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Collection Index:LEWIS, Patrick Robert Brian, Papers, 1949-1978
Collection Name:LEWIS, Patrick Robert Brian, Papers, 1949-1978
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A1132 Patrick Robert Brian Lewis Papers, 1949-1987 
 Copyright 2016, Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 30 boxes, including scrapbooks; 1 folio folder; photographs 
 The collection contains the papers of Patrick Robert Brian Lewis (1910-1992), who served in his capacity as accountant and later City Councillor and Mayor of Johannesburg, as well as Member of the Transvaal Provincial Council. 
 Patrick Lewis was the Chairman of the City Council's Management Committee during the mid 1970s, when the South African Government was adament to make Pageview a white area, removing the Indian community, including all the Indian traders from Martindale and Pageview, to Lenasia. Together with Jan Niemand, the Secretary of the Department of Community Development, Patrick Lewis managed a compromise for the traders, by conceptualising the Oriental Plaza in Fordsburg, which was completed in 1975. 
 Lewis was a member of the Joint Council of Europeans and Africans, and he served as the Treasurer of the South African Institute of Race Relations, of which he was elected a Life Member in 1953. 
 Patrick Lewis' work was recognised by the University of the Witwatersrand, who conferred on him an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Law in 1970, and by the Johannesburg City Cou cil who elected him a Freeman of the City in 1973. 
 Please note: The listing of items often contains the racial language and terms used at the time. 
SPEECHES 8 files 1959 1978 
 Subjects: all aspects of civic administration, in particular finances, the administration of the black townships and the work of councillors and officials. There is much about Soweto, the growth of the black population, living and social conditions, beerhalls, Moroka Stadium, Dube bar lounge and Baragwanath Hospital. Also included are speeches on the Bantu Laws Amendment Bill, Bantu wages and productivity, the 1976 riots and the Provincial Council by-election 1962 when P. Lewis stood as the candidate for Parktown. 
 The order of the documents as filed in the box files 1-7 was retained. 
A1 Speeches File 1, 1951-1971, 3f        
 (Including listing) 
A1.1 Amendments I would have liked to have seen in the Draft Bantu Laws Amendment Bill, 1963        
A1.2 Press statement re Bantu Beerhalls, 1959; list of Beerhalls, Beergardens and Beer depots (Mentz Committee), 12 February 1959        
A1.3 A review of the increase in the Native Population of Johannesburg and the growth of the Non European Affairs Department, of the City of Johannesburg, 1959; Address by Lewis on growth of Johannesburg's Bantu townships, including drafts, 1963        
A1.4 Address to Johannesburg Rotary Club "Is the closing of the Beerhalls the answer", 1959        
A1.5 Statement re the living and social conditions of the Bantu population in Johannesburg, n.d.        
A1.6 Reply by P.Lewis to Notice of Motion by Cllr. Cuyler, 1960        
A1.7 Native Revenue Account: 1960-1972; including address to Transvaal Student Society and published article in 'The South African Treasurer, December 1960, 1f        
A1.8 Provincial By-Election : Speeches, 1962        
A1.9 Statement to Sunday Times on message by Dr. Verwoerd, 1960        
A1.10 Provincial Council - reply to van Vuuren attack - purchase of properties Council of Education, 1964        
A1.11 Native Revenue Account policy, 1941        
A1.12 Parktown Boys' High School - Address, 1964        
A2 Speeches File 2, 1960-1966, 1f        
 (Including listing) 
A2.1 Commissioning of Council's I.C.T. 1900 Computer, n.d.        
A2.2 Opening of Dube Bar Lounge, 1963        
A2.3 not filled 
A2.4 Happy Living, English and Afrikaans, 1967        
A2.5 Chartered Institute of Secretaries Address re Management System, n.d.        
A2.6 Mayor's message (Ross-Spencer) to Johannesburg North Junior Chamber of Commerce, n.d.        
A2.7 Junior Chamber of Commerce, n.d.        
A2.8 Ideal Homes Exhibition - Opening, 1963        
A2.9 Jubilee Moroka Stadium, 1963        
A2.10 Mayor Boyce Eager : Speech - 7 Mining Houses - Transvaal and O.F.S. Chamber of Mines gift of R750,000, 1966        
A2.11 Prozesky Farewell - Registrar Division of Bantu Education, 1963        
A2.12 Pimville Unveiling, 1965        
A2.13 Parktown Boys' High address & Mr Rose-Innes, 1964        
A2.14 Press statement water restrictions, n.d.        
A2.15 Police Reserve - Selborne Hall, 1966        
A2.16 Some aspects of Civic Administration in the United States - Students' Society, 1962; including publication in 'The South African Treasurer', February 1963        
A2.17 Thousands for Houses (Brochure), 1960        
A2.18 A "city" within a city; the creation of Soweto: an address at the University of the Witwatrsrand, 1965        
A3 Speeches File 3, 1967-1968, 3f        
 (Including listing) 
A3.1 Adult Education - Toronto Conference on Metropolitan Development, 1967        
A3.1a Alcoholics Anonymous, 1968        
A3.2 Bantu Wage & Productivity 10th A.G.M., 1968        
A3.3 Catholic Chinese Assn. Dinner/Ball, 1968        
A3.4 Insurance Institute Dinner, 1968        
A3.5 Johannesburg Council of Adult Education 21st A.G.M., 1968; also included 'A city destroying itself' (relating to New York) by Richard Whalen, Fortune, September 1964        
A3.6 Johannesburg School of Art Opening of Poster Competition, 1968        
A3.7 MidRand Business and Professional Women's Club, followed by Afrikaans pages, 1968        
A3.8 Non-European Sake Committee; Our Blind Week, n.d.        
A3.9 Ross-Spencer : Copy of Speech to Rhodes University "Our largest Black City"; Opening remarks of welcome Republic Day, n.d.        
A3.10 Farewell to John Scheepers; SARCCUS, 1968        
A3.11 Visit Johannesburg week, 1968        
A3.12 Department of Coloured Affairs, undated        
A3.13 Y.M.C.A., 1968        
A3.14 Rosebank Scouts, 1968        
A4 Speeches File 4, 1962-1965, 3f        
 (Including listing) 
A4.1 Amending Bill - Memo of suggestions re amendments, 1963, 1f        
 Amendments Lewis would have liked to have seen in the Draft Bantu Law and Amendment Bill 
A4.1.1 Drafts 1 and 2        
A4.1.2 Notes        
A4.2 Some aspects of administration in the United States, published in 'The South African Treasurer', 1963        
A4.3 Sketch of Life in Soweto Municipal Affairs, 1965        
A4.4 Sketch of life in Soweto, Legal and General (and apology), 1965        
A4.5 Provincial By-Election : Parktown, 1962        
A4.6 Soweto, June 1967        
A4.7 Councillors and officials as seen by Parkinson, 1964, 1f        
A5 Speeches File 5, 1968-1969, 2f        
 (Including listing) 
A5.1 Parks Department and the Population Explosion, Conference 
 Institute of Park & Recreation Administration (Southern Africa) Conference 14th to 18th October, 1968 
A5.1.1 Address by Patrick Lewis, English and Afrikaans, 14 October 1968        
A5.1.2 Programme and Conference Report, 1968        
A5.1.3 Conference papers. Also including papers from conference 26 April 1968 including paper by JP Kriel with a map of principal river systems, irrigated areas and storage dams in South Africa        
A5.1.4 Other        
A6 Speeches File 6, 1968-1969, 4f        
 (Including listing) 
A6.1 Burns, Robert - Poems of; Brewery Site, n.d.        
A6.2 To members of the B'Nai Brith Lodge - Johannesburg as a Metropolitan Centre; And working papers - Professor Mallows, Councillor W. Dempsey, 1967        
A6.3 Bantu Road Safety Committee - Inauguration of, 1968        
A6.4 Carr, W.J.P. - Manager M.F.A.D., Tribute on retirement, 1969        
A6.5 Chartered Institute of Secretaries, In Committee : As others see us, 1968        
A6.6 Chamber of Industries - Reply to Toast of the Guests, 1968        
A6.7 Central Methodist Deaconess Society, 1968; Welcome to President of Conference Rev. C. Wilkins, n.d.        
A6.8 England my England, poem, n.d.        
A6.9 Remembrance Day, Hymn sheet, undated        
A6.10 Councillors and Officials at work - as others see us, working papers, n.d.        
A6.11 Non-European Affairs Department - Highlights of the year, 1968        
A6.12 not filled 
A6.13 Randjeslaagte - Notes for speeches, undated        
A6.14 Mayoral speeches - Induction Day, 1969        
A6.15 Association of Trust Companies in South Africa, 1969        
A6.16 Theosophical Society, n.d.        
A6.17 Desert Lily Shellhole, n.d.        
A6.18 Baragwanath Hospital - 21st Birthday, 2 versions, 1969        
A6.19 not filled 
A6.20 Press Statement re attack by Venter, 1969        
A6.21 Tribute - late Councillor Pieter Roos, 1969        
A6.22 Changing Johannesburg speeches, 1969, 1f        
A6.22.1 Research material for Changing Johannesburg        
 Including Taxes in 1965; Annual Reports of the Non-European Affairs Department; Crime in Soweto, report; 
A6.23 Opening of Flower Hall - Milner Park, 1969        
A6.24 Arbour Day - Rhodes Park, 1969        
A6.25 Philatelic Federation, 1969        
A6.26 A sketch of life in Soweto', University of Witwatersrand Environmental Winter School, 1969        
A7 Speeches File 7, 1971-1978, 4f        
 (Including listing) 
A7.1 African Oxygen Symposium, 1969        
A7.2 Council - Thanks to colleagues end of term as Mayor, 1970        
A7.3 Home - Braaivleis at end of term as Mayor, 1970        
A7.4 Jokes, n.d.        
A7.5 Johannesburg Turf Club - Annual Dinner, 1969        
A7.6 Municipal boundaries, n.d.        
A7.7 Scouting: presentation of material to Africana Museum, 1970        
A7.8 Scouting: Buffet supper in honour of Olave, Lady Baden-Powell (presentation of historical scouting material), 1970        
A7.9 Talk to schoolchildren, n.d., with newspaper article 'Classrooms of yesterday' by FC Metrowich in Personality, February 1970        
A7.10 Rotary Club: Roseband: Sketch of life in Soweto, 1969        
A7.11 Indoor Horse show, 1969        
A7.12 Life Underwriters Association, 1968        
A7.13 Water Affairs, n.d.        
A7.14 not filled 
A7.15 not filled 
A7.16 Old Johannian Club: Toast SA and Mr Yates, 1970        
A7.17 Witwatersrand Technical College, n.d.        
A7.18 not filled 
A7.19 Sketch of life in Soweto - Local Government Review 2, 1970        
A7.20 Toast to Cllr. And Mrs. Sam Moss, 1970        
A7.21 Miscellaneous notes, undated        
A7.21.1 Duncall Hall: aspects that could be dealt with, November 1970        
A7.21.2 Address to American business men's lunch club, 1971        
A7.22 National Council of Women: Johannesburg's finances, 1971        
A7.23 Speech City Council: Presentation of testimonials to retiring councillors, 1973        
 Please note: the speech by Lemmer, pages 7-8, are cut at the bottom. 
A7.23.1 Local Government Association of Rhodesia Conference, paper entitled Review of Local Government Administration in the Transvaal with particular reference to the Management Committee System, May 1973        
A7.24 Speech re Soweto film, 1973; notes for speech to Bramley Rotary, 1973        
A7.25 Johannesburg Historical Society: The insanitary area improvement scheme commission report of March 1903 - Review by P. Lewis, 1973        
A7.25.1 Handwritten notes for the paper        
A7.25.2 Concept and research for the paper        
A7.26 Commission of Inquiry - Riots - Cillie, 1976        
 Including Memorandum by Lewis to the Commission, 1976; confidential papers by the South African Institute of Race Relations, relating to the background of Soweto, the language medium issue as one of the causes of the disturbances, events of 1976; Submission by the Anglo American Corporation of South Africa, entitled 'Changes necessary to stop black unrest', August 1976 
A7.26.1 Influx control for black urban areas, including papers by the South African Institute of Race Relations, and Government Gazette of 1978, 1960-1978        
 Please note: Letter dated 9 April 1960 is incomplete 
A7.27 Civic Administration of Johannesburg and its early days, Association Scientific and Technical Societies, 1976        
A7.28 University History Workshop, 1978        
A7.29 Tribute to Mary Maclarty, undated; other        
SCRAPBOOKS, 20 vols., 1957-1973 
 Compiled by Patrick Lewis, containing newspaper clips with reference to his work and activities, as well as general politics and the Johannesburg Municipality. Including Press clippings, photographs, printed ephemera and pamphlets, relating to amongst others, subjects of Apartheid, race relations, Soweto and township life, the urban black population, political parties, provincial and municipal elections, city council affairs. 
 Please note: the quality of some of the newspaper cuttings in the scrapbooks is poor at times and could not be enhanced by digitisation. 
Ba Political subjects, 17 vols., 1960 1973 
Ba1 Scrapbook 1, January 1960-December 1961        
 Including: Verword 'reforms'; Statement by H.F. Oppenheimer, Anglo American; Declaration of Beliefs, signed by 69 prominent South Africans No group is superior or inferior to another merely on the grounds of race or colour+C210 
Ba2 Scrapbook 2, December 1961-December 1962        
 Including: Plans for multi racial parliament; political plans of the United Party - U.P. race federation plan; Urban Natives, by Patrick Lewis 
Ba3 Scrapbook 3, February 1962        
 Including: By-elections 
Ba4 Scrapbook 4, February 1962-December 1962        
 Including: Municipal elections Transvaal, with a map of all wards in Johannesburg; 'City of Progress' - report by the City Council of Johannesburg; 
Ba5 Scrapbook 5, January 1963-May 1964        
 Including: pre-hostel 'locations in the sky'; multi racial talks at Johannesburg City council; death of Mrs Xuma; Winifred Holtby Memorial Library photographs (not removed from the scrap book); photographs of the Management Committees, 162-1965 (not removed from the scrap book) 
Ba6 Scrapbook 6, June 1964-February 1966 
 Including: the beginning of 'Oriental plaza'; Niemand Committee photographs (not removed from the scrap book); City Council photographs (not removed from the scrap book); photographs of Red Cross function, 1965 (not removed from the scrap book); rebuilding Pimville Township; Johannesburgs 80th birthday 
Ba6A Loose items        
Ba6A.1 Bosmont - Housing Scheme for Coloureds, full page, Die Vaderland, 21 August 1965        
Ba6A.2 Problems in the teaching Native Administration', by C.M.C. Ndamase, lecturer at the University College of Fort Hare, published in 'Daily Dispatch' newspaper, with the headline "Address that cost a university lecturer his job", 30 April 1965, with red underlining in the text        
Ba6.1-4 Photographs (stored in Media room) 
Ba6.1 First Management Committee including non-white members, September 1964 
Ba6.2-4 JCI Directors at The Wilds, 1964 
Ba7 Scrapbook 7, March 1966-February 1967 
 Including: Visit by Robert Kennedy and meeting with Albert Luthuli, including newspaper photograph of the two, June 1966; Patrick Lewis Municipal Election flyers 
Ba7A Loose items        
Ba7A.1 Two page article covering the removal of Indians to Lenasia, and the housing developments for Coloureds in Coronationville, The Star newspaper, pages 41-43, 25 October 1966        
Ba7A.2 Convocation Commentary, University of the Witwatersrand, November 1966        
Ba8 Scrapbook 8, January 1967-19 October 1968        
 Including: Patrick Lewis as Deputy Mayor of Johannesburg; new Bryanston-Sandton municipalities 
Ba9 Scrapbook 9, 6 November 1968-2 March 1969        
 Including: "Apartheid ideal cannot be realised: blunt warning", speech by Prof Rhoodie, University of Pretoria; Patrick Lewis becomes mayor, including photograph (not removed from scrapbook); Langlaagte Train crash, full page report and photograph covering the funerals of 21 victims in Soweto, World newspaper, 2 March 1969 
Ba9A Map of Johannesburg Urban Motorways, published by City Council        
Ba10 Scrapbook 10, 2 March 1969-8 June 1969        
 Including: Induction of Patrick Lewis as Mayor; "The state of Afrikanerdom" by Prof Rhoodie, University of Pretoria; nuclear research at University of the Witwatersrand 
Ba11 Scrapbook 11, 13-23 February 1967 & 22 March-7 August 1969        
 Including: "Crime in Soweto", Parts 1-5, published in Rand Daily Mail, 1967; Pieter Roos dies, including poster; birds eye newspaper photograph of the new Johannesburg motorway section; Wits University students plan for new look for Newtown 
Ba12 Scrapbook 12, 8 August 1969-1 December 1969        
 Including: Series of cartoons of the Johannesburg City's management team by Fleet Street cartoonist Ralph Sallon, published in The Star newspaper; the Mayor's life in pictures; Joubert Park development plans 
Ba13 Scrapbook 13, 26 November 1969-11 February 1970        
 Including: D.Z. Tantsi, the last African graduate to receive law degree from the University of the Witwatersrand, since the adoption of the 'closed' University policy; examples of Mayoral stationery 
Ba14 Scrapbook 14, 12 February-11 August 1970        
 Including: Confirmation of the honorary Doctor of Law degree for Patrick Lewis and Quintin Whyte by University of the Witwatersrand; removal of African male 'living-in" servants from White homes to Diepkloof hostel; Johannesburg budget, published in The Star newspaper; Mayoral ID card 
Ba15 Scrapbook 15, 2 September 1970-5 May 1972        
 Including: Soweto's train commuters; student march at University of the Witwatersrand with Helen Suzman speaking, October 1970; artist's map of Sandton, by William Stanford; James Humphrey collection of Africana; the Flag Hotel making way for the Carlton Centre, flyer 1971; 80-million Deutschmarks loan for Johannesburg City Council; Patrick Lewis retires, February 1972 
Ba15a Scrapbook 15a, 28 February-27 May 1970        
 Freedom of the City conferred on Patrick Lewis. 
Ba16 Scrapbook 16, 2 February and 12 July 1973        
Bb Other scrapbooks, 3 vols., 1957 1968 
Bb1 Municipal elections 1957        
Bb2 Council 1958 1962        
 Including: Aerial view of Baragwanath hospital, 1958; African housing scheme (Soweto); beerhalls and beer brewing, with sketch of "new style beer garden for Natives"; opening of Orlando stadium; visit of Field-Marshal Montgomery to Dube, November 1959 and full page article by Montgomery entitled "A plain view of Apartheid" published in The Sunday Times, December 1959; Sophiatown removals; non-European municipal police; photographs of City Councillors (not removed from scrapbook); photographs of Montgomery's visit to the Oppenheimer Tower in Soweto (not removed) 
Bb3 Miscellaneous items, 1968.        
 Includes birth statistics for Africans; and non-European population residing in the Metropolitan area of Johannesburg, 1958 
Bb3.1-4 Photographs of shanty towns, undated 
 No further description provided (stored with photographs, Media room) 
MISCELLANEOUS DOCUMENTS, 13 boxes, 1949 1978 
 487 numbered items, of which some have been retained by P. Lewis, which is indicated by the letters PL in the listing below. 
 Including: Johannesburg municipality, with particular reference to finance, native treasury fund, beerhalls, Soweto, transport, housing, boundaries, Lenasia, Urban Bantu Council, electricity, birth statistics (black), schools, Botanic Garden and Dube hostel riots 1957. Also on the pass laws, recreation and community services, legislation affecting blacks, taxation, the Bantu in industry, homelands, Indians, migrant labour, rezoning of areas such as Vrededorp and Parktown, the development of Johannesburg, the Native Laws Commission Report 1946 1948 and the declaration of Uitlander Council 1899. 
C1 "The Physical Development of a Privileged Group of African Children." by Mr. E. Kahn and Dr. M.L. Freedman. - PL 
C2 "Declaration of Beliefs"        
C3 "Negotiations for the Exchange of the Spes Bona Site." - PL 
C4 "Minimum Rates of Pay for Unskilled Bantu Workers" (letter from Mr. Carroll to Coundillor Lewis on 6th November 1961)        
C5 Agenda and Details of Arrangements of the Fifteenth Annual General Meeting and Conference of the Institute of Town Clerks of Southern Africa. - PL 
C6 Memorandum Deputation on 13.8.71 to Secretary for Community Development.        
C7 Provincial Supervision of Local Authorities.        
C8 Poem (To a Louse On seeing one on a Lady's bonnet at Church.) - PL 
C9 Proposed Johannesburg Rail Rapid Transit System        
C10 Medical Services: Bantu Residential Areas, including vaccination projects, Johannesburg - December 1961.        
C11 Taffy Adler's letter re University March        
C12 Concilation Board (Johannesburg Municipal Water Works Mechanics' Union versus The City Council of Johannesburg) Minutes of third meeting held on 13th May 1963. - PL 
C13 Mohloding. (Vol. 2 - 1963)        
C14 The Federal Theological Seminary of Southern Africa. - PL 
C15 Municipal Reference Library Bulletin February 1964. - PL 
C16 Municipal Reference Library Bulletin March 1964. - PL 
C17 Annual Report 19621963:Public Library. - PL 
C18 Annual Report of General Manager, Gas Department for Year ended 30th June 1963. - PL 
C19 An Examination of Johannesburg's Native Revenue Account by Councillor P.R.B. Lewis.        
C20 Introductory Statement to Statement regarding the Living and Social Conditions of the Bantu Population in Johannesburg by Councillor P.R.B. Lewis.        
C21 Summary of Principal Findings: Income and Expenditure Patterns of Urban Bantu Householders South Western Townships, Johannesburg: 1962        
C22 Annual Report 1958/59 Manager, NonEuropean Affairs Department.        
C23 Annual Report 1959/60 Manager, NonEuropean Affairs Department.        
C24 Wages: Adult Male Bantu (Report of the Non-European Affairs Committee.)        
C25 Report on Overseas Study Tour of the Director of the Africana Museum: June - October 1961.        
C26 A Field Experience of Combined Measles, Diptheria, Whooping Cough and Tetanus Immunisation City Health Department.        
 Please note: the graphs are of poor quality 
C27 OneDay Conference: South African Bureau of Racial Affairs:8th June 1963.        
C28 Report on Overseas Tour by G. Ross, Deputy General Manager of Transport, Johannesburg. - PL 
C29 Annual Report 1st July 1960 to 30th June 1961 Organisation and Methods Division. - PL 
C30 Annual Report for the Year ended 30th June 1961 Director of the Africana Museum.        
C31 Incomes and Economic Growth in South Africa - September 1962        
C32 Some Aspects of the Distribution and Consumption of Alcoholic Liquor (Paper by J.A.H. van Niekerk at Conference of Institute of Administrators of None-European Affairs.) August 1962        
C33 Memorandum on Practical Ways in which it is suggested the Present "Pass Laws" can be amended and improved.        
C34 "Some Observations and Thoughts on General and Adult Education in the United States as well as on the Respective Functions of Collges and Universities." by A.J. van Zyl. - PL 
C35 The Year in Retrospect 1961/62        
C36 The Problem of Prohibition and Control of Illegal Street Trading in Urban Areas of the Transvaal. - PL 
C37 Group Areas Amendment Bill - PL 
C38 Notes for Councillor K.G. Fleming for his "Year in Retrospect" Speech to be delivered at the February Meeting of Council.        
C39 Report by the Ad Hoc Committee on the Future Planning of Eastern Native Township.        
C40 Address to the South African Bureau of Race Relations at Pretoria on 25th September 1962 by Mr. Ian G. Fleming.        
C41 Comparative Weekly Wages of Bantu Employees (Letter from Chairman, Staff Board)        
C42 Assessors Award and General Report: Competition for New Municipal Offices, City Council Suite, Public Reception Halls and Site Layout of the Civic Centre. - PL 
C43 Report of the Provincial Auditor 196061 on the Appropriation and Subsidiary Accounts of the Province and the Finance Accounts. - PL 
C44 Kongres van die Instituut van Stadsklerke te Pretoria op Dinsdag, 5 Junie 1962. - PL 
C45 Chicago Daily News "The African" by Smith Hempstone, African Correspondent.        
C46 Management and the Company Car Fleet Stanley Motors Limited. - PL 
C47 "Some aspects of Administration in the United /States of America" (Address to the Transvaal Students' Society by Councillor Lewis.)        
C48 Guide Book - Melville Koppies Nature Reserve.        
C49 MacFie Judgement - Braamfontein Estates Limited vs. The Municipality of Johannesburg. (Parkview Estate.)        
C50 "Some arguments in Support of Federation for South Africa" by B.M. Gilfillan. - PL 
C51 "Our Christian Heritage and the Future" by Dr. G.B.A. Gerdener (inter-racial Conference of n Church Leaders, Johannesburg December 1954).        
C52 The Urgent Need for a General Increase in Wages particularly for the Lower Paid Categories of Workers and a National Minimum Wage of 1 a Day. (Memorandum from the South African Congress of Trade Unions.)        
C53 Conference of Church Leaders CONVENED BY THE Federal Missionary Council of the Dutch Reformed Churches, Pretoria 1953.        
C54 "The Future Development of Johannesburg" by L.P. Green. (Second Interim Report.)        
C55 "The Future Development of Johannesburg" by * L.P. Green (First Interim Report.)        
C56 "The Future Development of Johannesburg" Third Interim Report.)        
C57 First Joint Conference of the Municipal Association of Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland and the Municipal Association of Southern Rhodesia at Livingstone on 16th May 1962.        
C58 Operation 3M The 3 000 000 Slum Clearance Scheme of Johannesburg City Council (Progress Report for Six Months - April to September 1957).        
C59 Report of InterDepartmental Committee to Enquire into the Problem of Foreign Bantu in the Republic of South Africa submitted to the Non-European Affairs Committee on 8th February 1962. - PL 
C60 "The Town Clerk at the Cross Roads" by Mr. Robert C. Calburn. (institute of Town Clerk's of Southern Africa.)        
C61 Johannesburg's Native Revenue Account" by Councillor P.R.B. Lewis.        
C62 Recreation and Community Services Available in the Bantu Affairs of Johannesburg by Mr. W.J.P. Carr.        
C63 "The 'Pass Laws'"- Points for Consideration by the South African Institute of Race Relations by Dr. Ellen Hellmann and the Director.)        
C64 Part VIII - Powers and Duties of the Town Clerk and other Officials. - PL 
C65 Outline of Legislation Affecting Bantu Employees The Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce.        
C66 Maps showing Bantu areas. - PL 
C67 Report "Rent Arrears: South-Western Native Township" Non-European Affairs Committee - 27th March 1962.        
C68 "Influx Control as seen by an Administrator of Non- European Affairs" (Paper by Mr. W.J.P. Carr at the Annual Meeting of the Council of the South African Institute of Race Relations) January 1961.        
C69 A speech by His Grace The Lord Archbishop of York The most Rev and Rt Hon F.D. Coggan DD        
C70 South African Bantu in Industry by W.L. CampbellPitt        
C71 "Town Affiliation" (Papers presented at the World Conference of Local Government Washington D.C. June 1961.        
C72 "Automation and Mechanisation in Local Government Administration" (Papers presented at the World Conference of Local Governments June 1961)        
C73 "Personnel Management in Local Government Administration" (Papers presented at the World Conference of Local Governments June 1961)        
C74 'The Public Relations of Local Governments" (Papers presented at the World Conference of Local Governments - June 1961).        
C75 "Local Government Structure and Organisation" "Problems of Metropolitan Areas." (Papers presented at the World Conference of Local Governments - June 1961.        
C76 "Extract of 1962 Annual Report" of the Medical Officer of Health. - PL 
C77 Traffic Accident Statistics from January 1963 to June 1963 - Traffic Department. - PL 
C78 "Some implications of Bantu Homeland Development" by D. Hobert Houghton (South African Institute of Race Relations).        
C79 The Development of Educations in the Transvaal 1936 - 1951. - PL 
C80 Presidential Address by P.H. Anderson (Transvaal and Orange Free State Chamber of Mines Annual General Meeting 24th June 1963.) - PL 
C81 Report of the Central Africa Conference, 1963        
C82 Memorandum submitted by I.Y. Gardee to the Management Committee: October 1963: "The residential needs of the Indian community of Johannesburg."        
C83 Press Statement re Bantu Beerhalls.        
C84 Text of Address to the Johannesburg Rotary Club given by Councillor P.R.B, Lewis on Tuesday, 28th April 1959.        
C85 A Review of the Increase in the Native Population of Johannesburg and the growth of the NonEuropean Affairs Department of the Johannesburg City Council.        
C86 Report to Johannesburg City Council on Motor Car Locomotion Allowances. - PL 
C87 Coloured Franchise. - PL 
C88 "Municipality of Johannesburg: Native Village Regulations" Administrator's Notice No. 381 Provincial Gazette No. 2150 dated 29th June 1949.        
C89 "Amendments I would have liked to have seen in the Draft Bantu Laws Amendment Bill" by Councillor Lewis.        
C90 Last steps to the Republic of South Africa by Dr. H.F. Verwoerd, Prime Minister of South Africa.        
C91 "City Council to Increase Native Wages": Press Statement by Mr. Fleming: December 1961 - PL 
C92 The Bantu Labour Force of the Johannesburg City Council.        
C93 Information for Councillors serving their first term of office. - PL 
C94 "South Africa's International Position" by Professor Gwendolen M. Carter (South African Institute of Race Relations.) January 1964.        
C95 Report of the Sessional Committee on Public Accounts, 1961-62: Provincial Council. - PL 
C96 Memorandum Government Decisions on the Recommendations of the Commission for the Socio-Economic Development of The Bantu Areas within the Union of South Africa.        
C97 "Power Structures in South Africa" by Professor M.F. Prestwich (South African Institute of Dace Relations).        
C98 "The Economic Development of the 'Reserves'" - Paper by the S.A. Institute of Race Relations.        
C99 Report of the Native Laws Commission 1946-48 - Department of Native Affairs.        
C100 Twenty-Third Annual Report of the Local Government Auditor 1957-58. - PL 
C101 "Symposia on South Africa" by The Roodepoort Maraisburg Rotary Club.        
C102 "United Municipal Executive of South Africa" Presidential Address by Councillor E.R. Browne. - PL 
C103 "Capital Finance in and Beyond Southern Rhodesia" by H.R. Martin, City Treasurer, Salisbury. - PL 
C104 "Financial Control of Liquor Establishments" by J.F. Summers. - PL 
C105 Johannesburg Municipality - Standing Orders Provincial Gazette 22nd March 1961. - PL 
C106 "Graduate Training for Business Management and Administration in Great Britain, Europe and North America" by Professor C.S. Richards. - PL 
C107 An Analysis of the Investment Policies of Life ^Insurance Companies in the Union of South Africa "The Need for More Constructive Legislation" by E.H.D. Arndt (Publication of the University of Pretoria.)        
C108 Civil Engineering Services: City Council of Johannesburg.        
C109 Annual Report 196263 Department of Hospital Services. - PL 
C110 Paper presented to Twenty-Eight Annual Conference of The Urban Passenger Transport Association (S.A.) East London "Urban Passenger Transportation and the Traffic Engineer" by T.I. Carlisle. - PL 
C111 Annual Report of the Medical Officer of Health 1961.        
C112 Agenda 28th Meeting of The Advice Council re Fauna and Flora.        
C113 Annual Report of General Manager, Electricity Department 196263. - PL 
C114 Course in Performance Appraisal by Personnel Development Branch of Staff Board. - PL 
C115 Traffic Department Traffic Accident Statistics from January 1963 to December 1963. - PL 
C116 Facts about Alcohol - pages 10 and 11 from "Robor".        
C117 Annual Report for the year ended 3th June 1962 - Parks and Recreation Dept. - PL 
C118 "The Local Authorities Committee (Borckenhagen Committee")" - A Review by F.E. Jenvey.        
C119 Memorandum for Submission to the Commission of Enquiry into Dental Services and the Training of NonEuropean Dentists. - PL 
C120 Memorandum prepared by the Principal, Prof.        
C121 S. Pauw, University of South Africa.        
C122 City Council of Johannesburg - Non-European Affairs Department Soweto. - PL 
C123 Report of the Proceedings of 35th Annual General Meeting of the Institute of Municipal Treasurers and Accountants        
C124 Johannesburg Kaffir Beer Research Project ^/Psychological, Nutritional and Sociological Studies of Kaffir Beer. - PL 
C125 Traffic Accident Statistics from January 1964 to June 1964. - PL 
C126 Report on the Health of Johannesburg in 1963. - PL 
C127 "Botulism in South Africa" by Dr. Scott Millar. - PL 
C128 "Mental Health and Public Health" by Dr. Scott-Millar.        
C129 Johannesburgs Motorways Scheme        
C130 The Johannesburg Motorways Scheme and other aspect of the Traffic plan.        
C131 Report on Visit to Johannesburg and Other Cities and Towns in Connection with The Transvaal Management Committee System by The Local Government Association of Southern Rhodesia.        
C132 The Scope for Investment in South Africa. April 1964. - PL 
C133 Directory of Social Welfare and Allied Services for Johannesburg.        
C134 Presidential Address by A.A. van Maltitz Annual General Meeting of the Transvaal and Orange Free State Chamber of Mines 29th June 1964. - PL 
C135 Report of the Proceedings of the 35th Annual General Meeting of the Institute of Municipal Treasurers and Accountants, April 1964 at Pretoria.        
C136 Local Government (Administration and Elections) Ordinance No. 40 of 1960. - PL 
C137 Director of Social Welfare and Allied Services for Johannesburg February 1964. - PL 
C138 "Let No Man put Asunder" - Special Issue of 'The Black Sash' June 1964.        
C139 Summary of Case to be presented to the Traffic and Works Committee on 17th September 1964 Carlton Centre (Pty.) Ltd.        
C140 Carlton Centre Johannesburg.        
C141 Estimates 1963/64. - PL 
C142 Draft Bantu Labour Regulations, Strictly Confidential, undated        
C143 A Series of Six Discussions on Transportation Engineering by R. I. Jackson "The Urban Transportation Problem."        
C144 A Series of Six Discussions on Transportation Engineering by R.I. Jackson "Theory of Traffic Flow."        
C145 A Series of Six Discussions on by R.I. Jackson "Increasing Transportation Capacity of a Road System." May/June 1965.        
C146 Annual Report of the Manager, NonEuropean . Affairs Department for the years ended 30th June 1959 and 30th June 1960.        
C147 Annual Report of City Valuer for the year ' ended 30th June 1963.        
C148 Southern African Municipal Publications. A list of holdings in the Reference Libraries. - PL 
C149 Annual Report of the City Engineer for the year ended 30th June, 1962. - PL 
C150 Report of the 1965 Overseas Marketing Mission. - PL 
C151 Report of the Chief Housing Engineer Housing Division for the Period 1st July 4 to 30th June 65.        
 Please note: There is no annexure 'Schedule E' 
C152 Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce 75th Anniversary - PL 
C153 Institute of Town Clerks of S.A. Seventeenth Annual Conference - PL 
C154 Joint Report on Overseas Abattoir Planning Tour. - PL 
C155 Brick Veneer Timber Framed Houses Riverlea, including photographs        
C156 Sosio-Ekonomiese Opname Vrededorp. - PL 
C157 New light on South West Africa.        
C158 Planned Parenthood Services. - PL 
C159 Conciliation Board. - PL 
C160 Report on Salary Amendment by Booz Allen & Hamilton International Inc;        
C161 Memorandum for Submission to the Commission of Inquiry into the Northern Peri-Urban Areas, and supporting documents.        
C162 Memorandum Regarding Proposed Incorporation of Nancefield, Munshiville and Klipriviersoog, as well as adjoining areas, into the Municipal Area of Johannesburg.        
 Please note: Page 8 missing 
C163 Report re Pass Laws 1966. - PL 
C164 Accommodation of Bantu on a Family Basis.        
C165 Kelvin B Power Station - 1965 Extensions. - PL 
C166 Stilfontein Gold Mining Co. Ltd. Precis of Talks on Management. - PL 
C167 Synopsis of Matters of Importance 1964/65 and 1965/66 - PL 
C168 Overseas Tour by Clr. J.F. Oberholzer, M.P.C.        
C169 Report on Post-1964 Generation Requirements. Proposed New Power Station. - PL 
C170 Forward Planning for Johannesburg. Institute of 1 Municipal Engineers of Southern Africa - May 1966. by B.L. Loffell.        
C171 Meeting Between the Management Committee and the Niemand State Committee: April 1966.        
C172 Domestic Servants in Urban Areas. - PL 
C173 Johannesburg's 27 000 000 Traffic Plan.        
C174 O. & M. Division: Report on Reorganisation: Inspectorate Branch, Non-European Affairs Department. - PL 
C175 Conciliation Board: Coloured Graded Staff in the City Health Department. - PL 
C176 Professional Manager's Guide. - PL 
C177 Profession of Management Seminar: Workbook - PL 
C178 Conciliation Board: Health Personnel. - PL 
C179 Technical Memorandum: Commission of Inquiry Into Water Matters. - PL 
C180 Municipal Pension and Provident Fund By-Laws. - PL 
C181 Building on Dolomitic Subsoils - Protea Township and Chiawelo. - PL 
C182 Report on the Housing of Old-Aged Persons in Johannesburg. - PL 
C183 Estimated Completion dates for Sections of Proposed Motorway System. - PL 
C184 Lenasia and Incorporation of Southern Areas, including map showing demarcations        
C185 Forward Planning: Interim Report No. 3        
C186 Forward Planning: Interim Report No. 2        
C187 Undeveloped Land in the Johannesburg Area.        
C188 Forward Planning: Interim Report No. 4        
C189 Number of Europeans Employed at 30th June 1966 - PL 
C190 Crime in Soweto        
C191 Report on Fare Tariff, Cash Collections and Ticket Systems. - PL 
C192 Seven Pillars of a Profession.        
C193 Metropolitan Municipal Authority for the Cape Peninsula.        
C194 Report on Proposed Civic Business and Social Centre        
C195 Development of the Bantu Homelands.        
C196 Biographical Sketches of Gen. Louis Botha & Gen. J.C. Smuts.        
C197 The South African Treasurer.        
C198 The Staff Board as Adviser to the Management Committee. - PL 
C199 Proposed Urban Bantu Council        
C200 Europeans Employed - PL 
C201 1967 Bantu Market Data Booklet, issued by the World newspaper        
C202 Wage and Salary Structure on the Council's Farms.        
C203 Forward Planning: Interim Report No 3        
C204 Johannesburg's New Power Stations        
C205 News/Check        
C206 Bantu, published by the Department of Information, February 1967        
C207 The Incorporation of the Southern Areas        
C208 Proposed Programme for Pavement Construction in Wards for 1967/68 - PL 
C209 R750 000 Mining House Loan.        
C210 Rail Transport: Soweto        
C211 Birth Statistics        
C212 North Eastern Busway - PL 
C213 Vrededorp Pageview. (missing) 
C214 Forward Planning: Interim Report No 2        
C215 Interim Report No 4: Forward Planning. - PL 
C216 Non-European Housing Division.        
C217 Bantu Schools Levy Fund.        
C218 Recruitment and Retention of Engineers.        
C219 Housing Division.        
C220 Amendment.        
C221 Nineteenth Annual Congress of the Institute of Town Clerks. - PL 
C222 Map: Delimitation 1966        
C223 Planning for the Bantu Market (NDMF)        
C224 Address to Adult Education.        
C225 Speech: Mr. Dan Campbell - Minister of Municipal Affairs. - PL 
C226 Interview: John V. Lindsay (Mayor of N.Y.) - PL 
C227 The Watts Workshop.        
 Please note: The documents seems incomplete 
C228 Parks & Recreation Department - 5 year plan. - PL 
C229 Cultural Changes in Soweto. An Urban Bantu Society, 113 pages, 1965        
C230 Local Government and the City Councillor - PL 
C231 Notes for Members of the Valuation Court. - PL 
C232 Ondersoek na die verskepping van n Munisipaliteit in die Bryanston/Sandown/Noordoos-Johannesburggebid.        
C233 Central Area Johannesburg - Report by Forward Planning Branch, November 1967        
C234 Institute of Town Clerks - Cape Town 1967 - PL 
C235 The Co-ordination, Financing and Emerging Patterns of Public Transport. - PL 
C236 Finding in relation to Schistosome Transmission in the Field following the introduction of various control measures. - PL 
C237 Harold Wilson Memorial Committee, London, England.        
C238 Councillors Contracting with the Council. - PL 
C239 S.A. Federated Chamber of Industries: Physical Planning & Utilization of Resources Act. - PL 
C240 The Johannesburg Northern Rietfontein Farm.        
C241 Beer in South Africa.        
C242 Business Helps the City Plan.        
C243 Report by Labour Adviser on the Special Tour of Bantu Homelands - Nov, - Dec. 1967.        
C244 The Magistrate - Vol. 2 No. 5.        
C245 Modern Bus design and operation, the future of trolleybuses, the use of min-buses, the employment of women bus drivers and training procedures. - PL 
C246 Analysis of Transport to and from Soweto in relation to numbers transported by the S.A.R., bus and private transport.        
C247 Report by Labour Advisor, Transvaal Chamber of Industries on the Tour of the Bantu Homelands, December 1967        
C248 Speech: Life Underwriters Association of S.A.        
C249 Urban Renewal Programme - Outline Proposals for the Jeppe/Fairview/Troyeville Pilot Scheme. - PL 
C250 Sewage Purification Works in England and Europe. Tour by Deputy City Engineer and Chief Chemist 1966 - PL 
C251 Seven Pillars of a Profession.        
C252 Not filled 
C253 North/South Motorway - Transvaal Automobile Club - PL 
C254 Proposed New Sewer Tariff - PL 
C255 Precedence of Councillors for the year 1968/69 - PL 
C256 Comments on the Urban Bantu Council on 1968/69 Estimates. - PL 
C257 Standard of Education: European Graded Staff - PL 
C258 The Financial Implications of the Incorporation of the South Rand Local area Committee's Area of Jurisdiction into Johannesburg.        
C259 Housing Division Operations 1967/68 - PL 
C260 Employment of Non-Europeans as Municipal Bus Drivers. - PL 
C261 Address by Dr. H. Hurwitz, Assistant M.O.H. (Bantu Areas) - PL 
C262 Local Government Management at Home and Abroad.        
C263 Housing of Bantu in Soweto (Management 11.4.67)        
C264 Some Thoughts on the Changing World of the Bantu Hilliard S. Hurwitz. - PL 
C265 Klipriviersberg and the Diagonal-Market Street Complex - PL 
C266 Planning and Transportation - Report by Deputy City Engineer August - September 1966. - PL 
C267 Urban Renewal Programme - Outline Proposals for the ^ Jeppe/Fairview/Troyeville Pilot Scheme. - PL 
C268 Johannesburg Transport Running Staff Position 23.1.68 - PL 
C269 "You must not try to take a man's home away from him" B.J. Vorster.        
C270 Hansard: Bantu Administration by Local Authorities        
C271 Northern Outfall Sewer - PL 
C272 Permanent Committee for the Location of Industry and ^ Development of Border Areas        
C273 Annual Report and Financial Statement for 1968 - PL 
C274 Data: S.A. Liquor Industry 1967/68        
C275 Johannesburg Road Safety Association: Statistics - PL 
C276 Dalton Award: Appointment of Senior Officials        
C277 Metropolitan Johannesburg: Its relationship to the Pretoria-Witwatersrand-Vereeniging Regional and its Metropolitan Sphere of Interest: November 1966        
C278 I.M.T.A.: Presidential Address - PL 
C279 I.M.T.A.: The Development of Effective Non-White Local Self-government in the Republic of South Africa        
C280 I.M.T.A: The Role and significance of Local Authorities in the South African economy - PL 
C281 I.M.T.A.: Sales Tax and Value Added Tax - PL 
C282 Forward Planning: Interim Report No. 5: Educational Facilities.        
C283 Forward Planning of Health Services        
C284 Effective Letters: Time Wasters        
C285.1 I.M.T.A.: Investigation into Physical Deterioration of Urban Areas        
C285.2 Our largest Black City: A Sketch of How it Came About Councillor J Ross-Spencer. - PL 
C286 South Africa: Foreign Trade Pattern. - PL 
C287 South African Institute of Race Relations 36th Annual Council Meeting        
C288 Johannesburg Today and Tomorrow, proceedings of a Symposium, February 1968        
C289 Old Johannesburg, magazine article, undated.        
C290 Annual Report of the City Engineer. - PL 
C291 Local Government and the Provincial Administration (I. Kantor) - PL 
C292 Forward Planning: Interim Report No. 4: The Bantu Population and other Requirements.        
C293 Johannesburg Municipal Bowling Greens Association. - PL 
C294 Our Largest Black City: A sketch of how it came about.        
C295 Financing of Schools in Soweto        
C296 Rezoning of Parktown - Report and plan showing ^details of proposed rezoning.        
 Please note: The map is of poor quality 
C297 Bantu Beer and Liquor figures for 1962 to 1968        
C298 Johannesburg Stock Exchange: Annual Report 1969 - PL 
C299 Building for the Future: Opening address by Minister of Community Development and Public Works: May 1969        
C300 Johannesburg Municipal Area: Incorporation of Southern Region including Lenasia        
C301 A Planner's Philosophy        
C302 Moon Booklet: One Giant Leap .        
C303 Some thoughts on the Changing World of the Bantu ... H.S. Hurwitz 1968        
C304 "Urban Lobolo Attitudes", Report, African Studies journal - Wits University, 1958        
C305 The Bantu Marriage - Dr. J.F. Holleman. Paper delivered at the Institute of Non- European Affairs.        
C306 The Role of Molluscicides in Bilharzia Control - C.J. Shiff, Ph. D.        
C307 Bilharzia Control with Molluscicides: Particularly in Relation to S.A.        
C308 Sub-Economic Housing Limits. - PL 
C309 Ephraim B. Tshabalala.        
C310 Mining Survey: Diamond Mining in S.A. - PL 
C311 Ulysse Tomasoni.        
C312 Exhibition ZAR 100, Johannesburg October 1969        
C313 M.K. Gandhi: Letter re A. Mac Donald. - PL 
C314 ex Council of Education Report. - PL 
C315 Land Value Taxations.        
C316 Education - Its Greatest Challenge: Jan Marais. - PL 
C317 Marketing Management - Progress and Prosperity Programme for S.A.: Jan Marais. - PL 
C318 Epidemiology of Gastroenteritis in Infancy - PL 
C319 Draft Report of Commission of Enquiry into Universities: Wits University        
C320 The King's English.        
C321 Bureau of Financial Analysis: University of Pretoria - PL 
C322 Public Health Aspects of Drug Abuse. - PL 
C323 Police Raids on Waterval Compound.        
C324 Population Statistics: N.E.A.D.: June 1969.        
C325 State Assisted Municipal Housing in the Republic of South Africa. - PL 
C326 Municipal Area of Johannesburg.        
C327 Council's Image: J.M.E.A. Bulletin. - PL 
C328 Careers for Women in the Jhb. City Council. - PL 
C329 Chemistry for Fire Engineers. - PL 
C330 Miners Companion, IN English, Afrikaans and Fanakalo, 1962        
C331 The Importance of the Teacher in a World in Revolt.        
C332 1000th Meeting of Council: Special Cover ' (Afrikaans and English.)        
C333 Johannesburg: Brief Review of its Development to the Present Day: P.R.O.        
C334 Greater Johannesburg Transportation Study Vol 2 - PL 
C335 Stands Directory: South Western Native Areas (Soweto)        
C336 Urban Renewal Programme: Jeppe/Fairview/Troyeville Pilot Scheme - PL 
C337 Fire Prevention and Protection of High Rise Bigs - PL 
C338 Drivers' Licences: Breakdown by Licensing Dept. - PL 
C339 Bantu Revenue Account: Deputation to Cape Town (missing) 
C340 I.M.T.A. Conference, Windhoek, April 1970. - PL 
C341 Tswana Territorial Authority: Opening of Second Session - 12th May 1970.        
C342 Citation for the Conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Laws HONORIS CAUSA on Patrick Robert Brian Lewis on Saturday, 11th April, 1970. - PL 
C343 Subsidies for Motorways - Supplementary Report No. 2 Management Committee. - PL 
C344 Non-European Affairs Department - Management Committee - Non-European Affairs Committee- Education Levy and Lodger Permit Charges. - PL 
C345 Speech by the Honourable Dr. P.G.J. Koomhof., M.P. Deputy Minister of Bantu Administration and Bantu Education during the opening of the Second Session of the Second Tswana Territorial Authority on Tuesday 12th May 1970 at Montshiwa.        
C346 S.A.B. 75 Data. - PL 
C347 Land Value Taxations. - PL 
C348 University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg - Medical School. - PL 
C349 Carlton Centre, Architects brochure (flat folder)        
C350 Johannesburg City Council - Art Museum Study Tour 1968/69 - PL 
C351 Address to Students at Aiesec Conference by R.O.J. Goode.        
C352 St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Pairview - 75th Anniversary Brochure. - PL 
C353 Prospects of the Mining Industry - Address by Mr. R.S. Cooke, President, Chamber of Mines of S.A. 14th Oct., 1970        
C354 An Act of Faith - Randjeslaagte (Johannesburg) Jubilee Memorial.        
C355 City Engineers Department - Forward Planning Interim Report No. 5 Johannesburg Educational Facilities - March 1967.        
C356 Mining Survey - Modern Gold Jewellery. - PL 
C357 Memorandum by the Major Local Authorities of S.A. on an Additional Major Revenue Source for Local Government. - PL 
C358 Presidential Address by R.S. Cooke: Chamber of Mines in S.A. 80th Annual General Meeting: 23rd June 1970.        
C359 Johannesburg Stock Exchange: Annual Report 1970. - PL 
C360 Urban Renewal Programme: New Doornfontein North of \LX Beit Street. - PL 
C361 Review of the Greater Johannesburg Area Transportation Study June 1970. - PL 
C362 Industrial Tribunal: Proposal to Employ Coloureds on Buses. - PL 
C363 Discussion with the Deputy Minister of Bantu Administration and Development - Cape Town 27th January 1971.        
C364 Bantu Resettlement Board - Minutes of meeting held on Friday 4th December 1970.        
C365 Sitting of Revision Court: Voters Roll: Coloured Management Committee: 29th January 1971. - PL 
C366 Reorganisation of the Office of the Mayor. - PL 
C367 Valuation of 38 Morgan owned by S.P. Barnard. - PL 
C368 Key Statistics 1965 - 1985: City Engineer's Dept., Forward Planning Branch.        
C369 Proclamation of Municipal Boundaries of Johannesburg.        
C370 Prolegomena to a Long-Term Plan for Sewerage Development in the Johannesburg Region. - PL 
C371 The Johannesburg Botanic Garden        
C372 Britannica Library Research Service - PL 
C373 Development of Rosebank Township - Progress Report for Period Ended 28th February 1971.        
C374 Explanatory Notes: Report of Commission appointed to enquire into riots in the vicinity of DUBE HOSTEL        
C375 Study of a Proposed Rail Rapid Transit System for Johannesburg by /f. Gordon Maxwell, C.B.E., T.D., D.L., M.INST.T., former Operating Manager (Railways) London Transport with Mott, Hay and Anderson. January 1971        
C376 English Usage in Southern Africa - Dec. 1970. University of S.A.        
C377 Notes by P. Lewis (miscellaneous)        
C378 Union Corporation: The last 75 years        
C379 Meeting with Dr. Koornhof in Cape Town on Tuesday 16th March 1971.        
C380 Working Papers re Talk N.C.W. 19.4.71.        
C381 Recreation Study - E.H. Hall Acting City Engineer - August 1970 - PL 
C382 Organization and Methods Division - Report on Passenger Vehicle Policy Transport Department - R.H.R. Jefferies - Jan., 1971. - PL 
C383 Minutes of Discussion with the Hon. the Deputy Minister of Bantu Administration and Education, Dr. P.G.J. Koornhof, 27th Jan.,1971.        
C384 Discussion with the Hon. the Deputy Minister, Dr. P. Koornhof, C.T. 16th March 1971.        
C385 City Engineer's Department - High Density Housing - Interim Report. - PL 
C386 South African Population 1970 and Expected Increase 1970-80.        
 Please note: Table XII missing 
C387 Proposals for the Development of Mining Land owned by Rand Mines Properties Ltd (South Development)- Planning and Development : 28th May 1971        
C388 Decisions taken at the meeting of the State Committee for Johannesburg - 27th August 1971, and 25th November 1971        
C389 Basil Elk Estates: recent sales Saxonwold - PL 
C390 The Association of Building Societies of S.A. Reply to questionnaire "B" of the Commission of Inquiry into housing matters.        
C391 Planning Places for living, proceedings of an academic course, University of the Witwatersrand, 1975        
C392 Verslag en Aanbevelings van die Hulpkomitee van Ondersoek na die Verhoudings Tussen die Regering, Provinsiale en Plaaslike Besture op die Gebied van Fisiese Beplanning        
C393 Demographic Forces in S. A.        
C394 South Africa : Country Reports October 1976        
C395 Wolff 70 - PL 
C396 N.E.A.D.. Housing : 1) Homelands 2)Soweto        
C397 The History of the Housing Division from 1954 to date - C.S. Goodman        
C398 An account of The Town Hall and Municipal Offices Johannesburg: April 1915        
C399 Rosebank Development Plans        
C400 Ethnic Groups: Soweto: June 1969        
C401 A Description of the Town Hall Organ: 1916        
C402 Bantu Affairs Commissioner - Bantu Housing Soweto        
C403 Quarterly Bulletin of the S.A. Library 1976 - PL 
C404 A Sketch of Life in Soweto (10.8.1965) P.R.B. Lewis        
C405 Incentive August 1971 - A view of Folk        
C406 Use of fire in land management        
C407 The origins of the Northern Cape Griqua        
C408 Institute of Administrators of Non-European Affairs, S.A. Festival Brochure 20 years        
C409 Bantu Services Levy Fund        
C410 Row over City name is finally settled        
C411 Past Mayors of Johannesburg (as at August 1971)        
C412 Commission of Inquiry: Into the occurrence of ruling high selling prices of vacant residential sites, etc.        
C413 Bantu Taxation Act, 1969 (Act 92 of 1969)        
C414 Working Paper re talk to Councillors on City's finances        
 Please note: Incomplete items 
C414.1 Supporting documents, accounts, notes, Part 1        
C414.2 Supporting documents, accounts, notes, Part 2        
C415 Mimag March 1973: Mount Isa Golden Jubilee - PL 
C416 Municipal Engineer Nov/Dec. 1971        
C417 Vickers microscope M69 - PL 
C418 Mining Survey: New discovery of origin of plant life        
C419 The Scope for Investment in South Africa        
C420 The Metropolitan Imperative        
C421 Letter to Mr. Frank Oldridge 22 February 1960 - PL 
C422 Land & Townships, Land Exploits & Horizon Devco Historical file - PL 
C423 International Aspects of overpopulation        
C424 Some population statistics        
C425 Articles of Assn. The Jhb. Botanic Garden Soc.        
C426 Gold Production - Outlook for the Future R.J.C. Goode and R.A. Plumridge        
C427 The Witwatersrand - A Study in Metropole Research 1972-1973        
C428 Northern Trust: Personal Invest. & Admin. Guide - PL 
C429 Special Train Tour - Bantu Homelands 1967        
C430 Basil Elk Estates Agents: Recent Sales Oct.1975 - PL 
C431 History of Thomas Black & Sons (Greenock) Ltd. - PL 
C432 Janus Project 75 - PL 
C433 Academic Freedom and Responsibility        
C434 Men of Their Times        
C435 Kimberley Club        
C436 Conferment of Hon. Freedom of Jhb. Dr. N. Diederichs        
C437 Wrong Fish in your Dam - PL 
C438 The Pilgrim Diggers of the 70's        
C439 Lt-Gen. Geo. E. Brink, C.B., CBE., DSO.        
C440 Population Distribution, Trends & Projections for Witwatersrand        
C441 The Johannesburg Botanic Garden: Develop, programme        
C442 South African National War Museum        
C443 Premier Milling Co. Ltd. - PL 
C444 Declaration of the Uitlander Council 1899        
C445 Estimated increase in White population        
C446 Mining House Loans What chance have they?        
C447 The first 75 years        
C448 What chance have they? Published by the African Townships Committee        
C449 Statistics in Bantu Education        
C450 Optima September 1967 Optima March 1973        
C451 Optima March 1973        
C452 Commission of Enquiry into the prices of residential Stands: Management Committee        
C453 Romance of Gold: Presidential Address - Associated Scientific and Technical Societies by R.C.J. Goode        
C454 A case for the preservation of the Old Post Office, Rissik Street, Johannesburg        
C455 Valuation problems created by the Sectional Titles        
C456 Greater Johannesburg Area: Transport Study        
C457 Brammfonteins Big Bang        
C458 Rescue on Station Charlie - PL 
C459 Garden of Wonders - PL 
C460 Prospectus Royal Greyhound & Turf Holdings Ltd.        
C461 Cape & South African History in General        
C462 Old Mutual - Single Premium Endowment - PL 
C463 Skyline Property Plan - Old Mutual (missing) 
C464 Restoration of Church Street Tulbagh        
C465 Meals on Wheels - PL 
C466 The Jewish presence in Palestine        
C467 Characteristics desirable in a Head - PL 
C468 Syphilis in the Bantu of Soweto - Eisenberg        
C469 New Doornfontein Project - Management Com.        
C470 Our City - new era        
C471 Newsletter Jeppe High School - PL 
C472 Golden Jubilee 1919-1969 - Jeppe High Girls - PL 
C473 Golden Jubilee 1903-1953 - Jeppe High Schools - PL 
C474 The Condenser 1975 (Tongaat)        
C475 Marina da Gama - Cape Town        
C476 Cecil Nurse Office Furniture        
C477 Wits University Alumni Tours        
C478 English-Speaking South Africa: An assessment - PL 
C479 Council of Education: Report of the Syndic 1974        
C480 mineral Discoveries and how they changed the face of South Africa: 1820 Settlers lecture        
C481 Hilton College 1872-1972 - PL 
C482 Unisa        
C483 Phoenix Postal Auction        
C484 The Star - January 28, 1975 - S.A./C.O.L. Battle        
C485 Minute - Mayor of Roodepoort 1973-1974 (Cllr. Hattingh)        
C486 Example of Saving in Estate Duty through creation of inter-vivos trust - PL 
C487 Donations Tax & Estate Duty - PL 
C488 Souvenir reproduction of the table plan for the luncheon hosted by the Municipal Council of Johannesburg on the occasion of the Inauguration of the University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg, on the 4 October 1922, Carlton Hotel        
MEMORANDA (incl. some correspondence) 
Da University of the Witwatersrand, 23 files 1966 
Da1 A city within a city the creation of Soweto. By Councillor P.R. Lewis. 
 A lecture given on 6 Sept. 1966 as part of a series of lectures The Witwatersrand: between past and future, given by the University to celebrate the 80th birthday of Johannesburg and the 70th anniversary of the Kimberley School of Mines, predecessor of the University. Drafts, and background material. And printed address. 
Da1.1 Printed addresses, 2 versions        
 Also included but not digitised (duplicate) Examination of the Native Revenue Account, 30 June 1965. See further up. 
Da1.2 Drafts 
Da1.2.1 Draft 1        
Da1.2.2 Draft 2        
Da1.3 Letter from City Treasurer, 8 August 966        
Da1.4 Tables        
 Please note: Pages 19,39 and 42 missing 
Da1.5 Information regarding Non-European Affairs Department        
Da1.6 Train Services        
Da1.7 Rough notes and schedules        
Da1.8 Memoranda and pamphlet relating to Baragwanath hospital        
Da1.9 Population statistics        
Da1.10 Housing        
Da1.11 Reports and statistics        
Da1.12 Notes re talk at Baragwanath hospital, 1969        
Da1.13 Notes and map of Soweto        
Da1.14 Draft of address with corrections by Anna Smith        
Da1.15 Correspondence        
Da1.16 Draft of edited version by Duna Smith        
 Please note: Pages 19,39 and 42 missing 
Da1.17 Typed draft on rough paper        
Da1.18 First completed hand written draft        
Da1.19 Typed headings of main subjects        
Da1.20 Rough drafts handwritten        
Da1.21 Rough drafts handwritten        
Da1.22 First random thoughts        
Da2 Other lectures in the series and at the special Graduation Ceremony, 1 file        
Da2.1 A postscript to the age of Vasco da Gama: some reflections on the contemporary international scene by Max Beloff        
 The metropolitan problem by Professor J. Welford Watson 
Da2.2 Address by the Chairman of Council, B.L. Bernstein        
Da2.3 Address by the Mayor of Johannesburg, B. Eagar        
Da2.4 Special graduation ceremony programme        
Da2.5 Hon D.L. conferred on Brian Orpin Porter, Town Clerk        
JOHANNESBURG MUNICIPALITY (See also C), 9 boxes and photographs 
Ea Miscellaneous papers arranged chronologically, 5 boxes 
Ea1 An examination of the financial policy of the Johannesburg City Council in regard to the Native Revenue Account, P.R.B. Lewis, 27 May 1941.        
Ea2 A study of African income and expenditure in 987 families in Johannesburg. By Miriam Janisch, Dec. 1941.        
Ea3 A place to live: some aspects of native housing in Johannesburg, 1953.        
Ea4 Report of the Manager, Non-European Affairs Department, 1 July 1955 30 June 1956.        
Ea5 Memorandum: government decisions on the recommendations of the Commission for the Socio-Economic development of the Bantu areas within the Union of South Africa, 1956.        
Ea6 Non European Affairs Department: schedule showing expenditure votes approved by the Minister of Native Affairs, June 1958.        
Ea7 Acquisition of farm Diepkloof to house Alexandra sub-tenants, June 1958.        
Ea8 Notes re. Native Revenue Account, 1957 1960.        
Ea9 Native Revenue Account: schedules and summaries, 1959 1960.        
Ea10 Agenda for special meeting of Non-European Affairs Committee, 25 Jan. 1960.        
Ea11 Supplementary reports Nos. 1 & 2 of Non-European Affairs Committee, 29 April 1960. 
Ea11.1 No. 1        
Ea11.2 No. 2        
Ea12 Declaration of beliefs, 9 Aug. 1960.        
Ea13 Opening of Pimville by De Wet Nel, 9 Dec. 1960.        
Ea14 Memorandum on Bantu housing needs in Johannesburg in relation to land available. By W.J.P. Carr, 9 Dec. 1960.        
Ea15 Thousands for houses. By Non-European Affairs Department, Dec. 1960. In English and Afrikaans.        
Ea16 Pimville, 1960 1961        
 Times draft by P.R.B. Lewis, Pimville and the Mentz. Line by W.J.P. Carr and other documents re. Pimville. 
Ea17 Non-European Affairs Department: estimated capital expenditure for year ending 30 June 1961.        
Ea18 Conversion of European posts to Non-European posts, 6 June 1961.        
Ea19 Report of a visit to USA on a Foreign Leader Grant, 27 Sep. 1961.        
Ea20 City Council to increase native wages: statement by Mr Fleming, Dec. 1961.        
Ea21 Inter-Departmental Committee to enquire into the problem of foreign Bantu in R.S.A.: memorandum, Jan. 1962.        
Ea22 Conversion of European posts to Non-European posts. By W.J.P. Carr, Jan. 1962.        
Ea23 An examination of Johannesburgs native revenue account as at 30 June 1962 by P.R.B. Lewis.        
Ea24 Johannesburg Civic Centre Competition 1962.        
Ea25 Mentz Committee, 1962-1964 
Ea25.1 Minutes and reports, 1962 1964. Re. Locations in the sky and Eastern Native Township.        
Ea25.2 Supporting documents for Committee meeting in September 1963        
Ea26 Activities of the Non-European Affairs Department, Feb. 1964.        
Ea27 Happy living: picture of life in Soweto, Feb. 1964.        
Ea28 Estimates, 1964 1965: budget speech of Councillor P.R.B. Lewis, 26 June 1964.        
Ea29 Legal opinion re. Pageview Township, 30 Oct. 1964.        
Ea30 Land for the University of South Africa: memoranda. Oct. 1964.        
Ea31 A sketch of life in Soweto by councillor P.R.B. Lewis, 10 Aug. 1965.        
Ea32 Estimates 1966 1967: budget speech by P.R.B. Lewis, 24 June 1966.        
 Please note: Page 15 missing 
Ea33 Bantu females in prescribed areas: Department of Bantu Administration General Circular, 17 Oct. 1966.        
Ea34 Management Committee meeting, 14 Nov. 1966.        
Ea35 Report of the Town Clerk: special meeting, 7 Nov. 1967.        
Ea36 Johannesburg: review on the financing of metropolitan government, Toronto Conference, 1967.        
Ea37 Settling of non-productive Bantu resident in European areas in the Homelands: Department of Bantu Administration General Circular, 12 Dec. 1967.        
Ea38 Regulations governing the control and supervision of an urban Bantu residential area and relevant matters, 14 June 1968.        
Ea39 Address by P.R.B. Lewis Johannesburg as a metropolitan centre, 8 Aug. 1968.        
Ea40 Deputation to Deputy Minister of Bantu Administration & Development on Housing and related problems in Johannesburg, 15 Aug. 1968.        
Ea41 Notes for a talk by the Mayor, 1 May 1969.        
Ea42 Statistics on Johannesburg for a conference, 8 May 1969.        
Ea43 A sketch of life in Soweto by P.R.B. Lewis, 22 July 1969.        
Ea44 Press clippings re. proposed tour of the city by 200 MPs, senators and state officials, July Aug. 1969.        
Ea45 Soweto: n stad binne n stad, Sep. 1969.        
Ea46 A sketch of life in Soweto by P.R.B. Lewis, 5 Dec. 1969.        
Ea47 Changing Johannesburg 
Ea47.1 Changing Johannesburg: address to the Association of Trust Companies in South Africa by P.R.B. Lewis, 1969        
Ea47.2 Working paper        
 Please note: Report 6 page 3 of 'Annexure A' missing 
Ea48 Introductory statement by P. Lewis re. the living and social conditions of the Bantu population in Johannesburg, ?1969.        
Ea49 While the city sleeps: rough notes for the Mayors office, Jan. 1970. Includes notes on services rendered by the City Council departments.        
Ea50 Estimates 1970 1971: budget speech by P.R.B. Lewis, 26 June 1970.        
Ea51 Letter from Johannesburg Municipal Transport Workers Union re. Coloured drivers and conductors, 18 Nov. 1970.        
Ea52 Mayors chain Mayoral links with the past: Johannesburgs golden chain, 1970.        
Ea52.1 Brochure, printed        
Ea52.2 Edited typescript        
Ea52.3.1-5 Photographs used in the publication (stored with photographs) 
 Including photos of Harry Graumann, Mayor of Johannesburg, 1909-1910; mayoral chains; mayoral brooch 
Ea52.4 Correspondence        
Ea52.5 Articles and publications for research        
Ea53 Estimates 1971 1972: budget speech by P.R.B. Lewis, 25 June 1971.        
Ea54 Launching of the Oriental Plaza, 6 Dec. 1971.        
Ea55 Statistics: urban Bantu (Extracts from a survey of race relations in South Africa, 1971.        
Ea56 Housing schemes for urban Africans in municipal areas and the homelands. By M. Horrell, 9 Dec. 1971.        
Ea57 Some policy aspects affecting urban Bantu administration particularly in Johannesburg, 18 Jan. 1972.        
Ea58 Verbatim report: meeting of the City Council of Johannesburg held in the Council Chamber, City Hall, 22 Feb. 1972.        
Ea59 Our city: salute to Soweto, June 1972. In English and Afrikaans.        
Ea60 Fact sheets compiled for purposes of a visit to Soweto by MPs, 11 Aug. 1972.        
Ea61 Decisions taken by Urban Bantu Committee, 11 & 12 Aug. 1972.        
Ea62 Fact sheets compiled for a visit to Soweto by the Deputy Minister of Bantu Administration and Education, T.N.H. Janson and others, 12 Oct. 1972.        
Ea63 Presidential address by J.C. de Villiers to the Institute of Administrators of Non-European Affairs, Nov. 1972.        
Ea64 Review of local government administration in the Transvaal with particular reference to the management committee system. By P.R.B. Lewis, 14 May 1973.        
Ea65 Bantu townships as at 30 June 1973: number of houses and cost per house.        
Ea66 Extract from notes of meeting between Council and W.R.A.B. officials, re. cost of houses in Pimville, 8 Feb. 1977.        
Ea67 Notes for discussion on Soweto, undated.        
Ea68 Extracts from South African dialogue: urban Africans in white areas.        
 Including 2 papers by Ellen Hellmann, 1964, 1967 
Ea69 Suikerbosrand, undated.        
Eb Subject files, 4 boxes 
Eb1 Beerhalls 3 files 1957 1963 
 Memoranda, minutes of meetings, reports, statistics, notes, plans of beer gardens, press statements, addresses by P.R.B. Lewis, articles on the nutritional value of Kaffir beer, correspondence on the illicit sale in locations, proposed scheme for distribution of Kaffir beer to blacks by their employers, items on the Kaffir beer project 1960 1963 including reports by Dr Boris Serebro. 
Eb1.1 File 1957-1958        
Eb1.2 File 1959        
Eb1.3 File 1960-1961        
Eb1.4 File 1962-1969        
Eb2 Carlton Centre 1 file 1970        
 Memorandum to the City Engineer of Johannesburg: transfer of surplus bulk to adjoining properties, correspondence. 
Eb3 Commercial College in Soweto 1 file 1965        
 Correspondence with the Johannesburg and minutes of meeting to discuss the proposed establishment of a college. 
Eb4 Health services 2 files 1961 1967 
 Reports by I.W.F. Spencer, Deputy Medical Officer of Health, on services in black townships, memorandum on the provision of health services in Soweto, minutes of the Health Committee meetings, questions asked by P. Lewis of the Administrator of the Transvaal and memoranda re. removal of the medical centre to Polly Street and the site for a hospital in Soweto. 
Eb4.1 Submissions 1-6 to Councillor Lewis        
Eb4.2 A field experience of mass percutaneous B.C.G. inoculation as an immunising and diagnostic procedure, by Spencer, Coster, Richter        
Eb4.3 File 1963-1967        
Eb5 Housing 2 files 1963 1972 
 Reports of the Chief Housing Engineer, Housing Division, memoranda on the resettlement of unproductive and illegal Blacks and on selling schemes for houses, list of matters to be discussed with the Deputy Minister, 1972. 
Eb5.1 File 1963-1966        
Eb5.2 File 1967-1968        
Eb5.3 File 1970-1972        
Eb6 Liquor Act 1 file 1958 1961        
 Statistics on the sale of beer, copy of the liquor Amendment Act of 1961, report of the Management Committee and notice of intention to apply for authority to sell liquor to Blacks. 
Eb7 Native Revenue Account/Bantu Revenue Account 2 files 1959 1975 
 Examinations of the Native Revenue Account by P.R.B. Lewis and address by him on Native Revenue policy. 
Eb7.1 Examinations 1951-1959        
Eb7.2 Examinations 1960        
Eb7.3 Examinations 1961        
Eb7.4 Examinations 1962        
Eb7.5 Examinations 1965        
Eb7.6 Examinations 1966        
Eb7.7 Examinations 1967        
Eb7.8 Examinations 1968        
Eb7.9 Examinations 1969        
Eb7.10 Examinations 1971        
Eb7.11 Examinations 1973        
Eb7.12 1975        
Eb7.13 Native Revenue policy        
Eb8 Pass Laws 1 file 1965 1967        
 Memorandum on the application and administration of the pass laws, statements by W.J.P. Carr to the Northern Johannesburg Commission of Enquiry re. Alexandra and on services offered by the Non-European Affairs Department. 
Eb9 Population 1 file 1946 1964        
 Census figures and population returns on Indians, Coloureds and Blacks in Johannesburg. 
Eb10 University of South Africa 1 file 1963 1964        
 Memorandum on UNISA and correspondence re. the opening of a second Afrikaans University on the Witwatersrand. 
Eb11 Western Native Township 1 file 1958 1960        
 Main provisions of the Native Resettlement Act, letter from W.M.M. Eiselen re. the township, minutes of a special meeting of the Non-European Affairs Committee, notes on the township, extract from the Transvaaler and minute from the M.D.H. re. Newclare being declared a slum. Please note: the memo dated 12 May 1960 is cut at the top. 
Ec Correspondence 
Ec1 W.J.P. Carr 1 file 1958        
 Re. complaints from W.W.M. Eiselen, Secretary for Native Affairs of Carrs attitude towards government policy of native administration. 
Ec2 Functions attended by Deputy Mayor and Mayoress 1 file 1968 1969        
Ec3 Visit of MPs and senators to Johannesburg 2 files 1969 1970        
Ec3.1 Arrangements for the visit.        
Ed Speeches 28 items 1957 1964 
Ed1 Summary of Riots Commission Report, 1957        
Ed2 State of tension in Johannesburg Townships, 1957        
Ed3 Mendi Memorial Anniversary Service, 1957        
Ed4 Vocational Training Centre Parents Day Celebration, 1957        
Ed5 Notes for talk at Coffee Party at Jan Smuts House, 13 Oct. 1958        
Ed6 Official opening of Noordgesig Hall, 14 Feb. 1959        
Ed7 Statement to be made in council re. the staff reorganisation necessary in Non-European Affairs Department, Feb. 1959        
Ed8 Address to Johannesburg Rotary Club by Councillor Lewis, 28 Apr. 1959        
Ed9 Vocational Training Centre, 23 Nov. 1959        
Ed10 Review of increase in the native population of Johannesburg and the growth of the Non-European Affairs Department of the Johannesburg City Council, 8 Dec. 1959.        
Ed11 Text of an address to the Roodepoort Rotary Club, 12 Feb. 1960.        
Ed12 Statement at council meeting re. Soweto, 29 Mar. 1960.        
Ed13 Statement at council meeting re. Councillor Cuttens resignation, 12 May 1960.        
Ed14 Text of statement by P.R.B. Lewis to Sunday Times on the message to parliament by H.F. Verwoerd, 20 May 1960.        
Ed15 Reply by P.R.B. Lewis to the notice of motion by Councillor E. Cuyler on agenda for council meeting, 24 May 1960.        
Ed16 Speech in Council re. the Republican issue, 26 Sep. 1960.        
Ed17 Opening of clinic for black females, 1960.        
Ed18 Speech by P.R.B. Lewis at the opening of Mofolo Hall, 22 Sep. 1961.        
Ed19 Talk deputising for mayor at a concert of Capediums Choir, 25 Sep. 1961.        
Ed20 Statement by P.R.B. Lewis at the official opening of the George Goch Hostel at Eastern Native Township beer-garden, 1 Dec. 1961.        
Ed21 Address to a school, May 1962.        
Ed22 Address by P.R.B. Lewis to the Transvaal Students Society of the Institute of Municipal Treasurers and Accountants of S.A., 7 June 1962.        
Ed23 Increase in population, 18 June 1962.        
Ed24 Parktown Girls High School: address by P.R.B. Lewis, 20 June 1962.        
Ed25 Address on growth of Johannesburgs Bantu townships by P.R.B. Lewis to the students of Johannesburg College of Education, 26 Nov. 1963.        
Ed26 Councillors and officials as seen by Parkinson: address by P.R.B. Lewis to the Institute of Municipal Treasurers and Accountants, April 1964.        
Ed27 Criticism by Personal Publicity Services of addresses in Ed 22 & 24, 1964.        
Ed28 Evidence to the Commission of Inquiry into legislation affecting the utilisation of manpower (Riekert Commission), 1977.        
Ed29 Toast to the South African Brigade, undated.        
Ee Press clippings 6 items 1960 1980 
Ee1 Natal Daily News Union Jubilee Festival Supplement, 30 May 1960.        
Ee2 The mixture that is Soweto, Sunday Chronicle, 15 Aug. 1965.        
Ee3 Reply to Olga Prices column Dear Mr Mayor entitled You havent seen anything yet: the Mayor of Johannesburg writes about a golden future, The Star Week-end Magazine, 11 Oct. 1969.        
Ee4 Reply to Olga Price The anonymous family runs the city, The Star Week-end Magazine, 28 Feb. 1970.        
Ee5 Mr Johannesburg bows out. Pat Lewis at 61: today is the beginning of my life, The Star, 29 Feb. 1972.        
Ee6 Mr No Comment bows out, Rand Daily Mail, 18 Mar. 1972.        
Ee7 Body vanished, commission told', Rand Daily Mail, 3 March 1977        
Ee8 Government blocked Jo'burg's plans for Soweto, Star, 28 July 1980        
Ef Photographs, 39 items, mostly undated, circa 1960s-1970s 
 (Stored with collection of photographs) 
Ef1 Street in Soweto, undated 
 Photographer: Coen Oosthuysen 
Ef2 Highway onramp from Jan Smuts Avenue to the M1 North, undated 
 Photographer: Wilf Schindler, Copyright: The Star 
Ef3 Birds eye view of the University of the Witwatersrand, undated 
Ef4 Birds eye view of Johannesburg, undated 
Ef5 Birds eye view of Hillbrow with the Hillbrow tower, before Ponte City was built 
Ef6 Old housing structures in Johannesburg, undated 
 Copyright: The Star 
Ef7 Inner city park in Johannesburg, undated 
 Copyright: The Star 
Ef8 Inner city Johannesburg, undated 
Ef9 Unknown, undated 
Ef10 Construction site, Civic Centre Administration building, Braamfontein 
Ef11 Unknown building, undated 
 Photographer: Coen Oosthuysen 
Ef12 Construction site, Civic Centre Administration building, Braamfontein 
 Photograph: Applied Photography 
Ef13 Birds eye view of North-South Motorway (M1) at Empire and Jan Smuts Avenue, May 1970 
Ef14 Birds eye view of M1 and M2 motorway, with Newtown precinct and Cooling Towers, May 1970 
Ef15 M2 motorway with Powerstation cooling towers on the left, July 1968 
Ef16-29 Birds eye view of different parts of Johannesburg, undated 
Ef30a-b Soweto, new housing areas, undated 
Ef31 Barlows building, undated 
Ef32 R.E.P.S. building, undated 
Ef33 Y.M.C.A. building, undated 
Ef34 Westaid, undated 
Ef35 Lawson Motors building (Shell?), undated 
Ef36 Birds eye view of Johannesburg, undated 
Ef37 Heidelberg Road interchange motorway, Johannesburg, possibly 8 March 1971 
Ef38 Johannesburg M1 and M2 motorway, undated 
 Copyright: The Star 
Ef39 Underneath a highway bridge, undated 
 Copyright: The Star 
Fa Provincial Election 1 file 1962 
Fa1 Public meetings, 24 January, 12 February 1962        
Fa2 Letter from Quinton Whyte, Director, South African Institute of Race Relations re. basic principles and election address.        
Fb United Party 
Fb1 Publications 5 items 1954 1972 
Fb1.1 The native policy and the United Party, 1954.        
Fb1.2 The answer. You want to? We have it., 1969.        
Fb1.3 Onwards: United South African National Party Newsletter, Oct. 1971, March and April 1972.        
Fb2 United Party Urban Bantu Committee 1 file 1972 1973 
Fb2.1 Correspondence, some with Draft Reports, February 1972-April 1973        
Fb2.2 Decisions taken at meetings of the Committee, March 1972-1973        
 Correspondence, decisions taken 11 & 12 Aug. 1972, memoranda and interim report. Lewis served on this Committee. 
G1 The story of a drummer boy and his family. A Lewis Family history, by P.R.B. Lewis, 68 pages, hardcover, 1987        
 Compiled and published by Patrick Lewis, assisted by Daphne Saul 
G2 Put more into life than you expect to take out: biography of Patrick Lewis, typescript, 99 pages, 1990        
 Researched and compiled by Naomi Musiker, in anticipation of the Lewis Papers being donated to the University of the Witwatersrand, providing highlights of important aspects and biographical information.