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Collection Index:BANTU MENīS SOCIAL CENTRE, Records, 1923-1975
Collection Name:BANTU MENīS SOCIAL CENTRE, Records, 1923-1975
A1058 Bantu Mens Social Centre, Records, 1923-1975   
 Copyright 2006, Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
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 The collection was received on the 10 November 1977 from H. Montague Pim, and contains the official records of the Society.   
 The Society was formed in Johannesburg in 1923 with the object of forming a nucleus for social intercourse for natives employed on the Witwatersrand. The motto of the Society was Stronger in body, mind, spirit and character, and it provided recreational, educational and leisure time activities for Black men working in Johannesburg and the Reef. It also served as a meeting place for Non-White societies and organizations.   
 On the 31 December 1971 the centres premises at 3a Eloff Street were closed by the Johannesburg City Council in accordance with the Group Areas Act. The Executive Committee submitted an appeal through the council to the Minister of Bantu Administration and Development for assistance in establishing of new centre in Soweto but there was no outcome to the appeal. In 1976 the premises were renovated and are let to the West Rand Areas Bantu Administration Board.   
 The activities of the centre included Sports and athletics, Educational classes, First Aid, Gamma Sigma debating, Music tuition, Dramatic society, Films, Guest evenings, Library, Carnegie Grant.   
 People of note who supported the centre were amongst others: W.G. Ballinger, P.J. Bennett, F.B. Bridgman, R.F.A. Hoernle, JD. Rheinallt Jones, Ray E. Phillips, J. Howard Pim, J. Montague Pim, J.R. Rathebe, H.M. Taberer, Dexter Taylor, R.V.S. Thema, Walter Webber, A.B. Xuma.   
DOCUMENTS, 4 items, October 1923 - November 1954   
A1 Application for a Rule Nisi by James Howard Pim, 1 item   
 To be authorized to pay the balance of subscriptions for the 'Star' newspaper, received from the public for the purpose of providing compensation for natives who were killed and injured during the disturbances on the Witwatersrand in 1922, to be paid over to the Bantu Mens Social Centre. Rule Nisi issued and made final 25 October 1923.   
A2 Memorandum of agreement of lease between the Municipal Council of Johannesburg and the Bantu Mens Social Centre, 14 January 1924, 3 items   
 Represented by the trustees Henry Melville Tabert, Howard Pim and Frederick Brainerd Bridgman, it also includes a Plan showing the proposed position of Native Bantu Social Centre on the Wemmer Compound Site, and a Plan of the proposed site for the Bantu Mens Social Centre, situated on the farm Turffontein No 21 Mining District of Johannesburg, for which a Surface Permit was granted in May 1924.   
A3 Surface Right Permit No. A6 of 1925, 25 November 1924, 1 item   
 Granting permission to Henry Melville Taberer, Howard Pim and Frederick Brainerd Bridgman as trustees of the Bantu Mens Social Centre to use a portion of the surface of the area of ground held at Claims No 163 situate on the farm Turffontein No 21 for the "sole purpose of a recreation hall with fencing for natives", which was confirmed by the Minister of Mines and Industries on the 28 August 1928.   
A4 Deed of lease between the City Council of Johannesburg and the Bantu Mens Social Centre, 28 October 1954, 9 items   
 Also including correspondence relating to the lease of the tennis court on the South East corner of the old Central Area Police Sports Grounds, January - November 1954.   
B1 Annual Report, 1929   
B2 Annual Report, 1930   
B3 Annual Report, 1931   
B4 Annual Report, 1932   
B5 Annual Report, 1933   
B6 Annual Report, 1934   
B7 Annual Report, 1935   
B8 Annual Report, 1936   
B9 Annual Report, 1937   
B10 Annual Report, 1938   
B11 Annual Report, 1939   
B12 Annual Report, 1940   
B13 Annual Report, 1941   
B14 Annual Report, 1942   
B15 Annual Report, 1943   
B16 Annual Report, 1944   
B17 Annual Report, 1945   
B18 Annual Report, 1946   
B19 Annual Report, 1947   
B20 Annual Report, 1948   
B21 Annual Report, 1949   
B22 Annual Report, 1950   
B23 Annual Report, 1951   
B24 Annual Report, 1952   
B25 Annual Report, 1953   
B26 Annual Report, 1954   
B27 Annual Report, 1955   
B28 Annual Report, 1956   
B29 Annual Report, 1957   
B30 Annual Report, 1958   
B31 Annual Report, 1959   
B32 Annual Report, 1960   
B33 Annual Report, 1961   
B34 Annual Report, 1962   
B35 Annual Report, 1963   
B36 Annual Report, 1964   
B37 Annual Report, 1965   
B38 Annual Report, 1966   
B39 Annual Report, 1967   
B40 Annual Report, 1968   
B41 Annual Report, 1969   
B42 Annual Report, 1970   
B43 Annual Report, 1971   
B44 Annual Report, 1972   
B45 Annual Report, 1973   
B46 Annual Report, 1974   
B47 Annual Report, 1975