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Collection Index:FREED, Dr. Louis Franklin, Papers, 1886-1975
Collection Name:Dr. Louis Franklin FREED Papers
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A1212  Dr Louis Franklin FREED Papers 
  Copyright 2011, Historical Papers, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand 
Aa1  Autobiography 2 files 
Aa1.1  Ts. 40 chapters on the life of Dr. L Freed. 
Aa1.2  Notes Handwritten. Contains chapters of autobiography, in addition to those typed and a biographical article by Mrs S. Freed. 
Aa2a  Miscellaneous 20 items 
  Several curriculum vitae on Dr Louis F Freed; UNISA graduation ceremony, 30 Apl 1966 – awarded D.Litt. & Phil.; biographical details from the Universities of the Witwatersrand, Natal, UNISA, Oranje – Vrystaat, Pretoria, and the Minister of Justice on the academic career of Dr Freed; Otis self – administering tests of mental ability adopted by the National Bureau of Educational and Social Research, framed the presentation to Secretariat of State of His Holiness, “R.F.A. Hoernle, A critical analysis” and framed S.A Jewish Times press cutting of Jewish Doctor’s part in founding of Pretoria’s Medical Faculty. 
Aa2b  Miscellaneous Certificates 32 items 1930 – 1982 
  Miscellaneous certificates and degree awards of Dr L. Freed. 
Aa3  Tours 10 items 1962 
  Tours of the old theatres and historic sites and depressed areas of Johannesburg conducted by Freed; correspondence with Pe Hours. 
Aa4  Theatre 4 files 1945 – 1978 
  Correspondence, memoranda, newspaper cuttings and notes on the Old Standard, Gaiety and Empire theatres and correspondence and photos dealing with the saving of the Old Standard and its demolition; Johannesburg Repertory Players – 50 years of theatre; old Johannesburg theatre personalities. 
Aa5  Poems 10 items 1931 – 1974 
  Contains book of poems – Songs of hope and compassion, by Louis Freed; poetry competition, Jun 1973; unsuccessful entry – returned; 4 poems (loose), not included in book by Dr Freed; 2 poems (loose), by E E Cummings and Irwin. 
Aa6  Scrapbook 1 item 1932 – 1935 
  Press cuttings, including letter from Gen. the Hon. J.C. Smuts in reply to a letter of Dr Freed’s on Smuts’ visit to St. Andrew’s University and press account of Smuts’ address as rector. 
Aa7  Photographs 23 items 1904 – 1976 
Aa7.1-4  Groups, family, launch of book 
Aa7.5-11  Seven 'rough proofs' of Dr and Mrs Freed, with order form 
Aa7.12-15  Graduation 
Aa7.16-17  Dr Freed with Anna Smith (see letter) 
Aa7.18-22  Presentation of Doctoral thesis to the Hebrew University 
Aa7.23  Dr Freed  
Aa8  Ephemera 57 items 1934 – 1976 
  Invitations, menu cards, programmes, functions, exhibitions, itinerary, Dundee Royal Infirmary Hospital ticket, passport, Cook’s International travelling tickets, brochures, visiting cards, Christmas and sympathy cards. 
Aa9a  Transvaal Provincial Council  
  Select Committee of the case of L. Freed 
Aa9b  Newspaper cuttings re case of L. Freed. 
Ab  Correspondence 3 files 1930 – 1983 
  Letters, both personal and mostly professional, including Yorkshire Insurance Company’s premium for his children, letters of congratulation and Jewish matters. 
Ac1  Jewish matters 48 items 1936 – 1977 
  Ts. Memoranda and written notes, articles and lectures by Dr Freed on Social Movements in East European Jewry (a profile on Dr Louis Freed); Jews and the “White slave traffic”; reminiscences of the Fordsburg Synagogue and Cheder; The Liberal Jewish Conception of God, Man and the Universe; The Festival of Shavnoth; notes on Israel and Florence; article by Jacob Weingreen – Rediscovering Ancient Israel; The Oze, by Freed; Ort – Oze News, Vol.22, No.7, May 1960; The Ghetto Tragedy by Freed; message to the African Jewish Newspaper on its 20th anniversary; the Idea of the Holy in Judaism and articles for the Jewish Guild Magazine, Freed biography for S.A . Who’s who, S.A. Jewry; The Halacha and Aagadah by N. Bialik; opening of Temple Emmanuel; Eichmann Trial. 
Ac2  Annual Report of the Chevra Kadisha – a commentary by Louis Freed. 
Ba  Literary  
Ba1  Book Reviews 77 items 1942 – 1978 
  Book reviews by Dr L F Freed, including one to him – The Discovery of the Main Reef Conglomerates on the Witwatersrand, by F.E.T. Krause. Mostly on medical subjects, with brief correspondence with the publishers, Butterworths.  
Ba2  Portraits 45 items 
  Literary portraits of outstanding personalities by Dr L F Freed: Shalom Aleichem, Robert and Elizabeth Browning in Florence, Max Bruch, Harriet Cohen, Benjamin Disraeli, Albert Einstein, T.S Eliot, Jacob Epstein, Sigmund Freud, Prof J L Gray, Heinrich Heine, Dr S. Herty, R F A Hoernle, Jabotinsky, Helen Keller, Ferdinand Lasalle, Emma Lazarus, Ludwig Lewisohn, Andre Makrois and S.G. Millin, Sir Ernest J Robert Oppenheimer, Thomas Pringle, Olive Schreiner, Emmanuel Shinwell, S C Shore, Joseph Simon Spinoza, Bertha Solomon, Sophocles, Henrietta Szold, Israel Zangwili, Solly Zuckerman, Joan of Arc. 
Ba3  Literary Articles 31 items 1941 – 1976 
  Ts, some Ms and handwritten articles by Freed, some submitted to Jewish publications, medical journals and congress. 
Ba4  Theses by L F Freed 9 items 1941 – 1975  
Ba4.1  R F A Hoernle: a critical analysis of his contributions to philosophy with reality; Ts. Submitted to satisfy the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Literature & Philosophy in the Dept. of Philosophy in UNISA, 1965. 
Ba4.2  Martin Buber: the Humanist Emphasis in his Philosophy – a thesis submitted by Freed for the degree of Ph.D. in the Dept. of Philosophy of the University of Natal, 1971, notes and articles on Buber. Correspondence with University of Natal. 
Ba 4.3  Die Funksie en Betekenis van die Dialoog by Martin Buber, deur JP Grobler, Universiteit van Pretoria, 1962. 
Ba4.4  The Problem of European Prostitution in Johannesburg: a sociological survey by Freed for the degree of D. Phil. In the Faculty of Arts, University of Pretoria, 1941. 
Ba4.5  The Problem of Schizophrenia and its Control examined in its Biological, Psycho – social and Sociological Aspects. M.A (Psychology) degree, 1952. 
Ba4.6  Results of an Investigation into a Group of Patients presenting the Symptoms of Schizophrenia, by Freed for the degree of M.A. in the Dept. of Psychology of Unisa, 1953. 
Ba4.7  The Problem of Crime in the Union of South Africa, by Freed for the degree of D. Phil. In the Faculty of Social Science at the University of the OFS, 1958. 
Ba5  P.E.N. Centre 1 f 1961 – 1971.  
  Correspondence, minutes, bills and newsletters. 
Bb1  Universities 14 files 1886 – 1976 
Bb1.1  University of Cambridge 8 items 
Bb1.2  Visit and lectures – correspondence and memoranda. 1964 – 1965 
  University of Jerusalem 8 items 1964 - 1965 
Bb1.3  University of Natal 38 items 1968 – 1980 
  Correspondence and memoranda 
Bb1.4  University of the Orange Free State 1886 – 1963 
  Correspondence and memoranda, photograph – 1886 and captions of Fauresmith Gaolbefore 7/1886. 
Bb1.5  University of Oxford 11 items 1964 – 1965 
Bb1.6  University of Pretoria 3 items 1962, 1968 
  Letter and photos 
Bb1.7  University of St. Andrews, Scotland 186 items 1947 – 1965 
  Correspondence, memoranda, Alumnus Chronicle. 
Bb1.8  University of South Africa (UNISA) 97 items 1943 – 1971 
  Correspondence, memoranda and photograph. 
Bb1.9  University of the Witwatersrand 129 items 1944 – 1959 
  Correspondence and memoranda. 
Bb1.10  University of the Witwatersrand – Convocation 9 items 1966 – 1976 
  Minutes, convocation commentary and memoranda. 
Bb1.11  Universiteit of Durban – Westville. 2 items 1981 
Bb1.12  Universiteit van Stellenbosch. 2 items 1982 
Bb2  Societies 2 files 1948 - 1969 
Bb2.1  Royal Society of South Africa 18 items 1956 – 1981 
  Correspondence, memoranda and Statutes. 
Bb2.2  Social Services Association of South Africa 18 items 1947 – 1949 
  (Johannesburg Branch) 
  Correspondence, memoranda and minutes. 
Bc  Articles 3 files 1953 – 1959 
Bc1  Articles by Louis F Freed 2 files 
  Articles covering medical, industrial, historical and social aspects. 
Bc2  Miscellaneous 1 file 1953 – 1959 
  Editorials, replies to questionnaires, summaries of articles, reports on medical congresses by Louis Freed. 
Bd  Lectures 67 items 1934 – 1975 
Bd1.1  Medical 67 items 1934 – 1973 
  Lectures given by Dr Louis Freed on medical subjects. 
Bd1.2  Other 11 items 1938 – 1975 
  Lectures by Freed on the changing family, Joan of Arc, crime, philosophy of art, famine in Europe, social movements in East European Jewry, woman of yesterday and today. 
Bd2  Addresses 14 items 1938 – 1976 
  Addresses by Freed on social, medical, religious, Jewish, art, and on St.Andrews University and Tara. Address given by him on his retirement at Tara, 28 May 1975. 
Ca  Abortion 2 items 1954 
Ca1  Ts. Book on court cases of abortion, charging Louis Kebe and four others. 
Ca2  Ts. Article on criminal abortion. 
Ca3  Department of Health Form G.1/12/2 m accordance with Sect. 7 (1) of the Abortion and Sterilization Act 1975 
Cb  Alcoholism 3 files 1931 – 1973 
Cb1  Correspondence and memoranda 22 items 1931 – 1973 
  Includes an address to the Annual Convention of the SA Temperance Alliance; a report on Eric Meyerov, an alcoholic; crime statistics on alcoholism; meetings of the Johannesburg Council for combatting alcoholism; the Liquor Amendment Bill – SAIRR; questionnaire on alcoholism. 
Cb2  Notes and lectures - by Dr L Freed 15 items undated 
  Handwritten notes and lectures on the alcoholic; the abuse of alcoholic; the psychology of alcoholism and the social aspects and problems, the problem of drug abuse. 
Cb3  Alcoholism – by others 17 items 1970 and undated 
  Memoranda on the rehabilitation of alcoholics, research in the field of alcoholism; the constitution of the South African National Council on Alcoholism; the broader aspects of the prevention of alcoholism; the Christian and moral approach; family disorganisation; bibliography of material on alcoholism and others; JISWA Newsletter, Jan – Jun. 1974. 
Cb4  Legal enquiries 1949 
Cc  Cancer 12 items 1959 – 1962 
  Memoranda and Ts. On causality; articles from chemotherapy reports; psychomatic medicine and aspects of cancer; occupational – social class risks of mortality in men; psychological factor associated with neoplastic disease; the patient under study for cancer; host resistance; psychological orientation associated with malignant disease; mortality rate. 
Cd  Diabetes 29 items 1953 – 1967 
  Memoranda,mostly from Medical Journal, on diabetes; insulin; 4th Congress of the International Federation of Diabetes – Geneva, July 1961; Ts. The New Way to Live with Diabetes: a complete guide by Charles Weller reviewed by Freed. 
Ce  Drugs 22 items 1944 – 1971 
  Memoranda, Ts. and handwritten notes by Freed, on statistics; somatic and psychiatric aspects of childhood allergies; the problem of narcotism; problem of drug abuse in SA; report of the Committee of Enquiry into the abuse of drugs, 1970; druggards; dagga problem; services for the prevention and treatment of dependence on alcohol and other drugs – World Health Organisation Technical Report; aspect of human disorganisation; opium. 
Cf  Epilepsy 58 items 1959 – 1972 
  Minutes, correspondence, memoranda, photographs, X – rays and slides, bochures on epilepsy; the constitution of the SA National Epilepsy League; cases; the problem of depression; article for the Horizon – Chacago, Ill., 1963; temporal lobe epilepsy; National Conference on Epilepsy, Sep. 1967. 
Cg  Forensic Medicine 2 items 1962 
  Memoranda, on mortality from suicide; and forensic medicine. 
Ch  Gambling 11 items 1933 – 1951 
  Memoranda, Ts. handwritten notes on lotteries and betting; the evils of gambling; native delinquency; horse racing; report of dog racing commission 1945; the need for the abolition of gambling in South Africa; gambling and social pathology. 
Ci  Genetics 28 items 1960 – 1963 
  Memoranda, articles from SA Medical Journal, New Scientist, Lancet, on genetic disorders; chromosomes; steps towards breaking the genetic code; heredity; genetic prognosis; genetic change in neoplasia; biochemical genetics and inborn errors of metabolism; the application of interracial genetic studies to clinical problems (abstract); chromosomes in cancer. 
Cj  Heart Disease 1 item 
  Ts. – Dietary Fats and Ischaemic Heart Disease by J A T Saul, Ph.D. (Nottingham) – survey and commentary. 
Ck  Homosexuality 4 files 1939 – 1956 
  Articles, correspondence, notes and memoranda, cases, on homosexuality in Johannesburg, in the army, in the courts; mentality and sexuality by Samuel Kahn; classification of homosexuals; inverts; campaign against homosexuality; court cases on homosexuals. 
Cl  Human Consciousness 4 items 1956 – 1966 
  Memoranda and Ts. on the electroencephalographic correlates to consciousness; lectures by Freed on the frustration of human consciousness; the phenomenon of human consciousness in the modern world. 
Cm  Hypnosis 3 items 1963 – 1968 
  Notes and Ts. on hypnosis and allergy; hypnotic case jottings; the role of play in developmental process. 
Cn  Industrial Psychology 4 files 1926 – 1964 
Cn1  Memoranda and lectures (Freed) 18 items 1959 – 1961 
  British Productivity Council Bulletin supplement, Apl. 1955; lectures and articles to M.O’s attending DIH course, 1961; the colour component of the physical environment of the industrial establishment; communication in industry; ergonomics in industry; the future of health in industry; industrial psychology; industrial nutrition; the principles of the philosophy of science and their application to clinical medicine; the problem of fatigue in industry; rehabilitation of the injured industrial worker under Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1941; the road to industrial peace in SA; the role of environmental factors peace in SA; the role of environmental factors within the human continuum in the production of the stress situation; sex and endocrine factors affecting industrial efficiency; training and selection for fitness and efficiency in industry. 
Cn2.1  Lectures and articles (Others) 11 items 1926 – 1964 
  The worker in modern economic society; the place of first – aid in works and factories; the war against mine accidents on the Rand; cardiac infarcation; asbestosis; health in industry; medicine in the gold mining industry; prevention and control of road traffic accidents; the salt excretion of miliaria subjects; a comparison of constitutional types between White South African alcoholics and non – alcoholics; the social impact of automation.  
Cn2.2  Undated 19 items 
  The effect of ageing on the efficiency of workers; the estimation of work capacity; Factories Act No.22 1941; food, health and insecticides; heatstroke; height – weight tables for African workers; disease pattern in White and non – White children amongst hospital admissions in Durban; mechanical ventilators, their management and place in treatment of acute respiratory failure; the pattern of disease in a SA industrial community; personal factors in accidents and the three killers of man; physiological adaptations to heat stress; NOSA’s industrial accident prevention; radiographic features of cirrhosis of the liver; rescue in mining; modern radiology of the larynx; paediatric aspects of acute respiratory failure. 
Cn3  Visual Retention Test 2 items 
  Visual retention test record sheet and Arthur L Benton’s test cards. 
Co  Infectious Diseases 3 items 
  Memoranda, Ts. and handwritten memoranda including a summary of data submitted for symposium on infectious diseases; a plea for an integralistic approach to the infectious diseases and a further study in the nature of disease by J E R McDonagh. 
Cp  Mental Disorders 25 items 1950 – 1973 
Cp1  Memoranda and articles (by Freed and others) 20 items 1955 – 1976 
  Including subjects on methodological approach to mental disorders; mental hygiene movement in S.A; minutes of Executive Committee meeting of the Mental Health Society 20.5.63; music therapy; the psychopath; psychopath; problem of mental disorder; lecture on social pathology; the integralistic approach; dynamics of interpersonal relationships; social disorganisation; comparative study between normal nursery school children and the mentally retarded; symptoms of schizophrenia; guilt and guilt feelings. 
Cp2  Memoranda and articles (by others) 8 items 1950 – 1973 
  Including subjects on mental hygiene in later maturity; Tara; the Moross Centre; sociological aspects of paranoia; types of integration and their measurement; the use of group therapy in the paranoid psychoses; visual memory test; psychological studies of thalmic lesions in humans; enquiry into mental disorders act (SA) in relation to problems today. 
Cq  Methodology 13 items 1949 – 1962 
  Social medicine lectures on criticism of sociologistic schools of sociology and the rise of the Bio – Psycho – Sociological school; philosophy of medicine sub – group; application of the principles of methodology in the approach to mental disorder; logic of social discourse; application to clinical medicine. 
Cr  Nervous System 1 item 1962 
  Memoranda on Disease of the Nervous System by Lord Brain. Oxford, 1962. 
Cs  Neurology 5 items 1964 – 1967 
  Memoranda including the newsletter of the national group of neurologists, psychiatrists and neuro – surgeons; minutes of the AGM of the Society 19.7.67; surgery of the sympathetic nervous system; neurological examination. 
Ct  Non – European Affairs 3 items 1965 – 1967 
  Reprint from African Studies Quarterly Journal – the trend and pattern of fertility in Soweto; cultural change in Soweto; population and housing statistics, 30.6.67. 
Cu  Pathology 3 items undated 
  Handwritten notes, memoranda on practical pathological histology and neuropathy. 
Cv  Population 6 items undated 
  Handwritten notes and memoranda on community environment; Afrikaner migration to the Rhodesias; principal statistical figures of the Colony 1902 – 1906. 
Cw  Prostitution 23 items 1938 – 1963 
Cw1  Cases 11 items 1938 – 1949 
  Memoranda on court cases of prostitution. 
Cw2  Articles 12 items 1939 – 1963 
  Ts. memoranda on prostitution in SA; the riddle of Woman; the changing family; the pimp; special problems of prostitution; the menace of prostitution in Johannesburg; the problem and its control. 
Cx  Psychology 5 files 1934 – 1978 
Cx1  Correspondence 3 items 1934, 1977, 1978 
  Letters dealing with psycho – analysis, state psychiatrists issue of certificates circular; invitation to Dr Freed to attend the S. Tvl. Sub – group of Psychiatrists all – day congress on head injury, 31 Mar 1978. 
Cx2  Memoranda 1 file 1948 – 1978 
  Memoranda on psychology, child psychology and child guidance problems; development psychology; fields and methods of sociology; genetics in relation to psychiatry and neurology; abnormal psychology; geriatric emergencies; symposium on long – acting phenothiazines in psychiatry; high dose serenace in acute and chronic psychosis. 
Cx3  Notes and lectures 1 file undated 
  Handwritten notes and Ts. on science and understanding; psychology; examinations for the diploma in psychological medicine, projective techniques; psychology lectures on mental defects and disorder, personality behaviour. 
Cx4  Articles 1 file 1951 – 1967 
  Articles on types of integration and their measurement; research in genetics and psychiatry; journal of mental science; the problem of depression in psychiatry; mental health campaign in South Africa; the psychopath; a new substance – mensal. 
Cx5  Case histories 20 items 1942 – 1950 
  Case histories and their psychological symptoms. 
Cy  Roche Products 8 items 1960 – 1961 
  Correspondence and memoranda on drugs and medicine preparations by Roche. 
Cz  Sex education 45 items 1940 – 1970 
Cz1  Correspondence 23 items 1940 – 1970 
  Mostly on sex education in Transvaal schools; venereal disease and prostitution in the young. 
Cz2  Notes and lectures 22 items undated 
  Handwritten notes and Ts. on the changing character of sexual morality; guilt; transvestism and sex education; sex education in South Africa. 
Caa  Slums 4 items undated 
  Ts. and handwritten notes on the St. John’s College Slum Tour and a description of a slum. 
Cab  Social and preventive medicine 
Cab1  Memoranda 3 files 1911 – 1970 
  Census 1911 Annexures to Gen. Report, Part IV; information about Zyma; summary on Oxypertine; achievements of the Dept. of Health; social malaise and disorders; reports on the shortage of nurses in South Africa; health unshackled; handbook of Labor statistics, 1941 ed.; town planning; regional differences in the prevalence of blindness; women in industry; health services in three continents; health welfare work in industry; medical sociology in Great Britain 1969 – 1970; consciousness; a philosophy of medicine; determinants of outcome following bereavement. 
Cab2  Lectures and articles 24 items 1948 – 1970 
Cab2.1  Lectures – Freed 40 items 1962 and undated 
  List of names of 4th year students attending lectures; lectures on integral and social medicine. 
Cab2.2  Lectures – Prof. J A Ryle 7 items 1948 and undated 
  Lectures on social diseases; national war memorial health foundation; social post – mortem examination; the meaning of normal and the measurement of health; the health of the people; and social medicine and hospital practice; general criticism of the mechanistic, biological, psychological and sociologistic schools of sociology and the rise of the Bio Psychological School. 
Cab2.3  Articles 9 items 1951 – 1970 
  Reprints from SA Med. Journal on psychic changes projected by disorganization of the central nervous system; a methodological approach to mental disorder; the psycho – sociologic approach to the problem of neo – plasia; the problem of peptic ulcer; the psychosomatics of peptic ulcer; an investigation of Hypoxis nitida and annexures; biological activity of sterol glycosides; clinical report on Uprosan; pituitary luteinizing hormone reserve in elderly men with prostatic disease. 
Cac  Sociological Forces – female 18 items 1939 – 1946 
  The Riddle of Woman by Dr Joseph Tenenbaum – a study in the social psychology of sex; causality of Lesbianism; women in industry. 
Cad  Steroids 21 items undated 
  Memoranda on new systemic steriod in treatment of allergies in office practice; prednisolone in celestone tablets; corticosteroids; adrenocortical structure and function. 
Cae  Suicide 3 files + 1 notebook 1940 – 1970 
Cae1  Works by Dr L F Freed 4 items 
  Ts. of an investigation into the problem of suicide and attempted suicide in the city of Johannesburg with special reference to the aspects of incidence, causality and control; the problem of suicide in Johannesburg; tables of population – various races and deaths; the socio – psychiatric aspects of suicide in the city of Johannesburg. 
Cae2  Correspondence and memoranda 34 items 1940 – 1970 
  Includes tables on mortality rates; nervous and mental diseases; drugs; problems of suicide; Suicides Anonymous Constitution 1964; incidence of suicide; population tables. 
Cae3  Case histories 27 items 1964 – 1966 
  Case histories of attempted suicides. 
Cae4  Manuscript 1 item 
  Part manuscript on suicide. 
Caf  Venereal Diseases 27 items 1897 – 1963 
  Correspondence, memoranda, Ts. articles on venereal disease; public morality; menace of prostitution; trichomoniasis, syphilis, control of disease; social aspects; epidemological policy. 
D1  Annual reports 8 items 1947 – 1972 
  Minutes of the Executive Committee of the Penal Reform League of South Africa, jul 1947 and Jun 1950; Annual report of the Commissioner of the South Africa Police, 1948, 1949, 1961, 1970 – 72; report for the 4 years ended june 1962 by the Commissioner of Prisons. 
D2  Correspondence 12 files 1942 – 1974 
D2.1 – 2.2  Correspondence on crime from 1942 – 1959 and then annually until 1974. 
D3  Memoranda 2 files 1914 – 1974 
  Including Ts. on The Criminal by Havelock Ellis; Medical aspects of Crime by W Norwood East; handwritten notes on the inadequacy of Auckland Park Detention House for boy homosexuals, by Freed; defeating the ends of justice; social laws in the Union; institute needed for sex abnormals; the law and homosexuality; slander and indecency; diagnosis and treatment of delinquency; the need for the establishment of a Division of Criminal Science in the Dept. of Justice, submitted to the Penal Reform Commission, 1946; the social problem of crime, its causes, prevention and punishment by the Hon. F.E.T Krause; facilities available for treatment in mental hospitals and institutions for feeblemindedness; ‘The Problem of Crime in the Union of South Africa’ by Freed – libel report and supplemental libel report; memorandum submitted to Commission of Enquiry into the responsibility of mentally deranged persons and related matter; the psycho – criminological factors in crime causation, by Freed – Crime Conference, Pretoria 1973; anorexia nervosa programme – Tara H Moross Centre; memorandum on the training of nurses to improve their contribution to the health team; notes by Freed on the Institute of Criminology of the University of Cambridge.  
D4  Articles 14 items 1951 – 1977 
  The Problem of Bantu Criminality on the Witwatersrand; obscene pictures; the technics of crime – outsmart the smart guy; crime in South Africa; an integralistic approach – 3 articles from Medical Proceedings; criminology: an introduction, by PJ van der Walt, G Cronje, B F Smit and J van der Westhuizen, UNISA; thieves slang; psychological factors in crime; psychological illness in SA; Crime in its Biological, Psychological and Sociological relationship by Freed. Public participation in the prevention of crime by J. M. Steyn.  
D5  Lectures 8 items 
  Lectures on the problem of crime, social medicine, social pathology and Emmanuel Levinas totalite et infini. 
D6  Notebook 1 item 
  The Problem of Crime by Ettinger – notes. 
D7  Publication 1 item 
  The adolescent criminal – a medico – sociological study of 4000 adolescents by W Norwood East. 
D8  Thesis 1 item 
  A study in the value rating of factors concerned in the causality of crime by J Newman. 
D9  A Tour of Crime Areas in Johannesburg 5 items 1960 – 1962 
  A tour by a group of medical practitioners, social workers and government officials; Campbell’s commentary on Johannesburg; causal factors operating in the community environment; criminal drug addict. 
D10  Women Police 12 items 1947 – 1948 
  Memoranda and correspondence including The History of Women Police in South Africa; a women police force for South Africa; the necessity for women police in South Africa; correspondence re women police; overseas experience with women police; notes on the establishment of women police in South Africa; women police and welfare wardens; report from the National Council of Women in South Africa. 
D11  Victimology 1 file 1970 – 1975 
  Correspondence and memoranda, mostly on the First International Symposium on Victimology (Jerusalem Sep. 1973) and the papers submitted; also the National Criminological Symposium on Crime Prevention, Pretoria 1973; sociological abstracts. Suppl.38, Dec. 1973; the publication of Freed’s paper: ‘A victimological assessment of the problem of crime in the Republic of South Africa’ presented to the symposium in Jerusalem; a visit to the University of Athens to give 2 lectures: publication of the proceedings of the symposium in Jerusalem. 
D12  Court Cases 8 files 1935 – 1975 
D12.1  1935 – Parkins v. Friedland 
D12.2  1937 – Arthur Richard Bagg 
D12.3  1940 – 1956 Court cases; sworn statements; ordinary jurisdiction; reports for Commissioner of Child Welfare; enquiries; notes by Freed on accused; medical reports on accused; affidavits; investigations into case histories. 
D12.4  1957 – G J Bouillon – brothel 
  Appeal, charge and evidence on the above. 
D12.5  1958 – 1975 notes, evidence and statements on court cases. 
D12.6  W.F. van der Merwe 
D13  Rape 1 file 1940 
D14  Murder 1 file 
PRESS CUTTINGS 93 items 1933 – 1977 
E1  Newspaper cuttings of Dr D.L. Freed and honours to him; rabbi’s visit; civic fellowship; break – up of family life; Ort – one honours Dr Bramson; war events; medical addresses;Jewry and family life; lectures, articles and addresses by Freed; native crime; founding of medical life; faculty; social services; art lectures; prime minister Dr D.F. Malan meets Dr Freed. 
E2  Africana 1file 1957 – 1969 
  Newspaper cuttings of historical monuments, historical events, 1922 strike, demolitions of famous old buildings, old personalities. 
F1  Gazettes etc. on health matters. “Mental Health Facilities in the RSA 1925. 
F2  Accounts of visits to Russia and Bulgaria 
F3  Miscellaneous articles. 
F4  Forensic Medicine Notes.