africa, Deed of sale for portion of the farm Driefontein, situated in the district of Wakkerboom to Joseph Mposula of New Castle, June 1945, stored in Folio folder no. 1; typescript relating to preparations of the National Jazz Festival 1962; notes about the Isambane African Medicine Research Institute; typescript motivating to vote for Mr JW Madi, n.d.; Print matter, 1f 
F5 Newspaper clips, 1f (not digitised) 
F6 Other (not digitised) 
 Miscellaneous, including incomplete scripts, incomplete correspondence, handwritten notes, odd reports and lists of people and their license numbers, flyers, 1f 
F7 Photographs 
 See online display of photographs. Stored in Folio folder no. 1, Media Room 
F7.1 Representative teams of Senior and Junior Soccer, Schools Hockey and Basket Ball, and members of the St. John's 1st Bantu Ambulance Brigade, Johannesburg Bantu Football Association, Season 1936. Badly damaged. 
F7.2 Postcards, and press clip depicting the South West African troops en route to East Africa aboard the ship "Mendi", 1916-1917 
F7.3 Two group and family photographs 
 Including group photo with Tengo Jabavu, father of DDT Jabavu and editor of newspapers such as Imvo Zabantsundu, here in graduation gown. 
F8 Plans and maps 
 Stored in Folio folder no. 2, Media Room 
F8.1 Evaton map        
 Plan showing sub-divisions of plots no. 1-5 and 7-11 in Evaton, Small farms township, situated on the farm Wildebeestfontein No. 406, District Potchefstroom, with stickers and handwritten notes saying "along here are small farms of 10 acres all owned by Natives, there is only one left, I have marked it", n.d. 
F8.2 Railway map of the South African Railways and Harbour (S.A.R. & H.) Government agency        
 Being a Diagram of stations and sidings showing transhipping stations of South Africa and neighbouring South Rodesia, Nyasaland, Congo border, Northern Rhodesia border, Bechuanaland border, South West Africa included, December 1948 
F8.3 5 architectural plans for houses (not digitised)