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Collection Index:GOODMAN, Colin S, 1930-1972
Collection Name:Colin Goodman Papers, 1930-1972
Photos:GOODMAN, Colin S. (Chief Housing Engineer, Johannesburg City Council)• click to view
A1434 GOODMAN, Colin S., Papers, 1930 1977 
 Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 2 boxes and photographs 
 The collection contains the papers of Colin Goodman, who was the Chief Housing Engineer at the Johannesburg City Council. 
1.1 Brochures of Soweto 1 file 
1.1.1 Our City salute to Soweto, Newsletter of the City of Johannesburg, 1972.        
1.1.2 Operation 3M the R3000,000 Slum Clearance scheme of the Johannesburg City Council, 1957 (2 copies).        
1.1.3 Thousands for Houses, Non-European Affairs Department of the City of Johannesburg, 1961.        
1.1.4 Activities of the Non-European Affairs Dept., Johannesburg, 1964.        
1.1.5 n Gelukkige Bestaan: Soweto, Non-European Affairs Department of the City of Johannesburg, 1964.        
1.1.6 Urban Bantu Council for Jhb., April 1968.        
1.1.7 Soweto a city within a city, Non-European Affairs Department of the City of Johannesburg, 1969-1970.        
1.1.8 History of the Housing Division from 1954 - 1967 (with annexures & plans), City of Johannesburg.        
1.1.9 History of the Housing Division , 1966.        
1.2 Photographs of Soweto 
 These photographs are stored with photographic collections. Only the duplicates have been left with collection in file 1.2. See also online photo display.        
1.2 A Aerial photographs 
1.2 A1 A-4 size aerial photo of Mofolo, Dube and Orlando. 
1.2 A2 Map of Soweto. See also in large as part of item 1.1.5 
1.2 A3-24 Aerial photos of various parts of Soweto many are labelled. 
1.2 B Involvement of the mines in the building project 
1.2 B1 Headlines from The Star of 1956. 
1.2. B2 Commemoration plaque saying "This Tower built of blocks from shantytown, commemorates the Slum Removal Scheme inspired by Sir Ernest Oppenheimer 1957" 
1.2 B3-9 The Oppenheimer Tower and restaurant; mosaics used as decorations; Sir Ernest and Lady Oppenheimer; and a portrait of Sir Ernest Oppenheimer, n.d. 
1.2 C Training of draughtsmen and artisans 
1.2 C1 Young draughtsman in training at the Vlakfontein Industrial School near Pretoria. Photograph issued by the South African Information Service, Pretoria, n.d. 
1.2 C2+2a George Tabor, Principal of the Vocational Training Centre (VTC) in Dube, Soweto, n.d. 
1.2 C3-18 Vocational Training Centre (VTC), Dube, Soweto, with artisans in training, Dec.1969. 
1.2 D Construction of houses 
1.2 Da-b Drawing office at the Housing Division, n.d. 
1.2 D1-10 Photos of consturction sites, including laying of bricks, plastering walls, roofing, building of brick-veneer timber framed houses, n.d. 
1.2 E Houses and flats, built in the 1960s 
1.2 E1-19 Various kinds of houses, including with experimental 6" walls; the experimental 51/6 type; sub-ecomic row houses in Mofolo South; conversions from a simple oblong house to a larger house; experimental double-storey flats in Dube and Mapetla and interior view of flat; hostel buildings; and stylish residence in Dube . 
1.2 E20 Car crashed into corner of a house in Matshaya Rd (Zola?), n.d. 
1.2 F Hostels in Soweto 
1.2 F1-8 Mapetla and Jabulani hostels; some interior views; and hostel cinema stadium. 
1.2 G Community buildings in Soweto 
1.2 G1-43 Including: the SANTA T.B. clinic; Cerebral Palsy clinic south of Baragwanath hospital and other clinics in Senaoane and Mofolo; crches and schools; Jabulani Technical School; Church; Dube Library; Barclays Bank (Dominion, Colonial and Overseas, D.C.O) in Dube; Jabulani sports arena; community halls in Dube, Chiawelo and Phiri; Jabulani Main Post Office; Nancefield shopping centre; Moroka Dam; Beer halls and gardens, n.d. 
1.2 H Urban Bantu Council 
1.2 H1-6 Hall and meetings of Council, 1968. 
2.1 Reports and memoranda 1 file 
2.1.1 Standard preambles to all trades        
2.1.2 Report by the Housing Division about housing for "Bantu" and Coloured groups        
2.1.3 Revised unit costs for 40 houses in Triomf        
2.1.4 Method of construction of gypsum eggbox panels        
2.1.5 Memorandum 6 solid brick external walling, Housing Division, City of Johannesburg        
2.1.6 "Proposed 'Kurmen' system Bantu flats"        
2.1.7 "Improved industrialised building systems", reprint from Construction in Southern Africa, October 1965        
2.1.8 Housing and Urban development, n.d.        
2.1.9 Power Rise, UK        
2.1.10 Rimon Project, Tel-Aviv, Israel        
2.1.11 A.S.T.E.F. Study course - Modern construction techniques, J. Evenwel        
2.1.12 Brochure advertising the various building types offered by the SunStar company        
2.2 Photographs Photographs of construction techniques mostly in the 1970s, stored with photographs. See also online photo display. 
2.2.2 Photographs of construction techniques in the 1960s to 1970s, including the brick-veneer method, block work and pre-cast building, some in Eldorado Park, Ext. 2 for more than 300 housing units. The photos are pasted on colour paper and are stored under 2.2 with the collection of papers.        
 Record of a 7-day tour of the Bantu Homelands in the Northern and Eastern Transvaal, 27/11/1967 3/12/1967. The record includes memoranda and photographs of the tour, but seem to be incomplete. Photographs are pasted on colour paper and have been stored with the collection papers. 
3.1 Tour cover page, list of participants and a group photograph (no descriptions)        
3.2 First day cover page; photograph of New buildings for the Blind in Ezenzeleni, Ga-Rankuwa, and of Max Neppe        
3.3 Second day (no cover page); photographs from the Arabic Agriculture College, school for sons of chiefs and headmen; photo from the building site of the Ngwaretsi Dam under construction        
3.4 Third day cover page; photo of a meeting with the Commissioner General Dr W.M.M. Eiselen of the North Sotho National Unit; photos of the Thutamaphelo Training School for Health Education near Pietersburg; photos from the University College of the North at Turfloop, Pietersburg, some with Professor W.M. Kgware and Rector Professor E.P. Potgieter        
3.5 Fourth day (no cover page); photos with Commissioner General De Wet Nel; photos from the Tate Vondo Forestry Plantation, Venda villages and Venda maidens performing the Domba dance; photos from Sibasa Trade School; typescript describing the Tate Vondo Plantation        
3.6 Fifth day (no cover page); photos from the Letaba Mission hospital; photos from the Berlyn Trust Sisal Project farm; typescript describing the Sisal Project. (There are no page relating to days 6 + 7 of the tour)        
3.7 Typescript describing the "Molietzies Bantu Township", unclear at which day of the tour the visit happened        
4.1.1-3 Photographs of a meeting, with lay-out models of the Oriental Plaza, n.d., stored with photographs. See also online photo display. 
5.1 Reports and specifications, 1969 1 file 
5.1.1 Report on proposed building of Coloured housing at Nancefield, 1969;        
5.1.2 Specifications for dwellings with notes, n.d.        
5.1.3 Rent schedule for Eldorado Park, 1972        
5.1.4 Articles from The Star on new development areas, 1977        
5.2 Riverlea file 
5.2.1-26 Photographs of Riverlea housing scheme for Coloureds, stored with photographs 
5.2.1-3 Aerial photographs of Riverlea. 
5.2.4 View of houses Economic type. 
5.2.5-8 Brick-veneer timber framed houses under construction. 
5.2.9-12 Completed houses. 
5.2.13-23 Clinic, school, administration offices, hall and library. 
5.2.24 Sports ground. 
5.2.25 Riverlea shops 
5.2.26 Lutheran church 
5.2.27 Report financial details of housing scheme for Riverlea, 1969; list of rentals; duplicates of 5.2.1-26        
5.3 Kloof, Gasbeton, Reme and Newclare 
 Photographs, stored with photographic collections; duplicates left in file 5.3 with collection. See also online photo display 
5.3.1 Newclare, housing type Skanska R4.21 
5.3.2 Reme, housing type R4.03 
6.1 Articles, memoranda, reports 1 file 
6.1.1 Colin Goodmans articles Brick-Veneer timber framed houses and "A workshop for prefabrication, 1965        
6.1.2 Memoranda relating to ceiling-height of dwellings, June 1976        
6.1.3 Annexure 2 on 108 brick-veneer houses at Riverlea and lists of costs and prices, 1969        
6.1.4 Journal on brick-veneer houses of the National Building Research Inst.of the CSIR, c. 1976        
6.1.5 Report on brick-veneer construction in reef areas, Feb. 1977        
6.2 Photographs 
6.2.1-5 Photographs of factory production of brick-veneer timber frames and preparation of foundation, stored with photographs. See also online photo display. 
6.2.6 Photographs of brick veneer timber frame house type 10/15/1 with floorplan drawing, City of Johannesburg Housing Division, 1964. Photos pasted on colour paper and left with collection        
6.2.7 Group photograph, depicting Simpson, Kohler, Marke, Mulder, Van Niekerk, Du Plessis. The last person is not labelled, possibly Colin Goodman? December 1964. Photos pasted on colour paper and left with collection        
6.2.8-15 Photographs of brick-veneer houses under construction. Photos pasted on colour paper and left with collection        
7.1 Reports and Memoranda 1 file 
7.1.1 Annual report of the Housing Engineer for the year ending June 1966, Afrikaans        
7.1.2 Appraisal of the housing problem, November 1967        
7.1.3 Reports of the Chief Housing Engineer, Housing Division, City of Johannesburg Period July 1965 - June 1966 Period July 1969 - June 1970 Period July 1970 - June 1971        
7.1.4 Report on Power Rise council offices, Coventry, by Terence Gregory, n.d.        
7.2 Specifications and quantities 1 file 
7.2.1 Specification for 1000 houses from S A Block Costruction Co., 1969        
7.2.2 Specifications for building from the dept. of Community Development, 1970        
7.2.3 Memoranda on plastering machines and bricks; schedules of quantities of materials, 1968 and 1972; weekly task lists for workers        
8.1 Plans drawn for housing in Orlando East and West, Noordgesig, Jabavu, City Engineers Department, City of Johannesburg, 1930-1949, 15 pages        
8.2 Detail roof truss, Balzer S A Ltd., n.d.        
8.3 Plans for double units for elderly, Balzer, 1/4/1963        
8.4 Detail floor slabs, co. unknown, n.d.        
8.5 Plans for Power Rise flats, Coventry, 1965-66.        
8.6 Concrete structures, co. unknown, n.d., 8 sheets        
8.7 Housing plan for Coloured Housing Scheme, Eldorado Park, Longtill Group, 6/12/1974        
8.8 Plans office building at Albert Park, Willem Marais, n.d. (stored in flat folder)        
8.9 Details of walls and ceilings, co. unknown, n.d.        
8.1 Boxing for 18 wall, n.d.        
8.11.1 Plans drawn up by the City of Johannesburg, Housing Division, group of plans of houses for type 'F', drafting film and blue prints, 10 plans, 1964-65        
8.11.2 Plans drawn up by the City of Johannesburg, Housing Division for "Non-European house type 'L', blue prints, 7 sheets, 1964-1967        
8.12 Loose plans for different types of house plans, drawn up by the Dept. of Community Development, 102 blue prints, 1960s. 
8.12.1 Type E.S.        
8.12.2 Type O.E.        
8.12.3 Type N.E.        
8.12.4 Type ES9 / ES10        
8.12.5 Type NE1        
8.12.6 Type EW1        
9.1 Brochure entitled New Lives for old - A model Site-and-Service scheme - Port Elizabeth's solution to the Bantu housing problem", published by The Portland Cement Institute, n.d.        
9.2 "Housing at Port Elizabeth: A brief account of the City Council's endeavours to provide housing for all the inhabitants", reprint from Municipal Affairs, November 1964        
9.3 Cotswold and Algoa Flat Schemes in Port Elizabeth, 1967 
9.3.1 Reports and description about these schemes, being "1) Cotswald (municipal scheme for Europeans). 2) Algoa (Department of Community Scheme for Coloured)., May 1967        
9.3.2 Photographs of the Cotswald and Algoa housing, pasted on colour paper, stored with collection        
9.4 Other photographs of flats built in the Cape area, including Heideveld flats and Clairmont, pasted on colour paper, n.d., stored with collection