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Collection Index:WILMOT, Robert Edward Eardley, Diary, 1856
Collection Name:WILMOT, Robert Edward Eardley, Diary, 1856
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A1537 WILMOT, Robert Edward Eardley, Diary, 1856 
 Copyright 2011, Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 Manuscript volume with his own illustrations and sketches, bound , 373 pages, index, 33 illustrations 
Diary of Robert Edward Eardley Wilmot (1830-1861), Captain of the 15th Company of rifle Volunteers and Magistrate of the County of Derby. 
 Written between 30 January 1856 - 22 July 1856, the diary describes a journey from Port Elizabeth through the Eastern Province of the Cape of Good Hope, during which he visited mission stations and military forts. Wilmot comments on the tribes, frontier politics, the importance of missions, natural history and on individuals such as Bishop J. Armstrong, C. Brownlee, A. de Smidt, J.B. Ebden, Bishop R. Gray, Sir G. Grey, T.J. Lucas, Chief Sandile, Sir R. Southey and Bishop T.E. Welby. 
 The diary "A Cape traveller's diary, 1856" was published by the Friends of the Library, University of the Witwatersrand, and Ad. Donker Publisher as a limited edition of 26 copies in 1984. 
 The manuscript volume has been removed from its original binding and restored, and is placed in a custom made box. 
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