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Collection Index:INDEPENDENT BOARD OF INQUIRY (IBI) 1989-1996
Collection Name:INDEPENDENT BOARD OF INQUIRY (IBI) 1989-1996
 Copyright 2012, Historical Papers, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
 The digitisation of the IBI reports (2) was made possibly by a generous grant from Carnegie Corporation (Deborah Wilson, Digital Archivist, November 2012)   
Constitution and History of IBIIR   
Reports - Annual and Monthly Reports   
Memoranda and articles   
General administration   
Special Topics   
Harms Commission documents   
Reports and documents on specific areas   
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Flyers, stickers, circulars   
1.1 Constitution and History of the Independent Board, Briefing Document and Founding Statement   
1.2 Minutes of Meetings 1990-1996   
2.1 Annual Reports 2 items   
2.1.1 IBI Annual Report - 1994   
2.1.2 IBI Annual Report - 1996   
2.2 Monthly Reports 1990 - 1994 3 boxes   
2.2.1 IBI Monthly Report - March 1990   
 Subjects include:   
 Hit squads and the Civil Co-operation Bureau   
 Frank Chikane poisoning   
2.2.2 IBI Monthly Report - April 1990   
2.2.3 IBI Monthly Report - May 1990   
 Subjects include:   
 Harms Commission: hit squads, CCB   
 Hiemstra Commission: CCB   
 Goldstone Commission: Shootings by police of Sebokeng marchers   
2.2.4 IBI Monthly Report - June 1990   
 Subjects include:   
 Harms Commission   
 Hiemstra Commission   
 Goldstone Commission   
 Parson Commission of Inquiry into unrest in KwaNdebele in 1986   
 Hit squads   
2.2.5 IBI Monthly Report - July 1990   
 Subjects include:   
 Harms Commission   
 Right-wing activities   
 Sebokeng clashes   
 List of incidents of Informal Repression   
2.2.6 IBI Monthly Report - August 1990   
 Subjects include:   
 Violence in the Reef townships: Katlehong, Thokoza, Vosloorus, Soweto, Kwathema   
 Inkatha attacks - trains   
2.2.7 IBI Monthly Report - September 1990   
 Subjects include:   
 Violence on the Reef: including Sebokeng massacre   
 Goldstone Commission   
 Hiemstra Commission   
2.2.8 IBI Monthly Report - October 1990   
 Subjects include:   
 Daily report on Reef Township violence   
 Other areas: Cape Town, Natal   
2.2.9 IBI Monthly Report - November 1990   
 Subjects include:   
 Township violence: includes Zonk'Izizwe, Katlehong, Sebokeng Vigilante activities   
 Johannesburg City Council's spy ring   
2.2.10 IBI Monthly Report - December 1990 - January 1991   
 Subjects include:   
 Phola Park   
 Vigilante attacks   
 Township violence: Sebokeng, Braklaagte   
 Judgment in case of Lt. Neethling v the Vrye Weekblad and the Weekly Mail   
 Attacks on individuals: Chris Dlamini, Bheki Mkhize   
 Civil Co-operation Bureau   
2.2.11 IBI Monthly Report - February 1991   
 Subjects include:   
 Attacks on individuals: Bheki Mlangeni, Frank Chikane, Sam Ntuli, Solly Rasmeni, Bheki Mkhize, Winkie Mabiletse   
 Civil Co-operation Bureau   
 Reef Violence: Sebokeng, train attacks, East Rand   
2.2.12 IBI Monthly Report - March 1991   
 Subjects include:   
 Civil Co-operation Bureau   
 Bheki Mlangeni assassination   
 Ebrahim Ismail Ebrahim   
 Attacks on individuals: Mhlabunzima Maphumulo, Mzomdanza Mpungose,   
 Harry Gwala   
 Townships violence: Alexandra, Mzimhlope, Sebokeng   
 Train attacks   
2.2.13 IBI Monthly Report - April 1991   
 Subjects include:   
 Civil Co-operation Bureau   
 Lt.-Gen Lothar Neethling   
 Japie Maponya inquest   
 Attacks on individuals: Moses Khumalo, Kgabisi Mosunkutu, Oupa Motingoa, Eric Ngwane and Gabriel Lelake   
 Township violence: Daveyton, Alexandra, Soweto, East Rand, Sebokeng   
 Train attacks   
2.2.14 IBI Monthly Report - May 1991   
 Subjects include:   
 Peace initiatives   
 Reef Violence: Soweto, Sebokeng, Swanieville, Bekkersdal, East Rand,Alexandra   
2.2.15 IBI Monthly Report - June 1991   
 Subjects include:   
 Civil Co-operation Bureau   
 Attacks on individuals: Mziwonke "Pro" Jack, Mhleli Mgwayi, Phanuel Molaudzi, Jackie Matjili, Samuel Itumeleng Padi and Nokuzola Ncalo   
 Reef violence: intimidation, Sebokeng, Soweto, Swanieville, Alexandra, train attacks   
 Eastern Cape: Ciskei, Sebe and Guzana inquest, Transkei   
2.2.16 IBI Monthly Report - July 1991   
 Subjects include:   
 IFP Funding scandal   
 Attacks on individuals: Michael Mapongwana   
 Reef violence: Kwa-Thema, Soweto, Swanieville, Vaal   
 The Border/Ciskei/Transkei region   
2.2.17 IBI Monthly Report - August 1991   
 Subjects include:   
 SAP: torture   
 Attacks on individuals   
 Reef violence: Alexandra, Daveton, Ermelo, Vaal, Mshenguville   
 Peace initiatives   
 The Border/Ciskei/Transkei region   
2.2.18 IBI Monthly Report - September 1991   
 Subjects include:   
 SAP: Welverdiend Unrest Unit   
 Attacks on individuals:Sam Ntuli, Papo John Manyakalla   
 Reef violence: East Rand, Soweto, Sebokeng, Swanieville, Koster   
 Train attacks   
 National Peace Accord   
 Natal: Maphumulo Inquest, Trust Feed Massacre   
2.2.19 IBI Monthly Report - October 1991   
 Subjects include:   
 SAP: torture and assault, Welverdiend Unrest Unit   
 Attacks on individuals: Vuyani "Mpinga" Mabaxa, Eric Landu, Nombali Nkopo, Basil Xuma, Boaz Mashele and Jackson Tsatsi   
 Reef violence: train attacks, Thokoza, Soweto, Alexandra   
 Natal: Trust Feed massacre, Maphumulo inquest   
 Ciskei/Border region   
2.2.20 IBI Monthly Report - November 1991   
 Subjects include:   
 Attacks on individuals: Phumzile Mbatha, Tsietsi Miya and Tokyo Sexwale   
 Reef violence: Train attacks, East Rand, Goldstone Commission, Daveyton inquest   
 Natal: Trust Feed massacre, Maphumulo inquest   
 Ciskei/Border region   
2.2.21 IBI Monthly Report - December 1991 - January 1992   
 Subjects include:   
 Covert funding of SAP and SADF   
 Reef violence: train attacks, Soweto   
 Eastern Cape   
2.2.22 IBI Monthly Report - February 1992   
 Subjects include:   
 SAP: torture   
 Civil Co-operation Bureau   
 Goldstone Commission of Inquiry into Covert Funding   
 Reef violence: Soweto, East Rand, Train attacks   
 Western Cape   
2.2.23 IBI Monthly Report - March 1992   
 Subjects include:   
 Goldstone Commission   
 Attacks on individuals: Saul Tsotetsi, Doctor Motsitsi, Tsepo Lengwati,Rangwani Lifiedi and Thabo Mosebi   
 Natal: Trust Feed massacre, Maphumulo Inquest   
 Reef violence: Alexandra, Soweto, East Rand, weapons and train attacks   
2.2.24 IBI Monthly Report - May 1992   
 Subjects include:   
 Murder of David Webster   
 Murder of Matthew Goniwe and others   
 SAP: covert operations   
 Goldstone Commission: 32 Battalion and train violence   
 Natal: Trust Feed massacre   
2.2.25 IBI Monthly Report - June 1992   
 Subjects include:   
 Bheki Mlangeni inquest   
 Colonel Jack Horak   
 Goldstone Commission: 32 Battalion   
 Reef violence: taxi attacks, train attacks and Boipatong massacre   
2.2.26 IBI Monthly Report - July and August 1992   
 Subjects include:   
 Third force: Dirk Coetzee, Gert Hugo, Murder of Matthew Goniwe   
 SAP: Waddington Report   
 Goldstone Commission: Alexandra, Boipatong, hostels, SADF funding, train violence   
2.2.27 IBI Monthly Report - September 1992   
 Subjects include:   
 SAP: Carletonville   
 Goldstone Commission   
 Natal: assassinations, Umgababa, Mooi River   
 Train violence   
 Reef violence: Ratanda, Sebokeng, Boipatong, Swanieville, Alexandra and East Rand   
2.2.28 Special Report on Bisho/Ciskei Shootings: 7 September 1992   
2.2.29 IBI Monthly Report - October 1992   
 Subjects include:   
 Civil Co-operation Bureau   
 National Intelligence Service   
 SAP: Carletonville   
 Goldstone Commission: undercover SAP houses in the Vaal, Boipatong   
 Assassinations: Reggie Hadebe, John Cele, Prince Mhlambi, Mpati Machitje, Sampo Mofokeng, Anna Kgwedi, Mokgele Sebete and Vusi Tsabalala   
 Natal: Mooi River, Joao Alberto Cuna   
 Train violence   
 Reef violence: Thokoza, Vaal, Swanieville   
 Ciskei and Border region   
2.2.30 IBI Monthly Report - November 1992   
 Subjects include:   
 Mlangeni inquest   
 David Webster inquest   
 Goldstone Commission: Ferdi Barnard/Military Intelligence link, train violence, allegations of Joao Cuna   
 Attacks on individuals: "Professor" Hlalanathi Sibankulu, Maria Xulu Natal   
 Reef violence: taxi violence in Springs and Pietersburg; Sebokeng; Boipatong; Thokoza; Ratanda   
2.2.31 IBI Monthly Report - December 1992 - January 1993   
 Subjects include:   
 Badger Unit within the SAP   
 Johnny Mokaleng allegations re police murders of detainees   
 Deaths in police custody   
 Itumeleng Padi Inquest   
 Death of Bongi Nyokong in Carletonville   
 David Webster inquest   
 Goldstone Commission investigations into APLA attacks, taxi violence, arms commission, Natal violence and police killings   
 Attacks on: Wiseman Cebisa and Themba Dlabongo, Doris Vilikazi and Philip Powell   
 Natal violence   
 Reef violence: taxi violence, train violence, Soweto, Bekkersdal, Vaal, Sebokeng, Ratanda and Thokoza   
 APLA attacks in the Eastern and Western Cape   
2.2.32 IBI Monthly Report - February 1993   
 Subjects include:   
 Civil Co-operation Bureau   
 Inquest of Bethuel Maphumulo   
 Shootings of Mlungiseleli Venkile and Zwelinjani Tshandu in Mdanstane, Natal violence, Reef violence, including: taxi and train violence, Daveyton, Thokoza, Swanieville, Tigane and Boipatong   
 Violence in Fort Beaufort   
2.2.33 IBI Monthly Report - March 1993   
 Subjects include:   
 Civil Co-operation Bureau   
 Suspension of 13 police in Carletonville   
 Nixon Phiri Inquest (Khutsong)   
 Goldstone Commission: attacks on policemen, taxi violence, APLA attacks and Natal violence   
 Attacks on Abdul Awetha, Mbongeni Zulu, Mxibilo Maria Mnguni, Alfred Miya, James Mthombeni and Sizwe Mkhwanazi   
 Racial attacks   
 Natal violence   
 Reef violence, including: train violence, the Vaal, attack on IFP members, the Khumalo gang in Thokoza and violence in Katlehong   
 Attack on Malcolm Hepburn by rightwing   
 Goniwe inquest   
2.2.34 IBI Monthly Report - April 1993   
 Subjects include:   
 National Peace Accord   
 Goldstone Commission, including:APLA and arms   
 Chris Hani assassination   
 Violence in Natal, particularly Tablle Mountain   
 Reef Violence: self-defence units, Soweto, the Vaal, Boipatong massacre, Eikenhof, Holomisa Park and Thokoza   
2.2.35 IBI Monthly Report - May 1993   
 Subjects include:   
 National Peace Accord   
 Conservative Party   
 Afrikaner Volksfront   
 Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging   
 train violence   
 Attacks on: Thumi Padi and Nokkuzola Ncalo; Joe Slovo; Chris Hani; Dennis Makhanya; Solly Smith; and Sydney Mufamadi   
 Violence in Natal, including: Bhambayi, Edendale and Kwamakhutla   
 Reef violence, including: Thokoza and the Boipatong massacre, Khutsong (Carletonville)   
 Michael Mapongwana inquest (Western Cape)   
2.2.36 IBI Monthly Report - June and July 1993   
 Subjects include:   
 Civil Co-operation Bureau   
 SAP's "Yankee Squad" (Vaal)   
 Dirk Coetzee   
 National Peace Accord   
 Goldstone Commission, including: attacks on members of the SAP, "Black Cats" gang in Ermelo, Crossroads, Joao Cuna, and the training of 200 IFP supporters in the Caprivi in 1986   
 Attacks on: Chris Hani, Joe Slovo and Vuyani Mabaxa   
 Natal violence: Port Shepstone and Table Mountain   
 Reef violence: Thokoza, Katlehong, Wadeville, Daveyton, Soweto, Khetisi Kheswa, Boipatong massacre, Eikenhof shootings   
 Khutsong (Carletonville)   
2.2.37 IBI Monthly Report - August 1993   
 Subjects include:   
 Rightwing, including Conservative Party   
 National Peace Accord   
 Goldstone Commission: Attacks on SAP, Caprivi hit-squads and militaryintelligence links to Cape violence   
 Attacks on Chris Hani and Walter Sisulu   
 Natal violence: Bhambayi and Table Mountain   
 Reef violence: Thokoza, including the murders of Prince Mhlambi, Mpati Machitje, Sampo Mofokeng, Mokgele Sebethe and Anna Khoeli; Katlehong;   
 Wadeville; Thembisa; Soweto; The Vaal, including, Khetsi Kheswa, the Boipatong Massacre and Eikenhof shootings; and train attacks   
 St. James massacre   
 Goniwe Inquest   
2.2.38 IBI Monthly Report - September 1993   
 Subjects include:   
 National Intelligence Service   
 Police and Civil Rights Union (POPCRU)   
 National Peace Accord   
 Goldstone Commission: Inquiry into KwaZulu Police Attacks on Walter Sisulu and Peter Mokaba   
 Reef violence: Thokoza; forced evictions on East Rand; Wadeville; Duduza; Soweto; Sharpeville and train attacks   
 Goniwe inquest   
2.2.39 IBI Monthly Report - October and November 1993   
 Subjects include:   
 SADF Raid in Umtata   
 Goldstone Commission   
 Attacks on: Chris Hani, John Lawrence, Walter Sisulu, Abraham Vilakazi, Wilson Maseko, Mischalk Motha, Mandla Mabaso, Essop Pahad, Zolana Mcetywa, Joe Slovo, Felix Mvelase and Michion Mkize   
 Natal: self protection units, Folweni and Nqutu   
 Reef and Vaal violence: Thokoza, ISU's and SDU's on East Rand, Michael Pharma and trains   
 Murder of Amy Biehl   
2.2.40 IBI Monthly Report - December 1993 - January 1994   
 Subjects include:   
 Rightwing: Afrikaner Volksfront, Freedom Alliance and Conservative Party   
 APLA. Including Heidelberg Tavern attack   
 National Peace Accord   
 Goldstone Commission: shooting of Abdul Shariff in Katlehong, Crossroads, KwaZulu police   
 Attacks on: Walter Sisulu, Patford Shuma, Prince Petrus Zulu, Patrick Masigo, Mac Maharaj, Roelf Meyer, Hernus Kriel, Leon Wessels, Cas Human, Simon Mlambo, Thabo Molewa, Dumisani Khuzwayo and Majestic Boiki Thlapi   
 Natal: Table Mountain massacre   
 Reef violence: Thokoza, Katlehong, Vosloorus, The Vaal, Alexandra, Bekkersdal, Soweto, taxis   
2.2.41 IBI Monthly Report - February and March 1994   
 Subjects include:   
 Right Wing: Freedom Alliance, AWB, Conservative Party, International links   
 APLA: St James Church massacre, Amy Biehl and the death of Sabelo Phama Azanian National Liberation Army   
 Goldstone Commission   
 Attacks on Vuyani Mabaxa, Letsatsi Mosala, Eugene Riley, Cyril Ramaphosa, Mathew Goniwe, Fort Calata, Sparrow Mkonto and Sicelo Mhlauli   
 Natal violence: Nqutu massacre, Bhambayi, Creighton, Ndlovo massacre and April 8th Summit   
 Reef violence: Thokoza, Bekkersdal, Sharpeville   
 Franchise for Prisoners   
2.2.42 IBI Monthly Report - Election Special   
 Subjects include:   
 Natal violence   
 East Rand, including death of Samuel Vilakazi   
 Right wing   
 Prisoners franchise   
 Goldstone Commission: aborted ESCOM Arms deal, Johannesburg massacre, Third force activities and the Generals and UNITA gun-running   
 ANC (PWV) Lancet House "Prison"Kriel shreds official documents   
2.2.43 IBI Monthly Report - May 1994 - August 1994   
 Subjects include:   
 SAP: Vusi Phiri an Eugene de Kock   
 Right wing: Freedom Front, AWB and rightwing trials   
 Goldstone Commission: Escom Arms deal, Third Force activities   
 Truth Commission   
 Attacks on: Walter Sisulu, Wilson Xolo, Oswald Dladla, Mathew Goniwe, Fort Calata, Sparrow Mkonto and Sicelo Mhlauli and Anton Lubowski   
 Natal: Creighton massacre, Trust Feeds massacre   
 Johannesburg massacre (IFP)   
 ANC (PWV) Lancet House "prison"   
 Torture at Johannesburg Police stations: Newlands and Brixton   
 Reef violence: Thokoza, Katlehong, Vosloorus, Torture in Vaal Triangle, Boipatong massacre   
 Train violence   
 Taxi violence   
2.2.44 IBI Monthly Report - September 1994 - October 1994   
 Subjects include:   
 SAP: Vusi Phiri and Eugence de Kock   
 Civil Cooperation Bureau   
 National Peace Accord   
 Rightwing: AWB, rightwing trials and international mercenaries in SouthAfrica   
 APLA, includes Amy Biehl murder   
 Goldstone Commission   
 Truth Commission   
 Attacks on: Walter Sisulu and Vuyani Mabaxa   
 Natal: KZP and ANC hit squads, Ulundi, attacks on peace monitors,Bhambayi   
 Johannesburg massacre   
 ANC (PWV) Lancet House "prison"   
 Reef violence: Katlehong (Michael Mathe and Scaw Metal attack), Vosloorus, Thokoza (Thapelo Mofokeng, Abe Vilakazi and Philemon Sekanyane)   
 The Vaal   
 Taxi violence in Northern Transvaal and Westonaria   
2.2.45 IBI Monthly Report - November 1994 - December 1994   
 Subjects include:   
 Torture and death in Police custody: Nazeem Jacobs, Amos Nxara and Andile Mkhosana (Bellville Murder and Robbery Unit); David Selepe and Ewart Mabada (Brixton Murder and Robbery Unit)   
 Inquests: Daniel Duke Senne, Zwelakhe Mzinyane, Isaac Masebise and Errol Zulu   
2.3 Special Reports 1989 - 1996 7f   
2.3.1 Report of the Independent Board of Investigation into Informal Repression into Allegations of the Existence of a Death Squad within the South African Police. November 1989   
2.3.2 Special Report on Bisho. Ciskei Shootings, September 7, 1992 Report (copy, incomplete) Memorandum re: Report of the activities of the Board since the last meeting, 24 January 1990   
 Includes Nofamela affidavits   
2.3.3 "To Protect and Serve?" A Special Report on Police Investigations into Politically Motivated Violence and Crimes, Prepared by the IBI.   
2.3.4 Fortresses of Fear. Hostels and Reef violence.   
2.3.5 "Before we were good friends". An account and analysis of displacement in the East Rand Townships of Thokoza and Katlehong. April 1994.   
2.3.6 Breaking with the Past? Reports of alleged Human Rights Violations by the South African Police, 1990 - 1995. Compiled by The Network of Independent Monitors, The Trauma Centre for Victims of Violence and Torture and The Independenet Board of Inquiry. May 1995   
2.3.7 Right-Wing Directory. March 1996.   
MEMORANDA AND ARTICLES 1989 - 1994 3f   
3.1 Memorandum on violence on the Reef 27th August 1990 42p   
3.2 Memorandum on the Civil Co-operation Bureau (CCB) Undated   
3.3 Article on the ISU, SADF and the NPKF.   
3.4 Debriefing the Internal Stability Unit. July 1994   
3.5 Memorandum re a preliminary investigation into attacks against community   
 leaders and organisations from 20 May 1985 to mid-September 1989   
3.6 A Week in South Africa. October 1989.   
3.7 Memorandum re Reef Violence, the SADF, the Right Wing, Attacks on Individuals , National Peace Accord, the Goldstone Commission, Acts of Torture. 16 August 1993   
3.8 Memorandum re situation between Twala and Mandela townships   
3.9 Memorandum to members of the board from Anton Steenkamp and Jabu Ndhlovu re co-ordination with other parts of the country   
3.1 Investigating the hardest cases by S Sealey 1994   
3.11 APLA and anti-white kllings   
3.12 MK deaths and injuries (List)   
3.13 Vaal case study of the Mthombeni family   
3.14 Update on situation Khutsong 1993   
3.15 Train attack on 9 Oct 1991 list of victims   
3.16 Briefing report on Dobsonville violence   
3.17 Memorandum on violence in Sebokeng 4 Sept 1990   
3.18 Memorandum on Commission on Truth and Reconciliation   
3.19 Memorandum on the murders in Tembisa 1 Sept 1990   
3.2 Debriefing of Mamasela 22 July 1994 (IBI?)   
3.21 Threats to personnel of COSATU   
3.22 Memorandum Vlakplaas operations (IBI?)   
3.23 Report on the May13 attack in Thokoza 1994   
3.24 Assault by members on the SANDF 1994   
3.25 The African Democratic Movement: a military Intelligence project? 1992   
3.26 Memo re Benoni Murder and Robbery Unit and Vosloorus SDUs (S Sealey)   
3.27 Kliprivier/Zwartkopje report 1994   
3.28 Bekkersdal   
3.29 Smuggling of AK47s   
3.3 Memo re Natal violence (IBI?) 40 pp   
3.31 Memorandum on extreme rightwing organisations in SA   
3.32 Memorandum Crisis in Sharpeville   
3.33 Assassinations of ANC Leadership 1993   
3.34 Memorandum on the activities of Mbhekiseni Khumalo 1993   
3.35 Memo on alleged training and attempted deportation 1991   
3.36 Lists of people evicted from homes in Phenduka, Tokoza 1993 2 items   
3.37 Crisis in Thula-Sizwe informal settlement 1994   
3.38 Memos re civil claims of people assaulted by police   
3.39 Incidents ISU activities 1993   
3.4 Proposal for IBI office in Thokoza 1994   
3.41 Extra-Judicial execution SM Mabuja and T Mofokeng 1994   
3.42 Memo from Tefo Raditapole re arms cache in Mandela squatter camp 1992   
3.43 Report on Border-Kei region (IBI) 1993   
4.1 General Administration   
 Includes funding proposals, report on activities (1993) , evaluation of strategic planning workshop, some financial records, profiles of Board members, fringe benefits and grievances, rules and conditions of service. Proposal re office in Tokoza   
4.2 Mailing lists, contact addresses for other organisations   
 mainly about deaths in detention. Made in 1994 (Stored in Media Room)   
 Demonstrations, hostels etc (Media Room)   
Aa Assassinations and Disappearances, General, 1f   
 Contains information relating to Monametsi, Bhila, Mafumadi, Mahlangu, Maluleke, Mbeki, Mfeti, Shabalala, Shabangu, Simelane   
A1 Assassinations   
 Includes brief documentation and affidavits regarding the assassinations of:   
 Michael Patrick Banda   
 Amos Boshomane   
 Sicelo Dhlomo   
 Theodore Thembalethu Khumalo   
 Esther Masuku   
 Bheki Mlangeni   
 Eric Mntonga   
 Joyce Modimoeng   
 Aldo Mogano   
 Ephraim Molefe   
 Sidney Jabulani Msibi   
 Victoria Mxenge   
 Themba Myapi   
 Sam Ntuli   
 William Oliphant   
 Linda Radebe   
 Fabian Defu Ribiero and Florence Barbara Ribiero   
 Dr Robert Smit and Jeanne-Cora Smit   
 Also includes:   
 lists of assassinations, abductions and disappearances of political activists from 1990 - 1994   
 list of assassinations of South African political activists prior to the assassination of Dr David Webster, 1974 - 1989, compiled by CRIC; SA Barometer list of assassinations, 1974 - 1989, includes assassination methods and figures of attempted assassinations; list of harrassment of ANC/MK members by the SAP/SADF/IFP, 1990 - 1992; IFP list of office bearers and party leaders assassinated in political violence, 1987 - 1992   
 Statement re assassination attempt on Buti John vd Merwe   
A2 Disappearances 2f   
 Includes documents on the disappearance of Pebco Three, Stanza Bopape, Timothy Seremane, Constable Jacob Maruping, Sibusiso Mthombeni   
A3 Train Violence 3f 1992   
 Statements on train violence   
 Statistics on train violence, statements by police   
 Special report by IBI Blood on the Tracks 1992?   
 Documents from Goldstone enquiry re train violence   
A4 Taxi Violence 3f 1993-1995   
 Analysis of taxi industry and the causes of taxi wars Jan 1993   
 Statement by Mandela on national taxi indaba on 24 August 1993   
 Civic perspective on transport crisis   
 Suggestions to save the taxi industry   
 Formulation of peace and cooperation strategy for the taxi industry   
 Correspondence: vehicle ownership, market share.   
A5 Police Conduct and policing; attacks on police   
A5.1 Human Rights and Policing Presenters guide for law enforcement officials. By Pieter Cronje and Elaine Venter 2000   
A5.2 To Protect and serve? A special report on Police investigations into politically motivated violence and crimes IBI Undated   
 SAP special force order (Instructions re conduct, policy)   
 What are we doing here? SAP guide to conduct.   
 Policing the cities: Soweto, Syndicates and Doing business. By J Wardrop, 1996   
 Notes on policing urban SA . By Mark Shaw 1996   
 Report by the technical team on public order policing   
A5.3 Various articles on community policing   
A5.4 Policing in SA in the 1990s Conference records and papers. 1992   
A5.5 Incident reports by SAP in Dunnottar E Rand, March 1993   
A5.6 Undated, unsigned memorandum on police torture   
A5.7 Incidents of attacks on police in the East Rand   
A5.8 Reports and press cuttings re attacks on police, 1990-1992   
A5.9 Various reports of police misconduct including:   
 Report on Police and vigilante action in Khutsong, Carletonville Undated, 1992?   
 SAP and SADF involvement in rightwing extremist groupings (article, 1989)   
 Investigations into allegations of police misconduct in the Vaal triangle, Etc etc.   
A5.10 Miscellaneous articles on policing   
A5.11 File compiled by Dr Gluckman on deaths in police custody   
A5.12 Affidavit by Gregory Flat (previously a police informer)   
A6 Self-defence units 5f   
 Memoranda and reports on Self-defence units   
 Court records: ANC et al. vs Station Commander, Benoni Police Station et al in a matter when members of SDUs claimed they were illegally detained by police   
 Amnesty applications by SDU members and victim statements relating to the Tokoza SDU   
A7 Community Constables 2f   
 Report and information on on Community Constables 1995 Business plan for the conversion of Katorus Community Constable project Statement re possible suspension of JS Masoka, a community constable   
A8 Hit Squads 2f   
 Report of hit-squad activity: an attack on NEHAWU strikers outside Hillbrow Hospital; press cutting re handgrenades rigged by hit squad members which exploded in the hands of COSAS activists in Duduza in June 1985 ; Paper High-level involvement in hit squads and corruption by Mike Hodgen and other items on hit squads   
A9 Right wing organisations 5f   
A9.1 Lists of right-wing organisations in SA and of individual right-wingers   
A9.2 Documents and publications of the right-wing organisations (including By die Vlagpaal, Waarom 'n nuwe land?, AWB Bulletin, Nuusbrief van die Boerevryheidsbeweging, Boerestaat Nuusbrief Die Boerevolkstaat is hier, Sweepslag, Die Afrikaner, MWU-Nuus/news, Eye on South Africa, Boerant   
A9.3 I am not a racist, but..: The might of the new Right   
A9.4 Force or fallacy? The right wing and the commando system   
A9.5 Confidential report on Nazi party (unsigned, undated)   
A10 Ama-Afrika 5f 1987   
 Information on an organisation opposed to the UDF in the Eastern Cape which allegedly accepted money from Military Intelligence to finance its opposition. Interviews with its leader Mzwandile Maqina; press cuttings   
 Also interviews and a statement by Dr Ben Conradie, who was involved with Project Henry. (This was an attempt to influence young people in theEastern Cape against the UDF/ANC by leadership training - arranged by Adult Education Consultants, a front for Military Intelligence.) Other documents on the same subject.   
A11 Inkatha 4f   
 Includes a statement by a witness Mr C reporting on his training as a member of Inkatha Youth, and information on attacks an Van Beeck hostel; Press cuttings; reports on Inkatha. (see also: A1 IFP assassinations)   
A12 Gun running 1f   
A13 Includes an account of the activities of Josia MabasoKhumalo Gang 8f   
 Documents including amnesty hearings of the Truth and reconciliation commission in respect of Themba Zimo and Thulani Malaba, 1998. (Khumalo gang members also concerned) Memorandum on the activities of Bhekiseni Khumalo (See also Tokoza).   
A14 Truth and reconciliation commission   
A14.1 Truth and reconciliation Commission : pre-findings reports relating to victims of abuses 1998-2000 (2 boxes   
A14.2 TRC Amnesty applications - SDU members in Thokoza/Katlehong 1999   
A14.3 TRC Papers, (some from Commissioning the past (Wits seminar on TRC) and other documents and reports on the TRC ; Siyaya Spring 1988   
A14.4 TRC submissions/reports   
A14.4.1 TRC submission on the Reef violence 1996   
A14.4.2 TRC submission by Amnesty International on the health sector, Cape Town 1997   
A14.4.3 Vigilantes and gross human rights violations in SA (M Fullard, 1997)   
A14.4.4 Prisons and detention: the commission of gross human rights abuse in security force custody in SA (Preliminary report, TRC Janet Cherry 1996)   
A14.4.5 The role of the liberation movements in gross human rights violations   
A14.4.6 (Preliminary report, TRC Janet Cherry, 1997)   
A14.4.7 White rightwing extremism in SA   
A14.4.8 The Kwazulu police   
A14.5 General information on the TRC and on similar projects in other countries   
A15 Goldstone Commission   
A15.1 Commission of Enquiry into events in Tokoza 1991   
 Court record, pp 1-365, pp 408-601   
 And report of Tokoza Enquiry.   
A15.2 Commission of enquiry into allegations by the Weekly Mail of SADF involvement in fomenting violence 1992   
 Records pp 597-943 and 1532-1783   
 And memorandum submitted by Weekly Mail   
A15.3 Illegal importation, distribution and use of firearms (1993)   
 Report and submission on behalf of Kwazulu government   
A15.4. Report on the regulation of gatherings (1993)   
A15.5 Report on the shooting incidents which took place in the centre of   
 Johannesburg on 28 March 1994 (Shell House and Lancet Hall massacres) 1994   
A15.6 Report on the incidents of violence at Mossel Bay , July 1993. (1993)   
A15.7 Report on the allegations published by the Vrye Weekblad Oct 1992 (1993)   
A15.8 Report of the second committee appointed to inquire into violence at the President Steyn Gold Mine in Welkom (1992)   
A15.9 Report on the Bisho incident 1992   
 Also: Pickard Commission report   
A15.10 Interim report re conduct of 32 battalion at Phola Park 1992   
A15.11 Report on shooting incidents in Katlehong, Jan 1994   
A15.12 Report on the preliminary enquiry into the attempted purchase of firearms by the KwaZulu Government from ESKOM 1994   
A15.13 Final report on attacks on members of the SAP, 1994   
A15.14 Report on public violence and intimidation at Crossroads, 1993   
A15.15 Report on the attack on Power Park squatter camp, July 1993   
A15.16 Report into the activities of the Azanian Peoples Liberation Army (APLA) 1993   
A15.17 Reports on the violence at Mooi River 1991-1992   
A15.18 Report re allegations of the presence of Renamo soldiers in KwaZulu, 1992   
A15.19 Report re allegations concerning front companies of the SADF and the training of Inkatha supporters in the Caprivi in 1986. 1993   
A15.20 Report regarding the curbing of public violence and intimidation during the1994 elections.   
A15.21 Interim report on criminal political violence by elements within the SAP, the Kwa-Zulu police and the Inkatha Freedom Party 1994 . (Also: Wallis sub-committee report and memorandum submitted by the SAP at Port Shepstone)   
A15.22 Fifth Interim report on taxi violence 1992?   
A15.23 Various interim and other reports, including   
 Interim report on violence in the taxi industry (including Queenstown and King Williams Town); Interim report on violence in hostels and general interim reports   
A15.24 Misc. submissions and representations to the Goldstone Commission by:   
 1. Lawyers for Human rights (re the role of a national peacekeeping force and violence at Mooi River   
 2. Wesselton Police   
 3. SAP Ermelo (see also Ermelo)   
A15.25 Goldstone Enquiry: Report to the international investigation team about the involvement by the CIS (previously Security Branch) in criminal conduct including murder, fraud, blackmail and political disinformation   
A16 Private security industry 1f 1996-1997   
 Safety in Security? A report on the private security industry 1996   
 SESA (Small Employers Security Association) submission to the Security Officers Amendment Bill 1997   
A17 SADF and SANDF 3f   
 Reports on SADF conduct, documents on integration and the formation of a new defence force.   
 Also documents on Project Echoes a programme to discredit Umkhonto we Sizwe; investigation into activities of LWJ Flores; documents on the SADF special forces division.including 32 battalion; affidavits by people recruited and trained by the SADF for hitsquad activities; account by Nico Basson of destabilisation activities on the part of the government and military.   
A18 Reports of investigations, articles etc   
A18.1 Monitoring State-sponsored violence in Africa (draft)   
A18.2 European Observer Mission in SA Confidential report Oct 1992-April 1993   
A18.3 Violence in South Africa: The report of the Commonwealth Observers Mission to South Africa Phase 11 Feb-May 1993   
A18.4 Summary of the important evidence presented to the Harms Commission, inferences and commentary   
A18.5 East Rand sub-regional profile (draft, 1997)   
A18.6 Asylum-seekers. Detaining asylum-seekers perspectives on reception centre for Asylum-seekers in SA   
A18.7 The seven days war 25-31 March 1990 the victims narrative (ed: John Aitcheson)   
A18.8 Displaced people in SA - John Aitcheson et al 1993   
A18.9 Study of detention and torture in SA (Don Foster and Diane Sandler) 1985   
A18.10 Draft on security forces and GRVs in KZN Deborah Quin   
A18.11 The Impact of human rights violations on children and youth in SA NA Jack. Undated preliminary report   
A18.12 Report of investigation into torture in the Vaal triangle B Gibb-Gray (UK)   
A18.13 A Brutal Harvest (re violence on farms in SA) - Lauren Segal   
A18.14 Firearms used with deadly effect - a study of SA law and practice D Hansson 1990   
A18.15 Cults of violence and counter-violence in Mozambique RB Wilson 1991   
A18.16 The Historicist Conspirator; his detonators and bellows - Howard Barrell1991   
A18.17 The warlords of Natal - Bill Berkeley 1994   
A18.18 Draft report on the Vaal triangle (unsigned, undated)   
A18.19 Draft West Rand (unsigned, undated)   
A18.20 Fifteen truth commissions 1974-1994 A comparative study, by PB Hayner   
A18.21 UN Economic and social council : Administration of justice and the human rights of detainees 1993   
A18.22 UN Economic and social council: study concerning the right to restitution, compensation and rehabilitation for victims of gross violations of human rights. 1993   
A18.23 UN High Commissioner for refugees: a baseline study to determine levels of knowledge, attitudes and practices in relation to reproductive health among male and female refugees aged between 10 and 24 years, living in Gauteng Province, SA. B Abrahams and H Haj   
A19 Programmes, projects I box   
 Gauteng Ministry for safety and security. Management programme Katorus Special Presidential Project June 1995.   
 Anti-crime campaign plan (ANC, PWV)   
 Human Rights Documentation Project ( for presentation to the TRC   
 National Crime Prevention Strategy (produced by various government departments, May 1996   
 Gauteng Provincial Crime Prevention Summit report   
A20 Court records (misc)   
 State vs Jimmy Mkondo (murder charge, in Afrikaans) 1994   
 State vs Dawood Osman (Judgement, attemped murder) 1999   
A21 Individuals   
A21.1 Ms Madikizela Mandela and the Mandela United Football Club   
 Reports (2 files) on activities of the club and the death of Stompie Seipei (TRC?)   
A21.2 Frederick Alec Harding   
 Testimony (unsigned) to the Harms Commission? Goldstone Commission? TRC? (not clear) in the form of a narrative and life history by someone claiming to be a Vlakplaas operative by the name of Frederick Alec Harding, testifying from prison. Also: letters from Harding.   
A21.3 Ronald Bezuidenhout 1f 1991   
 Statement by RB about Vlakplaas operations and the systematic hiding of information from the Harms Commission (in Afrikaans); also an article in Vrye Weekblad   
A21.4 Andrew Mmola 1f 1992   
 Statement about a shooting as a result of a NUMSA membership dispute   
A21.5 Edward Mntungwa 1f   
 Statements by Mntungwa re Inkatha violence and on death of Mntungwa   
A21.6 Themba Maphalala 1f 1994   
 Complaint re illegal incarceration and prison violence   
A21.7 Joseph Tshepo Mamasela 1f 1990   
 Statement and other documents   
A21.8 Almond Butana Nofomela (Nofemela?) 1f 1987-1990   
 Record of petition for clemency including founding affidavit (1990) , press cuttings,judgement (in Afrikaans) in a 1987 case when Nofomela was found guilty of the murder of a farmer, JH Lourens (see also B5.4)   
A22 Conference on violence, corruption and the SA Prosecution services   
 Papers. Pietermaritzburg 1993   
A23 End Conscription Campaign 1 box   
 Records including an indictment aiming to prevent the harassment of ECC members in the Western Cape. Crispian Oliver vs Minister of Defence   
A24 Witness protection programme 1f   
 Submission by the HRC to the Portfolio commission on justice re witness protection etc.   
A25 National Peace Accord 1f   
 Text, summary and other documents   
A26 National Working Committee on Violence 1f 1991-1992   
 Minutes, memoranda   
A27 Amnesty International 1f 1990-1996   
 Reports of political killings and torture in Kwa-Zulu-Natal; report of the case of Patrick Huma (human rights lawyer in Bophuthatswana who was subjected to detention, torture and attempted assassination) and other reports on human rights violations etc, in SA and elsewhere   
A28 Lists of people detained under the states of emergency in 1960 and 1986 (CapeTimes) 1f   
A29 Returned exiles 1f 1993   
 Report on the harassing of returned exiles by the security forces   
A30 NUMSA 1f 1989-1991   
 Documents about two cases of arson, one involving a NUMSA shopsteward, Joe Sapotela, whose brother was burned to death at his home in Uitenhage, the other an arson attack on the Johannesburg offices of NUMSA in 1991   
A31 Deportatation 1f 1991   
 Statements by people deported to Mozambique   
A32 Natal 1f 1990-1991   
 Memoranda on Natal violence; violence diary for 1990, circular issued by IFP (in Zulu ) urging people to come to a meeting and demand what they need and a memorandum about the legitimacy of the Mdlalose tribal chief   
A33 Overseas correspondence 2 boxes 1993   
 Letters written to President De Klerk and the Minister of Law and Order, mainly from people overseas protesting against torture and human rights abuses or requesting the release of detainees.   
A34 Lists of victims 2 boxes   
 Alphabetical list of people killed and injured, and victims of human rights violations 1960s-1990s 4 vols, 1 file. (not clear who compiled these volumes; the information is not necessarily accurate)   
A35 Reef violence (general) 3f See also specific areas, C   
 Files on violence in the East Rand and Vaal Triangle. Includes memoranda and statements.   
A36 Refugees on the East Rand 2f 1993   
 Lists with personal details on refugees on the East RandAlso: lists of evicted people (Phenduka, Ext 2 , Tokoza)   
A37 Notebooks Sally Sealey 3 boxes   
A38 Photographs 1 box (mainly not identified) and tape transcripts   
B1 General   
B1.1 Report of the Harms Commission   
B1.2 Summary of evidence relating to the Vlakplaas operations led before the Harms Commission. Compiled by IBIIR   
 15 Feb 1990 pp 1-148   
 7 March 1990 pp 1-164   
B1.3 Memo on the CCB. Compiled by IBIIR. Also statements, list of persons involved in the CCB and index to source files   
B1.4 Discussion of the findings of the Harms Commission of Enquiry by IBI and a booklet `Who lied?' also discussing the report. (1991?)   
 Heads of argument prepared on behalf of the IBIIR   
B2 Record of Proceedings (Pretoria) Vols 1-44 (26-34 missing)   
B3 Record of Proceedings (London) Vols 1-10   
B4 Exhibits Nos B1-207; C   
B5 Evidence:   
B5.1 Dirk Coetzee 4 boxes. Includes Neethling case   
B5.2 Bheki Shezi   
B5.3 David Tshikalanga   
B5.4 Nofomela, Almond (Trial ecords)   
B5.5 Chesterville Inquest   
B5.6 Mxenge Inquest   
B5.7 Statements (general)   
B6 Background Information used by the Harms Commission relating to the policy and activities of the ANC, SACP, PAC etc, and copies of publications   
B6.1 ANC Sechaba extracts   
B6.2 ANC Sechaba extracts   
B6.3 Missing?   
B6.4 ANC Mayibuye extracts   
B6.5 ANC Dawn - extracts   
B6.6 ANC Umsebenzi - extracts   
B6.7 ANC Struggle Update   
B6.8 ANC Radio-Uitsendings (Zambia 1978, BBC 1983)   
B6.9 SACP African Communist - extracts   
B6.10 Bronne /Sources (Extracts from books re ANC etc.)   
B6.11 ANC Diverse Publikasies (ANC Conference papers etc)   
B6.12 ANC Diverse Publikasies ( Strategy, tactics, policy)   
B6.13 ANC National structures   
B6.14 Statistics re terror attacks, etc.   
B6.15 ANC. UDF - Programme of action   
B6.16 PAC Publikasies Azania Combat Issues 1986-88; Azania Commando   
B6.17 ANC Aanspreeklikheid aanvaar/ responsibility accepted (Terror attacks)   
B6.18 ANC - Skuldbevindigings/ Convictions   
B6.19 ANC - Skuldbevindigings/ Convictions   
B6.20 PAC Aanspreeklikheid aanvaar/ Responsibility accepted (Terror attacks)   
B7 Various documents   
B7.1 Heads of Argument   
B7.2 SAP record summary: Vlakplaas operations   
 Index to the court record relating to specific incidents   
 BSB Applications: (PJ Barnard, CC Botha, BY van Zyl - all versus the Minister of Law and Order)   
B8 IBI Own Documents re Harms Commission   
B8.1 Report on the financial aspects of the CCB as emerged in oral evidence   
B8.2 Allegations made by former Security Force members regarding attacks on anti- apartheid activists   
B8.3 Memorandum: A preliminary investigation into attacks against community leaders and organisations from 20 May 1985 - mid-September 1989   
B8.4 IBI Report on South African Death Squads   
B8.5 Memorandum: A Week in South Africa. Includes profile of the "Wit Wolwe" and report on assassination survivor - Buti John Van Der Merwe   
B8.6 Vlakplaas Operations. Includes history and general structure and operations in which Vlakplaas people were allegedly involved according to evidence of Dirk Coetzee and Almond Nofomela   
B8.7 Heads of Argument on behalf of the IBI before the Harms Commission   
B8.8 List of people involved in the Harms Commission   
B8.9 IBI Response to the Judgment in the Case of Lothar Neethling v VryeWeekblad and the Weekly Mail   
B8.10 Discussion of findings of Harms Commission   
B8.11 Briefing document on External Police Operations   
B8.12 Reponse of IBI to Harms Commission Report   
C1 Alexandra 1991 - 1992 4f   
 Includes: briefing document on violence in Alexandra; minutes of special meeting held between SAP, ANC and IFP, 27 February 1992; and residents' statements . Information on Meshack Kunene, shot by police, and Buti John vd Merwe   
C2 Bekkersdal (Westonaria) 1991 1f   
 List of Bekkersdal ANC Interim Committee on trial and imprisoned IBI Report re Inkatha march and attack   
C3 Boipatong Massacre 1992 1f   
 Memorandum from Lee Adhemar, G. Feldshon and Grace Malden to Arthur Chaskalson re Massacre and Police Inactivity in the PWV since 1989 (31p). Statements taken. Includes IBI Brief Summary of statements taken, 17/06/1992   
 General. Includes: press cuttings; COSATU statement on the attack on Boipatong by Inkatha; general notes on Boipatong; possible timetable of events; and photographs of Boipatong township   
C4 Bophuthatswana 3f   
 Documents on: incorporation of Braklaagte into Bophuthatswana; march demanding the incorporation of Bophuthatswana into SA; hit squads in Bop; repression and harassment in Taung; statements by David Mzimela and Timothy Phiri 1990; other statements and affidavits on Braklaagte and the Bafokeng region ; Grasping the prickly pear Black Sash publication 1990   
C5 Daveyton Massacre 1991 1f   
 Includes: photographs, briefing document, ANC statement, list of people aarrested, list of dead, list of injured, affidavits   
C6 Dobsonville 2f 1991   
 Letter from Legal Resources Centre to Frans Lamola and Goodwill Mphepha: occupants of Dobsonville- Siphiwe hostel Affidavit (Ngapi Bama), statement and reports re Dobsonville tent dwellers   
C7 Duduza 1f 1994   
 Brief report on the situation in Duduza.   
 Report on the background to WECUSA a development organisation.   
C8 Ermelo (Wesselton) 2f 1990   
 Includes: COSATU Report re developments on Ermelo Violence, August 1990; and affidavits by: Sesana Beauty Maphosa, Mthunzi Shadow Mashinini, Mohamed Ismael Tilly, Colbert Saunders, Millicent Tombizodwa Sibongile Manana and Sibongile Patricia Mdlalose, John NdebeleAlso reports, statements and information about the activities of the BlackCats gang in Wesselton. (See also: A15.11 Goldstone Commission)   
C9 Kagiso 1990 1f   
 Includes: Memorandum to COSATU from attorney, Peter Harris, re Kagiso violence, 5 - 8 August 1990; Report from Nomvula Mokonyane; and statement of resident Elizabeth Mashaba   
C10 Katlehong 1990 - 1991 2f   
 Violence in Mandela Village and Holomisa Park, includes statements by:   
 Zamani Malunga   
 Mafukuzela Hokwana   
 Jongile Dlokolo   
 Sicelo Robert Kunene   
 Ozious Mkansi   
 Victor Ngqwemla   
 Mzwandile Mantshule   
 Ralph Monakale   
 Mntangabezi Mfazwe   
 Wellington Qayi   
 Includes information on Moleleki massacre   
C11 Khutsong, Carletonville 5f 1990-1991   
 General reports and affidavits concerning police violence   
 Klerksdorp (see Tigane)   
C12 Kwa-Thema 2f 1990   
 Includes statements by: Tiny Mathebe, Phanuel Mahlangu, Vulindlela Maphekula, Pinky Masugana, Sbusiso Ntuli and Amos Majola   
 Report of Commission of enquiry into violence disrupting secondary schooling in Kwa-Thema 1997   
C13 Mshenguville 1f 1990-1991   
 Press cutting re Inkatha attacks, summary of events at Mshenguville 1991   
C14 Mzimhlope 1f 1991   
 IBI report on Mzimhlope, accounts of violence by police, IFP   
C15 Nyanga 1f 1989   
 Includes statement from Buyiswa Jack re attack on residence of the Jack family   
C16 Odendaalsrus 1f 1990   
 Documents re township war, police violence and the Russians gang   
C17 Oukasie (Brits) 1f 1991   
 Report of a commission of enquiry into Oukkasi violence (Lawyers for human rights)   
C18 Phola Park 3f   
 Statements re SADF 32 Battalion 1991 - 1992   
 Statement of Prince Mhlambi, affidavits re violence eg after Sam Ntuli funeral, reports (see also Tokoza)   
C19 Ratanda   
 Includes memorandum re certain matters in Ratanda by Steven Goldblatt, 20 August 1992; and report re incident at Ratanda, 4/02/1992   
C20 Sebokeng 12 files 1990-1992   
 Massacre, 22 July 1990 (following Inkatha rally) 5f   
 Memorandum from Peter Harris to COSATU   
 Statements taken at Sebokeng Hostel (22/7)   
 Legal correspondence between Cheadle Thompson & Haysom acting for Cosatu and Friedman & Friedman acting for Inkatha 18 - 20 July 1990   
 Correspondence between Cheadle, Thompson and Haysom and Minister of Police   
 Inkatha version   
 Night Vigil Massacre 11 - 12 January 1991 1f   
 Includes: exerpt from Dutch Delegation's Report; Report by IBI on vigil shootings (includes background to the shootings); further IBI Report re shootings (includes press cuttings); Report from Peter Harris to Gill Marcus of the ANC; Memorandum from Anton Steenkamp to Peter Harris, 23/01/1991; letter from Vaal Council of Churches to Peter Harris; letter from Vaal Council of Churches to Minister of Police; IBI report re meeting with the "Five Star" soccer team; and affidavits.   
 Individuals referred to include:   
 Samuel Mthombeni   
 Elias Mthombeni   
 Khetisi Kheswa ('the Vaal Monster')   
 Christopher Mandla Nangalembe   
 Jorsie Skapie   
 Mandla Mazibuko   
 Daniel Ramolotsi   
 Lucas Moephuli   
 Samuel Makgajane   
 Tshepo Nhlapo   
 Ephraim Makhubo   
 Lehlohonolo Motaung   
 Samson Mahloko   
 Daniel Makedi   
 Andrew Geelbooi Mokoena   
 Dinikiso Makhanyana   
 Beer Hall Attack 23 May 1991 1f   
 Includes: Memorandum to Neil Coleman of COSATU from Cheadle, Thompson & Haysom   
 Material relating to Khetisi Victor Kheswa 1f   
 Includes: list of events in which Kheswa was allegedly involved and press cuttings   
 Assault and Abduction of Mosotho Tsotetsi April 1992 1f   
C21 Sharpeville 1991 - 1993 1f   
 Includes material relating to: the shooting of Tsepo Lengwati, January 1992; shootings of Thabo Mosebi and Rangwani Lifiedi by the police; the killings of Andries Molebatsi and Doctor Elliot Motsitsi by the police; harrassment of Siza Rani (chairperson of Sharpeville ANC branch); and assault of Sam Ntepe by police.   
C22 Soweto 3f 1991   
 Emdeni North, Mofolo, Moroka, Klipspruit   
 Affidavits re police violence, report of a meeting with Themba Khoza re violence in Mofolo and Tokoza   
C23 Swanieville 1f 1992   
 Historical background, statements   
C24 Tembisa 1f 1990   
 Memorandum on the murders in Tembisa on Saturday 1 September 1990   
C25 Tigane / Klerksdorp / Hartebeesfontein 1f   
 Memorandum and affidavits re police harassment   
C26 Tokoza 4 boxes 1990-1994   
 Reports on the violence in Tokoza, submission to the TRC by the ANC in Tokoza/Phola Park, incident reports eg, after Sam Ntuli funeral and picnic incident, reports on meetings, report on the detention and torture of 11 Tokoza residents, statements and other documents.. (See also: Khumalo Gang, A13, Phola Park, C18)   
C27 Vaal Triangle 1f   
 Documents re Mthombeni family and other statements and reports (see also Sebokeng, Sharpeville, etc)   
C28 Vosloorus 1f 1990   
 Affidavits re hostel attack   
 Wesselton (see Ermelo)   
C29 Zonkisizwe 1f 1990   
 IBI report and statements re hostel violence and pressure for housing in Zonkisizwe   
 Abductions See Assassinations   
D1-8 African National Congress 8 boxes   
D1 . 1990 - 1992   
D2 1993, Jan - Mar   
D3 1993, Apr - May   
D4 1993, Jun - Dec   
D5 . 1994, Jan - Apr   
D6 1994 May - Dec   
D7 1995   
D8 . 1994 - 1995 (Shell House)   
D9 Afrikaner Volks Unie 1990 - 1992   
D10-16 Afrikaner Weerstandsbewing (AWB) 7 boxes   
D10 1989 - 1990   
D11 . 1991, Jan - Jun   
D12 1991, Jul - Dec   
D13 1992   
D14 1993   
D15 1994   
D16 1995   
D17 Alexandra 1 box 1990 - 1994   
 APLA See PAC   
D18 Arms & Weapons 1 box 1989 - 1992   
D19 Arson/Bombs 1 box. 1991 - 1994   
D20-21 Assassination: Goniwe, Mathew 2 boxes   
D20 1992 - 1993   
D21 1994 - 1995   
D22-23 Assassination: Hani, Chris 2 boxes   
D22 1993, Apr 1 -19   
D23 1993, Apr 20 - Dec   
D24 Assassination: Lubowski, Anton 1 box 1989 - 1995   
D25 Assassination: Mlangeni, Bheki 1 box 1992 - 1994   
D26 Assassination: Webster, David 1 box 1989-1994   
D27-29 Assassinations and Abductions (General) 3 boxes   
D27. 1991 - 1994 (Arranged alphabetically)   
D28 . 1991 - 1994   
D29 1992 - 1994   
D30 Azanian People's Organisation (AZAPO) 1 box 1992 - 1995   
D31 Boere Staat 1 box. 1989 - 1991   
D32-33 Bophuthatswana 2 boxes   
D32 1990 -1991   
D33 1992 -1994   
D34-36 Ciskei/Bisho 3 boxes   
D34 1989 - 1992   
D35 1992   
D36 1993 -1994   
D37-39 Civil Cooperation Bureau (CCB) 3 boxes   
D37 Dec 1989 - Aug 1990   
D38 Sep 1990 - Dec 1992   
D39 1992 - 1995   
D40 CODESA 1 box. 1993 - 1994   
D41-45 Conservative Party (CP) 5 boxes   
D41 1989 - 1990   
D42 1991   
D43 1992   
D44 1993   
D45 1994   
D46 Covert operations 1 box. 1991 - 1993   
D47-48 De Kock, Eugene (inc. Vlakplaas) 2 boxes   
D47 1994   
D48 1995   
D49 Detentions, Deaths in 1 box. 1992 - 1993   
 East Rand See boxes 122-129   
D50 Farmers, Attacks on 1 box. 1993 - 1994   
D51 Freedom Alliance. 1993 - 1994   
D52 Freedom Front. 1994 - 1995   
D53 Free State 1 box. 1992 - 1993   
D54-55 Goldstone Commission 3 boxes   
D54 . 1991 - Jun 1992   
D55 Jul - Dec 1992   
 See also Box D138 for 1993-1995   
D56 Harassment 1 box 1991 - 1994   
D57 Harms Commission 1 box. 1989, Oct - 1990, Apr   
 Herstigte Nasionale Party See box D61   
 Hiemstra Commission see box D137   
D58 Hostels 1 box 1991 - 1993   
D59 Inkathagate 1 box 1991   
D60 National Intelligence Service/ National Intelligence Agency 1994 - 1995   
D61-63 National Party 3 boxes   
D61 1990 1992 (Herstigte Nasionale Party)   
D62 1991 - 1992   
D63 1994   
D64-65 National Peace Accord 2 boxes   
D64 . 1991 - 1992   
D66 1993 - 1994   
D67 Orde Boerevolk 1989 1991, 1992 - 1993   
D68-71 Pan Africanist Congress/APLA 4 boxes   
D68 1992   
D69 1993, Jan - Jun   
D70 1993, Jul - Dec   
D71 1994 - 1995   
D72-73 Police, General 2 boxes (see also boxes 130-136)   
D72 1993 - 1994   
D73 1994 - 1995   
D74 Prison Conditions. 1994 -1995   
D75 Prisoners, Political 1 box. 1992 - 1994   
D76-82 Rightwing (General) 7 boxes (see also AWB, Boerestaat, Freedom Front, Orde Boerevolk, Herstigte Nationale Party, Wit Wolwe)   
D76 1989 - 1990   
D77 1991   
D78 1992   
D79 1991 - 1992   
D80 1993   
D81 1994   
D82 1994   
D83 Serial Killers 1 box. 1994 - 1995   
D84 South African Communist Party. 1993 -1994   
D85-90 South African Defence Force/South African National Defence Force 6 boxes   
D85 1989 - 1990   
D86 1991   
D87 1992 - 1993   
D88 1994, Jan - Jun   
D89 1994, Jul - Dec   
D90 1995   
D91-93 Soweto 3 boxes   
D91 1990 - 1991   
D92 1992 - 1993   
D93 1994   
D94 Trade Unions 1 box. 1991 - 1993   
D95-96 Transitional Executive Council (TEC) 2 boxes   
D95 1993   
D96 1994   
D97 Transkei 1 box. 1989 - 1994   
D98-99 Truth and Reconciliation Commission 2 boxes   
D98 1994   
D99 1995   
D100 Vandalism 1 box . 1990 - 1992   
D101-102 Violence, Monitors   
D101 1990 - 1992   
D102 1993 - 1994   
D103-107 Violence, Reef 5 boxes   
D103 1990   
D104 1991, Jan - Jun   
D105 1991, Jul - Dec   
D106 1992   
D107 . 1993   
D108-110 Violence, Taxi 3 boxes   
D108 1993   
D109 1994   
D110 1995   
D111-115 Violence, Train Attacks 5 boxes   
D111 1990   
D112 1991   
D113 1992   
D114 1993   
D115 1994 and Train Commission, 1991 - 1994   
D116 Violence, Vigilante Attacks. 1990 -1994   
 Vlakplaas See De, Kock   
D117 Western Cape 1 box . 1992 - 1994   
D118 Western Transvaal 1 box 1990 - 1994   
D119-120 West Rand 2 boxes   
D119 1990 - 1991   
D120 1992 - 1994   
D121 Wit Wolwe 1992 1994   
D122-129 East Rand 8 boxes   
D122 1990 Aug-Dec   
D123 1991 Jan-Dec   
D124 1992 Jan-Dec   
D125 1993 Jan-May   
D126 1993 Jun-Aug   
D127 1993 Sep-Dec   
D128 1994 Jan-May   
D129 1994 Jun-Dec   
D130-136 South African Police and SAPS   
D130 1989-1990   
D131 1991 Jan-Dec   
D132 1992   
D133 1993 Feb-Jul   
D134 1993 Aug-Dec   
D135 1992-1994   
D136 1995   
D137 Hiemstra Commission 1 box 1990   
D138 Goldstone Commission 1993-1995 (see also D54 - D55)   
E1 Lawyers for human rights 1f 1991-1992   
 Includes: Rights: a lawyers for human rights publication March and June1991; also Why Robert McBride is a political prisoner, Comment on June 1991 amendment to the Internal Security Act, Human Rights Education Project Goldstone Enquiry into violence on trains   
E2 South African Conflict Monitor 1990-1993   
E3 IDP Monograph series Nos 1, 4, 5, 9 1996-1997   
E4 Developing Justice Series (UCT) Nos 1-7 1993   
E5 Agenda for Peace (International Commission of Jurists). An independent survey of the violence in SA . 1992   
E6 Confronting race and racism as a crucial element of the conflict in SA Frank Meinjies 1993