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Collection Index:HOFMEYR, Jan Hendrik, 1910-1948
Collection Name:Jan Hendrik HOFMEYR Papers
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  Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
  C O N T E N T S 
  The papers of J.H.Hofmeyr comprise 67 boxes spanning the years 1891—1950, with the preponderance between 1913 and 1948. They consist of correspon­dence, diaries, documents, memoranda, speeches, college notes, drafts of published and unpublished writings, scrap-books, postcard albums and photographs. 
  The J.H.Hofmeyr Papers were deposited in the library of the University of the Witwatersrand in 1949 by Hofmeyr's mother, Mrs Deborah C. Hofmeyr. Further material was added the following year. In 1966 some of Hofmeyr's regular correspondents were approached, as a result of which additional letters were acquired, being the originals of letters written by Hofmeyr. 
  Mrs Hofmeyr appointed E.H.Brookes, J.H.Louw and J.P.Cope as trustees of the papers. In 1951 Paul Ribbink started to classify them but did not complete the task. It fell to the then university archivist, the late I.Isaacson, to complete the task in 1965 when the library set up a separate Department of Historical and Literary Papers. This inventory is an expansion of the classification scheme used by Isaacson, with only minor changes in the arrangement. The inventory lists the number of items in each file, mentions the names of the principal correspondents, indicates the subject field and itemises anything of particular importance.  
  All speeches and addresses have been individually described. In the case of the extensive general correspondence in section Aa, each letter has been given an individual number to assist in retrieval. A biographical sketch of J.H.Hofmeyr is included as is a comprehensive index of all personal names mentioned in the inventory and of selective subject fields. The pen and ink sketch of Hofmeyr by John Henry Amshewitz (1882—1942), used for the frontispiece, is by kind permission of Miss J.Biddles, University Archives, University of the Witwatersrand. 
  All speeches and addresses have been individually described. In the case of the extensive general correspondence in section Aa, each letter has been given an individual number to assist in retrieval. A biographical sketch of J.H.Hofmeyr is included as is a comprehensive index of all personal names mentioned in the inventory and of selective subject fields. The pen and ink sketch of Hofmeyr by John Henry Amshewitz (1882—1942), used for the frontispiece, is by kind permission of Miss J.Biddles, University Archives, University of the Witwatersrand. 
  The papers were extensively used by Alan Paton for his biography South African tragedy: the life and times of Jan Hofmeyr, published by Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 1965. They are an invaluable source of primary material for the historian researching the political history of South Africa between the two world wars and during the second world war. The correspondence consists mainly of letters to Hofmeyr, although there are some originals and copies of letters written by him, and it is primarily in English with a few in Afrikaans. His correspondents include such politicians as L.Botha, J.B.M.Hertzog, D.F.Malan, F.S.Malan and J.C.Smuts. There is much on the history of the formation of the United Party, its activities from 1934—1948 and the growth of the National Party. 
  The following abbreviations have been used: 
Ms   Manuscript  
Ptd  Printed 
Ts   Typescript  
  Anna M.Cunningham, April 1985 
  Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr was born in Cape Town on 20 March 1894, the younger son of Andries Brink Hofmeyr (1851-1897) and his second wife Deborah Catherina Boyers. His father was business manager of the newspaper Ons Land, Secretary of the Afrikaner Bond and a cousin of J.H. 'Onze Jan' Hofmeyr. His mother, a member of an old Stellenbosch family, was a strong imperious character, who had an important influence on her younger son. 
  Hofmeyr was a brilliant student, with an intellect bordering on genius. He matriculated, aged twelve, at the South African College School in 1906, first in the school and third in the Cape Colony. In 1909 he obtained a B.A. with first-class honours at the South African College, winning the university gold medal for literature and a Rhodes scholarship. Before going to Balliol College, Oxford, in 1913, he took a Science B.A. and a first-class Classics M.A. His career was equally brilliant at Oxford where he gained a double first in classical honour moderations in 1914 and literae humaniores in 1916. In this year he returned to South Africa, lecturing in classics at the South African College and, in December, being appointed Professor of Classics at the South African School of Mines and Technology, Johannesburg, later the University of the Witwatersrand. This was the start of an illustrious career at 'Wits' where he became principal in 1919, vice-chancellor (then an honorary post) in 1926 and chancellor in 1938. 
  Hofmeyr left the academic world in 1924 to become Administrator of the Transvaal, thus marking the beginning of his political career. He was a successful administrator, attracting the notice of men such as J.B.M.Hertzog and J.C.Smuts. In 1929 he won a by-election at Johannesburg North and helped to play a considerable part in welding the National and South African. Parties into the United Party. He became Minister of Education, the Interior and Public Health in 1933. His liberal attitude towards Blacks, Coloureds and Indians embarrassed the United Party, despite which he remained in the cabinet, changing his portfolio to Labour and Mines in 1936, until 1938 when he resigned over the appointment of A.P.J.Fourie to the senate as a member specially qualified to speak for the Blacks. He resigned from the United Party caucus in 1939 over the Asiatics (Transvaal Land and Trading) Bill but remained in parliament as an independent United Party supporter.  
  The outbreak of war led to his returning to the cabinet as Minister of Finance and Education and during the war years he worked unstintingly for the war effort, shouldering much of the burden when Smuts was overseas and he was acting prime minister. It was felt by many that his liberalism cost the United Party the election in 1948, although Hofmeyr himself retained his seat. 
  Many honours were bestowed on him. In 1945 he was awarded a D.C.L. by Oxford University and was sworn in as a privy councillor; in 1946 he was made an honorary fellow of Balliol and an honorary bencher of Gray's Inn. He was a brilliant administrator, an indefatigable worker and a liberal thinker but essentially a simple man who enjoyed boys' camps and cricket. His early death was a tragedy for South Africa. 
  Dictionary of South African Biography, Vol.II, p.309 
  A.Paton. South African tragedy: the life and times of Jan Hofmeyr (New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1965) 
Aa   General correspondence 
Ab   Diaries 
Ac   Notes 
Ad   Addresses of welcome 
Ba   Education Administration Commission 
Bb  Transvaal Rating Commission 
Bc   Miners Phthisis Commission 
Bd   Durban Borough Boundaries Commission 
Be   Provincial Finances Commission 
Bf   Native bills 
Bg   Committee upon an Economic Policy for the Union 
Bh   Economic and Wages Commission 
Bj   Hospital finance 
Bk  Commission of Enquiry into Garment Workers Union 
Ca   Election results 
Cb   Parliamentary procedure 
Cc   Parliamentary notices 
Cd   Election propaganda 
Ce   Voters roll for Johannesburg North 
Cf   Election expenses 
Cg   Correspondence and miscellaneous papers 
Da   Broederbond 
Db   Representation of Blacks in Parliament 
Dc   South African Institute of Race Relations 
Dd   Education 
De   Voortrekker centenary and monument 
Df   Denk case 
Dg   Indian affairs 
Dh   Anti-Semitism and immigration 
Dj  South West Africa 
Dk   Gold standard 
Dl  Finance 
Dm   Status Act 
Dn   Nationality 
Do   Dissolution controversy 
Dp   National anthem 
Dq   Liberalism 
Ea  Speeches in English 
Eb   Speeches in Afrikaans 
Ec   Budget speeches 
Ed   Broadcast speeches 
Fa   "Onze Jan" 
Fb   British Empire Study 
Fc   The Republican Movement and the British Empire 
Fd   Kruger, Rhodes and Hofmeyr 
Fe   The open horizon 
Ff   Coming of age 
Fg   South Africa 
Fh   A history o European education 
Fj   Projected biography of General Smuts 
Fk   Christianity can save us 
Fl  The history and control of national debts 
Fm   Roman Dutch law 
Fn  Studies in ancient imperialism 
Fo   Christian principles and race problems 
Fp   Political development 1872-1920 
Fq   Forewords 
Fr   Articles 
Fs  The Forum 
Ft   Die Volkstem 
Fu   Essays and poetry 
Ga   Correspondence 
Gb   Special topics 
Gc   Invitations, programmes, menus etc. 
Gd   Documents 
Ge   Testimonials and tributes 
Gf   Photographs 
Gg   Commonplace book 
Ha   Abe Bailey Trust 
Hb   Balliol College Boys Club 
Hc   Cape Town Boys Christian Association 
Hd   Students Christian Association 
He   Toc H 
Hf   Y.M.C.A. 
Hg   Y.M.C.A. - Toc H War Funds Trust 
Ja   South African College 
Jb   Oxford University 
Jc   University of the Witwatersrand 
Jd   Law notes 
Je   Examination papers 
Ka   Compiled by F.H.Millington 
Kb   Compiled by J.H.Hofmeyr 
Kc   Loose press clippings 
Kd   Postcards 
Ke   Greetings cards 
La   Publications by political parties 
Lb   Publications: general 
Lc   Journals 
Ld   Maps 
Le   Music 
Lf   Ephemera 
Lg   Items presented by Mrs D.Hofmeyr  
Lh   Cartoons 
Lj   Speeches and addresses 
Lk   Broadcasts 
Lm   Articles 
Ln   Poetry 
Lo   Manuscripts intended for publication 
Aa   General Correspondence 2138 items 1913-1948 
02-Jan  02-Jan 1913, 1915 2 items 
  Correspondent: P.E. Hubbell 
  1913 Affairs of Students Christian Association 
  1915 Comments on the 1st World War and news of fellow students at Oxford 
09-Mar  09-Mar 1916 7 items 
  Correspondents: W.S.Bradley, G.L.Byth, G.S.A.Gerdener, F.S.Malan, W.Ritchie. 
  Congratulations on his gaining a first in Greats at Oxford  
  Effect of the Rhodes scholars on Oxford 
  Complaint from the Students Christian Association of South Africa that Hofmeyr is not a member of the Dutch Reformed Church 
19-Oct  19-OCT 1917 10 items 
  Correspondents: M.Bonham Carter, G.S.Corstophine, M.S.Hilley, A.D.Lindsay, D.C.Lusk, J.X.Merriman, J.L.van Eyssen  
  The 1st World War and pacifism 
  Appointment of Hofmeyr to the chair of classics at the South  
  African School of Mines and Technology,later the University of the Witwatersrand 
  Criticism by 3.X-Merriman of Hofmeyr's essay History and control of national debts with special reference to their liquidation (Cape Town,1918) 
  Comments on a lecture given by Hofmeyr in Pretoria on Kruger, Rhodes and 'Onze Jan'. 
  Includes draft of letter fron Hofmeyr to Asquith, regretting that Asquith is resigning as prime minister. 
20-26   1918 7 items 
  Correspondents: S.Evans, F.J.Le Roux (Sec.,Algemeen Nederlandsch Verbond), A.C.G.Lloyd, A.Nichols 
  Complaint that out of six lectures given by Hofmeyr only one was in Dutch 
  Congratulations on his Ebden Prize essay on public debts 
  Regret that Hofmeyr is leaving Johannesburg to take up an appointment with the University of Cape Town 
  Includes draft letter from Hofmeyr to S.Evans concerning his leaving the South African School of Mines. 
27 - 38  1919 12 items 
  Correspondents: A.Brink, G.P.Lestrade, J.Macmurray, W.Murray 
Aa   G.D.Shehah, W.J.J.van der Merwe, J.L.van Eyssen, A.Young.  
  Possibility of Hofmeyr being appointed secretary of the South African Party 
  Appointment of Hofmeyr as Principal of the South African School of Mines, Johannesburg 
  Includes drafts of letters from Hofmeyr to the editor of the Trans­vaal Critic and the council of the School of Mines re his appointment as principal 
39-41   1920 3 items 
  Correspondents: Rhodes Scholarship Trust (American Secretary), F.S.Jungquist, J.C.Smuts 
  Offer to help plan a tour of institutions for Hofmeyr's visit to America 
  Includes a draft letter from Hofmeyr to General Smuts, in Dutch, regretting that he cannot assist in writing an anti-republican pamphlet 
42-49   1921 8 items 
  Correspondents: Sir W.Dalrymple, R.J.S.Dodd, P.E.Hubbell, H.W.Sampson, E.Warrington-Smyth (Sec.for Mines and Industries) 
  Commission on Miners Phthisis (Hofmeyr was a member) and its dissolution before a report could be written 
  News from old university friends 
  Question of Hofmeyr continuing as principal or reverting to the chair of classics 
  Includes Letter from Hofmeyr to Sir William Dalrymple on the principalship, memorandum to the council and a resolution by council that Dr.Stibbe should sever his connection with the university. 
50-62   1922 13 items 
  Correspondents: A.Aiken, H.Burton, P.Duncan, Hellenic Community of Benoni, J.Jeppe, Lady F.Ryder, H.W.Sampson., J.C.Smuts, Miss M.Waddell, H.S.Wilkinson 
  Offer by Lady Ryder to help young South Africans in Britain  
  Silicosis in mines and the composition of the Mining Phthisis Board 1922 Strike 
  Secretaryship of the Industrial Commission and Mr Pirow 
  Legal case between the senate and council of the University of the Witwatersrand and the position of the principal 
  Invitation to Hofmeyr to sit on the Commission on Provincial Expenditure 
  Includes a draft letter from Hofmeyr to ?.Duncan on the constitutional position at the University of the Witwatersrand 
63-70   1923 8 items 
  Correspondents: H.Burton, H.S.Hilley, J.Macmurray, W.Pollak, Sir T.W.Smartt 
  Advice on how to settle the dispute at the University of the Witwatersrand 
  Thanks from the government for his service on the Provincial Finance Commission and invitation to serve on a further commission to investigate the government's responsibility in respect of education. 
71-151   1924 81 items 
  Correspondents: Sir J.E.Adamson, W.Baxter, E.H.Brookes, J.H.Buck­land, Lord Buxton, L.Byth, W.Cullen, Sir W.Dalrymple, P.F.de Villiers, P.Duncan, J.du Plessis, H.E.S.Fremantle, C.G.Grant. T.Haarhoff, G.W.A.Hay, J.B.M.Hertzog, P.Hofmeyr, R.T.A.Innes, J.W.Jagger, C.T.Loram, A.F.Louw, D.F.Malan, A.Mansbridge, D.F. Marais, F.F.Miles, Dr A.M.Moll, C.H.Murray, Bp.H.Parker, J.Petersen 
  C.Porter, A.G.Robertson, J.D.Robertson, H.S.Scott, J.C.Smuts, 
  B.Solomon, S.Solomon, Bp.N.Talbot, C.N.Thompson, C.S.Tillyard, Transvaal Agricultural Union, H.W.J.van der Brugge, J.L.van Eyssen, L.van Schalkwyk, E.H.Waugh, J.Wylie 
  Appointment of Hofmeyr as Administrator of the Transvaal 
  Invitation to join the Advisory Committee of the World Association for Adult Education 
  Duties and powers of provincial councils 
  Appointment of H.S.Scott as Director of Education 
  Includes correspondence between Hofmeyr and the Prime Minister, J.B.M.Hertzog, on the advisability of Hofmeyr continuing as administrator, a statement to the Privy Council on his position as administrator and a list of those who congratulated him on his appointment. 
152-199   1925 48 items 
  Correspondents: T.Boydell, H.P.Cruse, C.A.Hadley, J.B.M.Hertzog, C.Hofmeyr, H.Hofmeyr, B.K.Long, G.A.Hay, R.Jackson, D.F.Malan, J.Neilson, J.A.Neser, H.W.Sampson, H.W.J.van der Brugge 
  Composition of the Johannesburg Hospital Board 
  Help for sufferers of miners phthisis 
  Provincial Council's demand that Hofmeyr resign as administrator Abolition of the Employers Tax 
  Includes an exchange of telegrams between Hofmeyr and the Prime Minister re the tabling in parliament of correspondence between them on Hofmeyr's position as administrator and publicising it in the press. Also drafts of letters to Boydell and Hertzog which were not sent. 
200-217   1926 18 items 
  Correspondents: G.Hills, T.McKenzie, D.F.Malan, Dr G.J.M.Melle, 
Aa   Rev.C.Phillips, E.Stubbs, N.H.Theunissen, W.Thomson, Witwatersrand 
  Church Council 
  Thanks from clergy for limiting racing on public roads to certain days, and never on Sundays 
  Election of Hofmeyr as Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Witwatersrand 
  Congratulations on speeches made by Hofmeyr 
  Terms of reference for a commission to consider a new flag 
  Includes draft of letter to Hills from Hofmeyr refuting the allegation in the press that, while claiming to be non-party, Hofmeyr was in sympathy with the minority in the Provincial Council. Also notes by Hofmeyr on his aspirations to become prime minister and on H.H.Moll and a note on Hofmeyr by H.Bolitho. 
218-243   1927 25 items 
  Correspondents: F.Clarke, J.Cohen, J.A.Gray, M.J.Green, R.F.A. Hoernlé, C.Hofmeyr, G.Landman, D.McKenzie, J.Martin, R.Merrill, H.U.Moffat, M.Morgan, G.Saron, J.C.Smuts, W.J.J.van der Merwe, G.A.van der Walt, J.A.Wilkinson 
  Hofmeyr's political ambitions and his liberalism 
  Dispute between council and senate at the University of the Witwatersrand 
  Proposed conference on education for Blacks 
  Need for South Africa and Southern Rhodesia to cooperate 
  Includes draft letter from Hofmeyr to R.F.A.Hoernlé, on Hoernlé's being passed over for the principalship, and a typed note on Tielman Roos and Hofmeyr. 
244-379   1928 136 items 
  Correspondents: J.Allan, C.T.E.Andrews, R.A.Barry, Rev.H.J.Batts, T.G.Bester, G.S.Lardner Burke, P.Cazalet, F.Clarke, B.H.Dicke, J du Plessis, M.P.G. Elliott, S.Evans, L.Flemming, I.Frack, H.E.S.Fre­mantle, J.P. Frylinck, J.A.Gray, G.A.Hay, C.Hofmeyr, H.Hofneyr, P.E.Hubbell, C.James (Sec.Farmers Bond), S.Cleaton Jones. J.P. Jooste, F.W.A. Jordaan, Bp.A.B.L.Karney, C.Louis Leipoldt, B.K. Long, T.G.McCrystal, T.McDonald, L.MacLeod, W.M.Macmillan, J.A. Manson, Dr G.J.M.Melle, H.R.Murray, J.A.Neser, R.Nicholson, S.J. Payne, J.Pretorius, T.Purchas, H.R.Raikes, T.Roos, C.Runge, R.J.K. Russell, V.S.Sastri, D.L.Smit, J.C.Smuts, S.Solomon, T.C. Stoff-berg, J.Swart, C.N. Thompson, J.J.Tromp, J.M.van der Lingen, W.J.J.van der Merwe, L.D.C. van Wyk, P.J.Venter, T.Ward-Cox, H.G.Watson, J.Wertheim, J.J.Wylie. 
  Future of provincial councils and danger of over-centralisation Relationship between Boer and Briton and Afrikaners' fear of being swamped 
  Hofmeyr's plan to form a central party of moderates 
  Prejudice against Indians in the Transvaal 
  Lack of local government in Transvaal rural areas 
  Choice of separate schools or parallel classes for the different language groups 
Aa   Need for a South African citizenship 
  Hofmeyr's refusal of another term as administrator and of the High Commissionership in London, thus leaving the way open for a political career 
  Attempts by various constituences to persuade Hofmeyr to stand as the South African ?arty candidate 
  Separate register for Black voters proposed 
  Offer of an honorary degree to Hofmeyr from the University of the Witwatersrand 
  Need for air transport service between Europe and South Africa 
  Includes draft letters from Hofmeyr to J.P.Jooste, R.Nicholson and General Smuts on politics, to W.R.Macmillan congratulating him on his book and L.MacLeod acknowledging a cartoon. Also copies of letters from S.Evans to General Smuts and Sir W.Sefton Brancker on air transport. 
380-428   1929 49 items 
  Correspondents: H.F.Armstrong, J.C.Beattie, G.L.Byth, T.S.Camey, P.Cazalet, C.W.Cousins, R.Currey, R.Dart, M.Edmund, L.L.French, A.F.Grant, A.Vine Hall, W.H.Hofmeyr, W.Houghton, J.Rose-Innes, C.James, F.W. Konig, P.Loraine, A.H.Moore, F.V.Morley, T.Morris, R.G.Nicholson, T.Roos, J.C.Smuts, F.C.Sturrock, J.T.Wood, J.J.Wylie 
  Attempts by the South African Party to persuade Hofmeyr to stand as their candidate at the election 
  Congratulations on Hofmeyr's Pretoria speech in which he stressed the need for unity 
  Danger of the English electorate losing interest in politics Offer of a doctorate from the University of Cape Town 
  Hofmeyr's decision to stand for the Johannesburg North constituency Need to redress Black grievances, including the franchise  
  Constitution of the South Africa Labour Party 
  Includes draft letters from Hofmeyr to R.Currey and Tielman Roos on politics. 
429-445   1930 17 items 
  Correspondents: F.H.P.Creswell, R.F.Immelman, C.T.Loram, H.W.J.van der Brugge, P.M.van der Westhuizen, Lt.Col.F.S.van Manen, Lt.Col. A.T.Wilson 
  Congratulations to Hofmeyr on his return to parliament for Johannesburg North 
  Thanks from the University of the Witwatersrand for his services as chancellor 
  Thanks from educationists for his work in parliament on the Bill for the Better Control of Higher Education 
  Includes draft letters from Hofmeyr to P.M.van der Westhuizen on Hofmeyr's attitude to the United Party movement and to C.T.Loram refusing a travelling grant from the Carnegie Corporation.  
Also a statement by Lt.Col.F.S.van Manen denying that General C.F.Beyers was in league with the Germans in South West Africa. 
446-455   1931 10 items 
  Correspondents: British Association for the Advancement of Science, C.C.Grant, D.D.T.Jabavu, F.McDougall, T.Purchas, J.J.Wylie 
  Invitation for Hofmeyr to deliver a paper at the centenary meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. Comments on Coming of Age (Cape Town, Miller,1930), to which Hofmeyr contributed a chapter. 
  Comments of Blacks on the proposed removal of the Black franchise, to compensate which money will be voted for agricultural development. 
  Comments on imperial economic problems 
  Hofmeyr's request to be allowed to write the UNISA preliminary and intermediate LLB exams in one year. 
456-469   1932 14 items 
  Correspondents: A.H.Bourne, C.R.Buxton, W.Falcon, H.Hughes, T.J. Jones, F.Keppel, F.McDougall, C.Porter, Bp.N.Talbot, P.W.J.Weyers 
  Congratulations on his speech on the gold standard 
  Congratulations on his book South Africa (London, 1931 
  Question of the rights of all races 
  British Commonwealth and the oath of allegiance 
  Race relations and education for Blacks in South Africa and America  
  Request for Hofmeyr to support modification of mining taxation, to help the unemployment problem. 
470-181   1933 12 items 
  Correspondents: A.Barlow, R.G.M.Belcher, A.Collins, L.Dixon, J. Dove, H.Miles, T.Roos, J.J.Wylie 
  National on coalition government 
  Congratulations on his speech and on reaching cabinet rank Invitation from the Institute of Public Administration, London, for Hofmeyr to address them. 
  Question of how many Rhodes scholars have reached cabinet rank. Mining Taxation 
482-486   1934 5 items 
  Correspondents: R.Broom, J.Browne, O.D.Schreiner, P.F.Williams  
  Presentation to Hofmeyr by R.Broom of his book The coming of man  
  Thanks for address to Roodebloem Brotherhood 
  Thanks for article on C.J.Rhodes for the Oxford Society 
  Danger of anti-semitism and Nazi posters, in Afrikaans, with swastikas 
  Includes copy of a letter from Hofmeyr to the Principal of the University of the Witwatersrand, explaining how a 1922 strike pass came into his possession 
487-496   1935 10 items 
  Correspondents: R.Broom, Lord Clarendon, D.D.T.Jabavu, B.Lunnon  
  Request by R.Broom to name after Hofmeyr a skull found on a fossil expedition to the Karoo. 
  Congratulations on Hofmeyr's speech on bilingualism 
  Importance of retaining a separate franchise for Blacks, who will vote for their own senators 
  Invitation to be one of the signatories to a statement celebrating 40 years of World's Student Christian Federation. 
497-882   1936 386 items 
  Correspondents: Dr A.Abdurahman, African People's Organisation, Sir Syed Raza Ali, W.Allen, J.T.Barry, F.C.Bentinck, Rev.R.H.Birt, E.H.Brookes, R.Broom, Rev H.P.Bull, O.Bull, Rev J.Chicani, Lord Clarendon, F.A.Cooke, J.P.Cope, R.H.Cowan, W.Cullen, R.Currey, R.R.Currie, B.H.Dicke, L.J.Douglas, P.Duncan, G.H.Dunn, W.Eastwood, P.E.Evans, Bp C. Ferguson-Davie, C.H.Friend, Rev C. Garratt, J.A. Gray, L.Greenberg, J.B.M.Hertzog, F.E.Hewitt, Rev J.M.Hlongwane, R.F.A.Hoernlé, Mrs M.L.Hofmeyr (President, Women's Missionary Union, Dutch Reformed Church), A.A. Hope, D.R.Hunt, D.D.T.Jabavu, Johan­nesburg Joint Council, E.B. Jones, J.D.Rheinallt Jones, F.W.Konig, Dr J.J.Kuhn, C.J.Lander, E.Lewis, Marquis of Linlithgow, T.J.Lewis, A.C.G.Lloyd, B.K.Long, W.Madeley, D.F.Malan, F.S.Malan, B.B. Mdledle, P.G.Meiring, F.F.Miles, P. Millin, A.I.Monomiat, Chief Moshesh, Dr R.Mukerjee, A.V.Murray, K.B.D.E.Nagarwalla, S.R.Naidoo, National Council of Women, N.M. Nkabinde, Sir E.Oppenheimer, Rev W.A.Palmer, V.S.C. Father, A.Paton, Pietermaritzburg Society for the Welfare of Natives, H.Pirow, Pretoria Native Welfare Associa­tion, N.Price, H.R.Raikes, W.H.Ramsbottom, R.H.Reynolds, C.R.Rum­bold, W.A.Russell, V.S.Sastri, O.D.Schreiner, H.S.Scott, T.Shaw, Kunwar Sir Maharaj Singh, D.L. Smit, S.Solomon, C.F.Stallard. V.Stent, R.Stratford, E.Stubbs, J.G.Swart, Sir P.C.Tagore, F. Theron, Transvaal Missionary Association, S.M. Trelawney-Ross, A.E.Trollip, E.A.Walker, M.Webb, World's Alliance for International Friendship through the Churches, A.Young, C. Douglas Zulu 
  Reaction to the Representation of Natives Bill and congratulations to Hofmeyr for his stand against the abolition of the Cape native franchise 
  Discovery of the skull and mandible of a new anthropoid ape  
  Position of Indians in South Africa 
  Question of the future of Tanganyika 
  Tour to India by a South African parliamentary delegation, of which Hofneyr was a member 
  Explanation of the return to South Africa of notes used by Boer  
  P.O.W.s in India during the South African War 1899-1902 Anti-semitism in South Africa 
  Congratulations on Hofmeyr's appointment as minister of mines 
  Includes letters from constituents to Hofmeyr expressing disapproval of the Native Bill and copies of replies from Hofmeyr stating that he will not vote for the bill. Also copy of a letter from Dr Abdurahman to General Hertzog re the disfranchisement of Blacks and notes for a speech to be delivered by Hofmeyr in India. 
883-931   1937 48 items 
  Correspondents: A.Bailey, E.H.Brookes, J.P.Cope, R.Currey, L. Flemming, J.S.Franklin, O.L.Harvey, G.Cleaton Jones, F.W.Konig, F.E.T.Krause, I.D.MacCrone, J.Martin, S.M.Nana, R.E.Phillips, H.S.L.Polak, C.J.Sibbett, V.Stent, E.Stubbs, A.van Lingen, W.H. Visser 
  Gift of I.D. MacCrone's book "Race attitudes in South Africa" with the author's comments on inter-marriages at the Cape. 
  Congratulations to Hofmeyr for his stand on the Asiatic Bill. Congratulations to Hofmeyr for his speech on the Mixed Marriages Bill. 
  Congratulations on Hofmeyer's speech at Fort Hare. 
  Possibility of Hofmeyr resigning from the cabinet because of a dispute with Pirow. 
  Danger of the old Cape liberal tradition being reversed. 
  Question of Hofmeyr forming a new liberal party. 
  Includes letter from Hofmeyr to Sir Jagdish re the problem of the new Agent-General for the Government of India in South Africa being Hydari who is married to a European. 
932-1339   1938 408 items 
  Correspondents: Bantu Welfare Trust, A.G.Barlow, R.H.Birt, E.H. Brookes, D.M.Buchanon, W.H.Clark, J.A.Cohen, C.W.Cousins, W. Cullen, R.R. Currie. Sir W.Dalrymple, G.H.Dunn, L.Egeland, E.H.Etheridge, R.Feetham, Bp C.J.Ferguson-Davie, Or I.Frack, J.P.Frylinck, C.Garratt, Rabbi I.M.Gervis, J.A.Gray, L.Greenberg, R.T.W.Harris (Sec.of The New Guard), G.Hartog, G.A.Heard, A.A. Hope, Johannesburg Joint Council, G.Carleton Jones, J.D.Rheinallt Jones, S.Cleaton Jones, R.Johnston, F.Keppel, A.Kerr, F.W.Konig, R.N. Kotze, H.Lawrence, H.Le May, E.Lewis, W.G.Mackenzie, E.Maggs, L.Maingard, C.Meeser, P.Millin, S.G.Millin, S.R.Naidoo, S.M.Nana, Natal Liquor and Catering Trades Employees Union, O.J.Oosthuizen, J.Orr, Bp W.Parker, A.Paton, H.S.L.Polak, H.R.Raikes, B.Rama Ran, W.N.Roseveare, C.R.Rumbold, C.H.S.Runge, O.D.Schreiner, H.S. Scott, Sir M.Singh, S.Solomon, South African Indian Congress, M.M.Stirling, R.C.Streeten, F.C. Sturrock, C.R.Swart, R.W.Talbot, J.D.Taylor, L.Thompson, Transvaal Indian Congress, A.van Lingen, J.L.van Eyssen, W.H.Visser, E.A. Walker, M.Webb 
  Congratulations on speeches made on various occasions. 
  Hofmeyr's resignation from the cabinet in Sep.1938 over the appointment of A.P.J.Fourie to the Senate as a member specifically qualified to speak for Blacks. 
  Question of Hofmeyr carrying on the work of the Carnegie Corporation. 
  Question of Hofmeyr visiting America. 
  Congratulations to Hofmeyr on being elected Chancellor of the University of the Witwatersrand. 
  Includes many telegrams and letters from all sections of the community congratulating Hofmeyr on his decision to resign on amatter of principle. Also an article by Dundas Simpson 'My reminiscences' on the cyanide process used on the gold mines. 
1340-1404   1939 65 items 
  Correspondents: A.J.C.Abrahamse, E.Balogh, A.W.Blaxall, H.Clark, V.Coakes, Rev A.J.Cook, W.E.Dalrymple, Democratic League of South Africa, P.Duncan, S.Dyer, L.Egeland, K.Govinthu, A.Vine Hall, G.A.Heard, J.S.Holt, A.A.Hope, R.Kilpin, H.Lawrence, L.R. Mac-Leod, F.S.Malan, B.B.Mdledle, L.G.Murray, T.Naude, H.Podbielsky, B.Rama Ran, G.Saron, R.H.W.Shepherd, H.A.R.Wollenburg 
  Congratulations on Hofmeyr's speech at his installation as Chancellor of the University of the Witwatersrand. 
  Question of Jewish refugees. 
  Hofmeyr's resignation from the United Party caucus because of his (and Blackwell's) attitude to the Asiatic Bill and thanks from the Indian community for defending them. 
  Ouestion of Hofmeyr leaving the United Party and forming a liberal party. 
  Outbreak of war and appointment of Hofmeyr as Minister of Finance. 
1405-1466   1940 62 Items 
  Correspondents: Sir Raza.Ali, A.Bailey, E.H.Bazeley, H.Clark, W.H.Clark, L.Egeland, H.W.Fourie, K.Govinthu, J.A.Gray, G.Hartog, R.A.Hockly, F.C.Hollander, E.B.Jones, G.Carleton Jones, J.D. Rheinallt Jones, R.N.Kotze, G.Louw, E.Maggs, L.Maingard, C. Meeser, S.G.Millin, National Council of African Women, O.Pirow, C.S. Richards, Schlesinger, D.L.Smit, M.T.Soga, W.M.Visser, A.W.Wilkie, G.W.Xala 
  Thanks from Black women for his interest in Blacks. Congratulations on Hofmeyr's budget speech. 
  Attempt to obtain the Nobel peace prize for General Smuts. Thanks for allocating extra funds for education for Blacks Congratulations on his radio speech. 
1467-1488   1941 22 items 
  Correspondents: P.C.Cilliers, F.R.Emery, Eugenie (Princess Radziwill of Greece), C.H.R.Horwood, G.Rood, J.van Reenen 
  Congratulations on his radio talk "Why South Africa fights" Congratulations on his speech in the no-confidence debate in parliament. 
  Criticism of Hofmeyr's support of the Roman Catholic Church. 
  Establishment of civilian guard units under the control of Civilian Protection Services. 
1489-1522   1942 34 items 
  Correspondents: L.Blackwell, J.Conradie, P.E.Evans, C.J.Gardner, J.A.Gray, A.Hamilton, M.Hofmeyr, C.H.R.Horwood. J.D.Rheinallt Jones, L.Maingard, J.Martin, F.A.C.Millard, B.Solomon, R. Stuttaford, H.Tucker, J.E.Turvey 
  Congratulations on a fair budget and a good speech. 
  Disappointment felt by Blackwell at being excluded from the cabinet. 
  J.D.Rheinallt Jones' decision not to stand again for the Senate, to allow more time for the S.A.Institute of Race Relations Hofmeyr's appointment as acting Prime Minister during Smuts' absence. 
  Resignation of R.Stuttaford. 
1523-1663   1943 141 items 
  Correspondents: E.Balogh, G.W.Blake, Chemical Workers Industrial Union, F.Clarke, E.A.Conroy, Bp C.Ferguson-Davie, S.Frankel, C.J.Gardner, J.A.Gray, S.Hayden, G.A.Heard, M.Hofmeyr, M.Honikman, G.J.Hugo, J.Hubback, M.Janisch, J.D.Rheinallt Jones, S.A. Khan, H.Laver, H.Lawrence, H.Le May, W.Madeley, L.Maingard, B.M.Narbeth, Sir E.Oppenheimer, E.Patel, L.Reitz, O.D.Schreiner, C.J.Sibbett, B.Solomon, E. Solomon, J.Stein, Transvaal Indian Congress, A.Trollip, J.W.E.Venables, J.E.Vogt 
  Congratulations on Hofmeyr's opposition to the Asiatic Bill, particularly from the Indian community. 
  Congratulations on retaining his seat at the parliamentary election. 
  Comments on Smuts' proposals for the western democracies to join with the British Commonwealth. 
  Includes many telegrams of congratulations and encouragement to Hofmeyr and draft letters by Hofmeyr to the Prime Minister on Hofmeyr's position regarding the Asiatic Bill and offer to resign. Also translation of an editorial in the Chinese Consular Gazette on the Bill. 
1664-1688   1944 25 items 
  Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, N.J.de Wet, J.A.Gray, J.D.Rheinallt Jones, Rev J.C.G.Kotze, Marie (Princess of Greece), J.Marwick, L.H.Samuels, C.F.Stallard, J.W.E.Venables 
  Congratulations on Hofmeyr's budget speech 
  Question of his political future. 
  Asiatic Bill and Hofmeyr's threatened resignation. 
  General Smuts' eulogy on Greece when Athens was liberated Hofmeyr's visit to North Africa. 
  Includes letters from Hofmeyr to C.F.Stallard on Smuts' request for the Dominion Party to vote for the Asiatic Bill and to L.H. Samuels on taxation. 
1689-1779   1945 90 items 
  Correspondents: E.Balogh, N.Bennet, L.Blackwell, Sir R.L.Burnett, W.H.Clark, J.P.Cope, N.J.de Wet, Eugenie (Princess Radziwill of Greece), Bp C.J.Ferguson-Davie, S.H.Frankel, W.Hills, Sir J.Hubback, J.D.Rheinallt Jones, L.Karovsky, L.Maingard, P.Millin, A.V. 
  Murray, L.D.E.Murray, V.Norton, Sir E.Oppenheimer, Bp W. Parker, G.Saron, C.J.Sibbett, D.L.Smit, J.C.Smuts, B.Solomon, S.Solomon, M.Steyn, F.C.Sturrock, O.Swales 
  History of how "coolies" were introduced into Natal. 
  Death of Edwin Swales,V.C. 
  Congratulations on Hofmeyr's victory broadcast. 
  Thanks from the United Party for Hofmeyr's wartime leadership . 
  Congratulations on the Hon.D.C.L. conferred by Oxford . 
  Fear that the government will be defeated at the 1948 election. 
  Congratulations on being made a privy councillor. 
  Congratulations on his speech on race relations. 
  Includes exchange of letters between Hofmeyr and Smuts on the formation of a coloured fighting brigade, copy of part of a letter from Sir A.Zimmern to L.Curtis on the part played by South Africans at the UNESCO conference, a note listing cabinet offices with names against each and a press cutting on Mrs Hofmeyr. 
1780-1843   1946 64 items 
  Correspondents: C.K.Allen, E.Balogh, E.H.Brookes, O.Bull, Sir R.L. Burnett, H.P.Cruse, R.de Villiers. Bp C.F.Ferguson-Davie, B.Gie, H.Gluckman, B.Hofmeyr, J.D.Rheinallt Jones, Bp A.Karney, H.Lawrence, A.Lazarus, A.L.Lindsay, C.H.Malcomess, A.Mansbridge, L.Marquard, C.F.Miles-Cadman, Marie (Princess of Greece), M.Per­ham, D.J. Retief, C.S.Richards, I.W.Schlesinger, C.Sibbett, B.Solomon, J.R.Sullivan, Sir H.Wallington, J.J.Wylie 
  Congratulations on his budget and on parliamentary speeches Hofmeyr's election as an Hon. Fellow of Balliol and as an Hon. Bencher of Cray's Inn. 
  Future of the Natives Representative Council. 
  African Mine Workers' strike. 
  Hofmeyr's stand on the need for Non-European representation in parliament and the possibility of his forming a new party. 
  Includes an article by E.H.Brookes 'Racial tension in South Africa' published in the Manchester Guardian and Hofmeyr's comments on it. 
1844-1891   1947 47 items 
  Correspondents: E.Balogh, E.H.Brookes, A.H.Bunting, J.P.Cope, H.P.Cruse, J.D.Rheinallt Jones, L.Karovsky, A.D.Lindsay, W.Nicol, A.Steinhobel, T.Strong, World's Student Christian Federation 
  Congratulations on Hofmeyr's speech on the Malan motion. 
  Natives Representative Council. 
  Balliol Boys Club and the naming of a house after Hofmeyr. 
  Fear that the United Party's declining popularity will bring an electoral defeat. 
  Election of Hofmeyr as life vice-president of the Oxford Society. Praise of Hofmeyr's classical scholarship and statesmanship. 
  Election of Hofmeyr as vice-president of World's Alliance of Y.M.C.A.s. 
  Includes a note on Sir Stafford Cripps by Hofmeyr and a list of Masters of the Bench at Gray's Inn (including Hofmeyr). 
1892-2097   1948 208 items 
  Correspondents: Dr G.H.Alabaster, R.Anderson, P.Auret, C.Beyers, E.H.Brookes, R.Byrne, G.H.Calpin, L.Campling, J.D.Cloete, P. Clouts, J.D.Cope, C.W.Cousins, H.P.Cruse, R.R.Currie, A.G.Doug­las, L.J.du Plessis, H.Edinger, A.S.Frames, S.H.Frankel, A.Gold­berg, W.R.Gordon, J.A.Gray, F.Hattingh, A.T.Hennessy, A.S. Hersov, K.Howard-Browne, J.D.Rheinallt Jones, R.D.Pilkington Jordan, Bp A.Karney, L. Karovsky, M.Kentridge, K.Kirkwood, H.Le May, A.G.Long, Lord Luke, T.Macdonald, L.Maingard, E.G.Malherbe, A.Mansbridge, L.Marquard, A.P.Minnaar, D.E.Mitchell, J.Moore S.G.Osler, C.J.G.Pearton, R.G.Pillay (Sec.Indian Boy Scouts Association), V.G.Pillay, D.W.Pritchard, H.R.Raikes, H.Ramsbottom, F.Reid, Lt.Col.K.Rood, G.Schmolke, H.S.Scott, O.L. Shearer, H.O.Simon (Sec.Independent Cultural Association), D.L. Smit, I.Stern, M.Steyn, F.Struben, E.Stubbs, H.Suzman, R.H.Swale, I.G.Thomas, S.V. van Breda, A. van Lingen, R.Warmsley, Q.Whyte, F.Brett Young 
  Post-war problems 
  Pirow's neutrality during the war and his plan for Britain and Germany to unite against Russia. 
  1948 election: defeat of the United Party, congratulations to Hofmeyr on retaining his seat and charges in the press that his liberalism lost the election for the party. 
  Question of Hofmeyr forming a new liberal party. 
  Need to reorganise the United Party. 
  Entertainment of the Melbourne Cricket Club. 
  Apartheid and its effect on the economy. 
  Government policy on emigration from Britain. 
  Hofmeyr's speech on Havenga's budget. 
  Formation of Hyde Park Mixed United Party Branch. 
  Political analysis of nationalist doctrine. 
  Lack of educational facilities for Port Elizabeth Indians . 
  Establishment of an Afrikaans daily newspaper. 
  Biographical notes on A.I.Kajee. 
  Includes many invitations to present prizes, address educational institutions and attend United Party meetings. 
2098-2138   Undated 41 items 
  Correspondents: R.J.B.Anderson, A.G.Barlow, T.G.Bedwell, J. Beyers, J.P.Cope, E.du Plessis, A.Vine Hall, A.M.Hamilton, C.Hofmeyr, G.M.Huggins, M.Jacobs, C.Joad, M.Kentridge, E.L. Knowles, F.S.Malan, F.F.Miles, G.H.Nicholls, J.R.Sullivan 
  Congratulations on a speech in parliament. 
  Plea for Hofmeyr to remain in politics. 
  Proposal that Hofmeyr becomes secretary-general of the British Commonwealth and later of U.N.O. 
  Account of progress of the Balliol Boys Club. 
Ab   Diaries 2 items 1947-1948 
Ab1   1947 Aug.22-1948 Nov.26 
  Contains daily entries of activities, comments on books read, accounts of political events, including the election. The last entry on 26 Nov.1948 was written on the night when he had a heart attack from which he died a week later. 
Ab2   1948 
  Brief entries for appointments. Ac  
Ac  Notes 24 items Ms 
Ac1   Account of a meeting at Doornkloof with General Smuts, 3 Mar.1921 2p. 
Ac2   On Hofmeyr's own political ambitions, 2 May 1926 2p. 
Ac3   On a conversation with General Smuts re Hofmeyr standing for Barberton and coming into the cabinet, May 1926 1p. 
Ac4   Account of a comment by Lord Milner to L.Curtis that had Hofmeyr been a European he would have been a diplomat of the stature of Bismarck, 4 Dec.1926 1p. 
Ac5   Note in Afrikaans re Tielman Roos, 14 Dec.1926 2p. 
Ac6   Note of conversation with T.Roos re Hofmeyr replacing Beyers in the cabinet, 14 Feb.1927 2p. 
Ac7   Note of a conversation with L.Amery, re Hofmeyr supporting his election campaign in England, 10 Mar.1927 1p. 
Ac8   Account of Tiolman Roos' attempt to persuade Hofmeyr to make a statement on the Flag Bill; General Kemp's desire for Hofmeyr to declare himself politically, 24 Jun.1927 2p. 
Ac9   Account of attempt by General Hertzog to persuade Smuts to meet him, 6 Sep.1927 1p. 
Ac10   On Hertzog's wish to have Hofmeyr on his side, 6 Nov.1927 1p. 
Ac11   On T.Roos's desire for a united party and difficulty of providing for Smuts who was not acceptable to Transvaal nationalists, 16 Nov.1927 2p. 
Ac12   Account of a meeting with General Hertzog re Hofmeyr's political future; Hertzog offered him High Commissionership in London, with a promise of a cabinet post to follow, 30 Jun.1928 2p. 
Ac13   Account of interview with Smuts re Hofmeyr being reappointed Administrator of the Transvaal or standing for parliament, 2 May 1928 1p. 
Ac14   On Hofmeyr's attitude to the P.M. if he asks him to continue as Administrator, Aug.1926 2p. 
  Account of an interview with Hertzog about the High Commissioner-ship 6 Oct.1928 1p. 
  Note re H.H.Moll and Tielman Roos' attitude to the High Commissionership, 22 Oct.1928 1p. 
  Account of interview with Prime Minister at which Hofmeyr declined High Commissionership and the question of his serving another term as Administrator, 25 Oct.1928 2p. 
  Account of an interview with Prime Minister when Hofmeyr declined another term as Administrator and was asked if he would enter politics and, if so, whether he would remain with the South African Party, 30 Oct.1928 2p. 
  Note on the negotiations between Hofmeyr and Hertzog over past few months, with particular reference to the possibility of Smit becoming Administrator, 1928 2p. 
  Note on the Nationalist Party caucus expressing the wish for Hofmeyr to continue as Administrator, 1928 1p. 
  Description of a 6 week visit to England, with comments on politics and the importance of South Africa to Britain as a market for products, Apr.1929 2p. 
  Memorandum on the coalition movement prepared for General Smuts and published with modifications, 9 Mar.1933 4p. 
  Notes on negotiations leading up to the formation of the coalition government, 1933 12p. 
  Account of the meeting of the cabinet just before the Rebellion when Botha threatened to side with the rebels if Australian and imperial troops were brought in. Undated 1p. 
Ad  Addresses of Welcome 6 items 1924-1933 
  Address of welcome to J.H.Hofmeyr, as Administrator of the Trans­vaal, from the Village Council of Lydenburg, 28 May 1924 1p. Ts. 
  Address from the Zeerust Chamber of Commerce to the Administrator, 4 Jul.1924 1p. Ms. 
  Address from Wolmaranstad to the Administrator, 2 Aug.1924 1p. Ptd. 
  Address from Morgenzon Public School to the Administrator, 9 Oct. 1924 1p. Ts. 
  Address from Holfontein-Rietfontein School to the Administrator, 27 Jul.1925 1p. Ms. 
  Address to Hofmeyr as Minister of Finance and Education from the United South African National Party. Undated [c.1933] 3p.Ts. 
Ae.   Official Appointments to Commissions 2 items 1920-1923 
Ae1   Miners Phthisis Commission. 1920 3p. Ts sealed and signed by J. 
  Rose Innes and N.J.de Wet. 
Ae2   Education Administration Commission, 1923 2p. Ts sealed and 
  signed by the Governor-General, Prince Arthur of Connaught. 
Ba   Education Administration Commission 34 items 1923 
  Correspondents: P.Coleman (Acting Secretary for Education), J.H. Hofmeyr, C.T.Loram (Acting Superintendent of Education), C.F. Schmidt (Director of Education), H.S.Scott (Director of Education). 
  Terms of reference and work of the Commission 
  Question of compulsory education and whether the cost should be met from the Provincial Revenue Fund 
  Includes memoranda presented to the Commission from the Amalgamated Engineering Union, Cape Division Juvenile Affairs Board, Jeppe High School, F.J.Le Roux (Afrikaans High School, Pretoria), Social Democratic Society, South African Federated Chamber of Industries, H. Thompson (Inspector of Schools, Transvaal), Transvaal Chamber of Industries, Witwatersrand Central School Board. 
Bb   Transvaal Rating Commission 83 items 1932-1933 
  Correspondents: J.H.Hofmeyr, Chairman and N.Kruger, Secretary of the Commission. 
  Activities, findings and report of the Commission. 
  Includes Transvaal local authorities rating ordinances 1928 and 1933, report of the Commission 1932, memoranda on the problems of the rating of land and on special assessments. Also memoranda presented to the Commission from Boksburg, Germiston and Johannesburg municipalities, Klippoortje Estates, Municipal Association of the Transvaal, Transvaal Chamber of Mines, Victorial Falls and Transvaal Power Co.Ltd. and Witwatersrand Chamber of Reef Trade. 
Bc  Miners' Phthisis Commission 4 vols 1920 - 1932 
Bc2   Statements, reports and correspondence 1 vol 1921 
  Correspondence with the Secretary of the Commission, inspectors of mines and South African Mine Workers Union, statements submitted by insurance companies, Standing Committee on Dust Sampling and Transvaal Chamber of Mines; reports on individual cases by Miners Phthisis Board; miscelianeous memoranda. 
Bc3   Reports, correspondence and memoranda 1 vol 1921 
  Correspondence with H.Pirow; Interim Report and reservations to it by H.W.Sampson and W.J.O'Brien; memoranda on prevention: previous legislation and proposed amendments; report on vocational training for disabled soldiers by Governor General's Fund; statistics from the Transvaal Chamber of Mines. 
Bc4   Reports, correspondence and statements 1 vol 1930-1932 
  Correspondence with Miners Phthisis Board; reports on proposal to give pensions rather than lump sums to sufferers; correspondence with African and European Investment Co.Ltd., on the method of compensation; statements from the Gold Producers Committee of the Transvaal Chamber of Mines, South African Mine Workers Union and Witwatersrand Miners Phthisis Sufferers Association; evidence to Low Grade Ore Commission 1930; statement by P.M.Anderson in his presidential address 1931; memoranda on prevention measures and 10 years service gratuity scheme. 
Bd   Durban Borough Boundaries Commission 1 vol 1929-1930 
  Minutes of evidence 1929 Dec.10-1930 Oct.22 1053p Ts 
  Also letter to the Town Clerk, 18 Dec.1929, from C.A.B.Peck, Secretary to the Commission, and history of the Borough of Durban. 
  J.H.Hofmeyr was Chairman of the Commission. 
Be   Provincial Finances Commission. 4 vols 1922-1948 
Be1   Minutes of evidence Sections 1-24 1922 Nov.18-1923 Jan.8 
Be2   Minutes of evidence Sections 26-37, 39, 42-45 1923 Jan.11-Feb.9 
Be3   Correspondence, memoranda, statements and reports 1922-1923 
  Correspondents: D.Baxter (Vice-Chairman), F.Clarke, Sir F.de Waal, P.Duncan, E.H.Farrer (Secretary for Finance), J.H.Hofmeyr. L.H. Lewis (Secretary of the Commission), H.S.Scott 
  Includes memoranda and analyses of expenditure on provincial education, hospitals, roads etc; statement to the Commission from the Association of Chambers of Commerce; survey of provincial finance by Sir F.de Waal; reports of the Commission. 
Be4   Reports and memoranda 1935-1948 
  Notes on the basis of subsidy by the Union to the provinces by E.G. Malherbe, 1935; report of the Commission 1935 and memorandum of statement by the Prime Minister; memorandum of the Natal Provincial Executive Committee 1944; memoranda on Union-Provincial relation-ship 1944-1948; correspondence with the United Municipal Executive of South Africa 1947. 
Bf   Native Bills 15 items 1930-1937 
Bf2   Reports and proceedings of the Joint Committees on Natives and Coloured Persons during the period 1930-1934. 
Bf3   Natives Parliamentary Representation Act 1931: Bill to make additional provision for the representation of natives in the senate and to prohibit the registration of natives as parliamentary voters after the commencement of this Act. 
Bf4   Natives Parliamentary Representation Bill: as finally passed by the Commission. 
Bf5   Bill further to amend the law relating to natives in urban areas. 
Bf6  Report of the Commission on Representation of Natives and Coloured Persons in the parliament and provincial councils. 
Bf7   Revised draft of the Native Trust and Land Bill, as finally amended by the Joint Select Committee, 1932, and by the Commission. 
Bf8   Recommendations of Sub-Committee Draft Bill. 
Bf9   Joint Select Committee on Representation of Natives. 
Bf10   Memorandum on the Native Bills as dealt with by the Commission which sat at Pretoria, Nov 1932 
Bf11  Report of Departmental Committee appointed to enquire into and report upon the question of residence of natives in urban areas 1935. 
Bf12   The Native Trust and Land Bill: some constructive criticisms 1936. 
Bf13   Statement of land policy under the Native Trust and Land Act 1936. 
Bf14   Legislation on Asiatic (Coloured Persons) land tenure in the Transvaal 1885-1937. 
Bf15   Report of the Native Affairs Commission 1936: an analysis and criti­cism. Reprinted from The South African Outlook. 1 Dec.1937. 
Bf16   Report of Native Affairs Commission: a reply to the criticism appearing in The South African Outlook by G.Heaton Nicholls. Reprinted 1 Feb.1938. 
Bf17   Report of Native Affairs Commission 1936: notes and comments on Mr Heaton Nicholls' reply to The South African Outlook. Reprinted 1 Feb. 1938. 
Bg   Committee upon an Economic Policy for the Union 18p Ts.  
  Report, signed by W.A.Caldecott,chairman, 1923. 
Bh   Economic and Wages Commission 2 items 1925 
  Statement and evidence to the Commission by Hofmeyr as Administrator of the Transvaal. 
Bj   Hospital Finance 3 items 1926-1927 
  Memoranda from the Administrator and the Provincial Secretary. Bk  
  Commission of Enquiry into the Garment Workers Union 6p Ts 
  Copy of a letter sent to the Minister of Labour, signed A.Scheepers (Pres.) and E.S.Sachs (General Sec.) of the Garment Workers Union, 21 Sep.1948. 
Ca   Election Results 3 files 1936-1948 
Ca1   Provincial Council 20 items 1936 
  Statements of results for the provinces and statistics of results at other elections. 
Ca2   Parliament 4 items 1943 
  Supplementary voters iist, analysis of election figures by the United Party and election results. 
Ca3   Parliament 4 items 1948 
  List of candidates, election forecasts and results and position of the parties at the dissolution of parliament. 
Cb   Parliamentary Procedure 40 items 1935-1946 
  Correspondents: J.H.Hofmeyr, R.Kilpin (Assistant Clerk of House of Assembly), F.S.Malan (President of Senate) and D.H.Visser (Clerk of House of Assembly) 
  Includes memoranda on limitation of speeches and debates; report of the Sub-Committee of the cabinet appointed to consider measures of reform in the procedure, 1935, and government recommendations 1936; memorandum on procedure between the branches of the legislature 1941; memoranda on parliamentary control over delegated legislation 1944-1946; list of enactments under which regulations may be made 1945; notes by Hofmeyr on the acceptance of closure on the main agricultural vote 1948. 
Cc   Parliamentary Notices 16 items 1941-1949 
  Members allowances and general facilities 1941 and 1947; motions for enquiries into the conduct of members not immediately arising out of proceedings in the House 1946; policy motions 1947; 31st report of House of Assembly and Joint Parliamentary Establishment by the Clerk of the House of Assembly 1947; lists of members and bills 1948; time-table for 1948; memoranda on trave1 1948 and summons to parliament 1949. 
Cd   Election Propaganda 51 items 1929-1948 
  Correspondents: D.Cloete (Hofmeyr's private secretary), R.de Villiers, J.H.Hofmeyr, A.M.Keppel-Jones. 
  Includes newsletters and leaflets issued as election propaganda by the United Party, National Party and Springbok Legion. Also press clippings, notes and memoranda criticising Dr Malan's policy. 
Ce   Voters Roll for Johannesburg North 7 items 1935-1946 
Cf  Election Expenses 4 files 1929-1948 
Cf1  1929 Election 16 items 
  Form of declaration as to expenses, receipts and letter to D.Smit, 2 Nov.1929, re gifts to officials and officers of the party. 
Cf2   1938 Election 37 items 
  Form of declaration as to expenses, receipts, petty cash book and used cheques. 
Cf3   1943 Election 32 items 
  Form of declaration as to expenses, receipts, petty cash book and used cheques. 
Cf4   1948 Election 23 items 
  Form of declaration as to expenses, receipts, petty cash book and used cheques. 
Cg  Correspondence and Miscellaneous Papers 
Cg1  Constituency 165 items 1945-1948 
  Correspondents: P.Atroschenkow, R.R.Currie, D.F.B.de Beer, M.Gosling, J.H.Lambert, D.Maynard, A.P.Minnaar, D.G.Mitchell, Parkhurst Residents Association, J.Pryce, Rivonia and District Residents Association, E.Stubbs, C.Vlok, J.E.Vogt and cabinet ministers, magistrates and civil servants. 
  1945-1947 Liquor licences in the Ferndale area 
  1947-1948 Police station, post office and health facilities for Rivonia 
  Telephone installations 
  Amenities for Witkoppen area School building for Parkhurst 
  1947-1948 Squatter settlements in Ferndale and Fontainebleau 
  1948 School hall at Fontainebleau 
  Sale of land to Blacks at Thabayabatho Agricultural Holdings 
  Visa for constituent to visit Russia 
  Inaccuracy of voters lists Market Securities Tax Act 
  Accident in Kruger Park involving death of a giraffe and fine imposed on owner of car 
Cg2   Party Policy 171 items 1928-1948 
  Correspondents: R.Currie, J.A.Davidson, J.A.Dobson, C.Douglas, Durban Joint Wards Committee, H.A.Fagan, R.Foley, G.St.C.Forbes, M.Geffen, J.H.Hofmeyr, A.A.Hope, J.L.Horak, J.D.Rheinallt Jones, H.Lawrence, C.Legum, D.D.Marquard, C.Meeser, E.L.Nicholls, A.A.Oosthuizen, G. Orpen, H.Russell, N.Sinclair, J.C.Smuts, C.F.Stallard, M.Steyn, H. Suzman, S.J.Tighy, R.W.Toms, B.van Zyl, J.E.Vogt, S.J.Wcod 
  1928 Dr Malan's colour policy 
  1930 Principles and regulations of the United People's Party 
  1934 Formation of the United South African National Party 
  Interview of Fremantle with Hofmeyr on the native question  
  1936 Question of a separate party organisation for Non-Europeans 
  1937 Amended constitution of the United South African National Party  
  1938 Organisation of the election 
  1938 Withdrawal of R.W.Toms as candidate, to avoid splitting vote  
  1939 Need to reorganise the United Party 
  1939 Resolution by Party caucus disapproving of Hofmeyr and Blackwell's actions on the Asiatic Bill 
  1941 Agreement between the United and Dominion Parties. Division of feeling over South Africa's participation in the war  
  Objects of the Union Unity Truth Legion and the need to combine against fascism 
  1943 Organisation of the election 
  Election statement by Hofmeyr and reply to Mr de Wet's manifesto 
  Nomination regulations 
  1944 Indian question in Natal 
  Allegation by Senator Conroy that the 'Cape Times' is working to have Havenga appointed leader of the United Party 
  1944 Bilingualism 
  1945 Formation of the Economic Bond, with Dr Karl Bremer, R.E.Bell and the Barlow Family as participants 
  1946 Aliens Bill 
  Marketing Act Amendment Bill 
  1947 Analysis of the Hottentots Holland by-election 
  Withdrawal of Joseph Milne as candidate for Johannesburg North  
  1948 0rganisation of the election 
  1948 Congratulations to Hofmeyr on being re-elected 
  Possible agreement between the United and Labour Parties  
  Native and Coloured policies of the United Party 
  Draft international declaration of human rights 
  Efforts to reorganise the United Party 
  Demand by the African General Workers Union (Kimberley) to end the apartheid government 
  Formation of the Hyde Park Mixed Branch 
  Offer of the South African Institute of Race Relations to liaise with the government 
  Includes copy of Franchise Act 46 of 1946, memorandum on election organisation for candidates, notebooks with details of transport, postal votes etc., note on the progress of confederation for Southern Africa and agenda and resolutions of the Union Congress, Nov.1948. 
Da   Broederbond 23 items 1935, 1943-1948 
  Correspondents: C.Douglas, M.S.du Buson, Federasie van Afrikaanse Kultuurvereniging, G.Henning, J.H.Hofmeyr, T.J.Hugo, J.D.Joubert, E.G.Malherbe, A.A.Oosthuizen, C.J.van Dyk 
  1935 Object of the Broederbond to govern the country 
  1943 Meeting of the Broederbond in Bloemfontein attended by many school teachers and inspectors 
  1944 Subversive influences in training colleges and schools  
  Nation-wide collection of funds to encourage Afrikanerdom Increasing influence of the Broederbond 
  Report on the Nasionale Instituut vir Onderwys en Opvoeding 
  1948 United Party's intention to raise the issue in parliament of Broederbond control 
  Includes 'The Afrikaner Broederbond' (26p.1944), 'Who governs South Africa?: the people versus the Broederbond' (21p.1948), 'N. Suid-Afrikaanse oktopus' (13p.Undated). Also an organisational chart of the Broederbond. 
Db  1927-1930 22 items Subjects: 
Dbl  Representation of Blacks in Parliament 
  Native and Coloured franchise, including memoranda submitted to the Joint Select Committee by H.E.S.Fremantle, F.S.Malan, H.Nicholls, A.B.Payn, C.F.Stallard and G.van Zyl. 
  Includes Union Native Council Bill 1927, Coloured Persons' Rights Bill 1930 and notes by J.H.Hofmeyr. 
Db2   1934-1937 17 items  
  1934 Statistics of voters registered 1923-1933 and of constituencies with more than 250 native voters  
  1936 Comments on the Native Bills 
  Includes Report and Proceedings of Joint Committee on Representation of Natives and Coloureds in parliament 1935 and of Select joint Committee on Native Laws 1937. Also protest against Bills by the Methodist Church. 
Db3   1945-1948 32 items 
  Correspondents: R.Byrne, J.H.Hofmeyr, J.D.R.Jones. Z.K.Matthews, D.G.Shepstone. 
  1945 Differentiation between Natives and Coloureds in the Cape Province 
  1946 Dispute between the Natives Representative Council and the government over policy of segregation, including statements by the Council, Z.K.Matthews, J.D.Rheinallt Jones and J.H. Hofmeyr on behalf of the Prime Minister, J.C.Smuts 
  1946 Representation of Non-Europeans on Johannesburg City Council  
  1947 Dangerous racial situation 
  1948 Reaction to immigration from Europe 
  1948 Confusion after the election on political standpoints and need to clarify the issues. 
Dc  South African Institute of Race Relations 34 items 1935-1948 
  Correspondents: J.H.Hofmeyr, J.D.Rheinallt Jones, D.B.Molteno, F.C. Sturrock, Q.Whyte 
  1935 Analysis of the Native Bills 
  1939 Farm labour in the Orange Free State 
  1941 Race relations 
  1946 Proposed incorporation of S.W.Africa in the Union 
  1946 Proposal by Rheinallt Jones that the Institute should help the Prime Minister with regard to race relations 
  1947 Literacy for Africans 
  1947 Natives Representative Council 
  1948 Request that the Leech bequest for the South African Betterment Fund be exempt from death duties 
  1948 Operation of Apprenticeship Act 
  1948 Apartheid 
  Includes memoranda issued by the Institute 1946-1948 and an address by J.D.Rheinallt Jones on the international aspect of race relations, 1946. 
Dd  Education 11 items 1936-1948  
  1936 The Inter-Departmental Committee on Native Education 
  1948 Expenditure on Black education 
  1948 Report of the Second General Conference of UNESCO by the Secretary for Union Education 
  1948 Vocational education 
  NUSAS' complaint about the introduction of apartheid to Universities 
  Page-proofs of P.C.Schoonees' 'Die Afrikaanse woordeboek' BAAL­BAIR 
  National Commission for UNESCO in the Union 
De  Voortrekker Centenary and Monument 44 items 1935-1947 
  Correspondents: C.F.Clarkson (Minister of the Interior), J.H.Hofmeyr, J.S.Hurter (Minister of the Interior), E.G.Jansen (Land and Agricultural Bank), J.D.Rheinallt Jones, Q.Whyte. 
  1935 Decision to erect a monument to commemorate the Voortrekkers 
  1942 Ownership of the Monument: the Central National Monuments Committee or the government 
  1943 Expenditure on the monument 
  1944 Transfer of the land on which the monument stands 
  1945 Frieze for monument showing murder of Boers by Zulus likely to offend 
  1946 Question of the Board of Control. 
Df   Denk Case 7 items 1940-1946  
  Correspondents: J.H.Hofmeyr, P.O.Sauer  
  The approach made by Hans and Karlow Denk, on behalf of Germany, to nationalist politicians in South Africa in 1940, offering to recognise an enlarged South Africa (to include Rhodesia and the Protectorates) in return for South Africa's neutrality in the war and return of Germany's colonies. 
  Includes copies of documents from the German Foreign 0ffice, 1940, and a legal opinion by H.M.Block and L.de V.van Winsen, 17 June 1946, on the culpability of Dr Malan for not reporting this approach to the authorities. 
Dg   Indian Affairs 207 items 1934-1948 
  Correspondents: Sir S.Raza Ali, F.N.Broome, L.C.Caney, C.F.Clarkson, Durban Joint Words Committee, W.L.Eales (Sec.for Labour), Bp C. Ferguson-Davie, I.I.Hazaree, J.H.Hofmeyr, Indian Freedom League, A.Ismail, J.D.Rheinallt Jones, A.I.Kajee, H.Lawrence, A.H.Moosa, S.R.Naidoo, S.M.Nana, Natal Indian Congress, C.H.Neame (Sec.for Justice), J.Nehru, P.R.Pather, O.Pirow, J.H.Smit, J.C.Smuts, South African Indian Congress, C.Stallard, A.M.Stern, R.Stuttaford, Trans­vaal Cape Malay Association, Transvaal Indian Congress, J.Vlok, I. Walker, M.Webb. 
  1934 Employment of white girls in Asiatic shops in Springs 
  1936 Proposal that the government forbid the employment of Europeans by Asiatics 
  1937 Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Bill 
  Reaction to the Asiatic Bills (Transvaal Asiatic Land Tenure Bill and Provincial Legislative Powers Extension Bill) 
  1938 Criticisms of the Transvaal Land Tenure Commission Report  
  1939-1941 Question of the government implementing the Feetham Commission resolution that certain Transvaal Indians be permitted to own land in otherwise prohibited areas 
  1941-1943 Reaction to the proposal to extend the Asiatic Transvaal Land and Trading Act 
  1942 The problem of segregating Indians 
  1943 Complaint about Colonel Stallard's attitude to the Indian question 
  1944 Application of the Pegging Act in Natal and request for its repeal 
  Need for improved civic amenities for Durban's Indians 
  1944 0bjections to the Draft Residential Property Regulations Ordinance and question of whether the ordinance is intra vires the powers of the Provincial Council 
  1944 Government of India's statement that they will not be bound by any agreement between Natal Indian Congress and the Union government 
  1944 Statement by Natal Indian Congress on the Natal Housing Draft 0rdinance 
  1944 Deputation from Natal Indian Congress to the Prime Minister 
  1945 Demand by Indians for repeal of repressive legislation, right to purchase property and to have the franchise 
  1946 Resolution by the United Nations General Assembly on the treat­ment of Indians in South Africa 
  1946Report of the deputation to the Prime Minister, 11 Feb.1946 
  1946 Reaction to the Asiatic Land Tenure and Indian Representation Bill 
  1947 Establishment of an Indian Advisory Board 
  1947Boycott of Indian shops in the Transvaal 
  1947 Natal Indian Provincial Conference: resolutions 
  1947 Need to improve Indian-European relations 
  1948 Round table conference on the Indian question 
  Includes notes by Hofmeyr on mixed marriages and on the employment of Europeans by Non-Europeans 1937 and draft letters to Pirow on Asiatic penetration and to the Indian Agent-General on the proposed commission 1937; account of a meeting between Hofmeyr and Smuts on Indian penetration 1937; memorandum by the Transvaal Indian Congress on the Transvaal Land and Trading Act, 1943, (45p.); memorandum by L.Black­well on the Transvaal Land Tenure Amendment Act 1936 (34p.); memorandum by Colin Legum 'Background to the Indian boycott movement' (5p.); resolutions and presidential address of South African Indian Congress 1946; draft letter from Hofmeyr to Smuts on the Asiatic Bill 1946; broadcast by G.Heaton Nicholls, 1947 (op.); talk to Maritzburg Rotary by A.I.Kajee, 1947 (6p.). 
Dh   Anti-Semitism and Immigration 44 items 1934-1939 
  Correspondents: H.J.Bodenstein, A.Broeksma, J.H.Hofmeyr, P.F.Kincaid, J.C.Smuts 
  1934 Proposal to end anti-Jewish feeling and boycott by legis­lation and through the public service 
  1936 Importance of the universities not subscribing to anti-Semitism 
  1936-1937 Statistics of the country of origin of immigrants  
  Appeal by General Smuts for an end to anti-Semitism  
  Anti-Jewish feeling in. South Africa 
  Problems of refugees from Europe and need to control immigration 
  1936-1937 Jewish interest in and contribution to education  
  1937-1938 Operation of the Aliens Act 
  1937 Dangers of fascism in South Africa 
  1938 Religious and racial persecution 
  1939 Proposed restriction on aliens in the exercise of trades, professions etc. 
  1939 Criticism of Eric Louw's Aliens (Amendment) and Immigration Act 
  Benefits gained in Britain from the skills of immigrants Question of "assimability" of Jews 
  Denial by Jews that South Africa is being flooded with Jewish immigrants 
  Includes memorandum on European immigration to South Africa, signed by E.H.Louw, H.D.van Broekhuuzen, A.Heymans, C.T.te Water and S.F. Cie, 1936 (19p); notes on the Jewish question by J.H.Hofmeyr and an article by him 'The position of Jewry today' published in Common Sense, Sep.1939. 
Dj   South West Africa 15 items 1946-1947  
  1946 United Nations criticism of South Africa's rule in South West Africa 
  1946 Agreement between United National South West Party and the National Party of South West Africa re the constitutional future of the territory 
  Exchange of telegrams between Hofmeyr, Smuts and the South African legations in Paris, New York and Washington re the presentation of South Africa's case before U.N.O. 
  1946 America's views on the subject of the mandate 
  1947 Report of cabinet sub-committee on Germans recommended for deportation 
  1947 German activities in South West Africa: a memorandum by E.Emmett (177p.) 
Dk   Gold Standard 70 items 1931-1933 
  Correspondents: C.W.Connell, C.W.A.Coulter, R.Currie, J.S.Dunn, G. Foster, J.H.Hofmeyr, A.A.Hope. W.H.Hutt, E.Knight, W.M.Martin, C. Meeser, R.S.Mennie, J.A.Neser, L.S. Raymond, W.Southey, A.van Eyssen, J.Weil, S.Williams 
  1931 Trend of commodity gold prices 
  1931Evidence of Low Grade Ore Commission 
  1931Gold in relation to industrial prosperity 
  Price stabilising policy of the British government 
  Theory that European and American depression due to loss of Eastern trade markets 
  1931 Need for an index of real values 
  1932 Question of South Africa remaining on the gold standard " Possibility of Hofmeyr resigning over the gold issue 
  1932Problem of remedying capital shortage 
  1932 Desperate plight of farming community 
  1933 Question of the mining industry being allowed to retain gold premium, which resulted from South Africa leaving the gold standard 
  The gold premium and mining taxation 
  Reaction to the Gold Mines Excess Profits Duty Bill 
  Necessity to lower mine taxation to allow for capital development 
  Includes Report of the proceedings at a general meeting of the Transvaal Chamber of Mines on the gold standard, 1931 (13p.) and statement by the Gold Producers Committee,1932 (24p.) 
Dl  Finance 
Dl1  Finance: General 75 items 1944-1948 
  Correspondents: C.Attlee, Sir E.Baring, M.H.de Kock, J.H.Hofmeyr, J.Holloway, H.Nicholls, J.C.Smuts 
  1944 Cost of living and general financial position 
  1945 Relaxation of exchange control 
  1947 Estimates of revenue  
  1948-1949 Gold loan grant from South Africa to United Kingdom 
  1948 Methods of improving social pensions 
  1948 Tax deductions and income tax 
  1948 Effect of election results on the share market 
  1948 Stock Exchange Control Ordinance 
  1948 Question of how many Witwatersrand gold mines were liable for income tax on formula based on tax year 1947 and how many were not 
  1948 Expenditure of South African Railways, 1 Apr-31 May and 1 Apr-31 Aug.1948 
  1948 Industry versus the gold mines in dollar allocation 
  1948 Possibility of an American loan 
  1948 Over-production in the South African clothing industry  
  1948 Conversion of Union 3/4 % stock 
  1948 Estimates of expenditure 1948-1949 
  1948 Financial agreement between the Union and the United Kingdom 
  1948 Import restrictions imposed by British colonial governments on Union products 
  1948 Union's gold and exchange position 
  Includes address by the governor of the South African Reserve Bank, Dr M.H.de Kock, 29 July 1948 
Dl2  Revenue Receipts 235 items 1930-1948 
  Statements of revenue and loan recoveries 1930-1948, revised estimates and transfer duty, often annotated. 
Dl3  South African Reserve Bank 41 items 1948 Mar-Nov.  
  Assets and liabilities. 
Dl4  Mining Statistics 17 items 1940-1946 
  1940 Average monthly working costs and yield per ton of Transvaal gold mines 
  Sales of diamonds 
  1946 Statistics of the world's gold production 
  1946-1948 Proceedings of meetings of the Transvaal Chamber of Mines 
  Statistics of the Witwatersrand gold mines 1936-1946 
  1948 Summary of the report of the Social and Economic Planning Council entitled 'Economic aspects of the gold mining industry' " Memorandum on a meeting with Sir John Anderson re uranium. 
Dm   Status Act 38 items 1934-1938 
  Correspondents: J.B.M.Hertzog, J.H.Hofmeyr, A.Wenning Subjects: 
  1934 Discussions leading up to the Bill for the Declaration of the Status of the Union 
  1934 Questions of dominion status, right of secession and neutrality in war 
  1934 Question of South Africa's co-operation with the empire if war breaks out 
  1934 Revision of the letters patent constituting the office of Governor-General dated 29.12.1909 and the royal instructions to the Governor-General of the same date 
  1934 Use of the royal seal 
  1934 Amended versions of the Status Bill 
  1935 Union's undertaking to keep Simonstown as a naval base in a state of defence 
  1935 Mr Pirow's warning that if South Africa participated in a European war, it would provoke civil war 
  1935 Question of South Africa's sovereignty 
  1935 Autonomy of the dominions 
  1938 South African government's attitude to neutrality 
  Includes an article by G.Murray in The Star, 29 Aug.1934, 'A Natal incident of 1881' on the relationship between Natal and the Boers and a speech by J.H.Hofmeyr, 12 Feb.1935 'The middle of the road' commenting on South Africa and the Commonwealth. 
Dn   Nationality 27 items 1934-1938  
  Correspondents: W.Gemmill, J.H.Hofmeyr 
  1934-1936 British nationality within the Union, based on the conclusions of the Imperial Conference 1930 
  1934 Distinction between British subject and South African national 
  Effect of the Status Act on nationality 
  Question of British nationals being deprived of their status 
  1938 Memorandum on British nationality within the Union prepared for the 1937 Imperial Conference. 
Do   Dissolution Controversy 4 items 1940 
  Correspondents: P.Duncan, J.H.Hofmeyr, J.D.Rheinallt Jones, J.Lewin  
  Question of the Governor-General's right to refuse to dissolve parliament. 
Dp   National Anthem 9 items 1938 
  Question of 'Die Stem' superseding 'God save the King'. 
  Includes press clippings on the subject and a press statement by the Prime Minister. 
Dq   Liberalism 16 items 1938-1939 
  Correspondents: J.J.Geldenhuys, J.H.Hofmeyr, C.S.Richards, O.Williams  
  1938 Support for Hofmeyr's liberal ideas 
  Projected luncheon in Durban of democrats 
  Resignation of D.E.McCausland as editor of The Cape Argus  
  1939 Meeting at the Carlton Hote1 to form a new democratic league 
  Constitution of The Democratic League of South Africa 
  Undated Statement of aims of The Libertas League of Action 
  Undated Thanks from Hofmeyr to Natal Mercury for its support for his liberalise 
  Constitution of the Society for the Protection of Civil Liberties 
  Constitution of Die Unie Eenheid Waarheidsleer 
  Constitution of The South African Group for Good Government 
Ea   Speeches by Hofmeyr in English: General (Arranged chronologically) 
Ea1-141   1910-1948 
Ea1  Presidential address to Debating Society at South African College, c.1910 8p. Ms. 
Ea2   Presidential address to Debating Society at South African College, c.1911 6p. Ms 
Ea3   Presidential address to Debating Society at South African College, 1912 5p. Ts. 
Ea4   Kruger, Rhodes and 'Onze Jan' Hofmeyr,c.1917 16p. Ts. 
Ea5   The geographical basis of ancient history, 1918 14p. Ptd.  
  From the Geographical Magazine, v.2 No.1, 1918. 
Ea6   University education and the community: a paper read before the 
  Transvaal Municipal Association, 6 Oct.1919. 18p. Ms. 
Ea7   Address in memory of General Botha, 1919 6p. Ms. In English and Afrikaans. 
Ea8  The ancient city: paper read to the Transvaal Municipal Association at its 18th annual meeting held at Middelburg, 1921 6p. Ptd.  
  From The Municipal Magazine, v5, Nos.2 & 3, Oct and Nov.1921. 
Ea9   Toast of 'The Union of South Africa' at the annual dinner of the Chemical, Metallurgical and Mining Society of South Africa, 1923 4p. Ptd. 
Ea10  Address as Principal of the University of the Witwatersrand at its first graduation ceremony, 1923 5p. Ms. 
Ea11  Address to students of the University of the Witwatersrand, 1923 9p. Ms. 
Ea12   Address on the appointment of a Scotsman and not a Dutch-speaking educationist, as Director of Education, 28 Nov.1924 2p. Ts. 
Ea13   Principal's address at the University of the Witwatersrand's graduation ceremony. 1924 7p. Ms. 
Ea14  The University and the community: address before the congregation of the University of South Africa, Pretoria, 11 Apr.1925 4p. Ptd. From The South African Quarterly, v.7, Nos 3-4, Jul.1925-Feb.1926. 
Ea15   Address to the General Missionary Conference, Johannesburg. 3 Jul.1926 Sp. Ts. 
Ea16   Speech delivered at the opening of the Flower Show of the Eastern Districts Horticultural Society, Pretoria. 14 Oct.1925 2p. Ts. 
Ea17   Opening speech given by the Administrator on Armistice Day, 11 Nov. 1925 7p. Ts. 
Ea18   Armistice Day address delivered in Cape Town, 11 Nov.1925 17p. Ms and Ta. 
  Note by Alan Paton: the date is wrong. Probably delivered between 1926 and 1928. 
Ea19   Address to the University of the Witwatersrand, 1925 9p. Ts. 
Ea20   On the visit of the Prince of Wales to the Transvaal, 1925 4p. Ms. 
Ea21   Address to the Rotary Club, 13 Feb.1926 1p. Ms. 
Ea22   Speech concerning the rejection by the Provincial Council of the 'Language Ordinance' to stop parents' false declarations as to home language, 29 Mar.1926 3p. Ts. 
Ea23   Civil service in ancient times: the story of its evolution, Apr.1926 Sp. Ptd. 
  From the Pretoria News. 
Ea24   The Provincial Council system, 22 Jun.1925 5p. Ts. 
Ea25   Speech delivered at the Mayoral Banquet in honour of the 40th anniversary of Johannesburg's foundation, 22 Sep.1926 5p. Ts. 
Ea26  Address at the unveiling of the cenotaph, Johannesburg, 10 Oct.1926 4p. Ts. 
  Attached is the Earl of Athlone's speech 4p. Ts. 
Ea27   Address on post-war problems of economy and nationalism, 21 Dec.1926 2p. Ts. 
Ea28   Address as Vice-Chancellor at the graduation ceremony, University of the Witwatersrand, 1926 10p. Ts. 
Ea29   Religion in the community: speech delivered at a meeting to inaugurate the Johannesburg Cathedral Fund, 6 Jan.1927 3p. Ms. 
Ea30   South Africa and the new status: portion of speech delivered at 'Burns nicht' banquet, Germiston Caledonian Society, 22 Jan.1927 2p. Ms. 
Ea31   Nationalism and internationalism: address to the Pretoria Rotary Club, 
  24 Feb.1927 5p. Ts. 
Ea32   Address as Vice-Chancellor to the University of the Witwatersrand, 
  25 Mar.1927 7p. Ts. 
Ea33   Address to the High School Teachers Association, 14 Apr.1927 7p. Ts. 
Ea34   Speech as administrator at Louis Trichardt, on the movement for the abolition of provincial councils, 29 Aug.1927 2p. Ts. 
Ea35   Speech at a girl guide rally, 4 Sep.1927 3p. Ms. 
Ea36   Speech in honour of Mr and Mrs Amery at the Pretoria Club, 9 Sep.1927 6p. Ts + Amery's reply (10p.) 
Ea37   Some aspects of Roman imperialism, 16 Oct.1927 16p. Ts. 
Ea38   The flag crisis: speech delivered at the dinner of Rand Association, 22 Oct.1927 4p. Ts. 
Ea39   South Africa, commerce and the empire: speech at a banquet in honour of overseas delegates to the Congress of Federated Chambers of the British Empire, Pretoria, 24 Oct.1927 4p. Ts. 
Ea40   Speech on the need to resolve national differences, 29 Oct.1927 3p. Ts. 
Ea41   Speech replying to the toast of 'South Africa', 19 Nov.1927 5p. Ts. 
Ea42   South Africa and Scotland: portion of speech at 'St.Andrew's Night' banquet, Pretoria, 30 Nov.1927 3p. Ms. 
Ea43   Youth's message to South Africa: speech at banquet of South African Institute of Electrical Engineers, 14 Dec.1927 1p. Ts. 
Ea44   Speech at the opening of the Broadcasting Station in Johannesburg, 1927 1p. Ts. 
Ea45   The classics in South Africa: presidential address to the Classical Association of South Africa, 3 Jan.1928 14p. Ms. 
Ea46   Manufacturing industry, mining and agriculture: portion of speech at the opening of the Industrial Exhibition of the Transvaal Chamber of Industries, Johannesburg, 21 Feb.1928 2p. Ms. 
Ea47   South Africa and Wales: speech delivered at a banquet of Pretoria Cambrian Society, 1 Mar.1928 4p. Ms. 
Ea48   Address to school boys on sportsmanship, 1 Aug.1928 6p. Ts. 
Ea49   The mining industry: portion of speech at banquet of Chemical, Metal­lurgical and Mining Society, 25 Aug.1928 2p. Ms. 
Ea50   Speech on the conferring of city status on Johannesburg, 5 Sep.1928 4p. Ts. In English and Afrikaans. 
Ea51   Address on the Afrikaner and on common citizenship, 29 Oct.1928 2p. Ts. 
Ea52   An address to boys delivered at the King Edward VII School, Johannes-burg, 23 Nov.1928 5p. Ts. 
Ea53   Address to the University of Cape Town, 15 Dec.1928 10p. Ts. 
Ea54   Address as Vice-Chancellor to the University of the Witwatersrand, 1928 5p. Ts. 
Ea55   Speech about his political future, 1928 1p. Ts. 
Ea56   South Africa, the missionaries and native policy: portion of speech at laying of foundation stone of the Burnet Memorial Church, Kilnerton 16 Jan.1929 2p. Ms. 
Ea57   Five crowded years: speech delivered at farewell banquet, Pretoria, 16 Jan.1929 2p. Ts. 
Ea58   Speech at civic function saying farewell to Hofmeyr as administrator, 24 Jan.1929 3p. Ts. 
Ea59   Pretoria and Johannesburg, 28 Jan.1929 4p. Ts. 
Ea60   Speech at annual dinner of S.R.C., University of the Witwatersrand, Jan.1929 2p. Ts. 
Ea61   Farewell civic address as administrator, Jan.1929 3p. Ts. 
Ea62   Address to the British Empire League, June 1929 1p. Ptd. 
Ea63   Address in the City Hall, at the celebration of the centenary of the 
  foundation of the South African College, 2 Oct.1929 10p. Ptd. 
Ea64   Settling our differences: Mr Hofmeyr appeals for racial co-operation, 4 Dec.1929. 2p. Ptd. 
  From the Somerset Budget en Pearston Advokaat. 
Ea65   Vice-Chancellor's address to the University of the Witwatersrand, 1929 7p. Ts. 
Ea66   The elections in South Africa, 1929 10p. Ts. 
Ea67   Our relation to the African continent, 1929 Bp. Ts. 
Ea68   The open horizon: speeches and addresses delivered by J.H.Hofmeyr, Administrator of the Transvaal 1924-1929 72p. Ptd. 
Ea69   Gambling and national life: an address delivered in the Selborne Hall, Johannesburg, 13 Jan.1930 4p. Ptd. 
Ea70   Our country and its universities, Mar.1930 4o. Ts. Much on anti-Semitism. 
Ea71   Universities in South Africa, 1930 11p. Ts. 
Ea72   Toast of 'The Society' at the annual dinner of the Chemical, Metallurgical and Mining Society of South Africa, 15 Oct.1932 3p. Ptd. 
Ea73   The poor white question, 1932 3p. Ts. 
Ea74   The approach to the native problem: lecture to Benoni Workers Educa­tional Association, 1932 20p. Ts and 22p. Ms. 
Ea75   Toast to 'The Society' at the annual dinner of the Chemical, Metallurgical and Mining Society of South Africa, 16 Jun.1934 5p. Ptd. 
Ea76   Address at the armistice service, 11 Nov.1934 4p. Ts. 
  Attached is a letter from Lord Clarendon, congratulating Hofmeyr on his address 
Ea77   The middle of the road: speech at Sea Point to the United South African National Party 12 Feb.1935 8p. Ptd. 
Ea78   Speech at the Cape Town Baptist Church, 28 Apr.1935 1p. Ts. 
Ea79   Speech on the 25th anniversary of Union, 31 May 1935 3p. Ts. From the Cape Times. 
Ea80   Speech on the 25th anniversary of Union, 31 May 1935 2p. Ts. From the Cape Argus. 
Ea81   Minister's speech at Aliwal North on the work of the Divisional Councils, 10 Sep.1935 7p. Ts. 
Ea82   The English contribution to our national heritage, 25 Nov.1935 23p. Ts. 
Ea83   Address at the opening of Pan-African Health Conference, 26 Nov.1935 13p. Ts. 
Ea84   Address on 'Onze Jan', Cape Town, 1935 7p. Ts. 
Ea85   Toast to 'The Society' at the annual dinner of the Chemical, Metallurgical and Mining Society of South Africa, 27 Jun.1936 3p. Ptd. 
Ea86   Address to Rhodes University College, 10 Aug.1936 11p. Ts. 
Ea87   The approach to the native problem: address to the Bantu Studies Society, University of the Witwatersrand, 13 Aug.1936 12p. Ptd. 
Ea88   Address on the abdication of Edward VIII, 1936 6p. Ts. 
Ea89   Address at Fort Hare graduation ceremony, 24 Mar.1937 19p. Ptd. 
Ea90   Coronation address. Apr.1937 12p. Ts. 
Ea91   Israel's gift to humanity: address at Keren Hayesod Banquet of Rand Jewry. June 1937 2p. Ptd. 
  From the Zionist Record. 
Ea92   Toast to 'The Society' at the annual dinner of the Chemical, Metallurgical and Mining Society of South Africa, June 1937 5p. Ptd. 
Ea93   Speech at Toc H gathering, Johannesburg, 13 Aug.1937 3p. Ts. 
Ea94   Some facts about the Society of Jews and Christians, 19 Nov.1937 11p. Ptd. 
Ea95   Address at the jubilee of the Johannesburg High School for Girls 7p. Ts. 
Ea95   The research position in the Union of South Africa: address delivered at the inaugural meeting of the National Research Council, 25 Jul. 1938 6p. Ptd. 
Ea97   Address on education and research activities, 1938 7p. Ts. 
Ea98   Address at the Huguenot University College. 1938 17p. Ts. 
Ea99   Address by J.H.Hofmeyr on the occasion of his installation as Chancellor of the University of the Witwatersrand, 11 Mar.1939 13p. Ptd. 
Ea100   Toast to 'The Society' at the annual dinner of the Chemical, Metallurgical and Mining Society of South Africa, 30 Jun.1939 3p. Ptd. 
Ea101   Summary of main conclusions at a science symposium, 5 Jul.1939 6p. Ptd. 
Ea102   The position of Jewry today: address to the Pretoria Jewish Guild. 23 Aug.1939 4p. Ptd. 
Ea103   Address to a Caledonian Society on freedom. 30 Nov.1939 6p. Ts. 
Ea104   Easter address at Y.M.C.A. service in the Metropolitan Church, Cape Town. Apr.1940 5p. Ptd. 
  From Manhood, No.592. 
Ea105   Address on national unity, 12 Jun.1940 lip. Ts and 12p. Ptd. 
Ea106   Address on the centenary of Lovedale Missionary Institution, 5 Jul. 1940 3p. Ts. 
Ea107  Calling all school children: J.H.Hofmeyr as Minister of Finance. Oct.1940 2p. Ptd. 
  From Die Jong Springbok. 
Ea108   Address at Citizens Service, Kimberley. on the first Sunday after armistice day, 17 Nov.1940 14p. Ts. 
Ea109   Armistice day service, Nov.1940 13p. Ts. In English and Afrikaans. 
Ea110   Address at the Garden of Remembrance, Brakpan, 20 Jul.1941 11p. Ts. 
Ea111   Address to Pretoria Rotary Club on post-war reconstruction, 18 Sep. 1941 14p. Ta. 
Ea112   Chancellor's address to the University of the Witwatersrand, 1941 21p. Ts. 
Ea113   Address at the Garrison Church, 7 Jun.1942 2p. Ta. 
Ea114   Address to the 7th session of the Natives Representative Council, 1942 12p. Ts. 
Ea115   Address on fiscal problems, 1942 12p. Ts. 
Ea116   Graduation address, University of the Witwatersrand, Mar.1943 13p. Ta. 
Ea117   Address on Russia, 6 Nov.1943 5p. is. 
Ea118   Speech on the food situation, 17 Nov.1943 2p. Ts. 
Ea119   Speech on the war, Viljoenskroon, 5 Aug.1944 5p. Ts. 
Ea120   Address on National Sunday School Day, 27 Aug.1944 4p. Ts. 
Ea121   War-time Speech, Newcastle, 2 Sep.1944 Sp. Ts. 
Ea122   Address to the Greek community, 7 Nov.1944 2p. is. 
Ea123   Address to the Students Christian Association of the South African Co11ege, 11 Dec.1944 2p. is. 
Ea124   Address on the war and post-war problems. Dec.1944 9p. is. 
Ea125   War-time address on the Battle of Tobruk, 1944 11p. Ts. 
Ea126   Address to citizens of Cape Town on the war. Feb.1945 11p. Ts. 
Ea127   Victory address, 10 Apr.1945 2p. Ts. 
Ea128   Address to Royal Empire Society on South Africa's contribution to the war, 24 Oct.1945 3p. Ts. 
Ea129   South Africa today: address to the members of the Empire Parlia­mentary Association, 30 Oct.1945 32p. Ptd. 
Ea130   Christian principles and race problems: the first Hoernlé Memorial Lecture, 1945 45p. Ts. 
Ea131   Address in remembrance of the Battle of Delville Wood, 1945 8p. Ts. In English and Afrikaans. 
Ea132   Chancellor's address at the summer graduation, University of the Witwatersrand, 16 Mar.1946 12p. Ptd. 
Ea133   Address on the work of the Order of St John in South Africa, 18 Sep. 1946 5p. Ts. 
Ea134   Address to the Boys Brigade, 19 Oct.1946 2p. Ts. 
Ea135   Address to the congress of the Association of Chambers of Commerce, 1946 20p. Ts. 
Ea136   Address on unity to children, 12 Jun.1947 2p. Ts. 
Ea137   Address to Toc H, Johannesburg, 4 Oct.1947 6p. Ts. 
Ea138   In memoriam address on Sir George Knowles, Australian High Commis­sioner to South Africa, 28 Nov.1947 5p. Ts. 
Ea139   Address on General Smuts' attempt at U.N.O. to settle the 'South West African question, 1947 10p. Ts. 
Ea140   Address on race relations and the world's reaction to the South African situation, 1947 4p. Ts. 
Ea141   Address on St Dunstan's, 1948 2p. Ms. 
  Attached is a broadcast talk by Sir Charles Rey and brochures. 
Ea142-221   Undated 
Ea142   Debating society address at South African College 5p. Ms. 
Ea143   Debating society address at South African College 16p. Ms. 
Ea144   Debating society address at South African College 3p. Ms. 
Ea145   Address to debating society, South African College 16p. Ms. 
Ea146   Address to debating society: influences of author and orator 2p. Ms. 
Ea147   Address to debating society 6p. Ms. 
Ea148   Address to debating society 10p. Ms. 
Ea149   Address to debating society 17p. Ms. 
Ea150   Address to debating society: Cicero 15p. Ms. 
Ea151   Address to debating society 16p. Ms. 
Ea152   Address on Greek comedy 14p. Ms. 
  Speech at the Week of Prayer and World Fellowship of World's Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A. 5p. Ts. 
Ea154   Armistice day address 4p. Ts. 
Ea155   Armistice day address 7p. Ts. 
Ea156  Armistice day address 5p. Ts. 
Ea157   Armistice day address to school 8p. Ts. 
Ea158   Address to the Sons of England on nationalism and loyalty 2p. Ts. 
Ea159   Address to a South African Party meeting in Natal on politics 10p. Ts. 
Ea160   British and Dutch in South Africa 17p. Ts. 
Ea161   British and Dutch in South Africa 13p. Ts. 
Ea162   Address on the National Monuments Commission 6p. Ts. 
Ea163   Address on the threat of war and the government's problems 2p. Ts. 
Ea164   Address on bilingualism to the Imperial Press Conference 17p. Ts. 
Ea165   Address at the government banquet to the Imperial Press Conference 17p. Ts. 
Ea166   Address on the Bantu Welfare Trust and native policy 10p. Ts. 
Ea167   Address on post-war taxation 5p. Ts. 
Ea168   Address welcoming African colleague-states to a conference 9p. Ts. 
Ea169   Addresses to a symposium on the conservation of human resources 15, 3p. Ts. 
Ea170   Address to the Johannesburg High School for Girls 4p. Ptd. 
Ea171   Address to businessmen on economic policy 8p. Ts.  
  Attached is a report of the meeting for the press 2p. Ts. 
Ea172   Address for Union Day 2p. Ts. 
Ea173   Address for Union Day 1p. Ts. 
Ea174   Qur debt to Greece 9p. Ts. 
Ea175   Address at the opening of Voortrekkerhoogte Church, given during the 2nd world war 5p. Ts. 
Ea176   Wartime address on France's national day 3p. Ts. 
Ea177   Address on post-war reconstruction 3p. Ts. 
Ea178   Address on post-war reconstruction 13p. Ts. 
Ea179   Address for Christmas 8p. Ts. 
Ea180   Address for Christmas 9p. Ts. 
Ea181   Statement on the inadequacy of employment open to European juveniles. 6p. Ts. 
Ea182   The romance of Aegean archaeology 30p. Ts. r 2p. Ms. 
Ea183   The classics in South Africa 15p. Ts. 
Ea184   The achievement of Roman imperialism 14p. Ts. 
Ea185   Art in ancient and modern civilization 2p. Ts. 
Ea186   Vergil 9p. Ts. 
Ea187   The evolution of the civil service in classical times 29p. Ts. 
Ea188   The evolution of the civil service in classical times 27p. Ms & Ts 
Ea189   Augustus as builder of the new Roman Empire 12p. Ts. 
Ea190   Address at a scout parade in honour of Cecil Rhodes 5p. Ts. 
Ea191  Address to the Earl of Athlone during his visit to the University of the Witwatersrand 5p. Ts. 
Ea192   Address thanking the Earl of Athlone for allowing his name to be given to a school 2p. Ts. 
Ea193   Address to young people 3p. Ts. 
Ea194   Address at a meeting to welcome the Duke of Devonshire 4p. Ts. 
Ea195   Address on South Africa's position and its relationship to the British Commonwealth 3p. Ts. 
Ea196   Speech supporting the Hellenic Community's efforts to raise funds 2p. Ts. 
Ea197   Wartime speech on the part played by women in wartime 1p. Ts. 
Ea198  Speech on anti-waste in wartime yr. Ts. 
Ea199   The Jew in South Africa 5p. Ts. 
Ea200   Speech at the exhibition of works of art arranged by the South African Society for Cultural Relations with Italy 3p Ts. 
Ea201   Address as president of the South African Institute of the Boot and Shoe Industry 11p. Ts. 
Ea202   Speech on the high level of prices 4p. Ts. 
Ea203   Address at Delville Wood remembrance service 10p. Ts. 
Ea204   Address on post-war taxation 9p. Ts. 
Ea205   Address at a meeting to form an international educational and cultural organisation.10p. Ts. 
Ea206   Address on the need for international co-operation in the post-war years 4p. Ts. 
Ea207   Augustus as builder of the new Roman Empire 24p. Ts. 
Ea208   Address on teachers' salaries 4p. Ts. 
Ea209   Wartime address on the nation's faith 9p. Ts. 
Ea210   Address to the insurance business 10p. Ts. 
Ea211   Address to the gold mining industry 19p. Ts. 
Ea212   Address on the importance of sport 2p. Ms. 
Ea213   The classics and modern democracy 5p. Ms. 
Ea214   Art in ancient and modern civilizations 3p. Ms. 
Ea215   The place of the Hebrews in ancient history: address to the Students Jewish Association 20p. Ms. 
Ea216   University settlements 22p. Ms. 
Ea217   Reply to Heaton Nicholls' charge that Hofmeyr advocated assimilation, miscegination and the restoration of the Cape franchise on a common roll 2p. Ts. 
Ea218  Address on the study of the humanities 10p. Ms. 
Ea219   Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr 32p. Ms. 
Ea220   Onse Jan' 22p. Ms. 
Ea221   The ancient town 26p. Ms. 
Eb   Speeches by Hofmeyr in Afrikaans: General (Arranged chronologically) 
Eb1-13   1921-1948 
Eb1   Die arm-blanke-kwessie: 'n lesing voor die Afrikaanse Vereniging, Stellenbosch, 26 Apr.1921 16p. Ptd. 
Eb2   Speech on the flag settlement meeting in Pretoria, 10 Oct.1927 2p. Ts. 
Eb3   Address on the Afrikaner Bond, 29 Oct.1927 2p. Ts. 
Eb4   Union day speech, 1928 3p. Ts. 
Eb5   Address on Pretoria's 75th birthday, 1930 4p. Ts. 
Eb6   Address to a Ladybrand boys' school, 9 Aug.1933 7p. Ts. 
Eb7   Address on Paul Kruger, Nov.1934 6p. Ts. 
Eb8   Address at the University of Pretoria, 1934 17p. Ts. 
Eb9   Address on the Afrikaans language, 11 Mar.1935 8p. Ts. 
Eb10   Address on the Afrikaner, 6 Apr.1935 4p. Ts. 
Eb11  Armistice Day address, Pretoria, 11 Nov.1936 5p. Ts. 
Eb12   Address at the University of South Africa, 1947 18p. Ts. 
Eb13   Address on South Africa's political problems, 1948 6p. Ts. 
Eb14-20   Undated 
Eb14   Paul Kruger se afskeid van sy volk 2p. Ts. 
Eb15   Address on Paul Kruger for the Kruger Festival Committee 6p. Ts. 
Eb16  Onze Jan' en die Afrikaanse Kultuurbeweging - 2 versions 17 and 20p. Ts. 
Eb17   Address to the University of the Orange Free State 7p. Ts. 
Eb18   Address to the Students Christian Association 2p. Ts. 
Eb19   Address on the Huguenots 8p. Ts. 
Eb20   Address on the erection of a church building, Pretoria 4p. Ms. 
Ec  Budget Speeches 5 items 1924-1929 
  Prepared for the Transvaal Provincial Council by the Administrator,J.H.Hofmeyr. 
Ed   Broadcast Speeches 
Ed1  Union Day message broadcast from Pretoria, 31 May 1928 2p. Ms. 
Ed2   Broadcast to school-children as Minister of Finance, 1940 4p. Ts.  
  In English and Afrikaans. 
Ed3   On the thrift campaign, 1940 3p. Ts.  
  In English and Afrikaans. 
Ed4   On the elimination of waste, 1940 4p. Ts.  
  In English and Afrikaans. 
Ed5  Appeal for hospitality to be given to children evacuated from Europe,1940 5p. Ts. 
  In English and Afrikaans. 
Ed6   Why South Africa fights, 21 Jan.1941 7p. Ts. In English and Afrikaans. 
Ed7   Broadcast on the 22nd anniversary of South Africa's National Thrift Movement, 22 Sep.1941 3p. Ts.  
  In English and Afrikaans. 
Ed8   Statement on loan issues, 4 Nov.1941 4p. Ts. In English and Afrikaans. 
Ed9   Thanks to the public for subscribing generously to the loan issues,1941 5p. Ts. 
  In English and Afrikaans. 
Ed10   On the cost of living, 1941 5p. Ts.  
  In English and Afrikaans. 
Ed11  Qn South Africa's reaction to the Battle of Tobruk, 1941 3p. Ts. 
Ed12   On the need for loans, 1941 7p. Ts. In English and Afrikaans. 
Ed13  On the raising of loans, 1941 4p. Ms. In Afrikaans. 
Ed14   The wartime work of the Y.M.C.A., 1941 5p Ts. In Afrikaans. 
Ed15  South Africa stands the strain, 4 May 1942 5p. Ts.  
  In English and Afrikaans. 
Ed16  Broadcast for Union Day, 30 May 1942 4p. Ts. In English and Afrikaans. 
Ed17   On a loan issue specifically for defence purposes, 1 Sep.1942 3P Ts 
  In English and Afrikaans. 
Ed18   On the. Zionist cause and the Balfour Declaration, Nov.1942 3p. Ts. 
  In English and Afrikaans. 
Ed19  On Hofmeyr's visit to the South African troops in Egypt and Italy, 28 Sep.1944 4p. Ts. 
  In English and Afrikaans. 
Ed20   On the importance of the South African navy, 13 Oct.1944 3p. Ts. 
Ed21  Hulde aan die seelui', 13 Oct.1944 4p. Ts. 
  In Afrikaans. 
Ed22  On the death of President Roosevelt, 13 Apr.1945 1p. Ts. 
Ed23   Victory broadcast at the end of the war in Europe, 8 May 1945 3p. Ts. 
  In English and Afrikaans. 
Ed24   On the first anniversary of peace, 8 May 1946 4p. Ts. In English and Afrikaans. 
Ed25   Qn World Thrift Day 4p. Ts. In English and Afrikaans. 
Ee   Speech Notes: indexed 15 vols. 1920-1948 
Ee1   Vol.1 1920-1927 
Ee2   Vol.2 1926-1929 
Ee3   Vol.3 1927-1928 
Ee4   Vol.4 1929-1930 
Ee5   Vol.5 1931 
Ee6   Vol.6 1932-1933 
Ee7   Vol.7 1933-1934 
Ee8   Vol.8 1934-1936 
Ee9   vVol.9 1936-1938 
Ee10   Vol.10 1938-1939 
Ee11  Vol.11 1939-1940 
Ee12   Vol.12 1940-1942 
Ee13   Vol.13 1942-1944 
Ee14   Vol.14 1944-1947 
Ee15   Vol.15 1947-1948 
Fa   "Onze Jan" 
Fa1  The Life of Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr (Onze Jan) by J.H.Hofmeyr in collaboration with Senator the Hon.F.W.Reitz. Cape Town, Van de Sandt deVilliers, 1913 666p. Autographed. 
Fa2   Correspondence re the book 
Fa2.1   Draft letters by Hofmeyr 4 items 1912-1913 
  Correspondents: Lord Milner and the Heraldic Court, Berlin.  
  Enquiries for information on "Onze Jan", the Hofmeyr Family, the Jameson Raid and Hofmeyr's split with Rhodes over the raid. 
Fa2.2   Replies to Hofmeyr 58 items 1912-1913 
  Correspondents: J.Chamberlain, E de Beer, C.E.Derham, Sir D. Graaff, B.F.Hawksley, S.P.Helm, J.D.Hofmeyr, J.W.L.Hofmeyr, S.Horwood, J.R.Innes, W.A.Joubert, Lord Knutsford, Sir J.G. Kotze, A.Louw, W.D.Mackenzie, F.S.Malan, J.Marais, Lord Milner, A.Murray, F.Z.S.Peregrino, F.W.Reitz, W.Scanley, Sir J.Sive­wright, J.C.Smuts, J.G.Sprigg, E.Stead, R.H.Tatham, F.van Oordt, M. Wessels, J.Wilson. 
  Includes letter from Lord Milner, commenting on Hofmeyr's bringing together of Paul Kruger and Milner, in an attempt to avoid war. 
Fa2.3   Correspondence after the book was published 10 items 1914-1917 
  Correspondents: Sir G.Bower, J.D.Hofmeyr, R.Hofmeyr, Hofmeyr Family in Java, F.W.Reitz, G.Sutton. 
  1914-1915 Objection by Sir Graham Bower to statements in the biography concerning his attitude to the Jameson Raid 
  1916 Comments by the Hofmeyr Family 
  1917 Congratulations on the biography by a farmer. 
Fa3   Research Material 
Fa3.1   Notebook 1 vol. 
  Contains biographical notes, copies of correspondence, extractsrelating to Onze Jan and draft chapters. 
Fa3.2   Copies of Onze Jan's speeches, 1879-1907 18 items Ms. 
Fa3.3   Papers dealing with special events, 1885-1909 18 items Ms. 
  On Hofmeyr's visit to England 1885, Colonial Conference 1887,railways and customs 1888, presidency of the Orange Free State 1888, Rhodesia 1891-1892, Ottawa Conference 1894, Jameson Raid 1895-1896, Union 1909. 
Fa3.4   Onze Jan's Correspondence 
Fa3.4.1   Original Letters 7 items 1864-1909 
  Correspondents: W.E.Bok, D.Graaff, J.D.Hofmeyr, H.P.van Heerde, A.White. 
  Politics and account of a journey by Onze Jan to Europe in 1909. Fa3.4.2  
  Copies of Letters, 1885-1909 172p. Ms. 
  Correspondents: Sir A.Bailey, Sir G.Bower, J.Chamberlain, C.P. Crewe, S.Cronwright-Schreiner, J.de Waal, D.P.Graaff, R.G.W. Herbert, J.Tengo Jabavu, J.G.Kotze, G.Krige, C.J.Rhodes, Sir H.Robinson, J.W.Sauer, W.P.Schreiner, Lord Selborne, Sir J.Sive­wright, Sir J.G.Sprigg, W.T.Stead, Sir T.Upington. 
  Politics and Onze Jan's European tour. 
Fa3.5   Notes 
Fa3.5.1   Extracts from Hansard and chronological notes. 1879-1909 1410p. Ms. 
Fa3.5.2   Extracts from Volksvriend, later Zuid-Afrikaan, 1862-1885 16Op. Ms. 
Fa3.5.3   Personal and general 145p. Ms. 
Fa3.6   Items on the death of Onze Jan 
Fa3.6.1   Article in The Cape, 29 Oct.1909, 'The Late J.H.Hofmeyr: a "progressive" view of the Afrikander Leader' by Edmund Powell 2p. Ptd. 
Fa3.6.2   Speciaal Bijblad of be Zuid-Afrikaan, 20 Nov.1909, Hofmeyr -rouwblad. Ons land's hulde aan "Onze Jan" 2 sheets. 
Fa3.6.3   A tribute by A.Bender 8p. Ts. 
Fa3.6.4   Letter from Sir Sandford Fleming to F.S.Malan, 9 Dec.1909 4p. ALS. 
Fa3.6.5   Letter from Sir Sandford Fleming to F.S.Malan, 10 Dec.1909. 3p. ALS. 
Fa3.6.6   Qbituary in South Africa, with photographs of the funeral. 
  No.1095. 18 Dec.1909 2p. Ptd. 
Fa3.6.7   The lost leader by Morits Rabinowitz 7p. Ms. 
Fa3.6.8   Poems on the death of Onze Jan, 11 Nov.1909 and May 1910 1p. Ts 
Fa3.7   Family Items 
Fa3.7.1   Family birth certificate from Amsterdam of J.H.Hofmeijer, 4 Mar.1791. 
Fa3.7.2   Family birth certificate from Batavia of J.H.Hofmeijer, 12 Dec. 1829. 
Fa3.7.3   Family birth certificate of H.J.E.C.F.Hofmeijer, from Batavia, 17 Jun.1857. 
Fa3.7.4   Poem on the death of J.H.Hofmeijer, Onze Jan's father, 27 May 1893 1p. Ts. 
Fa3.8   Printed Items 
Fa3.8.1   Extract from a book on Swaziland p.20-225 Ptd. 
Fa3.8.2   Press Clippings 4 items 1885-1917 On Onze Jan. 
Fa4   Typed draft 291p. Ts. 
Fb   British Empire Study', published The expansion of the Anglo-Saxon nations: a short history of the British Empire and the United States, London, A & C Black, 1920. 
  Includes Chapter VI by J.H.Hofmeyr on 'The Union of South Africa' (30p.) and correspondence between Hofmeyr and the general editor, H.Clive Barnard, 1917-1918, on Hofmeyr's participation, remuneration and suggested modifications of some of his statements. 
Fc   The Republican movement and the problem of the British Empire 7p. Ts. 
  Accompanied by typed copies of correspondence between Hofmeyr and Patrick Duncan, 10-22 Mar.1919 (5p.), on the need to reconcile Boer republicanism with British royalist sentiment. 
Fd   Kruger, Rhodes and Hofmeyr 16p. Ts. 
  Also Ms draft (23p.), review in Die Volkstem, 22 Oct.1917, and letters from H.E.S.Fremantle, 1 & 24 Dec.1925, on the paper. 
Fe   The open horizon,Johannesburg, C.N.A., 1929 
  17 press reviews of this collection of speeches and addresses delivered by J.H.Hofmeyr as Administrator of the Transvaal, 1924-1929. See also Ea68 
Ff   Coming of age: studies in South African citizenship and politics 
  Cape Town, Maskew Miller, 1930 17 items 1929-1931 
  Introduction compiled by J.H.Hofmeyr (15p.Ts.); chapter on 'Provincial and local government' (14p.Ts.) minutes of meetings Sep.and Oct.1929 and correspondence, 1929-1931. 
  Correspondents: E.Brookes, R.Currey, S.H.Frankel, J.H.Hofmeyr, Lord Lothian, Maskew Miller Ltd., O.D.Schreiner, A.Stephen, Dr E.B.Woolff. 
  The compilation of this book to commemorate the Union's 21st birthday. 
Fg   South Africa,London, Benn, 1931 7 items 1931-1933 
  Correspondents: H.E.S.Fremantle, F.W.Norwood, T.Purchas, S.Reid, J.H.Wellington. 
  Comments and congratulations on the book.  
  Includes copy of South Africa. 
Fh   A history of European education 11 items 1948 
  Ts draft on education in South Africa by J.H.Hofmeyr (71p. Ts); Ms notes on education; provisional plan of the history, to be edited by Sir Fred Clarke and published in 8 volumes; correspondence between Hofmeyr and Clarke re Hofmeyr writing the South African section, part 2 of volume 7, 'British dominions overseas'. 
Fj   Projected biography of General Smuts 2 items 1948 
  Letters from L.Marquard asking Hofmeyr to write this biography for Oxford University Press. 
Fk   Christianity can save us 8 items 1948  
  Correspondent: C.G.Nyblom, Publisher, Upsala  
  Invitation to Hofmeyr to write an article for a book to be written by Christians in many countries. 
Fl  The history and control of national debts, Cape Town, Townshend,Taylor & Snashall, 1918 
  Copy of the book (116p.) and of an Ms draft (86p.). Attached are loose notes on the same subject (95p.), poem "A little assistance with the budget", signed G.S. (2p.Ts.) and a letter from an official in the Public Debt 0ffice, 30 Oct. 
Fm   History of Roman Dutch Law 2 notebooks Ms. 
Fn   Studies in ancient imperialism, by J.H.Hofmeyr and T.Haarhoff, 
  Johannesburg, Council of Education, 1920 
  Copy of the publication (47p.) and letters of appreciation from J.S. Reed and A.G.Zimmern 
Fo   Christian principles and race problems, Johannesburg, S.A.Institute of Race Relations 
  Hoernle Memorial Lecture, 1945 (31p.) 
Fp   Political development 1872-1900 for volume VIII of the Cambridge 
  History of the British Empire. 1 notebook Ms. 
  Accompanied by a contract with the publishers,1930, and correspondence 1936. 
Fq   Forewords written by Hofmeyr 
Fq1  Preface to S.F.Frankel's The railway policy of South Africa, (Johannesburg, Hortors,1928), 12 Oct.1928 2p. Ts. 
Fq2   Foreword to W.J.van Bijl's Stabilising Currencies, 9 Jun.1932 3p.Ts. 
Fq3   Foreword to a book commemorating the Great Trek, 1938 2p. Ts. 
Fq4   Foreword to J.H.Stockil's Africa's challenge (Durban, Knox,1938), 1938 3p. Ts. 
Fq5   Foreword to a life of Elias Titlestad by his son Karl Larson Titlestad, 30 May 1939. 2p. Ts. 
Fq6   Foreword to Colone1 Watkins - Pitchford's Libertas, 3 Dec.1939 2p.Ts 
Fq7   Message from J.H.Hofmeyr in The rising sun, Nov.1940 1p. Ptd. 
Fq8   Greetings from the National President of the S.A. Y.M.C.A., Dec.1941. 1p. Ptd. 
Fq9   Foreword to L.Blackwell's Farewell to Parliament (Pietermaritzburg, Shuter,1946), 8 Oct.1945. 2p. Ts. 
Fq10   Foreword to a centenary brochure for Dunnell, Ebden & Co.,1947 in.Ts 
Fq11  Foreword to The Mineworker Undated 1p. Ts. 
Fr   Articles by Hofmeyr 
Fr1   S.J.P.Kruger for Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences, 1931 2p. Ts. 
Fr2   Ottawa 1932 and Ottawa 1894. 1932 6p. Ts. 
Fr3   Greater Durban. 1933 8p. Ts. 
Fr4   Interview with the Natal Mercury on liberalism, 29 May 1937 3p. Ts. 
Fr5   Interview on the government's Asiatic policy, 29 May 1937 1p. Ts. 
Fr6   South Africa's mineral resources for the Sunday Express Mining Supplement,17 Oct.1937 2p. Ts. 
Fr7   An interview on the international situation, 1938 2p. Ms. 
Fr8   The Germans and Africa for Foreign Affairs, 1939. Accompanied by a letter from the editor, H.F.Armstrong, on the extent of German activities in Africa 2p. L.S. 
Fr9   Review of Ellenberger's book which is concerned with national unity, 30 Jun.1941 2p. Ts. 
Fr10   Obituary of Professor Alfred Hoernlé, 9 Aug.1943 2p. Ts. 
Fr11  Series of articles for The Cape Times and The Natal Witness entitled 'Today and tomorrow' and 'South Africa today', 1948 23 items 
  Accompanied by correspondence with Victor Norton, editor ofThe Cape Times and a printed edition What of the future?:South Africa' present-day problems analysed. Johannesburg, 1948 (63p.) published by The Forum. 
Fr12   Articles for The Star, 1948 5 items 
  On politics and international reaction to South Africa. Includes photograph of Hofmeyr. 
Fr13   What is Christian trusteeship, 1948 Sp. Ts. 
Fr14   The budget, 1948 Sp. Ts. 
  Attached is an article in the Daily Dispatch, 30 Oct.1948, on Dr. Dönges' budget. 
Fr15   'n Kersbeedskap, 1948 1p. Ts. 
Fr16  Cecil Rhodes Undated 6p. Ts. 
Fr17  The Mohammedan problem in Africa Undated 16p. Ms. 
Fr18   On Die Volkstem Undated 1p. Ts. 
Fr19   Die Burgerregvereniging: die nie-Blankes en politieke regte Undated 2p. Ptd. 
Fr20   Then and now in South Africa Undated 5p. Ts. 
Fr21   South Africa today Undated 7p. Ts. 
Fr22   Education in the African environment Undated 8p. Ts. 
Fr23   South Africa in the crisis Undated 9p. Ts. 
Fs   The Forum 
Fs1  Scrap-book containing articles by J.H.Hofmeyr 1 vol. 1938-1939 
  On politics, land tenure, liberalism, native policy, national unity, the English contribution to the national heritage, colour bar, education, South Africa's role in Africa, Rhodesia, Coloureds, Asiatic affairs, south Africa's neutrality in the event of war, provincial finance, anti-Semitism. 
Fs2   Loose articles 6 items 1948 On politics. 
Fs3  Balance sheets 6 items 1945-1947 
Fs4   Correspondence 56 items 1939-1941, 1947-1948 
  Correspondents: M.Bourke. J.P.Cope, M.du Preez, Sir R.Kotze, R.Niven, B.Price, E.Rosenberg, Sir C.Smith, M.Sonnenberg. 
  Finance, circulation and policy. 
Ft   Die Volkstem 31 items 1945-1948 
  Correspondents: J.H.Hofmeyr, A.A.Oosthuizen, D.J.Opperman, H.Orben  
  1947 The taking over of "Eendrag", the publication of the United South African National Party, by Die Volkstem  
  1948 Sales and distribution. 
Fu   Essays and Poetry 8 items 
Fu1  The rape of the lock (with all apologies) 2p. Ts. 
Fu2   The Lay of the Scratchers (with apologies to Macaulay) 1p. Ts. 
Fu3   Pages from the past 18p. Ms. 
Fu4   A woman's rights: a plea for fair consideration 20p. Ms. 
Fu5   Essays on characteristics 6p. Ns. 
Fu6   Play the game (a poem) 1p. Ts. 
Fu7   Miscellaneous unidentified pages of notes 27p. Ms. 
Fu8  Miscellaneous, not signed, possibly by Hofmeyr 9 items Ms & Ts.  
  Includes poetry and prose. 
Ga   Correspondence: arranged alphabetically 
Ga1   Amery, L.S. 4 items 1928-1942  
  1928 Introducing Leander Jameson, nephew of Dr.Jameson 
  1939 Introducing Donald Pearson, businessman 
  1940 Thanks for Hofmeyr's congratulations on his appointment to the India Office and comments on the war 
  1942 Enclosing copy of his speech on India's future. 
Ga2   Athlone, Earl of 5 items 1927-1928  
  1927 Thanks for sympathy expressed by Hofmeyr 
  1927 Politics and the settlement of the 'flag' question 
  1928 Congratulations from Hofmeyr on the Earl of Athlone's extension of office 
  Includes draft letters from Hofmeyr with comments on Tielmen Roos. 
Ga3   Bailey, Sir Abe 7 items 1929-1940 
  1929 Telegram urging Hofmeyr to return and take part in the election  
  1937 International politics 
  1938 Regret at Hofmeyr's resignation from the cabinet 
  1939 Congratulations on an excellent speech and prediction that he will be Prime Minister some day. 
Ga4   Bailey, Cyril 19 items 1916-1934  
  Personal, with comments on the first World War, mutual Oxford friends, the Boys Club at Oxford and the future of South Africa. 
Ga5  Blake, Gordon Wells 42 items 1925-1943  
  Personal letters from Hofmeyr's god-son.  
Ga6  Bull, O. 4 items 1922-1928 
  1922 Advice to Hofmeyr to defer decision on staying at the university until after his leave 
  1928 Congratulations on being appointed administrator of the Transvaaal 
  1928 Present to Bull for his Christian work. 
Ga7   Dowdle, 'Buster'. 22 items 1931-1938 
  Personal with comments on cricket and the Students Christian Association. 
Ga8   Egeland. Leif 22 items 1938-1947 
  Subjects: politics of South Africa and the following specific subjects 
  1938 Hofmeyr's resignation from the cabinet 
  Fear that the formation of a truly 'Liberal' Party is premature 
  1941 Advice to Hofmeyr to work for popularity to ensure that he will become an effective prime minister 
  1942 Accusation that Egeland is flippant and lacks purposeful­ness 
  Importance of releasing more men for military duties and Madeley's refusal to co-operate 
  1945-1947 News of events at the United Nations, of the peace settlement and of Egeland's experiences as South African representative in various countries and at conferences 
  1946 Fears for Hofmeyr's health 
  Accompanied by a notebook with Ms extracts of letters from Hofmeyr to Egeland 1932-1948, probably written by Alan Paton (13p.), and 6 typed copies of letters 1938-1941  
Ga9   Frankel, Sally Herbert 43 items 1943-1948  
  1944 Priorities for delegates to the Commonwealth Conference 1947 National income calculation 
  1944 Proposed committee to investigate South Africa's relation to other countries re international competition, adjustment of the colour bar to improve labour resources and agricultural policy Critical comments on Hofmeyr's budgets including the differential tax on goldmining 
  Cost of living 
  Problems of British economy and its relations with the Commonwealth 
  1944 Invitation to Frankel to serve as corresponding member of the Treasury Advisory Committee 
  1948 Balance of payment statistics 
  Union's gold and exchange position 
  Suggested enquiry into the human resources of Southern Africa 
  Includes copies of Hofmeyr's letters to Frankel. 
Ga10   Gandhi, Mahatma 4 items 1936 
  Visit of the South African parliamentary delegation to India. 
Ga11  Gaunt, T. 2 items 1932-1937 
  1932 Unsettled state of China and trouble with Japan over Manchuria  
  1937 Work at the theological school interrupted by the fighting. 
Ga12  Haarhoff, Theodore Johannes  
  1917-1919 News from Oxford 
  1925 Visit of the Prince of Wales to the University of the Witwatersrand 
  1946 The liberal tradition of Balliol College. 
Ga13   Hanna, M.C. 5 items 1923-1925 
  News from an old student, now at Balliol College, Oxford. 
Ga14   Hofmeyr, Andries Beyers (Brother) 9 items 1923 
  Matrimonial difficulties and divorce of Hofmeyr's brother. 
Ga15   Jacks, Maurice L. 8 items 1915-1922 
  News of Boys Club, Oxford, and of mutual friends during the first World War. 
Ga16  King, Albert "Babu" 180 items 1916-1948  
  Personal with comments on the Boys Club, 0xford, the two World Wars and King's activities as an engineman and amateur artist. 
  Also photocopies of 37 letters from Hofmeyr to King, 1939-1948, mainly personal but with news of his political career, 24 photographs of King and 7 sketches by King, including one of Hofmeyr 1919, himself 1933 and Osney Bridge, Oxford 1940. 
Ga17   Macdonald, Tom 12 items 1947-1948  
  The publication of his biography of Hofmeyr. 
Ga18   Millin, Sarah Gertrude 45 items 1924-1948  
  1924 Thanks for kind remarks about God's stepchildren. Possibility of Hofmeyr giving up administratorship and returning to academic life 
  1934-1939 Anti-Semitism in South Africa and the fear that South Africa will follow Germany's example 
  1935 Thanks for information and comments on her biography of Smuts 
  1936 Promise from Schlesinger that his papers will support Hofmeyr 
  Hofmeyr's stand on the Native Representation Bill and his future political career 
  Mrs Millin's resentment at her husband's not being made a judge, due, she feels, to anti-Semitism 
  1937 Hofmeyr's stand on the Aliens and Asiatic Bills 
  Analysis of Hofmeyr's Weaknesses and strengths 
  1938 Comments on Eden, Chamberlain and the threat of war Hofmeyr's resignation from the cabinet 
  Pirow's visit to Germany 
  1941 Publication of S.G.Millin's "The night is long" 
  1942 Radio plays on Smuts by S.G.Millin and the possibility she will write a new biography of Smuts 
  1943 Congratulations to Hofmeyr on the election results 
  Question of a Rhodesia-Union Federation 
  Future of Germany after the war 
  1944 Publication of S.G.Millin's "World blackout" 
  Danger of the Broederbond controlling South Africa 
  1945 Problems in writing and publication of "The reeling earth". Request for Hofmeyr to support her attendance at the peace conference 
  Comments by S.G.Millin on the Charter of the World Security Organisation 
  Results of the British election 
  1945 General Smuts' depression about the world 
  1946 Mrs Millin's visit to America and Europe v 1947-1948 Palestine question 
  Future role of Russia 
  The Royal Visit 
  1946 Publication of "The sound of the trumpet".  
  Problems of double income tax for writers 
Ga19   Morrison, S.A. 22 items 1917-1939  
  Personal with comments on his work in Egypt with the Church Missionary Society and Egyptian politics 
Ga20   Murray, A.Victor 8 items 1929-1941  
  1929 Disquiet caused to English liberals by Smuts' lectures on the native question 
  1937 Education for Blacks 
  Abdication of Edward VIII 
  1939-1941 Imminence and effects of war 
  1946 Congratulations on the Hoernlé lecture given by Hofmeyr 
Ga21   Paton, Alan 38 items 1931-1948  
  1932 Comments on Botha and Smuts 
  1934 Account of Paton's illness 
  1935 Funding of the juvenile unemployment scheme 
  1935 Paton's decision to leave Pietermaritzburg and work at Diepkloof Reformatory 
  1935-1941 Account of the work at Diepkloof, the escapes and plans for the future 
  1937-1939 Hofmeyr's position as leader of the liberals 
  1941 Account of Patcn's decision to write a book on 'The Afrikaner' 
  1941 Toc H work 
  1941 Paton's uncertainty about where his future should lie 
  1943-1944 Hofmeyr's political future, his inability to accept the party line on all issues and uncertainty over the premiership 
  1944 Paton's inclination to withdraw from public affairs and write 
  1945 Praise for the arduous years of war work by Hofmeyr Paton's refusal of a post at Adams College 
  1946 Congratulations on Hofmeyr's speech in parliament on the race question 
  1947-1948 Account of how the novel by Paton "Cry the beloved country" came to be written and of its success 
  1948 Paton's decision to leave Diepkloof 
  Also 2 letters from Paton to J.van der Poel, 12 and 25 Oct.1954 re his writing Hofmeyr's biography 
Ga22   Pearse, Reginald. 24 items 1931-1936, 1948 
  Subjects: News of camp activities and the following issues: 
  1931 Question of the South African Party coming to power  
  1948 Hofmeyr's feelings on the results of the election. 
  All the letters are from Hofmeyr to Pearse 
Ga23   Pickard-Cambridge. Arthur W. 14 items 1916-1928, 1947  
  News of Balliol College, the Boys Club and of mutual friends 
Ga24   Reynardson, Henry Birch 4 items 1927  
  The flag question 
  Includes draft letter from Hofmeyr to Reynardson. 
Ga25   Sargeant, Geoffrey 2 items 1940 
  The question of reconciling idealism with practical necessity 
Ga26   Schreiner, Olive D 6 items 1912-1939 
  1929 The election campaign and the native question: need for Hofmeyr to stand firm against Pirow's bills 
  1936 On Hofmeyr's leadership of the liberal elements 
  1936 Schreiner's attempt to have the colour bar removed from the Society of Advocates 
  1939 Admiration for Smuts and warning to Hofmeyr that hard times lie ahead. 
Ga27   Secretan, Hubert A 68 items 1915-1948 
  Subjects: Personal with news of mutual friends, Balliol College, Boys Club, Toc H and the two world wars. 
  Also 21 letters from Hofmeyr to Secretan 1916-1927, 1942-1947, mainly personal but including the following specific subjects: 
  1919 Comments on Botha and Smuts 
  1924-1926 Account of his work as Administrator of the Transvaal 
  1925 Visit of the Prince of Wales 
  1926 Imperial relations: possibility of South Africa seceding 
  1927 Tielman Roos' attempt to win Hofmeyr's friendship Flag question 
  1947 Royal visit 
  Colour question, the forthcoming election and Hofmeyr's position in the United Party 
Ga28   Smith, Henry Percival 11 items 1917-1940 Subjects: 
  Personal with comments on his work in education and the politics of South Africa and Britain. 
Ga29   Smuts, Jan Christiaan 22 letters 1920-1947 
  (12 letters in Afrikaans 1920-1947 and 10 in English 1941-1946) 
  1920 Problem of uniting South Africa and difficulties caused by Rhodes and Jameson 
  1920 International politics and the independence of Lorraine 
  1924 Advises Hofmeyr to accept administratorship as a good introduction to politics 
  1927 Hertzog's thinking is always a puzzle but it looks as if there will be an election in August 1928 and suggests Hofmeyr return before then 
  1927Advises Hofmeyr to accept the presidency of the Science Association 
  1927 Flag issue 
  1927 Smuts urges Hofmeyr to enter parliament 
  1928 Problems in the Barberton constituency 
  1928 Politics in South Africa and Britain 
  1938 Congratulations on being elected Chancellor of University of the Witwatersrand 
  1941 Invitation to Hofmeyr to visit Irene but Smuts will not be there as he is going to the bushveld, to restore his energies 
  1942 Account of a visit by Smuts to visit South African troops in North Africa 
  1943 Advice from Smuts that Hofmeyr should abstain from speaking out against Asiatic Bill, to encourage cabinet unanimity 
  1943 Account of Smuts' part in tactical planning for the Allies 
  1944 Smuts' intention is to return to South Africa after visiting the troops in Italy; until "Overlord" was successfully launched he could not leave England 
  1945 Fear of Russian plans and the need to effect a settlement soon.  
  1946 Peace negotiations and tensions among the great powers. Smuts is the only survivor of the 1919 peace negotiators 
  1946 Fears South Africa is in bad odour over its native policy and Smuts intends to look carefully at the Natives Representative Council, pass question and Black trade unions 
  1946 Question of South West Africa's future which will come before U.N.O. 
  1946 Smuts' warm reception in Holland and Belgium 
  1947 Invitation to Hofmeyr and his mother to attend a function in Stellenbosch 
  Also notes on a meeting at General Smuts' house, Kenilworth, 19 Jan. 1933, attended by Colin Steyn, T.Roos, Hofmeyr and Smuts, re the amalgamation of the South African and National Parties, and an undated letter from Hofmeyr to Smuts asking when it would be convenient to discuss the immigration question 
Ga30   Underhill, C.Kenneth J. 140 items 1916-1948  
  Oxford, mutual friends, the two world wars and the politics of Britain and South Africa. 
  Also 101 letters from Hofmeyr to Underhill, 1928-1948, typed extracts from the letters and a letter from Underhill to Mrs Hofmeyr, 13 Feb.  
  1950, re Alan Paton's biography of Hofmeyr. 
  1928 Need to form a central party of moderates 
  1928 Hofmeyr's indecision about his future: refusal of the High Commissionership in London and dislike of another 5 years as Administrator  
  1928 Madeley's ousting from the cabinet 
  1929 Election campaign and Hofmeyr's success in being elected for Johannesburg North 
  1930-1931 Financial crisis 
  1930 Select Committee on the native question 
  Problem of detribalised urban Blacks 
  Question of South Africa's right to secede from the Commonwealth 
  1931-1932 Effect of the depression on poor whites and unemployment 
  1932 Natal threatening secession from the Union 
  1932 Hofmeyr trying to improve party organisation on the Witwatersrand 
  1932 National Party defeat at the Germiston by-election  
  1933 Tielman Roos' return to politics, with the intention of ousting Smuts and Hertzog 
  1933-1934 Negotiations for the coalition of the South African and National Parties 
  1933 Hofmeyr's appointment as Minister of the Interior, Educa­tion and Health 
  1934-1937 Ouestion of the Protectorates being added to the Union 
  1935 Fragmentation of the opposition in parliament and future of the Dominion Party 
  1935-1936 Native Bills and the abolition of the Cape native franchise Abyssinian question and the League of Nations 
  1936 Hofmeyr's visit to India 
  Change of cabinet portfolios to Mines, Labour and Education Comments on the appointment of Patrick Duncan as governor general 
  Abdication of Edward VIII 
  1937 Danger of Hofmeyr resigning over Asiatic Bills: now being regarded as the leader of liberal opinion 
  1938 Election campaign result a defeat for colour prejudice  
  National anthem question 
  Hofmeyr's resignation from the cabinet over Fourie's nomination as Senate representative for Blacks 
  1938 Possibility of South Africa remaining neutral even if the Commonwealth goes to war 
  1939 Question of Germany taking over South West Africa 
  Caucus motion censuring Hofmeyr for voting against the Asiatic Bill 
  Outbreak of 2nd World War and South Africa's decision to support Britain 
  Hofmeyr's return to the cabinet as Minister of Finance and Education 
  1940 Problems in suppressing the opposition to the war 
  1940-1945 Comments on the war and on the heavy burden carried by Hofmeyr in the cabinet, particularly during Smuts' absences overseas 
  1942 Incendiary bomb found on Hofmeyr's verandah 
  1943 Disagreement with the party over the Asiatic Bill may prevent Hofmeyr from succeeding Smuts as leader Parliamentary election 
  1944 Bi-centenary of the arrival of the Hofmeyr family in South Africa 
  Hofmeyr's visit to Egypt and Italy 
  1945 Fears for the post-war world and the threat of the atomic bomb 
  1945 D.C.L. conferred on Hofmeyr by Oxford University 
  1946 Hofmeyr appointed an honorary fellow of Balliol 
  Hofmeyr's acceptance of compromise over the Asiatic Bill Question of South West Africa and U.N.O. 
  Problems of the peace conference 
  1947 Royal visit 
  Government suffering from post-war discontent 
  1948 Election campaign result sad for the party but is providing Hofmeyr with a much-needed respite from over-work 
  Hofmeyr asked by Q.U.P. to write Smuts' biography. 
Ga31   Wallis,Walter W. 4 items 1924-1928  
  News of his success in obtaining a Rhodes scholarship and of his time at Trinity College, Oxford 
Gb   Special Topics 
Gb1   Religion 13 items 1913-1946 
  Correspondents: Rev J.W.Allcock, W.J.Edwards, W.Evans, Bp N.V.Gorton, Rev S.E.W.Lion, H.M.Randles, J.S.Ross, Rev E.Titcomb, N.J.van der Merwe 
  1913 Administration of the Students Christian Association of South Africa 
  1920 Criticism by Hofmeyr of a book on theology 
  1939 Thanks to Hofmeyr for setting an example to young people  
  1940 Congratulations on radio broadcast 
  1940 Welcome by the Zion Apostolic Faith Mission Church on occasion of Hofmeyr's visit to Alexandra 
  1946 Thanks from Bishop of Coventry for gift to Coventry Cathedral 
  Also notes on religion and annotated copies of Discipleship by C. Franklin Angus, 1912 and Studies in the epistle to the Phillipians by R.Rouse, 1906 
Gb2  J.B.Ebden Prize 5 items 1948 
  Correspondent: A.V.H.Carter, Secretary of the Vice-Chancellor's Committee, Cape Town 
  Invitation to Hofmeyr to be one of the examiners 
Gb3   Moral Rearmament 25 items 1939 
  Statements in English and Afrikaans put out jointly by F.S.Malan and J.H.Hofmeyr as a draft for people in responsible positions to examine and sign. Includes signed statements by R.Currey, L.Egeland, W.C. Foster, F.D.Hugo, E.G.Jansen, J.Lang, J.J.Page, B.Price, O.Siedle, R.C.Streeten, B.Taute, A.D.Viney, W.Wiley 
Gb4   Men on Active Service 15 items 1942-1945 
  Correspondents: G.W.Blake, R.D.Crawford, J.K.Donald, J.Hodd, M. Hofmeyr, E.N,.Kramer, K.Kuhne, S.McTavish, T.Munton, L.Rubin, C.Spargo, E.Swales, K.Whyte 
  News from young men who had been befriended by Hofmeyr and comments on the war 
Gb5  Cricket 
  Arrangements for a cricket tour of a Transvaal team, the Hofmeyr XI, to the Eastern Province, Border and Transkei 
  Also "Tale of a tour" by J.P.Duminy 17p. Ts. 
Gb5.2   Score books and sheets 
Gb5.2.1   Administrator's Touring Team 1928-1929 
Gb5.2.2   Parliamentarians 1940 
Gb5.2.3   Hofmeyr XI 1941 
Gb5.2.4   Parliamentarians 1945-1946 
Gb5.2.5   Parliamentarians 1947 
Gb5.2.6   Hofmeyr XI 1947 
Gb5.3   Printed Items 
Gb5.3.1   The M.C.C. team in South Africa, 1922-1923 with special sketch of South Africa's international cricket history by Capt.I.D.Difford 64p. 
Gb5.3.2   Annual report of the South African Cricket Association, 1948 30p. 
Gb6   Rhodes Scholarships 17 items 1923-1934 
  Circular letters, addressed to Hofmeyr, from the warden of Rhodes House, reporting on the activities of Rhodes schoiars. 
  Also memoranda to the Selection Committees 
Gb7   Property 
Gb7.1   Welgemeend and Woolsack, Cape Town 36 items 1943-1945 
  Correspondents: K.Campbell, Dr H.Hofmeyr, J.H.S.Hofmeyr, E.A. Ke11away, B.W.Malan, C .van Riet Lowe, G.B.van Zyl 
  Threat of expropriation of Welgemeend for educational purposes and the proclamation of Welgemeend and Woolsack as national monuments 
Gb7.2   191 William Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria 15 items 1948 
  Deed of lease between R.H.Baker, owner, and J.H.Hofmeyr, tenant, correspondence and accounts from the City Ocuncil of Pretoria and receipts from lawyers for rent 
Gb8   Hofmeyr Family 25 items 1932-1944 
  Correspondents: A.Andrew de Smidt, L.Hofmeyer, J.H.S.Hofmeyr, Bp.W.Parker, D.J.Pieterse 
  Research into the Hofmeyr Family and the bicentenary of the arrival of the Hofmeyrs in South Africa 
  Also confirmation certificate of Alida Catherina Reinetta Hofmeyr (born 9 Jul.1884), 15 Dec.1901, family tree 1912 and speech delivered by Hofmeyr at the bicentenary 
Gb9   Balliol College 14 items 1913-1940 
  College accounts, congratulations on obtaining a double first in Classical Honour Moderations 1914, list of names for viva voce examinations 1916, admission as B.A. 1921 and Principal's address 1940 
  Includes undated note by Harold Macmillan congratulating Hofmeyr on a fine speech 
Gc   Invitations, Programmes, Menus etc. 22 items 1913-1946 
Gc1  Programme of the Afrikaanse Vereniging van Londen: gesellige samekoms in die Holborn Restaurant, 16 Dec.1913 
Gc2   Bradfield College, Berkshire: Greek theatre, 16 Jun.1914 
Gc3  Dinner at The Edward VII Rooms, The Hotel Victoria, London, to Lt.Gen. J.C.Smuts, given by the South African Community in London, 6 Jul.1921 
Gc4  Caledonian Society of Johannesburg: St.Andrew's dinner, 12 Dec.1921 
Gc5   Oxford and Cambridge dinner, Johannesburg, 24 Mar.1923 
Gc6  Dinner to Oxford University Athletic Club, Johannesburg, 29 Aug.1923 Attached are programmes for athletic events 
Gc7  Dinner in honour of the Oxford University Athletics, South African Athletics, S.A.Universities Athletics, Johannesburg, 15 Sep.1923 
Gc8  University of the Witwatersrand: complimentary dinner to J.H.Hofmeyr on his appointment as Administrator of the Transvaal, 28 Mar.1924 
Gc9  Souvenir for the opening of the Sports Ground, Lad's Hostel, Norwood, by the Administrator of the Transvaal, 25 Oct.1924 
Gc10  Municipal Council of Pretoria: dinner in honour of the English Touring Cricket Team, 26 Nov.1924 
Gc11  Visit of H.R.H.The Prince of Wales to the Province of Transvaal. Pretoria Club. 20 Jun.1925 
Gc12  Dinner to welcome to Pretoria the members of the Oxford and Cambridge Universities' Boxing Team, Pretoria Club, 12 Aug.1926 
Gc13   0fficial hoisting of the flags of the Union, Union Buildings, Pretoria: programme, 31 May 1928 
Gc14  Table plan for luncheon to Hofmeyr by the Royal Empire Society, Hotel Victoria, 19 Apr.1929 
Gc15  Table plan for City luncheon in Cannon Street Hotel given by the South African Luncheon Club for J.H.Hofmeyr, 14 May 1929 
Gc16   Menu for R.M.M.V. "Carnarvon Castle", 9 June 1929 
Gc17  Transvaal Indian Congress: Farewell Banquet in honour of the Kunwar Sir Maharaj Singh, agent of the Goverment of India in South Africa, Johannesburg, 3 Jan.1935 
Gc18  South African Delegation to India, 1936: menu cards 4 items 
Gc19  Greetings for Xmas 1943 from 6th Oxfordshire (Oxford City) Bn Home Guard Railway Platoon, 1943 (linocut by Babu King) 
Gc20   Houses of Parliament, Cape Town: luncheon menu, 20 Mar.1946 
Gc21  Invitation to dine at the Petit Palais, undated  
Gc22  List of guests at Transvaal dinner, undated 
Gd   Documents 10 items 1916-1947 
Gd1   Passport, issued 8 Jun.1916 
Gd2   Letter of appointment from the South African School of Mines, appointing Hofmeyr to the Chair of Classics, 25 Jan.1917 
Gd3   Pass issued to J.H.Hofmeyr during the Rand Strike. 13 Mar.1922  
  Accompanied by a letter of explanation from Hofmeyr to H.R.Raikes 
Gd4   Statement of results. University of South Africa, for law exams, 1932 
Gd5   Certificate that J.H.Hofmeyr has been enrolled as a member of the South African Institute of the Boot and Shoe Industry, 28 Sep.1940 
Gd6   Yellow fever inoculation certificate, 23 Aug.1944 and vaccination certificate, 8 Oct.1945 
Gd7   Identification card, Middle East Forces, 11 Sep.1944 
Gd8   Clothing book, London, 1945-1946 
Gd9   National registration temporary identity card, 19 Jan.1946 
Gd10   Expression of thanks from the United Party for Hofmeyr's war work, 12 Nov.1947 
Ge   Testimonials and Tributes 
Ge1   Testimonial from South African College on Hofmeyr's scholastic record, 10 Sep.1913 1p. Ts. 
Ge2   Testimonial from A.W.Pickard-Cambridge, Fellow and Tutor of Balliol College, Oxford, 26 Jan.1916 3p. Ts. 
Ge3   Testimonial from A.D.Lindsay, Fellow and Tutor of Balliol College, Qxford, 26 Jun.1916 1p. Ms. 
Ge4   Testimonial from W.Ritchie, M.A., South African Co11ege, to Hofmeyr's academic career and work as his assistant, 13 Nov.1916 1p. Ms. 
Ge5   Testimonial to Hofmeyr's work as Professor of Classics, South African School of Mines and Technology, signed by the Principal,G.S.Corstophine, 27 Mar.1918 2p. Ts. 
Ge6   Hofmeyr - what mark will he leave in history, The Forum, 18 May 1940 2p. Ptd. 
Ge7   From Van Riebeeck to Hofmeyr. By Alan Paton, The Forum, 13 Nov. 1948 2p. Ptd. 
Ge8   Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr: a personal talk and tribute by T.J.Haarhoff, 1948 6p. Ts. Accompanied by a letter from Haarhoff to Mrs Hofmeyr, 27 Nov.1949 
Ge9   Tributes to Hofmeyr from Edgar Brookes, Alan Paton, T.J.Haarhoff, J.P.Cope, G.Saron and A.B.Xuma, The Forum, 11 Dec.1948 Sp. Ptd. 
Ge10   In memoriam: J.H.Hofmeyr by S.C.Kachelhoffer, Christian Education, Dec.1948 3p. Ptd. 
Ge11   A tribute to Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr, 1949 1p. Ts 
Ge12   Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr. Signed M.P. Undated 4p. Ts. 
Gf   Photographs ,5f  
Gf1   Hofmeyr 
Gf1.1   Album of photographs 1 vol. 1947 
  Taken during the visit of Hofmeyr as Minister of Mines for the"Cutting of the First Sod Ceremony, Freddies North Lease Area Ltd and Freddies South Lease Area Ltd", O.F.S., 11 Jul.1947 
Gf1.2   Mounted 
Gf1.2.1   Hofmeyr as a boy of about 12, with cat on shoulder 
Gf1.2.2   Hofmeyr as a young man 
Gf1.2.3.   Hofmeyr, with mother, and two others, unidentified 
Gf1.2.4   Hofmeyr, being presented with the volume of the Hebrew "Thesaurus" by Leon Feldberg 
Gf1.2.5  Hofmeyr, in group 
Gf1.3  Loose 9 items Undated 
Gf1.3.1   Taken at home, including one with cat, and one of his mother 6 items 
Gf1.3.2   with two young ladies 3 items 
Gf2   Other 
Gf2.1   Identified 
Gf2.1.1   S.A.Morrison, Dec.1927 
Gf2.1.2   Ronald S.Dewar, Xmas 1936 
Gf2.1.3   G.Kramer, 9 Nov.1940 
Gf2.1.4   Edwin Swales, June 1941 
Gf2.1.5   Leif Egeland and wife, 5 Feb.1944 
Gf2.1.6   Visit of Royal Family to Cape Town, 1947 3 items 
Gf2.1.7   General Smuts, Undated 
Gf2.1.8   Copy of portrait of C.N.de Wet 
Gf2.1.9   Copy of effigy of Paul Kruger 
Gf2.1.10   Boys Camp, Undated 24 items 
Gf2.2   Unidentified 16 items 
Gg   Commonplace book 1 vol. 
  Poetry, prose and quotations 
Ha   Abe Bailey Trust 32 items 1937—1947  
  Correspondent: Syfret's Trust Company Limited  
  Administration of the Trust, of which Hofmeyr was a member.  
  Includes copy of Sir Abe Bailey's last will and testament, financial statements and minutes of meetings of trustees 
Hb   Ballioi College Boys Club 84 items 1916—1932 
  Correspondents: S.H.Paradise and various old boys such as C. Bampton, B.Broadway, A.E.Charlton and R.Wakelin 
  Activities of the Boys Club and news of old boys, including annual report 1915-1916 and photographs 
Hc  Cape Town Boys Christian Association 1 notebook 1906 Aug.4-1909 Aug.29 
  Minutes of committee meetings 
Hd   Students Christian Association 73 items 1927-1934 
  Correspondents: S.McTavish, A.Mason, N.Nuttall, A.Plumpton, T.Rogan, E.Swales, R.Williams 
  Activities of the Association, camps, sport and news of members  
He  Toc 8 items 1936-1946 
  Correspondents: Rev P.B.Clayton, E.Tucker, O.S.Watkins, E.E.White  
  1936 Administration of Toc H in South Africa 
  1937 Congratulations on his address to Toc H on the 'native question'  
  1940 Thanks for Hofmeyr's support of Toc H in South Africa 
  1946 All Hallows by the Tower (Guild Church of Toc H) restoration fund 
Hf   Y.M.C.A. 9 items 1947-1948 
  Correspondent: P.Guinness (World's Alliance of Y.M.C.A.$)  
  Invitation to Hofmeyr to write one of a series of special articles for Y.M.C.A.'s 'World Communiqué', 1948 
  Includes article by Hofmeyr 'Africa's challenge to the Y.M.C.A.' (5p. Ts.) and report and resolutions of Executive Committee of World's Committee of Y.M.C.A.s (31p. Ts.) 
Hg   Y.M.C.A. - TOC H War Funds Trust 15 items 
  1946-1948 Correspondent: A.G.Douglas, Secretary  
  Applications for grants and administration of the Trust 
  Includes minutes of meetings of the Trust, of which Hofmeyr was chairman, and financial statements 
Ja   South African College 47 notebooks Ms 
Jb   0xford 12 notebooks and 114 items  
Jb1  Notebooks 12 notebooks Ms 
Jb2  Essays and Notes 114 items Ms & Ts 1913-1914 .  
Jb2.1  Ethics and philosophy 
Jb2.2  Greek prose and verse 
Jb2.3   Latin prose 
Jb2.4   Ancient history 
Jb2.5  Roman history 
Jb2.6  Greek history and essays 
Jc   University of the Witwatersrand 21 notebooks Ms  
  Notes used when Professor of Classics 1916-1919 
Jd   Law Notes 10 notebooks 
  Used when studying for LL.B from UNISA, including constitutional law, international law, Roman law and Bills of Exchange 
Je   Examination Papers 
Je1   University of the Cape of Good Hope 8 items 1912-1917  
  B.A. Latin and Greek 
Je2   University of Cape Town 5 items 1919  
  B.A. Latin 
Je3  Oxford University Examination Papers: public examination Honour School of Literae Humaniores 7 items 1912-1916 
Je4   Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examination Board: papers for School Certificates, Jul.1930 1 item 
Je5  Oxford Local Examinations: natural science and other schedules, 1933 
Je6   Rhodes University College. B.A.Latin, 1921 
Je7  University of South Africa. Roman-Dutch Law and timetables, 1931-1932 3 items 
Je8   University of the Witwatersrand (South African School of Mines and Technology) Latin and Greek Papers 14 items 1918-1922 
Ka   Scrap-books compiled by F.H.Millington, Thetford 
Ka1   On Lord Morley 10 vols. 1902-1914 
Ka2  Religion and science 1 vol. 1906-1907 
Kb   Scrap-books compiled by J.H.Hofmeyr 
Kb1   Scrap-book kept by Hofmeyr as a child 1 vol. 1899  
  Contains scraps and religious texts 
Kb2   Hofmeyr as Principal and Administrator 1 vol. 1919-1925 
Kb3   General 8 vols 1919-1948 
Kb3.1   1919 (1929-1946) - 1946 
  Article on the University's chief function when Transvaal University College became a university, 1919; articles written by Hofmeyr after his return from Europe 1929; politics 1931-1946 
Kb3.2   1929-1945 
  Articles in the Pretoria News by Hofmeyr on his visit to East Africa, Egypt, Palestine, Greece, Italy and Britain 1929; articles on cricket 1936-1945 
Kb3.3  1929-1939 
  Reports of Hofmeyr's visit to Britain 1929, election 1929, gold standard 1932, Native Bill 1936, Mixed Marriages Bill 1937, inaugural speech as Chancellor of the University of the Witwaters­rand 1939. Also articles on Hofmeyr by Arthur G.Barlow, J.P.Cope and G.A.Heard. 
Kb3.4   1931-1933 
  Reviews of Hofmeyr's book South Africa 1931, politics, gold standard, government's policy towards Non-Europeans, negotiations for coalition of parties 
Kb3.5   1932-1948 
  State finance, taxation, provincial system 1932, gold premium 1933, anti-Semitism, article on C.J.Rhodes by Hofmeyr, race relations, resignation of Hofmeyr and Blackwell from United Party caucus 1939, South Africa and the war 1939, articles on Hofmeyr 
Kb3.6   1936-1937 
  On the abdication of Edward VIII and the coronation of George VI Kb3.7  
Kb3.7  1937 
  Politics, Aliens Bill, Marketing Bill, delimitation proposals, South West Africa, oath to be taken by the dominions to George VI, mixed marriages, nationality question 
Kb3.8   1938 
  Union's constitution, election, republicanism, Dominion Party, national anthem, Heaton Nicho11s' resignation from Native Affairs Commission, representation for Indians, fascism 
Kb4 Visit of the South African Parliamentary delegation to India, 1936
Kc   Loose Press Clippings 4 files 1924-1948, 1949 & 1959 
Kc1   1924-1936 
  Politics, finance, gold standard 1931, mines taxation 1933, coalition negotiations 1933-1934, Jewish immigration 1936 
Kc2   1936 
  On Hofmeyr's visit to India as one of the parliamentary delegation and the position of Indians in South Africa. 
  Includes photograph in The Hindu, 17 Sep.1936, of Mahatma Gandhi taken while practising as an attorney in South Africa 
Kc3   1937-1948, 1949 & 1959 
  Hofmeyr's stand on the Asiatic question, Aliens Bill 1937, liberalism, segregation, South Africa's participation in the war, post-war problems, Cape franchise and the entrenched clauses 1948, economic aspects of apartheid, policy of the United Party, honours bestowed on Hofmeyr and obituaries on him, Alan Paton's lecture on Hofmeyr 1949 and the death of Hofmeyr's mother 1959 
Kc4   Undated 
  Cartoon of Hofmeyr and articles on him, politics, Cape native franchise, position of Indians, South West Africa. Includes article from the Osaka Daily News on Hofmeyr's gaining B.A. at the age of 15 
Kd   Postcards 2 albums & 43 loose items c.1903-1912 
  Scenes of Britain, Europe, Tenerife, Madeira, Rhodesia; South West Africa and South Africa. The South African scenes include Caledon, Cape Town, Ceres, Colesberg, Cradock, Durban, East London, Genadendal, Grahamstown, Harrismith, Hermanus, Johannesburg, Kimberley, Paarl, Potchefstroom, Robertson, Somerset East, Somerset Strand, Stellenbosch, Swellendam, Wellington and Worcester. Also postcards issued as mementoes of the South African War, 1899-1902, and humorous cards 
Ke   Greetings Cards 8 items c.1937-1938 
La   Publications by Political Parties 
La1  Dominion Party 2 items Undated 
La1.1   Programme of Principles Undated 1p. 
La1.2   Fusion truths: out of their own mouths they are convicted. The United Republicans Undated 1p. 
La2   National Party 4 items 1929-1936 
La2.1   Nasionale Party van die 0ranje Vrystaat: beginsels, konstitusie,statute, 1929 40p. 
La2.2   Die Nasionale Party van die Kaapprovinsie: program van beginsels en konstitusie, 1930 54p. 
La2.3  Nasionale Party van Transvaal' beginsels en konstitusie sowel as die statute, 1931 40p. 
La2.4   Kaaplandse Nasionale Party: die wrange vrug van koalisie en samesmelting 1933-1935 47p. 
La3   South African Party 7 items 1915- 1929 
La3.1   Speeches delivered by General L.Botha and ministers at the S.A.P. Special Congress at Bloemfontein, 1915 22p. 
La3.2   Stenografies verslag van Herenigings Kongres to Bloemfontein, 23 Sep. 1920 geverifieerd door Vertengenwoordigden van S.A.P. en N.P. 31p. 
La3.3   Secession: the leading documents, June 1924 25p. 
La3.4   Memorandum oor die regering se naturelle en kleurlinge wetsontwerpe,1926 22p. 
La3.5   Generaal Smuts oor die status van die unie op die Suidafrikaanse Party Provinsiale Kongres van Transvaal, 1926 14p. . 
La3.6   Programme of principles, rules and regulations of the South AfricanParty, 1928 17p. 
La3.7   Die naturelle-vraagstuk: die algemene verkiesing van 1929 en die  
  "Swart Manifes". Waarvan die S.A.Party beskuldig word 4p. 
La3.8  Here it is: a brief outline of party politics in South Africa during the past quarter of a century Undated 63p. 
La4   United Party 12 items 1938-1946 
La4.1   The Union and the British Commonwealth: friendly links or handcuffs, freedom or the policeman, racialism or peace. The back-slidings of Colonel Stallard, c.1938 2p. 
La4.2   The national coalition government 1939-1942: its work for war and peace 89p. 
La4.3   Newsletters: issued by A.A.Oosthuizen, General-Secretary, United Party Head 0ffice, Nos.25-36, 1942 
La4.4   A guide to politics for young and old, c.1944 53p. 
La4.5   South African "nationalism" its black record in the war 1939-1945 104p. 
La4.6   Program of principles, constitution and nomination regulations of the United Party, 1946 2Cp. 
La4.8  Meet the Nationalist Party: a guide to purified nationalism Undated 3Op. 
La4.9   The Nationalist Party's great political fraud Undated 13p. 
La4.10   South African "nationalism": a revealing examination of the ideology of the Herenigde Nasionale Party Undated 24p. 
La4.11   Nationalist Party policy? A series of extracts from the speeches of its leaders Undated 16p. 
La4.12   Gesuiwerde bewerings weerle Undated 45p. 
Lb   Publications: General 13 items 1911-1948 
Lb1  Pamphlets 
Lb1.1   "The future of Africa." Issued by the Student Volunteer Missionary Union, 1911 5p. 
Lb1.2   "My Keswick" notebook and programme, 1915 74p. 
Lb1.3   "The Worshipful company of Drapers" almanac and pocket diary, 1921 49p. 
Lb1.4   "The other side: some recent speeches in parliament", c.1938 31p. 
Lb1.5   "Totalitariese uitdaging Afrikaner erfenis" (signed by 14 academics at Stellenbosch University), 1941 1p. 
Lb1.6   57th meeting of Cape Town citizens: illustrated souvenir, Mar.1945 28p. 
Lb1.7   Souvenir of Bonnie Scotland. Autographed by R.H.Buchanan, Dec.1946 16p. 
Lb1.8   "The tale of a library [Grahamstown] 1827-1948" by C.C.Wiles, 1948 42p. Contains Ms notes written by Hofmeyr. 
Lb1.9   "Town Hall of Geneva: history of the plow and pruning-hook" Undated2p. 
Lb1.10   "Chivalry" Undated 8p. Ms notes on last page 
Lb1.11   "Die Duerckheim Rapport: offisiele dokumente oor Nazi Komplot in die unie. Beoogde anneksasie" Undated 15p. 
Lb1.12   "The sons of South Africa' constitution" Undated 16p. 
Lc   Journals 
Lc1   De Goede Hoop, 15 Nov.1919 
  Pages 167-171 contain an article 'Die Kaapse stamvader van de Hofmeijr-Geslag' 
Lc2   The Forum,VII, No.11, 3 Apr.1948 
  Special issue on the Native Laws (Fagan) Commission 
Ld   Maps 
Ld1   The British Association for the Advancement of Science: atlas supplement of South Africa presented to members of British Association who visited South Africa 1929 
Ld2   Philips' war map of the Far East 1 sheet 1944 
Le  Music 
Le1   "Fair land of glory - South Africa". By Telford Brays 2p. Undated  
  Autographed by the composer 
Le2   Varsity songs 5p. Ts 
Lf   Ephemera 15 items 1891-1947 
Lf1   Copy of 10 pound note issued by the National Bank of Z.A.Republic, 10 Apr. 1891 
Lf2  De Pot en de Ketel', printed in silk, for the election 1892 
Lf3   Afrikaanse liedere kultuurvereniging, Frankfort, O.V.S., 2 Dec.1933 
Lf4   Profound memento for diamond jubilee celebrations of the Aga Khan, 1885-1945 
Lf5   Presentation booklet of the stamps to commemorate the royal visit, 1947 
Lf6   Afrikaanse volksliedere Undated 
Lf7   The Boar's Head Carol as sung at St.John's College, Johannesburg Undated  
  Contains Ms notes by Hofmeyr 
Lf8   Visiting card for Mev.J.H.de Wet, with Ms notes by Hofmeyr on it. Undated 
Lf9   Commercial Road Athletic Club (Oxford): one penny in aid of the football section funds Undated 
Lf10  Finger-print sheet for European male Undated 
Lf11   Between my lord and me. By the Rt.Rev H.C.G.Moule, Bp.of Durham Undated 
Lf12   In time of trouble: South African Mission Leaflet Series Undated 
Lf13   Calendar, with signatures on the back 
Lf14   Visiting card Mr R.J.Bowker, His Brittanic Majesty's minister  
Lf15   Mr Justice Schreiner 
Lg   Items presented by Mrs D.C.Hofmeyr in memory of J.H.Hofmeyr 
Lg1  The constitution of Norway 25p. 
Lg2   Typed list of books presented to the University of the Witwatersrand 62p. 
Lg3   A complete dictionary of ancient and modern Hebrew by Eliezer Ben Yehuda. Dedicated to J.H.Hofmeyr, 1940 280p. 
Lh   Cartoons 21 items c.1933-1935 
Lh1  Supplement to The New Statesman and Nation 12 items 1933 
  Cartoons by Low of S.Baldwin, E.Bevin, A.Einstein, W.Elliot, A.Huxley, J.M.Keynes, S.Maugham, J.Maxton, Sir J.Reith, Sir J.Simon, M.Stopes and P.G.Wodehouse 
Lh2   Supplement to The New Statesman and Nation: League personalities 8 items 1935 
  Cartoons by Kapp of Aga Khan, Dr Benes, Viscount Cecil, S.de Madariaga, Dr Goebbels, T.Hawariate, A.Henderson, Sir S.Hoare 
Lh3   Hand-drawn cartoon by H.Lea on the state of the world  
Lj  Speeches and Addresses 14 items 1918-1949 
Lj1  The problem of modern democracy: introductory lecture 1918 by Professor A.R.Lord to the Social Welfare League, Grahamstown 12p. Ptd. 
Lj2  Address by the Rector of Potchefstroom University College, Dr F. Postma, 1 Jun.1926 4p. Ptd (From Die Kerkblad) 
Lj3   Graduation address at Fort Hare by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of South Africa, F.D.Hugo, 12 Jun.1935 10p. Ts. 
Lj4   The university in civic training: chancellor's address to the University of Cape Town by J.C.Smuts, 1936 15p. Ts. 
Lj5   Spiritual mobilisation: address at the University of Athens by I. Metaxas, Prime Minister of Greece, 11 Nov.1940 3p. Ts. 
Lj6  A suggested Smuts' memorial lecture. By W.Cullen, Sep.1945 6p. Ts. 
Lj7   Survey of race relations 1947/1948: presidential address by E.H. Brookes to be delivered at the council meeting of the South African Institute of Race Relations at Cape Town, Jan.1949 15p. Ts. 
Lj8   Address by C.D.Hope at the prize-giving of Potchefstroom College (now known as High School) Undated 3p. Ptd. 
Lj9   Speech of Lord Rosebery at the opening of a horticultural exhibition in Edinburgh Undated 8p. Ms 
Lj10   Address at the Guildhall Banquet by General J.B.Hertzog Undated 2p. Ptd. 
Lj11   0ur Christian ethical system waits for the Christian Einstein: presidential address to Wesleyan Conference by Rev.Luke Wiseman Undated 1p. Ptd. (From Public Opinion) 
Lj12   Some thoughts on oracles and oracular responses: lecture to the Johannesburg branch of the Classical Association by T.J.Haarhoff Undated 8p. Ts. 
Lj13  Chairman's remarks to the annual general meeting of The Forum (Prop.) Ltd Undated 4p. Ts. 
Lj14   Address on the freedom of the press 8p. Ts. 
Lk   Broadcasts 21 items 1940-1941 
Lk1  Radio Bulletins, Washington 12 items 1940-1941 
Lk2   Why South Africa Fights 5 items 1941 
Lk2.1   South Africa fights for religion as reality: broadcast talk in Afrikaans by the Rev.D.J.Malan, 31 Jan.1941 8p. Ts. 
Lk2.2   South Africa defends this freedom: radio talk by Prof T.J.Haarhoff, 6 Feb.1941 7p. Ts. 
Lk2.3   Is democracy worthy of our sacrifice?: radio broadcast by Prof N.J. Drummer, 10 Feb.1941 9p. Ts. 
Lk2.4   The Nazi new order - a fraud: broadcast talk by Senator G.Heaton Nicholls, 10 Apr.1941 9p. Ts. 
Lk2.5   Native Africa at the cross roads: broadcast by Mrs Margaret Ballinger, M.P., 1 May 1941 9p. Ts. 
Lk3   Broadcasts by General Smuts 4 items 1940-1941 
Lk3.1   On a visit to the troops in North Africa, 4 Nov.1940 5p. Ts. Lk3.2  
Lk3.2  On the events of the war during 1940, 31 Dec.1940 7p. Ts. Lk3.3  
Lk3.3  Review of the events of the war, 1940 6p. Ts. 
Lk3.4  Review of the events of the war, 1941 8p. Ts. 
Lk3.5   On the "V" sign Undated 3p. Ts. 
Lm  Articles 7 items c.1935-1944 
Lm2   Points of the Atlantic Charter, c.1944 1p. Ts. 
Lm3   Dr.D.F.Malan — toe en nou. Opgestel deur Ds S.W.Naude Undated 10p. Ts. 
Lm4   An analysis of certain aspects of nationalism. By E.Brookes Undated 5p. Ts. 
Lm5   In praise of Dr.W.C.Viljoen, Superintendent General of Education, by W.W.Mdiya Undated 2p. Ts. 
Lm6   The dilemma of the liberal in South Africa Undated 5p. Ts. 
Lm7   'Catty': an article on cats Undated 1p. Ptd. 
Ln   Poetry 5 items c.1941-1945 
Ln1   Jan Christiaan Smuts. By J.D.Kamson. In Hebrew and English, 10 Mar. 1941 4p. Ts. Autographed 
Ln2   Victory. By Leonard Flemming, May 1945 1p. Ts. Autographed 
Ln3   Afskeid. By Dr C.Hofmeyr Undated 1p. Ts. Bears an inscription, reminding Hofmeyr that they met on the train from Queenstown to Johannesburg on 16 Jan.1929 
Ln4   From a poet who writes in the language of the Bible to a man who reveres the Bible. By J.D.Kamson Undated 1p. Ms. 
Ln5   "Oh Mr Hofmeyr 0h Mr Hofmeyr": skit on the music hall song, about Hofmeyr and the University of the Witwatersrand Undated 1p. Ms. 
Lo   Manuscripts intended for Publication 
Lo1   Louis Botha: a play in four acts. By A.Paton. 59p. Ts. Accompanied by a letter, 4 Apr.1933, to Mrs Lewis Casson (Dame Sybil Thorndike) from J.H.Hofmeyr, asking her to look at the play 
Lo2   In quest of common sense. By J.S.Lapalisse 230p. Ts. 
  Accompanied by correspondence between Hofmeyr and Ernest Benn. Limited Publishers, 1942, about the publication of this book on post-war reconstruction in Europe. 
M1  Memorandum on the formation of the Hofmeyr Society to encourage the 
  United Party, 30 Aug.1950 3p. Ts. 
M2   Notice about 1st meeting of the Hofmeyr Society, 15 Sep.1950 1p.Ts 
M3   Draft appeal to liberals to form a new political party 7p. Ts. 
M4   Notice of meetings of the Hofmeyr Society, 16 Oct.1950 1p. Ts. 
M5   Summary of a paper by Miss Eleanor Hawarden on "How to strengthen the United Party" 2p. Ts.