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Collection Index:HELLMANN, Ellen 1982.
Collection Name:Ellen HELLMANN Papers, 1898 (1937-1980) - 1982.
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Ellen Hellmann Papers 
  Copyright 2014, Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
  The collection consist of articles, reports and talks by Ellen Hellman, as well as photographs, letters, booklets and press clippings.  
  Dr. Ellen Hellmann (1908-1982) was a social anthropologist and obtained her D.Phil degree at the University of the Witwatersrand in 1940. The findings of her MA thesis in 1935, ground breaking research into the appalling conditions under which urban black Africans lived in slums such as Rooiyard in Doornfontein, Johannesburg, were published in the book entitled "Rooiyard: A Sociological Survey Of An Urban Native Slum Yard" in 1948.  
  She worked for the 'Joint Council of Europeans and Bantu' and later became an Executive member of the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR). She submitted evidence to various Government commissions at the time, including the Commission for Socio-economic Development of the Native Areas of South Africa (1955), known as the Tomlinson Commission, and the Commission of Inquiry into the Riots at Soweto and Elsewhere, 1976-1977, known as the Cillie Commission.  
  Ellen Hellmann was a member of the Progressive Party from 1959 to 1971.  
  (South African History Online) 
  The original inventory is missing and has been provisionally recreated in the listing below. The papers are arranged according to topic, regardless of dates. The photographs are listed with their original item numbers. 
Box 1  A – Col Files 1 – 14 
  Main Topics: Alexandra Township and bus boycott; Apartheid, Bantu Education, Bantu Laws Amendment Act, Black Consciousness, Black Women, Coloureds. 
Box 2   Com – Con Files 15 – 16 
  Topics: Commissions and Conferences 
Box 3   F – I Files 17 – 23 
  Main Topics: Family Life, Financial Papers, Group Areas Act, Homelands. 
Box 4   J – P Files 24 – 31 
  Main Topics: Joint Council of Europeans and Africans, Council of Welfare organizations, Legal Aid, Native Policy. 
Box 5   P – S Files 32 – 40 
  Main Topics: Progressive Party, Race relations, Rooiyard, Social change and welfare, SAIRR. 
  Photographs, stored separately in Room 27 (see photograph inventory). 
Box 6   SOU – UNI Files 41 – 48 
  S A Nat. Inst. for Personnel Research, Soweto (1967-’80), Talks, Townships and Hostels, University Apartheid. 
Box 7   U – Y Files 49 – 51 
  Urban Blacks, Urban studies (1948-’81), Women, Youth and Delinquency. 
31  Various Photographs 
31.1  Small photograph album, 1937 
  Photographs of township life in the 1930’s: Sophiatown, Prospect township, Orlando and Alexandra. Includes photographs of children; people at leisure; gambling; Orlando creche; schools; wedding.Album in good condition. Also, nine sheets of foolscap paper with photographs (mostly early duplicates from the album) pasted onto them. Captions (in Ellen Hellman’s hand-writing?).Two modern duplicates of photographs no.1 and 35, and NEGATIVES of these. 
31.2  One loose page with 5 photographs pasted down: chief in tribal dress; scenes of the 1922 strike. (Some family photos on the back).Duplicates and NEGATIVES of 1 – 5. 
31.3.1-3  3.1-3. Three loose pages of an album with photographs pasted down: funeral of Michael Dube in Pimville, 1938. The photos are numbered: 8/1-19, 9/1-13. 
31.4  Kwame Nkrumah 
35  Original photographs of Rooiyard 
35.1-19  These accompanied Ellen Hellman’s research on the Rooiyard slumyard. There are 19 original photographs, pasted onto foolscap pages. All have captions. Duplicates slightly enlarged. 
35.20-22  Extra photographs of Rooiyard. Enlargement and NEGATIVE of 13. 
52  Photograph of Ellen Hellmann.