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Collection Index:GUBBINS, John Gaspard 1877-1981
Collection Name:John Gaspard GUBBINS Papers. 1877-1981
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A1479  GUBBINS PAPERS (1877-1981)      
  Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa     
  GUBBINS, JOHN GASPARD (1877-1934) 321 items 1877-1981     
1.  Genealogy and Early Life 15 items 1877-1977     
1.1.  John Gaspard Gubbins' birth certificate.     
1.2.  Pedigree of the Gubbins family. Includes pedigree from Charlemagne.     
1.3.  Fox-Davies "Armorial Families" - Gubbins.     
1.4.  Extract from Baptismal Register of Upham Church.     
1.5 . Note from Haileybury Register, 1862-1946, p.154 (on card).     
1.6.  Lt.Col. Edward Tufnell (1848-1909) - Who was Who, 1897-1916, p.718 (on card).     
1.7.  Sir Herbert Taylor (1775-1839) - D.N.B., Vol.LV, Stow-Taylor, pp.413-414, 1898 (on card).     
1.8.  Upham - Concise Dictionary of Place-Names (Ekwall,p.464,1946) (on card).     
1.9. Biographical sketch of Gubbins - Clare College, Cambridge, 1896.     
1.10.  Photocopy of Gubbins'call to the Bar - Weekly Notes, Middle Temple Library, 22 Nov.1902, Part I, p.309.     
1.11.  Speech of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the conferring of the D.Litt. degree at the University of the Witwatersrand, 22 Mar.1934.     
1.12.  Extracts from Vestry Records 1598-1900 of the Church of the Blessed Mary at Upham - Three Centuries of Parish Life compiled by George Molesworth, 1960.     
1.13. Personal details of John Gaspard Gubbins,- Star Editorial Files.     
  Other memorabilia and biographical material     
2.  Correspondence 200 items 1909-1981     
2.1.  Gubbins Letters (Photocopies and originals) 129 items 1909-1981     
  Mostly correspondence from Gubbins to H.R. Raikes re acquisitions for Gubbins Collection.     
  Includes 2 boxes of original letters from Gubbins and others.     
  1909 To sister Bertha. Re surrender of lease on farm at Naauwpoort.     
  1917 From Mr. Lloyd. Re Bloemhof Blue Books; Bewick; "Cape of Good Hope 1847" and the "Defence of Rorke's Drift" among books collected; Godlonton and Folk Lore journal bound by Edwards.     
  1924 From S.P. Engelbrecht. Re sending of copies of Almanack to Gubbins.     
From Mary W. Gray. Re valuable letter of John B. Purney; the Wilson stone; Hannah Grout.     
From Mary W. Gray. The story of Oriana, daughter of Hannah Grout.     
From J.D. Rheinallt Jones. Complimentary copy of Grammar of the Sesutho language found among papers of Rev.E. Jacollet; hopes to send Zulu Grammar by Dr. Doke.     
From G.M. Kitch. Jardine Collection and Stockenstroom's Autobiography.     
From Eric A. Walker. Advance copy of Macmillan's "Cape Colour Question" for review.     
1.  From David Chamberlin. Sending of Journal of Ann Hamilton.     
2.  To Mr. Lloyd. Bought copy of Lord Charles Somerset catalogue - no other copy in existence; sentiment; Bulawayo picture by Anderson opposite Maria Graham's similar in main features; missionary duplicates from the Payne collection; name of Lady Durban.     
3.  Extract from letter from Schoch Family Papers, pp.26-27. A839/Db4.     
4.  From J. Agar Hamilton. Re Diocesan History, award of Carnegie Fellowship - to carry on history of Western Transvaal.     
5.  From J. Agar Hamilton. Account of Sources used in compilation of Diocesan History.      
6.  From G. Meyer. Re loan of book by Backhouse; visit in South Africa; Rhenish Mission in South Africa - book; books on missions.     
1.  From D. Steyn, Prime Minister's Office. Re Prime Minister Hertzog's artist ancestor; Napoleon's grave.     
2.  To General Smuts. From Smuts Private Letters, Vol.41, No.187. Re Western Transvaal woolly finger grass areas (digitaria).     
3.  From G.F. Parker. Re Philips and Moffat's letters; Kitchener's diary; early days at Bethelsdorp.     
4.  From H. Ribbink, Library of Parliament, Cape Town. Re Bannister's "Humane Policy"; Jardine collection; altera- tions in Mendelssohn Library; Merriman papers transcription.     
5.  From S.A. Kitchingman. Re grandfather's journal.     
6.  To Mr. Dunn. Re results of enquiry from Mr. Parker, van der Kemp's marriage certificate and Josiah Tyler's "Forty years among the Zulus".     
7.  To Rheinallt Jones. Re cataloguing of Gubbins Library, valuation and option to purchase at market value if Gubbina died; Colenso native things printed and annotated by the Bishop; Genadendal - first Moravian Mission items.     
1.  From Percy Freer to Mr van der Brugge, Registrar. Re thanks for good wishes on birth of daughter; letter from Gubbins re giving University option to purchase his Africana library; annual grant; acquisition.     
2.  To Registrar. Re transfer of library to University of the Witwatersrand and terms thereof.     
3.  To Mr. Dunn. Re contract signed with Universities, Gubbins library as separate entity accessible to all members of the community regardless of race, colour or politics.      
4.  Note re signing of B.S.A. Company's concession; Rhodesian League; pamphlets.     
5.  University Council provisionally considered proposal; Committee appointed.     
6.  To Registrar. Will attend committee mentioned any time convenient to Mr. Raikes.     
7.  From Smuts. Pleased that Gubbins' valuable library will be housed at the University of the Witwatersrand.     
8.  To Raikes. Visit to Pretoria - very keen to get Gubbins library also; suggests library and press should mutually help each other with historical material.     
9.  From Registrar. Principal now returned from overseas, will arrange meeting to deal with transfer of library.     
10.  To Findlay. Re Schreiner papers.     
11.  From H.R. Raikes, Principal, Wits University. Enclosing memorandum to England for Empire Marketing Board re establishing touch with Transvaal University College (shortly to become the University of Pretoria).     
12.  To Raikes. Re collection of literature on mining in S.A. for mining congress; Pretoria already has strong nucleus of material, so greater the Johannesburg claim; Fouchê and A.E. du Toit interested in three dimensional thinking idea; Rev. Noel Roberts has outstanding stuff to lend University - sacred crocodile of Bagananoa and 5 divination drums, 300 years old.     
13.  To Raikes. Met Cullen family; meeting with Rey - keen to awaken Bechuanaland Protectorate and provide available literature.     
14.  To Rector, Transvaal University College, Pretoria from Raikes. His views on Gubbins Library.     
15  To Mr. Dunn. Hopes library will be a real microcosm of South African life and will be available to students regardless of colour; offered Hon.Professorship by Pretoria University but feels Johannesburg is right centre; London Missionary Society (L1) overhauled their library - will help with duplicates.     
16.  Copy of Raikes letter to Gubbins sent to A.E. du Toit. Transvaal University College wanting joint ownership of library.     
17.  To Raikes. Hopes for bibliography of Africana done from the North; received letter from Dr. Engelbrecht, editor of Volkstem, interested on method of collecting a library which reflects a nation's mentality, present collection to regard as nucleus. Essential to get cooperation of every section of nation to get aims and history as full as possible; cartoons drawn by Linley Sambourne for 'Punch'.     
18.  To Raikes. Drafting letter to answer du Toit - cooperation between universities essential to S.A. library policy and shaping of real S.A. spirit.     
19.  To Raikes. Encloses basis for combined plan, to forward to Du Toit or return to reformulate.     
20.  To Raikes. Oxford tendency for college libraries to specialise.     
21.  Memorandum on receipt of Principal Raikes and Dr. du Toit's letters, restating own ideas as to aim of library.     
22.  To Raikes. Witwatersrand Council of Education prepared to put up €300 to catalogue library, or invite Gubbins to give lectures; library of use also to S.A. Institute of Race Relations; is the intention of the University to provide status and sustenance for Gubbins, to carry on developing library?     
23.  To Raikes. Thanks for memorandum, full support of institutions by their incorporation as integral part of library without interfering with ownership and control vested in Witwatersrand university; anything received from the University must be based on adequate service; opportunities for securing important material if University or Council of Education could purchase books retrospective, the amount to be deducted from eventual valuation.     
24.  Memorandum of agreement: Transvaal University College (University of Pretoria) desires to contribute to honorarium to Gubbins and development of Gubbins Library; possession of Gubbins Library to be held by University of the Witwatersrand and be the foundation of a northern centre for African culture.     
25.  To Raikes. Lloyd hopes to get substantial sum for S.A. Parliament Library and Cape Town University from Jagger Trust, must be pickings for Johannesburg.     
26.  To Raikes. List of books from Gubbins Library in possession of Prof.Plummer, Dept. of Geography,Transvaal University College.     
27.  To Raikes. Dr. Laidler collecting material for book on S.A. culture visiting Gubbina; suggestion of vacation courses in S.A. history and culture as great need; S.A. cartoons 1890-1891.     
28.  To Raikes. Dr. Laidler's material for bibliography of products of pre-Victorian S.A. printing presses up to 1838; arrival shortly of first edition Linschoten.     
29.  Death of sister Mrs Tufnell. She bought Linschoten and gave it to Gubbins; get into cordial cooperation with Cape Town libraries for early printings.     
30.  Prom Y.W. Laidler. Asking for assistance to fix a few items for his bibliography.     
31.  To Mr. Pim. Thanks for memorandum on the Native Question; Judge Watermeyer's MSS.     
32.  To Raikes. Gubbins' sister left him the Malmani Oog farm; Col.Rey keen on idea for cooperation with the library; Prof. Rakhorst will induce culture societies in Holland to help us and get things more cheaply than from the Dutch booksellers; Prof. Pont gave useful law items and Prof. Malan (Zoology) also keen to help, Major torch keen on military literature - trying to get C.M.R. material; changing cars - suitable for country use; Mrs Gubbins not fit.     
33.  Notes with accompanying letter - unsigned for Gubbins on Rebecca Schreiner (Lyndall)'s album.     
1.  To Findlay. Re Schreiner album, identifying Dr. Philip; promises of official support from churches, missions including the London Missionary Society.     
2.  To Dunn. Wording of agreement with the University and reasons for preferring Johannesburg.     
3.  From F.E. Trill. Re Mrs Lindley's letter; mislaid Dan Crawford's other circular letters.     
4.  To Dunn. Re cataloguing of library collection. University's income cut - so doubtful whether library can be started; exhibiting missionary item to World Service Exhibition, Johannesburg - bring in touch with people likely to help library.     
5.  To Dunn. Early minutes of the Voluntary Association; time- table of ommitments.     
6.  To Dunn. Very busy. LNS stuff being largely used; found documents concerning Jenkins, missionary, 1845,and history of Pondoland.     
1.  To Raikes. Re insurance of Gubbins library; new acquisitions sent to University.     
2.  To Pim. Believes a great South African library can be built and collection of literature relating to the native problem.     
3.  To Raikes. Atmosphere favourable for cooperation between University, Municipality and local bodies; reopening of mine and spar recovered; tomatoes and potatoes sent to diggings; tractor reducing running costs.     
4.  To Raikes. Going overseas; secured letters by General Gordon.     
5.  To Raikes. Authorisation of all books,pamphlets etc. relating to South Africa to be given to the University of the Witwatersrand in event of anything happening to Gubbins on his trip.     
6.  To Freer. Dr. G.F. Hill, Director of British Museum hinted they would give certain duplicates relating to South Africa to University; blue books from South Africa House; Dr. Hill's paper on Roman coins in Pondoland; shelving at Institute of Historical Research; more acquisitions secured.     
7.  To Raikes. Support from Sir Fred Kenyon; best interests to get Municipality interested in South African collection and build up centre and museum scheme; to inspect series of 330 pictures and sketches by Daniels and C. Bird of African scenes up to 1825; King Manuel of Portugal will give his patronage to the Portuguese section; Mosenthal gives 100 guineas to use as necessary to library; secured MSS journal of Dr Robert Thomson 's 'Voyage to the Cape, 1832' in Worthing.     
8.  To Raikes. Difficult to draw line between library and museum material; Johannesburg should be the real culturalcentre for the whole sub-continent; had promise of Lord Baden Powell's material relating to South Africa, Matabeleland and East Africa; Maund's collections relating to Rhodesia, get support of bodies like Union Castle Line, Chartered Company & Bechuanaland Protectorate authorities, the University attending to the scholarship, the Municipality the exhibition facilities; Lobengula's letters and picture Baines gave him and other exhibits; also extract of letter to Lady Baden Powell re Gubbins library.     
9.  To Raikes. Delighted to hear Raikes appointed Principal of the University; little exhibition at Lady Beit's house; photostat machine necessary; on track of S.African pictures and sketches; Commander Tufnell to give a section of C.Bell in memory of his sister instead of photostat machine.     
10.  To Raikes. Gubbins library first institution to start recording documents before they leave Britain and storage of films.     
11.  To Raikes. Suggests cooperating with Pretoria Municipality exchanging exhibitions; more material acquired.     
12.  To Raikes. Surveyed the whole field from Edinburgh to London for material; Baines pictures; relates of paintings, sketches, coins and medals acquired in Britain, from S.S. Ulysses.     
13.  To Raikes, from S.S. Ulysses. Interesting series of questions raised in relation to removal of historical documents from Gt.Britain. Should be duplicated, danger of storing films; East India Company has much obscure Cape material.     
14.  To Raikes, from S.S. Ulysses. Fairly good hunting in Marseilles, but in Singapore struck oil for the General Library, the only set in Africa of their complete publications.     
15.  To Director, S.A. Museum, Cape Town from T.S.S. Ulysses. Advising of arrival of Van Riebeeck's stone fragments and approval for its removal to South Africa; to write to the Director of the Museum, Batavia, confirming and stating desire for the stones.     
16.  To Raikes. Idea to try and get that part of the Van Riebeeck stone which has no inscription, only border, to come to Johannesburg Municipality; Tufnells put up £500 which covered cost of copying documents and paid towards purchase price of Bell Albums.     
17.  To Raikes. Arrived back in South Africa; Cape Town appreciation of Wits University action over Van Riebeeck stone; snaffled 50 Bowler originals.      
18.  From Raikes. Advising Gubbins of his movements; had useful trip through the Rhodesias.     
19.  To Raikes. J.H. Curie gave C50 to promote cause for library.     
1.  To Raikes. Moffat, Rhodesian premier,pleased to see original painting, reproduced by Baxter as an oil print, of his birthplace; Archivist, South Australia sent TSS of portions of the Settlers diaries preserved in Adelaide relating to the Cape; Gibb or Gibbs of Union Castle, may have been moving spirit in presenting Dutch shipping picture to S.A. House.     
2.  To Sir William Dalrymple. Thanks for gesture of Witwatersrand Council of Education in turning historical museum scheme into a public concern; any transfer of material should be done through the University; the separation of the University and exhibition functions.     
3.  To Sir William Dalrymple. Advantageous to exhibit museum material at South Africa House; scheme created by the University will separate the elementary student and the mere sightseer from the serious student who naturally gravitates to the library; will attract everyone interested in such studies to Johannesburg and the University, will enable material to be secured outside University range, all bodies concerned with South Africa will find a centre in Johannesburg where their work is represented.     
4.  To Sir William. Insurance money - cost of Bell-Daniels album and Baines pictures, cost of other paintings, prints and lithos. Intrinsic value of collection, plus secretarial help, cataloguing, camera and photocopier.     
5.  To Raikes. Importance of contacts with people and institutions; Dr. Junod wants to publish Zidji in English; exchange of Australian with S.African implements; approves of scheme to start South African Historical Museum in Johannesburg under the auspices of the Municipality.     
6.  To Raikes. Value of material from Singapore given to Gubbins; Prof. Holland Rosa sent list of Australian section of the Central History of the British Empire relating to Cook and the Cape.     
7.  To Raikes. Will come to Johannesburg for meeting; information re various correspondence; Dutch East India Co-centenary 1702 silver medal acquired.     
8.  To Raikes. Protectorate authorities want Baines Ngamiland oil paintings and Smith albums available in London to use for their commemorative issue of postage stamps; letter from P.J. du Toit of Onderstepoort offering active interest; a little gold from own battery.     
9.  To Freer. Statement for municipal scheme; reserved in England,Wadstrom's essay on colonisation 1794 and arrival of Pritchard's Natural History of Man, 4th ed.     
10.  To Freer. Pay off balance on Bell and Daniells collections, then all books and 1455 from England would be clear and paid.     
11.  To Raikes. Handing over to Town Council exhibition material; temporary and permanent loans between institutions.     
12.  To Raikes. Gubbins to give talks in Johannesburg; cost and distribution of material between library and municipality; to assist Pretoria with exhibition material, then they would assist us; even visit various centres in S.Africa including Mozambique and Rhodesia; dealing in antiquarian books, relics, etc., not on same business principles as accounting; asked their Royal Highnesses (Athlone) in London, to inscribe our copy Royal Edition Hakluyt's Voyages, as their joint gift; wishes only to get back for the Gubbins Library and self a working capital that has been expended, and devise some scheme fair to both and satisfy the auditors.     
13.  To Raikes. Unfortunate in secretarial help in England, but was useful in cataloguing S.A. House material and tracing historical detail.     
14.  To Raikes. Re copy of Sir Henry Miers letter, chief museum authority in England, who would advise Carnegie people of anything valuable out here.     
15.  To Raikes. Note opening date of library; blocks for illustrations; Gill preparing plaster cast of Van Riebeeck stone; fortunate to have Zoological Museum cases for exhibition.     
16.  To Gill. Heard from Dr. Lorentz that fragments of Van Riebeeck stone have arrived in Cape Town; Johannesburg Town Council to put new storey to their new library for exhibition side of Gubbins collection, the University retaining acadamic and library side; querying expense to have replica of plaster stone made for Johannesburg, incorporating an unimportant part of the real stone, approved by Dr. Lorentz.     
17.  To Raikes. Visit to Pretoria University who are very keen to cooperate and suggests inter-circulation; a Charbonnais token acquired; Dr. Lorentz promises full support and Hollander connections re Van Riebeeck stone.     
18.  To Raikes, from Lourenco Marques. Governor-General, Mocambique thinks he knows of Bartholomew Diaz portrait ; term 'Africana' foreign to English ears - not in dictionaries - article by Smitt, London Daily Mail; site of Fort Mary, Lydenburg, should be marked.     
19.  To Raikes, from Lourenco Marques. Stay at Mbabane, Swaziland on return to Johannesburg to pick up Swaziland history and traditions; fig tree marking 'Jock of the Bushveld' grave cut down - to get site marked; given photograph of Admiral de Continho, who piloted first two South Atlantic flights and invented sextent for use in airships; complete record of history of aviation in South Africa.     
20.  To Raikes, from Lourenco Marques. Can oblige Governor- General Col.Soares Zilhao on subject of fertility cult of old Portuguese canons in Java; Maj.Miller agreed to help with relics and literature of South African aviation and can have strut and bolt of Admiral Weston's plane (first to fly in South Africa) if family have no objection; off to Swaziland to meet Maj. Miller's father who is Swaziland history.     
21.  To Raikes. Lt.Col.J.J. Soares Zilhao, acting Governor- General of Mocambique to be told of making a special Portuguese section in the library and would appreciate literature he promised; Dutch East India exhibition in Johannesburg; upper floor in Municipal Library devoted to Africana collection to be kept structurally simple; wants to make geological museum a living thing on mining in South Africa; earliest American missionary printings from American Board of Missions.      
22.  To Raikes. Sir Benjamin D'Urban cameo and 2 seals and original order book of the Castle of Cape of Good Hope have turned up.     
23.  To Raikes. Library will store Africans material, the gallery will exhibit pictorial side, hence what might be called National Bureau of S.A. Illustration, will store and circulate picture side of S.A. history and tradition; Elliott and Duggan Cronin wish to dispose of their material at reasonable rate; Star and Sunday Times would contribute historical negatives; to form a centre as a nucleus and the bureau a service for everyone.     
24.  To Raikes. Valuation on Africans from Town Clerk; University to retain certain border land items.     
25.  To Raikes. To assist at exhibition at Swartruggens and Zeerust High School Exhibition, both likely to be helpful to National Bureau of Illustration.     
26.  To Raikes. Difficulties on farm; cast of Rhodes death mask or hair brought back; getting hold of Cetewayo's throne; Exhibition 26 Mar.- to concentrate on Rhodesian section and a special Cape panorama exhibit, make main feature Bell, Daniels and Burchell. Would give personal value to catalogue.     
27.  To Raikes. Deeply touched by degree of Doctor of Letters Honoris Causa from the University of the Witwatersrand.     
28.  From Transvaal Education Dept. Regrets financial considerations prevent Dept. from supporting Africana collection, but will publish aim of the collection in Dept. circular.     
29.  To Raikes. Has worked up strong committee in Zeerust resulting in real type of local museum, co-ordinating centre at Johannesburg and independent entity of Rhodesia; Marico going to turn out first of local histories by Rev. Noel Roberts printing on his own press; lost historical film library to Cape Town; secured new portrait of Dr. Barry (lady who attended Lord Charles Somerset), but may have to bond farms.     
30.  To Raikes. Procured Leisca camera; Prof. de Kewiet to do work in form of films to be possibly stored in British Museum - two sets of copies; to decide where reciprocity is most likely - Cullen suggests Cape Town University; secured further Africana material; Swiestra confirming Gubbins possession of Wilson stone as permanent loan; lectures in Zeerust.     
1.  To Raikes. Series of floods on farm, getting away for some sea air; on track of original MSS Portuguese 1633 documents relating to gold mines of Monomotopa.     
2.  To Raikes. Arriving on slow train to attend City Library Committee in Johannesburg; secured some MSS letters - part of old Dutch church records from 1668; saw Mrs. Julie Solly who will help; will discuss exhibition on arrival.     
3.  To Raikes. Re invitations to generous donors; will be responsible for whole of Bell, Daniels and Burchell material. Tufnell aided - just made M.P. for Cambridge; American parcel arrived from American lady who arrived on foot to his farm when car broke down 17 years ago, with all information on Wilson family and descendants.     
4.  To Raikes. Grateful for Ball tickets; acquired 3 rare publications of Le Caille.     
5.  To Principal from Town Clerk, Johannesburg. Inventory of Gubbins Africana Collection put before Library Committee.     
6.  To Raikes. Material accumulating for outstanding work on Burchell.     
7.  To Dr. Gill. Thanks for newspaper cuttings re unveiling of Van Riebeeck stone; attempting to stimulate Town Council by visions of Johannesburg founded on gold; oval wood carving offered - part of old Portuguese ship showing Vasco da Gama's fleet at the Cape, but too large a price.      
8.  To Raikes. Sudden departure of Bertram who left farm in a mess; to come to Johannesburg to see Brown; troubled with sugar.     
9.  To David Chamberlin, London Missionary Society,from Principal. Grateful for work done with the L.M.S. and the Livingstone relics; related to Oswell - would be glad of knowledge of whereabouts of medal awarded to him.     
10.  To Accountant, Wits University. To pay Maskew Miller, Cape Town, for Elliot collection of reproduction of S.A. pictures.     
11.  To J.R. Bernard, Art Gallery, Cape Town. Any information on dye for stamping the German coins.     
12.  To Hon. Patrick Duncan. Enquiring about possible Carnegie Grant towards museum work in this country.     
13.  To David Heller & Co. Re inducing Town Council to purchase Baines pictures.     
14.  To W.R. Findlay. General production at Zeerust is nil; Treasure Trove starting geodetic survey at Elandnputte, Bakers etc.; line from Mafeking to Koster would economically branch off at Ottoshoop.     
15.  To Mr Pearson. Re S.A. coinage in the Africana collection; hopes to secure medals and decorations belonging to Col. Henry Somerset.     
16.  To Dr. Gill. Safe arrival of reproduction of Van Riebeeck's stone.     
17.  To Raikes. To write to A.H. Baher - would be useful to University.     
1.  From Raikes. Re finance of Gubbins collection.     
2.  To Raikes. Off to St.Michael's on Sea; material of Saul Solomon likely to come to Gubbins collection.     
3.  To The Times, London, from Raikes. Thanks for publishing obituary notice of Dr.J.G. Gubbins, but it did not do justice to the University and City Council support.     
4.  To Dick and Eleanor from Aunt Mona. Re death and work of Gubbins.     
2.2.  Elizabeth Gubbins 2 items 1951     
  To Rheinallt Jones. Enclosing letter to J.H. Hofmeyr re having to part with her inherited collection, which meant her father's last link with Malmani for her. She thought Gubbins Africana would only go to the University and Africana Museum at her own death. Would be grateful if she could be allowed to hold it personally in trust.     
2.3.  Dr. Paul Butterfield 69 items 1976-1981     
  Correspondence re Gubbins, to assist him in writing his biography of John Gaspard Gubbins.     
1.  May 25 From Frederick A. Tubbs. Gubbins entered as student at St.Thomas's Hospital Medical School, London, 29 Sep.1894.     
2.  Jun.4 To Registrar, Clare College, Cambridge. Requesting details of Gubbins academic performance and quality of his degree.     
3.  Aug.1 From M. Maingard. Suggests contacting Prof. Ziervogel, UNISA, for information; masonic regalia handed to Gubbins Lodge, Apollo.     
4.  Oct.12 To Dr. P. Freer. Invited by Mrs Elizabeth Duncan Rose to write biography of her father, J.G. Gubbins; would call on him for help as one of the few living friends of Gubbins.     
5.  Oct.14 To Miss Oliver.. Requesting any reminiscences of formative years of the establishment of the Africana Museum by the Municipality.     
6.  Oct.19 From Alfred M. Catley. Invitation to Dr.Butterfield to stay with them at Durley Rectory, nr.Southampton; found information on Richard Gubbins, father of John.     
7.  Nov.8 To Charles A. Puzey, District Grand Lodge of the Transvaal, from Peter Venn. Gubbins initiation and progress in the Isaac Newton University Lodge.     
8.  Nov.12 To Secretary, Law Society, London. Information on Gubbins required and his call to the Bar, Middle Temple, 1901.     
9.  Nov.19 From Mary Hawton. Only information on J.G. Gubbins was his calling to the Bar, 17 Nov.1902.     
10.  Dec.13 From Miss E. McNeill, Librarian, Middle Temple, London. Unable to be of help; might try Times Index.     
1.  Jan.2.1 From Dorothy Jeffreys. Enclosing copies of uncle's pedigree; address of daughter of Gubbins' brother, Edward, and connecting link with John Constable, painter.     
2.  Feb.10 From D.P. Wright. John Gubbins school record at Haileybury College, Hertford.     
3.  Feb.24 From Dorothy Jeffreys. Thanks for return of genealogies; no recollection of 'Uncle John' taking members of family with him when collecting material.     
4.  Mar.28 To Registrar, Clare College, Cambridge. What Natural Science subjects were included in Gubbinsfinal degree? Would Clare College be interested in claiming the correspondence after biography is finished - family may donate them to educational institution, i.e., Rhodes House Library, Wits University or Clare College.     
5.  Mar.28 To Mrs E. McNeill. What legal training did Gubbins have and where did he study?     
6.  Mar.29 From J.H. Dodd, Incorporated Association of Preparatory Schools. No record of two schools requested.     
7.  Apr.7 From Miss E. McNeill. Only information being at Clare College.     
8.  Apr.14 From Dr. C.H. Feinstein. Clare College does not have facilities for storing archival material. Rhodes House or Wits University have better claim; final degree subjects of Gubbins.     
9.  Apr.22 From Mary Hawton. Council of Legal Education in charge of legal education in England.     
10.  May 17 To G. Gubbins. Gap of six years in Gubbins letters, Richard Rolls diaries end in mid-sentence. Asking Mr. Tufnell to search for missing items; details required of father, James Cornwallis, for genealogical table.     
11.  May 17 To R. Knox-Grant. Suggested series of a television programme on John Gubbins - centenary year of Gubbins' birth.     
12.  May 20 From Hubert Chesshyre. Re blazon of the Gubbins Arms.     
13.  Jun.3 To W.M. Gubbins. Details required for Gubbins Exhibition of the genealogy table.     
14.  Jun.10 From N.C.O'Shaughnessy, Surveyor-General,Tvl. More definite descriptions of properties for Deeds Office wanted.     
15.  Jun.17 To C.H. Lemon, Union Castle Lines. Details of journeys made by John Gubbins or Bertha Tufnell required.     
16.  Jun.22 From Secretary of the Interior. Death certificate of J.G. Gubbins.     
17.  Jun.28 From Secretary to Head, English Television Programmes. Letter referred to Organiser, Documentary Programmes.     
18.  Jul.4 To Secretary, Law Society of the Transvaal. Exact date of admission when called to the Bar, when he became an Advocate of the Supreme Court.     
19.  Jul.14 From Bill Gubbins. Genealogical information wanted and given to Dr. Butterfield.     
20.  Jul.15 From Don Briscoe, English Documentary Programmes. Documentaries Dept. fully committed for 1977. Copy of letter forwarded to 'Galaxy' Arts Programme.     
21.  Jul.28 From M.V. Roberts, Guildhall Library, London. Unable to trace any specific reference to law case in sources held in the library.     
22.  Sep.2 From S.J. Renke, Society of Advocates of South Africa. No information re J.G. Gubbins. Suggests contact G. Findlay,Q.C., Pretoria.     
23.  Sep.17 From George Findlay. No details on Gubbins' legal education; Gubbins came to see his collection of family letters and contacts of Findlay and Schreiner families. Lent him Rebecca Schreiner album, which unfortunately perished in the fire.     
1.  To Prof.R. Musiker from H. Robins, University Legal Adviser. Copy of Agreement of sale between the University and Carleton Tu£nell and Elizabeth Duncan Rose (born Gubbins) of J.G Gubbins Papers, from Attorneys Minchin & Kelly.     
2.  Memorandum of Agreement between John Gaspard Gubbins and Sir William Dalrymple K.B.E. and Humphrey Rivaz Raikes.     
3.  Notarial deed of donation. Protocol no.54. J.G. Gubbins Trust : University of the Witwatersrand.     
4.  From Dorothy Jeffreys. Information re members of the family and the visit to the farm in 1910.     
5.  From G.D. High, Legal Adviser. Chemspar Limited purchased fluospar rights from 3 farms in the Marico District,l3 Aug. 1973-     
6.  From Irene Levey (n6e Cosby). Information on her brother-in- law and members of the family.     
7.  To Flies Kennedy, Johannesburg Central Library. Request for details of positions and municipal service records of Messrs. Asher and Morrison, her father, Miss Olivia and Dr. Luttig.     
8.  From Irene Levey. More information on family. Sent letter to eldest brother, living in Ireland.     
9.  From Miss L. Kennedy. Giving detailed information from municipal records.     
10.  From V.W. Hiller, Wynberg, Cape. Glad of money from Wits for Gubbins letters; information re Cripps and Uwen.     
11.  From Helena Loveday. Re information on Dr. and Mrs Wybergh of the Theosophical Society.     
1.  From Edgar H. Brookes. Cannot remember any recollections of value on Gubbins.     
2.  From the archives of the Theosophical Society. Information on Mr Wybergh and objects of the Society.     
3.  From W. Gubbins. Coming to Johannesburg. Would like to see Uncle's collection at University, bringing photograph of father and mother.     
4.  From Carleton Tufnell. Agrees Baden Powell map should be given to the Boy Scouts, but in South Africa; Maj.Gubbins agreeable to Richard Gubbins' letters being sold to the University; suggests writing to Mrs A. Jeffreys re the 'Grove' and S.S. Garland; glad payment may be made soon for John Gubbins' letters.     
5.  From Irene Levey. Her description of her second cousin, John Gubbins, their move from Ottoshoop to Natal where schools and universities were available.     
6.  From A. Ismail, National Archives of Rhodesia. Unable to find correspondence between Gubbins and Lionel Cripps.      
  Daughter Angela may be of help; creation of National Archives of Rhodesia resulted from Exhibition from the Gubbins Collection, .and tribute to him by Governor of S.Rhodesia, Sir Cecil Rodwell; no personal papers of Dugald Niven found - daughter may know.     
7.  From Dorothy Jeffreys. Giving information on the 'Grove' but no knowledge of S.S. Garland.     
8.  From Angela Cripps. Giving information on her father, Lionel.     
9.  From W.Tyrell-Glynn, South African Library. Regret cannot locate letter referred to, but Xerox copy was sent to Gubbins Library, Wits.     
10.  From Dorothea Barlow. Information re her father, Dugald Niven; intensely interested in Rhodesian and Africana; copies of letters may be on file at Bulawayo Public Library or Archives in Salisbury.     
11.  From Rawdor Ward. Information on his parents and self and the little he knew of John Gubbins.     
12.  From Phyllis Malden. Re list enclosed as asked; items of interest about her uncle, John Gubbins.     
13.  From A.E. Duffield, Dept. of Printed Books. Imperial War Museum only concerned with 20th century warfare, only other source is National Museum, Chelsea, London.     
14.  From H.V. Hiller. Enquiring about progress of biography and what material had come in; address of Dr. Percy Freer in the Cape.     
15.  From Desmond F. Lovemore, Rhodesia Science News. Possible answers to questions re Livingetone's Tree, fibre producing plant, sesame seed oil, red spiders, and other questions on which they cannot assist.     
16.  From Mrs J.W.S. Malden. Wants a copy of the biography; Missionary book by David Livingstone - willing to give to the library - Livingstone's Missionary Travels in South Africa; books sent to sister Elizabeth never received.     
17.  From R.B. Drummond, Keeper of the Herbarium, Salisbury, Rhodesia. Tree under which Livingstone died, not same as one on which he carved his initials; botanical names of trees and shrubs; miscellaneous information on Messrs. C.E.F. Allen and Ernest Brown.     
18.  From Desmond F. Lovemore. Handed over queries in letter to R.B. Drummond as best botanical authority to deal with the questions.     
19.  From R.H. Drummond. Gubbins reference to railway halts in country between Mombasa and Mackinnon Road.     
20.  From Registrar, University of Pretoria. Curriculum Vitae on Professor Matthys Bokhorst and Professor D. Pont.     
  To Professor R. Musiker. Apologises for mistaking tenor of note referring to own collection of Gubbins material; itemised list of documents enclosed.      
2.4.  Letters from G. Gubbins to his wife 1910. ( plus one from her)     
2.5.  Letters to J. G.Gubbins, to Elizabeth Duncan Rose (nee Gubbins) and to her husband. 1927-1987     
University of the Witwatersrand 13 items 1923,1932-34     
3.1.  Memoranda 12 items 1923, 1932-1934, 1974     
  1923 Dec.17 Education Administration Commission, 1923-24. Minutes of Evidence.     
  1932 Mar.19 Statement as to position of Gubbins' Library, 3 Jan.1932.     
  1933 Apr.12 Memorandum for City Library Committee. Africana Collection.     
  1933 May 10 Meeting of the Library Appeal Committee re University of the Witwatersrand Fire, South Africa-House, London. Earl of Athlone presiding.     
  1933 Jun.29Exhibition of Africana at New South Africa House. Opening Ceremony by the Rt.Hon.Earl of Athlone, K.G.     
  1933 Oct.17 Report of Library Committee. Council Minutes,571st meeting. -     
  1933 Dec.13Re Africana Collection being housed in the New Library by the City Council.     
  1934 Feb.20 Inventory of the Gubbins Africana Collection to be handed over to the City Council of Johannesburg by the University of the Witwatersrand.     
  1934 Feb.22 From R.R. Raikes re Exhibition of Africana displayed in Library to the citizens of Johannesburg.     
  1934 Transvaal Education Department Departmental Circular, No.61.     
  1956 Mar.16 Deed of sale between Elizabeth Gubbins and the University of the Witwatersrand.     
  Undated The Gubbins Library of Africana - leaflet.     
3.2.  Talk by Moira Farmer 1 item 1974     
  1974 May 1 Biographical talk - John Gaspard Gubbins and his collection of Africana.     
4.  Miscellaneous 5 items 1825,1903,1962/64,1973-1980     
1825 From Missionary Register. Picture of Missionary Institution at Basle.     
1903,Aug.27 From The Star, p.8. Drowned in Shallow Water. Death of a Mafeking Man - Mr. J.B. Herd. (card notes)     
1962 From Selected Works of Mahatma Gandhi ved. By Narayan, Shiman. Chap.X IV. 'Called'- but then?     
1964 Something of myself by Rudyard Kipling, Macmillan, London. p.167 (card notes).     
1973-80 Chamber of Mines Mineral Bureau. Report No.3. Fluospar: a commodity profile.     
5.  Scrapbook 1 item 1932-1933     
  Photographs, notes, maps, newspaper cuttings forming voyage account of T.S.S. Ulysses World Tour on which John G. Gubbins collected material for his collection. Compiled by Miss Phyllis Gubbins.     
6.  Photographs . Over 60 items.      
  Collection of photographs Album, loose photographs and portraits. See photograph inventory.     
  John Gaspard Gubbins- Aged 2     
  Bertha Tufnell (ne'e Gubbins)     
  Baobab- Victoria Falls.     
7.  Press Material 77 items 1904-1977     
7.1.  Newspaper Cuttings (Photocopies) 51 items 1915-1977     
  Newspaper cuttings, articles and extracts from journals re Gubbins farm, Malmani Cog; farming in South Africa; the draining of the lakes at Malmani Valley, reclaiming peat soils; finding fluospar on his farm which enabled him to build up his library financially; mining reminiscences; market control; his extensive tour to replace documents lost in the disastrous fire in 1931 and the building up of rare Africana source material; the sale of the Gubbins Collection, securing for posterity and housing it at the library of the University of the Witwatersrand and an Africana Museum at the Johannesburg City Council's New Library; Africana notes and news; his death and funeral; obituaries; tributes to his life and work.     
7.2.  Card Notes from Newspapers 14 items 1904-1940     
1904 May 3 The Transvaal Leader. Malmani "Pegging".     
1904 May 18 The Transvaal Leader. High Court.     
1904 May 21 The Transvaal Leader.Mining.     
1904 Jul 13 The Transvaal Leader. Roodepoort-Malmani Syndicate.     
1904 Aug 3 The Transvaal Leader. New Battery at Zeerust.     
1904 Aug.12 The Transvaal Leader. Mining Malmani District, Doornplaats & Kaalplaats - a new producer.     
1912 Apr 20 The Star. Interesting Find.     
1912 May 7 The Transvaal Leader A Girl Wife's Grave.     
1912Dec.17 First Remains of Livingstone's & 18 Mission Station at Mabotsa & An Historical Ruin.     
10  1913 Nov.28 The Star Livingstone in the Transvaal.     
11  1931 Dec.24 Assessors Report (Pratt, Clark & Murray). Date and origin of fire.     
12  1933 Jul.1 African World Exhibition at South Africa House.     
  1934 Jul.18 The Star Maj.Willis' gift to Wits.     
13  1940 Memory hold the Door by John Buchan. Hodder & Stoughton.     
  1935 Die Volkstem, Rand Daily Mail, The Star, Die Vaderland.     
  1936 S.A. Library.     
  1947 J.A. Veen.     
  1946 & 1963 Africana Notes & News.     
14  1971 Africana Notes and News 'De Neuville & Isandhlwana' by R.J. Southey.     
7.3.  Australian Newspaper Cuttings 12 items Nov.1932     
  Photocopied newspaper cuttings of the overseas visitors aboard the liner Ulysses, on which John Gubbins and party conducted their extensive tour, collecting rare Africana to replace collection destroyed by fire.     
  Newspaper cuttings from:     
  The Sydney Morning Herald The Brisbane Courier     
  The Advertiser, Adelaide The Argus, Melbourne     
  Newcastle Morning Herald The West Australian.     
Surveys . 3 files.     
  Survey diagrams and plan of Gubbins farm, Malmani Oog, Marico District. And other documents relating to property (deeds of transferred)     
  Also: Rainfall recordsof Malmani Oog 1910-1955.     
Addition 1 box     
Letters written by Lt.Col. Richard Gubbins 1805-1815, Other Documents     
Notes on the History of Marico by T.G. Gubbins. 1912-1913.     
Visitors books records of visit to Malmani Oog 1912- 1992     
Grorette Cards- Address books.     
Poems; Cards presented to E. Duncan Rose by the friends of the Wits Library.